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Product Change Notice
Date: 10/15/2018
To: All Manufacturer Representatives
From: The Bradford White Product Department
Subject: Brute Deluxe – BMT2V0200-400 Model Number Changes
Effective immediately, Bradford White will be building Brute Deluxe volume water heaters
BMT2V 200-400 models with a revised control system that is similar to what is used on the
BMT2V 500-2000. While the existing control system provides adequate DHW performance, this
revision replaces the existing control with Honeywell bulb-type controllers that are more
suitable for volume water heater/ storage tank systems. This change does not affect BMT2H
boilers, or any BMT2V 500-2000 units.
To keep track of this change, the revision character in the BMT2V 200-400 water heater model
number will be changed to "3". The BMT2H boiler model number will not change. The new
model nomenclature is shown below.

Prices will not change, and orders placed for units that will be built on or after October 15th will
be built with the new model number. Please be aware that there are some models still in
inventory, which will be shipped until all have been depleted.
The Pricebook has been updated on Rep Connect accordingly.
If you have any questions, or require additional information, please contact the Product
Department at 1-844-235-4958.


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