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Drivve | Image

Brains and Brawn (for your scanner)
Drivve | Image is a powerful set of feature-rich,
customizable tools for capturing, processing and
distributing document images — and the vital
information they contain. By bringing together
modules that are highly intelligent and ridiculously
user-friendly, the Drivve | Image suite helps turn your
scanner into an exceptionally integrative workflow
engine. In fact, Drivve | Image transforms your entire
network of scanners into a responsive, finely tuned
programmable ignition system for these workflows.
And with its simple installation and easy configuration,
everyone in your organization can accelerate to
full-blown office synchronization — to office
automation that puts the force back in workforce.

Highlights at a glance
Personalized profiles offer one-touch automated
capture, processing and distribution in full security
Create customized scanning workflows in seconds for
each type of document
Access existing information resources (ERP, CRM, etc.)
and use an organization’s metadata to index incoming
documents or to intelligently generate file and folder
Standardize and distribute profiles with centralized
configuration for multiple machines
Elegant and easy-to-use UI: Drivve’s innovative
solutions harness advancing technologies while
emphasizing excellence in design and overall user

Unparalleled Usability
Getting your vital information to flow should be as natural and intuitive as
possible. That’s why we made Drivve | Image so ridiculously user-friendly,
most people won’t even know they’re using it. Its simple 3-step configuration process — input, processing, output — doesn’t require users to know
how to run a scanner (much less a network) to get the full benefit of its
advanced automation. And administrators will love using Drivve | Image’s
easy configuration interface to create an unlimited number of sequenced
workflows that will save their team countless man-hours — and let them
get on with the business of getting down to business.




Format the input fields that

Once scans are sent to the

Define user distribution options:

determine what information users

Drivve | Image server, the

Where will a doc be stored, emailed,

need to enter, if any, at the scanner

personalized scan profiles

or faxed after it’s been indexed and

panel to quickly and efficiently

enable a host of image-processing

optimized? Create a simple File

index their scanned docs. It’s a

features, from high-precision image

Output with easily recognizable file

snap to design your own display

correction and enhancement

name generation, which requires

configurations. Create automated

options to bar code recognition,

users to input part of the file name;

scan profiles with predefined

Bates stamping, and file format

an Email Output, which lets users

document filing at the touch of

conversion, etc.

define different email distribution

a button or flexible scan profiles

lists; a Fax Output, which enables

with customized indexing and

easy integration with most popular


fax servers. And complete your
formatting by ensuring scan quality
and defining other Options, such as
scanner preferences and permissions.

Amped up desktop network scanning

The Drivve | Image edition made specifically for
Fujitsu’s big-performance network scanner with
the little footprint.
What do you get when you combine the ease and productivity
of the Fujitsu fi-6010N Color Duplex Network Scanner with
superior image processing and automation capability? The
Drivve | Image Fujitsu Edition. Now the desktop scanner that
enables collaboration at its most efficient can have all the great
enhancement features and deep integration capabilities that
typically come with the bigger devices on the block — everything
you need to optimize your network scanning, emailing and
faxing in full security.

What’s New in Drivve | Image 3.0
Supports new Web-based Drivve | Image UI that is even more
streamlined and user-friendly
New UI features offer additional scanning and processing
Faster image processing boosts performance up to 4-8x
New Drivve | Image SharePoint® Connector module
Integrated browser-based scanner display simulator assists
Admin in configuring UI
New Drivve | Image Server facilitates network scanner
communication using http or https, for simple installation
and absolute security
Deep integration with Drivve | DM, Drivve’s robust yet
streamlined browser-based DMS


Scanning outside the box
With imaging solutions, you can never have too much
functionality. Then again, a lengthy feature list will get you
only so far — it’s really no replacement for a truly integrated
solution. To achieve that, it’s essential to consider who will
actually be using the middleware that connects scanners
to networks.
With Drivve | Image, the vast majority of end users don’t
even know they are users, period. They’re the beneficiaries of
the seamless intelligence of a system that takes care of all
the busy work for them. In most instances, they need only

Scanner Power Tools (SPT)

tap a single button to execute tasks that are generally
considered half chore, half drudgery. But for those of you

Database Connector

who are responsible for saving precious time from being
squandered pressing copier buttons, the following
descriptions of the various modules that compose the

Exchange | Fax Connector

Drivve | Image scanning system will be enlightening.
Here you’ll find a toolbox with everything you need to build
a custom, high-performance imaging solution. It’s the Office

Barcode Module (for SPT)

Tuner’s ultimate toy chest. Easy as pie.

OCR Module (for SPT)
SnapForm® Pilot (for SPT)
Coversheet Module

SharePoint Connector

Scanner Power Tools (SPT)
Mega-tweaks for office geeks

Juice up your Fujitsu scanner’s feature set with multiple
image-processing powers — and then let it loose!
(It’ll know exactly what to do.)
If pushing tons of paper is beginning to cramp your work style, Scanner Power Tools may
soon become one of the key components in your organization’s quest for Total Office
Integration. The core of the Drivve | Image suite, SPT is the command center that links
scanners to your network (and the world) and enables you to automate an unlimited
number of tasks — all at the touch of a button.
Building complex workflows is a cinch with SPT. Administrators can easily configure all
the automated processes their team requires, both fully automated scan profiles with
predefined document filing at the touch of a button and flexible scan profiles with
customized indexing, image processing, file format conversion, etc. Need these
workflows to plug directly into your information infrastructure? When used together
with the other Drivve | Image modules, SPT leverages virtually all of your existing data
to make tasks — automated indexing, intelligent filename generation, Bates stamping,
email blasting or notification, fax broadcasting — a total no-brainer.

Database Connector
Plug in and pull ahead

The greatest benefit, by far, of Fujitsu’s fi-6010N network
scanner is the connectivity it provides. Drivve | Image’s
Database Connector plugs you directly into 98% of all
databases in the field today.
As you’ve seen, SPT can work wonders with document processing
all on its own. But nothing compares to what happens when you plug the
Database Connector into the equation — yet another dimension is discovered.
It’s not just a matter of generating scan packages that are pushed to your
network. Nor is it a question of relying on end users to input vital information by
hand. Drivve | Image’s Database Connector enables you to pull relevant info,
decisively, from your already existing information infrastructure and apply it
immediately (i.e., without mediation) to the task at hand.

Exchange | Fax Connector
Scan direct — to the entire world

Get perfect integration with Microsoft® Exchange
and selected fax-server products. It’s a big planet,
but you’ve got it covered.
What happens when you need to do some serious emailing or
faxing, when you need to get a fax broadcast or an email blast off
in a hurry? Not many scanners can handle a big job like that on
their own. That’s because group blasts or broadcasts demand a
machine that’s integrated with your Exchange Server or Fax Server,
because you need access to the email addresses and fax numbers
you have stored on them. Enter the Exchange | Fax Connector from
Drivve | Image.

Barcode Module for SPT
Get your office engine humming

Pushing the envelope — literally. Adding the
Barcode Module to SPT accelerates and streamlines
your document workflow. Add efficiency to high
performance. Seat belts required.
If you’re looking for ways to make work flow smoothly
throughout, whether it be from one desk to another in the
same office or from one retail store to HQ, the Drivve | Image
Barcode Module is one of the more powerful instruments in the
Office Tuner’s toolbox. Virtually nothing will help you keep it all
together, locally or globally, than a two-dimensional bar code.
And if you want to be able to use them, your input devices have
to be able to read them.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Switch on your high beams

Let your scanned documents do the talking with
our visionary OCR engine.
Optical Character Recognition: the terms “digital office,” “office
automation,” or even “document/content management” are
absolutely meaningless without it. That’s because OCR doesn’t
just make your scanned documents readable — it makes them
intelligible, by a system that is greater than the sum of its parts:
Your Company Name Here.
Whether you need OCR to convert your simple TIFF scans to
searchable PDFs or to pull a contract or customer number from
a scanned contract in order to use it as the Master Index that
keeps all the other scans in the transaction together and
retrievable, you’ll want it to perform at a very high level. And
Drivve | Image’s OCR Module is quite exacting in its operation.

SnapForm® Pilot

You’re cleared for takeoff
Drivve has joined forces with SnapForm, one of the
industry’s premiere eForm platforms. These are fully
integrated eDocs with a serious amount of traction.
Drivve’s mission is to help you achieve total automation of your digital
office, so it’s not surprising that Drivve | Image’s deep integration
with the SnapForm eForm platform is fast becoming an integral
part of our strategy.
Imagine stepping up to your Fujitsu fi-6010N scanner, calling up a
SnapForm by name, and having one or several input fields appear on the
scanner’s screen. As you begin to type in information, the rest of the fields
begin to autopopulate with relevant data pulled from your database(s).
Then, when you send or print the SnapForm, you’ll see that a lot of additional important information has been drawn into the SnapForm itself and
is all contained within a two-dimensional bar code. Now the SnapForm
can be converted into a PDF.

Coversheet Module

Distributed scanning at its most versatile
Generate coversheets that automate your
scanning workflow — and leverage your
information infrastructure.
The Drivve | Image Coversheet Module expands the reach
of this already powerful scanning suite. Using SnapForm®
( eForm technology to generate attractive
coversheets with 2D bar coding, Coversheet transforms the
Fujitsu fi-6010N desktop network scanner into a fully
integrated capture workstation. It’s simple: adding a 2D bar
code to a coversheet lets you “tell” the Drivve | Image engine,
running server-side, exactly what you want to call your scans,
what you want them to do, what file format they should be
in ... even where or to whom you want them to go.

SharePoint Connector

Speed your docs into SharePoint
Let Drivve | Image process your optimized docs directly into
SharePoint, right from your Fujitsu scanner panel.
Organizations using Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services will be happy
to know they have a powerful strategic ally to help them get their fi-6010N
scanners integrated with their SharePoint systems.
Drivve’s SharePoint Connector module brings the full force of the
Drivve | Image suite to bear on the task of automating distributed capture in
flexible, creative ways. From the creation of point-of-scan, personalized
profiles through image processing and file format conversion, to
autogenerated file names and filing structures, the SharePoint Connector
makes feeding your SharePoint installation effortless.

The Drivve Document Ecosystem

Redefining the document imaging and management space

Drivve | Image + Drivve | DM
Never before have document imaging and management been so seamlessly integrated with the control
panel of your Fujitsu fi-6010N scanner. Drivve | Image, when deployed together with Drivve | DM, our fully
browser-based DMS, provides the brainpower that makes Drivve | DM not just the preferred destination
for all your information-rich documents but, together with an ever-growing array of Web-based tools, a
complete cloud-based ecosystem covering a broad spectrum of every SMB’s imaging, document/content
management, and workflow needs.
From full control of your Fujitsu scanner input to distribution through the browser application all the way out
to the iPhone or Kindle (and soon other mobile devices), Drivve’s complete document solution is the perfect
platform for enabling organizations to achieve optimal efficiency and overcome the stresses associated with
information overload.

Drivve | DM

Browser-Powered Doc Management
Drivve | DM is a robust yet streamlined browser-based document/content management system that pushes Web 2.0
technologies to their limit to make your organization’s vital information accessible from anywhere (through all major
browsers) and create an enjoyable, highly efficient user experience that will let work flow.

Features at a glance
High-performance browser-based Document Management let’s you index, archive, search and retrieve documents
using a PC or Mac. And use Drivve | DM for iPhone (and soon other smartphones) for remote access and collaboration
Projects workspace adds a whole new level of organization to your document archive
Intuitive Indexing lets you organize your info the way you see fit
An Ease of Use embodied in a UI of unrivaled elegance that is intuitive, easy to learn, and enjoyable to use
Simplified Installation options (hosted or in-house) make things easy for IT managers
Absolute Administration control over your organization’s Live Archive™ and all its functions — from anywhere with
access to the World Wide Web
Infinite powers of Scalability means you’ll never outgrow us, whatever size your organization
Data Protection that takes the worry out of security


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