Bakker Elkhuizen BNEU940 UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard User Manual BAK16023 manual Ultraboard 940 indd

Bakker Elkhuizen International B.V. UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard BAK16023 manual Ultraboard 940 indd

Users Manual

Users Manual
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
Thank you for purchasing the Ultraboard Bluetooth wireless/USB Keyboard. The Ultraboard is specically
designed for Bluetooth-enabled PC and Macintosh™ computers*. It can also be used as a USB Keyboard if wireless
communication is not allowed in the environment or if the keyboard has a low power status. Thanks to its multi-link
switchable support, it can be used with PC, Mac, iPad or any other smart devices in between.
To ensure the best user experience, please read this user manual carefully.
* Not all Bluetooth dongles may support all the features of the Ultraboard Keyboard.
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
Key Features
Compact-size for space saving.
81/82-key wireless keyboard with 4 hotkeys for fast and easy working with gures, Home, Mail,
PrtScr (print screen) and NumLock to PC (Mac system does not support the 4 hotkeys)
With multi-link, switchable support, it can register up to 5 Bluetooth hosts
Power from 2 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, charging via Micro USB cable
Support for USB keyboard with 2-USB Hub by connecting to a PC via Micro USB cable.
Cross-OS platform support by holding Fn key and “W” key for PC or “A” key for Mac
Transmitter technology: Broadcom 3.0
Scissor-type membrane keys with non-curved square keycaps for high comfort typing
and reduced typing tiredness
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
Hot keys Micro USB Port Power Switch Battery Lid
USB HubPairing Button
LED Indicator
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
1. Hold the Keyboard upside down in both hands. Open the
battery compartment by gently pushing the rib of the battery
cover with your thumbs to remove the battery cover.
3. Use the micro USB cable to charge the Ultraboard Compact
Keyboard via the micro USB port on the upper side of the
4. LEDstatusindication-ashinggreen:theUltraboard
fully charged. (It takes 3~4 hours to achieve a full charge)
5. LEDbeginstoashslowlygreen:Thismeansthebatteryis
low and should be re-charged.
Power On/O:
6. Switch the lever to the left
position to power on the
Ultraboard Keyboard on and to
2. Place the 2 AAA-size rechargeable batteries in the battery
Make sure the batteries are placed according to
the polarity symbols (+/-) as shown in the battery
Before setting Ultraboard Keyboard in Bluetooth mode,
the micro USB cable must be removed from Ultraboard
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
Pairing the Ultraboard Keyboard in Windows OS (PC)
1. Press “Fn “ key and press “1” key with symbol at the same
connected to pre-set Bluetooth host.
2. Click Bluetooth icon and choose “Device Search”
3. TurntheUltraboardKeyboardupsidedownandpressthe
small black button (Pairing Button) with a pen.
4. TheBluetoothdialoguedisplaysalistwithallfound
Bluetooth devices. Search for “Ultraboard Keyboard” and
press “Continue”.
5. TheBluetoothIdenticationCode(6-digitID)isshownonthe
screen. Enter the displayed ID on the Bluetooth Keyboard and
press “Enter” key at the end.
6. TheUltraboardKeyboardisnowreadytowork.Itisdisplayed
in the list of all Bluetooth devices and marked as “connected”
LED (Blue)
1. Power On
2. Pairing
3. Bluetooth
host swap
LED (Green)
1. CapsLock
LED (Green)
1. NumLock
(only work
in Windows
LED (Green)
1. Battery low
2. Charging
LED Indication
Make sure that you have Bluetooth support (Bluetooth dongle) on your PC and Windows 7 or higher installed.
Not all Bluetooth dongles may support all the features of the Ultraboard Keyboard.
4 hot keys are only activated
in Windows OS
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
Pairing the Ultraboard Keyboard in Mac OS X
1. Open the Bluetooth assistant by opening the System
Preferences Bluetooth.
2. MakesurethatBluetoothisactivated(Bluetooth:On)
3. Press the pairing button on the back of the Ultraboard Keyboard.
TheLED ashesuntilaconnectionhasbeenestablished.
4. Click the “+” tab (set up new device) in the lower left hand
corner so that the Bluetooth assistant searches actively for
new Bluetooth devices.
5. On the right side in the list of “Devices”, you should see the
entry “Ultraboard Keyboard”
6. Press “Connect”; You will get an 8-digit code on your screen.
Enter the 8-digits on your Ultraboard Keyboard and press
should be established and you see the “Ultraboard Keyboard”
entry in the list of active Bluetooth devices.
Holding Fn key and press “A” key for Mac OS
Function keys F1, F2, F3, F4 support Mac OS X for decreasing
and increasing brightness, expose and dashboard.
F1 Decrease brightness
F2 Increase brightness
F3 Expose
F4 Dashboard
Use Multi-media function keys by holding Fn key and F7, F8,
F9, F10, F11, F12 keys down at the same time for Rewind,
Play/Pause, Fast Forward, Mute, Volume Up/Down.
F7 Rewind
F8 Play/Pause
F9 Fast Forward
F10 Mute
F11 Volume Down
F12 Volume Up
To use the Ultraboard Keyboard function keys in Mac OS,
change OS setting to Mac OS (default is Windows OS)
Make sure that you have Bluetooth support on your Macintosh™ and Mac OS X 10.5.x or higher installed. The Ultraboard
Keyboard may work with older Mac OS X but it is not offi cially supported.
Assume Mac OS is 2nd Bluetooth host; Register Ultraboard Keyboard to 2nd Bluetooth host by holding “Fn” key and press “2” key
with symbol. LED status indication will fl ash blue 3 times or more while connecting to pre-set Bluetooth host.
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
LED Indication
Di erentLEDashingmodesindicatethedi erentUltraboardKeyboardstatus.
LED Indication
LED Indication Description Behavior
LED (Blue)
Power On Flashes 3 times or more while connecting to Bluetooth host
Pairing Flashing LED while connecting to a Bluetooth host
Bluetooth Host Swap Flashes 3 times or more while connecting to pre-set Bluetooth host
LED (Green) NumLock (only activated in Windows) Steady green LED in wireless mode
Steady green LED in wired mode
LED (Green) CapsLock Steady green LED in wireless mode
Steady green LED in wired mode
LED (Green)
Battery Low LEDbeginstoashslowly
Charging Status LEDasheswhileincharging
Steady green LED when battery is fully charged
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
Use Ultraboard Keyboard as USB Keyboard
via Micro USB Cable
Swap Bluetooth Host in Between
1. Connect Micro USB cable to Ultraboard Keyboard and PC or Mac.
2. TheUltraboardKeyboardwillnowworkasaUSBkeyboard
with USB Hub support. Meanwhile, batteries will be charging.
How to switch the Ultraboard Keyboard from Mac system
(register host 2) to PC (register host 1), for example.
1. Press Fn key and press “1” key and the same time.
2. LEDindicatorwillashgreen3times.
The Bluetooth function of the Ultraboard Keyboard
cannot work while the micro USB is connected to the
Ultraboard Keyboard.
UltraBoard 940 Compact Keyboard
1. The Ultraboard Keyboard displays erratic behavior such as a
sudden loss of connection, sleep mode after a short time (i.e. only
a few seconds), no connection possible when trying to pair, etc.
Erratic behavior of the Ultraboard Keyboard can be a result of low
battery power. You should change the batteries.
2. Connection Problem – will no longer connect to the Mac
OS updates (even small updates) can cause damage to the Bluetooth
thread OS that the connection from the Mac to the Ultraboard
Keyboard is no longer possible. Carry out the following steps:
1. Remove all entries in the device list of the Bluetooth Assistant.
2. Turn o the Mac and the Ultraboard Keyboard
3. Restart the Mac and then shut it down again (the Mac should
start up at least once without being connected to the Ultraboard
4. Reconnect the Ultraboard Keyboard.
3. The function of F1 ~F12 keys under Windows™ or Mac has dierent
and sometimes strange functions.
Thanks to cross OS platform support, function keys of Ultraboard
Keyboard in Mac OS can be switched to Windows™ by holding the
Fn key down and pressing “W” Key. In Mac, by holding the Fn key and
pressing the “A” key.
4. Can the Ultraboard Keyboard be connected back and forth from
to various Computer, i.e. Macintosh™ computers, MacBook, PC
(Windows OS)?
Yes, the Ultraboard Keyboard can be connected to 5 Bluetooth
enabled hosts for example, with PC, Macintosh™ computer, iPod,
iPhone, etc. Please refer to the pairing procedure. When switching to
another Macintosh™, hold the Fn key and press pre-registered host
number (1 ~ 5 keys).
5. Can the battery power status be read in the Apple™ System
Preferences like the Apple™ wireless keyboard?
No, there is no reading for the current battery power status. Once
the battery power is low, the LED will ash green very slowly or the
Ultraboard Keyboard will display erratic behavior such as continually
losing its connection, or having diculty with pairing, etc.
6. During the process of pairing the Ultraboard Keyboard with
the Macintosh™, there is a window displayed called “Keyboard
identication”. Should I press the key next to the shift key?
The message can be ignored. Simply press the red button in the upper
left corner to close the window. Your Macintosh™ will recognize the
Ultraboard Keyboard.
7. How can I x the reversed symbol position for example, @ and < in
France or ^ and < in German and etc.?
Hold the Fn key and @ key or ^ key at the same time. The position of
the 2 symbols will be reversed.
All rights reserved. All trade names are registered trademarks of the
respective manufacturers listed. All specifi cations are subject to change
without prior notice.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must
accept any interference received, including interference that may cause
undesired operation.
Federal Communication Commission Interference Statement
to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential
not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful
interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that
harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined
byturningtheequipmento andon,theuserisencouragedtotrytocorrectthe
• Re-orient or re-locate the receiving antenna.
• Increasetheseparationbetweentheequipmentandreceiver.
• Connecttheequipmentintoanoutletonadi erentcircuittothatwhichthe
receiver is connected.
• Consultthedealeroranexperiencedradio/TVtechnician.
FCC Caution: Toassurecontinuedcompliance,anychangesormodi cationsnot
expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s
when connecting to computer or peripheral devices).
FCC Radiation Exposure Statement
uncontrolled environment.

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