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What’s in the box?
comes complete
with a host of accessories that
are stored in the flatbed attachment,
so you can keep them neatly packed
away until you need to use them.

• Buttonhole foot "A"
• Overcasting foot "G"
• Monogramming foot "N"
• Zipper foot "I"
• Zigzag foot "J" (on machine)
• Blind stitch foot "R"
• Button fitting foot "M"
• Walking foot
• Quilting foot
• Stitch guide foot "P"
• Adjustable zipper/piping foot
• Non stick foot
• Open toe foot
• 1/4 inch quilting foot
• Side cutter "S"
• Quilting guide
• Seam ripper
• Bobbin (4)

FREE software upgrades
Brother believe on passing all possible
benefits to our customers, that’s why,
as we make new developments, we
allow our machines to be upgraded with
the latest software technology.
So no matter how old your machine
is we can always pass on newly
incorporated software features for your
product. Just visit
to download the latest software.

• Needle set
• Twin needle
• Cleaning brush
• Eyelet punch
• Screwdriver (large)
• Screwdriver (small)
• Spool cap (large)
• Spool cap (medium) (2)
• Spool cap (small)
• Extra spool pin
• Spool net
• Foot controller
• Operation manual
• Quick reference guide
• Embroidery foot "Q"
• Embroidery set (large)
H 18cm x W 13 cm
(H 7 inches x W 5 inches)

• Embroidery set (extra large (multi-position))
H 30 cm x W 13 cm
(H 12 inches x W 5 inches)
• Stubilizer material for embroidery
• Embroidery bobbin thread (white)
• Alternate bobbin case (pink marking)
• Knee lifter
• USB cable
• Grid sheet set
• Scissors
• Hard case
• Accessory bag
• Disc-shaped screwdriver

Always use accessories recommended for this machine

This software turns your
favourite photos and illustrations
into your own embroidery
patterns. It gives you unlimited
creative possibilities!


With the Brother
Brother UK Ltd.,
Audenshaw, Manchester M34 5JD
Tel: 0870 830 4020 (National Rate Call) Fax: 0870 830 4031
Your calls to us may be monitored or recorded for training purposes.
Specification correct at time of going to print. Brother is a registered trademark of Brother Industries Ltd.
Brand product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

Sewing Machine

you can create high
quality embroidery
designs and
sewing projects
quickly and easily.

• 180mm x130mm embroidery area
• 136 built-in embroidery designs
• Large sewing area
• 100’s of stitch combinations
• 850 stitches per minute in sewing mode
• 650 stitches per minute embroidery mode
• USB port for PC connection

For your

Large embroidery area
has a large
embroidery area so you can create even
bigger and more intricate designs.
Express your creative ideas in the large
embroidery area.
• 180mm x 130mm embroidery area
• Extra Large 300mm x 130mm
multi-position embroidery frame is
also included.

Instantly import patterns
via PC or Brother Memory Card
We’ve even made it easy for you to import your
own patterns. Just insert an embroidery
memory card or connect the
to your PC via the USB port and send your
embroidery design directly to the machine.
• USB port for PC connection
(cable supplied)
• With the optional PE-DESIGN software, you
can design your own unique embroidery
patterns in a few easy steps. Scan drawings
or photos, or use clip art images and
transform them into embroidery.

Wide variety of built-in embroidery
Start embroidering right away with any
of the 136 built-in embroidery patterns
found on the
. Choose
from florals, animals, geometrics, seasonal
designs and much more.
• 136 built-in embroidery designs

Patterned frame shapes
Put the finishing touch to your embroidery
with an elegant frame. Choose from 10
frame shapes and 12 border styles.
Combine with lettering to create an elegant

LCD touch screen
Manage all the functions with a simple
touch of the easy-to-read LCD display.

Built in Font Styles
Built-in font styles make it easy for you
to personalize all your sewing and
embroidery projects.
• 6 Fonts
• 3 sizes

On-screen editing
Powerful editing features include layout,
pattern rotation in 1 degree increments,
mirror imaging and scaling.

Compatible with other manufacturers
In addition to the Brother thread chart,
recognises threads
from three manufacturers. When your
pattern asks for a particular colour
thread, just select the name of your
manufacturer’s thread from the information
displayed on the touch screen LCD and
the corresponding colour will be displayed.
• Built-in competitor thread charts

Speed control customised
for zigzag width
(in sewing mode)
• Slide control adjusts the
sewing speed from slow to
• Can be programmed to
alter stitch width

Easy threading
Deluxe system automatically
threads the needle.

Trimmer button
Automatically cuts the
top and bottom

Needle position button
Raises or lowers the

Automatically sews
4 reinforcement stitches.
Sews straight and
reverse zigzag stitches
at low speed.

Memory card slot
Instantly transfers embroidery
patterns from memory card to
your machine.

Large embroidery area
180mm x 130mm
(in embroidery mode)
More space for even bigger

USB port for PC connection
Send your embroidery designs
directly to the
via the USB connection.

LCD touch-screen
• Built-in sewing references
• Embroidery editing
• Customised settings
• Available in 15 languages

7 point feed dog
(in sewing mode)
Effortlessly create smooth,
accurate seams on any fabric
from the lightest silks to heavy

Knee lift
(in sewing mode)
Free up your hands by
using your knee to lift the
presser foot up. Ideal
for working on large
projects such as quilts.

Start/stop LED button
Red/green lights indicate
when the machine is
ready to sew.

For your sewing needs.
Select the best stitch every time
With hundreds of built-in stitch combinations, including a range of
utility stitches from blind hems to complex decorative patterns, the
lets you select the right stitch for every application.
• 100’s of built-in stitch combinations
• Includes 10 styles of automatic buttonhole, 143 utility and
decorative stitches and alphabet

Combine stitches
allows you to
combine some stitches for greater
variety and creativitiy. Up to 10 patterns
can be saved to memory for future use.

My Custom StitchTM
This exclusive feature allows you to create
your own decorative stitches on the
LCD panel. These can then be saved to
memory for future use.

Easy threading
With its advanced automatic needle
threading system, the
makes threading the machine and the
needle effortless.

Automatic upper thread tensioning
Whether you’re working with heavy
denim, thin georgette, stretchy knits
or bulky fleece, the
computer automatically adjusts the
thread tension to create beautiful even
stitches on any fabric.

Presser foot pressure adjustment
Stitch pucker-free seams on even the
stretchiest knits by adjusting the pressure
of the presser foot.

Side way feeding
Side way feeding is very helpful to
attach appliqués to fabric that cannot
be moved around, such as cylindrical
pieces. Straight stitches and zigzag
stitches that sew to either the left or
right are available.

Flat table
The flat table and generous workspace
enables you to maneuver your fabric
easily and securely.
• 190mm x 104mm sewing area

Quick-set bobbin
Just drop in a full bobbin and be ready
to sew immediately.

Presser foot levelling button
Keeps the presser foot level for smooth,
consistent stitching over changing fabric
thicknesses, such as the start of a
seam or crossing seams.

Enjoy making and decorating
special projects
The included accessories enable
sewing or quilting work to be more
versatile and neat. The special,
presser-feet make traditional quilting
patterns and decorative embellishments
enjoyable and easy to accomplish. A
knee-lifter, suitable for piecing, quilting
and garment construction is also

Lower bobbin thread senor
The Innov-is 1200 has lower thread
sensors to warn you when the bobbin
thread is broken or running low.

Thread take-up lever window
Make sure the take-up lever is properly
threaded with this convenient window.

Automatic thread trimmer
Automatically cuts the top and bottom
threads and sews a reinforcement stitch
for your convenience.

F.A.S.T. bobbin winding system
The automatic bobbin winding system
makes winding bobbins quick and easy.


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