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Building business
Since its 2007 introduction of the C7000VP model, Canon’s
imagePRESS® digital presses have been helping to build and
reinvigorate businesses with their dynamic performance.
Canon prides itself on partnering with customers and under-
standing their needs. And through its historical investment of
eight percent of annual revenue in research and development,
Canon continually strives to develop products and solutions
that meet
and often exceed
customers’ evolving needs.
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ systems are the latest
evolution in Canon’s monochrome production press line-up,
engineered to deliver image quality, productivity, and versatility.
Market leadership
This commitment to the future has helped build Canon’s
position as an industry leader in high-quality digital imaging.
The imagePRESS platform was developed entirely within
Canon, comprising one of the largest investments for a single
product group in the company’s history.
Canon has leveraged its foundations in imaging excellence
to build a high-quality product, and it has made a fi nancial
commitment to the challenging production marketplace.
A new generation of monochrome imagePRESS systems
continues to redefi ne performance and expectations of
print professionals in commercial print shops,
quick printers, in-plants, and CRDs.
A quality di erence you can see
imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital presses are designed
to provide key improvements identifi ed as crucial to business
growth and success in the monochrome print market. Through
Canon’s focus on these improvements and its commitment to
excellence, the imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital presses
deliver high-quality output, streamlined production, solid
reliability, and fi nishing fl exibility for exceptional production
performance and dynamic results.
Delivering quality, productivity, and
versatility. Presses designed to maximize
productivity while delivering consistency,
from the fi rst print to the last.
Accurate registration
Canon’s active registration system makes
real-time adjustments during printing
to ensure that each page is accurately
aligned, front to back—one of the
hallmarks of professional document
production. This precision and accuracy
helps turn reliable, high-quality produc-
tion of manuals, booklets, brochures,
and books into a profi table reality for
your business.
Consistency from start to fi nish
To ensure the last piece in every job looks
as good as the fi rst, Canon has optimized
the image quality consistency of the
halftone density in the imagePRESS
1135+/1125+/1110+ digital presses. Add to
this Canon’s twin-sleeve technology,
which distributes toner evenly across the
page for faithful reproduction of images
and text, ultra-smooth gradations, and
consistent quality throughout the job.
Quality you can see
The advanced imaging technology of
imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital
presses renders very fi ne details through
the entire tonal range of the image,
adding visual depth and delivering
exceptional image quality. The Canon
imagePRESS Series uses Canon’s
monocomponent eB toner—which
contains micro-dispersed pigments—to
produce a pure, unmixed black. A true
resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi and full 256
grayscale gradations produce the fi ne
lines needed for detailed technical
diagrams and small text sizes as well as
rich, deep blacks for superb halftones.
A synergy of technologies creating image quality consistency.
Extraordinary image quality combines with digital print advantages
to ensure that the last piece looks as good as the fi rst.
This feature allows an operator to
maintain accurate and consistent
density throughout the day.
Automatic adjustments for character
proportion, screen processing, and
line width help ensure clear, crisp
text and images.
This produces 1200-dpi resolution for
superb text, fi ne lines, and halftones.
Advanced paper feeding
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+
digital presses have features that
produce reliable, accurate feeding
just like a traditional press.
Maximum uptime
Productivity is about keeping your press
running—every interruption costs time
and money.
On-the-fl y replacement of paper, toner,
and even waste toner containers keeps
jobs fl owing through the press.
Ultrasonic multifeed detection diverts
any multisheet feeds to an escape tray
while maintaining throughput.
Accurate registration
The monochrome imagePRESS Series
uses Active Registration Technologies
(ART) that actively adjust during print
runs to help ensure consistency at high
speeds for non-stop operation. Four
separate rollers address de-skewing,
positioning, and timing on the fl y to
ensure that images and text are placed
in the same location on every sheet of
paper passing through the press.
Unattended operation
With the ability to hold up to 14,000*
sheets and a high-capacity toner supply,
the imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital
presses can run unattended for an hour
or more. This allows your team members
to operate multiple machines, perform
additional functions, and make your
operation more productive overall.
Complex job productivity
Complex job production is the backbone
of monochrome digital production. The
imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital
presses maximize complex job productivity.
And with their expanded media handling
capabilities and latest ease-of-use features,
they minimize operator intervention and
improve production effi ciency.
Advanced technologies that help keep jobs racing ahead and profi table.
Real-world productivity advantages that add value
to your print operation.
Picks up the top sheet with air,
not rollers, similar to an o set
press. It also stabilizes the page
as it enters the press.
Reduces paper friction and keeps
sheets separated to prevent
double-feeding and operator
intervention to clear misfeeds.
* imagePRESS 1135+/1125+ only. Up to 10,000 sheets
maximum for imagePRESS 1110+.
* 20 lb. Bond/75gsm
Booklet Trimmer Modules
Used with the Saddle-Stitch
Finisher to produce
professional, full-bleed
booklets in-line.
Folding Unit
In-line folding
Perfect Binder
Bind up to 400-page*
book blocks to covers
with hot glue, and trim
three sides for perfectly
square, full-bleed books.
Saddle-Stitch Finisher
Stitches up to 25 sheets,*
up to 13" x 19.2", for creation
of 100-page booklets.
V-fold up to fi ve sheets
without saddle-stitching.
High-Capacity Stacker
Stack fl at sheets professionally
and utilize a removable dolly
to transfer output to off -line
nishing or shipping departments.
Professional Puncher
and Integration Unit
Interchangeable die sets
provide a variety of punch
patterns, and the Integration
Unit ensures delivery in
correct orientation to other
nishing modules.
C-fold Z-fold
Accordion fold Double-parallel fold
Designed for profi table productivity.
The Canon imagePRESS Series delivers the cutting-edge
technologies, media capabilities, and fi nishing options that
will help drive your business ahead.
Advanced Feeding Technologies
Air Suction and Air Separation
features provide reliable,
accurate paper feeding, similar
to off set press printing.
Press Console
Designed to simplify usability
and provide access to features
such as the Media Library.
Decurling Unit
Utilizes pressure to help
sheets lay fl at, even after
being exposed to heat.
eB Toner
Monocomponent with
micro-dispersed pigments
for pure unmixed black.
Multi-Drawer Insertion Unit
With Air Suction Feeding,
enables insertion of color
covers and inserts in a full
range of weights and types.
Escape Tray
Any multisheet feeds from the
paper decks are routed here, without
stopping or jamming the press.
Paper Capacity
6,000-sheet* input is standard,
with the ability to scale up
to 14,000 sheets.* All trays
accommodate all supported media.
Ultrasonic Multisheet Detector
Detects and diverts any multisheet
feeds to the Escape Tray while
maintaining throughput.
Amorphous Silicon Drum
Engineered for optimum
image transfer and durability.
Twin Sleeve Technology
Distributes toner evenly
across the page ensuring
consistent image quality
throughout the run.
* 20 lb. Bond/75gsm; imagePRESS 1135+/1125+ only.
Up to 10,000 sheets maximum for imagePRESS 1110S+. 7
Supported media
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ systems
support a broad range of substrates, so
you can satisfy almost every customer
need. And it’s easy to mix media types
within a job to provide professional-
quality documents quickly and profi tably.
Serious processing power
One of the most extensive collections of
controllers available lets you choose the
optimal level of power and functionality.
Commercial shops, quick printers, and
in-plant operations alike can choose the
RIP solution that fi ts their needs.
Multiple speeds
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital
presses are designed from the ground
up to ensure that tight deadlines and
last-minute jobs are kept on schedule.
No matter what your print environment
or workload, fast print speeds of 135, 125,
and 110 pages per minute, respectively, can
be matched to your production require-
ments—and help keep revenue fl owing in.
Generous input and output capacity
Need more productivity for peak volumes?
Your system can be confi gured with up
to 10 input trays that hold 14,000 sheets††
plus the Multi-Drawer Document
Insertion Unit for an additional 4,000
sheets of inserts or covers, providing
hours of uninterrupted productivity.
Combine both high-capacity stackers
and the fi nisher to stack up to 27,000
sheets of output at once. Such versatility
lets you do more faster while reducing
labor, training, and operating costs.
Innovative features deliver fl exibility, e ciency, and performance.
With the Canon black-and-white imagePRESS Series, you can
confi gure multiple controller choices, a range of fi nishing options,
and a host of media capabilities to meet your needs.
Saddle Finisher V-folds up to fi ve (5) sheets without stapling and stitches
up to 25 sheets* for creation of 100-page booklets.
Folding Unit Off ers C-fold, Z-fold, Accordion fold, Double Parallel fold.
Professional Punching Numerous die patterns available for productive, in-line
document preparation.
Booklet Trimmer Modules Use with the Saddle Finisher to create full-bleed, saddle-
stitched booklets.
Square Fold Booklet-Maker
with Two-Knife Trimmer
Provides square-edge booklets for professional-looking
Perfect Binder Bind book blocks to covers with hot glue and trim
three sides for perfectly square, full-bleed books.
JDF Enabled** For support of existing near-line fi nishing.
Printer Kit-A1 imagePRESS Servers J100/J200
imagePRESS Servers J100/J200 are powered by Fiery.
†† imagePRESS 1135+/1125+ only. Up to seven trays and up to 10,000 sheets maximum for imagePRESS 1110+.
* Based on 20 lb. Bond paper.
** Controller and workfl ow dependent.
Simplifi ed operation and over-the-top capabilities.
Extensive and simplifi ed user controls help make it easy
for any operator to produce professional printed products.
Media controls
Every print service provider knows that the
wider the range of papers a press can handle,
the more jobs that can be produced, and the
better the customers’ needs can be satisfi ed.
On the black-and-white imagePRESS Series,
up to 10 paper trays provide a capacity of
up to 14,000 sheets.†† Supported stocks can
be placed in any tray, and stock selection
can be edited and managed from the
operator panel. Press output for each media
is optimized by specifying such factors as
basis weight, type, and coating. For a more
simplifi ed setup, operators can select from
an array of standard paper selections, each
with automated settings to control output.
Media Handling
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ digital
presses off er expanded media handling with
improved support of carbonless papers,
allowing for easy integration of these jobs
into the print queue.
Non-stop Performance
Trays can be reloaded without stopping the
press, enabling jobs to be queued so your
imagePRESS digital press can run for hours.
Active Registration Technologies (ART)
Excellent side-to-side and front-to-back
registration is ensured by actively
adjusting paper movement during print
runs to provide consistency at high
speeds with non-stop operation.
Paper Clearance
The imagePRESS 1135+/1125+/1110+ systems
off er enhanced media handling features for
faster, more effi cient clearing of misfeeds.
†† imagePRESS 1135+/1125+ only. Up to seven trays and
up to 10,000 sheets maximum for imagePRESS 1110+.
The highway to performance, e ciency, and profi tability.
Get the most from your investment with fl exible, adaptable solutions
that keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing marketplace.
Powerful solutions
Developed based on customer research,
Canon imagePRESS Workfl ow Solutions
provide the support you need for
integrating pre-press make-ready tools,
managing job splitting and load balanc-
ing, adding comprehensive Web-to-print
capabilities, and implementing the VDP
programs that can make your business a
valuable part of your customers’ success.
Canon imagePRESS Workfl ow Solutions
are broad, powerful tools that help
increase effi ciency, streamline operations,
reduce costs, and provide the services
and capabilities that can distinguish your
operation from the competition and
improve your bottom line. Canon’s goal
is to provide a complete solution that
integrates with industry standards and
supports ongoing developments in
digital workfl ows.
imagePRESS Workflow Solutions
Full-featured, cost-
eff ective, branded
solutions tailored to
your business needs.
Streamline fi le
preparation and
make-ready to keep
jobs fl owing from
receipt into production.
Job Management
Complete control,
tracking, and manage-
ment of jobs to help
increase effi ciency and
keep productivity high.
Variable Data Printing
Leverage digital
personalization through
powerful and fl exible
VDP solutions.
Impressive uptime and dependability with a low environmental impact.
No matter what type of operation you manage, you’ll value the sustainability
benefi ts, reliability, and serviceability of the imagePRESS Series.
Built to perform
Top-quality, durable parts increase
reliability, enhance productivity, and
help minimize downtime. imagePRESS
1135+/1125+/1110+ digital presses are
designed and built with rigid metal
construction for the longevity you
need for non-stop performance, day-in
and day-out. The new imagePRESS
1135+/1125+/1110+ digital presses feature
increased life of several key parts and
components to increase uptime and
help your press meet the demands of
your deadline-oriented environment.
Canon service
Customer Productivity
For those customers who prefer having trained technical support on site, your
servicing dealer can train one or more key operators to perform proactive mainte-
nance, cleaning, replacement of certain critical parts, and print quality diagnostics.
Association of Technical Service Professionals (ATSP) Program
Canon’s voluntary ATSP provides testing that recognizes technicians’ expertise
as technical and service support providers.
imageWARE Remote Diagnostics
When activated, the award-winning imageWARE Remote software allows the
servicing dealer to receive meter information as well as immediate notifi cation
of errors, jams, and alerts by e-mail.
Support of Recycled Media Stock.
VOC-free Consumables are used in the imagePRESS Series of digital presses.
Recyclable toner bottles and recycling program off ered.
All imagePRESS models are RoHS Compliant.
Sleep and Low Power modes lower total electric consumption to help
control your overall operating costs.
Technology: Laser Electrostatic Transfer System
Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi
Halftones: 256-Level Grayscale
Simplex Print Speed: 135/125/110 (Letter)
77/74/68 (11" x 17")
Duplex Print Speed: 67/62/55 (Letter)
38/37/34 (11" x 17")
Maximum Paper Size: 13" x 19.2"
Standard Paper Feeding: 2,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Paper Weight (All Trays)
Uncoated: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Coated: 24 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Cover
(80gsm to 240gsm)
Duplex/Perfect: Automatic Duplex/Perfect
Any Supported Stock
Power Source: 208V/30A+208V/15A
(H x W x D):
54.12" x 54.62" x 31.87"
(1373mm x 1387mm x 809mm)
Weight: 1,103 lb. (500kg)
Estimated Toner Yield: 69,000 Impressions†
Color Image Reader-L1 (Optional)***
(Includes Single-Pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder)
Image Sensor: CMOS
Acceptable Original Size: Statement to 11" x 17"
Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi
Grayscale Gradations: 256
Tray Capacity: 300 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Scanning Speed B/W: Up to 200 ipm (300 dpi)
Up to 120 ipm (600 dpi)
Scanning Speed Color: Up to 80 ipm (300 dpi)
Up to 40 ipm (600 dpi)*
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 120 lb. Index
(50gsm to 220gsm)
Dimensions (incl. DADF)
(H x W x D):
7.125" x 23.25" x 25"
(179mm x 590mm x 635mm)
Weight (incl.
DADF): 81.6 lb. (37kg)
Power Supply: From Main Unit
POD Deck-C1
(One Standard and up to Two Additional; Optional**)
Paper Capacity: 4,000 Sheets (1,000 x 2 + 2,000)
(20 lb. Bond)
Maximum Paper Size: 13" x 19.2"
Paper Weight (All Trays)
Uncoated: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Coated: 24 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Cover
(80gsm to 240gsm)
(H x W x D):
43.12" x 29.37" x 31.25"
(1095mm x 745mm x 792mm)
Weight: 499 lb. (226kg)
Power Source: 120-127VAC, 60Hz, 15A
Multi-Drawer Document Insertion Unit-A1 (Optional)
Paper Capacity: 4,000 Sheets (1,000 x 2 + 2,000)
(20 lb. Bond)
Maximum Paper Size: 13" x 19.2"
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
(H x W x D):
43.12" x 42.5" x 31.25"
(1095mm x 1079mm x 792mm)
Weight: 554 lb. (251kg)
Power Source: 120V/15A
Document Insertion Unit-F1 (Optional)***
Paper Capacity: 400 Sheets (200 x 2) (20 lb. Bond)
Maximum Paper Size: 13” x 19.2”
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
(H x W x D):
55.37” x 29.37” x 31.25”
(1407mm x 746mm x 793mm)
Weight: 134 lb. (61kg)
Power Source: 120V/15A
CANON, IMAGEPRESS, and the GENUINE logo are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be registered
trademarks or trademarks in other countries. IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark of Canon. All other referenced product names and marks
are trademarks of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. Some items may not be available at this time; please check
for availability. Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. All printer output images are simulated.
©2012 Canon U.S.A., Inc. All rights reserved.
Finisher-AF1/Saddle Finisher-AF2 (Optional)
Number of Trays: 2/3
Top Tray Capacity: Up to 3,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Lower Tray Capacity: 2,000 (20 lb. Bond)
Saddle-Stitch Tray: 30 Booklets or Limitless
Staple Positions: Corner-Stapling, Double-Stapling
Paper Weight
Finisher: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Saddle Finisher: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Acceptable Paper Size
Stapling: Executive, Letter-R, Letter,
Legal, 11" x 17"
Sheet Stacking: Up to 13" x 19.2"
Saddle Finisher: Letter-R, Legal, 11" x 17",
12" x 18", 13" x 19"
Max. Stapling Capacity: Up to 100 Sheets (Letter)
Max. Booklet Stapling
Capacity: Up to 25 Sheets Saddle-Stitched
(H x W x D):
46.5" x 31.25" x 35.37"
(1180mm x 800mm
x 792mm)
Finisher: 287 lb. (130kg)
Saddle Finisher: 396 lb. (180kg)
Power Source: 120V/15A
Puncher Unit-BB1
(Option for Finisher-AF1/Saddle Finisher-AF2)
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 73 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 200gsm)
Paper Sizes
2-Hole: Legal, Letter-R
3-Hole: 11" x 17", Letter, Executive
Punch Speed: Up to 135 ppm (Depends on
Speed of Marking Engine)
Weight: 6.7 lb. (3kg)
Power Source: From Finisher
High-Capacity Stacker-E1 (Optional)
Offset Stack Capacity: 10,000 Sheets (Letter) (20 lb. Bond)
Top Tray Capacity: 1,000 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
Maximum Paper Size: 13" x 19.2"
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Max. Connectivity: Up to 2 Units at Once
(H x W x D):
53.62" x 39.25" x 31.25"
(1362mm x 997mm x 792mm)
Weight: 463 lb. (210kg)
Power Source: 120V/15A
Booklet Trimmer-D1 (Optional)
Margin Trimming: Fore-Edge Trim
Trim Amount: 0.08" to 0.78" (2mm to 20mm)
Trim Thickness: 100 Sheets
Waste Tray Capacity: 1,500 Sheets with 0.78" Trim
(20 lb. Bond)
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Output Tray Capacity: 30 Booklets
(H x W x D):
41" x 62" x 30.37"
(1040mm x 1575mm x 770mm)
Weight: 335 lb. (152kg)
Power Source: From Saddle Finisher
Two-Knife Trimmer-A1 (Optional)
Margin Trimming: Top and Bottom Trim
Trim Amount: 0.08" to 0.59" (2mm to 15mm)
Trim Thickness: 100 Sheets
Waste Tray Capacity: 750 Sheets (Two-Sided Trimmed)
Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(52gsm to 300gsm)
Output Tray Capacity: 30 Booklets
(H x W x D):
41" x 21.12" x 30.37"
(1040mm x 536mm x 770mm)
Weight: 319 lb. (145kg)
Power Source: 120V/15A
Perfect Binder-C1 (Optional)
Cutting Method: Stack Rotation 3-Direction
or 1-Direction Cut
Finished Book Width: 8" to 11.62" (203mm x 297mm)
Finished Book Length: 5.37" to 8.5" (138mm x 216mm)
(After 3-Direction Cut)
Body Paper Weight: 14 lb. Bond to 90 lb. Index
(52gsm to 163gsm)
Cover Weight: 24 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Cover
(90gsm to 300gsm)
Book Thickness: 10 to 200 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)
(Up to 25mm)
Glue Warm-Up Time: 440 Seconds
Trim Range: Adjustable in .0197" (0.5mm)
Side: 0.26" to 1.94" (6.5mm to 49mm)
Top and Bottom: 0.52" to 3.11" (13mm to 79mm)
(H x W x D):
51.25" x 36.97" x 31.12"
(1300mm x 922mm x 791mm)
Weight: 675 lb. (306kg)
Power Source: 208V/15A
Paper Folding Unit-F1 (Optional)
Double Parallel Fold: Legal, Letter-R
C/Accordion Fold: Letter-R
Z-fold: 11" x 17"
Media Weights:
14 lb. Bond to 28 lb. Bond
(52gsm to 105gsm)
Power Source: From Finisher
(H x W x D):
46.87" x 13.25" x 31.25"
(1190mm x 336mm x 793mm)
Weight: 157 lb. (71kg)
Professional Puncher and Integration Unit-B1 (Optional)
Paper Size: Letter, Tab
Supported Media
20 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover
(75gsm to 216gsm)
Productivity: Up to 135 ppm (Depends on
Speed of Marking Engine)
Chip Tray Capacity: 25,000 Sheets
Punch Patterns: 3H, 5H, Velo Bind 11H, Plastic Comb
19H, Twin Loop 21H/32H, ProClick
32H, Color Coil 44H
Power Source: 120V/15A
(H x W x D):
41" x 22.5" x 31.25"
(1040mm x 560mm x 792mm)
Weight: 264 lb. (120kg)
System Upgrade RAM-B1 required for 600-dpi color scanning.
** Requires either the imagePRESS 1135+ or the
imagePRESS 1125+ to connect three (3) POD Decks.
*** imagePRESS 1110+ only.
s Measures 890mm when extension tray is pulled out for
Saddle Finisher-AF1 and 1060mm when extension tray
is pulled out for Saddle Finisher-AF2.
 ss Only one additional High-Capacity Stacker-E1 attaches to the
imagePRESS 1110+.
sssRequires either the Finisher-AF1 or the Saddle Finisher-AF2.
Estimated yield based on Letter pages at 6% coverage.
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
One Canon Park
Melville, NY 11747

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