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A solid IT infrastructure is essential for any small business, providing
the productivity and reliability necessary to succeed. Dell works
directly with small businesses every day, listening to their concerns
and helping them to achieve their goals. This collaboration has
resulted in the PowerEdge T300, a 1-socket tower server built for
the small business.
ExcEptional pErformancE
The PowerEdge™ T300 introduces a new, advanced 1-socket chipset and
processors specifically designed for superior performance. Intel® quad-
core processing provides stable performance for even the most memory-
intensive applications.
trustEd rEliability
The T300 is built for high availability. Hot-plug hard drives and redundant power supplies help ensure
that your system will stay up and running even if a component fails. Plus, the hard drives can be
replaced without powering down the server, resulting in increased uptime and productivity.
unprEcEdEntEd mEmory capacity
With up to 24 GB of DDR-2 memory, the PowerEdge T300 oers three times the memory capacity of
competitive systems, and its Intel® chipset helps provide excellent memory scalability.
sEcurity comEs standard
The PowerEdge T300 is designed to help ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your
data. In fact, this new generation of PowerEdge servers is the most secure Dell has ever produced.
Standard features include a locked-down internal USB port, chassis intrusion switch, locking bezels
and a built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which enables system authentication, assists with
encryption and helps prevent tampering.
systEms support
Companies with limited or no dedicated IT sta have access to key support services customized for
the small business. Dell ProSupport for Non-IT includes direct access to certified technicians 24/7, as
well as popular small business software application assistance and configuration help.
thE dEll diffErEncE
Dell PowerEdge servers are part of our commitment to the simplification of IT. We build, configure
and load the PowerEdge T300 at our factory so it’s ready right out of the box. This helps reduce
deployment time, lower costs and minimize maintenance headaches, freeing you to devote more
resources to growing your business.
about dEll Global sErVicEs
Dell Global Services simplify the management
of your IT environment so you get up and
running quickly, with lower deployment costs,
fewer hassles, and less time spent on non-
strategic tasks. You pay only for the services
you need, gain instant access to the latest
innovations without additional infrastructure
investment, and take your business from
maintenance to momentum.
Many IT services today are outdated,
expensive, inflexible and people-intensive.
As a result, businesses can be burdened with
lengthy contracts, trapped in old technology
and spending much more than is necessary
just to keep the lights on. Dell is changing
all of that by integrating cutting edge
technologies into our products and global
service infrastructure to forever change the
way services are delivered, purchased and
managed. Tapping directly into Dell’s world-
class capabilities, resources and platform in
this way will make it easier to reclaim valuable
IT time and resources.
Many of the service investments Dell has
made are available through or in conjunction
with Dell’s global network of PartnerDirect
channel partners. For more information
please visit or contact your local
Dell PartnerDirect Registered partner.
Form Factor Tower Only
Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor 5000 Sequence
Dual and Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor 3000 Sequence
Intel® Core 2 Duo® processor
Intel® Celeron® processor
Sockets 1
Front Side
Bus or
Up to 1333 MHz
Cache Up to 6MB
Chipset Intel 5100 Chipset
Memory Six ECC DDR-2 667 SDRAM DIMM sockets for up to 24GB of
I/O Slots
Two PCIe x 8
Two PCIe x 4
One PCI-X 64/133
Drive Controller Embedded SATA Controller, Optional SAS 5/E Controller
RAID Controller
PERC 6/i
SAS 6/iR
Drive Bays
4 x 3.5” cabled or front access/hot plug SATA or SAS Hard Drive
1 x 5.25” optional CD/DVD-ROM, CD-RW/DVD combo, DVD,
1 x 5.25” optional half-height internal TBU
1 x 3.5” floppy
Internal Storage
4.0TB (4 x 1.0TB)SAS
4.0TB (4 x 1.0TB) SATA
Hard Drives
3.5” SAS (10K rpm): 400GB
3.5” SAS (15K rpm): 73GB, 146GB, and 300GB
3.5” SATA (7.2K rpm): 160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB
3.5” Nearline SAS (7.2K rpm): 500GB, 750GB and 1.0TB
Interface Cards
Embedded dual port GB LOM
Optional Intel 10GBase-T, Cu, PCIe x8
Optional BCM 5709 GbE Dual Port – TOE IPv6, iSCSI Boot, with
iSCSI Ooad
Optional BCM 5709 GbE Dual Port – TOE only IPv6
Optional Intel PRO/1000VT Quad Port GbE
Power Supply 490W non-redundant or 528W redundant
Availability ECC memory, add-in RAID, tool-less chassis, hot-plug HDD,
redundant PSU, TPM
Video ATI RN 50
Management DRAC 5, Baseboard Management Center
OpenManage (BMC)
Rack Support NA
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Windows Storage Server
Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server (x64) 2008
Microsoft Windows Server Downgrade Option to 2003 SP2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 w/ HyperV, SP2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server
Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server
Novell SUSE Linux 10, 11
Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5.2, 5.3
Hypervisor NA

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