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Reed these Instructions
Keep these instructions
Heed all warnings.
Follow all 'lrstnrdions,
Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions,
Do not block the openings on the speaker cabinets. never push oblects into
speaker vents or slots because of fire or electric hazards. Please insure reasonable
space around the speakers for proper ventilation.
Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat reglsters, stoves. or
other apparatus (inducing amplifiers) that produce heat
Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manutacturer.
Do not place near any form of open flame source such as lighted andles. on the
Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel.
Dlvoom Voombox-Travel is an ultra-portable wireless Bluetoom speaker with
microphone. Rugged, splash resistant design makes It a good choice for outdoor
lovers. Latest 4‘0 Blueioottr technology lets you wirelessiy stream audio from
tablets, smart phones, and other Bluetootti-enabled devices,
Package contents:
1 pc at mebox- travel
1 pc of Single cable for battery charging and auxiliary input
1 or: of user Manual
1. Onlofl Power 4. Metal Loop 6. Volume '9'lnext button
2 Multifunction human 5. Volume'-'Iprev button 7. speaker unit
3. USB recharging port
Llshn to your Bluetooth-
enabled music player:
1. Turn on the speaker by long pressing the onloil power. then the blue LED
Indicator starts blinking quickly. enter pairing mode
2. Open the Bluetooth function in your device and searching Bluetooth devices
3. Select the Voombox-travel from the list of discovered Bluetoolh devices and they
are paired!
4. Flip the 'Multifundion button" to pause your music.
5. Short press the '-’l "+' to adjust the volume
6. Long press the '-'l '+' for prev and next songs
Did you know?
You can switch your currenl connected device to another BIuetooth deuce by
following steps
Action: Long press 'Multilunction button' indicator: Blue LED blinking blue rapidly
Status: Ready to pair
Tali. Cali! I Rake! Calls
Press the Muitifunoiion button to pick up an incoming caiL
Press and hold me Multifunction button for 2 seconds and release to reject an
incoming call
Liston to your non-BIuotooth—omblcd audio dtvico
”risen one and of USB connector into the charging port oi Voombox-travei (The
Single able for battery charging and auxiliary Input Included)
2.lnsen iha 3.5mm audio connector inloyour audio device directiy.
3.Tum on you audio device and start themusic playing.
4.Adjust the volume in your audio device.
5.Enioy your favovite music.
How to charge It up?
Standard USB rechargeable lack compatible to all PC USB ports and AC adaptors
charging Solid Red LED
Fully charged Red LED disappear
1: Wirelessly stream audlo to the speaker from any Bluetooth-equipped device
2: A passive radiator generates impressive bass for its size
3: Rugged design, splash resistant. and built for the outdoors
4. Built-in Li—ion battery provides up to 6-hour oi playbaw time
5. Powerful Built—in microphone for hands-free calls
Dimensions: 45R x 45H mm
Net Weight: 3129
Driver size: 2' full range + 2'passive radiator
Output power: 4W
Frequency Response: 10020000Hz
Signal-te—Noise Ratio: 275dB
Playback Time: Up to 6 hours
Battery Capacity 550m
Bluetooth compliant: Bluatooth V4.0
Wireless range: Up to 10 meters
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comm: (1) his devldo may not um harmful interim-nee. and (2) IN- dwles Inna tempt any
imam roceivea. Inching influence he! may Gauss undesired operation.
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