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Colmore Gate
2 Colmore Row
B3 2QD
Tel: 0121 253 3100
Fax: 0121 212 1200
Aon UK Limited
Registered office | The Aon Centre | The Leadenhall Building | 122 Leadenhall Street | London | EC3V 4AN
Registered in England & Wales No. 210725 | VAT Registration No. 480 8401 48
Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
5th August 2016
Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd.
Bartley Wood Business Park
RG27 9XA
Dear Sirs
Client Information Letter
We, Aon UK Limited, are insurance brokers acting on your behalf only in accordance with our
terms of business agreement. We have agreed to provide this letter to confirm that the
contract(s) of insurance described on the attached pages (the Insurances’) are in force at the
date of this letter.
All of the Insurances are subject to their specific policy terms, conditions and exceptions, not all of
which may be summarised on the attachment. Please refer to the actual policies if full terms and
conditions are required.
We accept no obligation to inform any other person or entity should any of the Insurances be
cancelled, assigned or changed in such manner as to affect the accuracy of this document.
Unless we specifically agree otherwise in writing, and to the fullest extent permitted by law, we do
not accept any liability to anyone other than you, our client (and any such liability to you will be
subject to the limitations contained in our terms of business agreement, and/or any other
agreement, with you) for the content of this letter and its attachments.
Yours faithfully,
Bryn Jones
Operations Manager
For and on behalf of Aon UK Limited
This letter is provided for information only and is not to be understood as providing advice to you or anyone else on any decision that is
under consideration. Under no circumstances shall any person or entity to whom/which this letter is disclosed be entitled to rely on its
contents, or become insured, nor does such disclosure modify the Insurances in any way. The reader of this letter is responsible for any
assumptions they make as to the coverage afforded by the Insurances, which may be subject to important conditions and/or exclusions.
The Insurances
Details Professional Indemnity
Indemnity in respect of the Insured’s legal liability for any act, error or
omission in connection with advice given for professional fees
undertaken only in the Performance of their business as defined as
Sale, supply, distribution, installation and servicing of backup power
QBE Insurance ( Europe) Ltd
Policy Number
Policy Period
6th August 2016 to 5th August 2017
Limit of Indemnity
£2,000,000 each and every claim and in the aggrgate
£10,000 each and every claim.
Territorial Limits:
Worldwide excluding USA and Canada

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