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AMD FirePro™ W2100
Professional Graphics
Professional graphics starts here

Key Features:

Step up to AMD FirePro™ W2100
professional graphics, and do more
with your workstation thanks to a 67%
increase in CAD performance over the
previous generation1.

• Application optimizations
and certifications
• AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN)
GPU architecture
• Two DisplayPort outputs
• DisplayPort 1.2a support
• 4K resolution (up to 4096 x 2160)
• 320 stream processors
• 403.2 GFLOPS peak single precision
• 2GB DDR3 memory
• 128-bit memory interface
• Up to 28.8GB/s memory bandwidth
• PCIe® 3.0 compliant
• OpenCL™, DirectX® and
OpenGL support

The new AMD FirePro W2100 graphics card is backed by a stable driver that is optimized to improve CAD
application performance. Engineering professionals can work with leading CAD applications that are certified
to ensure greater reliability. Create larger models and assemblies with 2GB of graphics memory, giving users
twice the amount of memory over the previous generation. Accelerate 3D applications with 320 stream
processors and enable more efficient data transfers between the GPU and CPU with PCIe® 3.0.

• 26W maximum power consumption
• Discreet active cooling solution
• Low-profile, single-slot form factor
• Planned five-year life cycle
• Limited three-year warranty
• Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1,
Windows® 7 and Linux (32-/64-bit)
RoHS and WEEE compliance

The AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture is at the heart of the AMD FirePro W2100, enabling efficient
multitasking designed to maximize performance. Improve productivity by using up to two displays and
see your designs in more detail with support for 4K displays via DisplayPort 1.2a. The AMD FirePro W2100
is equipped with unique power monitoring and management technologies such as AMD ZeroCore Power
technology and AMD PowerTune technology to give you great performance and low power consumption2.

AMD works with leading software vendors and certified more than 100 applications across the entire AMD
FirePro™ product family, to ensure compatibility and reliable performance users can count on. Every AMD
FirePro driver is rigorously tested and optimized for a wide variety of professional graphics applications, giving
users optimal performance and stability. Unlike consumer graphics that are built and sold by multiple partners,
AMD FirePro W2100 graphics cards are designed and built exclusively by AMD, delivering consistent quality,
performance and reliability.

AMD FirePro™ W2100 Professional Graphics



Certified Applications

The AMD FirePro™ professional graphics family is certified on more than 100 different applications for improved
performance and reliability, including the most popular design and engineering and media and entertainment applications.

Optimized Drivers

AMD FirePro professional graphics driver versions are released several times each year and include performance and feature
improvements. Every version undergoes a minimum of 16 consecutive weeks of testing conducted by three dedicated
quality groups. AMD quality groups perform both manual and automated testing using the most stressful scenarios our
engineers are able to create, plus many challenging ones from our ISV partners and OEM customers.

Graphics Core Next (GCN)

The AMD FirePro W2100 is based on the AMD Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture, designed to effortlessly balance GPU
compute and 3D workloads efficiently.

2GB DDR3 Memory

Equipped with 2GB of DDR3 memory, the W2100 can accelerate applications and process small to medium computationally
complex workflows with ease.

OpenCL™ 1.2 Support

Let professionals tap into the parallel computing power of modern GPUs and multicore CPUs to accelerate computeintensive tasks. The AMD FirePro W2100 supports OpenCL™ 1.2, allowing developers to take advantage of new features that
give GPUs more freedom to do the work they are designed to do OpenCL 1.2 conformance expected.

Energy-efficient Design

AMD FirePro W2100 supports unique power monitoring and management technologies, and has a maximum power
consumption of 26 watts. AMD PowerTune technology dynamically optimizes GPU power usage and AMD ZeroCore Power
technology significantly reduces power consumption at long idle.2

AMD ZeroCore Power

AMD ZeroCore Power technology leverages AMD's leadership in notebook power efficiency to grant our desktop GPUs the
ability to power down when they are not actively in use, also known as the "long idle state.” 2

AMD PowerTune Technology

AMD PowerTune technology is an intelligent system that performs real-time analysis of applications that utilize a GPU. In
the event that an application is not making the most of the power available to the GPU, AMD PowerTune can improve that
application's performance by raising the GPU's clock speed by up to 30% automatically.2

Future-ready for 4K

With two discrete DisplayPort outputs with DisplayPort 1.2a support, the AMD FirePro W2100 can drive one 4K display at 60
Hz or drive up to two 4K displays at 30 Hz. 4K displays and content required.




AMD FirePro™ W2100 outperforms AMD FirePro™ V3900 on the SPECviewperf 12 CAD application viewsets, including Creo-01 (67%), Catia-04, SNX-02 and SW-03. AMD lab test system
configuration: Intel E5-1660 3.3GHz, 16GB RAM, Win7 64bit, AMD 14.30 beta. FP-102
2. AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power are technologies offered by certain AMD FirePro™ products, which are designed to intelligently manage GPU power consumption in response
to certain GPU load conditions. Not all products feature all technologies – check with your component or system manufacturer for specific model capabilities.
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