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Agent Ransack - Manual
Finding files that other search engines miss. Agent Ransack is a free 'lite' version of FileLocator Pro.
Package Notes/Comments – Copy to all Notes/Comments sections in SCCM creating package.
Free software license.
Source file location (share or weblink):
Copy source files to Software Vault share location:
\\server\share\Sources\Software Vault\Agent Ransack
Import AgentRansack_822.exe into SCCM Client Applications as a Script Installer.
Installation program:
Uninstall program:
msiexec /x {D7DDA334-FF1D-4A04-B056-22AB301026C8} /qn /norestart
Detection Method:
MSI Product Code: {D7DDA334-FF1D-4A04-B056-22AB301026C8}
User Experience
Installation behavior: Install for user
Logon requirement: Only when a user is logged on
Installation program visibility: Normal
Enforce specific behavior: No specific action
Dependencies (list redistributables, runtime, etc,. available for install with SCCM):
Office 2010 Filter Packs (64-bit)

GUID: {D7DDA334-FF1D-4A04-B056-22AB301026C8} (64-bit)
Registry key or file path (used to check if application is installed):
UninstallString (determines uninstall method to use):
MsiExec.exe /X{D7DDA334-FF1D-4A04-B056-22AB301026C8}
DisplayName: Agent Ransack x64

DisplayVersion: 7.0.822.1
Publisher: Mythicsoft Ltd
Initially, the install64.msi was extracted from the downloaded executable and used to create a MSI
Installer using the msiexec /qn switch to silently install. After the install, no shortcuts were available on
the Desktop or in the Start Menu. Starting the application from the install folder worked, but the Office
2010 Filter Pack integration did not work. Switched the package type to a Script Installer using the
downloaded executable. Changed the Visibility to Normal since the .EXE had no switches available for
silently installing. User needs to accept the EULA and the executable needs to interact with the Desktop
to create shortcuts. Problem solved.


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