Notice Of Intent To Export, Destroy Or Return Merchandise For Purposes 7553 CBP Form Instructions

User Manual: 7553

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Notice of Intent to Export, Destroy or Return Merchandise for Purposes of
Drawback – CBP Form 7553
This form is presented to CBP prior to any action taken by the company. It will be
returned to the company, indicating CBP’s decisions on examination, destruction
or waiver. After this form is signed off by CBP, it should be submitted as an
attachment to the Drawback Entry, CBP Form 7551, along with proof of
exportation or destruction, and submitted to the Drawback Center.
1. Exporter's or Destroyer's Name, Address and ID Number - Provide the
name and address of the company or individual exporting/destroying the
merchandise described. Record the IRS or social security number or CBP
assigned number of the exporter. The following formats shall be used:
IRS number with suffix NN-NNNNNNNXX
Social security number NNN-NN-NNNN
CBP assigned number NNNNNN-NNNNN
Note: The suffix (XX) is integral to the IRS number and should be included. If a
specific suffix has not been added via a CBP Form 5106, add two zeros at the
2. Drawback Entry Number - This number is company generated and is
assigned by the exporter or destroyer of the merchandise. A drawback
entry is not required if it is a consolidated shipment.
3-4. Intended Action/Date - Mark the appropriate box and indicate the
scheduled date of exportation/destruction.
5. Drawback Center -Indicate the Drawback Center where you will file your
drawback entry. The locations of the four drawback centers are as follows:
Chicago 3901 Houston 5301
New York 1001 San Francisco 2809
6. Contact Name, Address, Phone and Facsimile Number - Indicate the
name, complete address, phone and facsimile number of the individual to
notify of required examination or other instruction. If CBP has questions or
needs further information or documentation, this person will be contacted.
Provide a facsimile number for the exporting company for CBP to transmit
the decision made if this form is not presented in person, decision given
and immediately returned.
7. Location of Merchandise - Provide the name and street address where the
merchandise is located.
8-9. Method of Destruction and Location - Describe the method of destruction
and the name and a street address where the destruction will take place.
10. Exporting Carrier Name - Provide the name of the exporting carrier (if
11. Intended Port of Export - Indicate the four-digit CBP port code where actual
exportation will occur. If different from the examination port, a T&E
document must be filed to effect the shipment.
12. Unique Identifier Number - List the bill of lading or export invoice number of
the shipping document.
13. T&E Number - If applicable, a Transportation and Exportation under Bond
number is required if the CBP examination is completed at a port other
than the port of actual exportation or destruction. The exporter/claimant
will transport the merchandise in-bond to the port of exportation or
14. Country of Ultimate Destination - Indicate the name of the foreign country.
15. Import Entry Number - The import entry number on which the drawback is
being claimed.
16. Description of Merchandise (include part no.) - Furnish a description of
each item to be exported/destroyed. Include in the description any model,
style or part numbers, and/or grades, colors and sizes.
17. Drawback amount – provide the entire amount of drawback to be claimed.
18. Quantity and Unit of Measure - Provide the quantity for each individual item
and the unit of measure.
19. HTSUS Number - Furnish the six digit HTSUS No. or Schedule B No. of the
exported/destroyed articles. Provide eight digits for petroleum articles.
20. Drawback to Be Filed As: Select the type of drawback that will be used for
this notice. Time requirements for the different types of drawback are
Unused merchandise drawback (1313(j)(1))- Imported merchandise that has
not been used in the U.S., or has undergone an operation(s) or combination of
operations that does not amount to a manufactured or produced article, as
provided under the provisions of the manufacturing drawback law.
Export/destroyed merchandise must be the same article that was imported into
the U.S. Claims containing exports to Canada after 1/1/1996 or Mexico after
1/1/2001 not in the same condition within the meaning of 19 CFR 181.45(b)(1)
are to be based on the lesser of the duties under 19 CFR 181.44(g). (The CBP
Form 7553 must be submitted to CBP 2 working days prior to exportation, or 7
working days prior to destruction.)
Substitution unused merchandise drawback (1313(j)(2)) - The
exported/destroyed merchandise may be substituted merchandise which is
commercially interchangeable with the imported merchandise and has not been
used in the U.S. No exports to Canada or Mexico allowed. (The CBP Form 7553
must be submitted to CBP 2 working days prior to exportation, or 7 working days
prior to destruction.)
Same condition drawback under NAFTA - Exported merchandise to Canada
or Mexico must be in the same condition as defined in 19 CFR 181.45(b)(1). (The
CBP Form 7553 must be submitted to CBP 2 working days prior to export, or 7
working days prior to destruction.)
Manufacturing drawback - The manufactured article that is to be destroyed
must contain imported or substituted merchandise under the drawback
provisions and was not used in the U.S. (The CBP Form 7553 must be
submitted to CBP 7 working days prior to destruction.)
Rejected merchandise drawback - Check the box that accurately reflects why
the imported article(s) are rejected. (The CBP Form 7553 must be submitted 5
working days prior to exportation or destruction.)
Distilled spirits, wine or beer - Check this box if imported distilled spirits, wine
or beer, are to be exported or destroyed under CBP supervision. They must be
un-merchantable or not conform to sample/specifications (26 U.S.C. 5062(c)).
This provision provides a 100% refund of Internal Revenue taxes only. (The CBP
Form 7553 must be submitted 5 working days prior to exportation or destruction.)
21. Signature, Title and Date - The individual's signature, title and date of the
person authorized to bind the company to the veracity of the document.
NOTE: When CBP does not witness destruction, this form must be supported
with third party proof of destruction when the claim is submitted. The proof of
exportation must be retained to support the export summary.

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