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American Airlines (AA) has sent this donor to you for testing. AA does not conduct pre-employment alcohol testing. If the donor did
not bring an AA Custody and Control Form (CCF) with them, please follow the directions below for electronic CCF (eCCF).
Dedicated AA collection site, please use the appropriate AA CCF. Please note: The Company (Non-Federal) Drug Testing Custody
and Control Form’s appearance is very similar to a federal form. The Client Name on top of the form should read:
If able to use electronic CCF (eCCF):
- Use FormFox and CRL (Clinical Reference Laboratory) as the lab
- AA’s Account for Company testing with CRL is
- AA’s Account for federal testing with CRL is
- xxx = the 3 letter airport code of the nearest large airport to your location; there is a dot {.} between each of the ‘words’ - If you do
not know the closest airport 3 letter code, please use HDQ.
- Please see the information marked below to direct you on the type and reason for the testing.
Test Type
Federal / DOT Test
Company / Non-DOT Test
Urine Drug Screen
Breath Alcohol Test
Test Reason
Return To Duty
Reasonable Cause / Suspicion
MRO Copy can be emailed to or faxed to 385-549-8714
MRO: Paul Teynor MD
1430 S. Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
PH: 801-503-3493 Fax: 385-549-8714
Fax immediately the Employer Copy CCF and then mail original CCF and any other necessary documents to:
American Airlines, Inc.
Bridget Kerchner, DER
Drug & Alcohol Program
Office: 817-967-9286
4333 Amon Carter Blvd, MD 5187
Cell: 817-729-4247
Candidate/Employee Name
Cameron Stark
Applied for
Technology Co-Op
Printed Name of Person
Requesting Testing
Bianca Teague
FT Worth TX 76155
Liz Scarim, Specialist
FAX: 817-967-9290
Office: 817-967-9692
Cell: 817-705-0484
American Airlines company testing procedures follow the DOT regulation protocols for insufficient amount, temperature out of
range, and other irregularities in the specimen collection process. If you have any questions, please call one of the American
Airlines’ contacts above.

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