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Solution Brief




Cloud Storage & Archiving Solution Powered by Riverbed & Amazon Web Services (AWS)
The exponential growth of unstructured data, strict service
level agreements and flat capital budgets are encouraging
IT professionals to consider new solutions for the protection
of mission critical data. Managing data protection in this
environment continues to be a challenge, especially among
organisations that depend on tape-based data protection
strategies. The public cloud is quickly becoming an ideal and
preferred location due to its scalability, pay-for-use pricing model,
off-site data location and reduced administration requirements.
DC offers pre-configured cloud solution stacks – CloudPODs
– that can be easily quoted through the DC CloudSelect
configurator. Partners can enhance their cloud offering with the
advantage of a monthly single billing model. The DC CloudPOD
solution for cloud storage and archiving utilises Riverbed
Whitewater cloud storage gateway and AWS Simple Storage
Service (S3) or Glacier service to help your customers manage and
protect mission critical data.

This solution helps to reduce costs by eliminating tape
management burdens, improving DR readiness that seamlessly
integrates with all popular backup applications to AWS public
cloud storage. This dramatically reduces capital spending
and overheads, streamlines the IT infrastructure, and enables
payback periods that are measured in months, not years.


Eliminate the management burden of tape based systems
Create a low cost, highly scalable archive storage tier by
leveraging pay-for-use cloud pricing models
Reduce storage and data protection costs by up to 80%†
Achieve fast data recovery through local caching of most
recent back-ups
Seamlessly integrate with leading backup and archiving
Improve data security through the encryption of data at rest
locally and in the cloud, while maintaining control of the
encryption keys within your organisation.
Avoid the need to provision and manage a secondary site for
disaster recovery (DR)

File Server



Backup Server
Database Server
Optional data management software by CommVault. Optional server by Fujitsu.

DC CloudPOD for cloud storage & archiving is available under the following stacks and can be purchased through
DC CloudPOD – Cloud Storage & Archiving

Source data (TB)*

Estimated cost per month + Storage cost per TB/month



$354 + $13



$590 + $13



$1062 + $13

*Source Data (TB) values of 240, 600 and 1200 are based on the total amount of data backed up over time using a source data-set size of 2TB, 4TB, or 8TB respectively for backup data,
backed up with a weekly full and daily incremental backups, retained for up to 7 years, and achieving a 30x de-duplication rate on the data.
Leveraging advanced de-duplication technologies and pay-for-use cloud storage services.

All suites include support. Per month pricing is based on a monthly estimate under a 36 month contract, ex GST. AWS estimated pricing is based
on per TB per month and may vary depending on storage usage. Additional AWS charges will apply for retrieval, export of data and other features
available. Riverbed Whitewater virtual editions require a server and storage for the solution to be operational. CommVault data management
software and Fujitsu servers are available as optional add-ons with pricing available upon request.
Please contact your Distribution Central Account Manager for more information.

+61 2 9092 5000

+64 9309 8277

+65 6664 0888

For more information email cloud@distributioncentral.com
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Product specifications and availability are subject to change.


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