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Kingfisher (Okla.) Times & Free Press Wednesday, December 3, 2014 13

Shimanek denies RR closing request

KINGFISHER HIGH School FFA marketing team
members, from left, Lane Holt, Colton Smith and
Sarah Gruntmeir along with Coach Lori Burns gave
their first place national award winning presentation to Kingfisher Rotary on Tuesday. They competed against 36 other state winning teams at the National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky. in October.


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thought nothing of entering,
until Christian spoke at the
“He spoke of how his
mom always had to be right,
and the family had an inside
joke about how Christian
was the only one to play
and like sports, so he must
have been switched at birth
with a coach’s child,” Sarah
said. “At the end, he kind of
looked up and said, ‘Mom,
you’re right once again. I
am a coach’s kid.’ It was at
that moment I felt like God
was asking us to be part of
something special.”
Sarah went home and
filmed her video entry on
her phone – unscripted, and
in one take – submitting it
without telling anyone.
A few weeks later, the NFL
contacted Sarah and Chris,
asking to interview them,
and requesting game footage
and family photos. Shortly
thereafter, they were notified

that NFL Films would be visiting to film their story.
And later, at a school pep
rally, NFL Hall of Famer
Deion Sanders surprised the
crowd and announced that
Christian’s video would be
one of the three individual
national finalists in the competition.
“It’s been a whirlwind of
ups and downs since Sept. 3,”
Sarah admitted. “But we are
so thankful just to be a living
example that God can use
all things for good for those
who love him and are called
according to his purpose.”
The winner of the “Together We Make Football”
contest will receive a trip for
four to Super Bowl XLIX in
Phoenix, Ariz., and will be
selected by online voting.
Anyone can view the
Roberts family’s video story
at www.togetherwemakefootball.com and cast online
votes as often as once a day
until the voting period closes.


District 2 County Commissioner Ray Shimanek
said Monday that he had
turned down a Union Pacific
Railroad request to close
two sections of county roads
north and south of Section 11
Township 18 North, Range 7
West, about four miles north
of Dover and back west.
“They (the railroad) may
be able to go over my head
but I’m not going to inconvenience my residents by an action I took,” Shimanek said.
The area in question is in
the area where Union Pacific
built a siding some two years
Shimanek said UP trains
often exceed one mile in
length, thus the request to

[Continued From Page 1] dent will require grinding,

sandblasting and reapplication of the patina in whole
or in part.
“I plan to have them reinstalled soon and I think we
can expect them back in time
for the Christmas parade (on
Dec. 13).”
City Manager Dave
Slezickey said the neighboring statue of Apostle Paul
Sykes was unscathed and
damage to the city’s flower
beds was minimal.
“We’re just glad no one
was seriously injured,”
Slezickey said.
Kingfisher Police Officer
Richard Staton investigated
the crash.

By Zac Meyer
Because it is a large cash investment, nitrogen management is and
will likely continue to be one of the
inputs all grain producers will give
greatest consideration to as they
develop management strategies for
their crops.
Because it works both agronomically and economically, in the
southern Great Plains it has become
a common practice to “split apply”
nitrogen on winter wheat and canola.
This means that some if not most of
the nitrogen needed for the crop to
obtain a determined yield goal will
be applied prior to planting with the
remainder applied during the growing season as a supplemental amount
of “top-dress” N. The amount of
top-dress N is usually determined
by growing conditions, crop removal
and price per unit of the nitrogen
source to be used.
The use of N-rich strips has greatly improved the accuracy of determining this mid-season application
of nitrogen in that it compares a strip
where nitrogen is not limiting plant
performance to the nitrogen management used on a production field
known as the “producer practice”.
To estimate the additional nitrogen
needed to obtain the yield potential
indicated, producers will “sense”
the two areas with a hand held
Greenseeker and a comparison value
is derived as a “response index”.
The question regarding top-dress
nitrogen that is most often asked by
producers is “which form of nitrogen
and method of application will do the
best job in meeting the additional topdress nitrogen needs of the growing
crop for the investment of time and
The two forms of Nitrogen most
commonly used for top-dressing
wheat and canola are Urea, a dry
pellet that is 46% N, and UAN, a
solution of Urea and Ammonia Nitrate with the most commonly used
formulation being 28% N.
Producers should determine
the price per unit of N of potential
N sources at the beginning of the
decision process for the sake of sheer
economics. Urea is often times the
least expensive form of nitrogen per
unit of N when compared to UAN
but may not always be the best choice
for the situation.
Secondly, producers should determine the application method and
product that will allow them to topdress N in a timely fashion. In that it is

a dry pellet, the most common method of topdress application for Urea is
to be broadcast from a spinner(s) on
a truck or buggy with the greatest
accuracy of application belonging to
the rigs with air booms. UAN offers
the potential to be either sprayed on
with flat fan nozzles or to be streamed
on with streamer nozzles.
For producers needing to include a herbicide treatment to their
wheat management strategy, the
use of UAN applied with the flat fan
nozzles will like provide the most
desired outcome by accomplishing
both needs with one pass. Producers
with high residue situations may
prefer to use the streamer nozzles or
stream bars where UAN is applied
in a concentrated stream to the soil
so that streaming on UAN will lessen
the opportunity for immobilization
of N by microbes on decaying crop
residue. Streamer nozzles with UAN
and Urea will not create the leaf burn
that can sometimes occur with flat
fan nozzles on wheat when ambient
air temperatures are 60 degrees or
A study was conducted at
Lahoma, Ok in 2006 and 2008 to
determine the effect of N sources
and application method typically
used for topdressing wheat and their
impact on grain yield. This study was
a comparison between Urea, UAN
applied with Floodjet nozzles and

They included:
• 30-day permit for water
line for Super Heaters LLC
12 miles west and two miles
north of Okarche (District 3).
• gas line for DCP Midstream two miles north and
five miles west of Hennessey
(District 2).
• 30-day water line permit for Bakercorp two miles
swouth and nine miles east of
Hennessey (District 2)
• 30-day water line permit for Bakercorp four miles
south and nine miles east of
Hennessey District 2).
• 90-day water line permit
for Brickman Fast Line one
mile north and six miles east
of Dover (District 2).
• 30-day water line permit


Agriscience students
learn about livestock production by observing live sheep,
goats and pigs at the school
farm and also apply other
agricultural concepts in their
own research studies.
Agricultural communications students create and
maintain a chapter website,
learn photography and editing skills and learn about
effective social media practices.
“Lori is continually
providing her students with
learning opportunities. If
a student has a passion for
something, you can count
on Lori to help that student
reach their maximum potential,” Travis Bradshaw, Burlington FFA advisor, said. “I


to protect personal property rights, keep taxes low
and boost agricultural and
rural business,” John Collison, OKFB vice president
of public policy and media
relations, said. “We greatly
appreciate their leadership
at the state Capitol this year.”
Sanders, who was among
23 state representatives
named as 100 Percent Club
members, said it was an
“As a rural legislator, I
have to thank the Oklahoma
Farm Bureau for the tough
stances they take on behalf
of our communities,” Sanders said. “I am glad to stand
with this organization every

who even comes close to
matching Lori’s passion for
her program.”
Each of the six regional
Outstanding Teacher Award
winners was recognized at
the NAAE convention in
Headquartered in Lexington, Ky., NAAE provides
its nearly 8,000 members
with professional networking and development opportunities, professional
liability coverage and extensive awards and recognition
The mission of NAAE is
“professionals providing agricultural education for the
global community through
visionary leadership, advocacy and service.”

year to ensure we support
legislation that will positively affect farmers and rural
“The Farm Bureau has
also been a strong voice
against bills that would raise
taxes and against the federal
EPA’s efforts to hamstring
Oklahoma farmers and
ranchers. I am so honored to
have received this award two
years in a row.”
The organization selected
two priority issues for the
2015 legislative session –
right-to-farm legislation and
limiting federal overregulation. Private property rights
and agriculture will also
continue to be high priorities
for the organization.

EstatE of DonalD DEwitt
232 E. Fay • Kingfisher, OK
9:00 A.M.


Iron Bed Frame (2 Twin, 2 Double) • Clawfoot Bath Tub •
Dresser • Dining Room Table w/Chairs • Small Secretary Desk
• Dishes • Silverware • Rocking Chairs • Planet Jr. Garden
Cultivator w/Attachments • Hand Crank Bench Grinder •
Cigar Boxes • Shoe Repair Stand • Tube Type Shortwave Radio
• Kerosene Lantern • Hand Sewn Quilts • Vinyl Records • 8
Tracks • Cassettes • Pocket Watches • Straight Razor • John
Deere Memorabilia • Milk Crate • 3 Wheel Bicycle


Dishes • Pots & Pans • Silverware • Cups • Mugs • Towels •
Metal Storage Cabinets • Metal Wardrobe Cabinets • Shelves
• Stove (Gas) • Refrigerator • Cypress Knee Table Lamps • 25”
TV • Oscillating Fan on Stand • Toy Tops • Jewelry

Tools / Lawn & Garden

Portable Building (8’x12’, Buyer to Remove) • Portable Building
(8’x16’, Buyer to Remove) • Electric Aluminum Can Crusher
(Built by Klingsick) • Single Axle Aluminum Can Trailer •
Several Manual Aluminum Can Crushers • Air Compressor •
Small Roll Around Tool Box • Misc. Hand Tools • Misc. Garden
Tools • Bench Grinder • Bench Vise • Walk-Behind Mower
(Murray) • Mantis Mini Tiller • Echo Weedeater • Homelite
Gas Leaf Blower • Husqvarna Chain Saw • Wheelbarrow (3)
• Red Wagon • Lighted Christmas Yard Decorations (Built by
Klingsick) • Gas Cans...

...And Much More!



Holiday Home Tour
Sunday, December 7th
1:00 p.m. ~ 4:00 p.m.

Sponsored by Theta Tau Chapter of ESA
Donations ~ $10.00 Tickets Available
Day Of Tour At The Homes

Comparing top dressing methods; which one is best?
UAN streamed on. All applications
were calibrated to deliver 40 lb./ac
of actual N, regardless the N source
used. There were no differences in
grain yield between plots receiving
UAN through broadcast floodjet
nozzles and those with N applied
through streamer bars. In 2008 plots
receiving UAN were statistically
higher than those receiving urea. As
noted in the study, the reasoning for

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Patrick S. Griffin.
Districts in which local ad
Lomega (Place 5) – Na- valorem millages have been
than Freelander.
made permanent will not
The filing period for require an election if there
school board positions runs is no competition for school
through Wednesday.
board positions.
Other offices for which
no filings had been made
“Your Hometown Agent”
through 5 p.m. Monday
Dover, Place 5 – Larry
Harviston, incumbent.
Okarche, Place 5 – StephaAUTO
nie Jeffrey, incumbent.
Cashion, Place 5 – Jay
Evans, incumbent.
Crescent, Place 5 – Larry
Muzingo, incumbent.
Annual school elections
will be held on Feb. 10, if

Quote For Your
Group Or
Individual Medical
Insurance Needs.”

As An Independent Agent,
We Represent Many Trusted
Insurance Companies For...
• Professional Liability
• Health Insurance
• Business Office Production
• Life Insurance
• Workers’ Compensation
• Home & Auto
• Business Overhead Expense
• Long Term Care
• Long Term Disability

To advise you on insurance, not just sell it...

Morgan Boutwell
1201 Stonebrook Dr.

Randy & Sherry Farrar
1204 Stonebrook Dr.

James &^ Cheryl Wheelbarger
3/4 Mile S. on Shafenberg Rd.


Jim & Marsha Mueggenborg
1603 Bentwater Dr.

Jim & Cynthia Eaton
1607 Bentwater Dr.

Jesse & Brandy Smith
1609 Bentwater Dr.

Refreshments & Door
Look men
Prizes At
Sn e ‘Tour
in th e’ Yards! BancFirst • 124 N. Main
Ho Proceeds to benefit St. Jude’s Easter Seals, Okla. School
for the Blind, Okla. School for the Deaf & Local Philanthropic

Liberty Minerals, LLC

An authorized producer for Blue Cross/Blue Shield


the yield differences in 2008 was likely because sufficient rainfall to move
N fertilizer into the soil did not occur
for app roximately two weeks following application that year. It is possible
that the delay in rainfall allowed for
favorable environmental conditions
which in turn allowed some N
volatilization from urea therefore
favoring the N use efficiency of UAN
treatments that year.


(405) 640-2085
“Give Me A Call

for Brickman Fast Line nine
miles west and two miles
north of Kingfisher (District
• 30-day water line permit
for Brickmsn Fast Line seven
milres west of Okarche (District 3).
• fresh water line 12 miles
east of Dover (District 2).
Under new business
County Engineer Max Gerber said the county flood
plain board needed to have a
fifth member appointed to fill
the position vacated by the
death of Rapheal Cravens.
Gerber said the board has
been meeting monthly due
to increased oil well drilling
activity in the county.

Estate Auction

[Continued From Page 1] have not met another teacher

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local sculptor John Gooden,
was dedicated on Veteran’s
Day and had been installed
in front of City Hall for only
a couple of weeks.
Gooden told the Times
and Free Press Tuesday that
the statue sustained only
“light damage.”
“I invest in heavy weight,
strong sculptures designed
to last for centuries,” Gooden
said. “In this case, that extra
expense has already paid off.
Gooden said the sculpture was transferred to a
pallet for transport to the
foundry sometime this week
to access the damage, noting
that scratches from the acci-

close off two road sections.
One option for the railroad would be to install
lighted railroad crosssing
gates so that the roads would
be closed only for the time the
trains are over the roadway
but those are expensive.
One online source said
such gates can cost $250,000
and upward.
Shimanek mentioned the
railroad situation preceding
Monday’s weekly meeting
of county commissioners but
the situation was not part of
commissioner proceedings.
The meeting agenda included only road crossing
applications for pipelines,
five in District 2 and three in
District 3.


10305 NORTH MAY AVE. • OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73156 • (405) 751-8356

We are a family owned
& operated company,
specializing in
mineral purchases.

We pay top dollar for oil
& gas mineral rights and
provide free appraisals
with no obligation.

Please Call
Micah Ogden


14 Wednesday, December 3, 2014 Kingfisher (Okla.) Times & Free Press
AREA DEATH Inhofe rips Obama
in hearing statement

Glenna Sue

Glenna Sue DavesAhlden, 69, of Guthrie, Okla.,
passed away Saturday, Nov.
29, 2014, in Guthrie.
She was born May 9, 1945,
in Guthrie to Donald and
Nadene Daves.
Sue graduated high
school in 1963, the same year
she won 89’er Rodeo Queen.
She attended both college
and cosmetology school.
Sue worked for several
years as a hair dresser and
then began work with the
Oklahoma State Corporation Commission – Oil and
Gas Division where she
worked for nine years.
She married her husband
Donovan Ahlden on Jan. 21,
Sue loved chickens, horses and short haired pointers.
She was the 4-H Leader for
many years and followed
and supported her son Warren at a million 4-H, FFA and
AJQHA events.
Sue was preceded in death
by her father, Donald Daves
and her grandparents, Lela
and Arthur Fillmore.
Sue is survived by her
mother, Precious Nadene
Daves and her son, Warren
Memorial services for
Sue will be held at 1 p.m.,
Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014, at
Smith Memorial Chapel
with Chaplain Gene Owen
officiating. Interment will be
held at a later date. Services
are under the direction of
Smith-Gallo Funeral Home,
Donations may be made
in her name to the Oklahoma
Medical Research Foundation, 825 NE 13th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73104-9930,
American Cancer Society,
P.O. Box 22718, Oklahoma
City, OK 73123-1718, or the
American Diabetes Association, Oklahoma City, OK Office, 3000 United Founders
Blvd., #108, Oklahoma City,
OK 73112.
Friends may sign the
online guestbook at www.


Mae Jones

Mae Jones, 90, lifelong
resident of Kingfisher, died
Friday, Nov. 28, 2014, at Cimarron Nursing Center in
Funeral services were
held at 2 p.m. Monday at
Frontline Ministries Church
with the Rev. Debbie Burpo
officiating. Burial followed
in the Kingfisher Cemetery
under direction of Sanders
Funeral Service.
She was born Jan. 29,
1924, in Kingfisher to Walter
Lee and Ollie Bell Burpo.
She married Lois Jones in
1942, in El Reno.
She was employed as a
scrub nurse at Kingfisher
Regional Hospital.
Her hobbies were gardening, sewing and cooking.
Survivors include two
sons, Tom Jones and wife
Myra of Kingfisher and
Richard Jones and wife A.J.
of Edmond; one daughter,
Carolyn Parks and husband
Walter of Kingfisher; one
son-in-law, Andy Jung of
Kingfisher; 11 grandchildren, and 22 great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death
by her husband, daughter
and one grandson.

Marjorie Lela Jane
Bates Brown

Marjorie Lela
Jane Bates Brown

Marjorie Lela Jane Bates
Brown, 85, of Bethany, formerly of Kingfisher, died
Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014.
Funeral services were
held at 2 p.m. Wednesday,
Nov. 26, at Bethany First
Church of the Nazarene.
Burial followed in the Bethany Cemetery under direction
of Mercer-Adams Funeral
Service in Bethany.
She was born to Ivan Moses and Sarah Grace Petty
Bates in Kingfisher.
She graduated from Kingfisher High School in 1948.
She attended beauty
college, then Bethany-Peniel College, now Southern
Nazarene University.
She married Daniel Elijah
Brown Sr. on Nov. 24, 1950.
She was employed as a
beauty operator for 15 years
then worked at Tinker Air
Force Base. She transferred
to Hanscom Air Force Base
in Bedford, Mass., and retired
from McClellan Air Force
Base in Sacramento, Calif.
She was a member of the
Bethany 1st Church of the
Nazarene, Louise Robinson
Missionary Chapter, the
Academy of Senior Professionals, Oklahoma City
Republican Women’s Club,
Oklahoma City Audubon Society, National Association of
Retired Federal Employees
and the Scandinavian Club
of Oklahoma.
Survivors include one
daughter, Leona Grace and
husband Roger Hall; one
son, Daniel E. Brown II; five
grandchildren, and eight
She was preceded in death
by her husband, Daniel; twin
daughters, Carolyn and Marilyn, and brothers, Dr. Howard Bates, Charles E. Bates
and Clarence F. Bates.


Chester Jech, 90, of
Kingfisher died Monday,
Dec. 1, 2014. Services


(As recorded by Local Weather
Observer Steve Loftis in Kingfisher)

Nov. 26
Nov. 27
Nov. 28
Nov. 29
Nov. 30
Dec. 1
Dec. 2

January 2014 rainfall
January 2013 rainfall
February 2013 rainfall
February 2014 precip
March 2014 rainfall
March 2013 rainfall
April 2013 rainfall		
April 2014 rainfall		
May 2014 rainfall		
May 2013 rainfall		
June 2013 rainfall		
June 2014 rainfall		
July 2013 rainfall		
July 2014 rainfall to date 6.33
August 2013 rainfall
August 2014 rainfall
September 2013 rainfall 2.99
Sept. 2014 rain to date 2.53
October 2013 rainfall
October 2014 rain 3.80
November 2013 rainfall 1.20
Nov. 2014 rainfall to date 2.05
December 2013 rainfall 1.29
2014 rainfall to date
2013 rainfall		
Average annual rainfall 35.23

FA RM E RS . . .

for your Ground Application needs, call


Dear Dave,
My wife and I are still
paying off debt, so we
didn’t budget anything for
Christmas. How much do
you think we should spend
on close friends and family
- Dan
Dear Dan,
Not having a budget for
Christmas probably isn’t
a great idea if you want to
have a happy marriage!
It’s really not that difficult.
I don’t know if there’s a
certain amount that works
everybody’s circumstances
are different. But you must
have a plan when holidays
or other special occasions
come along — especially
when you’re trying to get
out of debt.
If you have kids, you
certainly need to budget
for them. They may not get
everything they want, but
there’s no reason there can’t
be something from Santa
under the tree. You also need
to budget a little something
for your spouse. The good
thing is you can have a little
fun with these gifts and
make them more from the
heart than the wallet.
What if you gave your
wife a coupon that says
you’ll cook a real dinner for
her and the kids once a week
for the next three months?
Or perhaps it’s a voucher
for a free back rub any time
she’s feeling stressed and
tired. Maybe you could find
a nice but inexpensive frame
and put a favorite picture of
the two of you inside. Things
that come from the heart,
or that include little acts
of kindness or serving the
other person, can go a long
way. Those kinds of things
are especially meaningful
to most folks during the
holiday season.
Trust me, Dan. You can
have a wonderful, loving,
quality Christmas without
spending a lot of money.
You’ll have to spend a little
here and there, but just
make sure it’s an amount
that’s appropriate for your
financial situation. If you’re
making $200,000 and trying
to get out of debt, that’s one
thing. But if you’re making
$20,000 a year and trying to
get out of debt, you need to
do things that are creative
and don’t require a lot of
- Dave

with respect

Dear Dave,
My husband and I are
looking at getting a second
vehicle. We found one we
like, and it’s in great shape,
but they’re asking more than
we can afford to pay. How
do you make a low offer
without making someone
angry or insulting them?
- Angela
Dear Angela,
It’s always a smart move
to try and stay on the seller’s

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Glenna Sue Daves-Ahlden

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.),
ranking member of the Senate
Armed Services Committee (SASC),
today made the following opening
statement for a full SASC committee
hearing to consider the nominations
of Robert M. Scher to be Assistant
Secretary of Defense for Strategy,
Plans, and Capabilities; Ms. Elissa
Slotkin to be assistant secretary of
defense for international security
affairs; David J. Berteau to be assistant
secretary of defense for logistics
and material readiness; Alissa M.
Starzak to be general counsel of
the Department of the Army; and
Admiral Harry B. Harris, Jr., USN,
for reappointment to the grade of
admiral and to be commander of
United States Pacific Command.
“This will likely be Chairman
Levin’s last hearing, so I want to take
a moment to thank him for his many
years of friendship and service on
this committee.
“Today’s ... hearing comes at a
precarious time. As we enter the last
two years of this Administration, it’s
clear that its national security policies
have been a disaster.
In the face of growing threats,
the president has responded by
dismantling our military, appeasing
our adversaries, abandoning our
partners and refusing to implement a
new National Security Strategy.
Rather than take responsibility
and change course, he is doubling
down on his failed policies and
blaming the secretary of defense,
who was expected to work with both
hands tied behind his back with an
inadequate budget and in a strategy
Frankly, with the handicaps
the president has put in place for
his secretary of defense, worrying
about who sits in that position is like
worrying how the deck chairs on the
Titanic are arranged.
Six years into this administration,
we still have no coherent strategy for
the Middle East, no effective plan to
deter Russia, China, Iran and ISIS,
and no overarching National Security
Strategy to address an increasingly
complex threat landscape.
The New York Times reports that
when Susan Rice, Obama’s national
security advisor, was asked why there
hasn’t been a new national security
strategy in four years, she said “If we
had put it out in February or April or
July, it would have been overtaken by
events two weeks later.”  
Rice admits she can’t build a
strategy that can last more than two
weeks. If the President wanted to
change the disastrous course we’re
on, he should’ve fired Susan Rice last
week, not the secretary of defense.
Instead, he’s hiding behind one
of the most dangerously insular
White House’s in recent history afraid of criticism and disconnected
from reality.
He’s relying on his political and
media advisors instead of his military
leaders to guide national security,
and as a result, we continue to lurch
from crisis to crisis.
One of the most glaring examples
has been the president’s approach to
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
When President Obama was
asked on Aug. 6 whether the
U.S. should finally provide lethal
assistance to Ukraine given Russian
troop movements and the tanks,
artillery, and rockets Putin has given
the separatists, he said no, but added
(quote): “Now, if you start seeing an
invasion by Russia, that’s obviously
a different set of questions. We’re
not there yet.” That was in August. I
guess the President forgot that Russia
invaded and formally annexed
Crimea five months earlier. And
after Russian troops invaded Eastern
Ukraine for a second time at the
end of August, I guess we were still
“not there yet.” And after President
Poroshenko came and addressed a
joint session of Congress on Sept.
18th and said “Blankets and nightvision goggles are important, but one
cannot win a war with blankets,” I
guess we were still “not there yet”.
Without a strategy to deter
Putin, I’m not sure we’ll ever get
there. As President Obama sits on
the sidelines, Putin continues to deReaganize Europe. When I was in
Lithuania in October, I talked to the
leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, and
Estonia, and they are convinced that
Putin is coming after them next.
It’s clear that Russia, China,
Iran and ISIS see weakness and the
President’s hollow rhetoric has not
deterred them from taking ever more
aggressive action at the expense of
our security.
And it’s not just me who thinks
this. I hear constantly when I travel
that our friends don’t trust us and
our enemies don’t fear us.
We need a better plan. We need
to restore funding to our armed
forces, we need a National Security
Strategy that is driven by the threats
we face, and we need to stand with
our allies and partners against the
tyrants and terrorists who threaten
our shared security.
For as long as I can remember,
the American people have expected
the men and women of their military
to be the best trained and best
equipped fighting force in the world,
able to overwhelm any adversary at
any time.
spending priorities and absolute lack
of strategic guidance are forcing this
distinction to slip from our grasp.

good side. You want to
be classy and diplomatic,
and never point out the
bad things about an item
someone’s selling just to
drive down the price. If you
insult their merchandise or
insinuate the price is unfair,
you’re likely to blow the
whole deal right off the bat.
How about this? Tell
them it’s a fine vehicle, and
their price is fair, but the
amount they’re asking is
outside your budget. Let
them know how much you
want to work out a deal, but,
in order for it to fit into your
lifestyle, you can only pay a
certain amount. You might
throw in that a lot of people
are selling things right now
because of the economy, and
you’re just looking for the
very best deal.
Maybe that, and letting
them know you’re standing
there with money in hand,
will help swing this thing in
your favor
Good luck, Angela!
- Dave
Dave Ramsey is America’s
trusted voice on money and
business. He has authored five
New York Times best-selling
books: Financial Peace, More
Than Enough, The Total Money
Makeover, EntreLeadership and
Smart Money Smart Kids. The
Dave Ramsey Show is heard by
more than 8 million listeners
each week on more than 500
radio stations. Follow Dave on
Twitter at @DaveRamsey and
on the web at daveramsey.com.

Dave Ramsey


Serving Customers Since 1981


218 N. Main • Kingfisher, OK


• Rent Based On Income
• Energy Efficient
• On-Site Laundry
• Social Activities
• Newly Remodeled
• Efficiency Apartments
• One Bedroom Apartments

Subsidized Housing For
Persons 62 Years of Age
& Over.




Danny Geis-Agent-(405) 368-5211
Will be in the Kingfisher office
9am - 4pm Wednesday, Dec. 10th
regarding Acreage Reports.

219 North Main • Kingfisher, OK

Dec. 3, 7 & 10

Santa’s Village
& Holiday Bazaar
Saturday, Dec. 6th • 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

BlAinE COunty FAirgrOundS
Foley Building
7th & newer, Watonga, OK
• Over 60 Booths of Christmas Crafts, Holiday Décor & Foods
• Walk Along Candy Cane Lane in Santa’s Village
• Visit Santa & Have a Picture made for $1.50
• Free Make It & Take It Craft For Kids
• Door Prizes
Call For More Information


Sponsored By Blaine County Okla. Home & Community Education Assn.

•Signature Loans •Post Dated Checks •Etc.



Standard Credit Corp.
121 North Main, Kingfisher





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