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Patented Near-Infrared
Technology -- Only From Futrex
Single Site Measurement -- How Does It Work?
Futrex offers the only method of measuring body fat that uses completely safe, Near-Infrared light to directly
measure percent body fat. U.S. Government research located a single point on the human body - the middle of
the biceps of the dominant arm - that has a direct correlation with the body’s overall fat level.
Fast, Accurate, Portable .... and Simple To Use!
The FUTREX-5500 is a feature rich unit that makes it the ideal choice for body composition analysis:
Superior Near-Infrared Technology
Provides a direct measurement of percent body fat
No cumbersome pretest protocols
Completely non-invasive
Measures adults and children as young as age 5
Transfers test results to a PC for follow up analysis
Gold Standard Accuracy
Accuracy is traceable to underwater weighing
Excellent repeatability
Lightweight & Portable -- Use It Anywhere At Anytime
Operates with batteries or AC power
Includes a sturdy metal carrying case
Easy To Use
Train your entire staff within 30 minutes
Provides Fast Results
Provides accurate test results in less than 60 seconds
Near-IR Light
During operation, the Futrex Light Wand sends a
safe, Near-Infrared light beam into the biceps of the
dominant arm at specific wavelengths that fat will
absorb and lean mass will reflect. The light absorp-
tion is measured by the FUTREX-5500 to determine
body fat -- it’s that simple!
Test results, which are traceable to underwater
weighing, are instantly shown on the unit’s easy-
to-read LCD display, and are also printed out for
your clients to take with them.
Only FUTREX Provides Simple, Quick, Accurate, and
Truly Non-Invasive Body Composition Evaluations with a
Lightweight, Portable Analyzer that Directly Measures Fat
Body Fat, Not Weight, is the Best Measure of Fitness
More Health Awareness Can Mean Increased Revenue For You
Body Fat percentage is a leading indicator of fitness level and risk of disease
Customers/Clients/Patients want knowledge and are willing to pay for it
Contract with employers to provide screenings for their employees
Full color report capability gives you more revenue opportunities (see below)
Schools and other not-for-profit organizations can use the Futrex for fund raising
Promote Your Business
Take the Futrex “On The Road” to promote your business
Offer body fat screenings at health fairs (for free or for a fee)
Conduct corporate health screenings
People will see and remember you
Offer an added incentive to visit you
Every FUTREX-5500 includes a
supply of Health & Fitness Snap
Shot forms to help you get your
message out
Affix the test results to the form to
provide helpful health & fitness
(Actual size of form is 8 1/2” X 11”)
Body Composition Analysis As A Marketing Tool
Make Body Composition Analysis Part Of Your Business Strategy
Measure Anyone from Age Five Through Adult
Choose The Version That Is Best For You
for Adults 18 Years and Older
Provides percent body fat measurements for adults. Also prints health comparisons, diet,
and exercise recommendations.
for Children Starting at Age Five and Adults
Provides percent body fat measurements for children and adults. Also prints health compari-
sons, diet, and exercise recommendations.
for High School Athletes, Children Starting at Age Five and Adults
Identical to the FUTREX-5500A/ZL, but includes a special calibration for percent body fat
measurement of high school athletes.
*Voiding means emptying the bladder
Compare The Technologies
Under Water
Yes - socks or stockings
must be removed
No Yes Yes
Need For Disrobing
Yes No No No - avoid intense exercise 12
hours prior to test
Measure After Exercise
No Yes - Within 30
minutes of test No Yes - Within 30 minutes of test
Need For Voiding*
Excellent Excellent Moderate, Even
With a Trained Tester
Excellent, if above
criteria is followed
Excellent Moderate Depends On
Individual Tester
Excellent, if above
criteria is followed
No Yes - 2 hours No Yes - 4 hours
Avoid Alcohol for 48 Hours
Need For Fasting
None None None
Yes, for those with pacemakers or
internal defibrillators; unknown
during early pregnancy
Possible Risks
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© 2010, Futrex, Inc.
Fitness Professionals
PROVEN Performance for PROVEN Success
Use the Futrex to Help Promote & Grow Your Programs, Your Services, Your Business
Health Care Professionals Wellness & Health
Promotion Professionals
As a tness professional you need
your Body Composition Analyzer to
be many things:
Protable???? - - -
But Of Course! Let’s See How...
Increase Membership Sales with
The Futrex Body Composition
Analyzer is the perfect tool for
closing new membership sales.
By making it an integral part of your
sales presentation, you make the
tour of the club more than just a
show & tell.
Take the FUTREX “On The Road”
to Promote Your Business
Any opportunity to get in front of
people outside of your club is an
excellent opportunity to get them to
come into your club. The Futrex is
sure to generate curiosity and
Make More Money With Body Fat
Are you charging for Body Composi-
tion Analysis? If not, youre missing
out on a lot of potential prot. Just
consider this:
Body Fat Tests Per Month
100 @ $10 each = $1000
Fitness Analysis Reports
50 @ $15 each = $750
Total Additional
Monthly Prot
As a professional in the eld of
health promotion, you need to oer
screening services that are fast,
easy, non-invasive and meaningful to
your target audience.
Only Futrex oers fast, repeatable
and truly non-invasive measurement
of percent body fat on any one at
any time.
Try that with skin fold calipers!
People don’t like being pinched, and
caliper results vary widely between
And bio-electrical impedance? You
can’t measure anyone with a heart
implant or who may be pregnant (no
problem with the FUTREX). And
don’t forget the BIA pre-test proto-
cols (see the comparison chart on
page three).
Who uses FUTREX for health
Public Health Departments
College & University Student
Health Services
On-Site, Corporate Wellness
Employee Health Programs
Professional Health Screening
Medical professionals world wide
from physicians to physical thera-
pists to cardiologists to chiropractors
have put the FUTREX to work for
their practices. Consider the
following testimonial that originally
appeared in a major chiropractic
By using the (FUTREX) and its
evaluation of a patient’s condition
relative to body fat and desirable lean
body mass, it is easy for our nutrition-
ists to devise a program that encour-
ages our patients to lose body fat
while maintaining or even increasing
muscle mass and strength.
And by monitoring our patients
progress with detailed printouts, we
can demonstrate to them how they are
doing graphically; what adjustments
need to be made, how they can
improve and, of course, if they are
failing with their nutritional program.
Body fat analyzers, in promoting our
practice, have contributed signi-
cantly to the growth of our practice,
and I believe, to the health of our
patients. We started with one of the
rst machines available, in the
1980s, then added two more at the
beginning of the 1990’s. We recently
bought three more.
Do I believe in these machines? I
certainly do and so will you if you put
them to work in your practice.”
Carl Rothschild, DC, is a member of the
American and California Chiropractic
Association and Los Angeles County and
Santa Monica Chiropractic Society, the
Foundation for Chiropractic Education and
Research and Research Consortia. Dr.
Rothschild is a lecturer for the David Singer
seminars, and faculty preceptor for the Los
Angeles College of Chiropractic. He uses
the Futrex near-infrared equipment, for
body fat analysis in his practice.
http://www.publicominc.com :: 1-800-230-8819

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