6122340xL1 8A H4TU C For E220 DDM And 3192 Form Factors

User Manual: H4TU C for E220 DDM and 3192 Form Factors

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Product Features
Standards-based technology
for industry-required
Spectral compatibility with
Improved operating margins in
the CSA
DS1 payload over two copper
pairs, with added coding gain,
for reduced signaling
Extended range T1 deployment
for areas just beyond the CSA
eliminating the need for
Industry-leading, 10-year
T1 line deployments remain a staple in
service portfolios of most telecom carriers.
However, numerous legacy T1 lines, relying
on older Alternate Mark Inversion modula-
tion techniques, have been replaced by
HDSLx technology. ADTRAN®offers end-to-
end HDSL4 card solutions for the most
frequently found legacy form factors in
telecom networks — E220, DDM+, and 3192.
Issue 2 of ANSI T1.418 standard for HDSL2
includes a 4-wire TC PAM T1 transport tech-
nology called HDSL4. This technology is a
4-wire (2-pair) implementation of the High
Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line - 2nd
Generation (HDSL2) technology. HDSL4
combines two well-known approaches to DS1
transport, HDSL and HDSL2. HDSL4 provides
a standards-based repeatered T1 transport
technology that remains spectrally compat-
ible with ADSL per ANSI T1.418.
HDSL4 offers improved operating margins,
a good price/performance value, and spectral
compatibility with ADSL in the same binder
group. It allows deployment ranges (without
repeaters) beyond HDSL and HDSL2. Carriers
can avoid replacement of costly repeaters in
areas just beyond the CSA. In fact, HDSL4 is
the only extended reach T1 transport tech-
nology that is spectrally compatible with
ADSL (per ANSI T1.418) when deployed with
The ADTRAN HDSL4 solutions include
central office, repeater, and remote cards for
legacy form factors commonly found in
HDSL4 products provide span powering
voltage (negative only with respect to ground,
–190 VDC nominal, GFI protection less than
5mA) and meets all requirements of Bellcore
GR-1089-CORE (Class A2), ANSI T1. 418-2002.
The products are NRTL listed to the appli-
cable UL standards.
ADTRAN’s HDSL4 repeaters feature in-
band loopback control, remote provisioning,
and pass-through control. They are available
in standard T200 and 239 mechanics.
ADTRAN’s HDSL4 units are equipped with
troubleshooting-at-a-glance LEDs that
provide customers with a simple means of
identifying the location of certain faults.
Several new screens have been added to the
craft interface to simplify the trouble isolation
These HDSL4 units are equipped to
support the ADTRAN TScanTM feature. TScan
allows the remote retrieval of circuit diagnos-
tics and performs advanced fault location. For
implementation of TScan, please contact your
local ADTRAN sales representative.
HDSL4 for E220, DDM+, 3192
H4TU-C for E220, DDM+, and 3192 Form Factors
Specifications are subject to change without notice. TScan is a trademark and ADTRAN
is a registered trademark of ADTRAN, Inc. All other registered trademarks and trademarks
mentioned in this publication are the property of their respective owners.
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Technical Support
Where to Buy
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Regional Offices
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International Inquiries
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TL 9000 registered company.
ADTRAN is an
ISO 9001:2000 registered company.
Product Specifications
Technical Specifications
Modulation type: 16 TC PAM
Mode: Full duplex, partially overlapped echo
Number of pairs: 2
Line rate: 1.552 Mbps
Baud rate: 261.333 kbaud
Bridged taps: Single taps less than 2000 ft, total taps
less than 2500 ft
Performance: Compliant with T1.418-2000 (HDSL2
Standard, issue 2)
H4TU-C transmit power (data) level: 14.1 ±0.5 dBm
(0 to 400 kHz)
H4TU-C transmit power (activation) level:
14.1 ±0.5 dBm (0 to 307 kHz)
Input impedance: 135 ohms
Maximum loop resistance: 1150 ohms
(nonrepeatered circuit)
Network: DS3, OC-3
Subscriber: HDSL4
H4TU-C total power: –48 VDC at 200 mA with H4TU-R,
–48 VDC at 330 mA with H4TU-R and one H4R
Span power: –190 VDC (internally generated)
Class A2 compliant, GFI current
at less than 5 mA, loop current limited at 150 mA
Fusing: 1.00 A (not field replaceable)
H4TU-C for E220, DDM+, and 3192 Form Factors
Regulatory Standards
NEBS Level 3
GR-1089-CORE, Issue 3
GR-63-CORE, Issue 2
NRTL Safety Listed
Clock sources: internal, DSX-1 derived (with HDSL4
fram bit stuffing)
Internal clock accuracy: ±25 ppm (exceeds
Stratum 4), meets T1.101 timing requirements
Operating temperature: –40°C to +70°C
Storage temperature: –40°C to +85°C
Ordering Information
Equipment Part #
Central Office Form Factors
E220 H4TU-C 1223401L2
DDM+ H4TU-C 1223403L2
3192 H4TU-C 1223404L2
T200 H4R 1223441L1
239 H4R 1223445L1
Remote Units
T200 Local Power H4TU-R 1223424L2
T200 Span Power H4TU-R 1223426L2
6122340xL2-8A March 2004
Copyright © 2004 ADTRAN, Inc.
All rights reserved.
HDSL4 for E220, DDM+, 3192

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