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21015 Commerce Point Dr.
Walnut, CA 91789
PH: 909-594-7600,
Fax: 888-313-8698
Email: RMA@habeyusa.com

RMA Number:

Customer Contact Info
Company Name:
Contact Person:


RMA Request Type Info
Replacement: Standard

Replacement sent after receipt of defective unit from customer

Replacement: Cross-Ship

Replacement sent to customer first only with credit card authorization

Return for Refund

Return for refund. 15% restock fee may apply
Return for credit

Return for Credit

RMA Request Description



Serial Number

HabeyUSA Invoice

Reason for Return

Reseller Invoice: Y/N

1 On all types of RMAs, the customer is responsible for shipping costs to HabeyUSA.
On all RMAs that require return shipment to the customer, HabeyUSA will be responsible for all return shipping costs to the customer. Return
2 shipping is always ground or USPS 1st class mail. If the customer wishes to have faster return shipping services, the customer must pay for the
faster return shipping.
3 Standard RMA requires that the customer send the original unit to HabeyUSA first before HabeyUSA sends out a replacement unit.
Cross-Ship RMA is provided to customer upon request. A Cross-Ship RMA allows the customer to recieve the replacement unit first before the
customer has to send back the original defective unit back to HabeyUSA. On a Cross-Ship RMA, the customer will be provided a credit card
authorization form which will be required to be filled out by the customer with all adequate information. Once the completed form is returned to
4 HabeyUSA, HabeyUSA will process the credit card supplied for Cross-Ship approval. The customer will not be charged for the cost of the RMA
unless the customer fails to return the defective merchandise within the 15 day allotted time period provided. The 15 day time period begins from the
date the RMA is issued to the customer. If in the event a charge is placed to the submitted credit card, HabeyUSA will provide a full refund to the
customer once the defective item is recieved by HabeyUSA.
5 On return for refund, the customer must return the requested item to HabeyUSA first before a refund is applied to the customer.
On return for credit, the customer must return the requested item to HabeyUSA first before any credit is applied to the customer account. From there,
the customer can use that credit towards a purchase of another HabeyUSA product at a later time.
7 All return packages must have the RMA number issued written on the outside of the package.
8 All units sent to HabeyUSA will be fixed or replaced depending on if the unit can be fixed or replaced.
9 A copy of the RMA paperwork with the issued RMA number must be included inside the return package the unit is sent in.
All units with RMA for credit or refund MUST include all accessories that were sold with the unit. Otherwise, the unit is subject to additional restocking
fee for missing accessories.
11 All units for replacement DO NOT need accessories to be included as the customer will already have the accessories in their possession.
HabeyUSA will not issue a refund for a unit purchased from a reseller. A unit will only have refund status available only if it was purchased directly
through HabeyUSA. Such units will only qualify for exchange through standard or Cross-Ship RMA from HabeyUSA.
13 Any RMA request that was purchased through a reseller must have a copy of the reseller's invoice in order to prove the unit is still under warranty.
Any RMA request that was purchased directly from HabeyUSA must have the invoice number written on the RMA request form in provided section
15 All HabeyUSA products carry a limited 1 year warranty.
16 Warranty does not extend to products with physical damage other than a manufacturer defect.
17 The HabeyUSA address is listed at the top of this document.


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