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Theme Installation

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Fashion Store(PRS033)
1. Theme Installation

Please, read the whole section, before attempting to install the theme.
it is recommend to always backup your system before making any upgrades or changes!

2. Cache Setting
3. Theme Image Setting

Cache Setting

4. Installation Steps
Go to "Advanced Parameters -> Performance"
5. Column Setting
6. Default Module Setting
7. Theme Module Setting
8. Module Position(Optional)

Theme image setting

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Setting of Images generation options
Set "Image format" to "Use PNG only if the base image is in PNG format."

Setting of Images
Go to "Preferences -> images"

Installation Steps

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Second way to install the theme using "themeinstaller" module. For that follow below Steps:

Step - 1: Upload "themeinstaller" module
Go to "Modules and Services -> Modules and Services" from admin panel
then click on "Add a new module" and
upload "themeinstaller" module from "PRS033_Package" also see below screenshot.

Install "themeinstaller" module
Now Import PRS033 theme

Step - 2: Upload "PRS033_Installer"
Select "PRS033_Installer" from "PRS033_Package -> Prestashop Files_v1.6.1.x" also see
below screenshot:

Click on "Next"

Click on "Next"

Click on "Finish"

Now PRS033 theme successfully installed.

Now Install both smartblog module(smartblog, smartbloghomelatestnews) manually.
Becuase of these both modules may remove page left/right columns setting.
Using this way you can manage all modules and left/right columns setting.
Now Copy "smartblog" & "smartbloghomelatestnews" modules from
"PRS033_Package/" and put in your store "/modules/".

Now upload all "CMS images"
Copy "PRS033_Package -> -> cms_img" directory into "/img/cms/".

Column setting
Setting of left and right column
Go to "Preferences -> Themes" click on "Advanced settings"

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Default module setting

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Go to "Modules and Services -> Modules and Services" Uninstall prestashop modules like
"Image slider for your homepage" and so on.

as the same way Uninstall following modules
1) Banner block
2) Facebook Like Box block
3) Custom CMS information block
4) Newsletter block
5) Theme configurator

Theme module setting

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Go to "Modules and Services -> Modules and Services" and Install all the module which are
listing below:

After installing all the module "Configure" one by one.

Module - 1: "TT - Homeslider"
click on "configure" and edit "sample 1" also see below screenshot.

Module - 2: "TT - CMS Banner block"
configure and edit "TT - CMS Banner block"
HTML for "TT - CMS Banner block"
For men
Up to 30% off
On summer collection
Module - 3: "TT - CMS Parallax block" configure and edit "TT - CMS Parallax block" HTML for "TT - CMS Parallax block"
New season
stock available
Module - 4: "TT - CMS About us block" configure and edit "TT - CMS About us block" HTML for "TT - CMS About us block"

In treads! about story

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Module - 5: "TT - CMS Testimonial block" configure and edit "TT - CMS Testimonial block" HTML for "TT - CMS Testimonial block"

Testimonials Client stories

Module -6: "TT - CMS Shipping block" configure and edit "TT - CMS Shipping block" HTML for "TT - CMS Shipping block"
Free shipping
Available on this season!
Module -7: "TT - CMS Footer block" configure and edit "TT - CMS Footer block" HTML for "TT - CMS Footer block"
Claritas processus dynamicus sequitu consut, consut ryethm sirter smreted oeureots.
Module Position(optional) ↑ Back to Top For Module position please refer "Module-Setting.png" image place in "PRS033_Package -> -> Documentation -> Module-Setting.png". Thank you for purchasing our theme :)

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