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MV-1 (Revised 11-2013)

$ 10.00

DOR - Motor Vehicle
Title/Tag Application

Vehicle Section:

Except for the signature, this application must be typed, electronically completed & printed or legibly hand printed in black or blue ink.

Vehicle Identification Number
Date Purchased


Emission Certificate #


Body Style

Current Title #



Current Title’s State of Issue

GA County of Residence

Gross Vehicle Weight & Load


□ Yes □






Owner # 1

Owner # 2


Leased Vehicle?

Full Legal Name of Owner #1

If you purchased this vehicle from an outof-state dealer/business, did you pick-up
the vehicle out-of-state?
□ Yes
□ No

Product Hauled?


Owner Section

Number of Owners___________




Is This A Farm Vehicle?



□ No


Full Legal Name of Owner #2

Address (Street address including city, state & zip)

District #

Warning odometer discrepancy!

Complete For All Commercial Vehicles
Used For Hire?
Type of Trailer Pulled?

Straight Truck?

New or Used


Odometer Reading



Date of Birth

Date of Birth

Mailing Address (If different from street address including city, state & zip)

Seller Section

Lessee Section

GA Dealer’s/Bank’s 12 Digit Customer ID# (If Applicable)

Driver’s License #, if individual*

Full Legal Name or Business Name & Address:

Lessee’s Full Legal Name & Address or Business Lessee’s Full Name & Address:

If Georgia Seller, GA County Name

* Directly Financed Dealer Sale


Number of Security Interests or Liens: _______

Lessee’s GA County Location

Security Interests or Liens Section

Security Interest Holder’s/Lien Holder’s ELT 12 Digit Customer ID #

Security Interest Holder’s/Lien Holder’s ELT 12 Digit Customer ID #

Name & Address of 1stSecurity Interest Holder/Lien Holder:

Name & Address of 2nd Security Interest Holder/Lien Holder:

Security Interest Holder's/Lien Holder's ELT 12 Digit Customer ID#

Name & Mailing Address of Attorney-in-Fact - Attach original power of attorney if title is to
be mailed to attorney-in-fact.

Name & Address of 3rd Security Interest Holder/Lien Holder:

I do solemnly swear or affirm under criminal penalty of a felony for fraudulent use of a false or fictitious name or address or for making a material false
statement punishable by fine up to $5,000 or by imprisonment of up to five years, or both, that the statements contained herein are true & accurate.
Owner #1 Signature______________________________________________ Owner #2 Signature_____________________________________________
*A Georgia license plate and registration will not be issued until the applicant presents, at the time of application, their valid Georgia driver’s license or
Georgia identification card.
Owner's E-mail Address___________________________________________________________________________________


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