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Real People
With over 35 years of industry experience,
Payworks processes more than 24 million pay
slips annually. In addition, with offices located
throughout Canada, constant and uninterrupted
communication is key to daily operations.
Real Networks
As a call center-driven company receiving
300-400 calls per day, I cant have my phone
system going down,” said Kevin Sokolowski,
Payworks’ vice president of information technol-
ogy. “A VoIP phone system that was easy for my
team to manage with Active Directory was
critical. But we also wanted something that
would enable the company as a whole to work
more effectively.
Ultimately three companies were selected
for evaluation – Mitel, Asterisk, and ADTRAN’s
suite of NetVanta Unified Communications
(UC) solutions. Mitel was the incumbent PBX
vendor, and Asterisk was an open-source, Linux-
based solution while the NetVanta Enterprise
Communications Server delivered a Microsoft®
Windows®-based UC software solution.
“With Mitel, the cost/benefit ratio was too
low to justify the high price,” said Sokolowski.
“To be frank, Asterisk was an IT administration
gong show.” Both Mitel and Linux solutions
require businesses unfamiliar with either the
inner workings of a PBX system or the Linux
operating system and Asterisk to invest in sub-
stantial professional services to deploy and
manage the system. Neither Asterisk norMitel
could deliver a solution that would
meet Payworks’ needs.
As a services
company operating
a large call center,
responding to cus-
tomer calls quickly
and professionally is
critical to Payworks.
“With NetVanta Enterprise
Communications Server,
my team can roll out tele-
phone assignments of new
hires into our IT checklist
without having to manage
a separate ‘phone system’
as we had done previ-
ously. Further, remote sales
employees can access email,
voicemail, and other mes-
sages from the road.”
Kevin Sokolowski
Vice President of
Information Technology
Payworks Payroll Services
Real People
Based in Winnipeg, Canada,
Payworks Payroll Services is a
midsize company committed to
providing a superior and flexible
payroll solution aimed at building
lasting customer relationships.
Real Value
Payworks set out looking for a solution
that was reliable, easy to manage and
integrated with Microsoft platforms,
offered good post-sales support as
well as a high cost-to-benefit ratio.
Real Networks
At their previous office location,
Payworks used a Mitel system,
which required employing a full-time
person to manage, maintain and
integrate new employees to the sys-
tem. Payworks’ existing PBX system
was difficult to manage and it did
not provide productivity applications
and features for end-users. What
Payworks needed was a reliable,
easy-to-manage VoIP solution that
the IT staff could manage without
adding headcount, coupled with
modern unified communications
(UC) features for its employees,
while providing a low total
cost of ownership.
After evaluating the three solutions, Sokolowski’s
team selected NetVanta Enterprise Communications
Server to deliver a VoIP-enabled UC solution that
integrated Payworks’ multiple office locations, with
existing Microsoft applications. Specifically, the
NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server delivered
Active Directory, and existing third-party hardware
with a single low-cost, flexible solution that his team
could administer easily. The company selected three
main offices to roll out the solution – two in British
Columbia and one in Toronto.
Using the NetVanta Enterprise Communications
Server solution, Payworks is now experiencing ease
of maintenance and integration down the road with
Microsoft Exchange Server. Additionally, the integrated
visual service builder assists Payworks in building new
software-based applications such as customer self-
service. The NetVanta Enterprise Communications
Server also allows “Just in Time” setup for new hires,
which reduces backend costs and time associated with
a traditional PBX and improves turn-around for getting
equipment up and running. With NetVanta Enterprise
Communications Server, Sokolowski’s team can deploy
a new user in about 15 minutes, a fraction of the two
to four hours associated with setting up a user with a
traditional PBX system.
“With the NetVanta Enterprise Communications
Server, my team can roll out telephone assignments
of new hires into our IT checklist without having to
manage a separate ‘phone system’ as we had done
previously. Further, remote sales employees can access
email, voicemail, and other messages from the road.
NetVanta UC Lowers
TCO with Key Changes
With NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server,
Payworks has successfully lowered its total cost of
ownership in several key ways. For instance, Payworks
is now saving long distance charges with the solutions
built-in VoIP capabilities. “Looking at our last phone
bill, the long distance charges were about $1,400 per
month so that cost would be saved each month,” said
Sokolowski. “NetVanta Enterprise Communications
Server will eliminate 85-90 percent of our long distance
charges.” With many businesses looking to cut costs on
long distance, and with three satellite offices driving up
long distance charges, Payworks determined that VoIP
was the right solution.
NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server is
also providing everyone using the system with a local
extension. Calls are converted to data packets, and
then the packets are exchanged like any other data
over a LAN. There isnt a “charge” associated with
transferring files over a LAN from the phone company,
and with VoIP, the same principle applies. This will
help Payworks save up to $16,000 per year, and even
more as the company expands and opens new offices.
In addition, Payworks doesnt have to hire another
professional to manage the phone system. Anyone in
Sokolowski’s team can easily manage new employee
activity with the phone system, such as moves, adds
and changes, via Active Directory and the NetVanta
Enterprise Communications Server. The company
estimates that the salary for a full-time employee hired
to maintain only the phone system would cost about
$36,000 per year. ADTRAN provided Payworks with
a solution that was low-cost upfront, easy to deploy
and administer, and one that fit with the resources
Payworks already had.
“Price itself was not a factor in our final decision. We
bought based on value,said Sokolowski, “Asterisk is a
Linux-based solution and we are a Microsoft shop. We
would have to hire someone that had Linux knowledge
to maintain this system.
NetVanta UC Delivers
“NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server has
saved us money without having to compromise on
functionality,” added Sokolowski.
NetVanta Enterprise Communications Server will
save Payworks up to $52,000 per year in operational
expenses from long distance and maintenance, alone.
It will also allow Sokolowski’s team to spend more
time on other business critical projects. With the cen-
tralized, single-point administration that NetVanta
Enterprise Communications Server provides with
Active Directory, Sokolwoski’s team will save up to one
hour for every user, every year. With 100 employees,
that saves his team up to 100 hours per year which
can be devoted to other projects.
Based on the immediate benefits already
resulting from the deployment of the NetVanta
Enterprise Communications Server, Payworks plans
to extend the relationship and use the company’s
ODBC-enabled call flow capabilities to build an IVR
system. This will allow customers to obtain self-service
over the phone. Since the business is call center driven,
there are many repetitive calls each day that could be
managed/handled by an automated system rather
than place the call in a queue to wait for a live agent.
An IVR application will provide quicker response time
for the customer and increase productivity for the call
center staff. They’ll have more time to manage high-
impact calls instead of looking up data like status of
a check being submitted or remaining balance. That
streamlines the business processes and affects produc-
tivity for the whole organization,” added Sokolowski.
A phone system is a long-term investment for
most businesses, and post-sales technical support
and service was also very important to Payworks. “I’m
very familiar with the after-sales support available
from other vendors. I have to tell you, we’ve been very
pleased and impressed with the high-level of service
and support from ADTRAN,” Sokolowski adds. “The
product is excellent, and ADTRAN’s after sales service
and support has been fantastic. From our account
manager, to the implementation and support manager,
the only other company that provides this level of sup-
port to their clients is Payworks.”
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