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Applied Data Analytics
Scholarship Application Instructions
A limited number of partial scholarships are available.
Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis.
Applying for a scholarship is a two step process.
Register for the course using the following form:
Please be sure to choose the payment option ‘Applying for a Scholarship’.

Applicants should submit three documents
1. Curriculum Vitae
2. A two page proposal from the government employee describing their
vision for a research project, if possible, involving data from their agency
3. A letter of support from their employer
- Describing how the skills acquired by the government employee
would subsequently be used in the agency
- Documenting a strategy whereby products developed within the
class context could be integrated in day to day operations or fill
current research needs within the agency.
Email all three documents to: with your name and ‘Scholarship Application’
in the subject line.

Once the registration (Step 1) and the three documents (Step 2) have been received,
the scholarship application will be complete and the review process will begin.
Having trouble? Please send any questions to:


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