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Sigma UI for Kibana
Installation Guide
Sigma UI for Kibana
Uncoder is using sigmac script to convert sigma to different SIEM languages. It requires
python3 with libraries:
To install Sigma UI plugin for your Kibana
1. Copy the file to Kibana server and run the command:
/usr/share/kibana/bin/./kibana-plugin install file:///PATH_TO_FILE/
Wait until the installation finishes, it may take few minutes to optimize and cache browser
bundles. Restart Kibana to apply the changes.
If you get error: “Plugin installation was unsuccessful due to error "Incorrect Kibana version in
plugin [uncoder]. Expected [6.6.0]; found [6.6.1]“, please open zip archive and modify file
“./kibana/uncoder/package.json”: put version of your Kibana to field "kibana.version".
2. Restart Kibana to apply the changes.
In case after restart Kibana you don’t see any changes, go to /usr/share/kibana/optimize.
Delete all files in the folder ‘optimize’ including subfolders. And restart Kibana.This will make
Kibana to refresh it’s cache.
3. Sigma UI plugin is using indices:
- “sigma_doc” - for sigma documents;
Create index templates for these index from file index_template_sigma_doc.txt
To fill sigma docs and to index:
Copy to server which has access to Elasticsearch database file
- Unzip archive
- Modify script, put there Elasticsearch hostname, user and password.
- Run command
python /PATH_TO_FILE/
Indices will be created and filled with sigma rules.
4. Now you can use Sigma UI plugin.

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