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Word Power
Made Easy
Chapter – 1
How to talk about personality types
(Session 1-3)
Session - 1
Sno Word Meaning
1 Egotism The belief that you are better or important
than other people.
2 Conceit Too much pride in your own worth or goodness.
3 Amorous Having feeling of sexual attraction or love.
4 Boast Too much pride in yourself.
5 Obnoxious Unpleasant in a way that makes people feel
6 Monotonous Something that is boring because it is the
7 Egotist One who have too much pride in its own worth or
8 Altruism Desire to help other people.
9 Futile Pointless or useless.
10 Nag Annoy.
11 Solitude Situation in which you are alone usually
because you want to be.
12 Introvert A shy person.
13 Extrovert A friendly person who likes being with an
talking to other people.
14 Ambivert A person having characteristics of both
extrovert and introvert.
15 Cynical Selfish and dishonest.
16 Embitter To cause bitter feeling in(someone).
17 Misanthrope A person who does not like other people.
18 Scorn Lack of respect for someone.
19 Misogynist One who hate woman.
20 Misogamist One who hate marriage.
21 Self-denial The act of not allowing yourself to have or to
do something you want.
Sno Word Meaning
22 Austerity 1) Simple and plain quality.
2) A situation in which there is not much
money and it is spent only on things that
are necessary.
23 Contemplation Thinking deeply about something.
24 Ascetic Simple way of living that avoids physical
Session - 2
Sno Word Meaning
1 Egocentric Caring too much about yourself and not about
other people.
2 Egomaniac Extremely egocentric.
3 Alter ego A different version of yourself.
4 Altercation A noisy or angry argument.
5 Profanity Offensive language.
Session – 3
Sno Word Meaning
1 Ambidextrous Able to use both hand equally well.
2 Sinister Having an evil appearance, looking to cause
something bad.
3 Gauche Socially awkward.
4 Gaucherie Awkward act.
5 Adroit Very clever or skillful.
6 Philanthropist A person who gives money and time to help make
life better for other people.
7 Monogamy Practice of being married to only one person at
a time.
Sno Word Meaning
8 Bigamy Crime of marrying one person while you are
still legally married to another.
9 Polygamy Practice of being married to more than one
person at the same time.
10 Polygyny Practice of having more than one wife at same
11 Polyandry Practice of having more than one husband at
same time.
12 Fleshpot A place where people are entertained in ways
that related to physical pleasure(such as
drinking and sex).
13 Merriment Laughter and enjoyment.
14 Convivial Social event where people can eat,drink and
talk in a friendly way.
15 Dissipation Behavior that interested only in pleasure,
Chapter – 2
How to talk about doctors
(Session 4-6)
Session - 4
Sno Word Meaning
1 Gynecologist A Doctor who study the reproductive system of
woman and its diseases.
2 Obstetrician A doctor who specializes in obstetrics.
3 Pediatrician A doctor who treats babies and children.
4 Mumps A disease that causes fever and swelling in the
lower part of cheek.
5 Whooping cough A disease affects children and causes severe
coughing and difficult breathing.
6 Measles A disease that causes fever and red spots on
the skin.
7 Inoculate Vaccinate, to give(a person or animal) a
weekend form of a disease in order to prevent
infection by the disease.
8 Soothing Comfort or relief.
9 Gamut A range of or series of relating thing.
10 Eczema A skin disease that cause areas of the skin to
become red, rough and itchy.
11 Myopia A condition of eye that makes it difficult to
see objects that are far away.
12 Dermatologist A doctor who study of skin and its disease.
13 Ophthalmologist A doctor who study of eye and its diseases.
14 Orthopedist A doctor who study bone bones and muscles.
15 Cardiologist A doctor who study of heart and its diseases.
16 Neurologist A doctor who study of nervous system and its
17 Psychiatrist A doctor who deals with mental or emotional
Session – 5
Sno Word Meaning
1 Pedagogy The art or science of teaching.
2 Dogmatic Expressing personal opinions or beliefs as if
they are certainly correct and cannot be
3 Pedagogue A narrow-minded, old fashioned dogmatic
4 Demagogue A political leader who tries to get support by
making false claims and promises based on
emotion rather than reason.
5 Deteriorated Worse or time pass.
6 Hypodermic Going under the skin.
7 Epidermic The outer layer of skin.
8 Taxidermy The skill or job of stuffing the skins of dead
animals so that they look like they did when
they are alive.
9 Pachyderm Animals having thick skin.
10 Dermatitis A disease in which the skin becomes red and
swollen and sore.
11 Ocular Related to eye.
12 Monocle A single round lens for one eye.
13 Optometrist A person who checks whether people need
eyeglasses or medical treatment.
14 Optician A person who sells eyeglasses and contact lens.
Session - 6
Sno Word Meaning
1 Orthodontic A doctor who straightens the teeth.
2 Cardiac Related to heart.
3 Cardiogram The curve made by cardiograph.
4 Cardiograph A instrument that graphically registers
movements of the heart.
5 Neuralgia Acute pain along the nerve and their branches.
Sno Word Meaning
6 Neuritis Inflammation of the nerve.
7 Neurosis An emotional illness in which a person
experiences strong feeling of fear or worry.
8 Psychosis A very serious mental illness
9 Geriatric Medical care of old people.
Chapter – 3
How to talk about various practitioners
(Session 7-10)
SVM 10
Session - 7
Sno Word Meaning
1 Psychologist One who study mind and its behavior, how the
person or group thinks.
2 Psychoanalyst One who treats mental and emotional problems by
having patient talk about dreams, feeling,
memories, etc.
3 Orthodontist A doctor who deals with teeth to grow straight.
4 Optometrist A person who checks whether people need
eyeglasses or medical treatment.
5 Osteopath One who treats people who are sick or in a pain
by pushing and moving bones and muscles.
6 Chiropractor One who treats people who are sick or in a pain
by pushing and moving bones in spine and joints
with their hands.
7 Corn A local hardening of epidermic(as on a toe)
8 Bunions A painful swelling on the side of the big toe.
9 Arch 1) Something that has a curved shape
2) the raised area on the bottom of the foot
that is formed by a curved section of
10 Chiropodist One who treats human foot.
11 Graphologist One who study handwriting especially for the
purpose of character analysis.
12 Gerontologist One who deals with medical problems of old
Session - 8
Sno Word Meaning
1 Psyche The soul, mind, or personality of a person or
2 Psychic A person who has strange mental powers and
abilities(such as the ability to predict the
future, to know what other people are thinking,
or to receive messages from dead people).
SVM 11
Sno Word Meaning
3 Psychopath A person who is mentally ill, who do not care
about other people, and who is usually
dangerous or violent.
4 Sociopath Someone who behaves in a dangerous or violent
way towards other people and does not feel
guilty about such behavior.
5 Psychosomatic Bodily disease caused by mental or emotional
problems rather than by physical.
6 Resentment A feeling of anger or displeasure about someone
or something unfair.
7 Approbation Praise or approval.
8 Psychogenic Originating in the mind or in mental or
emotional conflict.
Session - 9
Sno Word Meaning
1 Periodontist A gum specialist.
2 Endodontist A dentist who specializes in work on the pulp
of the tooth.
3 Exodontist A dentist who specializes in extraction of
4 Thermometer An instrument used to measure temperature.
5 Barometer An instrument used to measure atmospheric
6 Sphygmomanometer An device used to measure blood pressure.
7 Metric A decimal system of weights and measurement.
8 Chirography The art of making beautiful handwriting.
9 Chiromancy or
The art of looking at the lines on the palms of
people’s hands and telling them what will
happen to them in future.
10 Podiatrist or
One who treats human foot.
SVM 12
Session - 10
Sno Word Meaning
1 Calligraphy The art of making beautiful handwriting.
2 Scrawly To write or draw(something) very quickly or
3 Cacography Scrawly, Bad handwriting.
4 Callipygian Having shapely buttocks.
5 Cardiograph An instrument that graphically registers
movements of the heart.
6 Phonograph An instrument for reproducing sounds by means
of the vibration of a needle revolving on a
disc or cylinder.
7 Senile Showing a loss of mental ability(such as
memory) in old age.
8 Senescent Growing old.
9 Adolescent Growing in to adult.
10 Convalescent Growing healthy.
11 Obsolescent Growing obsolete.
12 Obsolete No longer used because something newer exists.
13 Senate The group of people who meet to discuss and
make the laws of a country, state, etc.
SVM 13
Chapter – 4
How to talk about
science and scientists
(Session 11-13)
SVM 14
Session - 11
Sno Word Meaning
1 Anthropologist One who study origin of human races, origins,
societies, and cultures.
2 Astronomer One who study stars, planet and other objects
in outer space.
3 Whirl To move or turn rapidly in circles.
4 Geologist One who study rocks, layers of soil,etc., in
order to learn about the history of earth.
5 Denizen A person, animal, or plant that lives in or
found in a particular place or region.
6 Biologist One who study plant and animal life of a
particular place.
7 Botanist One who study the plant life.
8 Zoologist One who study animals and their behavior.
9 Entomologist One who study insects.
10 Philologist One who study the languages especially the
study of how language and words are develop .
11 Semanticist One who study the meanings of words and phrases
in language.
12 Sociologist The study of society, social institutions, and
social relationships.
Session - 12
Sno Word Meaning
1 Anthropologist One who study origin of human races, origins,
societies, and cultures.
2 Astronomy The scientific study of stars, planets and
other space objects.
3 Astronomer A person who skilled in astronomy.
4 Astrology Study of how the positions of the stars and
planets have influence on events and lives of
SVM 15
Sno Word Meaning
5 Astrologer A person who practice astrology.
6 Astronaut A person who travels in space
7 Cosmonaut Astronaut by Russia or the former Soviet Union
8 Nautical Relating to ships
9 Nausea The feeling you have in your stomach when you
think you are going to vomit.
10 Aster A star shaped flower.
11 Asterisk A star shaped symbol(*), is generally used in
writing to redirect the reader to look for a
12 Disaster Something that cause suffering or loss.
13 Autonomy The power or right of a person, country or a
group., etc to govern itself.
14 Autonomous Self-governing.
15 Metronome A device that makes a regular, repeated sound
to show a musician how fast a piece of music
should be played.
Geology A science that studies rocks, layers of soil,
etc., in order to learn about the history of
the earth and its life.
16 Geologist One who practice geology.
17 Geometry A branch of mathematics that deals with points,
lines, angles etc.
18 Geography An area of study that deals with the location
of mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.
19 Geographer A specialist in geography.
Biology A science that deals with things that are
20 Biologist One who practice biology.
21 Biography The story of a real person’s life written by
someone other than that person.
22 Autobiography A biography written by the person it is about.
23 Biopsy The removal of tissue, cells, or fluids from
someone’s body in order to check illness.
SVM 16
Sno Word Meaning
24 Malignant likely to grow and spread in a rapid way that
can cause death.
25 Malignancy A tumor, A malignant quality.
26 Autopsy An examination of a dead body to find out the
cause of death.
27 Botanist A branch of science that deals with plant life.
28 Zoologist The branch of science that involves the study
of animals and animal behavior.
29 Zodiac The group of 12 constellation consists of
animals shape constellation.
Session - 13
Sno Word Meaning
1 Abdomen The part of the body below the chest, the rear
part of an insect’s body.
2 Tonsil Soft parts on the inside of your throat.
3 Appendix A section of extra information at the end of
the book.
A small tube at the beginning of the large
4 Prostate Gland An organ found in men and male animals that
produces the liquid in which sperm is carried.
5 Tonsillectomy Removal of tonsils.
6 Appendectomy Removal of appendix.
7 Mastectomy Removal of all or a part of the breast.
8 Hysterectomy Removal of uterus.
9 Prostatectomy Removal of prostate gland.
10 Eccentric Strange or unusual,
not following perfectly circular path.
11 Anatomy Cutting up of a plant or animal to determine
its structure.
SVM 17
Sno Word Meaning
12 Tome A very large book.
13 Dichotomy A division in two group.
14 Epitome Summary, a perfect example.
15 Philology Study of languages.
16 Promiscuous Having many sexual partners.
17 Philander To have sex with many person.
18 Philosophy Love of wisdom.
19 Philadelphia City of Brotherly love.
20 Philharmonic Love of music or harmony.
21 Philter Love potion.
22 Aphrodisiac Anything that arouses sexual desire.
23 Bibliophile A person who loves or collects books.
24 Anglophile A non-English person who greatly likes and
admires English things.
25 Pantry A small room in which food is stored.
SVM 18
Chapter – 5
How to talk about
Liars and Lying
(Session 14-17)
SVM 19
Session - 14
Sno Word Meaning
1 Prevalent Accepted, common.
2 Cynic A person who believes that people are selfish.
3 Propensity A strong natural tendency to do something.
4 Savory Morally good, having a pleasant taste
5 Impervious Not bothered or affected by something.
6 twinge A sudden sharp pain.
7 Notorious Famous for something bad.
8 Consummate Extremely skilled.
9 Incorrigible Not able to correct or changed.
10 Inveterate Always doing something specified.
11 vice Bad or immoral behavior or habits.
12 Congenital Existing since birth.
13 Chronic Happening frequently or most of the time.
14 Pathological Extreme in a way that is not normal or that
shows an illness or mental problem.
15 Unconscionable Extreme bad, unfair, or wrong
16 Skeptical Doubtful.
17 Glib Said or done too easily or carelessly.
18 Vicious Very cruel and dangerous.
19 Egregious Very bad and easily noticed.
Session - 15
Sno Word Meaning
1 Noted Famous or well-known.
2 Childlike Resembling a child, like innocence.
3 Childish Immature.
SVM 20
Sno Word Meaning
4 Summit Top of a mountain, a meeting.
5 Imbibe To drink.
6 Scarcely Almost not at all.
7 Veteran Someone with a lot of experience.
8 Genetics The scientific study of genes.
9 Genealogy The study of family history.
10 Genesis The beginning of something.
11 Gestation The time when a person or animal is developing
inside its mother.
12 Perpetrate To do (something that is illegal or wrong).
Session - 16
Sno Word Meaning
1 Anachronism Out of time.
2 Incongruous Strange because of not agreeing with what is
3 Chronological Arranged in the order that things happened.
4 Chronology A record of the order in which a series of
events happened.
5 Chronometer A watch or clock.
6 Pathetic Feeling of sadness and sympathy.
7 Pathology The study of diseases and of the changes that
they caused.
8 Antipathy A strong feeling of dislike.
9 Apathetic Not having much emotion or interest.
10 Empathy Ability to share someone else’s feelings.
11 Telepathy Way of communicating thoughts from one person’s
mind to another person’s mind from a distance.
SVM 21
Session - 17
Sno Word Meaning
1 Conscious Awake and able to understand.
2 Omniscience Knowing everything.
3 Prescience Ability to know what will happen.
4 Nescience Lack of knowledge or awareness.
5 Gregarious Enjoying the company of others.
6 Congregation The people who regularly attend religious
7 Segregation The practice of keeping people of different
races, religion, etc. separate from each other.
8 Aggregation A group, body, or mass composed of many
distinct parts.
SVM 22
Appendix 1 (root-meanings)
Sno Root Word Meaning
Session 1 (Introduction)
Session 2 & 3
1 Ego Self,I.
2 Alter Other.
3 Intro- Inside.
4 Extro- Outside.
5 Verto Turn.
6 Ambi- Both.
7 Misein Hate.
8 Anthropos Mankind.
9 Gyne Woman.
10 Gamos Marriage.
11 Asketes Monk.
12 Centrum Center.
13 Mania Madness.
14 Dexter Right hand.
15 Sinister Left hand.
16 Gauche Left hand.
17 Droit Right hand.
18 Monos One.
19 bi- Two.
SVM 23
20 Polys Many.
21 Andros Male.
22 -ist Person who(noun suffix).
23 -y Practice, custom, etc.(noun suffix)
24 -ous Adjective suffix
25 -ity Quality, condition, etc.(noun suffix)
Session 4 (Introduction)
Session 5
26 Gyne Woman
27 Odstetrix Midwife.
28 Paidos Child
29 Pedis Foot
30 Agogos Leading, leader.
31 Demos People.
32 Derma Skin.
33 Hypos Under.
34 Opthalmos Eye.
35 Oculus Eye.
36 Monos One.
37 bi- Two.
38 -ician Expert.
39 Opsis, Optikos Vision, sight.
40 Metron Measurement.
Session 6
41 Orthos Straight, correct.
42 paidos(paed-) Child.
43 Odontos Tooth.
44 Kardia Heart.
SVM 24
45 Logos Science, study.
46 Neuron Nerve.
47 Algos Pain.
48 -osis Abnormal or diseased condition.
49 -itis Inflammation.
50 Psyche Spirit, soul, mind.
51 Iateria Medical healing.
52 Geras Old age.
Session 7 (Introduction)
Session 8
53 Psyche Spirit, soul, mind.
54 Iateria Medical healing.
55 Soma Body.
56 Gensis Birth, origin.
57 Pathos Suffering, disease.
Session 9
58 Orthos Straight, correct.
59 Odontos Tooth.
60 paidos(paed-) Child.
61 Peri- Around, surrounding.
62 Endo Inner.
63 ex- Out.
64 Opsis, optikos Vision.
65 Metron Measurement.
66 Therme Heat.
67 Baros Weight.
68 Sphygmos Pulse.
69 Osteon Bone.
SVM 25
70 Pathos Suffering, disease.
71 Pous, Pados Foot.
72 -ium Place where.
73 Okto Eight.
74 Platys Broad, flat.
75 Tri- Three.
76 cheir(chiro-) Hand.
77 Mancy Prediction.
Session 10
78 Graphein To write.
79 cheir(chiro-) Hand.
80 Kallos Beauty.
81 Pyge Buttocks.
82 Kakos Bad, harsh.
83 Kardia Heart.
84 Photos Light.
85 Tele- Distance.
86 Bios Life.
87 Geras Old age.
88 Geron Old man.
89 Sensex Old.
90 -escent Growing, becoming.
Session 11 (Introduction)
Session 12
91 astron Star
92 Nautes Sailor
93 Naus Ship
94 Dis- Against
SVM 26
95 Nomos Arrangement, law, order
96 Autos Self
97 Metron Measurement
98 ge(geo-) Earth
99 Graphein To write
100 Bios Life
101 Opsis, optikos View, vision, sight
102 Botane Plant
103 Zoion animal
Session 13
104 en- In
105 Tome A cutting
106 in- In
107 Sectus Cut
108 kentron(centrum) Centre
109 a- Not, negative
110 Ana- Up
111 Dicha- In two
112 Epi- On, upon
113 Logos Word, speech
114 Lingua Tongue
115 Philein To love
116 Sophos Wise
117 Adelphos Brother
118 Biblion Book
119 Anglus English
120 Socious Companion
121 Anti- Against
SVM 27
Session 14(Introduction)
Session 15
122 Notous Known.
123 Summus Highest.
124 Corrigo To correct, set, straight.
125 Vetus Old
126 Sensex Old
127 Genesis Borth, origin.
128 Logos Science, study.
129 in- Negative prefix.
Session 16
130 Chronos Time.
131 Ana, a- Negative prefix.
132 Con- With, together.
133 Metron Measurement.
134 Syn-, Sym- With, together.
135 -ize Verb suffix.
136 Pathos Disease, suffering, feeling.
137 Anti- Against.
138 en-, em- In.
139 Tele- Distance.
Session 17
140 Grex, gregis Herd, flock.
141 e-, ex- Out.
142 -ness Noun suffix.
143 ad-, ag- To, towards.
144 un- Negative prefix.
SVM 28
145 Scio To know.
146 Sciens Knowing.
147 Omnis All.
148 Pre Before.
149 ne- Negative prefix.
150 se- Apart.
151 -ion Noun suffix added to verbs.
SVM 29

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