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Berks County Government DIRECTORY INDEX


County Department
Adult Probation
Services Ctr
Aging (Office of)
Services Ctr
Agricultural Coordinator
Ag Center
Ag Land Preservation
Ag Center
Services Ctr
Berks Heim
Berks Heim		
Services Ctr
Children & Youth Services
Services Ctr
Clerk of Courts
Services Ctr
Community Development
Services Ctr
Conservation District
Ag Center
Services Ctr
Court Reporters
Court Administration
District Attorney
Services Ctr
DA Detectives
Services Ctr
Domestic Relations
Services Ctr
Election Services
Services Ctr
Emergency Services
Direct Link
Fire Training Center
Fire Trng Ctr		
Facilities & Operations
Services Ctr
Family Court Administration Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Human Services
Services Ctr
Human Resources
Service Ctr
Information Systems
Services Ctr
Judges (all)			
Juvenile Probation
Services Ctr
Law Library
Library System
Library System		
Mail Room/Print Shop
Services Ctr
Magisterial District Judges
MH/MR Services
Services Ctr

Phone No.
Fax No.


County Department
Parks & Recreation
Planning Commission
Protection from Abuse
Public Defender
Recorder of Deeds
Register of Wills
Solid Waste Authority
Special Courts Adm.
Treasurer/Tax Claim Bureau
Veterans Affairs
Youth Center



Gring’s Mill 		
Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Services Ctr
Services Ctr		
Services Ctr
Veterans Affairs		
Youth Center		

Phone No.

Fax No.








County Related Agencies
Berks Connections/
Pretrial Services
16	610-478-6920
Cooperative Extension
Ag Center
Council on Chemical Abuse			
Farm Service Agency
Ag Center
Berks County Housing Authority		610-370-0822		
City of Reading Housing Authority
Industrial Development 					
Authority (IDA)
Services Ctr
Municipal Authority			610-376-4000 X223
Reading Area Community College		
Reading & Berks County Visitors Bureau		610-375-4085		
Redevelopment Authority
Services Ctr
Solid Waste Authority
Services Ctr
USDA Natural Resources 					
Conservation Service
Ag Center


The dynamic and storied cultural, environmental
and industrial heritage of Berks County continues to
craft a progressive and vibrant community as it has
for over 250 years. Berks County remains an affordable, family-friendly community in which to live,
work and recreate. Nestled comfortably in the heart
of the Schuylkill River valley, Berks County offers all
the verdant charm of its agricultural legacy balanced
by the urban environs of the City of Reading and the
nearby major metropolitan amenities of Philadelphia,
New York and Baltimore
As elected stewards of the public trust, the Board
of Commissioners strive to maintain an open and
efficient government, and as guardians of the public
treasury we are acutely aware of the sacrifices our
taxpayers make to fund our county government. We
know that significant budgetary challenges remain,
mostly due to high unemployment and the decline in
the real estate tax base. In addition to those factors,
we face the likelihood of continuing state funding cuts
for mandated services that Counties are required to
provide. Considering these important factors we con-

tinue to thoughtfully prepare for lean financial times
ahead. For 2010, we have determined it to be more
prudent to utilize fund reserves rather than increase
property taxes. The 2010 budget will allow us to
continue to maintain our current services and capital
infrastructure requirements as well as our commitment to agricultural land preservation and a commitment to developing high quality economic growth.
While economic concerns continue to influence
policy and decision-making throughout the year to
come, Berks County remains poised to emerge as a
leader in developing and cultivating jobs and industry
despite the challenges we face. Berks County is in
the comparatively unique position to be able to boast
improved transportation infrastructure, two proposed
industrial parks, a commercial airport and an awardwinning corps of economic development agencies,
plus five institutions of higher learning that routinely
graduate young minds of the highest quality and skills.
Further, the continuing growth of amenities that enhance the overall quality of life, such as entertainment,
preservation of open spaces/greenways, and passive
and active recreational opportunities has and will continue to attract
a well-educated populace to live and
work in Berks.
The Berks County Board of Commissioners invites you to join us in
2010 as we continue to draw wisdom
from the past, gather momentum in
the present and look forward with

Berks County Commissioners
2008 - 2011


Mark C. Scott, Esq.
Kevin S. Barnhardt
Christian Y. Leinbach

The Board of County Commissioners
in cooperation with the Reading Eagle
and Keystone Health Plan Central has
partnered to produce this informative
County Guide at no cost to our tax
payers. We hope you will keep this
publication in your home as a handy
reference guide. For more information
and updates on other County related
information please visit our web site at

Berks County Government Guide

Services Center – 13th Floor 		

Mark C. Scott
Kevin S. Barnhardt
Christian Y. Leinbach
The Board of Commissioners constitutes the chief governing
body of the County. The three elected at large members perform
the executive and legislative functions of county government.
The Commissioners serve four-year terms. The Commissioners
serve on the Salary, Prison, Retirement and Election Boards. In
carrying out the management of County finances and property,

610-478-6136 Ext. 6130
610-478-6136 Ext. 6133
610-478-6136 Ext. 6127
they appoint a board for the assessment of real property in the
County; formulate and approve the annual budget; fix the annual County tax rates, and authorize expenditures. They must
also supervise the conduct of elections, provide for the care and
maintenance of prisoners, and maintain county roads, bridges
and buildings.


Services Directory

Chief Operations Officer		

Services Center - 14th Floor
Manages day-to-day operations directed by the Board of County Commissioners

Chief Clerk / County
Open Records Officer		


Services Center - 13th Floor
Provides administrative support for Board of County Commissioners
Performs public information duties for Commissioners and organization
Administers the County Open Records Policy


Services Center - 13th Floor
Advises Commissioners and represents County in legal matters

Berks County Fiscal Plan


The Berks County Board of Commissioners has
adopted both a budget and a fiscal plan to assure that
all County service needs are met while addressing
the biggest challenge to contain the rate of budget
growth so that we do not outrun our future projected
Significant budgetary challenges continue, exacerbated by such things as negligible growth in assessed
property values and federal and state budget cuts. Our
projections indicate that in future years the County
budget will not experience enough revenue growth to
pay for the services we currently provide and accordingly we have successfully identified inefficiencies,
made cuts from existing budgets, and identified
increases that we can avoid. While the entire organization continues to make good progress in redirecting savings to cover most cost increases, this alone is
simply not enough to cover projected cost trends in
2010 and beyond.
Like most Counties in Pennsylvania, Berks County
has few options for generating additional revenue.
We are largely dependent on the property tax as our
primary source of revenue; therefore, generating additional revenue above that which we receive through
normal growth means a tax increase. This Board of

Commissioners has committed to not raising taxes in
their term of office, so we must look to other strategies.
The challenge is to strike a balance between what
is responsible, sustainable and affordable. Our goal is
to reduce or eliminate service costs to the level needed
to balance the budget at the current tax rate of 6.935
mills. This has been done in recent years in large part
by redesign of departments and programs, a strategy
that will continue to play a major role in our balancing efforts.
In August of 2008, the Board of Commissioners
completed an aggressive reduction in the County’s
total debt burden. At that time, the County’s total
general obligation debt service requirements were
$430,417,642 payable in fiscal years 2008 through
2029. In August of 2008 the County Commissioners
made the decision to pay down a large portion of its
outstanding debt. This action resulted in lowering the
County’s total general obligation debt service requirements to $376,677,850 payable in fiscal years 2008
through 2029, a total savings of $53,739,792. This
reduction in total debt reduced the net debt per capita
number from $555.05 to $446.70. The County has
also refunded its only variable rate bond to a fixed rate
deal and converted a potential variable rate refund-

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
ing bond that was executed in 2004 that would have
been effective in 2009 to a fixed rate issue. Refunding
or converting the variable rate debt has assisted the
County with reducing its overall debt payments and
reduced uncertainty for the future.
In addition, the County’s credit rating was significantly upgraded in August of 2008 by both Standard &

Poor’s and Moody’s Investor Services to ratings of AA
and Aa2 respectively. This credit rating increase allows
the County to sell its debt at lower absolute interest rate
levels and without bond insurance, both of which have
saved and will continue to save the County significant


Budget & Finance		
Services Center – 13th Floor
•Prepares County budget and monitors actual performance to plan
•Plans and manages the County’s cash flow
•Monitors state and federal reimbursement grant programs
•Monitors County investment performance
•Prepares County payroll



Services Center – 13th Floor
The Purchasing Department operates and manages centralized procurement for the County of Berks.
It is responsible for economical acquisition of quality goods and services for all County agencies/departments in accordance with procurement law and that which is consistent with the quality needed
for proper and effective operation of the agency/department. The County of Berks Purchasing Department works diligently to ensure the County will receive the best quality, in the most cost-effective
manner. Please visit the website at to learn more about the operation and responsibilities of the Purchasing department as well utilizing iSupplier to enter and review
business transaction across the procure-to-pay life cycle (purchasing, receiving & payment) for greater
efficiency in transaction between the County of Berks and your business.

Sandra Graffius



Services Center - 12th Floor
The Controller’s Office pays all County bills; Performs internal auditing of other County
departments; Is responsible for maintaining the accounting records for the County of Berks.
It is the goal of the Office of the Controller to provide financial information on a timely basis, to continually improve the pre- and post-audit functions, to
better use technology to increase productivity, to work

collaboratively to improve County operating efficiencies, and to improve internal controls throughout
County operations.

Services Directory
Election Services		


Services Center - 1st Floor

Mission Statement:
It is the goal of this office to administer Voter
Registration and conduct Elections in accordance with
Federal and State voter registration and election laws.

Municipal Election Year
The office of Election Services will distribute
petitions to candidates to run for County-wide Office,
Municipal Office, City Office and local Election
Boards. Candidates are required to file Campaign
Expense Reports with the office unless waived on their
petition. Depending upon the office, filing fees are
due upon receipt of petition. The office will send out
a notice of offices to be elected to each municipality to

Federal Election Year
Petitions to run for office are handled at the State
Level, other than the year local Party Committee
Offices run; petitions for these offices would be filed
in the Local Election Services Office. This is typically
a heavy voter registration year. In 2008 this office
processed 35,000 voter registration applications for
the General Election and 9,800 absentee ballots.
The County Commissioners sit as the County
Board of Elections except when running for
any public office, including re-election. The
Commissioners may also not serve as the Board of
Elections when a County Home Rule Charter or
Optional Plan is before the voters. In those cases, the
President Judge of the Court of Common Pleas names
temporary Election Board members. The Director
of Elections does not have a vote on the Board of
Elections, but prepares the agenda and maintains the
records of the Board’s proceedings.


The office of Election
Services accurately
performs the following
tasks annually:
• Maintains the registry for 260,000 Berks
County voters
• Administers boundary maps and
descriptions for the 198 voting districts
• Locates accessible and suitable
polling places
•Trains and processes payroll for 1200
polling place officials
• Processes candidate nomination
• Prepares and packages various election
materials required by polling officials
• Maintains, services and prepares
approximately 500 electronic voting
• Processes Absentee, Alternative/
Provisional and Emergency Ballots
• Certifies Official Election Returns
• Informs candidates, political party
committees, the media and the
general public of the voter
registration and election process.

Direct Connection to Your Local Government

Poll Workers needed!
A rewarding way to get involved in the democracy on which our nation was founded is to serve as
an election officer in Berks County. The Election Services Office needs over 1,000 poll workers for
each primary and general election. What a great opportunity for voters to support the electoral process,
become a poll worker. Call the Election Services Office at 610-478-6490 for more information.

Facilities & Operations		


Services Center - 16th Floor
Oversees the operation, engineering and construction of all county facilities
Maintains and repairs the County’s 62 bridges
Manages the State Liquid Fuels budget
Responsible for the County’s Sewage Treatment Plant
Responsible for recycling program within County facilities

Ag Center/ Fleet Management 		


Agricultural Center
1238 County Welfare Rd., Leesport, 19533 			
Provides facilities support services
Responsible for the County’s Fleet Management

Human Resources		


Services Center - 8 th Floor
Responsible for the employment, health, and welfare of approximately 2,500 County employees
Recruits and provides qualified candidates to be hired by County departments
Evaluates competitive insurance and benefit plans to affect cost savings while maintaining quality coverage
Develops and administers fair and equitable policies and procedures
Develops and conducts professional development and training courses for County employees
Establishes, administers, and maintains a fair and equitable compensation structure throughout the County
The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide all human resource functions, as approved by
the Board of Commissioners, relative to hiring, staffing, policies and procedures, benefits, compensation,
collective bargaining and labor relations, employee relations, and training and employee development.

Services Directory
Information Systems		


Services Center - 12th Floor
Provides all County of Berks governmental agencies
with state of the art communications and technology
solutions; Implements and maintains hardware and
software; Responsible for the County website;
Responsible for maintenance of various law enforcement systems; Responsible for the development,
implementation and support of county wide GIS and
mapping applications and products.
The County of Berks Information Systems (IS) Department is committed to providing world class customer service and support to all County Departments.
The IS Department is comprised of 35 talented and

Planning Commission		

dedicated individuals with diverse skill sets supporting
over 2500 customers. In 2009, the IS Department
focused on enhancing and improving technology services and offerings while continuing to reduce costs.
The IS Department focused on providing automation
and improving communications. The IS Department
also continued to stabilize and improve the resiliency
of the infrastructure. With an underlying goal of increased productivity, the IS Department will continue
to introduce and support technologies that meet the
ever increasing need for more secure, creative and efficient technology based solutions.


Services Center – 14th Floor
Prepares a plan for the development and preservation of the County;
The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code
(MPC), Act 247 of 1968 is the legislation that grants
authority for land planning in Pennsylvania to municipalities and counties. The MPC sets the ground
rules that all municipalities must follow for comprehensive planning, zoning, and subdivision and land
The Commission prepares the Berks County
Comprehensive Plan, which is adopted by the Board
of County Commissioners. This regional plan uses
demographic, economic and geographic information,
and citizen input to formulate recommendations for
future land use, transportation and community facilities. The plan is a statement of our community goals
and serves as a template for local governments to use
in designing plans and ordinances.

The Berks County Planning Commission serves as
the area-wide planning organization for Berks County
and consists of nine members appointed to four-year
terms by the Board of County Commissioners. The
Commission provides a regional blueprint for land
use, transportation and community facilities. It assists
local units of government with development and
preservation activities and provides guidance to the
Berks County Board of Commissioners and other
departments of county government. The Commission and its professional staff also serve as community
advisors for modern planning practices and advocates
for sound regional growth management. Finally, since
the Commission is involved with a range of activities
with a number of partners, it plays a very important
coordinating role in community development issues
and projects. In order to accomplish its duties, the

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Commission retains a staff of
eleven professional planners, five
office support and technicians, and
the planning director.
The Commission assists local
communities with the preparation
and adoption of joint local comprehensive plans that are consistent
with the overall county comprehensive plan. To date, 57 out of 73
communities have adopted Joint
Comprehensive Plans with help
from Berks County.
The MPC mandates that if a
local municipality has not adopted
its own land development regulations, then the County’s adopted
ordinances have authority and
the County becomes the approval
agencies for development decisions
in those municipalities. Currently,
only the Boroughs of Lyons and Lenhartsville do not
have their own land development regulations.
The MPC further mandates that if a local municipality has adopted its own land development regulations, the County must be afforded an opportunity to
review all development plans and offer recommendations to the local governing body. The Commission
conducts from 275 to 400 such reviews per year.
The MPC requires that the Commission review all
proposed zoning ordinances and amendments that
apply in Berks County. The Commission reviews the
ordinances for conformity to the County Comprehensive Plan and modern zoning techniques.
The Commission promotes policies and activities
that encourage balanced growth and preservation. We
play a lead role in cooperative efforts such as the Berks
County Smart Growth Alliance. The staff serves on a
variety of work groups and initiatives in order to further the goals of the comprehensive plan. We provide
technical assistance to municipalities on topical plan-

ning issues, training for planning
officials and citizens.
The Commission serves as a
repository of information about
Berks County and is the local
affiliate of the Pennsylvania State
Data Center and the Bureau of
the Census. As such, we provide
assistance and information to
other departments of county
government, the private sector
and the public. We maintain a
planning in order to distribute
the information and maps.
The Commission’s staff also
serves as staff for the Reading Area Transportation Study
(RATS), which is the federally
designated metropolitan planning
organization for Berks County.
RATS formulate and adopt the Long Range Transportation Plan and the four-year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) in order to qualify for federal
transportation funding for highways and transit.

Public meetings:
The Commission believes that our planning program can only be effective with broad public participation. We are committed to an open and collaborative partnership with all stakeholders. The Planning
Commission’s regularly scheduled public meeting is
the second Wednesday of each month at 3:00 p.m.,
in the Commission’s office on the 14th Floor of the
Berks County Services Center, 633 Court Street,
Reading, PA, 19601. Our office telephone number
is 610- 478-6300. General comments and questions
can be e-mailed at


Services Directory
Mail/Print Center		


Services Center - 1st Floor
The Mail/Print Center located on the First Floor of the Berks County Services Center was established to
provide efficient and effective services to the employees of the County of Berks and only the employees
of the County of Berks.
Consolidating print requirements and centralizing Print Shop operations allows for efficient and maximum utilization of printing and copying equipment and resources.

Public Library System		


1040 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533
Both a department of County government and a membership organization of independent public libraries
Board of Directors appointed by County Commissioners
Provides a variety of support services to member libraries


Vision Statement

Mission Statement

The public libraries of Berks County are committed
to the provision of consistent, high-quality service to
residents of all ages. Library staff and trustees respond
to changing needs through state-of-the-art technologies, up-to-date collections, centralized support
services, and an exacting standard of user satisfaction.

The mission of this federated library system, Berks
County Public Libraries, is countywide development, coordination, and promotion of public library
services. The System is an advocate for the library and
information needs of all the people of Berks County.
Operating as a department of county government
and in cooperation with the Reading District Library
Center, the System provides leadership and technical
assistance for improvement of the System’s libraries
and library resources.

Real Estate
Services Center - 3rd Floor

Mission Statement:

Mapping Revisions

The function of the Real Estate Office is to maintain the mapping/assessment records which consist of
the land size and improvements erected there on for
the 161,700 parcels within the county boundaries.
Major programs also administered by the Assessment
office are the Homestead Property Tax Relief program
and Act 319 Preferential Farmland assessments commonly referred to as “Clean and Green”.

Changes made to the tax maps based on new deeds
or surveys. There were 568 new parcels created and 785
changes made to lot dimensions on existing parcels

Building Permits

Area served:

Change Notices

Berks County covers 864 square miles or 553,000
acres. The Assessment office provides assessment
services to 73 Berks County Municipalities as well as
several parcels located in Adamstown Borough, Lancaster County. Assessment services are also provided
to 19 School Districts, some of which are also located
in adjacent counties.

Changes made to assessments are calculated and
owners are notified. All changes affords owners the
right to appeal their assessments.

Scope of Work:
Throughout the year the Real Estate Department
processes the following documents:

Recorded Deeds


All deeds recorded in the Recorder of Deeds office
are forwarded to the mapping/assessment office for
processing, i.e. split or transfer.

Assessment Division



Permits issued from the 75 municipalities are received and processed in the office. Permits are the most
important tool used in locating new construction.


Homestead Applications


Homestead application are received and processed
through the assessment office. Currently 80,265 valid
applications are on file in the office. Of the 35,116
applications mailed on Dec.15, 2008 11,123 were
returned for processing.

Assessment Appeals


State law gives owners 40 days to file and appeal of
their assessment. We must notify each appellant 20
prior to their scheduled appeal date.

Note: all totals are for the 2009 tax year.


Services Center - 3rd Floor
Assessment - appraises real estate within the county for the local property tax levy; administers the
Act 319/Act 156 (Clean and Green) preferential assessment program, allowing for a reduced assessment for
farm, open space, and woodland properties to promote continuing use for these types of properties. Processes and maintains all submitted applications for the Homestead program applicable to School Taxes.
Assessment Appeals Board - hears assessment appeals filed by property owners throughout
the year.

Mapping Division		


Services Center - 3rd Floor
Mapping Creates and maintains the boundary land dimensions on the 1409 tax maps which comprise
Berks County. The changes are generated from deeds recorded in the Recorder of Deeds office or
through approved property surveys/subdivisions.
Sells parcel maps to general public
Public can research property lines and landowners


Services Directory
Recorder of Deeds
Frederick Sheeler		


Services Center - 3rd Floor
Official County Recorder of all Deeds, Mortgages, Leases and all other miscellaneous real estate documents
Collects Local and State Real Estate Transfer Taxes, Affordable Housing Fees, Judicial Fees and
Writ Taxes
Records all Notary Public Commissions, renewals and changes and also swears in all
Notaries Public
Records all real estate related Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) liens
Records all subdivision, land development and highway plans
Records all commissions and bonds for County Officials
Records and maintains military discharge (DD214) papers free of charge
Maintains an index and copies of all documents recorded in the Berks County Recorder of
Deeds office dating back to 1752 including documents no longer recorded such as
Organization and Corporate Charters before 1977.
Most records are now available on-line at Access to view
records is free of charge and copies can be printed for
.50 cents per page. Our on-line database contains our
deed and mortgage index going back to 1752. All
deed images and most other documents are available

Register of Wills
Larry Medaglia		
Marriage License		

to view on this easy to use website. If you are searching for something and cannot find it on our website
please give our office a call between the hours of 8:00
am and 5:00 pm, our staff would be happy to assist


Services Center - 2nd Floor
Responsible for the probate of all estates for decedents dying in the County of Berks
Collects inheritance tax for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Issues marriage licenses
Maintains the docket of all probate proceedings
Serves as Clerk of Orphans’ Court ( an office that can stand independently)
Maintains all records of adoptions and guardianships in the Orphans’ Court division of the Court of
Common Pleas
Serves as presiding officer in all probate hearings (30 – 40 per year)
Under special circumstances, the Register will perform probates and take marriage license applications in
the home, assisted living facility or hospital of the citizen in need of our services. Special arrangements
can be made by calling the office.

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Nelson H. Long, CPA		


Services Center – 2nd Floor

The Treasurer is an elected official of the County
and serves as a member of the County Pension Board
and is responsible for receipting all revenue for the
County in excess of $460 million of State and Federal
funds including over $128 million in County Property Taxes. The Treasurer manages all funds on deposit
for the county earning interest to extend the value of
all revenue to its maximum including the short term
investment of these funds which may total anywhere
from a low of $115 million to a high of $217 million.
In 2010 The Treasurer anticipates the initiation
of a new, computerized distribution of tax collector revenue. This system is designed to provide all
participating municipalities the ability to receive
their tax revenue payments via ACH bank transfers
directly into the municipality’s bank account thereby
providing municipalities more efficient access to their
municipal Real Estate Tax revenue.

The Treasurer’s Office is staffed by ten employees
who provide the following services:
• Receives and releases all payments made on
behalf of the County.
• Prints and distributes all bills for county
and municipal real estate taxes (except City
of Reading). County tax $128 million.
Municipal $51 million.
• Collects the hotel tax which funds the debt
service of the Sovereign Center (80%); balance
goes to the Berks County Visitors Bureau.
• Annually issues over 60,000 licenses and
permits for hunting, fishing, dogs, motorboats
as well as issuing licenses as well as small games
of chance including bingo.

Tax Claim Bureau		


Services Center - 2nd Floor		


Administers collection of all delinquent real estate taxes owed to County local taxing authorities

The Tax Claim Bureau is responsible for the collection of delinquent Real Estate taxes. To do this, and
to remain compliant with the PA Real Estate Tax Law,
we send notices to those taxpayers who have not paid
their taxes. On January 15, 2010 the 2009 unpaid
Real Estate taxes liened to our office was approximately 11,000 accounts totaling to $21 million. We allow
those taxpayers to set up agreements, make partial

payments or pay the account in full. In the event those
2009 Real Estate taxes remain unpaid, the real estate
would be exposed to an Upset Tax Sale on September
21, 2011. Payments are applied and the monies collected are disbursed to the respective taxing districts
on a monthly basis. We collect these delinquent Real
Estate taxes for 72 Berks County municipalities and
17 Berks County School Districts.


Berks County Government Guide


Agricultural Land Preservation		
Agricultural Center		
1238 County Road Suite 260, Leesport, PA 19533



Services Directory
Mission Statement:
As agriculture continues to be Berks County’s number one industry, the mission of the Berks County
Agricultural Land Preservation Board to protect viable
agricultural land in perpetuity by acquiring agricultural conservations easements, serves as its foundation.
Agricultural lands are under constant threat from urban sprawl and population pressures. The Agricultural
Conservation Easement (ACE) Program, administered
by the nine-member Board, protects and maintains
our region’s fertile non-irrigated soil for production
agriculture while keeping the costs of development at

Farms are ranked by the Land Evaluation Site
Assessment (LESA) system, which scores each farm
based upon four factors, including: soils - the availability of prime agricultural soils located on the farm;
clustering - the farm’s proximity to land protected by
effective agricultural zoning, and agricultural security
enrollment, which ensures that a contiguous land
mass, or clusters of farmland are protected to support
the farming community; farmland - the economic
viability of the farm; and development - the farm’s potential to be converted to a non-agricultural use. Farm
selection generally occurs in March and the number
of acres selected in any given year is determined by the
amount of funds available.
As of 3/17/10
Number of Farms Preserved:
Total Acres Preserved:
County Funds Dedicated:
State Funds Contributed:
Federal Funds Contributed:
Landowner Donation Value:
PA State Ranking (Act 43):
National Ranking:

Agricultural Coordinator		



Agricultural Center
1238 County Road Suite 110, Leesport, PA 19533
Plans directs and coordinates agricultural business development and marketing of the
agricultural industry and related business in the County of Berks

Farm Service Agency		


Agricultural Center, Suite 240
1238 County Road, Leesport, PA 19533
Part of U.S. Department of Agriculture
Provides direct or guaranteed loans to farmers for operating expense or ownership

Services Directory
Conservation District		


Agricultural Center
1238 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533
The Berks County Conservation District is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and was
formed at the request of a group of conservation-minded farmers on August 13, 1946. There are currently seven
Board of Directors and eight Associate Directors.

Mission Statement
The Berks County Conservation District is dedicated
to the encouragement and education in the wise
stewardship of soil and water, so that present and future
generations in Berks County and surrounding watersheds
may have healthy land on which to live and work, and
clean water for drinking and recreation.


Erosion and Sediment Control
• PA Chapter 102 Erosion and Sediment Control
Program compliance
• PA Chapter 105 Waterway Encroachment Permit
Review and Processing
• National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
(NPDES) Permit Review and Processing
• Dirt and Gravel Roads Program Administration
• Conservation Planning Assistance
• PA Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan Review and
• Chesapeake Bay Program Administration


• United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
– Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)
PL-566 Watershed Program Assistance
• Stream Improvement and Pollution Prevention
Projects Support
• Watershed Associations Support
• Technical Support for Municipal Environmental
Advisory Councils
• Environmental Education Through the Coastal
Zone Non-Point Pollution Program
• Environmental Education for Local Schools and
• Coordination and Sponsorship
for Envirothon and Don Hartman Conservation
Leadership School
• Scholarship Sponsor via Annual Tree Seedling Sale
and Conservation District Banquet
• West Nile Virus Program Administration

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Cooperative Extension		
Agricultural Center, Suite 110		
1238 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533


An extension of Pennsylvania State University’s College of Agriculture Sciences
Provides research-based informal educational programs to the public, including:
Increasing agricultural profitability
Nutrition and health and weight control
Food preparation, safety and preservation
Youth development through 4-H
Consumer issues
Water quality
Strengthening community leadership
Home and commercial horticulture
Overall program is determined by the local Board of Directors,
Penn State Specialists, and a professional staff lead by the Extension Director

USDA Natural Resources		
Conservation Service (NRCS)		


Agricultural Center, Suite 220		
1238 County Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Berks County Field Office		

610-372-4655 ext. 3

Technical agency of Federal Government who works closely with Farm Service Agency, Berks County Conservation
District and Agriculture Land Preservation Department
Assists farmers with the development of conservation plans
Assists farmers with the implementation of conservation practices
Contracts Federal Government Farm Bill programs providing cost share
assistance to farmers and other private landowners.
Provides education and outreach in the area of soils, soil mapping, and
land capabilities


Berks County Government Guide

The I-78 Industrial Park @ Bethel is a 323 acre
warehouse/distribution center that is being developed
by the Berks County Industrial Development Authority
(BCIDA). The BCIDA has owned the 323 acre property
since September 24, 2004. The property is located near
exit 13 which is the Bethel interchange for 501 and
Interstate 78. Over the past five years, the BCIDA has
spent over $1 million in engineering and legal fees for
pre-development costs. In a few weeks (approximately
April 2010) the site will be fully entitled (all permitting
will be approved and final plan approval will be received
and the plan recorded). The permitting will make the
site “ready to go” or “shovel ready” (start of construction
within sixty days). The approved plans will accommodate
the construction of 2.75 million square feet of warehouse
distribution space. The land will be subdivided into 3 lots
that will accommodate buildings of the following size:
Lot #1 – 1,002,000 sf; Lot #2 – 1,035,154 sf; and Lot #3
– 707,945. These, of course, can be further subdivided
to accommodate smaller building sizes. Attached is a plan
for the property.
Full development of the site has the potential to create
from 800 to 1,000 full time permanent jobs. Those jobs
will go to residents of Berks, Schuylkill, Lebanon and
20 Dauphin counties. Hundreds more of short term con-

struction jobs will be created in completing site improvements and building construction. Based on an estimate
of assessed valuation for land and buildings, $2.2 million
in new annual real estate tax revenue would be produced
for the three taxing bodies (Tulpehocken School District,
Bethel Township and Berks County). A complete fiscal
impact statement has not been prepared but significant
state taxes and non-real estate taxes can also be expected.
The next phase of the project will be to begin the construction of the following infrastructure: Phase I Access
Road; On-Site Fire Protection System; Sanitary Sewer
System; Route 501 Improvements; and Electric Service
to the Site
If you live in the eastern part of the County you should
be enjoying new road improvements at 422 and Perkiomen Avenue. You might also have shopped at the new
$75M, 500,000 square foot Exeter Commons shopping center. Maybe, you have one of its 800 jobs. The
Center won for its developers, Goldenberg and Ironwood
Property an award from the Mid Atlantic Real Estate
Journal. The traffic design by Traffic Planning and Design
has won for TPD and Exeter Township the 2009 Road
and Bridge Safety Improvement Award. Not asking for
any awards but jobs, infrastructure, and tax base were the
Berks County Commissioners, Berks County Industrial

Services Directory
Authority , PA
Department of
and Economic
Senator Mike
O’Pake, Exeter
Township Board of Supervisors, and the Exeter School
Board, who worked tirelessly to make the financing and
development work possible. Both the road project and
the center were completed this year.
The BCIDA made substantial progress on their
research park last year. Since September 12, 2006, it
has had under agreement 187 acres of land located at
the Reading Regional Airport. The land is owned by
the Reading Regional Airport Authority (RRAA). For
the past 18 months the property has been proceeding
through the FAA release process so that the land can be
declared non-aviation land. A legal subdivision plan of
the property is also making its way through the Bern
Township planning approval process. It is expected that
both will conclude with approvals by June 30, 2010 with
settlement occurring shortly thereafter.
If a build-out of laboratory and office space were to
occur the site could accommodate up to 850,000 sf.
Increased assessed valuation from buildings and land is
estimated to be $195 million which would provide approximately $5 million per year to the local taxing bodies.
An early estimate of the number of direct jobs that would
be produced is 2000, many of which will be high-paying.
Each core job in a science park creates an additional 2.57
jobs according to the Battelle Institute for a total employment impact of 5000 jobs.
The next step for the project will be to complete a detailed
market analysis, feasibility study and engineering work.
In June of 2009, an initial planning group composed
of the Berks County Industrial Development Authority, Berks County Planning Commission, Berks County
Workforce Investment Board, Berks Economic Partnership, City of Reading, Greater Berks Development Fund,
Greater Reading Chamber of Business and Industry and
the Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau

began meeting to formulate the Greater Reading Competitive Economic Development Action Plan. The group
hired as its consultant, Erik R. Pages of EntreWorks
Consulting. Five key areas of focus have been selected.
They are: Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Workforce
Development; Quality of Place; Sites and Infrastructure;
and Clusters Revisited. The plan is short term and more
of a bridging effort that will lead to a complete revision of
the county’s current economic development strategy some
time in the future. The group expects to issue the plan in
April 2010.

Jeremy Fogel, Principal at Ironwood Property Group;
Kathy Foster, Investment Real Estate Manager at Cabelas; Judy Romig - Vice
of the Tilden Township Board of
Supervisors; Mark
Scott - ChairmanBerks County Commissioners
In the northern park of the county A $75 million
shopping center anchored by a Wal-Mart Supercenter and
a Lowe’s broke ground. Ironwood Property Group LP,
is building a 400,000-square-foot project on 63 acres in
Tilden Township along U.S. Route 61 and near Interstate
78. The mall, to be known as Tilden Ridge, is scheduled
to open in fall 2010. It has been in the planning-anddesign phases for five years.
A key part of the project is Tilden Ridge’s close proximity to a Cabela’s, a 250,000-square-foot store selling gear
for hunting, fishing, camping and the outdoors. Cabela’s
attracts 6 million shoppers a year, according to Historic
“We are very excited to have Tilden Ridge as our nextdoor neighbor,” said Kathy Foster, investment real estate
manager at Cabela’s. “Our Hamburg store continues
to be the No. 1 store of our 30 retail stores ever since it
opened in 2003. The addition of Tilden Ridge will attract
even more people to the area, complementing our store
by offering more goods and services to the community.”
The County Planning Commission, Tilden Township
and the BCIDA played important roles in making the
project a reality.

Services Directory
Berks County Industrial
Development Authority		


Services Center – 14th Floor


The Berks County Industrial Development Authority (BCIDA) was created May 7, 1969 by the County of
Berks in compliance with the Pennsylvania Industrial and
Commercial Development Authority Law of August 13,
1967 for the purpose of promoting and developing commercial, industrial and manufacturing enterprises and encouraging employment within the County of Berks. The
Authority is authorized to issue Industrial Development
Bonds (IDB’s) to manufacturing companies for qualified
capital projects. A five-member Board, appointed by
the County Commissioners for staggered terms, governs
the BCIDA. The County Commissioners have given
the BCIDA the additional responsibility of developing
brownfields. This action follows a recommendation in
the Industrial Site Assessment, and is a key activity in the
implementation of the County’s economic development
strategy. The BCIDA meets publicly once a month.

• Retention &
of Existing
• Improved
Utilization &
of Local
• Creation of
Employment &
Wealth in the
• Recruitment of
New Business

Berks County Industrial Development Authority
provides a variety of services to assist in the creation and
retention of employment opportunities. BCIDA has authorization over financing options and provides technical
assistance to developers, industries, and other economic
development organizations.

• Workforce

Community Development		
Services Center - 14th Floor


The Community Development Office administers the following federal, state, and local programs directed towards housing and community development.
Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Approximately $750,000 per year.
Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Approximately $2,700,000 per year.
Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) Program Approximately $120,000 per year.
Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program. Approximately $700,000 per year.


Direct Connection to Your Local Government



201 Penn Street, Suite 502, Reading, PA 19603
Berks Economic Partnership’s (BEP) formal mission is to
attract, retain, and grow business by vigorously promoting, fostering, and coordinating economic development in the Greater
Reading region.
BEP has been very fortunate to receive significant financial support from the County of Berks, and is also very grateful to have received sizable Private Sector support as well.
According to Jon Scott, President and CEO of BEP,
the individuals and organizations involved with community and economic development in the Greater Reading
region are working together in a positive and collaborative
fashion. We have come together to speak with one voice

in terms of prioritizing overall community and economic
development projects, and that has had a positive impact
on Berks County receiving significant funding from both
Harrisburg and Washington, DC.
Additionally, BEP continues to spend extensive time
and energy touting the competitive advantages of doing
business in the Greater Reading region to the outside
world. It is BEP that has done a significant amount of
the positioning for Berks County as a very positive geographic option for new business expansion and growth as
well as working with local companies to assist them with
their existing expansion needs.

201 Penn Street, Suite 501, Reading, PA 19601

Fax 610-376-4135

The Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry is leader in business assistance. They connect businesses to resources;
provide marketing and networking opportunities, and training to develop the skills of our local workforce.

Municipal Authority		

610-376-4000 ext. 223

PO Box 1298, Reading, PA 19603

Formerly the Hospital Authority, this board provides both tax-exempt and taxable financing to all eligible institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, universities and colleges


Berks County Government Guide

23rd Judicial District of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania’s judicial branch of government is organized into a unified system headed by the Chief Justice of
the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and assisted by the State
Court Administrator of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania
Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth
Court are the appellate courts to the trial courts, which
are organized as Courts of Common Pleas in 60 judicial
districts across the Commonwealth. Our minor judiciary is comprised of Magisterial District Justice courts
organized by magisterial districts across the county. Berks
County’s Court of Common Pleas, Magisterial District
Justice courts, and court services departments make up
the 23rd Judicial District of Pennsylvania.
The President Judge of the Berks County Court of
Common Pleas is the head of the 23rd Judicial District
and is directly assisted by Administrative Judges of the
Family, Civil, Criminal, Juvenile and Orphans Courts
and the Court Administrator of Berks County. A Board
of Judges meets regularly to review issues and establish
administrative policies and procedures for the courts.


Services Directory
Common Pleas Court Judges
Judge Thomas G. Parisi
Judge James M. Bucci
Judge Paul M. Yatron
Judge John A. Boccabella
Judge Timothy J. Rowley
Senior Judge Thomas J. Eshelman
Senior Judge Albert A. Stallone
Senior Judge Arthur E. Grim

President Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl
Judge Scott D. Keller
Judge Linda K.M. Ludgate
Judge Peter W. Schmehl
Judge Jeffrey K. Sprecher
Judge Stephen B. Lieberman
Judge Scott E. Lash
Judge Mary Ann Campbell

Court Services		
Court Information		


Services Center 4th Floor, Court Administration

Information and referrals


Common Pleas Court Judges		
Courthouse - 7th Floor, District Court Administrator


23rd Judicial District Administration		
Courthouse – 7th Floor – District Court Administrator
District Court Administrator and Deputy Court Administrator
Strategic planning
Berks County Executive Branch Chief Liaison
Court Open Records Office

Family Court Administration

Executive and resource management services
Project/initiative facilitation
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts Liaison

610-478-6208 ext. 5770

Services Center – 7th Floor, Family Court Administration
Unified Family Court Administration, Caseflow Management
Child custody, child support hearings
Family Law Mediation Coordination
Custody/Support Masters Supervision
Family/Civil Court Calendar

Dependency Master Supervision
Dependency Parent’s Attorney Supervision
Detention Master Supervision
Guardian ad Litem Supervision
Protection From Abuse Office Supervision


Services Directory
Criminal/Civil Court Administration		

610-478- 6208

Services Center – 4th Floor, Court Administration
Criminal Court/Civil Court Information, Caseflow Management
Civil Arbitrations Program Administration
Common Pleas Court Daily Schedule Coordination

Jury Administration		


Services Center – 4th Floor, Court Administration

Requirements, Summons, Recall, Reception, Orientation and Trial Support

Magisterial District Judge System/
Special Courts Administration 		
Courthouse - 1st Floor,
Reading Central Court
Magisterial District Judge Court Administration
Reading Central Court Administration
Berks County Central Arraignment Court
(Night Court) Administration
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
Special Courts Liaison



Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Magisterial Districts
Magisterial District 23-0-01 (Central Arraignment Court - Night Court) . ..................................... 610-478-6456
Magisterial District 23-0-02 (Reading Central Court - City Preliminary Hearings) ................... 610-478-6456
Magisterial District 23-1-01 (M.D.J. Ann L. Young) .................................................................................. 610-678-6721
Magisterial District 23-1-02 (M.D.J. Michael J. Leonardziak) ............................................................... 610-374-9288
Magisterial District 23-1-03 (M.D.J. Wally Scott) ........................................................................................ 610-378-5101
Magisterial District 23-1-04 (M.D.J.

Thomas H. Xavios) ....................................................................... 610-373-4424

Magisterial District 23-1-05 (M.D.J. Alvin B. Robinson) ........................................................................ 610-373-2127
Magisterial District 23-1-06 (M.D.J. Dean R. Patton) .............................................................................. 610-929-4440
Magisterial District 23-2-01 (M.D.J. Stuart D. Kennedy) ....................................................................... 610-375-7101
Magisterial District 23-2-02 (M.D.J.

Timothy M. Dougherty) ............................................................ 610-374-7721

Magisterial District 23-2-03 (M.D.J. Phyllis J. Kowalski) ........................................................................ 610-779-5137
Magisterial District 23-2-04 (M.D.J. Nicholas M. Bentz) ........................................................................ 610-777-3885
Magisterial District 23-3-01 (M.D.J. David E. Glass) ................................................................................ 610-582-8615
Magisterial District 23-3-02 (M.D.J. Michael G. Hartman) ................................................................... 610-367-2357
Magisterial District 23-3-03 (M.D.J. Victor M. Frederick, IV) .............................................................. 610-987-3344
Magisterial District 23-3-04 (M.D.J. Gail M. Greth) . ................................................................................ 610-944-7202
Magisterial District 23-3-05 (M.D.J.

Thomas M. Gauby, Sr.) ............................................................... 610-916-4496

Magisterial District 23-3-06 (M.D.J. Kim L. Bagenstose) ........................................................................ 610-562-4364
Magisterial District 23-3-07 (M.D.J. Andrea J. Book) . .............................................................................. 610-488-6224
Magisterial District 23-3-09 (M.D.J. Deborah P. Lachina) ...................................................................... 610-478-3291


Services Directory
Adult Probation and Parole		
Services Center - 7th Floor, Adult Probation
Court-Ordered Probation Plan Supervision
Alcohol Safe Driving Programs Administration
Restrictive Intermediate Punishment Plan Supervision
Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole Liaison


Court-Ordered Parole Plan Supervision
DUI, Addictions and Mental Health Treatment Courts Liaison
Court-Ordered Community Service Supervision

Juvenile Probation / Juvenile Court		


Services Center – 10th Floor, Juvenile Probation
Juvenile Court Administration
Juvenile Offender Supervision
Competency Development Program Coordination
Community Youth Aid Panel Programming
Operation Night Light Participant

Juvenile Court Victim/Witness Services
Balanced and Restorative Justice Programming
School-Based Probation Services
Magisterial District Judge Alternative Sanction Program
Juvenile Justice Agency Liaison

Domestic Relations		


Services Center - 6th Floor

Court Interpreters		


Child/Family Support Order Establishment, Modification, Enforcement
Child Support Enforcement Court Liaison
Paternity Establishment
Berks County Sheriff’s Department Liaison for Domestic Relations Fugitives
Domestic Relations Association of Pennsylvania Liaison

Services Center 4th Floor, Court Administration

Foreign Language Simultaneous Interpretation
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services/Americans with Disabilities Act Liaison
Freelance and Contracted Language Services Agency Liaison
Court Interpreter/Administrative Interpreter
Qualification Services
Written Product Translation
Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts
Interpretation/Translation Liaison


Direct Connection to Your Local Government

Court Reporters		
Courthouse – 14th Floor, Court Reporters
Courtroom Stenographic Services
Evidence Control and Storage
Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association Liaison

Transcript Production
Videoconference Schedule Coordination


Law Library		
Courthouse - 10th Floor, Law Library

Pennsylvania Judicial Code-directed judiciary library services
Public Accessible, Sole Public Source in Berks County for Legal Research

Protection From Abuse
Services Center - 1st Floor

Domestic Violence Protection Requests/Petitions

610-478-6208 ext 5701 or 5702

Protection Order Coordination

English Hotline 610-372-9540
Español Hotline 610-372-7463
Clerk of Courts
James P. Troutman		


Marianne R. Sutton		


Courthouse - 2nd Floor

Courthouse - 4th Floor
Prepares and maintains the records for the Criminal Division of the Court of Common Pleas
Collects fines and costs for criminal convictions of Court of Common Pleas
Maintains road dockets and Liquor Control Board appeals
Maintains the road docket for all municipal subdivisions
Prepares all commitments for defendants taken into custody
Provide courtroom clerks for judges of the criminal division

Chief Clerk of the Civil Division of the Court of Common Pleas
Handles Family Court filings (Protection from Abuse, divorces and custody matters)
Chief Notary for County of Berks in civil cases
Records and maintains records for all civil cases
Records judgments and liens (Local, State and Federal)
Agent for application of passports
Distributes immigration information
Prothonotary archives


Berks County Government Guide



Services Directory

Solid Waste Authority and Recycling Coordinator
Services Center, 14th Floor

The Berks County Solid Waste Authority was established by the Berks County Commissioners on August 19, 1992.
The Authority is responsible for the development and implementation of the County Solid Waste Management Plan.
The County Solid Waste Management Plan is required to be revised every 10 years and meet the following requirements:
Ensure adequate disposal capacity for county-generated waste for a period of ten years.
Evaluate the county’s recycling program and achieve the statewide goal of 35% recycling.
Provide assistance to municipalities.
Develop and administer collection programs for special wastes.

2010 Collection Schedule:
Household Hazardous Waste:

April 10, 2010

Exeter Township Municipal Building

October 16, 2010

FirstEnergy Stadium - Reading

Electronic Waste:

April 16 & 17, 2010

Exeter Township Municipal Building

September 24 & 25, 2010

FirstEnergy Stadium – Reading

Pharmaceutical Waste:

April 24, 2010

Exeter Township Municipal Building

October 2, 2010
FirstEnergy Stadium

Tire Collection & Paper Shredding:

May 1, 2010

Exeter Township Municipal Building

October 9, 2010

The Authority operates a full-time recycling
center at 1316 Hill Top Road, Leesport.
The facility accepts Cardboard, mixed paper,
aluminum and tin cans, plastic bottles and
containers and glass jars and bottles. The
facility is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a
day. In addition, the Authority operates twelve
recycling centers that move location each
week. On the next page is the 2010 schedule
for this program. These facilities accept mixed
paper, aluminum and tin cans, plastic bottles
and containers and glass jars and bottles.

FirstEnergy Stadium - Reading

Direct Connection to Your Local Government

Recycling Containers are available at the following locations from Wednesday through Sunday.
The dates listed below are the first day that the containers are available.

Boyertown/ Greenwich/

Tulpehocken Tulpehocken

January 27
February 24
March 24
April 21
May 19
June 16
July 14
August 11
September 8
October 6,
November 3
December 1
December 29

January 13
February 10
March 10
April 7
May 5
June 2
June 30
July 28
August 25
September 22
October 20
November 17
December 15

January 6
February 3
March 3
March 31
April 28
May 26
June 23
July 21
August 18
September 15
October 13
November 10
December 8

January 20
February 17
March 17
April 14
May 12
June 9
July 7
August 4
September 1
September 29
October 27
November 24
December 22

U. Tulpehocken

Borough Garage
Borough Park
Township Building
Township Building
Township Garage
Township Building
Township Building
Township Building
Township Garage
Township Building
Township Building

Rear of South Reading Ave.
West Barkley and South Cherry St.
3131 Seisholtzville Rd.
11 Kehl Dr. off of S. R. 662
775 Old Rt. 22
2451 S.R. 143
Haas Rd.
Bucks Hill Rd.
81 Klahr Rd.
6501 Old Rt. 22
22 Rehrersburg Rd.

Contact the Berks County Solid Waste Authority for more information:
610-478-6362 /

Berks County Government Guide

Human Services
Office of Aging		


Services Center - 8th Floor

Established in 1974 under provision of the Older Americans Act
Develops and administers county-wide community support system for older citizens including the following:
In-home services alternatives to institutional placement that include personal care, assistive
Socialization, recreational and educational programs
Information and referral
Congregate meals
Housing assistance
Family caregiver support
Home-delivered meals
Volunteer services
Specialized transportation
Adult day services
Nursing home assistance
Insurance counseling
Benefit programs
Employment services
Senior Centers
Foster Grandparent program
Protection from abuse & exploitation
Legal services
Assessment / Care management


Services Directory

(Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority)


11th & Exeter Streets, Reading, PA 19604

BARTA Special Services		


Berks County Home - Berks Heim		


1011 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Operates Public Transit System
Funded by a combination of fares and federal, state and county contributions

Provides specialized transportation to those who are unable to use the fixed route buses

Licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and certified by both Medicare and Medicaid
Accepting applications for private pay, Medicare, and Medicaid eligible residents
Berks Heim is governed by the Board of County Commissioners and managed by a full-time licensed Nursing
Home Administrator and Director of Nursing

Berks Heim is an elderly community
providing long-term care services with
an emphasis on quality care. We have an
individualized approach to healthcare and
all staff are dedicated to provide for the
social, emotional, and physical well-being
of our residents.


Berks Heim - Yesterday and Today
The history of Berks Heim extends back to a time
when communities had the need for a place where the
local citizenry could go to during times of need due to
circumstances that threatened their ability to survive in a
day and age where support services were either provided
by family and friends or didn’t exist at all. The year was
1824 when Berks County like many other counties began
to address the needs of people who were unable to take
care of their needs because of conditions that ranged from
sickness to poverty, mental illness to personal disaster. Often times temporary in nature, people needed a safe place
to live until they could rebuild their lives, their homes or

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find a living arrangement that suited their needs. The residents of this agrarian community that was first located in
the Shillington area consisted at times of young families
who may have been displaced by a fire in their homes, a
spouse that might have been seriously injured or killed in
an accident at work or on the farm, transients they called
hobo’s , the chronically ill who had no one able or willing
to attend to them and, of course, the indigent.
Originally known as the “Alms House” or Poor House,
this community was embraced by those who had the
immediate need to seek refuge and assistance, but at the
same time it also became the scourge of those who feared
living with the stigma of having been associated with
residing there. The Alms House existed and evolved for
many years until September of 1952 when, after much
fanfare, the existing Board of County Commissioner’s
introduced a brand new state of the art facility located in
Bern Township which was designed to take care of the
needs of two basically different population groups, one
being those who actually had a need for physical care
and the other for those who were unable to take care of
themselves on their own in the community who needed a
place to live.
To change the stigma of the Alms House / Poor House
moniker the county sponsored a contest in the local
school districts to rename this new building. The intent
was warranted and well intended when the announcement was made and the name was changed to Berks
County Home - Berks Heim or just Berks Heim, but the
reputation remained. It wasn’t until after the enactment
of Medicare in 1965 and the promulgation of an industry
providing oversight and regulation that nursing homes
began a journey that has resulted in the transformation
that we all know today.
Berks Heim continued to grow over those years and
with the addition of the Annex in 1975 became the
second largest nursing home in Pennsylvania with a
licensed capacity of 799 beds. The quality of care steadily
improved as did the training of the staff and the legal
requirements to provide care. Little by little there became
alternatives to long-term care and commencing in May
of 1998 Berks Heim began yet another transformation
focusing on higher acuity residents. It was determined
that there indeed existed a need to construct a “ New “
Berks Heim to accommodate all of the requirements for

care of a totally different kind of resident population than
had existed before. Acknowledging that there were now
other options for those needing some personal assistance
but not necessarily at the level of long-term care, Berks
Heim started downsizing in anticipation of its new building project eventually lowering the capacity of the facility
to 420 licensed dually certified skilled beds.
It was a beautiful fall day on the 1st of October 2005,
when all of the residents of Berks Heim started their
migration from their home of over 53 years to the brand
new building, located on the North Campus adjacent to
the former Main and Annex buildings, to start a new beginning in the third generation in the ongoing evolution
of our Berks County Home - Berks Heim.
Today Berks Heim is no longer the choice of last
resort, but in fact is a wonderfully modern, well equipped
nursing facility providing quality care to 420 residents.
Provisions of the new building include a dementia unit
designed with the intent to service the needs of those residents who exhibit challenging behaviors and who are unable to meaningfully fully participate in the programs as
offered on a typical nursing unit or neighborhood as we
prefer to call it. Residents are able to participate in a wide
variety of activities, experience the ambiance of a Beauty
and Barber Shop, called the Berk-Shear, just as they had
enjoyed throughout their lifetime in their communities,
all the while having their individual needs attended to by
a professional care team.
Of course, experience has demonstrated to us over all
of these years that providing care will continue to change
as we adjust to new expectations brought forth by new
generations, as well as ever changing regulations and
creative reimbursement.
The Berks Heim that we know is actually comprised
of 21 individual departments that represent 500 employees working in such diverse careers as Nursing, Dietary,
Maintenance, and Laundry, as well as Human Resources
and the Business Office, just to mention a few. The professional staff include, but are not limited to, RN’s, LPN’s
and a licensed Nursing Home Administrator.
Financially Berks Heim endeavors to be self sustaining
and has an operating budget approximating $35,000,000
which is funded by a revenue base provided primarily by
Medicaid, Private Pay and Medicare. These payor sources
represent funds provided by either the individual resident


Services Directory
or the subsidy source that they qualify for. Medicaid is
always the payor of last resort, although it does represent
the largest majority of reimbursement received by Berks
Heim and these dollars are provided through the Department of Public Welfare, funded by a 55 % Federal / 45
% State split. Medicare is funded by Federal monies and,
of course the Private Pay portion comes directly from

residents. Frequently residents, during the course of their
stay, may qualify at different times for each of the available funding sources, each resident / applicant’s financial
circumstance is reviewed individually and regularly, as
their eligibility may be subject to change, based upon acuity and financial resources.

Council on Chemical Abuse		


601 Penn Street, 6th Floor, Reading, PA 19601

Plans, coordinates and monitors all drug and alcohol programming supported by public monies
Provides prevention and intervention services
Provides funding for treatment services through contracted arrangements with licensed providers
Resource center, including library and videos, open to the public
Tobacco cessation and in-school prevention activities

The Council on Chemical Abuse is a private, nonprofit
501(c)(3) corporation that was formed in 1972 and has
a contractual agreement with the County to serve as the
Single County Authority (SCA) for drug and alcohol
services in Berks County. As the SCA, the Council on
Chemical Abuse administers and manages publicly
funded prevention, intervention, and treatment services
to the Berks County community. Our volunteer board of
directors oversees and directs all aspects of the Council’s
The Council on Chemical Abuse also provides leadership in the development of policies and programs that
prevent the onset of illegal alcohol and drug use, and
tobacco use. Prevention programs to both adults and
youth focus on a clear message of drug-free, alcohol-free,
and tobacco-free living. The Council staff works with all
public and parochial schools in Berks County offering
evidence-based, age appropriate educational curriculum
and peer mediation/conflict resolution training services.
The Council also supports youth intervention services by
coordinating the Underage Drinking Program of Berks
County and providing funding and technical assistance to
support Student Assistance Program Services.

Addiction treatment services are contracted through
the Council to licensed facilities that provide services
ranging from hospital based services to community based
residential and outpatient services. All treatment services
begin with a comprehensive assessment to determine
the most appropriate service to best address the addicted
individual’s needs. Treatment provides an opportunity to
stop destruction caused by addiction and enter long term
recovery. For individuals with unstable living arrangements and in the early stage of recovery, the Council
funds several transitional houses where clients can live in a
drug free environment to stabilize/enhance their recovery.
To monitor treatment progress, individuals are typically
required to undergo random urine testing. All clients that
enter treatment services are offered HIV risk-reduction
counseling as well as HIV testing services.
As the addiction is being addressed through treatment,
intensive case-management is provided to help with other
life areas (i.e. housing, medical, employment, educational,
etc.) that many times interfere with the person’s long term
recovery. Such services are offered to any client entering
public funded treatment. The Council works in tandem
with numerous county human service agencies to help
break the cycle of addiction that many times is the driving
reason why people are on agency caseloads.

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
The Council’s tobacco prevention efforts concentrate
on educating the public, training youth advocates, and
partnering with local law enforcement departments to
conduct enforcement of current tobacco regulations.

Future Plans
The Council’s future plans include continuing efforts
to increase prevention opportunities to prevent the onset
of addiction as well as increase treatment capacity for
those individuals suffering from addiction. Both areas
of increase are predicted on examination of the cost effectiveness of current approaches and our ability to secure
an expanded base of financial support so the individuals
in need of treatment are not turned away.

Children & Youth Services		
Services Center - 11th Floor
Services include:
In-Home Services
Investigation of Child
Foster Care




Services Directory
Berks County Children and Youth Services is assigned
to protect children, up to eighteen years of age, from
abuse and neglect. The staff investigate all reports of
child maltreatment in Berks County. For families at risk
of future abuse or neglect, services and monitoring are
implemented to ensure child safety and allow the children
to remain in their homes. For some cases, placement outside the family’s home is warranted. When this happens,
the parents participate in services to allow the childrens’
safe return. For situations in which a safe return is not
able to occur, the Berks County Children and Youth
Services staff requests that the Court terminate parental
rights. A permanent adoptive situation is located, often
within the child’s family and/or community.
Berks County Children and Youth Services is mandated to provide care for children who must be moved to
out-of-home placement. The agency maintains a group of
foster parents to assist in caring for these children. These
valued families must be able to work not only with the
child, but also with the court, the family of origin, county
caseworkers and variety of agency personnel.
There are several requirements that a
foster parent must satisfy, and you should be
familiar with them before taking on the responsibility of
caring for a foster child.

The Foster Parent applicants must
meet certain minimum requirements:
Be at least 21 years of age
Pass a medical examination that states that he and/or she
is physically able to care for children and be free from
communicable disease
Pass screening requirements related to child abuse and
criminal history clearances
Completion of an intensive home study
Attendance at a variety of training related to foster care
The county children and youth agency must make an assessment of each person’s foster parent capacity.The agency
will consider the following when assessing each applicant:
The ability to provide care, nurturance and supervision for
the child
A demonstrated stable and emotional adjustment
Ties with family, friends and the community
Ability to work with natural families

The agency also will consider other matters such as
each person’s attitude toward his or her own children,
towards parent/child relationships in general, how the
applicant can meet the special needs of children, and how
many children are suitable for the home environment.
(Foster homes are limited to a total of six children, both
foster and natural, under the age of 18 yrs.) Foster parents
cannot use physical discipline; children must be directed
by praise and encouragement.


Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Human Services/Grants Coordinator
Services Center - 13th Floor


Administers Human Service Grants including:
Human Service Development Fund
Homeless Assistance Program
Medical Assistance Transportation
Temporary Emergency Food Assistance
Family Center/Fatherhood
Subcontracts to provide rental assistance to the homeless and/or near-homeless and funding for adult services not
covered under MH/MR, Aging, D&A
Works with other Human Services providers/agencies to eliminate duplication of services within the County

See Human Service website for additional grant information

Fax: 610-478-4980
Services Center- 15th Floor
After Hours Emergency: 610-236-0530
Mental Health/Mental Retardation		

Provides quality care as well as the delivery of efficient public services and supports for individuals with mental
illness and mental retardation so that they can increase their opportunities and abilities to lead lives of dignity
and independence. Acknowledging that recovery is an ongoing process, MH/MR is committed to promoting
personal growth, choice, and inclusion of consumers in their community.

Established by the Mental Health/Mental Retardation
Act of 1966 MH Procedures Act of 1976.

Berks County MH/MR Program:
Subcontracts with Service Access and Management to
provide mental health and mental retardation services for
individuals eligible for services.
Provides Administrative oversight of the contract with
SAM to ensure: individuals with serious mental illness
or mental retardation receive services and provides fiscal
oversight for funds allocated by the Office of Mental Retardation and the Office of Mental Health and Substance
Abuse Services.
Additional information can be found under the MH/
MR Program on the county website at or Service Access and Management’s website at Contact SAM at 610-236-0530.

Berks County MH/MR
Health Choices Program:
Subcontracts with Community Care Behavioral Health
to provide mental health and drug and alcohol services
for individuals eligible for benefits under the Medicaid
Provides administrative oversight of the contract with
Community Care to ensure that there is an adequate
provider delivery network and services are accessible, there
is fiscal accountability for the program, there is continuous quality improvement and all unexpended funds are
reinvested back into the behavioral health system.
Additional information can be found under
the MH/MR Program on the county website at or Community Care’s
website at
Contact CCBH at 1-866-292-7886
for assistance with locating a provider.

Services Directory
PA CareerLink® Berks County

Berks County Workforce Investment Board

501 Crescent Avenue, Reading PA 19605 		


County of Berks staff who are involved in workforce development-related activities are split into two separate and distinct
operations – those who are included as part of a multi-partner organization called PA CareerLink® Berks County and
those who staff and support the Berks County Workforce Investment Board (WIB).

PA CareerLink® Berks County
PA CareerLink is the brand name used to identify PA’s
one-stop workforce development centers. Locally, a variety
of public and private workforce development organizations
joined to form PA CareerLink® Berks County.
For businesses: screening and referral of applicants to
employer specifications; information on hiring incentives
such as tax credits and new-hire training programs; specialized recruitment, including management of large recruitment campaigns; WorkKeys® Functional and Personal
Skill Assessments for applicants and incumbent workers;
WorkKeys® Profiling to better assess skill needs of specific
jobs; statewide @
For individuals: public resource room with internet
accessible computers for workforce development activities;
job search and resume preparation assistance; job search
related workshops; acquisition of the WorkKeys® Career
Readiness Certificates; access to training opportunities
through On-the-Job Training (OJT) or Individual Training
Accounts (ITA) for eligible individuals for whom training
is a viable part of their individualized employment plan.
PA CareerLink® is open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to
4:30 pm. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and
from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesdays.


Berks County
Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
The purpose of the Berks County Workforce Investment Board is to identify the long-term, strategic workforce development needs of the community; propose
strategies to meet those needs; set priorities; build partnerships to align resources in support of those strategies; test
specific initiatives to advance those ends, and measure and
evaluate results.
WIB staff normal working hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00

Future Changes and
Budget Considerations
This will be a critical year for workforce development
with the possibility of reauthorization and/or major changes in Federal legislation, the prospect of a new administration in Harrisburg and both Federal and State budget
problems. The infusion of additional money through the
“Recovery Act” will be gone by summer of 2010. It is likely
unemployment will remain high at least through 2010 and
by spring of 2011 we could be facing a budget crisis.

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Reading Area Community College		


10 South Second Street, Reading, PA 19602

Veterans Affairs, Department of		


Two-year accredited college funded by Government
Over 30 career and college credit transfer programs
Offer customer-designed seminars for businesses and industry
Coordinates financing and grant funding for county related waste management programs

1243 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533
The office assists the Veterans of Berks County, their dependents, widows, and orphans with a
comprehensive array of federal, state, and local government benefit programs.
Obtaining Military Records/Awards, Discharges and Service Medical Records
Claim filing with the Veterans Administration (Phila. Regional Office)
• Service Connected Disabilities, Pensions, Dependency & Indemnity Compensation.   
• Appeal Hearings with the Board of Veterans Appeals   • Burial Allowance Benefits
Claim filing with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
• Veterans’ Emergency Assistance Blind and Paralyzed Pensions
•  Tax Exemption and other benefits gratuities/grants and bonuses the Commonwealth provides
Claim filing with the County of Berks
• Burial Allowance Benefits  • Cemetery Headstone Allowance  • Cemetery Flag Holder

Be sure to view our
Hall of Heroes at
This site permanently honors
the sacrifice of the brave men and
women of Berks County who died
defending our liberty and freedom.
The Hall of Heroes exists as
an enduring tribute where their
sacrifices are remembered and
forever recognized.


Berks County Government Guide


Redevelopment Authority		
Services Center - 14th Floor

Administers programs directed at rehabilitation in redevelopment areas within local
municipalities by acquiring private property for private reuse
Participates in tax increment financing projects

City of Reading Housing Authority		
400 Hancock Boulevard, Reading, PA 19611


Administers Section 8 and public housing assistance to low-income families, the elderly and the disabled
in the City of Reading

Berks County Housing Authority		


1803 Butter Lane, Mt. Penn, PA 19606-1100

Owns and manages over 200 public housing units in eight developments in the County for low income
non-elderly, elderly and disabled families
Manages the Inglis Cottages in Berks County Development for disabled families
Manages the Tarsus Manor Apartments in Fleetwood for elderly families
Administers the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section8) for low income non-elderly, elderly and
disabled families in the County.


Berks County Government Guide

Public Safety
Berks Connections/Pretrial Services
(formerly Prison Society)		


Courthouse 16th Floor
Hours: Office Hours - 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Pretrial Services staff on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Founded in 1975, Berks Connections / Pretrial Services
(or “BCPS”) is a 501 c-3 non-profit corporation providing programming and services to individuals and families
involved in the local Berks County justice system.

Agency Mission Statement:

• To assist adult prisoners, former prisoners, probationers, parolees and delinquent juveniles in rehabilitating themselves and in making a proper readjustment
to society;
• To assist and to answer the needs of dependent and
delinquent juveniles;
• To show a constructive concern for the criminal
justice system and the juvenile justice system in Berks
• To show a constructive concern for the prison system
and juvenile detention and placement systems in
Berks County; and

• To act as the Berks County bail agency as long as
designated as such by the Berks County Court of
Common Pleas.
BCPS operates via two programming units: BCPS/
BerksConnections and BCPS/Pretrial Services:

BCPS/BerksConnections Programs:
The BCPS Reentry Resource Center provides information, assistance and referrals to ex-offenders reentering our community from the Berks County Jail System
and state and federal correctional facilities.
Successful reentry begins prior to release with
programs at the Berks County Jail that include Ready
to Succeed employment workshops held in collaboration with CareerLink, one-to-one mentoring, fellowship events with community volunteers, educational
mentoring, and conducting intensive needs assessment


Services Directory
interviews that identify specific post-release needs to
connect offenders with community-based programs
and services.
The FUNdamentals program provides educational,
self-esteem building and fun activities and programs for
youth detained at the Berks County Youth Center.
Families and children of inmates detained at the
Berks County Jail are aided by programs such as
Mother’s Voice that connects children at home with
their mother in jail, seasonal gift drives and holiday
meals delivered to families, and the Family & Friends
support group that meets twice each month.

BCPS/Pretrial Services Programs:
BCPS Pretrial Officers conduct post-arrest interviews
of criminal defendants and provide verified assessment
reports to assist the Courts in making informed pretrial
release decisions.
BCPS provides supervision of pretrial-status defendants released by the Courts on bail: improving justice
system efficiency, reducing prison overcrowding and
saving tax dollars by working to ensure that defendants
appear in court and comply with release conditions.
BCPS provides staffing and support for County
diversionary programs such as Treatment Courts
and Intermediate Punishment (IPP) programs, and
leads the Mental Illness Intensive Supervised Release
(MIISR) Team that works to provide appropriate treatment/supervision release plans for inmates at the Berks
County Jail.
BCPS administers the County’s Community Release
(5% Cash Bail) program as Court-appointed Bail


Key Program Statistics:

• Pretrial Services program supervised over 1,000 pretrial-status defendants in 2009, saving over 109,000
“jail bed days” at the Berks County Jail
• Court Appearance rates for defendants under BCPS/
Pretrial Services supervision were above 98% in 2009
(appearance rates average below 78% nationwide)
• BCPS interviewed over 2,300 defendants in 2009
and provided over 1,300 assessment reports to the
Courts relating to pretrial release decisions
• The Reentry Resource Center at BCPS/BerksConnections completed 387 individual needs assessment
interviews in 2009 for ex-offenders returning to
communities in Berks County and provided over
1,900 referrals and assistance in key areas such as
employment, housing and immediate needs such as
obtaining a proper ID, transportation and clothing
• 213 inmates at the Berks County Jail received indepth post-release needs assessment interviews in
• 30 inmates graduated from the Ready to Succeed
employment workshops at the Jail conducted by
BCPS and Berks County CareerLink in 2009

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Berks County Jail System		


1287 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Responsible for care, management, and rehabilitation of legally incarcerated adults

The Berks County Jail System is intended to establish a
secure institutional environment that serves to provide protection and safety for the citizens, staff and the legally incarcerated
of Berks County, while meeting the standards established for
this purpose by the American Correctional Association and

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This will be accomplished
through the use of a cost-effective organization and procedures
that provide for security, social restoration and (re)habilitation in
the jail environment.

Current Jail Stats
The Berks County Prison was originally designed to house
288 MALE inmates. 200 prisoners were transferred to the jail
on 1/21/32. The Prison was expanded in 1993 to house 790

Average Daily Population











Services Directory
Newly opened in 2010 and the first of its kind in PA!

Community Reentry Center		


1040 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Responsible for care, management, rehabilitation, and community reintegration of
legally incarcerated adults deemed appropriate for a community corrections setting.

Our Mission:

• That such change begins internally.
• That delivery of services should be done in an honest,
direct, ethical, consistent, open- minded and supportive
• That responses to behaviors must be immediate, consistent, individualized, fair and equitable.
• In balancing the concern for community safety with the
needs of our residents.
• That all people are equal & diverse, each possessing
intrinsic worth.
• That individuals deserve personal attention, support,
empowerment and recognition.
• In fostering a challenging environment that allows for
personal growth, exploration and strength.
• In being proactive participants in our community

The Berks County Community Reentry Center is dedicated
to improving the quality of our community through effective
and innovative services that instill pro-social behavior, healthy
life choices, and personal accountability, thereby reducing recidivism and its financial burden on the County.

Our Vision:
The Berks County Community Reentry Center will, without
exception, deliver superior services with the highest level of
integrity and professionalism thereby making a noticeable
difference in the lives of our residents, positively affecting the
well-being and safety of our community.

Our Values:
We believe…..
• That positive change IS possible & probable, given the
access to appropriate resources.

Newly opened in 2010 and the first of its kind

Coroner’s Office – New Location in the Old Berks Heim Building

Dennis J. Hess		
1273 County Welfare Road, Leesport, PA 19533


The Office of the Coroner serves as an independent investigator in all death investigations and shall determine the identity
of the deceased and notify the next of kin.
The Coroner’s Department is also responsible to investigate and determine the cause and manner of unnatural and unexplained deaths occurring within Berks County.

District Attorney
John T. Adams		
Services Center - 5th Floor


The District Attorney’s Office reviews, investigates, deters, and objectively prosecutes all violations in order to protect the
rights and ensure the safety of the citizens of Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
The goal of the Berks County District Attorney’s office is to
review, investigate, deter, and objectively prosecute all criminal
violations occurring in Berks County.

The office also cooperates with all local, state and federal
authorities in the regional effort to aggressively prosecute and
combat crime in Berks County.

Chief County Detective
Michael J. Gombar		


Services Center - 15th Floor

It is the goal of the Berks County Detectives to investigate
and successfully prosecute offenders for violations of the criminal
statutes of Pennsylvania. The Berks County Detectives are a
branch of the Berks County District Attorney’s Office. The
Detectives work closely with police officers from local, state and
federal law enforcement agencies. The majority of the Berks
County Detectives are seasoned veterans with a vast amount of
police experience and expertise, which they acquired from specialized schools and training. These Detectives offer their specialized
services to those departments that do not have the expertise and
the resources to successfully investigate various complex crimes.
Specifically, the Detective Unit concentrates their efforts towards
five investigative disciplines:

1. Narcotics Investigations
2. Child Abuse Investigations
3. Financial Investigations
4. Crimes Against the Elderly
5. Forensic Services
Additionally, the Detectives have implemented several new
programs to accomplish the goals of District Attorney. For
example, they have established the Bad Check Program, the
Precious Metals Enforcement and created a county wide Drug
Task Force. Also, the Detectives support local law enforcement
by operating the Berks County DUI Processing Center.


Services Directory
Department of 		
Emergency Services
Direct Link Technology Center 		
2561 Bernville Rd., Reading, PA 19605 		
The newly formed Berks County Department of Emergency
Services was created in 2008 when the 9-1-1 and Communications Center was merged with the Emergency Management
Agency. The Commissioners of Berks County finalized the
consolidation in 2009.

610- 374-4800
Fax: 610- 374-8865
In December 2008, the Department of Emergency Services
relocated to a new facility in the DirectLink Technology Center
in Bern Township.
The Department of Emergency Services provides three
distinct services to the residents of Berks County.

The merger permitted the pooling of resources from both departments to provide improved and more efficient service to the residents
of Berks County.

9-1-1 and
Communications Center
The Berks County Department of Emergency Services’ 9-1-1
and Communications Center answers 9-1-1 calls and other calls
for service for more than 400,000 Berks County residents, and
provides emergency communications for over 150 police, fire,
and EMS agencies throughout the county.
The communications center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, 365 days a year to provide communication services to all
emergency service organizations in Berks County. With an authorized complement of 52 full-time Telecommunicators and 26
part-time telecommunicators, these individuals serve the county
residents with the utmost professionalism and experience.


Emergency: 9-1-1
Non-emergency: 610- 655-4911
The 9-1-1 and Communications Center also provides public
outreach to community groups and organizations desiring more
information on the county’s Enhanced 9-1-1 system.

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
610- 374-4800

Emergency Management
& Special Operations
The Berks County Emergency Services Department judiciously plans, assigns and coordinates all available resources in an
integrated program of prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery for emergencies of any kind for the County of Berks. The
department, and its associated programs, represents insurance by
coming to the aid of the County of Berks and its citizens when
disaster strikes. The department strives to reduce the county’s
liability for hazards that may strike.
The Berks County Department of Emergency Services serves
the citizens of Berks County by taking an active and managerial
role in the four phases of emergency management:

Includes any activities that prevent a disaster, reduce the
chance of a disaster happening, or reduce the damaging effects
of unavoidable disasters.

Includes plans or preparations made to save lives or property,
help the response, and to coordinate rescue service operations.


Includes actions taken to save lives and prevent property
damage and to preserve the environment during emergencies or
disasters. The response phase involves the implementation of
action plans.

Includes actions that assist a community to return to a sense
of normalcy following a disaster.
These four phases overlap, comprising a cyclical process of
emergency management.
The Berks County Special Operations Group (SOG) is the
operational emergency management arm of the Berks County
Department of Emergency Services. The SOG facilitates professional and efficient response to incidents involving hazardous
materials at locations within the borders of Berks County, the
East Central Pennsylvania Counter-Terrorism Task Force, and
any other location when requested by the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). The
SOG works in conjunction with the local emergency response
community to protect the safety of emergency responders and
the public from releases of toxic/hazardous substances, whether
the release is accidental or intentional.

Fire Training Center

610- 378-5509

		The Berks County Fire Training Center, located at 895 Morgantown Rd. in Reading is
a state-of-the-art training facility designed to provide the emergency responders of Berks
County with current, topical and safe training at a cost that will encourage attendance by
those individuals. The majority of emergency responders in Berks County are volunteers.


Services Directory
	Eric Weaknecht


Courthouse - 3rd Floor

Sheriff’s General Offices:

Real Estate Division		
Firearms Division		
Warrants Division		
Warrants Hotline		

610-478-6240 ext. 3209
610-478-6240 ext. 3207
610-478-6240 ext. 3250

Duties of the Sheriff
• Enforces all orders of the Berks County Court of Common Pleas and provides security for all court related
• Transports prisoners to and from county, state and
federal institutions for court appearances.
• Enforces the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and Motor
Vehicle Code.
• Operates the county Central Booking Center.
• Executes warrants of arrest and extradites fugitives from

• Assists other law-enforcement agencies in Berks County
in activities such as the Berks County Drug Task Force,
Operation Nightlight, DUI Enforcement Checkpoints,
crowd control, traffic control and security for community events.
• Conduct levies and sales of personal property and real
• Issues Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms and
License to Sell Firearms.

Public Defender		
Prisoner Help Line		


Courthouse - 12th Floor		
Under the Public Defender Act this office:

Represents indigent persons charged with crimes
Represents indigent persons charged with juvenile delinquency
Represents indigent persons subject to mental health commitment proceedings.


Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Youth Center		


1261 County Road, Leesport, PA 19533

The Berks County Youth Center provides residents a safe,
secure environment that promotes personal accountability,
competency development, and community outreach programs
that offer opportunities for positive change. All programs are
licensed under the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.
The Youth Center operates the following programs:

Juvenile Detention
Detention is a 48 bed secure program for young males and
females detained by the Juvenile Courts. The program offers
community protection while affording the youth a means
to continue education and build competency development
through integrated program services.

Residential (P.R.E.P.) Priorities, Responsibilities, Enhancement Program

Residential - Shelter Care
Shelter Care is a 16 bed residential program for young males
and females place by the Juvenile Courts or Children and Youth
Services. The program offers youth a means to continue education, work on competency development, and strengthen family
values through integrating program services and community

Residential - Family Shelter
Family Shelter is an 84 bed residential program contracted
by the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and
Customs Enforcement. The program offers families a means
to continue education and strengthen family values through
integrating program services and community partnerships while
awaiting the outcome of their immigration hearings.

P.R.E.P. is a 25 bed residential program for young males and
females placed by the Juvenile Courts. The program offers
youth a means to continue education, participate in community
service work, restitution projects, obtain (or maintain) employment, and strengthen family values through integrating program
services with juvenile probation resources and community


Berks County Government Guide

Recreation & Tourism
The Berks County Parks and Recreation Department operates and maintains nearly 1,000 acres of park land and open
space for the citizens of Berks County and our many visitors.
Facilities include the recent addition of the Antietam Lake
property with numerous trails and fishing opportunities as well
as the Allegheny Aqueduct, Beidler House and Mill, Leesport
Lockhouse, Kaercher Creek Park with lodge, lake and boat
launch area, Youth Recreation Facility sports complex, Camp
Joy and Hunsicker’s Grove,
The 5 mile Tulpehocken Creek Valley Park is a linear greenway trail that includes the Union Canal Bicycle and Walking
Trail and starts at Stonecliffe Park and Skate Park and continues
north to connect the Berks Leisure Area, Gring’s Mill Recreation
Area, Berks County Heritage Center which includes the C.
Howard Hiester Canal Center, Gruber Wagon Works (National Historic Landmark) and Wertz’s (Red) Covered Bridge,
Redbridge Recreation Area, and north to an additional 2 mile
Connector Trail with Blue Marsh Lake. The Tulpehocken Creek
Valley Park is a very popular trail connector and is enjoyed year
round by walkers, bicyclists and anglers.


In addition to operating and maintaining these parks, The
Berks County Parks and Recreation Department offers many
recreational, interpretive and educational programs throughout
the year for park users of all ages. In addition to educational
programs, the department also offers several special events such

as Kite Day, Fishing Rodeo, Triple “B” Competition, Fiddle
Festival, Heritage Festival and a month long Holiday Lights display and program. For up to date recreation programs and park
information, please visit

Services Directory
Parks and Recreation

Gring’s Mill (Administration)


2083 Tulpehocken Road, Wyomissing PA 19610

Heritage Center (Interpretive Staff)


2201 Tulpehocken Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610

Berks Leisure Area (Recreation Staff)


1901 Tulpehocken Road, Wyomissing, PA 19610

Greater Reading Convention
and Visitors Bureau		
GoggleWorks Center for the Arts, 201		
Washington Street, Reading, PA 19601


The Greater Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau is the official source of tourist information about Berks County:
Responds to over 35,000 inquiries annually
Produce and distribute 290,000 official visitor guides and receive over
To positively impact the economy
270,000 unique website visitors each year
of Berks County
Participates in trade shows, sales missions, press conferences, trade
Pennsylvania by increasing
publications and the Internet to provide the most in-depth information
travel and tourism business.
about what’s available in Berks County to the greatest number of people


Services Directory
Berks County Government Building Locations
Four primary locations of County Government offices:

Berks County Services Center
633 Court Street
Reading, PA 19601

County Welfare Tract
located in Bern Township along County Road.
The tract consists of approximately 800 acres, making
it the largest property owned and maintained by Berks
County. William Essick donated this land in three parcels
to the County in 1928 in memory of his wife, Susan.
Approximately 450 acres of the tract are in agricultural
use. The remaining are divided among the various public
facilities and includes:

Berks County Courthouse
6th & Court Street
Reading, PA 19601

Berks County Fire Training Center
895 Morgantown Road
Reading, PA 19607

Agricultural Center
1238 County Road
Leesport, PA 19533

Ag Center

Berks County Youth Center
1261 County Road, Leesport, PA 19533
610- 396-0310

Berks County Youth Center
Berks Heim
1101 Berks Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Berks Heim


Berks County Prison
1287 County Road, Leesport, PA 19533

Direct Connection to Your Local Government
Frequently Asked Questions

Information for all county and court related departments may be found on our web site -

Where can I register to vote?

Where can I obtain Naturalization Papers?

Election Services - 610- 478-6490

US Immigration and Naturalization Service - 1-800375-5283 or 1-800-870-3676 and on
the web at

Where can I request an absentee ballot?
Election Services - 610- 478-6490

Who do I call to see if I have Jury Duty tomorrow?
After 5:00 p.m. on the day prior to your service, you can
telephone Jury Services at 610-478-6400. Long distance
callers may telephone 1-800-848-2080. You can also access this information via the internet at

Where do I pay my Real Estate taxes?

Where can I get a passport?
Prothonotary’s Office - 610- 478-6970

Where can I apply for a marriage license?
Register of Wills - Marriage License Applications/Records 610- 478-6617

For current School, Municipal and County taxes, check
with the City, Township or Borough in which you
reside for the phone number of your Tax Collector; For
payment of delinquent taxes - Berks County Tax Claim
Bureau - 2nd Floor, Government Services Building 610- 478-6625

Where are estates and wills filed?

Where can I get Court hearing information?

Where can I locate the owner of a property?

Go to the web site -, then select E
services and go to public web docket sheets.

Assessment Office - 610- 478-6262 and/or
Recorder of Deeds - 610- 478-3380 or go on line for a property records search at

Where can I get information regarding
current Birth Certificates?
PA Department of Health, Vital Statistics (724) 656-3100, if you have internet connection try and for faster service be sure to have your credit card number.

Register of Wills - 610- 478-6600

Where can I get a copy of my mortgage or deed?
Recorder of Deeds - 610- 478-3380

Where can I get information regarding
Agricultural Conservation Easements?
Agricultural Preservation Center - 610- 378-1844
or Ag Center

Where are the old birth and death certificates
(prior to 1906), deeds, marriage licenses and
naturalizations stored?

How can I find out about the Clean & Green program?

Old Marriage Licenses - Marriage
License Application/Records - 610- 478-6617
Old Naturalizations / Prothonotary’s Office 610- 478-6970
Old Birth Records & Old Death Records /
Register of Wills 610- 478-6600
Old Deed Records / Recorder of Deeds 610- 478-3380

Where can I get a map of a municipality?

Assessment office - 610- 478-6262

Mapping - 610- 478-3360

Where are adoptions processed?
Orphan’s Court/Register of Wills - 610- 478-6600


Where do I apply to become a foster parent?

Where do I file a Civil Suit?

Children and Youth Services - 610- 478-6700

All Civil Suits get filed in the Prothonotary’s Office 610478-6970

Where do I complain about
child neglect or abuse?
Children and Youth Services - 610- 478-6700

Where do I apply for Protection from
Abuse and Restraining Orders?
Protection from Abuse Office (1st floor Services Center)
610- 478-6208 x5701 or 610- 478-6208 x5702

Where can I apply for Child Support and Alimony?
Domestic Relations - 610- 478-2900

Where can I get vocational training and
job search assistance?
Berks County Career Link Employment &
Training Center - 610- 988-1300.

Where can I find out if there are job
openings at the County?
Human Resources 610- 478-6118 or go on-line www.

Where can I apply for a hunting, fishing,
or dog license?

Where can I obtain assistance from
Human Service agencies?
Human Services Grants Coordinator - 610- 478-6194. Also a
detailed directory of Human Service Agencies can be found on our
web site at: click on the right side drop down
box for departments and then on Human Services

Where can I find out about home delivered meals
for seniors?
Office of Aging - 610- 478-6500

Where do I record my military separation and
DD214 Documents?
Recorder of Deeds - 610- 478-3380

When is transportation available to the
Lebanon Veteran’s Hospital?
Call Veteran’s Affairs Office to schedule 2 weeks in
advance for non-emergencies 610- 378-5601 X 8152

How do I quality for Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption status?
Call Veteran’s Affairs Office - 610-378-5601 x8154

Treasurer’s Office - 610- 478-6640

How do I get information on Veterans death benefits?

Where do I pay fines and costs in criminal case?

Call Veteran’s Affairs Office - 610-378-5601 x8153

Clerk of Courts (also known as Central Collection Bureau) 4th
Floor Berks County Courthouse - 610- 478-6550

Who handles the bids and proposals and informal
purchases for the County Departments?

Where are criminal records (also fines, costs and
restitution records) filed?

Berks County Purchasing Manager - 610- 478-6168

Clerk of Courts Office - 610- 478-6550

Where can I obtain a transcript of a court case?
Court Reporters - 610- 478-6467

Where can I apply for a Public Defender?
Public Defender’s Office - 610- 478-6650

Where are liens and judgments filed?
56 Prothonotary’s Office - 610- 478-6970

Where can I park when I come to the Courthouse?
Reed and Court Street or Poplar and Walnut Street lots are closest. There is limited metered parking on Court Street.

How do I obtain a concealed weapon permit?
Sheriff’s Dept. - Firearms Division 610-478-6240 x3207

Where can I get forms and instructions to file for
custody or visitation?
Law Library - 610-478-3370

Services Directory
2451 Route 143
Kempton, PA 19529
610-756-3973 Fax: 610-756-6452

65 Woodside Avenue
Temple, PA 19560
610-929-5324 Fax: 610-921-0977

2004 Weavertown Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
610-689-6000 Fax: 610-689-9870

425 Chestnut Street, P.O. Box 217
Bally, PA 19503
610-845-2351 Fax: 610-845-2023

Bechtelsville Borough, Box 295
Bechtelsville, PA 19505
610-3678100 Fax: 610-3672167

1069 Old Bernville Road
Reading, PA 19605
610-9262267 Fax: 610-9269028

P.O. Box 40
Bernville, PA 19506
610-488-1591 Fax: 610-488-6425

P.O. Box 24
Bethel, PA 19507
717-933-8813 Fax: 717-933-4642

202 East Main Street
Birdsboro, PA 19508
610-582-6030 Fax: 610-582-6039

100 South Washington Street
Boyertown, PA 19512

889 Alleghenyville Road
Mohnton, PA 19540
717-445-6683 Fax: 717-445-6922

3226 Main Street, P.O. Box 294
Morgantown, PA 19543
610-286-1010 Fax: 610-286-1001

P.O. Box 248
Centerport, PA 19516
610-916-5832 Fax: 610-916-5841

449 Bucks Hill Road
Mohrsville, PA 19541
610-926-8833 Fax: 610-926-8832




765 West Philadelphia Avenue
Boyertown, PA 19512
610-369-1362 Fax: 610-367-7538

61 North Third Street
Hamburg, PA 19526
610-5627821 Fax: 610-5628461



1775 Welsh Road
Mohnton, PA 19540
610-777-1343 Fax: 610-777-0850

P.O. Box 241
Robesonia, PA 19551

202 Weil Road
Boyertown, PA 19512
610-845-7595 Fax: 610-845-7596

1068 Douglass Drive
Boyertown, PA 19512
610-367-8500 Fax: 610-367-0360

19 Schoolhouse Road
Boyertown, PA 19512
610-367-9673 Fax: 610-367-0322

4975 DeMoss Road
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-5660 Fax: 610-779-5950

110 West Arch Street, Suite 104
Fleetwood, PA 19522
610-944-8220 Fax: 610-944-9054

775 Old Route 22
Lenhartsville, PA 19534
58 610-756-6707 Fax: 610-756-6099

P.O. Box 225
Hereford, PA 18056
610-845-2929 Fax: 610-845-0616

5 Solly Lane, PO Box 339
Bernville, PA 18506
610-488-7047 Fax: 610-488-0562

339 South Kenhorst Blvd.
Kenhorst, PA 19607
610-777-7327 Fax: 610-777-8980

45 Railroad Street
Kutztown, PA 19530
610-683-6131 Fax: 610-683-6729

3406 Kutztown Road
Laureldale, PA 19605
610-929-8700 Fax: 610-929-4272

PO Box 710
Leesport, PA 19533
610-926-2115 Fax: 610-916-3055



PO Box 238
Lenhartsville, PA 19534
610-376-1531 Fax: 610-376-0857

21 North O’Neil Street
Mohnton, PA 19540
610-775-0660 Fax: 610-775-4419



341 Woodland Road
Hamburg, PA 19526
610-682-7388 Fax: 610-682-9067

John A. Becker Muni. Building, 200 North 25th
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-5151 Fax: 610-779-5221

1200 Carsonia Avenue
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-6400 Fax: 610-370-0797

720 Brownsville Road
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
610-678-3393 Fax: 610-678-6626

P.O. Box 230
Lyon Station, PA 19536
610-682-4730 Fax: 610-682-0733

P.O. Box 319
Blandon, PA 19510
610-926-4920 Fax: 610-926-6314

420 Water Street
Stouchsburg, PA 19567
610-589-2860 Fax: 610-589-5312

127 Quarry Road, Suite 1
Kutztown, PA 19530
610-683-6518 Fax: 610-683-3518

5401 Leesport Avenue
Temple, PA 19560
610-929-4727 Fax: 610-921-3764

5735 Morgantown Road
Morgantown, PA 19543
610-286-9666 Fax: 610-286-9955

North Heidelberg Township
928 Charming Forge Road
Robesonia, PA 19551
610-488-1619 Fax: 610-488-9738

PO Box 19
Oley, PA 19547
610-987-3423 Fax: 610-987-9010

35 Ontelaunee Drive
Reading, PA 19605
610-9264240 Fax: 610-9265476




P.O. Box 130, 840 North Garfield Road
Bernville, PA 19506
610-488-1160 Fax: 610-488-0611

204 Oak Lane
Fleetwood, PA 19522
610-944-7242 Fax: 610-944-7265



680 Moselem Springs Road
Shoemakersville, PA 19555
610-562-2133 Fax: 610-562-9739

P.O. Box 247, 2 E. Lancaster Avenue
Shillington, PA 19607
610-777-1338 Fax: 610-777-6172

810 Hill Church Road
Boyertown, PA 19512
610-987-6023 Fax: 610-987-0116

Reading, City of
City Hall, 815 Washington St.
Reading, PA 19601

P.O. Box 474
Fleetwood, PA 19522
610-944-0348 Fax: 610-944-6461

2689 Main Street
Birdsboro, PA 19508
610-582-4636 Fax: 610-582-0032

P.O. Box 191
Robesonia, PA 19551
610-6933474 Fax: 610-6935799

P.O. Box 149
Bowers, PA 19511
610-682-6311 Fax: 610-682-4717

115 East 9th Street
Shoemakersville, PA 19555
610-562-8030 Fax: 610-562-4950

3940 Penn Avenue
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
610-678-4903 Fax: 610-678-5802

68A North Galen Hall Road
Wernersville, PA 19565
610-678-9652 Fax: 610-678-9411

2850 WINDMILL ROAD, Cornwall Terrace
Reading, PA 19608
610-678-5393 Fax: 610-678-4571

3540 St. Lawrence Avenue
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-1430 Fax: 610-779-9148

P.O. Box 325
Strausstown, PA 19559
610-488-6187 Fax: 610-488-7371



874 Hex Highway
Hamburg, PA 19526
610-562-7410 Fax: 610-562-5490

120 Barto Road, P O Box 52
Barto, PA 19504
610-845-7760 Fax: 610-845-8499


100 North Reber Street, P.O. Box 167
Wernersville, PA 19565
610-678-1486 Fax: 610-678-5983

205 South Callowhill Street
Topton, PA 19562

P.O. Box 272
Rehrersburg, PA 19550
717-933-5747 Fax: 717-933-4593

1445 East Main Street
Douglassville, PA 19518
610-582-3769 Fax: 610-582-4737

25 North Fifth Street, PO Box 185
Shartlesville, PA 19554
610-488-1191 Fax: 610-488-0444

6501 Old Route 22
Bernville, PA 19506
610-488-7170 Fax: 610-488-6394


Borough of West Reading, 500 Chestnut Street
West Reading, PA 19611
610-374-8273 Fax: 610-374-8419

730 Monument Road
Hamburg, PA 19526
610-562-3769 Fax: 610-562-9685

101 West High Street
Womelsdorf, PA 19567
610-589-4470 Fax: 610-589-5344

Borough Hall, 22 Reading Boulevard
Wyomissing, PA 19610
610-376-7481 Fax: 610-376-8470


School Districts




Brandywine Heights


Conrad Weiser

Reading Area

Daniel Boone

Schuylkill Valley

100 Antietam Road
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-0554 Fax: 610-779-4424
911 Montgomery Avenue
Boyertown, PA 19512
610-367-6031 Fax:610-369-7620
200 W. Weis Street
Topton, PA 19562
610-682-5100 Fax: 610-682-5136
44 Big Spring Road
Robesonia, PA 19551
610-693-8545 Fax: 610-693-8586
Matthew Brooke Building, Suite 200
321 N. Furnace Street
P.O. Box 490
Birdsboro, PA 19508
610-582-6140 Fax: 610-582-0059

Exeter Township

3650 Perkiomen Avenue
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-0700 Fax: 610-779-7104


801 N. Richmond Street
Fleetwood, PA 19522
610-944-8111 Fax:610-944-9408

Governor Mifflin

10 S. Waverly Street
Shillington, PA 19607
610-775-1461 Fax: 610-775-6586



Windsor Street
Hamburg, PA 19526-0401
610-562-2241 Fax: 610-562-2634

50 Trexler Avenue
Kutztown, PA 19530
610-683-7361 Fax: 610-683-7230
801 Bellevue Avenue
Laureldale, PA 19605-1799
610-921-8000 Fax: 610-921-8076
17 Jefferson Street
Oley, PA 19547
800 Washington Street
Reading, PA 19601-3691
610-371-5611 Fax: 610-371-5971
929 Lakeshore Drive
Leesport, PA 19533-8631
610-916-0957 Fax: 610-926-3960


27 Rehrersburg Road
Bethel, PA 19507
717-933-4611 Fax: 717-933-9724

Twin Valley

4851 N. Twin Valley Road
Elverson, PA 19520-9310
Superintendent’s Office: 610-286-8611
Business Office: 610-286-8652
Fax: 610-286-8608


2601 Grandview Boulevard
West Lawn, PA 19609-1324
610-670-0180 Fax: 610-670-9101


630 Evans Avenue
Wyomissing, PA 19610-2636
610-374-0739 Fax: 610-374-0948

Colleges & Universities

13th and Bern Streets
P.O. Box 15234
Reading, PA 19612-5234

Bernardine Street
Reading, PA 19607

P.O. Box 730
Kutztown, PA 19530

Tulpehocken Road
P.O. Box 7009
Reading, PA 19610

Ten South Second Street
P.O. Box 1706
Reading, PA 19603-170
610-372-4721 or 800-626-1665


It all adds up to
serving you better.
We’re rock solid and prudent. Here through good times
and bad since 1938. Only now, we are expanding our
product line to individuals by offering new products that
cater to the many stages of life. It’s just one more way we
keep up with people who count on us, and one more way
we keep things positive. Find out more at


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Manifest Placed Resolution Unit : Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches
Manifest Reference Instance ID  : uuid:D106C6322E38DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:78CAABBF3C8D11DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:631E51330E2A11DEA680DAC2E6780FC4, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:5FC3422A66BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:5633C3AB583EDF119F50EE55E9F00C7D, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:0333915A21F011DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:6C832C3242BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:2DA8D8B524F311DEBD9CCD31CBABAEA3, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:F3DAF3A821EE11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:E4BC112621EE11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:0333915221F011DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:EAC105D021EF11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:A2C3209F1938DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:97CC59792938DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:54E3A7372938DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:BB83516D8AF211DC931BF7CC645AFE4C, uuid:CC3BD370114911DE9029CC56CA9EBF3B, uuid:866F35756428DF11AF02ECBB495C1AB5, uuid:93422F490EF111DE805BBB28F45D5861, uuid:7D63EFDC3C7811DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:A90310D7529911DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, xmp.iid:EC30981023206811994CDBB3EA25152C, xmp.iid:EC30981023206811994CDBB3EA25152C, uuid:E0108BA071BBDC11BF47B06C3E985A93, uuid:85AFB5E016D311DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:3332B6B616D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2BA1BFB1114911DE9029CC56CA9EBF3B, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:B4BBABD916D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:B4B0612858BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:7E97DB8E16D611DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:A99D5CE83C8611DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:711D376A16D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:711D377316D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:7E97DB9616D611DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:38F2DAEA3C8211DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:C53EA195413EDF119F50EE55E9F00C7D, uuid:dbb62f82-eb2e-41d0-b82b-a4bf87f83519, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:38F2DAE43C8211DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:7793BC0416DA11DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:78B8D7F416D711DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:13DA56F021F111DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:E28EA4CF2D38DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:91E0EF182D38DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:8436CD4E21F311DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:9ECC59792938DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:8AE0EF182D38DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:EABD7B722C38DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:82BB200654BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:18776AAF21CF11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:AEE7810C21F511DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:2171CBA1528611DEB227FA5E942DB766, uuid:013F221DA0BEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:013F221DA0BEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:013F221DA0BEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:013F221DA0BEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:013F221DA0BEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:2964efd1-efba-9a42-87d3-a54ceb174464
Manifest Reference Document ID  : uuid:A681F8BB1ED111DEA368D4E72E9E425C, uuid:78CAABBE3C8D11DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:631E51320E2A11DEA680DAC2E6780FC4, uuid:1A82D303A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:2082D303A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:F96E0304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:5EC3422A66BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:FF6E0304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:B6A10F04A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:AA66BC2D21ED11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:6B832C3242BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:2DA8D8B424F311DEBD9CCD31CBABAEA3, uuid:BCA10F04A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:F3DAF3A721EE11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:639B2304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:D0E6FA7621EE11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:EAC105D721EF11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:BB2AF33A21EF11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:2CDB9404A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:96CC59792938DF11BEE490A293572755, uuid:699B2304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:6B732FE78AED11DC931BF7CC645AFE4C, uuid:CC3BD36F114911DE9029CC56CA9EBF3B, uuid:856F35756428DF11AF02ECBB495C1AB5, uuid:93422F480EF111DE805BBB28F45D5861, uuid:7D63EFDB3C7811DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:1F9EA204A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:34D83404A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:EFCFA50716D211DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:3AD83404A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, xmp.did:E830981023206811994CDBB3EA25152C, xmp.did:E830981023206811994CDBB3EA25152C, uuid:246355778AED11DC931BF7CC645AFE4C, uuid:85AFB5DF16D311DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:3AE3B504A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:3332B6B516D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:31054304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:2BA1BFB0114911DE9029CC56CA9EBF3B, uuid:24C05304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:B4BBABD816D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:B3B0612858BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:2AC05304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:0FB16404A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:9C5760CA16D511DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:A99D5CE73C8611DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:3332B6BE16D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:711D377216D411DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:15B16404A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:82D67204A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:7E97DB9516D611DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:38F2DAE93C8211DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:88D67204A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:1047E9BB13CF11DEB56C858D2F3EB724, uuid:4DCE8304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:38F2DAE33C8211DE8B52F87F27FAE3C0, uuid:7793BC0316DA11DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:78B8D7F316D711DE9ED0D6D50CA6E1D9, uuid:59B7D59021F011DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:8436CD4D21F311DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:40E3B504A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:53CE8304A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:81BB200654BCDC11A0FCA928C940CE30, uuid:18776AAE21CF11DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:AEE7810B21F511DE9DF5C47DE083804B, uuid:26DB9404A63CDF11835C99EFB7F0A140, uuid:F55C29969FBEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:F55C29969FBEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:F55C29969FBEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:F55C29969FBEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, uuid:F55C29969FBEDC11A8EDF7C4F001757E, adobe:docid:indd:ef4edade-344a-11df-8757-c7116e8649de
Create Date                     : 2010:04:20 15:02:31-04:00
Modify Date                     : 2010:04:20 15:03:14-04:00
Metadata Date                   : 2010:04:20 15:03:14-04:00
Creator Tool                    : Adobe InDesign CS3 (5.0.4)
Thumbnail Format                : JPEG
Thumbnail Width                 : 256
Thumbnail Height                : 256
Thumbnail Image                 : (Binary data 20877 bytes, use -b option to extract)
Format                          : application/pdf
Producer                        : Adobe PDF Library 8.0
Trapped                         : False
Page Count                      : 64
Creator                         : Adobe InDesign CS3 (5.0.4)
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