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396 DH.80, fitted with modified Gipsy II engine. Regd G-AAHZ [CofR 2006] 30.5.29 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co
Ltd, Stag Lane. First flown Stag Lane 9.9.29 without markings and initially named Puss Moth (as such 12.29).
Adopted 'B' marks E.1. (1.30). Marketed initially as "Moth Three", to indicate 3-seater but reverted to Puss Moth
shortly after official launch 4.30. No CofA issued and regn never used. Airframe became the Gipsy engine test
rig at Stag Lane. Regn cld 1.32 as wfu. Probably the Puss Moth ground test-bed used for Gipsy Major trials
early .33.
2001 Regd G-AATC [CofR 2357] 23.12.29 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3003). Built as "type machine for Australia" and first flown 3.30. Tested at Martlesham Heath. CofA 2515
issued 22.5.30 and shipped to Australia. UK regn cld 12.30 as sold abroad. Regd VH-UON [CofR 391] 11.8.30
to de Havilland Australia Pty Ltd, Mascot. Erected Mascot and flown 13.8.30 by Maj Hereward de Havilland to
Essendon; CofA 346 issued 29.8.30. Sold 26.10.30 and regd 5.11.30 to Harry Richard Clarke, Point Piper,
Sydney, NSW. CofA suspended 6.11.30-31.12.30. Regn suspended 23.9.32. Sold 15.3.33 and regd 23.3.33 to
John Jerimiah Leahy, Sydney. Sold 27.2.34 and regd 12.3.34 to Raymond Galbraith Whitehead, Mascot. Regn
suspended 14.11.34 (because of official disapproval of proposed flight to New Zealand). Flown across Tasman
Sea (Gerringong Beach, Sydney to beach at Doubtless Bay, Northland) 22.11.34 by Whitehead and Rex Nicholl
in 14 hrs 40 mins; named "Faith in New Zealand". Pilots arrested on arrival and charged with flying
uncertificated aircraft. Regd ZK-ADU 14.1.35 to Raymond G Whitehead & Rex Nicholl, Rongotai. Regd 10.8.36
to AJ Bradshaw [of Southland Airways], Rongotai; later Invercargill but not flown due to bad corrosion. Used as
spares for c/n 2046 & 2204. The remains were stored at Invercargill until the frame and other parts were
transferred to Colin F Smith/Croydon Aircraft Co, Mandeville [.83]. On rebuild by Croydon Aircraft Co, Mandeville
for Gerald Grocott [98]; to Southair Ltd, Taieri [2.02]. Project for sale by Grocott [02]. Sold .03 to Edward Waite-
Roberts; for rebuild by Aero Antiques [Ron Souch], Hill Farm, Durley. Sold on early 09 and regd G-AATC
22.5.09 to Roy Adrian Palmer, Weybridge; still on rebuild by Ron Souch/Aero Antiques [5.09; 9.13] with Gipsy III
(rebuilding by Vintec).
2002 Regd G-AAVA [CofR 2446] 5.6.30 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane. (Fitted with Gipsy III).
(Illustrated as such in Flight 25.4.30, prior to formal regn, which was reserved 3.30). Used for wing flutter tests
1.31. CofA 2530 issued 2.7.31. Flown by Capt Hubert Broad in the Round Italy Tour (Giro Aereo d'Italia) 9.7.31
to 26.7.31; Broad was first in the Grand Tourismo category. Regd [CofR 3434] 9.31 to Phillips & Powis Aircraft
(Reading) Ltd, Woodley. Sold 4.32 and regd [CofR 3807] 6.32 to Kenneth Cecil Gandar Dower, Heston, (owned
jointly with Capt Angus Charles Stuart Irwin) and flown by Irwin in Kings Cup 9.7.32. Flown by Gandar Dower
and Irwin from Heston to Madras, departing 26.10.32. Flown in Viceroy's Cup Race by LH Mason of Madras
Flying Club and badly damaged by hailstorm next day; shipped back to England 10.33 for repair by DH. Sold
[8.34] to Herts & Essex Aero Club Ltd, Broxbourne. Crashed Broxbourne 28.8.34. Regd [CofR 5675] 8.3.35 to
Brooklands Aviation Ltd, Brooklands; repaired & CofA renewed 17.5.35. Regd [CofR 6046] 6.7.35 to Kenneth
James Nalson, London WC1 (based Croydon & op by Air Pullmans (Croydon) Ltd). Regd [CofR 6606] 18.12.35
to Thomas William Brooke-Smith, Bayswater (based Brooklands). Regd [CofR 7235] 5.8.36 to Harold Laurence
Harrison, Golders Green (based Croydon); op by Croydon Airways 2.37-3.37. CofA lapsed 26.8.37, and not
renewed until 27.5.38. Regn cld 6.38 as sold abroad. Regd in Netherlands as PH-ATI [CofR 322] 31.5.38 to DH
Reinders, Wassenaar [based Ypenburg]. Destroyed 5.40 during invasion of Holland; regn lapsed 9.11.40.
2003 Regd G-AAVB [CofR 2447] 6.30 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane; operated by Col The Master of
Sempill, Welsh Harp, nr Hendon and built as floatplane (using Short built floats). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3002).
(Note: A report by MAEE stated that the aircraft was laterally unstable on floats at AUW of 1,900 lbs and
recommended restriction to 1,830 lbs.) CofA 2705 issued 27.8.30. Flown to Stockholm Aero Show 4.9.30 by
The Master of Sempill from Welsh Harp, (1,040 miles non-stop in 12 hrs); then across Baltic to Tallinn, Estonia
10.9.30 and Finland 11.9.30. Returned from Norway to Aberdeen 22.9.30 and subsequently used to tour British
coast. Converted back to landplane. Regd [CofR 2939] 11.30 to Frederick Alan Irving Muntz of Airwork Ltd,
Heston and flown to Almaza, Egypt 2/31-4/31. Regn cld 5.31 as sold abroad. Regd in Egypt as SU-AAB 5.31 to
Saleh Pasha Enan. Bought by Brig-Genl Arthur Lewin from Misr-Airwork at Cairo (or possibly by his
sister-in-law, Miss Higgins) to replace his DH.60G (probably G-ABGN) which was damaged in storms Malakal
c20.5.33 en route Kenya to UK. Arrived Heston 15.6.33. Regd G-AAVB [CofR 4574] 28.6.33 to Brig-Genl
Arthur Corrie Lewin, London SW1 (based Heston) with CofA renewed 29.9.33. Regd [CofR 4805] 11.12.33 to
Major Henry Aloysius Petre, London W1 (based Heston). CofA lapsed 16.3.40. Delivered 12.5.41 to 26
Squadron, Gatwick. Regn cld 12.5.41 by Secretary of State. Impressed as DR755 31.5.41. RAF serial not used
since it crashed on landing in crosswind Kenley 4.9.41, still as G-AAVB.
2004 To DH Canada with CofA 2561 issued 6.6.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3016). Arrived Downsview 13.6.30 and test
flown 16.6.30. Regd CF-AGO [CofR 890] 19.6.30 to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd, Toronto as
demonstrator. Flown 70,000 miles on demonstrations 30/32; mainly flown by E Leigh Capreol, and reportedly
flown by Nigel Norman across USA and back in summer .31 [unconfirmed]. Regn lapsed 7.3.33; renewed
2.8.33. Still operated by DHC General Manager Alan Murray from Toronto 3-4.34. Regd [CofR 1398] 9.5.34 to
Sid B Cleverley, Toronto. Regn suspended 14.12.35; new CofR 2039/A58 issued 13.7.37/7.1.37. Regd [CofR
2221/A58] 27.4.38 to WA Ward, Toronto. Regd [CofR 2359/A58] 13.1.39 to RG Slack & GI Wonnacott,
Hamilton, Ontario. CofR lapsed 20.4.39; renewed 5.5.39. Sold 15.6.40 to RCAF for use as instructional
airframe. Toc 17.6.40 at Technical Training School, St.Thomas, Ont as A50. Free issue 15.11.40 to Quebec
Aircraft School, PQ.
2005 Regd G-ABBH [CofR 2674] 6.30 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3005).
CofA 2535 issued 12.6.30. Entered by Lord Wakefield in Kings Cup 7.30, flown by Capt Hubert Broad. Entered
by High Commissioner for Canada in Hanworth Air Race 19.7.30, flown by Sqn Ldr A Shearer. Flown by Capt
Broad for Indian demonstration. Returned to UK and sold [but not regd] to agents Brian Lewis & CD Barnard
Ltd, Heston. Regd [CofR 2860] 14.10.30 to Harold Ashley Brock, London W1 (based Heston). Spun in during
gale whilst en route Heston to Le Mans and destroyed Verneuil-sur-Avre, France 14.6.31, killing Brock &
passenger, John Robertson. Regn cld 26.8.31 as crashed.
2006 Regd G-AAXJ [CofR 2540] 5.30 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3004).
CofA 2516 issued 22.5.30. Flown by Air Taxis Ltd pilots Walter L Hope & Flt Lt George Birkett from Abyssinia to
England in 5 days departing 2.11.30. Regd [CofR 2955] 11.12.30 to F/O Nevill Vintcent and flown to Colombo,
Ceylon (probably via Bombay) by owner, leaving Croydon 28.12.30, arriving c7.1.31. Owned/operated by Tata
Sons Ltd in Ceylon with Vintcent and was the first acft based there; reported as flown by Vintcent & Zubair
Caffoor from Manelapam, South India to Colombo racecourse 4.31, having been chartered from Tata for aerial
gymkhana. Flown Colombo to Bombay 6.5.31. Regn cld 10.7.31 as pwfu. Regd in India as VT-ACZ [CofR 106]
16.6.31 to Tata Sons Ltd, Bombay. Regd [CofR 106/1] 31.5.34 to HH Ravi Sher Singh, Rajah Sahib of Kalsia,
Chhachrauli, Kalsia State, Punjab (based Delhi). Regn cld as w/off 6.35. Possibly restored 4.36 to The Ruling
Chief, Athgarh State (but see c/n 2205). Regn cld 6.7.37.
2007 Regd G-AAXR [CofR 2551] 5.30 to Capt Arthur Wilson Filmer, London W1; (nominee for Loel Guinness, based
Brooklands). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3044). CofA 2651 issued 11.9.30. Regd [CofR 2883] 11.30 to The Hon
Thomas Loel Evelyn Bulkeley Guinness, London W1 (based Brooklands). Regd [CofR 4116] 1.33 Norman
Edgar, t/a Norman Edgar & Co, Whitchurch. Regd [CofR 4170] 8.2.33 to John Henry Hancock, Ross-on-Wye
(based Brockworth); still regd .37. Regd [CofR 8295] 13.1.38 to Richard Randolph William Rawson Trafford,
Michaelchurch Escley, Abergavenny (based Michaelchurch/Heston). Cld 13.4.39 & regd 14.4.39 to Capt Donald
Ian Menzies Kennard, Hounslow (based Heston). CofA lapsed 28.4.40. Flown [at Hatfield] 11.40 by Sqdn Ldr
Michael Lister-Robinson. Regn cld 18.2.41 by Secretary of State. Impressed as DG661 18.2.41 and continued
to be used by Lister-Robinson of 609 Squadron, Biggin Hill. RAF serial not used but codedPR-. Wfu following
ground loop when wheel locked on landing at Biggin Hill 5.5.41. To DH Witney 21.5.41. Soc 13.6.41. Issued
25.6.41 to 525 ATC Squadron, Marlborough College, Wilts as instructional airframe 2618M.
2008 To Aeros Pty Ltd, South Africa with CofA 2682 issued 1.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3052). Regd ZS-ACA
13.10.30 to The Johannesburg Light Plane Club, Baragwanath, named "Alpha II". Crashed Vereeniging
11.11.34; hit telephone pole whilst low flying (pilot John Wolstenholme injured, passenger Ralph Bensusan
2009 Regd G-AAXS [CofR 2552] 5.30 to Leonard StClair Ingrams, London EC2 (based Heston). (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3032). CofA 2650 issued 17.7.30. Regd [CofR 3131] 4.31 to Airwork Ltd, Heston, and subsequently used by
Misr-Airwork Ltd, Cairo (but without local re-registration). Sold 11.32 and regd [CofR 4114] 1.33 to Lt Guy Lenox
Prendergast, of HQ Sudan Defence Force (based Khartoum, Sudan). Traded in to Brian Lewis & Co Ltd, Heston
8.34 in part exchange for DH.85 G-ACSU. Regd [CofR 5373] 26.9.34 to Mayday Motors, Thornton Heath,
Croydon. Regd [CofR 5747] 29.3.35 to William Wilfred Lyle, London N17 (based Hatfield). Destroyed in a fire
that started in a lock-up at Hatfield 9.7.35. Regn cld 7.35 as pwfu.
2010 Regd G-AAXL [CofR 2545] 5.30 to Alan Samuel Butler, London W2 (based Stag Lane). (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3011). CofA 2534 issued 6.6.30. Regd [CofR 2849] 2.10.30 to Michael David Llewellyn Scott & Owen Finlay
MacLaren, London SW1 (based Heston; later Skegness). Operated scheduled Skegness-Hunstanton service in
summer .31 at £1 return; the only regular UK internal air service in that year; operated under name of Eastern Air
Transport (by 3.32). Forced landed on a mud bank at Dogs Head Sand, The Wash, 5 miles off Hunstanton
26.5.32, following con-rod break. The airframe was eventually set on fire by crew Scott and Lewis Tindall to
attract rescuers and the aircraft was destroyed as a consequence and by the rising tide. They were picked up by
fishing boat 'Lizzie Annie' and some wreckage, including engine, was salvaged on 28.5.32. Regn cld 1.33 as
2011 Ordered 2.30 by & regd G-AAXM [CofR 2546] 16.5.30 to William Lindsay Everard MP, Ratcliffe Hall; named
"The Leicestershire Fox". (Fitted with Gipsy III #3009). CofA 2551 issued 13.6.30. Damaged in accident at
Thurcaston, Leics 29.10.30 following forced landing to extinguish a fire on board in a smoke flare. The
successful landing was followed by a take-off when the aircraft struck wires and crashed into a brook; pilot Cyril
E Hurst was unhurt; the aircraft was repaired and CofA renewed 23.1.31. Departed Heston 11.9.32 (pilot
Winifred Spooner) on tour to Cairo & Transjordan. Regn cld 3.33 as sold abroad and CofA renewed 3.3.33.
Fitted with Gipsy Major [after accident?]. Regd in Belgium as OO-ANH [CofR 294] 1.9.33 to Edmond-Marcel
Gillieaux, Montignies-sur-Sambre [based Brussels]. Regn suspended 1.12.43. Presumably destroyed during
WWII and regn cld 5.2.48.
2012 Regd G-AAXN [CofR 2547] 16.5.30 to Sqn Ldr Hylton Ralph Murray-Philipson, Stobo Castle, Peebles (supplied
by Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3014). CofA 2550 issued 14.6.30. On 22.6.30, the
acft was destroyed in an accident off The Goodwin Sands in the English Channel. En route Croydon to Paris,
the owner/pilot became lost in poor weather and whilst circling the French trawler 'Sirius', the wing tip struck the
water; all three on board picked up by trawler. Regn cld 6.30 as crashed.
2013 Regd G-AAXT [CofR 2553] 5.30 to Norman Edward Holden, Norton Priory, nr Chichester. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3029). CofA 2586 issued 27.6.30. Flown by Edmund G Hordern on behalf of Holden in Kings Cup 7.30. Sold
6.34 to John W Rayner, Shipley and operated by Yorkshire Airways Ltd, t/a Yorkshire Aeroplane Club, Yeadon;
converted to dual control. Regd [CofR 5507] 20.12.34 to Yorkshire Airways Ltd; op by Yorkshire Aeroplane Club,
Yeadon. Regd [CofR 6254] 29.8.35 to The Hon Brian Lewis (Brian Lewis & Co Ltd), Aldenham. Regn cld 1.37
as sold. Regd in France as F-APZX [CofR 5264] 10.6.37 to Percy Meyer, Tananarive, Madagascar. Regn cld
2014 Regd G-AAXU [CofR 2554] 14.6.30 to Frank Creswelde Williams, Broadwas Court, Worcester [based Heston].
(Fitted with Gipsy III #3015). CofA 2570 issued 20.6.30. Sold 3.31 and regd [CofR 3274] 25.6.31 to Richard
Ince, London NW (based Heston). Regn cld 3.32 as sold abroad. CofA renewed 18.4.32, following air-test at
Heston 9.4.32. Regd in Egypt as SU-ABE .32 to Misr-Airwork Ltd, Cairo.
2015 To DH Canada as unassembled airframe without engine; received Downsview 18.7.30 and test flown 23.7.30.
Regd CF-AGQ [CofR 910] 31.7.30 to Dougall Cushing [of Barron & Cushing], Westmount, Montreal. Operated
as a floatplane until forced landing with engine failure on Rosehill Reservoir, Toronto 24.7.35; rebuilt as
landplane. Ran into runway marker and damaged on landing New Hackensack, New York 11.9.36; to DHC for
repairs. Regd [CofR 910] 20.5.37 to Leavens Bros Air Services, Toronto. Suffered in-flight structural failure of
starboard wing and crashed near St Marys, Ontario 21.6.37 en route Toronto-Detroit; pilot Arthur D Leavens,
passengers Al Ogden and Charles Sockett killed. Regn cld 20.8.37.
2016 To DH Canada as unassembled airframe without engine; received Downsview 18.7.30 and test flown 25.7.30.
Regd CF-AGS [CofR 906] 24.7.30 to JR Paget [Divisional Engineer with Canadian Pacific Railway], Assiniboia,
Saskatchewan. Regn lapsed 24.6.32; renewed 26.10.32. Regn suspended 3.4.33; renewed. Damaged on
landing Swan Lake, Saskatchewan 5.4.35; repaired by 26.8.35 & regn renewed 3.9.35. Regn lapsed 2.9.36;
renewed. Regn withdrawn 13.7.37; renewed 20.5.38. Regn lapsed 19.5.39. Regd 20.6.40 to JA Coyne,
Edmonton. Regd 3.10.40 to ET Owen, HH Johnston & J Scheckter, Edmonton. Regd 14.11.40 to CC Hoover,
HH Johnston & J Scheckter, Edmonton. Regn lapsed 17.2.41, rebuild for CofR renewal abandoned.
2017 To DH Canada as unassembled airframe without engine; received Downsview 25.7.30 & test flown 1.8.30. Regd
CF-AGU [CofR 909] 9.8.30 to WC Van Horne and operated by Skyways Ltd, Toronto. Regn lapsed 11.1.33.
Regd [CofR 1308] 1.7.33 to Sam S Foley, CFI of and operated by Hamilton Aero Club, Hamilton, Ont. Regd
[CofR 1492] 26.9.34 to R Morency, Quebec City. Regd [CofR 1859] 2.12.36 to LA Fletcher, t/a LA Fletcher & Co
Flying Services, Cap de la Madeleine, Quebec. Regd [CofR 2033/A80] 21.7.37 to St Maurice Airways Ltd, Three
Rivers, Quebec [based Cap de la Madeleine]. CofR lapsed 29.12.37. Sold (but not regd) 12.3.38 to R Noury,
Ottawa. Regd [CofR 2235/A80] 26.5.38 to John Albulet, Ottawa. Regd [CofR 2444/A80] 27.5.39 to MA Viau,
Ottawa. CofR suspended 11.39. Sold to RCAF .39 and transferred to No.1(E) Depot, Toronto as instructional
airframe A44 27.2.40. To Technical Training School, St.Thomas 24.9.40. Soc 8.2.44 as reduced to spares.
2018 To DH Canada as unassembled airframe without engine; received Downsview 13.6.30 and test flown 16.6.30.
Regd CF-AGT [CofR 908] 31.7.30 to William M Archibald, [nominee for Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of
Canada Ltd], Trail, BC. Regn lapsed 16.11.35; renewed. Regn lapsed 27.9.39. Sold 26.4.40 and regd 20.11.40
to Jack A Connell, Kimberley, BC [based Cranbrook, BC]. Regn suspended 24.8.41 as wfu after major
inspection. Sold 47/48 for conversion into snowmobile.
2019 To DH Canada as unassembled airframe fitted with Gipsy III #3038; received Downsview 1.8.30 and test flown
19.8.30. Regd CF-AGV [CofR 925] 2.9.30 to HG Marpole & WKG Lyman, Montreal. Regd CF-PEI [CofR 1098]
13.2.32 to Mrs ELM (Louise) Jenkins, Charlottetown, PEI and flown non-stop Montreal to Charlottetown 23.2.32
in record breaking 4 hr 8 min. Regd 17.11.32 to Canadian Airways Ltd, Montreal. Regd CF-AGV [CofR 1216]
23.9.33 to same owner. Forced landed Lake Matchi-Manitou c23.3.35. Sold (but not regd) 4.5.35 to De
Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd, Toronto. Regn lapsed 21.5.36; renewed 7.8.36. Regd [CofR 1850] 12.11.36 to
EB Hale, Burlington, Ont [and operated by Peninsula Airways, Hamilton, Ont][also new CofR 2037/A77 issued
23.7.37]. Regd [CofR 2237/A77] 16.5.38 to JF Copeland, LS Adams & FE Weeks, Smithvilles, Hamilton,
Ontario. Wfu after damage when hit a snowdrift on take-off Hamilton Bay, Ontario 26.2.39. Sold 10.11.39 to
Kitchener-Waterloo Flying Club, Ont as instructional airframe. Subsequently given to Galt Aircraft Training
School, Ont.
2020 Regd G-ABBS [CofR 2690] 4.7.30 to Flt Lt Edward Hedley Fielden as nominee for HRH The Prince of Wales.
(Fitted with Gipsy III #3039). CofA 2636 issued 28.7.30; dd 9.30. Last flown by Prince of Wales Hendon-Le
Bourget 16 or 17.1.31 prior to his departure to South America and returned to de Havilland Acft Co Ltd for sale.
Sold 1.31 and regd [CofR 3052] 3.31 to Sir Francis H Humphreys, High Commissioner for Iraq. Departed by air
to Baghdad from Croydon 31.3.31 flown by F/O John G Hawtry. Damaged Penjwin 21.5.31 and recovered to
Hinaidi next day. UK CofA lapsed 27.7.31. Regn cld 2.33 as sold - reportedly to Anglo-Persian Oil Co Ltd.
Operated 33/34 by Major Douglas William Gumbley, Director of Civil Aviation, Baghdad, Iraq. Regd G-ABBS
[CofR 4848] 2.34 [to unknown party but probably Major Gumbley]. Sold 7.34 and regd [CofR 5404] 23.10.34 to
Lady Lucy Joan Hoare, c/o British Legation, Teheran, Persia. Ferried 7.34 by Lady Hoare and Wing Cdr Ernest
L Howard-Williams from El Dekheila, Alexandria, Egypt to Baghdad, Iraq and then flown by Flt Lt Hawkings on to
Teheran; however, it suffered from air-locks at high level and was thus flown back to Baghdad after 10 days for
sale [and was replaced by DH.60GIII G-ACXK]. UK regn cld 12.34 as sold abroad. Regd YI-ABB (CofR 3)
8.5.35 to Gulzar Garabet (or Giarabett) Khanjian, Baghdad. Sold [reportedly late 34 so above may be
nominee] to Col Sir John Chappell Ward, Port Director & Director General of Navigation, Basra [& who died
10.10.42]. Sold c.22.10.42 by his widow at Basra to Lord Apsley on behalf of Arab Legion, Transjordan and
purchased by a syndicate of Arab Legion officers for £P800, including Capt Hugh Cook [£P300]. Crashed into
wall on take-off avoiding passing bus at Kolundia Airport, nr Jerusalem 7.11.42; en route Amman, piloted by Lord
Apsley & Col Sir Gawain Bell. To 55 Repair & Salvage Unit, Ein Shimir 11.42. At RAF Amman (1.43) for repairs
at Arab Legion expense; to British Airways at Heliopolis (5.43) for repairs costing £P85 on back of potential sale
at £P750. Actually repaired by RAF Heliopolis [1.44] (for £P100) and then offered to Lady Apsley & Capt Hugh
Cook for £P550, to include settlement of Lord Apsley’s debt and repair costs (Lord Apsley having been killed in a
Halifax crash in Malta 17.12.42 returning to UK). The Air Ministry was requested 7.3.45 to sell at best price
obtainable and sold by them 1.46 for £225.12.9 [and, in 9.46, they wrote off Lord/Lady Apsley’s debt of
£577.10.9]. Flown by JI Parker of Middle East Comm Squadron, Heliopolis as YI-ABB [7.46 & 9.46]. Owned
[6.48] by Suleiman Aqeirub, Cairo. Iraqi regn cld 51/52. Still as YI-ABB, it was at Beirut, Lebanon 11.56 in use
by Arab Contracting & Trading Co for ground instruction without wings; fate not known. (See photo in Air
Pictorial 1.57 and article Air Pictorial 1.95).
2021 To DH Australia with CofA 2670 issued 30.7.30; arr Freemantle 17.9.30, assembled Maylands and reflown
25.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3048). Regd VH-UPC [CofR 402] 7.10.30 to Wings Ltd, Perth; named
"Fleetwing" [by Lady Mayoress of Freemantle 29.9.30]. Suffered in-flight wing failure and crashed near Chidlowe
Wells in the Darling Ranges, 30ml from Perth 13.10.30; killing Capt Charles H Nesbit (MD of Wings), William R
Bell & Miss Haidee Rae. Regn cld 23.10.30.
2022 To DH Australia with CofA 2671 issued 29.7.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3030). Sold 24.9.30 to Qantas & test
flown 26.9.30 (by H de Havilland). Regd VH-UPA [CofR 399/CofA 352] 29.9.30 to QANTAS Ltd, Brisbane (dd
same day). CofR temporarily suspended 23.9.32-20.7.33. Regd 10.12.34 to Qantas Empire Airways Ltd,
Brisbane. Regd 15.6.37 to TH McDonald, t/a North Queensland Airways, Cairns, Qld. Regd [.37] to North
Queensland Airlines Pty Ltd, Cairns. Badly damaged in forced landing en route Townsville to Cairns 11.6.38;
pilot WC Wiltshire & 2 passengers unhurt. Regd 19.12.38 to (on purchase of fleet by) Airlines of Australia Ltd,
Sydney [based Cairns, Qld]. Rebuilt and CofA renewed 25.1.39. Sold 2.8.39 & regd 9.1.40 to Roy Lionel
Beresford, Euld, Qld (later Cunnamulla). Sold 18.7.45 and regd 28.7.45 to Horace Hayes, Bega, NSW; CofA
renewed Mascot 31.7.45. Operated by Marshall Airways, Mascot 1.46-6.46. Regd 4.6.46 to GK Bolton t/a
Cairns Flying Service, Cairns. Sold 25.7.47 and regd 24.11.47 to Australian Air Traders Pty Ltd, Sydney. Regd
11.10.48 to Methodist Inland Mission (Rev RA Lyons), Camooweal, Qld (Alice Springs wef 9.5.49); named "TC
Rentoul". Re-regd VH-ABU 20.10.48 to same owner (because it replaced DH.83 VH-ABU and the Mission were
"known throughout the Inland as ABU"). Regd 18.5.50 to Charles Daniel Pratt, Essendon. Regd 23.7.51 to CD
& LF Pratt Pty Ltd (Charles Pratt), Essendon. Wfu Essendon 15.9.58. Sold c.58 to Roly McKenzie and roaded
to Thomastown, Melbourne for storage. Regn cld 7.61. Sold .65 to ERBob Burnett-Read, Adelaide for rebuild
but stored at various locations in Adelaide. Sold .71 to B Allen. Sold .71 to C Batty. Sold [mid 70s] to Barry
Bell, Berwick, Vic. Regn VH-UPA reserved 31.1.75 by Barry Bell, Mount Waverley, Melbourne. Sold [.79] to
Clive H Phillips, Heidelberg, Victoria and regn reserved 31.7.82. Sold .84 to John L Pettit, Newtown, Vic; for
long-term rebuild by him at Wooloomanata Homestead, nr Geelong (new wings built by Colin Smith/Croydon
Aircraft Co). Sold 5.08 to Hinkler House Memorial & Research Association, Hinkler Hall of Aviation, Bundaberg,
Qld; rebuild completed by Ian Watson and on display wef 12.08 painted as CF-APK.
2023 To DH Australia with CofA 2720 issued 10.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3085). Regd VH-UPN [CofR 411]
11.11.30 to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Mascot; test flown 13.11.30 (by Hereward de Havilland). Used as
demonstrator, CofA 360 issued 21.11.30. Badly damaged in ground loop on landing on Gerringong Beach
4.4.31; pilot H de Havilland; repaired. Regn suspended 23.9.32 and restored 17.2.33. Sold 2.5.33 to and regd
30.8.33 to C Arthur Butler, Sydney (based Mascot; later Cootamundra). Sold 14.8.35 & regd 28.8.35 to Robert C
Godsall, Bellvue Hill, Sydney, NSW; named "Skylark". Sold for £750 & regd 10.8.40 to Roy Maxwell Edwards,
Darwin. CofA lapsed 9.41 and stored. Destroyed in Japanese bombing of the Guinea Airways hangar at Parap
Airfield, Darwin 19.2.42. Regn cld 19.5.42.
2024 Regd G-AAXI [CofR 2539] 26.5.30 to Sqn Ldr Charles Sandford Wynne-Eyton, London WC2 (based Hanworth).
(Fitted with Gipsy III #3010). Built as a special long range single-seater for transatlantic crossing from Harbour
Grace to Baldonnel. No CofA recorded & shipped to Canada. Whilst taking-off from Lester Field, St.Johns,
Newfoundland on its positioning flight to Harbour Grace for Atlantic attempt, it nose-dived into the ground from 40
ft 6.7.30 and was destroyed by fire; Sqn Ldr Wynne-Eyton was not badly injured. Regn cld 2.31 as crashed.
2025 Regd G-AAZY [CofR 2626] 10.6.30 to George Thornton-Norris, [Aviation Manager of Selfridge & Co Ltd], Stag
Lane [as nominee for Baron de Precourt, Paris]. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3023). CofA 2609 issued 3.7.30.
Crashed Petit Clamart, Paris 5.7.30, shortly after take-off from Villacoublay in bad weather and dbf, killing Baron
de Precourt [director of Schreck Aeroplanes], mechanic Ballet and passenger Comte Etienne de Roye. Regn
cld 12.30 as crashed.
2026 Regd G-AAXV [CofR 2555] 6.30 to Leon Charles Desoutter, London NW3 (based Stag Lane). (Fitted with Gipsy
III #3024). CofA 2634 issued 5.7.30. Regd [CofR 3287] 7.31 to (unknown party). Regd [CofR 3326] 7.31 to The
Parker Pen Co Ltd, Heston (later Croydon) and operated jointly with their advertising agents First International
Agency with “Parker Duofold” logos. Flown by AS d'Ydewalle on 30,000 mile European tour 8.31-10.31. Regd
[CofR 6715] 8.2.36 to Christopher Martin Charlewood Turner, Hawkinge (based Lympne). Flown by Turner to
Cape Town, departing Croydon 25.5.36. Regn cld 3.37 as sold. Regd in South Africa as ZS-AIB 24.10.36.
Crashed 20.2.40.
2027 Regd G-AAXW [CofR 2556] 6.30 to Arens Controls Ltd, London SW1 (based Heston and flown by their MD, LH
Freeman). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3025). CofA 2595 issued 27.6.30. Entered by Roy Faulkner (owner of Arens)
in Kings Cup 7.30. Flown on record breaking flight (on Arens behalf) by Capt Charles D Barnard from Lympne-
Malta [Hal Far]-Croydon 31.7.30-1.8.30; (13 hrs out; 14.5 hrs back). Also Lympne-Tangier-Croydon 25-26.8.30
(10.30 hours out; 10.55 hrs back). Trials at Farnborough 10.4.31 to 24.6.31 of Arens Controls (a system using a
push-pull single control wire). Regd [CofR 3438] 9.31 to (brothers) Flt Lt Leslie Stuart Hamilton & Kenneth A
Hamilton, Dulwich (based Hanworth). They left Lympne 27.10.31 en route Australia but acft damaged in forced
landing at Tullin, Vienna in fog later same day; returned to UK 2.11.31. Second attempt commenced 18.2.32 but
crashed in fog into hillside nr Ruvo di Puglia, Apulia, Italy next day (this time flown by Flt Lt Leslie S Hamilton and
F/O Robert K Coupland). Airframe returned to UK 3.32 after local repairs by Romeo in Naples were abandoned.
Regd [CofR 4580] 5.7.33 to Lt Col Sir Henry Claude “Harry” Moorhouse, Chievely, Newbury [based Hanworth].
However the CofA was not renewed beyond 22.7.32 and it is thus possible it was not rebuilt. Regn cld 4.37 as
2028 Regd G-AAXX [CofR 2557] 6.30 to Eustace Watkins, London W1 (based Heston). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3036).
CofA 2547 issued 15.7.30. Regd [CofR 3260] 6.31 to Ralph William Ernest Beckett, The Rt Hon Baron
Grimthorpe, Easthorpe Hall, Malton, Yorks. Regd [CofR 3430] 9.31 to British Aviation Insurance Co Ltd, London
EC3 (based Stag Lane). Sold 6.32 & regd [CofR 3851] 7.32 to The British Air Navigation Co Ltd, Heston. Regd
[CofR 4621] 2.8.33 to Frederick Alan Irving Muntz (of Airwork Ltd), Heston. Sold 9.34 on CofA renewal 15.9.34
and regn cld 12.34 as sold. Regd in Argentina as R290 14.10.35 to Guillermo Orr, Quilmes, Pcia de Buenos
Aires (reportedly now fitted GIII #3034, but since this was in c/n 2034, probably an error). Regd LV-RCA
10.11.37 to Pedro Montes. Regd (12.47) to Aero Club Chaco, Resistencia; still regd 10.50. Probably rebuilt .56.
Regd 27.8.56 to Boleslao (or Robeslao) Wilchinsky, Mendoza. Crashed Estancia El Mirador, Arboledas,
Buenos Aires 14.3.58 due to owner/pilot error and completely destroyed. CofA lapsed 18.11.58 but regn not cld
for some years.
2029 Regd G-AAXY [CofR 2558] 6.30 to Shell-Mex Co Ltd, Croydon (and flown by RR Bentley). (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3043). CofA 2587 issued 25.7.30. Regd [CofR 3603] 2.32 to Shell-Mex & BP Ltd, Croydon (later Heston).
Sold c12.33 (unconfirmed). Regd [CofR 6840] 19.3.36 to Brooklands Aviation Ltd, Brooklands. Regd [CofR
7199] 21.7.36 to Ivor Hardy List, Stoke-on-Trent and Bernard William Basil “Bill” Orton, Harrow [based
Brooklands]; named "Jacksie". For sale 8.37. Regd [CofR 8793] 6.10.38 to Count Theodore Zichy, London W1
(based Brooklands). Cld 24.6.39 & regd 5.7.39 to Capt Thomas William Gracey, London SW1 (based
Brooklands). CofA lapsed 28.3.40. Regn cld 2.41 by Secretary of State. Impressed 25.3.41 as DJ711.
Operated by ATA White Waltham. To DH Witney 10.7.42 for overhaul and soc as reduced to spares there
2030 Regd G-AAXZ [CofR 2559] 6.30 to Lt-Cdr George Pearson Glen Kidston, London SW1 (based Stag Lane).
(Fitted with Gipsy III #3027). CofA 2608 issued 27.6.30. Possibly based in East Africa (although when Kidston
was killed in crash of ZS-ACC 5.5.31, this Puss was offered for sale by Glasgow solicitors the same month.)
Regd [CofR 3262] 6.31 to Mrs Joan Fairlie, London SW7 (based Heston & [possibly operated by Personal Flying
Service Ltd). Operated 3.32 and regd [CofR 3752] 5.32 to British Air Navigation Co Ltd, Heston. Regd [CofR
4559] 21.6.33 to Henlys Ltd, Heston. Regd [CofR 4642] 22.8.33 to John Lister Shand, Heston. Regd [CofR
5331] 31.8.34 to Wrightson Aircraft Sales Ltd, Heston. Regd [CofR 7146] 25.6.36 to Guy William Valentine,
Umtali, Southern Rhodesia. UK CofA lapsed 27.9.36 and regn cld 5.37 as wfu.
2031 Regd G-AAYA [CofR 2560] 6.30 to The Hon Lady Mary Bailey, London W1 (based Stag Lane). (Fitted with
Gipsy III #3033). CofA 2623 issued 12.7.30. Experimetally fitted with skis at Stag Lane late 30/early 31. Fitted
with Gipsy Major #5046 and departed Croydon 15.1.33 for South Africa record attempt. Forced landed 12 mls
SW of Babau [also reported as Tahoua], Niger 16.1.33. Departed 20.1.33 on return to England and arrived back
14.2.33. Still owned by Lady Bailey 7.33. Regd [CofR 5837] 26.4.35 to Royal Air Force Flying Club, Hatfield.
Regd [CofR 8051] 12.8.37 to Anthony Ord Humble-Smith, Wimborne, Dorset (based Christchurch & probably
operated by his company, Air Charters Ltd). Cld 27.1.39 & regd 8.2.39 to John E Coxon t/a Southern Motor &
Aircraft Co, Gatwick (transferred to Southern Motor (Gatwick) Ltd 17.2.39. Cld 21.3.39 & regd 30.3.39 to Robert
Arnold Crothers Sumner, Wokinmg (based Brooklands). Permit for ferry Sywell to Brooklands for storage
27.1.40. Damaged beyond repair Brooklands 9.9.40 (probably 4.9.40) when hangar collapsed following enemy
raid. Regn cld 14.11.45 at census.
2032 To DH India with CofA 2674 issued 25.7.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3042). Regd VT-ABJ 1.31 to unknown party.
Regd [CofR 122] 3.11.31 to Bhaba Deb Mukerjee, Barranagar (based Dum Dum). Badly damaged in crash on
landing Lucknow 20.2.32 during Viceroy's Cup Race [repaired?]; also reported as crashed after striking turning
pylon at Cawnpore.; Mukerjee suffered broken ankle Regn cld as unserviceable 9.34.
Note VT-ADU was regd 14.1.33 to De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd with c/n 2032; it is thus possible that VT-ADU
was a rebuild incorporating the fuselage of c/n 2032, since VT-ADU was subsequently referred to as c/n 2099R,
a rebuild of VT-ACF.
2033 Regd G-AAYB [CofR 2561] 6.30 to the Hon David Francis Tennant, London WC2 (based Stag Lane); but not
del’d. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3035). Regd [CofR 2739] 15.7.30 to Lt-Cdr Patrick Geoffrey Tremayne Rodd RN,
London SW3 (based Brooklands). CofA 2593 issued 17.7.30. Crashed on take off from frozen lake St.Moritz,
Switzerland 31.1.33; killing owner/pilot, passenger Charles Schaer injured. Regn cld 12.33 as wfu.
2034 Regd G-AAYK [CofR 2571] 5.30 to Capt Allen Aitchison Havelock Charles, Waltham Abbey. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3034). CofA 2640 issued 11.7.30. Regd [CofR 3428] 15.9.31 to [Charles' company] British Air Transport Ltd,
Croydon. Crashed on landing Heston 1.4.32; pilot R Bliss injured. Regn cld 1.33 as wfu.
2035 Regd G-AAYC [CofR 2562] 27.5.30 to Major Albert Alexander Nathan, London EC2 (based Stag Lane; later
Hatfield wef 11.34). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3026). CofA 2583 issued 28.6.30. Crashed some time after last CofA
renewal on 9.5.39. Regn cld 1.12.46 in census.
2036 Regd G-AAYD [CofR 2563] 5.30 to (unknown party, but probably Air Taxis Ltd, Stag Lane). (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3040). Entered for Kings Cup Air Race 5.7.30 by Walter Hope of Air Taxis but withdrawn, presumably because
it was not ready. Regd [CofR 2755] 18.7.30 to Capt Walter Laurence Hope, Kenton, Middlesex and operated by
his company Air Taxis Ltd, Stag Lane [later Croydon]. CofA 2585 issued 19.7.30. Crashed Crowthorne,
Edgworth Moor, nr Bolton 15.11.35, flying newspapers from Manchester to Isle of Man; pilot unhurt. Regn cld
12.35 as wfu.
2037 Regd G-AAYE [CofR 2564] 26.5.30 to Alfred Charles Morris Jackaman, Slough (based Heston); named "Peridot
IV". (Fitted with Gipsy III #3037). CofA 2648 issued 25.7.30. Winner of Siddeley Challenge Trophy 25.7.31.
Regn cld 11.32 as sold - probably overseas. Possibly shipped to Australia in 1932, since engine serial plate for
Gipsy III #3037 was found in Adelaide (.07), but not regd because the Puss Moth CofA was revoked in Australia
2038 Regd G-AAFA [CofR 1904] 23.5.30 to Flt Lt Maxwell Hutcheon Findlay, Hanworth (as nominee for Belgian,
Georges Hanet, Brussels). [The use of the out-of-sequence regn, initially allocated 3.29, cannot presently be
explained]. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3028). CofA 2607 issued 27.6.30. Winner of Belgian Coupe Challenge
International 28.9.30. Probably the Puss Moth which crashed Lympne 20.6.31; pilot Hanet. Still owned by
Hanet 6.33. Regd [CofR 7219] 28.7.36 to John Charles William Fitzroy, His Grace the 9th Duke of Grafton,
Euston Hall, Thetford [and who was killed in a motor racing accident 4.8.36]. Regn cld 10.36 as sold abroad with
CofA renewed 15.10.36. Regd in Sweden as SE-AFH [CofR 148/CofA 202] 24.10.36 to Svensk Flygtjanst AB,
Stockholm. Regd 24.11.37 to LM Giertz, Stockholm. Regd 1.38 to G Gustafsson, Uppsala [based Stockholm].
Regd 9.5.39 to N Turing, Enskede. Regd 12.9.46 to HB Faurschou, Vendelso (based Bromma). Regd 2.4.51 to
G Forsberg, PE Olsson & JA Aslund, Sandviken. Regn 17.10.51 to H Liljedahl, Gallivare. Regd 7.5.52 to Knut
Liljedahl, Gallivare. CofA lapsed 4.11.52 and regn cld 21.2.58. To store near Stockholm in mid-50's and still in
store Bromma .80. Bought .09 by Curt & Stefan Sandberg and stored pending rebuild which commenced 2012
at Hatunaholm, N of Stockholm. Regn reserved 14.11.16 by Stefan C Sandberg, Bro; nearing completion .16 &
fitted with Gipsy Major 10.
2039 To DH Canada as unassembled airframe without engine; received Downsview 1.8.30 and test flown 19.8.30.
Regd CF-AGW [CofR 927] 21.8.30 to Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co of Canada Ltd, Winnipeg; named
“Murphy” [and based Trail, BC]. Regd 9.6.35 to Mrs M Muncaster (with husband Phil Muncaster), Calgary [and
operated by Advance Air Service]. Regd [CofR 1657] 29.1.36 to E Boffa, Lethbridge, Alberta. Regn suspended
31.3.36. CofA withdrawn 13.7.37; renewed 22.11.37. Regd 18.12.37 to same owner. Regd [CofR 2205/A172]
26.2.38 to DV Patry, Edmonton [but aircraft not accepted as needed reconditioning]. Regn lapsed 26.3.39. Sold
7.12.39 to EC Darling, Edmonton. Fate unknown and last sale possibly ntu.
2040 Regd G-ABCX [CofR 2733] 7.30 to The Fairey Aviation Co Ltd, Hayes (based Great West Aerodrome). (Fitted
with Gipsy III #3049). CofA 2654 issued 18.8.30. Used by Faireys for infra-red photographic trials. Regd [CofR
7096] 25.5.36 to Phillips & Powis Aircraft Ltd, Woodley. Final CofA renewal 25.2.38. Flown Hucknall to
Farnborough and return 26.3.38 by Flt Lt Heyworth & Mr Gibson. Regn cld 4.38 as sold abroad. Regd in
Portuguese Angola as CR-HAA .38 to Dr Antonio Videira; named “Talvez”. [Also reported as owned .38 by
Adelino Amaral]. Regd CR-LAH. Crashed.
2041 Regd G-AAXO [CofR 2548] 5.30 to Capt Geoffrey de Havilland, Stanmore (based Stag Lane); for Kings Cup Air
Race 7.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3019). CofA 2577 issued 26.6.30. Regd [CofR 2940] 12.30 to George Donald
Mallinson, Brighouse, Yorks (based Sherburn-in-Elmet; Yeadon wef 9.31). Regd [CofR 3632] 2.32 to Edward
Leslie Burgin MP, London WC1 as nominee for M Meny, Paris. Sold [4.34] to Flt Lt The Most Hon The
Marquess of Douglas & Clydesdale, Heston/Dungavel. Regd [CofR 5641] 22.2.35 to Hon Brian Lewis (Brian
Lewis & Co Ltd), Heston. Regd [CofR 6099] 22.7.35 to Gerald Cohen, Glasgow (based Renfrew). Regd [CofR
7688] 19.2.37 to The Hon Brian Lewis (Brian Lewis & Co Ltd), Aldenham. Regn cld 1Q.38 as sold abroad.
Regd [CofR 8499] 10.5.38 to Charles Saint John Collier, London WC2 (based Doncaster/Hanworth). Operated
by CL Air Surveys, Southampton on Ordnance Survey contract. Operated .39 by Surrey Flying Services Ltd,
Croydon. Moved to Weston-super-Mare on outbreak of war for operation by NAC. Regn cld 4.4.40 as sold. To
5 S of TT, Locking 5.4.40. Impressed as X9404 10.5.40 (from Surrey F/Svs). Transferred to 12 S of TT
Melksham 8.11.40 as instructional airframe 2305M.
2042 Regd G-AAZM [CofR 2613] 5.30 to Lt Henry Maitland King RN, RAF Leuchars (as replacement for DH60X
G-EBWL). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3031). CofA 2629 issued 7.7.30. Regd [CofR 3024] 2.31 to Henry Nigel St
Valery Norman [of Airwork Ltd], Heston. Regd [CofR 3654] 3.32 to Stanley Davenport, London WC1 (based
Heston) [swopped for G-AAZN - see 2043]. Regd [CofR 4588] 7.7.33 to Henry Stanley Whiteside, London SW1
(based Heston). Regn cld 25.7.33 as sold abroad. Regd in Argentina as R258 2.3.34 to C Taylor, Buenos Aires.
Regd [9.36] to Fernando Felix Alberto Tornquist. Regd LV-RBA 10.11.37 to same owner. Regd (12.47) to Juan
Roberto Ross, Buenos Aires. Still regd 8.50. Regd (5.67) to E Martin Tornquist, Buenos Aires.
2043 Regd G-AAZN [CofR 2614] 6.30 to Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd, Heston (used for demonstrations). (Fitted
with Gipsy III #3078). CofA 2588 issued 6.9.30. Regd [CofR 3037] 3.31 to Stanley Davenport, London WC1
(based Heston). Regd [CofR 3758] 5.32 to Henry Nigel St Valery Norman [of Airwork Ltd], Heston [see
comments on 2042]. Regd [CofR 4934] 26.3.34 to Geoffrey Heap Turner, Rochdale (based Barton); dd 14.3.34.
Crashed in thick fog Rough Stone Farm, between Bradnop and Ipstones, near Leek, Staffs 23.11.34 en route
Heston to Barton; killing owner/pilot. Regn cld 11.34 as wfu.
2044 Supplied to Air Ministry as K1824 under Contract No.54344/30 with civilian CofA 2896 issued 27.10.30 to The Air
Council. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3125). Purchased for trials by RAF as de luxe high speed communications acft.
Delivered 12.30 for evaluation at Martlesham Heath; still there 2.31. To AOC Inland Area and Home Command
Communications Flight, Henlow 16.4.31 [still operated 18.5.32]. To 'E' Flight, RAE Farnborough 6.10.32 (or
26.9.32/3.10.32) for static tests following a series of Puss Moth accidents. Soc 3.11.32. Still being used for
tests 5.33. Mainplanes (at least) used for destructive tests 10/11.34.
2045 Regd G-AAZO [CofR 2615] 6.30 to Lt John Reginald Bryans RN, Fort Grange, Gosport. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3041). CofA 2628 issued 23.7.30. Regd [CofR 3750] 5.32 to The Scottish Flying Club Ltd, Renfrew. Regd
[CofR 6021] 29.6.35 to John Peter Wakefield, London W1 (based Brooklands [also Kendal?]). Regd [CofR
6603] 18.12.35 to Cinque Ports Flying Club Ltd, Lympne. Cld 28.1.39 & regd 1.2.39 to John Ernest Coxon, t/a
Southern Motors & Aircraft, Gatwick (later Southern Aircraft (Gatwick) Ltd). Cld 3.8.39 & regd 11.8.39 to
International Air Freight Ltd, Croydon (later Cardiff). Cld 16.1.40 & regd 19.1.40 to The Hon Mrs Mildred Mary
(Victor) Bruce, Cardiff and used by Air Dispatch Ltd on behalf of NAC. Regn cld 23.7.40 as sold. Impressed as
AX870 23.7.40. Operated by Training Ferry Pilots Pool, White Waltham. Wfu following damage on landing
Swindon 18.6.41 when it struck a parked tar-sprayer. Soc 1.7.41.
2046 To Frank D Mill t/a Air Survey & Transport Co Ltd, New Zealand with CofA 2696 issued 19.8.30. (Fitted with
Gipsy III #3054). Regd ZK-ABG 11.11.30 (although incorrectly painted as ZK-AAG 10.30). First flight following
erection 1.11.30. Sold (8.31) to Rotorua Airways Ltd; named "Te Arawa". Damaged in forced landing short of
fuel Fernside, near Rangiora 19.3.34; pilot Sqn Ldr AJ Butler & passenger unhurt. Regd to NZ Airways Ltd,
Timaru and rebuilt; reflown 7.5.34. To WR Willmott, Timaru. To AJ McIntosh, Invercargill [error for next entry?].
Regd [CofR 103] 13.1.38 to AJ Bradshaw t/a Southland Airways; Fleet No.4; named "Hikioi" (later renamed
"Faith in New Zealand"). Impressed into RNZAF as NZ594 8.6.42 (or 16.6.42). Regd 24.4.46 (or 15.5.46) as
ZK-AJW to Angus J McIntosh, Invercargill. Ditched in fog off Oamaru Beach 25.8.48, en route Invercargill to
Christchurch; McIntosh missing [some wreckage found 28.8.48]. Regn cld 28.10.48.
2047 Regd G-AAZP [CofR 2616] 4.6.30 to Miss Diana C Guest, London W1 (based Hanworth). (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3020). CofA 2578 issued 24.6.30. Regd [CofR 2802] 9.30 to John Lister (Jack) Shand (of Airwork Ltd), East
Knoyle (based Heston/East Knoyle). Operated in Almaza, Egypt 6.31 and chartered to Imperial Airways Ltd in
Persia for survey work [pilot Dudley Travers]. Regn cld 8.32 as sold abroad. Regd SU-AAC 6.32 to Misr Airwork
Ltd, Almaza, Egypt. Flown in First Oasis Rally 18/24.12.33 by Ahmed Salem. Sold 4.36 to Man Mohan Singh
and flown to India. Flown from India to UK 7-8.36 by Man Mohan Singh. Regd G-AAZP [CofR 7523] 10.12.36 to
Man Mohan Singh, London SW16 (based Croydon). CofA renewed 6.1.37. Regd [CofR 8159] 22.10.37 to
Joseph Patrick Reidy, London W1 (based Broxbourne). Regd [CofR 8436] 6.4.38 to John Ernest Coxon, t/a
Southern Motor & Aircraft Co, London SE15 (based Croydon; later Hamsey Green). Regd [CofR 8705] 16.8.38
to Horace George Everitt, Knowle Hall, Warks (based Leamington Spa/Castle Bromwich; later Elmdon). CofA
lapsed 24.11.39. Regn cld 27.9.41 by Secretary of State. Impressed as HL537 30.9.41. Overhauled at DH
Witney and delivered to RAF Hawarden 7.2.42. To 38 MU Llandow 4.5.42 and issued to ATA White Waltham
17.5.42. To General Aircraft Ltd, Hanworth as communications hack 24.7.42. To Gatwick 8.9.42. Soc 11.9.42,
but to Herts & Essex Aviation and overhauled. To RAF Farnborough 8.12.42 and on charge at Stn Flt
Eastchurch by 31.12.42. To RAF Wattisham 3.5.43 and reverted to ATA White Waltham 31.7.43. To RAF
Doncaster 16.6.44 until to storage at 5 MU Kemble 27.3.46. Sold 8.10.46 to F Bingham (of Southampton
Aircraft Services). Regd G-AAZP 20.11.46 to Autowork (Winchester) Ltd, Eastleigh. CofA renewed 20.6.49.
New CofR No.R309 issued .50. Operated by Vivian H Bellamy t/a Flightways, Eastleigh .51. Cld 15.8.51 & regd
21.8.51 to Mrs Edna Mabel Bianchi (Personal Plane Services), Ashford Common, Middx (based White
Waltham). Cld 28.3.52 & regd 31.3.52 to Geoffrey Warren Hall, Shrivenham, Wilts (based Kidlington/Swindon).
Cld 4.6.52 & regd 6.6.52 to Geoffrey Warren Hall, Shrivenham & Clifford Bannister Allen, Reading (based
Woodley/Mount Farm). Cld 10.3.56 & regd 16.3.56 (back) to Geoffrey Warren Hall (based
Thruxton/Shrivenham). Deld 16.9.61 & regd 21.9.61 to The de Havilland (Chester) Social & Athletic Club,
Hawarden (with various nominee names - Stanley Brown/Charles Douglas Smith 21.9.61-11.12.63; Charles
Douglas Smith/John Barrington Shone 6.2.64-1.10.64; Thomas Ian Sutton/John Barrington Shone 8.4.65-1.5.66;
Thomas Ian Sutton/Ray Jones 30.6.66; Thomas Ian Sutton/ Barry James Champion 13.2.75). Cld & regd
21.10.77 to David Alan Williams (the CFI of DH Chester Club), Upton-by-Chester (based Hawarden). Cld 8.8.79
& regd 22.8.79 to Geoffrey Roy Mollison, Bolton (based Barton). Cld 19.10.82 & regd 2.11.82 to Robert Pennell
(Tim) Williams, Denford Manor, Hungerford; named 'British Heritage'. Rebuilt by Newbury Aeroplane Co,
Hungerford .83/84. Flown by Williams and Henry Labouchere from Mildenhall to Melbourne, Australia 21.10.84 -
15.12.84 to commemorate 50th anniversary of MacRobertson Race. Displayed at Drage's Aeroworld Museum,
Wodonga .85, returned to UK by sea; arriving Tilbury 23.2.86.
2048 To DH Canada without CofA; received Downsview 13.9.30 and test flown 18.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3062).
Regd CF-AGY [CofR 949] 6.11.30 to De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd, Toronto. Probably the DH.80A
loaned to Canadian Airways Ltd for air mail trials in Eastern Canada and based Montreal 11.30-22.12.30. Regd
7.1.31 to FL Tretheway, Toronto [hired for business/vacation trip to Florida]. Regd 10.2.31 [back] to De Havilland
Aircraft of Canada Ltd. Regd [CofR 1129] 28.5.32 to Rancher's Air Line Ltd, Lethbridge, Alberta. Regn lapsed
9.5.34. Regd [CofR 1529] 4.2.35 to Prairie Airways Ltd, Moose Jaw, Sask. CofA withdrawn 13.7.37; regd [CofR
2134/A.126] 19.11.37 to same owner. Regd 4.6.40 to AJ Elliott, Moose Jaw. Regd 23.8.41 to GJ Gibbs,
Regina, Sask. Regd 13.4.42 to GJ Gibbs & JG Findlay, Regina. Regn lapsed 1.5.42 and wfu 10.42 due to
wartime restrictions. Flown 4.44 to Watrous, Sask for storage. Sold 5.10.44 to HG Hamilton, Regina; regn
application 9.5.45 not proceeded with. Sold [but not regd and probably not completed] .45 to CC Thompson,
Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Sold [but not regd] .46 to DC Price, Indian Head, Saskatchewan. Converted into
2049 To DH Canada without CofA; received Downsview 13.9.30 and test flown 27.4.31. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3059).
Regd CF-APK [CofR 980] 29.4.31 to Sqn Ldr HJL "Bert" Hinkler, Toronto; named "Karohi" [delivered 9.5.31].
Flown from Toronto to England departing 20.10.31 and became the first ever aircraft to cross the South Atlantic,
west to east, and longest non-stop lightplane flight [25/26.11.31]. Left New York 26.10.31 non-stop to Kingston,
Jamaica 27.10.31 (18 hrs 15 min), then Maracaibo, Venezuela; Natal, Brazil [left 25.11.31]; Bathurst, Gambia; St
Louis, Senegal; Casablanca; Madrid, Paris, arriving Hanworth 7.12.31. Hinkler was awarded 1931 Segrave
Memorial Trophy for this flight. Regn lapsed 7.5.32 and stored Hendon. Overhauled and fitted with Gipsy Major;
test flown 7.11.32 and CofA renewed 28.11.32. Departed Hayes 7.1.33 on Australian flight but crashed in Prato
Magna Alps, nr Arezzo, Italy same day following structural failure of wing in turbulence at 6,500 ft en route;
pioneer aviator Hinkler died from his injuries and exposure and the wreck was not found until 28.4.33. Regn cld
2050 To WD Batsholts, Switzerland with CofA 2700 issued 29.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3066). Regd CH-261
19.9.30 [10.9.30?] to WD Batsholts, Geneva. Regd .31 to Topsy-Club, Geneva-Cointrin. Regn cld (by 7.31).
Returned to Croydon [presumably for sale] and flown [as CH-261] Croydon-Paris-Malmo/Bulltofta-Barkarby
11.5.31 by new owner Kurt Bjorkvall. Damaged in forced landing Olstorp, nr Nassjo 22.5.31; to ASJA for repairs,
completed 11.8.31. Regd SE-ACU [CofR 88/CofA 139] 26.8.31 to Kurt Bjorkvall, Stockholm [based Barkarby]
and painted up as “eagle with feathers on wings and bird body along fuselage. Bjorkvall dep
Stockholm/Barkarby 27.11.31 on flight to Monrovia, Liberia via Hamburg-Amsterdam-Paris-Lyon-Barcelona-
Alicante-Rabat-Casablanca-Agadir-Cap Juby-Villa Cisneros-Dakar-Bathurst-Conakry, arriving Monrovia 10.12.31
and returned to Stockholm 30.12.31. CofA cld 26.5.34. Regd 6.7.35 to Thorsten Johansson, Norrkoping; CofA
renewed 14.9.35. Regd 16.4.37 to A-W Ahlin, Sala. Crashed Malaren, nr Vasteras 30.1.38 and regn cld .38.
2051 Regd G-ABDW [CofR 2774] 23.8.30 to Capt Froude Ridler Matthews, Highgate, London N6 (based Stag Lane).
(Fitted with Gipsy III #3076). CofA 2734 issued 11.9.30. Built as "Special DH machine" and flown by Matthews
departing Croydon for Darwin 16.9.30; damaged in forced landing at night Banmee 100 ml N of Muang
Don/Bangkok, Thailand 23.9.30; repaired & restarted 9.10.30; arrived Darwin 18.10.30. Forced landed Lismore
27.10.30 and badly damaged. Rebuilt and intended to be used by Capt Matthews to fly back to England. He
departed Sydney 27.12.30 and proposed leaving Port Darwin 3.1.31 but flight delayed and attempt abandoned
14.1.31 due to bad weather and finally cancelled 31.1.31 (or 1.2.31) following wing spar damage during test
flight. Shipped to Sydney for repairs; arr 22.2.31. Intended then to be shipped to Calcutta for Karachi-UK flight
but probably not shipped. UK regn cld 12.33 as wfu. Regd in Australia as VH-UQB [CofR 425] 27.5.31 to
Douglas Fraser Shepherd, Bondi. NSW. CofA 388 issued 7.8.31. Regn suspended 23.9.32. Sold 21.2.33 and
regd 2.3.33 to HR Clarke, Sydney. Sold (but not regd) 12.7.34 to Daniel Vincent Clifton, Sydney. Sold 27.7.34 &
regd 12.9.34 to NW Croucher, c/o Shell Co of Australia Ltd, Ayr, Qld. Regd 20.5.36 to GP Hoskins & James
Carr Pollock, Mascot (and operated by Royal Aero Club of NSW). Damaged when struck heap of stones &
overturned Peak Hill, NSW 15.7.36; pilot JC Pollock; repaired. Regd 21.8.36 to James Carr Pollock, Mascot and
used 8.37 by Donald Mackay Aerial Survey Expedition in Central Australia. CofA lapsed 2.6.38. Sold 13.7.39 &
regd 21.7.39 to Royal Aero Club of NSW. CofA lapsed 22.2.41. Sold 1.11.44 to Sid D Marshall, t/a Marshall
Airways, Bankstown for rebuild. Regn cld 17.10.47; regd 14.11.47 to same owner. Damaged on landing
Newcastle, NSW 22.5.53. Regn cld as wfu 11.1.55; regd 23.12.55 to same owner. Regd 18.12.59 to Marshall
Airways, Bankstown. Wfu .71 and stored Bankstown. Regd 17.5.72 to Sid D Marshall, Bankstown. Regn cld
30.3.73; sold to UK via Hendon Aeroplane Co. Purchased by Strathallan Aircraft Collection 8.73 and returned to
UK 4.74. Regd G-ABDW 25.3.77 to Strathallan Collection but not rebuilt to airworthy condition. Sold at auction
14.7.81 and acquired by the Royal Scottish Museum/Museum of Flight, East Fortune for £7,500. Cld 7.12.81 on
sale and regn cld 21.1.82 as pwfu. On display .16, still painted as VH-UQB.
2052 First flown 25.8.30 and to DH Australia on behalf of Qantas with CofA 2672 issued 27.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3067). Erected Eagle Farm, Brisbane and flown 24.10.30. Regd VH-UPM [CofR 410] 7.11.30 to New England
Airways Ltd, Lismore, NSW; named "Miss Lismore". Inflight wing failure and crashed Myocum, nr Byron Bay,
20m NNE Lismore, NSW 18.9.32; killing all 3 on board; (pilot Ralph Virtue plus Capt Les Holden & Dr George R
Hamilton). Regn cld 23.9.32.
2053 To DH Australia with CofA 2673 issued 26.8.30, having first flown 22.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3064). Regd
VH-UPJ [CofR 407] 30.10.30 to Matthews Aviation Pty Ltd, Essendon (erected and flown 24.10.30). Regd
1.12.30 to TP Manifold, Camperdown, Vic. Regd 14.7.32 to Mrs Jessie G De Havilland, Mascot. Regn cld
23.9.32; regd 3.33 to same owner. Regn cld as lapsed 13.7.34. Returned to UK and regd G-ACSB [CofR 5030]
7.5.34 to Mrs Jessie Grace de Havilland, Bushey, Herts (based Hatfield). CofA renewed 16.5.34. Used for wing
stiffness tests by de Havillands 10.34. Regn cld 3.35 as sold abroad. Regd in Netherlands as PH-AMN [CofR
220] 1.3.35 to AM Noordenbos, Twente. Regd 20.12.35 to AL Bauling, Twente/Teuge. Regn lapsed 20.12.41.
2054 Test flown by Capt Hubert Broad at Stag Lane as ZK-ABR 12.9.30. To Air Survey & Transport Co Ltd, New
Zealand with CofA 2742 issued 13.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3088). Regd ZK-ABR .30 to Air Survey &
Transport Co Ltd, Hobsonville. Fitted with Gipsy Major 1.33. Regd .36 to Francis C Chichester & Frank D
Herrick and shipped on SS Wanganella to Sydney, Australia 19.6.36. Flown to Brooklands by Chichester
[Herrick as passenger], departing Sydney 26.6.36 and arriving 12.10.36 via Darwin, China, Indo-China, India &
Europe. Regn cld and to Matthews Aviation Ltd .37. UK CofA renewed 16.8.37. Regd G-AFDH [CofR 8248]
12.37 to Brooklands Aviation Ltd, Brooklands. Regd [CofR 8347] 8.2.38 to Aeronautical Educational Trust Ltd,
t/a Chelsea College of Aeronautical Engineering, Brooklands. CofA lapsed 23.7.40. Used during war as
instructional airframe. Regn cld 1.12.46 by Secretary of State. By 1949, it was with the College of Aeronautical
& Automobile Engineering, Redhill as an instructional airframe. On 20.5.54 it was scrapped and burnt in the
Redhill clear-out.
2055 Regd G-ABEC [CofR 2783] 8.30 to Francis Sidney Lee, Exeter (based Haldon). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3090).
CofA 2719 issued 13.9.30. Sold 5.32 & regd [CofR 3866] 7.32 to The Doncaster Aviation Co Ltd, Armthorpe,
Doncaster. Regd [CofR 4284] 22.3.33 to Norman Edgar, t/a Norman Edgar & Co, Bristol (based Whitchurch).
CofA lapsed 15.7.33 and regn cld 3.34 as sold. Regd in France as F-ANEC [CofR 3723] 18.4.34 to Robert
Senechal, Paris. Regd 3.35 to Andre Contamine, St.Cyr; named "Coccinelle". Regd 7.37 to Rene Chagnaud,
Civray, Vienne. Regn cld post .39.
2056 To DH India with CofA 2695 issued 19.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3056). Regd VT-ABZ [CofR 62] 20.12.30 to
Raymond E Grant-Govan, New Delhi. Regn cld. Regd 24.10.35 to same owner. Regd [CofR 62/2] 16.2.39 to
Raja Udai Pratap Singh, Kotiari Raj, Hardoi. Regn cld .42 on impressment into RAF as LV766. Op [1.43] by
Bengal Comm Flight, Dum Dum. Crashed Dum Dum, Calcutta 25.11.43. Soc 31.12.43. Note:- The UK CofA
was officially renewed 30.6.37, but this is probably an error in the records.
2057 Regd G-ABDF [CofR 2744] 7.30 to Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd, Heston. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3092). CofA
2739 issued 18.9.30. Regd [CofR 2906] 11.30 to Capt Francis Francis, London W1 (based Heston). Regd
[CofR 3646] 3.3.32 to Edgar William Hart, Chorlton-cum-Hardy (based Woodford). CofA lapsed 17.5.36 but
advertised for sale "definitely airworthy" 4.37 by Alexander & Garner, Manchester. Subsequent status uncertain
and stored during WWII. File marked as impressed 2.3.40 but this was error for G-ABOF and which probably
caused aircraft to be overlooked. Regn cld 1.12.46 at census. Regd 17.6.48 to Grp Capt John Towers Mynors,
RAF Sealand (later RAF Cosford) (also reported as based Wolverhampton or Burnaston). Overhauled at
Sealand and CofA renewed 26.10.48. Cld & regd 14.1.50 to Grp Capt John Towers Mynors, RAF Singapore &
James Mathew Banks, London W1 (based Croydon). CofA lapsed 2.12.50 and wfu Croydon. To White
Waltham 11.51 (or 11.50) and subsequently to RAF Newton (by 7.53). New CofR No.R2837 issued .50. Cld
1.1.54 & regd 13.2.54 to John Keith Jakeman, Hatfield, Murray Cameron Duff, St Albans and Kenneth Harold
Cole, Welwyn on behalf of a group of DH apprentices. To Elstree 5.54 & rebuild completed by Simpsons
Aeroservices Ltd and CofA renewed 31.7.54; (based Elstree). Crashed and destroyed by fire Easton Lodge,
Dunmow, Essex 29.5.55; aircraft stalled off a low pass at the disused airfield where it was intended to land, ex
Elstree; killing pilot James A Brown and two passengers (despite third seat having been permanently removed).
Regn cld 28.2.56 as destroyed.
2058 To Aeros Pty Ltd, South Africa with CofA 2713 issued 30.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3079). Regd ZS-ACC
23.10.30 to Glen L Bateman, Baragwanath. Crashed following in-flight wing failure in storm Van Reenen,
Drakensberg Mountains, Natal 5.5.31; killing Lt-Cdr Glen Kidston and Capt Thomas A (Tony) Gladstone. Regn
cld .31.
2059 Regd G-AARF [CofR 2263] 25.7.30 to Samuel Norman Turner, Nyeri, Kenya (possibly jointly or on behalf of
John Carberry). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3055). CofA 2666 issued 20.8.30. Transferred (sold?) 8.31 to Mrs Helen
Silver, Nairobi. Regn cld 10.31 as sold abroad. To Wilson Airways. Continued to operate as G-AARF and only
regd to Wilson Airways Ltd as VP-KAT 12.6.33. Named "Knight of the Garter". Regn cld 5.34 on sale to G
Prudhomme, Uganda. Prudhomme was a French subject and it was required therefore to be placed on French
register. In the event this was not progressed and it was next allocated VP-KBM 8.4.35 to Njoro Country Club
(an owner invented by Prudhomme for registration purposes). This was not taken up but finally on 27.8.35 it was
officially regd as VP-KBO to Njoro Country Club. Regd 10.3.36 to Nashir F Dalal, c/o Dr Sorabjee, Nairobi for a
UK flight. By 17.3.36, VP-KBO had reached Almaza and the owner asked Misr-Airwork to carry out an overhaul.
The owner never collected the aircraft and it was seized by Misr-Airwork. Kenyan regn eventually cld as sold
abroad 7.37. Presumably remained in store until regd 6.11.39 as SU-ACN to Misr-Airwork. Regd G-AARF
8.2.41 to Flt Lt Ronald Blair Murdoch, AHQ Habbaniya, Iraq and CofA previously renewed 17.1.41. Regn cld
1.12.46 at census. Impressed by AHQ Habbaniya as HK866 2.41 and ultimately soc 27.7.44 by Iraq & Persia
Communications Flight.
2060 To Aeros Pty Ltd, South Africa with CofA 2733 issued 10.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3084). Regd ZS-ACB
14.11.30. to Union Airways Ltd, Durban. Regn cld as sold in Southern Rhodesia 14.10.35. Sold to Spencers Air
Services 15.7.35 and regd VP-YBC to EH Spencer, Victoria Falls. Crashed Victoria Falls .35. Regn cld as sold
pre-war (but believed wfu after accident).
2061 Regn G-AAZS reserved [CofR 2618] 6.30 but not taken up. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3060). To Wilson Airways,
Kenya with CofA 2702 issued 25.8.30. Regd VP-KAH 9.10.30 to Wilson Airways (but flown as VP-KAH at
Hamble Garden Party 31.8.30 by Wilson’s MD Tom Campbell-Black). Used for Africa-England route survey by
Marthinus CP Mostert 24.2.31 to 12.4.31 from Zanzibar to Nairobi, picking up Mrs Wilson and thence to Gao,
Bathurst, Las Palmas and Madrid to England. Regn cld 22.4.31 and returned to de Havillands in exchange for
VP-KAM c/n 2153. Regd G-ABNV [CofR 3276] 6.31 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane. CofA
renewed 5.11.31. Regd [CofR 3474] 11.31 to Arthur Wellesley Melmath Fletcher, Shepperton [based Stag
Lane]. Regd [CofR 4610] 25.7.33 to Anthony Francis de Reya, London W11 (based Hanworth). CofA lapsed
29.6.35. Regn cld 12.35 as sold (possibly overseas). CofA renewed 16.11.36 but regn not restored until regd
[CofR 7934] 11.6.37 (back) to Anthony Francis de Reya (now based Hatfield). CofA again lapsed 15.11.37 and
regn cld 7.38 as sold. Regd in Italy as I-BIGA 2.9.38 to Carlo Adamoli, Milan.
2062 To Werner Stocklin, Switzerland with CofA 2679 issued 26.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3063). Regd CH-260
3.9.30 to Fernand Fluckiger, La Chaux-de-Fonds. Regd 5.3.31 to Robert Fretz, Zurich-Dubendorf [later
Altenrhein]. Winner first prize at International Competition at Bucharest 6.31, piloted by Fretz. Reregd HB-EFE
10.34 to same owner. Regd .36 to Dir. Komitee d'Aero Club de Suisse, Dubendorf. Regd 4.39 to E Spahni,
Zurich [based Spreitenbach]. Crashed and regn cld 23.11.45.
2063 Regd G-AAZT [CofR 2619] 7.30 to Dr Kenneth Entwisle Bury, London SE8 (based Woodley). (Fitted with Gipsy
III #3051). CofA 2642 issued 31.7.30. Regd [CofR 3317] 7.31 to John William St John Whitehead, London W2
(based Heston). Whitehead departed Lympne 6.9.31 (with Arthur Whitehead) on Europe/Africa tour. Regd
[CofR 3722] 4.32 to Harry Ley Wilson, West Hartlepool (based Seaton Carew). Regd [CofR 5829] 23.4.35 to
The Hon Brian Lewis (Brian Lewis & Co Ltd), Heston. CofA lapsed 31.3.36; renewed 24.4.37. Cld 1Q.38 & regd
[CofR 8456] 13.4.38 to Capt Alastair Edward Henry Campbell, Catterick (based Leeming); later to Wendover.
Cld 13.3.39 & regd 21.3.39 to Capt Alastair Edward Henry Campbell, Wendover & Sqn Ldr Harold Barnet
Collins, Aylesbury (based Denham). Regn cld 2.3.40 by Secretary of State. Impressed 2.3.40 (but no serial
issued) and converted to instructional airframe 2063M 7.7.40. To 10 S of TT Kirkham 5.8.40.
2064 To Spain with CofA 2741 issued 24.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3097). Delivered as M-W135 to Antonio de la
Cuesta Maura, Madrid. Regn M-CNNA allocated .30 [to Aero Club de Andalucia?] but NTU. Regd EC-NNA
14.7.31 [21.4.31?] to JM Gomez del Barco. Regd 31.12.34 to Jose Yanguas Ibanez, Llanes [Asturias].
Operated by Spanish Republicans at Bilbao 7.36, when bombed Nationalists with stones at Vitoria, flown by
owner Capt Jose Yanguas Ibanez. W/off Carreno during Civil War. Regn cld 12.11.40.
2065 Regd G-ABDJ [CofR 2748] 7.30 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd but regn not taken up. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3129). Shipped to DH South Africa with CofA 2799 issued 25.10.30. Regd ZS-ACF 15.12.30 to De Havilland
Aircraft Co Ltd. Regd .31 to Hon AJM Stuart, Debreeti, Bechuanaland. To Lt Cdr J Stuart, Cape Town.
Impressed as SAAF 2009 .40. To Nairobi 24.6.41 for use of AHQ East Africa Command.
2066 To DH Australia in unassembled condition without CofA but fitted with Gipsy III #3107. This was the first of a
batch of some ten DH.80A's supplied to DH Australia mainly in an unrigged condition in the summer of 1930 -
see also c/n 2067, 2078/9, 2086/9 and 2094/5 (2086 was apparantly shipped complete with a CofA). For
certification reasons connected with Puss Moth accidents, they were either not immediately registered in
Australia, or in the case of six of them, never registered at all. DH records indicate that at least four were
"returned". All had Gipsy III engines fitted and it is assumed that the untraced aircraft were stored and either
scrapped or used for spares locally or were returned to the UK.
C/n 2066 was eventually assembled, with new DHA constructed wings/empennage and Gipsy Major engine and
was purchased 5.35 from DHA by T McDonald. Regd VH-USV (CofR 535/CofA 493) 17.7.35 to Thomas H
McDonald t/a McDonald Air Services, Cairns (wef 10.35) (and later t/a North Queensland Airways). Regd 1.7.36
to North Queensland Airways Pty Ltd, Cairns. Failed to take off and crashed into creek bed Mount Garnett, Qld
18.10.36; pilot John A Bonnington & passenger badly hurt. Regn cld as lapsed 30.6.37.
2067 To DH Australia in unassembled condition without CofA but fitted with Gipsy III #3108. Assembled and flown at
Mascot 5.4.32. Regd VH-UQK (CofR 444/CofA 400) 12.4.32 to Thomas Peter Manifold, Camperdown, Vic.
Regn cld; regd 7.33 to same party. Sold 25.9.33 & regd 11.10.33 to Alexander M Bayne, Hawthorn, Vic (based
Essendon). Regd 23.7.34 to Owen Francis Youl Thomas, Hillston, NSW. Damaged when hit barbed wire fence
recovering from spin Thirlstane, nr Latrobe, Tasmania 11.2.35, while joyriding; repaired. Fitted with 50 gallon
tank in cabin and flown to UK by OFY Thomas and FR Maguire, departing Darwin 11.10.35 and arriving Lympne
10.11.35. Regn cld 7.5.36. In 5.36, Brooklands Aviation Ltd applied for a UK CofA. Regd G-AEIV [CofR 7021]
5.36 to Owen Francis Youl Thomas, Hillston, NSW; but CofA appln by Brooklands Aviation Ltd, so probably now
based there. CofA 5521 issued 20.6.36. Regd [CofR 7153] 29.6.36 to Geoffrey Reginald Devereux Shaw,
Rugby (based Sywell). Traded in 7.38 to WS Shackleton Ltd at Heston. Regd [CofR 8751] 14.9.38 to Frederick
Edward Tasker, East Barnet (based Hatfield). Cld 16.5.39 & regd 23.5.39 to Reginald John Salmon, Winchmore
Hill;, London N21 (based Hatfield). CofA lapsed 13.9.39. Regn cld 19.3.41 by Secretary of State. Impressed as
DP853 25.3.41. Used by HQ ATA White Waltham. To 5 MU Kemble 25.7.42. On 8.9.42 it was conveyed to
Gatwick for major inspection and soc 29.9.42.
2068 To Germany with CofA 2655 issued 22.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3057). Regd D-1943 8.30 to Haus
Bergmann Zigaretten-fabrik, Dresden. Re-regd D-EGEQ 3.34. Damaged in forced landing in bad weather in
Germany 10.35. Note the UK CofA was renewed 9.8.31, 31.8.32 and 6.11.34 and also that the Gipsy III engine
was fitted to DH.83 D-2408 2.33 implying that this Puss Moth may have been upgraded to Gipsy Major.
2069 To Germany with CofA 2667 issued 22.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3061). Regd D-1944 8.30 to FGA Bahner t/a
Bahner-Strumpffabrik, Leichtenstein. Regn cld 8.32 as burnt. Note the UK CofA was renewed 6.8.31 and
2070 Regd G-ABDG [CofR 2745] 7.30 to Sqn Ldr Geoffrey Hill Ambler, Chellow Grange, Bradford (based
Sherburn/Chellow Grange; Yeadon wef 9.31). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3069). CofA 2689 issued 5.9.30. Regd
[CofR 4191] 16.2.33 to The Hon Brian Lewis, Heston as nominee for Eduoard Bret, Cannes, France (in part
exchange for DH.60M F-AJZB); Bret quoted as still owner 6.35. Regn cld as sold abroad 12.34 (overseas
country unidentified, but presumed France). Regd [CofR 6293] 16.9.35 to The Hon Brian Lewis, Hatfield [for
personal use?]. Cld 3.8.39 and regd 6.4.40 to The Hon Mrs Victor Bruce, Cardiff; operated by Air Dispatch Ltd,
Cardiff on behalf of NAC on outbreak of war. Regn cld 23.7.40 as sold. Impressed as AX869 23.7.40. Used
initially by 3 FPP White Waltham (HQ ATA White Waltham from 9.40). To 5 MU Kemble 25.7.42 and to
overhaul at Gatwick 3.9.42. Issued to 510 Squadron, Hendon 2.11.42. Soc 7.7.43 and scrapped.
2071 To Yugoslavia with CofA 2701 issued 28.8.30 to TG Mapplebeck and dd as UN-PAI 29.8.30 to Zagreb Aero
Club, Zagreb. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3069). Regd G-ABGZ [CofR 2924] 21.11.30 to (DH Agent), Thomas
George Mapplebeck, Belgrade. Regn cld 26.6.31 as sold abroad. Regd UN-PAI [CofR 22] 24.6.31 to Aero Club
du Royaume de Yougoslavie (ACKY), Zagreb; named "Bieli Orao" (White Eagle). Regd YU-PAI 9.33 to same
owner. Destroyed 4.41.
2072 Regd G-ABEH [CofR 2790] 9.30 to Miss Peggy L Salaman, London W2 (based Hanworth); (a 20th birthday
present from her mother!). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3093). CofA 2737 issued 18.9.30. Third in Kings Cup Air
Race 25.7.31, flown by Lt Geoffrey Rodd. Named "Good Hope" and flown by Salaman and Gordon Store on
record breaking flight Lympne to Cape Town 30.10.31 to 5.11.31, (5 days 6 hours 40 mins). Returned to
Southampton by sea on SS Warwick Castle 30.11.31. Regn cld 2.33 as sold abroad. Regd in Kenya as
VP-KAV 2.33 to Henry William Sear, Nairobi. Returned to UK 6.33 and regd G-ABEH [CofR 4575] 28.6.33 to
William Paton Taylor, Southport (based Southport, later Speke). Sometime fitted with Gipsy Major #5084. CofA
lapsed 16.7.40. Regn cld 16.9.41 as wfu. Impressed 31.8.41 as HH981 and to RAF Tempsford 13.10.41. To
510 Sqdn, Hendon 22.11.42. To Gatwick for major inspection 8.9.43 and to 5 MU Kemble for storage 13.12.43.
Officially soc as scrap 12.4.44 but evidentally overlooked and found for disposal 2.46. Sold 8.10.46 to FT
Bingham of Southampton Acft Services. Regd G-ABEH 20.11.46 to Autowork (Winchester) Ltd, op by
Southampton Aircraft Services, Eastleigh. CofA renewed 14.7.47. Cld 5.9.47 & regd 11.9.47 to Eric Arnold
Middleton, Prittlewell, Essex (based Southend). Cld 20.10.47 & regd 4.12.47 to John Edward Nicholson,
Houghton-le-Spring, Co.Durham. Cld 30.6.48 & regd 12.7.48 to Frank Vernon Grenville Royce, Leicester.
Crashed on landing with brakes on Thruxton 15.8.48 and damaged beyond repair. Regn cld 20.3.49 as wfu.
Parts used in restoration of G-AAZP (c/n 2047) in early 50s - or more likely prior to postwar CofA renewal in June
1949. Thus likely that airframe, or parts therefrom, was reacquired for spares by Autowork (Winchester) Ltd at
Eastleigh after accident. Remains on dump at Thruxton [10.55].
2073 Regd G-ABEI [CofR 2791] 9.30 to Sir Albert Edward Herbert Naylor-Leyland, Nantclwyd Hall, Ruthin. (Fitted
with Gipsy III #3118). CofA 2748 issued 13.10.30. Regd [CofR 2889] 5.11.30 to James Bryan Upton,
Ingatestone (later Hornsea, East Yorks; Upton was President of Hull Aero Club, Hedon and acft was also
operated by them. Cld 23.5.39 & regd 31.5.39 to Hull Aero Club (1934) Ltd, Hedon. Regn cld 12.9.40 as sold.
Impressed as BK846 17.9.40 and delivered to 33 MU Lyneham. Issued to 1 FPP White Waltham. Damaged
beyond repair following undercarriage collapse on landing Hawarden 26.3.41. To DH Witney 8.4.41 and soc
2074 Regd G-ABEJ [CofR 2792] 30.8.30 to F/O Charles James Chabot, Holland Park, London W11 (based Stag
Lane). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3093). CofA 2772 issued 3.10.30. F/O Chabot and Major Charles EM Pickthorn
left Croydon en route Australia 6.10.30 and reached Karachi 13.10.30 but there they gave up. Regn cld 12.30 as
sold abroad. Regd in India as VT-ACJ [CofR 59] .30 to Sir Chinubhai Madhowlal Ranchodlal, Ahmedabad.
Regd [CofR 136] 12.3.32 to The Indo-American Automobile Co Ltd, Bombay (but based Rajkot State). Regd
[CofR 155] 21.9.32 to The Kathiawar Flying Club Ltd, Ahmedabad. Regn cld 4.4.39.
2075 Regd G-ABEL [CofR 2795] 9.30 to Lady Grace Marguerite Hay-Drummond-Hay, London WC2 (based Stag
Lane; later Heston 3/32). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3086). CofA 2785 issued 13.10.30. Regd [CofR 4333] 13.4.33
to Norman Edgar, t/a Norman Edgar & Co, Whitchurch. Sold .34 to three Americans living in Paris [based Criel];
Howard A Darrin, Barton Cuyler & Frederick Blow and regd [CofR 5008] 25.4.34 to J Smith & Co (Motor Agents)
Ltd, London W1 [as nominee]; notionally based Heston. Fitted with Gipsy Major and shipped to USA; it was
flown across USA from Newark to San Francisco and back, crossing the Rockies at 12,000 ft with three on board
plus luggage; also took in Great Lakes. Shipped back to France [5.34] and then operated by the syndicate as
Aero Club de Vaux, Criel. Returned to UK and possibly based Gravesend with "US owner" by 10.34. UK regn
cld 2.35 as sold abroad. Regd in Belgium as OO-AEL [CofR 326] 29.3.35 to Jean de Keyn, Brussels. Operated
[7.36] by Rene de Caritat de Peruzzis. Regd 13.8.37 to Lucien Baugniet, Brussels. Impressed 15.10.39 into
Aeronautique Militaire, Estafette Escadrille. Taken by Germans and regn cld 27.2.46.
2076 Regd G-AAZU [CofR 2620] 6.30 to Brian Lewis & CD Barnard Ltd, Heston. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3099). CofA
2770 issued 7.10.30. Regd [CofR 2875] 29.10.30 to Peter Malcolm, The 4th Earl of Lovelace, London SW3
(based Tanganyika); named "U Fiome" and flown out by Lovelace from Le Bourget 28.12.30. CofA lapsed
13.7.32 and regn cld 2.33 as sold abroad. Regd in Tanganyika as VR-TAI 2.33. Regd in Kenya as VP-KAY
21.6.33 to Wilson Airways Ltd, Njoro. Damaged in accident at Kitale 1.2.39. Sold as spares to EW D'Olier
28.4.39. Regn cld as wfu 9.39. Either scrapped or possibly to KAAU as K3 or K17 (which remain unidentified).
2077 Regd G-AAZV [CofR 2621] 8.30 to Miss Amy Johnson, Hull; named "Jason II". (Fitted with Gipsy III #3082).
CofA 2745 issued 16.9.30. Given to Miss Johnson by de Havillands in recognition of her solo Australian flight.
Flown by her (with passenger/engineer Charles S Humphreys) London-Tokyo (via Moscow & Trans-Siberian
Railway) and return, departing Lympne 28.7.31, arriving Tokyo 6.8.31, (8 days 22.35 hrs; 79 F/hrs) return flt
depart Tokyo 24.8.31; delayed Wusan, Korea with bad weather; restarted 28.8.31; arr Lympne/Croydon 9.9.31.
Purchased 5.32 by Phillips & Powis Aircraft (Reading) Ltd from Stag Lane, demonstrated by Charles Powis and
sold to Leicestershire Aero Club Ltd, Desford the same day; regd to them [CofR 3825] 6.32. Regd [CofR 6506]
19.11.35 to Walter Taylor-Young, Woking (based Brooklands). Regd [CofR 8634] 11.7.38 to Cyril Geoffrey
Marmaduke Alington, Binbrook, Lincoln (op by Air Touring, based Gatwick); named "Angela". Cld 19.6.39 &
regd 21.7.39 to Surrey Flying Services Ltd, Croydon. Transferred to Weston-super-Mare with NAC on outbreak
of war. Regn cld 4.4.40 as sold. To 6 Group Communications Flight, Abingdon 15.4.40. Impressed as X9402
10.5.40. To Andover Station Flight 1.6.40. To School of Photography, Farnborough 29.8.40. To Gatwick for
major inspection 23.9.40 and to 5 MU Kemble 2.10.40. Issued to 1 FPP White Waltham 19.3.41. To
Wrightways Ltd, Barton for hack use 20.12.41 and to Handley Page Ltd 13.10.42. Further major inspection at
Gatwick 7.12.42 and to 15 MU Wroughton 14.3.43. Issued to 510 Squadron, Hendon 18.3.43. Returned to 5
MU Kemble in poor condition 11.12.43 and soc as scrap 12.4.44.
2078 To DH Australia without CofA and not regd locally. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3120). Returned to UK and presumed
used for spares.
2079 To DH Australia without CofA and not regd locally. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3116). Returned to UK and presumed
used for spares.
2080 To DH India with CofA 2712 issued 30.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3074). Regd VT-ACA [CofR 75] 27.12.30 to
Col John Fisher Turner, Delhi. Flown back by Turner to UK 6.31 via Almaza & Constantinople and operated by
him at RAF Northolt in Indian marks. UK CofA renewed 20.1.32, 14.2.33 and 9.3.34. Indian regn cld 28.9.34.
Regd in UK as G-ACTV [CofR 5122] 30.5.34 to Col John Fisher Turner, London SW1 (based RAF Northolt).
Regd 29.7.39 to International Air Freight Ltd, Croydon; operated by Air Dispatch Ltd, Cardiff on behalf of NAC on
outbreak of war. Regd 1.2.40 to The Hon Mrs Victor Bruce; continued in operation by Air Dispatch Ltd, Cardiff.
Regn cld 23.7.40 as sold. Impressed 23.7.40 as AX868. Operated by HQ ATA, White Waltham until to 5 MU
Kemble 25.7.42. Issued to 510 Squadron, Hendon 22.11.40. Although damaged in gales RAF Cranwell 6.4.43,
it was ferried back to Hendon 14.4.43. To Gatwick 30.6.43 for repairs but soc for spares.
2081 Regd G-ABDH [CofR 2746] 25.7.30 to John Roskell Reynolds, Liverpool (based Hanworth). (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3083). CofA 2665 issued 6.9.30. Sold (but not regd) 4.32 to Brian Lewis & Co Ltd, Heston [and used as
demonstrator/air taxi services]. Crashed en route Heston to Hamble following in-flight failure in thunderstorm
Devil's Jump, Hankley Common, Churt, nr Hindhead, Surrey 27.7.32; killing all 3 on board (pilot Bruce Bayne
Bossom, his mother Mrs Emily Bayne Bossom & Count Otto Zierbach-Furstenau - aka Prince Otto Erbach).
Regn cld 12.32 as wfu.
2082 To Germany and CofA 2656 issued 29.8.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3072). Regd D-1948 9.30 to A Friedrich,
Berlin. Regn cld 9.30 as sold abroad. Regd in Poland as SP-AEO [CofR 103] 21.10.30 to Izydor Goldberg,
Lwow (and possibly operated by the Polish Yeast & Alchohol Factory). Regn cld as sold 22.10.31. Regd
D-2220 12.31 to Dr RW Schulte, Berlin; named “Austria& flown on scientific tour of Central & Eastern Africa;
dep Berlin 28.12.31 & ret 3.32. UK CofA renewed 9.2.32 but regn cld 5.32 as wfu. Regd in Austria as A-122 .32
to Dr Friedrich (or Fritz) Simmer and flown in 1932 Austrian Rundflug. Regd OE-DFS .35 to same owner.
Note: Also reported as regd 10.30 to M Fischer von Mollard [unlikely].
2083 Regd G-ABCR [CofR 2726] 7.30 to unknown party. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3081). Regd [CofR 2810] 8.30 to
George Robert Boyd-Carpenter, Kensington, London (based Stag Lane; then possibly based Kano, Nigeria,
although in UK 7.31]. CofA 2699 issued 9.9.30. Possibly purchased 7.31 by Lt Geoffrey Rodd RN but
unconfirmed and never so regd. Regd [CofR 3749] 5.32 to Oscar Llewellyn Richards, Edgbaston, Birmingham
(based Castle Bromwich). Regd [CofR 8225] 17.11.37 to Francis Sydney Lee, Exeter (based Haldon). Regd
[CofR 8949] 20.12.38 to Ian Laurence Carr, London SW3 (based Brooklands/Hatfield). Regn cld 18.11.40 by
Secretary of State. Impressed as DD820 24.1.40 and used by 1 FPP White Waltham. Damaged when hit
hedge in bad weather on landing Gatwick 16.3.41; repaired by Southern Aircraft (Gatwick) Ltd. To 10 MU
Hullavington 27.4.41 and issued RAF Burtonwood 14.5.41 and officially taken over by US 8th Air Force Service
Command at Burtonwood 11.10.43. Soc 19.5.44 as instructional airframe for use on decontamination
2084 To Qantas, Brisbane (as selling agents) with CofA 2716 issued 11.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3087). Erected &
test flown 14.11.30 (by Lester Brain). Regd VH-UPO [CofR 412/CofA 359] 21.11.30 to Robert Wolstenholme
Reid, t/a Robert Reid & Co, Brisbane (later Sydney). Fitted with floats 2.31 [?] (by Arthur Baird at Southport, Qld)
and flown 9.31 to New Guinea by [Reid's partner] PH "Skip" Moody & Mr Timewell; named "Puss in Boots".
Returned to Sydney 7.12.31 & reverted to wheels. To DHA for overhaul 20.5.32. Regn lapsed 23.9.32; regd
13.4.33 to same owner. Damaged when struck sand ridge and u/c collapsed on beach landing Jervis Bay Beach
11.2.34 while joy-riding; repaired. Regd 1.8.36 to Rockhampton Aerial Services Pty Ltd, Rockhampton, Qld.
Regd (on take-over) 14.9.36 to Airlines of Australia Ltd, Archerfield. Badly damaged in forced landing with
engine failure Ocean Beach, nr Woywoy (or Gosford), NSW 30.7.37; pilot Cliff Robinson unhurt. Sold 12.37 &
regd 27.1.38 to Kingsford-Smith Air Service Ltd, Mascot. Damaged when hit fence post in forced landing in bad
weather Gunderman 23.10.38; pilot J Morton; repaired. Wfu on CofA lapse 1.12.39 and Gipsy III removed for
installation on DH.60 VH-UOP (c/n DHA.3). Sale 2.43 to KL Brown, Port Hedland fell through. Sold 1.7.45 to
Airflite Pty Ltd, Mascot, but not regd. Sold 6.1.47 (without engine) to WE James t/a Wollongong & South Coast
Aviation Service. Sold on shortly thereafter to N Sutton, Melbourne. By 5.3.47 ownership was with Mrs G
Woods, Timboon, Vic (in dismantled condition). Regn cld 28.4.47.
2085 Ff 10.9.30. To Qantas, Australia with CofA 2717 issued 11.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3089). Test flown
13.12.30 by Lester Brain at Eagle Farm, Brisbane. Regd VH-UPQ [CofR 408 (418?)/CofA 367] 24.12.30 to
Qantas Ltd, Brisbane (and dd same day). CofA suspended 3.2.31 pending investigations; renewed. Regn
lapsed 23.9.32; restored 22.8.33. Sold 19.9.33 and regd 7.12.33 to TH McDonald t/a McDonald Air Services,
Cairns (wef 10.35); later renamed North Queensland Airways. Regd 1.7.36 (or 30.6.36) to North Queensland
Airways Pty Ltd, Cairns. Dived into sea 12 mls N of Cairns, nr Double Island 19.1.37; pilot Carleton Fletcher
Moore injured, passengers Miss Dorothy May Schipke drowned, Master Fred Schipke injured. Wreck salvaged
next day and accident report concludes pilot fell asleep. Regn cld 19.1.37.
2086 To DH Australia with CofA 2718 issued 21.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3119). Not regd in Australia and
presumed returned to UK. Engine subsequently fitted on UK production line to c/n 2205 8.31.
2087 To DH Australia in unerected form but fitted with Gipsy III #3128. Not regd in Australia and presumed returned
to UK for use as spares.
2088 To DH Australia in unerected form but fitted with Gipsy III #3105. Assembled Mascot and flown 23.6.32 by Capt
Hereward de Havilland. Regd VH-UQL [CofR 447/CofA 416] 24.6.32 to Harry F Broadbent, Coogee, NSW;
named "Dabs II". Regn suspended 23.9.32; restored 24.3.33. Sold 31.10.33 & regd 2.11.33 to JWF Collins,
Beaudesert, Qld. Sold 27.12.34 & regd 11.1.35 to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Mascot. Regd 1.4.35 to
Beverley George Merivale Shepherd, Darling Point, NSW [based Mascot]. Regd 24.4.36 to Thomas H
McDonald & William David Lehfeldt t/a North Queensland Airways, Cairns, Qld. Regd .37 to North Queensland
Airways Pty Ltd, Cairns. Fitted with Gipsy Major 7.37. Regd 19.12.38 to Airlines of Australia Ltd, Cairns.
Ground-looped at Cooktown 7.6.40; minor damage. Port wing broke in mid-air and aircraft destroyed in crash 2
mls N of Coen, North Queensland 27.8.41 en route Thursday Island to Cairns; pilot Frank Cohen, passengers
Charles Hardy and Lt Col TR Miller killed.
2089 To DH Australia in unerected form but fitted with Gipsy III #3104. First flt Mascot 24.2.34. Regd VH-UQO (CofR
474/CofA 434) 27.2.34 to De Havilland Aircraft Pty Ltd, Mascot. Sold 16.7.34 & regd 18.7.34 to Charles James
Melrose, Glenelg, SA; named "My Hildergarde" (after mother). Record flight of 8,000 miles around Australia's
coastline 7-12.8.34 in 5 days 11 hours; Adelaide-Townsville-Darwin-Perth-Adelaide. Fitted with Gipsy Major and
then flown Darwin to Croydon in unofficial record time of 8 days 9 hours (departing 20.9.34) to take part in
MacRobertson Race to Melbourne. Race No. 16, it departed Mildenhall 20.10.34 and finished third in handicap
section; arriving 30.10.34. Regd 31.1.35 to Harry F Broadbent, Edgecliff, NSW; named "Dabs III". Flown around
Australia by Broadbent 5.35 in 3 days 9 hrs 54 min [breaking record set by Melrose in same aircraft]. Departed
Darwin 11.10.35 piloted by Broadbent for record flight to England. Damaged in forced landing Basra 14.10.35
and flight abandoned. Aircraft sold at Shaibah 15.10.35 to F/O Edward H Wheelwright (an RAF officer with 84
Squadron), and then shipped to UK (or possibly repaired locally and flown to UK). Regn cld 31.12.35 (or 4.4.36).
Regd G-AEEB [CofR 6804] 6.3.36 to F/O Edward Hanley Wheelwright, RAF Eastchurch. CofA application
made by Airworthiness Ltd, Gravesend 13.3.36 and CofA 5423 issued 23.6.36. Regd [CofR 7511] 5.12.36 to
Henry Maynard Mitchell, Birmingham (based Castle Bromwich). Regd [CofR 8516] 24.5.38 to Brig Genl Arthur
Corrie Lewin, Upton-on-Severn (based Worcester). CofA lapsed 2.10.39 and presumed scrapped during WWII
[or possibly flown by Lewin to his farm at Njoro, Kenya]. Regn cld 28.11.45 at census.
2090 Regd G-AAZW [CofR 2622] 7.30 to The de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Stag Lane; used as demonstrator. (Fitted
with Gipsy III #3073). CofA 2704 issued 28.8.30. Regd [CofR 2917] 14.11.30 to Geoffrey Whitley Garnett,
Eccleshill, Bradford (based Sherburn-in-Elmet; Yeadon wef 9.31). [Owner killed 27.10.39, when shot down BY a
Hurricane]. CofA lapsed 16.5.40. Loaned by Garnett’s father, George Garnett, to No.100 ATC Sqdn, Keighley;
deld 14.4.40 to their HQ at United Methodist Free Church, Cavendish St. Regn cld 31.5.41 by Secretary of
State. Impressed as ES916 31.5.41 and used by HQ ATA White Waltham. Loaned to BOAC, Whitchurch
11.42; returned to ATA 26.2.43. To 5 MU Kemble 31.5.43 and issued to Communications Flight Wick 22.7.43.
Damaged beyond repair in ground-loop on cross-wind landing Wick 5.7.45. Soc 21.7.45.
2091 Regd G-ABDI [CofR 2747] 7.30 to Flt Lt Maxwell Hutcheon “Max Findlay, Hanworth; as nominee for Georges
Hanet, Brussels, Belgium. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3053). CofA 2663 issued 14.8.30. Flown by Count Laszlo
Almasy 4.32 on expedition to Zerzura, Libya Desert. Regd [CofR 3929] 8.32 to Airwork Ltd, Heston. Regd
[CofR 3990] 10.32 to Leonard StClair Ingrams, London EC2 (based Heston). Sold 4.34 to Germ Lubricants Ltd,
Heston; named "Germ 2" (and flown by their Aviation Manager James Watson). Regd [CofR 7453] 4.12.36 to
British Air Transport Ltd, op by Redhill Flying Club, Redhill. Regd [CofR 7865] 6.5.37 to Redhill Flying Club Ltd,
Redhill. Crashed Horne, nr Horley, Surrey 23.12.37; Robert S Gray killed. Regn cld 5.38 as wfu.
2092 To DH India with CofA 2774 issued 3.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3110). Flying at Dum Dum 1.2.31. Regd
VT-ACB [CofR 89] 7.4.31 to The Madras Flying Club Ltd, St Thomas' Mount. Wfu following airworthiness
inspection 11.11.36. Regn cld as w/off 7.37.
2093 To DH India with CofA 2757 issued 24.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3096). Regd VT-ACC [CofR 83] 12.3.31 to
Khan Bahadur Sir Dossabhoy H Bhiwandiwalla, Bombay [but acft active at Dum Dum gymkhana 1.2.31]. Regn
cld 10.9.34 as sold in part exchange (to DH?).
2094 To DH Australia without CofA. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3112). Not regd in Australia and returned to UK for spares
2095 To DH Australia without CofA. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3121). Not regd in Australia and returned to UK for spares
2096 To DH India with CofA 2804 issued 29.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3126). Regd VT-ABG [CofR 119] 24.8.31 to
De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Karachi. Regd [CofR 135] 24.2.32 to Khan Bahadur Sir Dossabhoy H
Bhiwandiwalla, Bombay. Flown to second place in Viceroy's Cup Race 20.2.32 by WC Wingfield (entered by
Bhiwandiwalla). Probably actually owned (1.33) by Prince Ali Khan and flown Penang-Bombay (at Dum Dum
16.1.33). Regd [CofR 135/1] 28.7.36 to Mrs Alagammy, c/o Mr V Rev Ramaswamy, Karaikudi [based Bombay].
Regd 5.2.38 to Watson & Sons Ltd, Rangoon. Regn cld 4.5.42. Impressed as LV765 .42. Soc by ACSEA
2097 To T & A Bata, Czechoslavakia with CofA 2835 issued 1.12.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3113). Regd OK-ATF
[CofR 207] 23.4.31 to Fa Bata a.s., t/a Bata Shoe Co, Brno, Zlin. Long distance sales tour Spring .34 Zlin to
Calcutta via Tunis, Cairo, Baghdad, Karachi, Allahabad, Calcutta, Delhi & Lahore. To Masaryk Air League, and
regd .35 to Zlinska Letecka, Zlin. Regn cld 1.12.37.
2098 To DH India with CofA 2758 issued 24.9.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3098). Regd VT-ACD [CofR 84] 8.12.30 to
Merwan Hormasji Irani, Karachi. Departed Karachi 30.12.30 for Cape Town flight [pilot son Aspy M Engineer].
Regd [CofR 185] 8.9.33 to Col His Highness Sewai Maharaj Shri Jey Singhji, The Maharaja of Alwar, Alwar.
Regn cld as wfu 5.9.34.
2099 To DH India with CofA 2773 issued 3.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3109). Regd VT-ACF [CofR 80] 5.2.31 to De
Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Karachi; used as demonstrator. Regn cld 3.1.33 as w/off. Rebuilt by DH and regd VT-
ADU [CofR 162] 14.1.33 to De Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd, Karachi [quoting c/n 2032]. Sold 9.33 and regd 3.10.33
to The Karachi Aero Club Ltd, Karachi [now with c/n 2099R]. Regn cld 3.1.36 as written off.
2100 To Carlos E Bleck, the DH agent in Portugal with CofA 2740 issued 3.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3094).
Collected new from Stag Lane and left Lisbon 1.11.30 for Nova Goa (Portuguese India) piloted by Portuguese
officers Capt Moreira Cardoso and Lt Sarmento Pimentel, arriving 19.11.30. It was named "Marao" and after the
flight was immediately donated to the Governor of Goa. No regn allocated. Aircraft may have subsequently
been used by Capt Craveiro Lopes on air courier services in Goa.
2101 Regd G-AAZX [CofR 2625] 6.30 to unknown party. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3127 & autoslots). Regd [CofR 2878]
7.30 to Vickers (Aviation) Ltd, Brooklands. CofA 2698 issued 1.11.30. Regd [CofR 4002] 10.32 to Brooklands
Aviation Ltd, Brooklands. Sold [8.34] to Standard Telephones & Cable Co Ltd, Hatfield [still operated 6.36 &
reportedly operated wef early.32]. Regd [CofR 7968] 2.7.37 to George John Dawson, London SW4 (based
Redhill). Regd [CofR 8467] 22.4.38 to Charles Saint John Collier, London WC2 (based Hanworth); operated by
CL Air Surveys Ltd, Southampton/Croydon; transferred to NAC at Weston-super-Mare on outbreak of war. Regn
cld 4.4.40 as sold. To 5 S of TT Locking 5.4.40. Impressed as X9401 10.5.40. Transferred to 12 S of TT
Melksham 8.11.40 as instructional airframe 2304M.
2102 To T & A Bata, Czechoslavakia with CofA 2834 issued 1.12.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3115). Regd OK-ATG
[CofR 208] 16.4.31 to Fa Bata a.s., t/a Bata Shoe Co, Brno, Zlin. To Masaryk Air League and regd .35 to Zlinska
Letecka, Zlin. Regn cld 1.12.37.
2103 To DH South Africa with CofA 2792 issued 16.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3114). Regd ZS-ACE 15.12.30.
Regd to Nil Desperandum Aviation Co, Shabani, Southern Rhodesia. Regn cld 6.3.36 as sold in Northern
Rhodesia. Regd VP-RAE 6.3.36 [CofR 5] to Noel D McGill, Livingstone.
2104 Regd G-ABGD [CofR 2893] 7.11.30 to Roderick Peter George Denman [of Airwork Ltd], London SW3 (based
Heston). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3142). CofA 2812 issued 8.11.30. Regn cld 12.33 as sold. CofA renewed
13.1.34 and presumably sold overseas.
2105 Regd G-ABDM [CofR 2751] 7.30 to unknown party. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3111). Regd [CofR 2853] 10.30 to
William Lindsay Everard MP, Ratcliffe Hall, Leicester; named "The Leicestershire Vixen". CofA 2750 issued
8.10.30. Loaned (when not required) to Leicestershire Aero Club, Ratcliffe/Desford. Still owned, but advertised
for sale 3.33. Regd [CofR 4486] 1.5.33 to Frederick Arthur White, London W1 (based Heston; also kept
frequently at Le Touquet). CofA lapsed 23.4.40. Regn cld 31.7.41 by Secretary of State. Impressed as ES953
31.7.41 and based at RAF West Raynham. To 5 MU Kemble 20.2.44 and soc 12.4.44 as reduced to spares.
2106 Regd G-ABDL [CofR 2750] 7.30 to Robert George “Robin Cazalet, Foulkemills, Co Wexford (based Castle
Bromwich & Johnstown, Wexford). (Fitted with Gipsy III #3122). CofA 2788 issued 21.10.30. Regd [CofR 4537]
2.6.33 to Oliver Eric Armstrong, Dublin (based Oranmore, Ireland). Regn cld 9.33 as sold. Probably intended to
be regd in Ireland but CofA lapsed 1.9.33 and UK regn restored 11.33 and CofA renewed 28.3.34. Probably to
Cinque Ports Flying Club, Lympne [who sold it to next owner]. Regd [CofR 5847] 1.5.35 to Yorkshire Aviation
Services Ltd, Leeming. Change of name 2.12.35 to Yorkshire Aviation Services Country Club Ltd (based York
Municipal wef 2.37). Regn cld 6.8.40 as sold. To 24 MU 10.8.40 and impressed as BD181 11.8.40. Issued to 3
FPP Hawarden 8.3.41. To 5 MU Kemble 25.7.42. To Vickers Armstrong Ltd, Castle Bromwich as hack 8.8.43.
Soc 1.11.43 for spares.
2107 To The Air Survey & Transport Co Ltd, New Zealand with CofA 2790 issued 16.10.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III
#3117). Regd ZK-ACB 18.12.30 to Auckland Aero Club, Mangere. Sold 12.37 & regd [CofR 119] 22.2.38 to
Waikato Aero Club, Hamilton [based Rukuhia]. Impressed 12.10.39 into RNZAF as NZ582. Written off 28.11.42
and reduced to spares at Woodbourne. Parts used in rebuild of c/n 2204 .43.
2108 To Aerofotos, Argentina with CofA 2824 issued 24.11.30. (Fitted with Gipsy III #3130). Regn untraced.
2109 Regd G-ABEM [CofR 2796] 9.30 to Francis William Armitage, Wakefield [based Cambridge/Doncaster]. (Fitted
with Gipsy III #3144). CofA 2814 issued 13.11.30. Sold 3.32 [via Brian Lewis & Co] and regd [CofR 3769] 5.32
to Mrs Rosamund Seton (Gordon) Vereker, c/o British Embassy, Warsaw (and flown out by her 13.7.32);
subsequently based Stockholm (.33). Sold [6.34] to Alexander Collinge, Oldham (based Woodford). Badly
damaged when hit hedge and overturned in forced landing Aberdaron 26.6.34; en route Woodford-Abersoch
[Alexander Collinge/J Williams inj]; repaired. Regd [CofR 6871] 30.3.36 to Airwork Ltd, Heston. Regd [CofR
7257] 12.8.36 to Canute Air Park Co (chmn Raymond Gordon), Canute Air Park, Ashingdon, Essex.
Incorporated 2.11.36 as & regd [CofR 7868] 8.5.37 to Premier Aircraft Constructions Ltd, Maylands. Regd [CofR
8183] 1.11.37 to Ralph Harold Henderson, London SW14 (based Gravesend). Regn cld 5.38 as sold abroad
(and CofA renewed 6.5.38). Regd in Netherlands as PH-ATL [CofR 320] 21.5.38 to J Tempelman, Twente.
Regn lapsed 21.5.41.
2110 To Lt Rheinhold F Caspareut