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Ross Mathematics Program/Asia
Instructions for completing the Visa Application Form
Participants who are not citizens of China must have a valid passport and a visa.
Instructions for applying for a Chinese visa are given in the document Visa Application
Process. Here we provide step-by-step instructions for entering information into the PDF
version of the Chinese Visa Application Form. Please have that PDF file open in front of
you as you work through these instructions. Once the typing is finished, print that
document on paper, sign and date it at the end as instructed, and include it in the packet
discussed in the document: Visa Application Process.
Hand-written applications are not accepted.
Please type all answers using upper-case letters (capital letters) in the spaces provided, or
tick (√) the relevant box to select. Incomplete or inaccurate answers will result in
rejection of application and delayed processing.
Mailing these materials to Chinese Embassy is not accepted.
You must go to the Embassy yourself, or ask a visa agent to do that for you. For people
living in North America, we recommend our partner agent Shawn in Chicago
(email: and phone 312-752-0991 ).
UNSURE about what to type?
Misleading entries in that form could lead to processing delays! If you are not sure what
to enter for some items, please leave them blank and then email your question along with
a draft of your filled-in visa form to: . He will check the entries
in question before you submit the packet of documents.
The instructions below mention only those parts that might not be clear from context. For
instance, there is no comment here on the requests for your phone number, email address,
family member names, and emergency contacts.
Visa Application Form
Part 1. Personal Information
1.1 Name exactly as it appears on your passport.
1.2, 1.3 These are probably not relevant to you. Type “None” or “N/A” if the box is not
applicable to you.
1.6, 1.7 Current/Former nationality(ies): Type short forms of your nationality (such as
“USA”) or multiple nationalities (such as “USA, GBR”), if applicable.
1.9 Local ID / Citizenship number: Enter your Driver’s License number. If no license,
use a state-issued photo ID card instead.
1.10 Passport/Travel Document Type: Click “Ordinary”.
1.15 Current Occupation: Click “Student”. If you cannot justify being called a student,
you can click “Other” and write “Teacher” on the paper copy.
1.16 Education: High school students click “Other” and type “HIGH SCHOOL.”
If you attend college click “College.
1.17 Employer/School: Enter your current school or employer.
1.18 Home Address: Your permanent home address (not your temporary college or
boarding school address).
Part 2. Travel Information
2.1 Major Purpose of Your Visit: Choose Tourism.
Only one option is allowed here. We recommend Tourism, applying for an L visa.
It might be OK to click Non-business visit here, applying for an F visa. But that visa is often valid
for only 1 month. (Please verify this with a visa agent in your home country.)
2.2 Intended Number of Entries: Click One entry”.
If you plan to visit China more often during the next year, another option could be appropriate.
If uncertain, please consult your local visa agent.
2.3 Expedited service: Click No unless there is a real rush.
2.4 Date. Enter a date a few days before your planned date of of arrival.
Type: 2019-07-01 if you are not in our home-stay program;
Type: 2019-06-25 if you are in our home-stay program.
2.5 Longest intended stay in China among all entries: type 60 DAYS
2.6 Itinerary in China. Type in something like:
2019-07-05, Shanghai Pudong Airport Hotel (Arrival)
2019-08-10, Shanghai Pudong Airport Hotel (Departure)
For instance, if you arrive on July 6 and stay at the Wassim, you would enter:
2019-07-06, Shanghai Wassim Hotel, 551 West Gaoke Rd, Shanghai.
Note: It is OK to state only the first and last locations for your stay in China. Many tourists do not know
addresses of all the places they will visit.
2.7 Who will pay? Type “MYSELF
2.8 Information of Inviter in China: Leave blank.
Inviter information is needed only when applying for a Non-business visit visa (F visa).
We advise against that option since those visas are typically valid for only one month.
If you decide to apply for an F-visa, here is the information to use:
Name: Detuo Educational Consulting Company
Address: Nanjing, 27 Hanzhong Rd
Phone number: +86 13852297164
Relationship: inviter in China
Part 3. Other Information
You should be able to honestly answer “NO” to questions 3.1 - 3.5. If you answer YES
for one of them, the visa request will probably be denied.
3.8 This section applies only to rare cases where a child or other dependent is not issued
their own passport and the details on the person are included in the parent’s passport.
Part 4. Declaration & Signature
Print the form, then sign and date that paper copy.
Part 5. Completed by another person
If you are 18 years or older, then leave Part 5 blank.
If you are younger than 18, your parent or guardian must complete and sign Part 5. In this
case, the person signing must include a photocopy of his/her Driver’s License in the

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