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Clerk stamps date here when form is filed.


Objection to Removal

If you do not agree with the removal, you can request a court hearing by
filling out this form. The following people can object to removal: a current
caregiver, the child’s attorney, the child (if 10 years of age or older), the
child’s identified Indian tribe or custodian, and the child's CASA program.
Bring this form to the clerk of the court. If you want to keep an address or a
phone number confidential, fill out form JV-322, Confidential
Information—Prospective Adoptive Parent, and do not write the address or
phone number on this form.
If you are a caregiver or the child and you requested the hearing, the clerk
will provide notice of the hearing to you and any other participants.

To keep other people from
seeing what you entered on
your form, please press the
Clear This Form button at the
end of the form when finished.

Fill in court name and street address:

Superior Court of California, County of

If you are the child’s attorney and you requested the hearing, you must provide
notice of the hearing to all other participants.

Information about the caregiver or caregivers:
a. Name:
b. Name:
c. Address:
d. Phone number:

Fill in child's name and date of birth:

Child’s Name:
Date of Birth:
Fill in case number:


If you (the person objecting to the removal) are not the caregiver,
fill out below.
a. Name:
b. I am the

Case Number:

child’s attorney
child’s identified Indian tribe
child’s identified Indian custodian
child’s CASA program

c. Address:
d. Phone number:

If you are not the child’s attorney and you know who the child’s attorney is, fill out below.
a. Name of child’s attorney:
b. Address of child’s attorney:
c. Phone number of child’s attorney:


The child is 10 years of age or older. Child’s phone number:
Confidential phone number in court file


The child has an identified Indian tribe (specify tribe):
Phone number of tribe:


The child has a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer.
Phone number of CASA program, if known:


The caregiver or caregivers have been designated by the judge as the child’s prospective adoptive parent or

Judicial Council of California, www.courtinfo.ca.gov
New January 1, 2008, Mandatory Form
Welfare and Institutions Code, § 366.26(n)
Cal. Rules of Court, rules 5.727, 5.728

Objection to Removal

JV-325, Page 1 of 2

Case Number:

Child’s name:
The caregiver or caregivers may meet the definition of prospective adoptive parent or parents. Form JV-321,
Request for Prospective Adoptive Parent Designation, will be filed with this objection and request for hearing.



The social worker should not remove the child from the caregiver’s home because (give reasons):

If you need more space, attach a sheet of paper and write “JV-325, Item 9—Reasons to Not Remove Child” at the
top. Number of pages attached:
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information on this form is true
and correct, which means that if I lie on this form, I am committing a crime.

Sign your name

Type or print your name

What if I am deaf or hard of hearing?
Requests for Accommodations
Assistive listening systems, computer-assisted real-time captioning, or sign language interpreter services
are available if you ask at least five days before the proceeding. Contact the clerk’s office or go to
www.courtinfo.ca.gov/forms for a Request for Accommodations by Persons With Disabilities and Response
(form MC-410). (Civil Code, § 54.8.)
New January 1, 2008

JV-325, Page 2 of 2

Objection to Removal

For your protection and privacy, please press the Clear This Form
button after you have printed the form.

Save This Form

Print This Form

Clear This Form


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