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Yuri-Kure "Utsuroi" rule book
Yuri-Kure "Utsuroi" is an expansion set of Yuri-Kure. This expansion adds following elements to
Orientation of the girls. Each girl has special attribute taking effect in the game.
Two additional girls for five players game. There are nine girls in five players game.
This expansion also provides supplementary components for convenience.

Component list
Rule book (this paper)
Orientation tokens (8 kinds / 3 tokens for each Orientation)
Two girls token and cards
Current action display marker
Vote tokens
Additional rule summary (same as provided in basic set)
Couple marker (same as provided in basic set)

The rule about Orientation
When you play with "Orientation", add following rules to Yuri-Kure basic rule.

Assign Orientations to each girl in the setup phase. Girls will have TWO Orientations. One kind of
Orientation cannot be held by more than three girls. For example, there is no game where four
girls have Cute Orientation.
In the standard rule, assign Orientations as specified in this rule book. The list of specification is
shown in "List of Orientations and effects" section. Girl's Orientations are also described on back of
her card.
In the advanced rule, Orientations are assigned in the way agreed by players. It includes random
assignment, discussion or any other way.

Additional phase: Game start phase
After setup where before 1st turn begins, play Game start phase. Players have chance to reveal
their Control points in this phase. Like revealing in Action phase, do Control point reveal step to
each girl in the Action order.
When reveal step finished at a girl having "Cool" Orientation, the player taking control declares a
objective girl of ability to raise Favor level +3. If other players has more Control point over the girl,
players may interrupt to reveal their Control point to change ability's objective.

When all Control point reveal step ends, advanced to 1st turn's Action phase. Game will progress
same as basic game after this phase.

Changes about Support Point
Additional Support point will be modified below in a game with Orientation.
+3 additional Support point after 3rd turn (+1 -> +3)
+5 additional Support point after 6th turn (+3 -> +5)
Important change from basic game: Assigning Support point to a pair multiple time in Setup
is forbidden. It only restricts assignment in Setup phase. Players can assign additional Support
point in any combination, including duplicated assignment.

At the Setup: you cannot assign like "5 to Akane-Shirakaba, 4 to Akane-Shirakaba,
3 to Midorino-Tsuge, 2 to Midorino-Sorai, 1 to Murafuji-Tsuge" (Akane-Shirakaba is
When you assign "5 to Akane-Shirakaba, 4 to Sorai-Shirakaba, 3 to Midorino-Tsuge,
2 to Midorino-Sorai, 1 to Murafuji-Tsuge" at Setup, you can assign "2 to Sorai-

Shirakaba, 1 to Midorino-Tsuge" at the end of the 3rd turn.

At the end of the game, the player assigned Support point most to the Fatal couple / YuriPolygamy group. (Additional Support point are also summarized.)

List of Orientations and effects
Thought Orientation token has simplified Japanese text about effect, following list is formal effect
text. When you have trouble with reading simplified text on tokens, read this list.
Aggressive - ⼤胆な告⽩ held by: Akane, Sorai
When a girl having Aggressive does Confession and target girl chose No, result die roll
is determined as if they have +2 extra Favor level.
Attracting - 惑わす魅⼒ held by: Shirakaba, Akane, Kuroki
In Couple phase, a pair with a girl having Attracting becomes a couple in Favor level 5
(usually required Favor level 6.) Max Favor level is still 6. Attracting does not have
duplicated effect even if both girl of a pair have Attracting.
Cool - 怜悧な美⼈ held by: Sorai, Momozono
Player taking control over this girl at Game start phase choose a pair with this girl and
raise Favor level +3.
Passive - held by: Murafuji, Midorino
When a girl having Passive is a target of Confession, raise Favor level +1 between
confessing girl immediately. After Favor level raised, proceed to normal process of
Confession. (Favor level raises +1 whichever this girl choses Yes or No. If this girl
choses No and did not become a couple, raise Favor level +1 again.)
Shy - ⼈⾒知り held by: Shirakaba, Midorino
When a girl having Shy is a target of Approach and Favor level between approaching
girl is 0, Favor level will be +3 instead of +1.
Friendly - みんななかよし︖ held by: Tsuge, Murafuji
A girl having Friendly have 3 vote rights on Game of Love. (Voting to just one side,
cannot split.)
Cute - あふれる可愛げ held by: Kuroki, Haila, Momozono
A couple will gain +1 bonus at Kiss of Promise for each Cute girls
Attracted - ⼈を⾒つめる held by: Haila, Tsuge

A couple will gain bonus at die roll in Couple's phase as if their Discomfort level is -1
for each Attracted girls. (Attracted does not affect breaking up by Discomfort level 6).

Examples to resolve effects:
Akane(Aggressive/Attracting) did Confession to Murafuji(Friendly/Passive) when the
Favor level is 1. Murafuji has Passive so Favor level between Akane-Murafuji
raises +1 to become 2 when Akane's action is determined as Confession to Murafuji.
Mufauji chose No then proceed to die roll. Die was 4. Usually die 4 will not make
them couple because 4 is higher than their Favor level 2, but Akane has Aggressive
so the Favor level is treated as 4 in this Confession, and die 4 is less or equal
to the pseudo Favor level, it introduces Akane and Murafuji to be a couple.
Favor level between Sorai and Midorino was 1 at the end of Setup. Player A took
control of Sorai on Game start phse. Sorai has cool, so player A chose to raise
Favor level between Midorino. Now Favor level between Sorai and Midorino is 4 at
the beginning of 1st turn.
Haila and Momozono is a couple with Favor level 2 and Discomfort level 3. Die to
determine break up was 3 in the Couple's phase. They will usually break up because
die 3 is less or equal to the Discomfort level, but Haila has Attracted to reduce
effect Discomfort level by 1 to treat the Discomfort level as 2, so they did not
break up and Discomfort level raised to 3. After this die in Kiss of Promise was
4. Usually they will fail because (die 4) + (Favor level 2) - (Discomfort level 4)
= 2 and this value is less than 4, but Haila and Momozono both have Cute to gain
bonus in Kiss or Promise and the final value became 4. Finally they succeed to do
Kiss or Promise.
Tsuge did Game of Love to Murafuji-Momozono pair. Tsuge is the propose having
Friendly so she voted Yes to 3 points. Murafuji also has Friendly but she is a
part of target pair so she cannot take effect of Friendly. One of the other girl
voted to yes and three voted to No. As a result, 4 votes to Yes and 3 votes to No
made Game of Love passed.

About five players game
When you play with five players, add Haila Ilmi and Momozono Renge to make nine girls game.
Rules in five players are same with three or four players game except number of girls.

Introduction of Point calc app
Point calculating web app is provided in follwoing URL. This app is best for mobile device (Android

is recommended.)

Game designer
tackman / 世界⾰命研究所

Special thanks






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Copyrihgt notice
This product uses following assets under MIT license.

2018/8 初版発⾏



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