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Chicago Streets
Avenue - Title applied mostly to streets running North and South. There are exceptions.
Blvd - Title given to streets where trucks over 5 tons are not permitted.
Court - Title given to short roadway.
Parkway - Title given to street that ends at a park.
Place - Title given to street running the 1/2 block between streets.
Street - Title applied mostly to streets running East and West. There are exceptions.
The information regarding Street changes was complied by William Martin in 1948.
-A Avenue 11400 to 11950S, State Line Road
-A Street 1400 to 1500W, Shakespeare
-A Street 800 to 999W, 35th Place
Abbott Ave., 206W pvt 9050 to 9100S. Named after Robert S. Abbott 1870-1940 was a black
lawyer and founder of the Defender Newspaper 1905. At one time street went 8900S to
-Abbott Ct., Orchard St., 2800 to 3199N 700W.
-Aberdeen Ave., 8700 to 944S Aberdeen St.
-Aberdeen Ave., 13200 to 13400S Buffalo Ave.
Aberdeen St., 1100W 1-12285S and 1-734N. Named after Aberdeen, Scotland which means silver
city by the sea. Austin St., Berdeen St., Blackwell St., Bruner Ave., Byer Ave., Curtis St.,
Dyet St., Dobbins Ave., Grand Ave., High St., Julius St., Lee Ave., Margaret St., Mossprat
St., Musprat St., Solon St.
-Aberdeen St., 10500 to 10700S Carpenter St.
-Aberdeen St., 900 to 1400W Winona St.
Academy Court, 812W 100S to 100N. No history for street, but is narrowest street. A mere ten
feet wide. Alley
-Academy Pl., 810W 100N to 100S.
-Achsah Bond Dr., 1325S 600 to 850E. Named after the wife of the first governor of Illinois.
Renamed Solidarity Dr.
Ada St., 1326W 1 to 1725N 600 to 11900S. Named after Mrs. Ada Garrett whose grandfather was
Mr. J.A. Butterfield, Sr. In 1834 Mr. Butterfield bought 80 acres of land and his daughter
and granddaughter subdivided the land and helped build Logan Sq. Frazier St., Girard
Ave., Herring St., James St., Loomis St., Luce St., Martin St., Sibley St., Swell St., Walker
Ct., Wright St.
-Ada St., 10700 to 11500S Troop St.
Adams St., 200S 1-100E 1-6000W. Named in honor of John Adams, second president of the United
States from 1797 to 1801. Monroe St., Wilcox Ave.
-Adams St., Adams Blvd.
-Adams Blvd., Adams St. 210S 5600 to 5999W.
-Adams St., 4650 to 4800W Cullom Ave.
-Adams Ave., 6800 to 9300 Dante Ave.
-Adams Park, 7550 to 7600S 1050 to 1100E
-Adams St., 10800 to 10900S Bishop St.
-Adams St. & Ave., 4850 to 5900S 5100 to 5500S Blackstone Ave.
-Adams St. 4800 to 5600 W Quincy St.
-Adams St. 800 to 1200W now W. Madison St.
Addison St., 3600N 500-8400W. Named after Thomas Addison English physican born in 1793. He
discovered the cure for the kidney problem known as Addisonian anemia. 43rd St., Gray
St., Hunter Ave., Thatchet Rd & Ave., Warner Ave.
-Addison St., 550 to 2400W and 7200 to 8400W Addison Ave.
-Addison Ave. 8700 to 8800S Kimbark Ave.
-Addison Ave. 6900 to 7100S Woodlawn Ave.
-Addison St., 5850W 5400 to 5600N Monitor Ave.
-Addison Terr., 1600 to 1800E 92nd Pl.
-Addison Ave., 7600 to 9400S Avalon Ave.
-Adelaide Ct., 3300 to 3500N Bell Ave.
-Adelaide St., Fillmore St.
-Adelheid Ave., 4130 to 4250W Melrose St.
-Adele St., 2400 to 2600W 40th St.
-Adeptus Ct., Liano Ave.
Administration Drive Blvd., Street is located in Washington Park. 5620S.
Agatite Ave., 4443N 800-8600W. Once thought to be named after the Agitate tree of the West
Indies, but there is no such tree so the name remains a mystery. Galt Ave., Potwyne Pl.
-Agnes Ave. 4134 to 4240W School St.
-Agnes Ave., 800 to 1200N Oakley Blvd.
Ainslie St.4900N 818-5875W. Named after a small community known as Ainslie. The street was
named after a real estate subdivider. In 1848, after his death, Mary Ainslie remarried and
left Chicago. Cheney St., Cherry, Clay St., Dwight St., Elm St., Grant Pl., Grimm Ave., Leo
Pl., North Ct., Perry Ave., Rome Ave., Short Pl., Tuttle St.,
-Ainslie St., Strong St.
-Airdrie Pl., 900 to 1000W 4175N. Gordon Terrace.
Airport Dr. 4700W 5536 (SW).
-Alaska St., 600 to 650W 1550N. Weed St.
Albany Ave. 3100W 1-7600N 1-11300S. Named after the Capital of New York. Formerly Ft. Or-
ange under the Dutch. St., Catalpa Ct & Pl., Clarkson Ave., Douglas Park Ave., Grace
Ave., Lake St., Leddy St., Mitchell Ave., Pierson Ave., Pullman Ave., Wallace St. & Ave.,
Yager, 2nd Ave.
-Albany St., 5500 to 8700S Albany Ave.
-Albert St., 1800 to 1900S 1450W. Bishop St.
-Albert St., Irving Park Road
Albion Ave., 6600N 460-7225W. Named after Albion, England. It was the oldest name by which the
Island of Great Britain was known to the Greeks and the Romans. Fulton Ave., Hamilton
St., Lake Ave., Norwood Park St., Nutwood Ave.,
-Alda Ave., Loring Ave.
Aldine Ave., 3300N 400-870W. Named after the town Aldine, England. Armstrong Ave., Edmond
Adams Aldine
St., School St.
-Aldine Ave., 7300 to 800W School St.
-Aldine Sq., DeSaible Sq. 3775 S 550 to 599E.
-Aldine St & Pl., 3800 to 3900S Lawrence Ave. prominent landowner in the village of Morgan
Park, Morgan County, Illinois.
Alexander St., 2245S 200-350W. Named after Alexander Wolcott one of the early settlers and
pioneers in the city. Another possibility is the street is named after John Alexander a XXX
-Alexander Pl., 800 to 1000W Belle Plaine Ave.,
-Alexander Ave., 4000 to 4400N Kenmore Ave.,
Algonquin Ave., 5640W 6416-6724N.E. Named after the powerful Indian tribe. Also called the
Algomekin meaning the people on the other side.
-Alice Ave. & Pl., 10700 to 10750S Bell Ave.
-Alice Ave., 13400 to 13800S Clyde Ave.
-Alice Pl & Ct., 2400 to 2550W Belden Ave.
-Alice Pl & Ct., 2050 to 2200W Concord Pl.
-Alice St., 9500 to 12300S Green St.
Allen Ave., 3500W 2900-3040 N.E. Named after O.H. Allen a subdivider and landowner. The
street name appeared in his subdivision.
-Allen Ave., 11600 to 12000S Calhoun Ave.
-Allen ?., 114th St
-Allen’s Slip, 2200 to 2400S at 1140W
Allport St., 1236W 1600-2200S. Named after D. Walter Allport who was born in Chicago. He was
a captain in the medical corps. His mother (Sarah) was the founder of the YWCA. Dr.
Allport is known as the father of dentistry.
-Allport St., 100 to 350S Hamilton Ave.
-Alma Ave., 600 to 1000N Latrobe Ave.
-Alma Ave., 3800 to 4000W Sunnyside Ave.
Almond St., 2124W 1000-1034S. Named after the Almond tree.
Alpine Dr.
Alta Vista Terrace, 1050W 3800-3900N. Named after a town in Kansas. The name means high
point. The town received its name from the Rock Island Railroad employees where the
railroad crossed the water between the Kansas and Neosho rivers.
Altgeld St., 2500N 800-1368W. Named after Gov. John Altgeld (1893-97). Gov. Altgeld was
involved in the Haymarket pardon and the Pullman Strike. Commercial St., DaTamble St.,
Dunning St., Greenwood Ave., St., Terr., Montana Ave., Princeton St., 2nd St.
-Altgelt St., 3100 to 3150W Randolph St.
-Alton Ave., Bishop St. 5500 to 5900S 6100 to 6300S
-Alton Ave., 6250 to 6650 N & NW Nordica Ave.
-Ambrose St., 1800 to 3000W 22nd Pl
-Amelia St., 23rd St. 1600W.
-Ames St., 600 to 750E E38th St.
Ancona St., 656N 832 to 1368W. Named after the first American transport sunk in WWI. Origi-
nally a city in Italy. Bismark Pl., Phillip St.
-Anderson St., 5350 N 5400N 5450W Larned Ave.
-Anderson St. 3550 to 3600W 45th St.
-Andrew Ave., 3200 to 3400W Warner Ave.
-Andrew St. 1025 to 1075W Gladys Ave.
Aldine Andrew
-Andrews Ave., 1 to 400W 125th St.
-Andrews St., 2400 to 2800W 106th St.
-Anita Terr & Ct., 300 to 400W Grant Pl.
-Ann St., 1 to 400N 1200W., Philo Carpenter a landowner and the first druggist in Chicago named
Ann Street after his wife. The street first appeared in his subdivision. Racine Ave.
-Anna Ave., 3300 to 3500N Claremont Ave.
-Anna Pl., 11810 to 11900S Wolcott Ave.
-Anna St., 2400 to 2800W 29th Pl.
Anson Pl., 418N 2200 to 2258W. Named after Capt. Adrain Anson veteran baseball player and
manager of the original Chicago White Stockings. He was later city clerk of Chicago.
Anthon Ave., 8532N. Named in honor of Charles Anthon father of Walter R. Anthon, Superinten-
dent of Maps. He was associated with the Southwestern Milling Company for 34 years and
a former president of the Flour Club of Chicago and other civic groups in the Old Town
Anthony Ave., 400E-6800S and 3000E at 9400S. Elliott Anthony was a South side subdivider from
the Anthony and Harvey subdivision. Street first appeared in 1874. Clement Ave.
-Antoinette St. or Ave., 10300 to 11000S Lawndale Ave.
Apparel Center 645N.
-Appenrade St., 2800 to 3000W Shakespeare Ave.
-Arboretum 9500 to 9700S Vanderpoel Ave.
Arbour Place, 337N 1355 to 1567W. Its name comes from theinterception of the rays of light
meaning “A shaded nook or walk or flower arbour”. The street was shaded by the railroad
constructions high wall. Depot Pl.
-Arcade Ct., 100 to 150W Arcade Pl.
-Arcade Park Rear of 500E 35th St.
Arcade Place, 26S 100 to 1756W. Derives its name from the Arcade over the eastern end at south
Clark Street. Church Pl., Ogden Pl., Photo Pl., School Pl., Smith St.
-Arcade Row 550 to 600E 112th St.
Arch St., 1316W 2900 to 3030 S.E. Named after Arch Beach a village in Orange County, Calif.
Named from the natural arches in the cliffs by the ocean. Cass St., Cross St.
Archer Ave., 1W at 1900S 6400W at 5500S. Col. William Archer was a strong backer of the canal
project during the 1830s. Rd., Brighton Ave., State Rd., Hubbard’s Trail Road to Widow
-Archer Pl., 2650 to 2700W, 40th St.
-Archer St., vacated Canalport 2300S at 1600W.
-Archibald St., 2800 to 2900W 24th Blvd.
Ardmore Ave., 5800N 1000 to 7900W. The name was the same as a train stop of Philadelphia’s
main line. It was named by developer in the firm Cochran and McClures who came from
Philadelphia. Crescent Ave., Francis St., Nickerson Ave., Vine St., 65th St.,
Argyle St., 5000N 832 to 8600W. Named in honor of Archibald Campbell Marquis and the 2nd
Duke of Argyle England. Known in Chicago as the community of Argyle named by sub-
divider James Campbell. Ave., Clay Ave., Elston Ct., Huntington St., Jackson St., Oak St.
-Argyle Ave., 13300 to 13400S Avenue N
-Arizona Ave., 4800 to 5000W Montana St.
ArlingtonPlace, 2468N 400 to 658W. Arlington on the Potomac River. Home of Robert E. Lee.
Frederick St. or Pl.
-Arlington Ave., 5400 to 5650N Marmora Ave.
Andrews Arlington
-Arlington Ave., 1 to 200S Mayfield Ave.
-Arlington Ave., 2000 to 2400W 110th Pl.
-Arlington Ct., 6700 to 6800N Bosworth Ave.
-Arlington St., 4500 to 4800N Magnolia Ave.
-Armandale Ave & St., Montrose Ave.
-Armida St., 10100 to 10700S and 11100 to 11150S Hoyne Ave.
-Armin Ave., 1600 to 1775W Thorndale Ave.
Armitage Ave., 2000N 231 to 7194W. In honor of A. Armitage father of Alderman Edward R.
Armitage. Another possible choice is Thomas Armitage, a clergyman who was founder of
the American Bible Union. Rd., Center Ave., Center St., Lawrence St., St. Charles Street.
-Armitage Ct., 3150 to 3200W Homer St.
-Armitage Rd. 1600 to 2400W Armitage Ave.
Armory Drive, 5200S in Washington Park, This street located by the National Guard Armory.
Armour St., 1500W 400 to 765N. George Armour subdivided and was the brother of Philip. Waller
St., Walter ?.
-Armour Ave., 1600 to 5500S Federal St.
-Armour Ave., 5500 to 7900S 11100 to 11500S Sperry Ave.
-Armour Ave., 200 to 400N Justine St.
-Armour St., 1600 to 2200W Webster Ave.
Armstrong Ave., 5700N 5400 to 5600W. Named for Thomas Armstrong who subdivide and helped
develop the land.
-Armstrong Street 780N 125 to 150E. Named after Maitland Armstrong and artist and helped
designed XXX the 1893 Fair. Sherman Pl., Evans Court
-Armstrong Ave., 400 to 600W Aldine Ave.
-Arnold Ave., 6800 to 7700N Ashland Ave.
-Arnold Ave., 6700 to 6800N Bosworth Ave.,
-Arnold St., 1600 to 7900S LaSalle St.
-Arnold’s Slip 1544W 2200 to 2600S
Artesian Ave., 2428W 200 to 7500N 300 to 11900S. An artesian well at Chicago and Western in
1865 is said to have supplied one half of a million gallons of the purest water every day. Ash
St., Ashland Ct., Campbell Ave., Cossitt St., Dania Ave., Fairview Ave., Foltz Ct., Gage Pl.,
Kuhn Ct., Park Ave., Sackett Ave., Stanley Terr., Tullock Ct., Ward St. & Ave., Warel Ave.,
-Arthing St., 1200 to 1400W Arthington Pl.
-Arthington Pl., 1200 to 1400W Arthington St.
Arthington St., 900S 500 to 6000W. Was named after the small town of Arthington, England by
Mrs. Henry D. Gilpin, landowner and subdivider in 1859. Mrs. Gilpinl came from Arthington,
England. Arthing St., Arthington Pl., Birch St., Cedar St., Damon St., Forquer St., Harvard
St., Lilla St., Taylor St.,
-Arthur Ave., 7900 to 8350S Coles Ave.,
-Arthur St., 1600 to 1900S Stewart Ave.
Arthur Ave., 6500N 1200 to 7542W. Arthur T. Galt was a subdivider and art collector. He pur-
chased ancient Greek manuscripts and then donated them to the city. Bradley Ave., Frances
Ave., Haynes Ave., Ignatius St., Loyola Ave.
-Arundel Ave., ran NE &SW 5400W & 6025N to 5280W & 6225N
-Asbury Ave., 6400 to 7300N Western Ave.
-Asbury Terr. 650 to 800W Hutchinson St.
-Ash St., 3850 to 4000N Neenah Ave.
Arlington Ash
-Ash St., 3100 to 3250S Artesian Ave.
-Ash St., 56th St.
-Ash St., 110th St
-Ashford Ave., 4500 to 4700W Homer St.
-Ashkum Ave., 9500 to 9900S Hoxie Ave.
Ashland Ave., 1600W 1 to 7759N 1-200S and 1200 to 12300S. Named for the Kentucky home of
Henry Clay. Ash and timber were plenty on the land. Arnold Ave., Eastern Ave., 1st St.,
Grand Ave., N. Fay Ave., Lisle St., Reuben St., 2nd St., Woodstock St.,
-Ashland Ave., 6700 to 6800N Campbell Ave.
-Ashland Ave., 4300 to 4800N Kenneth Ave.
-Ashland Ave., 7600 to 7800N Marshfield Ave.
-Ashland Ave., Spaulding Ave.
-Ashland Ave., 6700 to 6800N Bosworth Ave.
-Ashland Ave., 6375N NW 6600N Northwest Highway
-Ashland Ave., Paulina St.
-Ashland Ave., Ashland Blvd.
-Ashland Blvd., 1200S to 200N 6800 to 7450N Ave.
Ashland Blvd., 1600W 6800 to 7426N.
-Ashland Ct., 2500 to 2575S Artesian Ave.
-Ashland Pl. & Ct., 1525 to 1599W Race Ave.
-Ashland St. 2000 to 2161W Granshaw St.
-Ashley St. 1800 to 2300W Race Ave.
-Ashton St. 2200 to 2399W 92nd Pl.
-Ashton St. 8700 to 8899S Sangamon St.
Astor St., 40E 1200 to 1600N. John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) a fur trader for the American Fur
Company. He helped finance early buildings in the city. Only name for this street.
-Asylum Pl., 1775 to 2199W in 1860s 300 to 1600W, Webster Ave.
-Atlantic Ave., 6300 6800N Oketo Ave.
-Atlantic Ave., 3200 to 3900W 63rd Pl.
-Atlantic St., 3900 to 5800S Wells St.
-Atlantic St., 6700 to 7100S later 8000 to 8200S and 8330 to 8500S Yale Ave.
-Attica St., 900 to 999W 32nd Pl
-Attica St., 900 to 999W 32nd St.
-Attica St., 800 to 999W 33rd St.
Attrill St., 2125N 2631 to 2700 S.W. Henry Attrill was a pioneer builder and subdivider and the
street ran through the center of his farm. No other name for this street.
-Aubert Ave. 2000 to 2499W 4250N. Hutchinson St.
-Auburn Ave. 400 to 799W 81st Pl.
-Auburn Ave. 7700 to 7800W North Shore Ave.
-Auburn St., 3100 to 3850S Lituanica Ave.
Augusta Blvd., 1000N 1200 to 6000W. Philo Carpenter, a subdivider named this street after his
daughter, Augusta. Furlong St., Janet St.,
-Augusta St., 400 to 550E 40th St.
-Augusta St., Augusta Blvd.
-Augusta St., Fairfield Ave.
-Augusta St., Honore St.
-Aurora St., 45th Pl. 1600 to 1700W.
Ash Aurora
Austin Ave. & Blvd. 6000W 5200 to 6458S 1 to 1559N. Henry W. Austin a builder of the Austin
Community then in the Cicero Township. Chicago annexed the land in 1899. 5th Ave., King
Ave., Maynard Ave., Michigan St., 60th Ave.
-Austin Ave., 1200S to 1599N Austin Blvd.
-Austin Ave., Hubbard St.
-Austin Ave. & St., 6800 to 7000W School St.
-Austin St., 1600 to 5800N Central Ave.
-Austin Rd., 1600 to 5800N Central Ave.
-Austin St., 1100 to 1200S on a line with S. Aberdeen
Avalon Ave., 1234E 7600 to 9900S. Burial place of the legendary King Arthur. Addison Ave.,
Chauncey Ave., Madison ?.,
Avenue O: 3432E, N: 3500E, M: 3532E, L: 3600E, K: 3624E, J: 3700E, H: 3733E, G: 3800E, F:
3826E, E: 3900E, D: 3922E, C: 4000E, B: 4033E, A: 4100E. Lettered Avenues in a system
from A to O on the Southeast side of Chicago devised by Frank Lewis. The system has
never been extended.
-Avenue “A” 11200 to 11600S Avenue B
-Avenue “A” 6900 to 7099S Cornell Ave.
-Avenue “A” 4200E 10600 to 11950S Illinois Ave., A Ave. State Line Rd.
-Avenue “B” 6900 to 7099S South East End Ave.
-Avenue “B” 10500 to 11600S Avenue C
-Avenue “B” 1st Ave., Avenue A, B Avenue
-Avenue “C” 11200 to 11600S and 10000 to 10200S Avenue D
-Avenue “C” 2nd Ave., Avenue B, 12th Ave., C Avenue
-Avenue “C” 6900 to 7099S Cregier Ave.
-Avenue “D” 9900 to 11699S Avenue E
-Avenue “E” 9800 to 12000 Avenue F
-Avenue “E” Avenue D, 10th Avenue, E Avenue
-Avenue “F” 10250 to 10999S 11400 to 11800S Avenue G
-Avenue “F” Avenue E, f Avenue, 9th Ave., 4th Ave.
-Avenue “G” 10200 to 10999S 11400 to 11800S Avenue H
-Avenue “G” Avenue F, 8th Ave., G Avenue
-Avenue “H” 10200 to 10999S 11400 to 11700S Avenue J
-Avenue “H” Avenue G, H Avenue, 7th Ave., Avenue I
-Avenue “I” 11400 to 11800S Avenue H
-Avenue “I” 10200 to 10999S Ewing Ave.
-Avenue “J” 9500 to 10999S 11400 to 11700S Avenue L
-Avenue “J” Avenue H, J Avenue, 6th Ave., I Avenue
-Avenue “K” 9600 to 11800S Ewing Ave.
-Avenue “K” 9500 to 11750S Avenue M
-Avenue “K” Goethe Ave.
-Avenue “L” 9500 to 11800S Avenue N
-Avenue “L” Avenue J, 4th Ave., L Avenue, Moltke Avenue
-Avenue “M” 10200 to 11800S Avenue O
-Avenue “M” Avenue K, Bismark Avenue, M Avenue, 3rd Ave.
-Avenue “N” S. Green Bay Ave.
-Avenue “N” Argyle Ave., Avenue L, N Avenue, 2nd Ave.
-Avenue “O” Avenue M, 1st Ave., O Avenue, The Strand, Cheltenham Ave.
Austin Avenue
-Avenue “P” 10600 to 11400S Green Bay Ave.
-Avenue “Q” 10600 to 11400S Mackinaw Ave.
Avers Ave., 3834W 1200N to 10600S. Frederick Avers was born in New York in 1831 he came to
Chicago and surveyed and subdivided the property in 1872. He was the builder of the
Sherman House before the Chicago Fire and also the home of Marshall Field. He took a
prominent role in the re-building of the city after the fire. Blvd., Bethel St., Crandall Ave.,
Davlin St., Harding Ave., Genevieve Ave., Glover Ave., Omar Ave., Guttenberg Ave., Co-
lumbia Pl., Castello Ave.
-Avers Ave. or Blvd., 3600 to 3725N Avers Ave.
-Avery ?., 1 to 399W, 34th St.
-Avon Ave. 6300 to 7100S and 10300 to 11500S Fairfield Ave.
-Avon Ave. 5900 to 6299S Kedvale Ave.
-Avon Pl. 2000 to 2150W Tilden St.
Avondale Ave., 2800W 2900NW to 6800. Named for the community of Avondale in the NW corner
of the Logan District. Named by subdivider John Lewis Cochran after Avondale, PA. Chi-
cago Ave., Holcomb Ave., Roberts Ave., Euclid Ave., Railroad Ave., (Libby St. at 4800N
-Avondale Ave., 3650W 3600 to 3900N NW Parkview Terr.
-Avondale Ave., N. Irene Ave. 3136W 3215 to 3245N
-Avonshire Ave., 3000 to 3600W 107th St. (1874)
-Ayer St. 1750 to 1800W Quincy St.
-Ayers Ct., 700 to 799N at 1235W Willard Ct.
-B Street 1400 to 1450W Dickens Ave.
-B Avenue 11400 to 11950S Aveneue B
-B Street 800 to 1000W 36th St.
-Babette St. 1100 to 1200W Drummond Pl.
-Bailey St., Campbell Ave.
-Baird Ave., 1 to 390 N Lorel Ave.
-Baker Ave., 4900 to 5000N Kildare Ave.
-Baker Ave., Wallace Street
-Baker Ave., 400 to 600W 45th Pl.
Baker Ave., 3015E 8300 to 8500SE. Named after D.W. Baker a subdivider in 1873 and director of
the Board of Trade. Illinois Ave.
-Baker St., 1200 to 1600W 71st Pl
Balbo Ave., 700S 1 to 86E Drive 700S and in Grant Park, Italo Balbo an Italian aviator. On July
15, 1933, he led 24 seaplanes that landed off Navy Pier for the World’s Fair.
8th St., Hubbard Pl., 7th St.
-Balbo Dr E. Runs E & W at 700S 100 to 400E
-Baldwin Ave., 7500 to 7900S Bennett Ave.
Baldwin Ave., 1901E 7400 to 7458S. Named after John Baldwin a southside subdivider in 1878.
Bennett Ave.
-Baldwin St., 400 to 450N Winchester Ave.
Avenue Baldwin
-Balesteir ?., Wolcott Ave.
-Ball Pl. 1630 to 2000W 92nd Pl.
-Ball Field Dr., 50W 1650 to 1825N (Lincoln Park)
-Ballou St., 1600 to 2800N St. Louis Ave.
Balmoral Ave., 5400N 1000-7900W. A British castle in Scotland that was greatly favored by Queen
Victoria. Balmoral means “majestic dwelling” in Gaelic. Street was named by subdi-
vider John Cochran. Elm St., Erie Ave., Hyndman St.
-Baltic St., 4600 to 5500S Princeton Ave.
-Baltic St., 3900 to 5600S Wells St.
Baltimore Ave., 2825E 8300 to 13517 S.E. Named after the largest city in Maryland which was
named after Cecilius Calvert Lord Baltimore who settled in the Maryland providence in
1635. Chambers Ave., Chicago Ave., Erie Ave., South Chicago Ave.
Banks St., 1335N 1 to 78E. In honor of Army Gen. Nathaniel Banks of Civil War. Division St.
Barber St., 1425S 540 to 800W. Named after P.S. Barber subdivider. (originally 400 to 550W).
-Barclay 800 to 1200N Richmond St.
-Bard St. vacated, Canalport
-Barkcley 10600 to 11300S Carondolet Ave.
-Barnett St. Leavitt St.
-Barney St., 400 to 600W 61st Pl.
Barron Drive, 4100E in Calumet Park.
Barry Ave., 3100N 314 to 7600W. Named after John Barry Commander of the Lexington during
the Revolutionary War. He was born in Ireland and entered the U.S. service in 1776. He is
considered the Father of the American Navy. Centre Ave., Dempster Pl., Mobile Ave.,
Noble Ave.
-Barry Ct., Fifth Ave.
-Barry Point Rd., 1S 2800W to 850S 4800W Fifth Ave.
-Bartlett Ave., 3200 to 3400W Evergreen Ave.
-Bartlett St., 3200 to 3400W Evergreen Ave.
-Barton Ave., 7200 to 7600N Claremont Ave.
-Basil Ave., 1600 to 1800N Whipple St.
-Bassett St., 3450 to 3850E 115th St.
-Batavia Ave., Magnet Ave. 5635W 5300 to 5449N.
-Bateman Ave., 3450 to 3600N Kedvale Ave.
-Bates Ave., Lieb Ave. 5444W 5200 to 5446NE.
-Bates Ave., 8700 to 10300S Parnell Ave.
-Bates St., 300 to 400W 12th Pl.
Bauwans St., 1600W 1300 to 1375 N.W. Ivon Bauwan was a subdivider. He was member of the
firm Bauwan and Hoffmann in 1853.
-Baxter St., 3000 to 3400N Kenmore Ave.
-Bayson St., 4200 to 4400W Potomac Ave.
-Beach Ave., 3000 to 3200N Oriole Ave.
-Beach St., 2450 to 2600W 32nd St.
-Beach St., 600 to 1200S Stewart Ave.
-Beach Ct., 3950 to 4000N Frontier Ave.
-Beach Dr., 1600N 100E to 3200N 350W (Lincoln Park)
Beach Ave., 1433N 1600 to 5000W. E.A. Beach was a subdivider in 1872. He was also the builder
of the Chicago Beach Hotel. Brigham St.
Balesteir Beach
Beacon St., 1337W4400to 4800N. Beacon Street was named for the street in Boston which was
named in honor of Lord Beaconfield.
Beaubien Ct., 117E 150 to 300N. Mark Beaubien, Town Trustee in 1833 and he was also
subdivider and landowner. Central St.
-Beekman Ave., 7850 to 7900S on line with Burley Ave.
-Beers St., 3100 to 3900S Wood St.
-Beethoven Pl., 200 to 450W 1250N. Scott St.
Belden Ave., 2300N 300 to 7200W. Named after J. P. Belden a subdivider or Belden Culver one
time secretary of CHS and a prominent real estate investor. Alice Pl., Belder Ave., Coyne
St., Edgewood Ave., Hanover, Linden St., McGovern St., Mentmore Ave., Rhine St., Tuomey
-Belden Ave., 3400 to 3600W Lyndale Ave.
-Belden Ct., 2300 to 2350 N then 520 to 550W Cambridge Ave.
-Belden Pl., 2300 to 2350 N then 520 to 550W Cambridge Ave.
-Belder Ave., 4500 to 5200W Belden Ave.
-Belknap St., 1000 to 1030W Grenshaw St.
Bell Ave., 2234W 100 to 11900S and 300 to 7600N. Named after Maj. Gen. George Bell, Jr. of
WWI and also Alexander Graham Bell. Adelaide Ave., Alice Ave., & Pl., Collins St.,
Crescent Ave., East Park St., East Crescent Ave., Hazel Ave., Irving Ave., Irving Pl.,
Leipzig St., Lothair Ave., Palifax Ct., Pedro St., Av., & Pl., Perch St., Pine Ave., Pingree
St., Rice Pl., Shober St., Summit St., Vail St., Vial Ave., York ?., Yorktown St.
-Bell Ave., 3850 to 4000W Bloomingdale Ave.,
-Bell Ave., 9500 to 9900S Seeley Ave.
-Bella St., 1100 to 1200N Kildare Ave.
-Belle Plaine Ave., 52nd St.
Belle Plaine Ave., 4100N 800 to 8400W. Named after Town of Belle Plaine which means “Fine
Field” from the French. Alexander Pl., Crescent Pl., 48th St., Prescott St.,
-Bellevue Ave., 4200 to 5000S Champlain Ave.
-Bellevue Ave., 6225 to 6600N Sayre Ave.
-Bellevue Ave., 51st St.
Bellevue Pl., 1021N 1 to 135E. From the French means Beautiful View. From the famous Bellevue
near Castle, Germany. Many rare paintings are kept there. Oak St., Oakwood St.
-Belmont Ave., 4300 to 4800N Kilbourn Ave.
-Belmont Ave., 10300 to 10850S Seeley Ave.
-Belmont St., Belmont Ave.
Belmont Ave., 3200N 400 to 9000W. First Civil War battle in which Grant commanded the Union
Army at Belmont, Mo. Davis St., Seeley Ave.
Belmont Harbor Dr., 3600N 300 to 400W In Lincoln Park.
-Belt Line Ave. 1 to 200N Kenton Ave.
-Belwyn Ave., 5100 to 5900S Kildare Ave.
-Bennett St., 5350 to 5800W West End Ave.
-Bennett St., 3359 to 3400N West End Ave.
Bennett Ave., 1900E 6700 to 9600S. Named after John Ira Bennett a city alderman from 1897 to
1909. He was also commissioner of public works and a partner in the firm of Cochran and
Bennett and a member of the Board of Education. Baldwin Ave., Levant Ave., Pridmore
-Bensley Ave., Luella Ave.
Beacon Bensley
Bensley Ave., 2500E 9500 to 13800S. Named after A.F. Bensley a south side subdivider in 1886.
He is known for his work in the Cleaverville subdivision. Calumet Ave., Central Ave.,
Luella Ave., Phillips Ave., Whittier Ave., Linn Ave.
Benson St., 1400W 3100 to 3300 S.E. Named after Charles E. Benson a land owner in Chicago and
founder of Rosehill Cemetery. East Water, Waterville St.
-Benton Ave., Princeton Ave.
Benton Pl.,170N 1 to 100E. Named after Thomas Hart Benton, U.S. Senator from Mo. for thirty
years 1782 to 1858.
-Berdeen St., 1 to 600S Aberdeen St.
Berenice Ave., 3832N 1800 to 6400W. Named by Charles F. Ford a subdivider in this section in
1888. Named after his daughter. Schuettler St.
-Berg Pl., 1900 to 2000W Montana St.
-Berkley Ave., 2250 to 2400W 111th Pl.
Berkeley Ave., 1025E 4025 to 5300 S.E. In remembrance for $10,000 gift from Boston after the
Chicago Fire. Named for a principal Boston thoroughfare. Originally Lord Berkeley of
London. Chappel Pl., Hyde Park Terr.
-Berkshire 10300 to 11500S Kedzie Ave.
-Berlin Ave., 2000 to 2200W 69th Pl.
-Berlin St. 2100 to 2800W Medill Ave.
Bernard St., 3432W 2400 to 6300N. Named after J.L.S. Bernard builder of costly suburban homes
in Oak Park. Dresden Ave., Smalley Ct., Trumbull Ave., Huron St., Hernart St.,
-Berney St., Burling St.
-Berry St., 5500 to 5600W Farragut Ave.
Berteau Ave., 4200N 1400 to 8400W. Named after F.G. Berteau a French socialist and later an
American citizen. Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance De Illinois important French resi-
dents of city were members. St., Centre Ave., 49th St., Reid St.
-Berteau St., Berteau Ave. 2000 to 2400W & 2800 to 3200W.
Berwyn Ave., 5300N 1000 to 8300W. Named by John Cochran for a railroad station on the Phila-
delphia main line. Bowen St., Maple St., Walnut St., Pine Ave., St. Joe Ave.
Besly Ct., 1400W 1600 to 1900 N.W. Named after E.D. Besly a brewery proprietor and subdi-
vider in Chicago and Waukegan. Coventry St.
-Bessemer Ave., 10300 to 10599S on a line with Drexel Ave. Pullman Dr.,
-Best Ave., 950W 2600 to 2800N Wilton Ave.
Best Dr. 5900S in Washington Park, Named after William Best president of the South Park Board
from 1887 to 1891.
-Beston Ave., 5500 to 5600S Kilpatrick Ave. Also spelled Boston.
-Beta St., 3500 to 3600N Reta Ave.
-Bethuel St., 1600 to 1900S Avers Ave.
-Better St., 820S 1050 to 1150W School on property.
-Beveridge Ave., 6700 to 7100S Paxton Ave.
-Beverley Ct., 2150 to 2200W 89th St.
Beverly Ave., 2000W 8700 to 10300 S.E. Named after Beverly Hills which was Beverly in
Yorkshire, England. Michael Ave., Oak Ave.
Beverly Glen Pkwy, 9934S 1699 to 1800W. Named after the village of Beverly and the commu-
nity of Beverly Hills.
-Bickerdike Ave., 8500 to 8600S S. East End Ave.
-Bickerdike Sq., 600N 1475 to 1525W Ohio St.
Bensley Bickerdike
-Bickerdike St., 500 to 800N Bishop St.
Bingham St., 2516W 2000 to 2148 N.W. Named after Henry W. Bingham an early Chicago real
estate dealer and subdivider in 1875.
-Binzo St., 2300 to 2350 N & NE Wolcott Ave.
-Birch Ave., 13400 to 13800S Chappel Ave.
-Birch St., 2000 to 2075 W Arthington St.
Birchwood Ave., 7500N 1300 to 7800W. Named for the Birch tree. Cherry St., Edward Ave.,
Margaret Pl.
-Birchwood Terr., Juneway Terr. 7800N 1440 to 1840W.
Birkhoff Ave., 650W 8300 to 8410 S.E. Named after George Birkhoff Sr., a subdivider in 1886.
-Bishop Ct., 1 to 99N Bishop St.
Bishop St., 1438W 800 to 12300S and 1 to 900N. Named after an early Chicago real estate man,
Henry Bishop. He was trustee of the will of John Crerar who left $2,500,000 for the
Crerar Library. Adams St., Albert St., Alton Ave., Bickerdike St., Jasper St., Caroline
Ave., St., 4th St., Kane Ct., Rose St., Bixby Ct., Ross St., Sheldon St., Thompkins St.,
Winthrop Ct., Pl., Elizabeth St.
-Bishop 1 to 100E, Division St.
-Bismark Ave., 13300 to 13400S Avenue M.
-Bismark Pl., 1225 to 1400W at 675N Ancona St.
-Bismark St., 2600 to 2800W Evergreen Ave.
-Bissell Ave., 3500 to 3900N Wilton Ave.
-Bissell Ave., 7300 to 7500S Phillips Avenue.
-Bissell Ave., 8300 to 9300S Cregier Ave.
-Bissell Ave., 3900 to 4300S Normal Ave.
-Bissell St., 3900 to 4300S Normal Ave.
-Bissell St., 2600 to 3300N Wilton Ave.
Bissell St., 924W 1630 to 2300 N.W. William H. Bissell was the first Republican Governor of
Illinois. He was a captain during the Mexican War and a member of the Second Illinois
Volunteers. He died March 18, 1860. Williams St.
Bittersweet Pl., 4100N 614 to 800W. Named for the protected wild flower.
-Bixby Ct. & Pl. 400 to 450N Bishop St.
-Blackhawk St., 1200 to 1600W LeMoyne St.
Blackhawk St., 1400N 400 to 1700W. Indian chief of the Sauk and Fox Indians. The Blackhawk
War was fought in 1832. Schiller St., Tucker St.
Blackstone Ave., 1436E 4840 to 9300S. Timothy B. Blackstone was an I.C.R.R. executive and the
Blackstone Hotel was built on land of his homestead. He was an incorporator of the stock-
yards and a major donor to the Art Institute. Adams St., Hope Ave., Jefferson Ave., Park
Ct., Washington Ave., South Park Ct.
-Blackwell St., 1800 to 2000S Wells St.
-Blackwell St., 4950 to 5100S Aberdeen St.
-Blaine Ave., 5600N & 5850W to 5825N and 5800W Miltimore Ave.
-Blaine Ct., 1200 to 1400W Quincy St.
-Blaine Pl., 2400 to 3100W, 4450 to 4500W, 4800 to 4900W Gunnison St.
-Blaine Pl., 1200 to 1400W Quincy St.
Blake St., 2200W 3600 to 3700 S.E. Patrick Blake was a subdivider of the McKinley Park neigh-
Blanchard Ct., Probably named for Samuel Blanchard Chase, the developer of an area near Belmont
Bickerdike Blanchard
Ave. and the Lake. 25E 2412 to 2446S.
Bliss St., 1041N 824 to 928 N.E. M.M.S. Bliss was an active member of the firm Bliss and Waite
subdividers in 1890.
-Blocks a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,s,t 11100 to 11500S The blockhouses were lettered A to T on the east side of
the street. Local name only from about 1895 to 1906.
-Blaine St. Hayes Ave. 6300 S.
-Blaine St. 25th Pl 2600 to 2800W
-Blanchard Ave. 3300 to 7550S and 10300 to 11500S Rockwell St.
-Blanchard Ct., Pl., 15E 2410 to 2446S
-Blanche St., 1200 to 1600W LeMoyne St.
-Blanche St., Pl., 1200 to 1300W 61st St., Pl.
-Bliss St., Lawrence Ave.
-Blair St. 1811 to 2000S Clinton St.
-Blake St.,
-Block St., Meyer Ave., Ct.
-Bloom St., 3400 to 3799S Hermitage Ave.
Bloomingdale Ave., 1800N 1600 to 7200W. Named after the road to Bloomingdale, Ill. Came from
a field of blooming flowers in a glen. Road, St., Bell Ave., Galena Ave., Bloomington St.,
Frankford St.
-Bloomingdale Road, 1500 to 6800W Bloomingdale Ave.
-Bloomingdale Street, 1500 to 4800W Bloomindale Ave.
-Bloomington St., 2400 to 4000W Bloomingdale Ave.
-Blucher St., 1300N 1750 to 1800W Potomac Ave.
-Blucher St., 3000 to 3100W Wilton Ave.
Blue Island Ave., 800W 600 to 2600 S.W. The name comes from the color of a mist from the swamp
surrounding the ridge on which the city is located created a blue haze and hence the name.
Hoosier Ave.
-Blue Island Ave., Plank Rd. 2200 to 3100S5500 to 11900S Western Ave.
-Blue Island Ave., Plank Rd. 2200 to 3100S5500 to 11900S Western Blvd.
-Blue Island Rd., 600 to 800 SW Vermont St.
-Blue Island Rd., 200E to 200W 127th St.
-Boardman Pl., 1400 to 1450W Drummond Pl.
-Boardman St., 3600 to 3650 S and SE Oakley Ave.
-Boardman St., 2300 to 3225W 36th St.
Board of Trade Ct., 324S 141W. Named after the building at the location.
-Boldenweck Ave., 4150 to 4250W Roscoe St.
-Bolvin Ave., 55th Pl.
Bonaparte St., 1300W 2932 to 2998 S.W. Was named after Napoleon Bonaparte.
-Bond Ave., 7100 to 8350S South Shore Drive
Bond Ave., 3132E 8245 to 8411S Named after Shadrach Bond the first governor of the State.
Governor Bond was a subdivider in the city.
-Bond St., 500 to 5300S Ridgeway Ave.
-Bond St., 4000 to 4700W Waveland Ave.
-Bond St., 2000 to 2300W Homer St.
-Bond St., 3600 to 4000W 77th St.
-Bond St., 1 to 100E 28th St.
-Bond St., 1600 to 1700W SW at 3000S ?
Bliss Bond
Bonfield St., 1300W 2700 to 3100 S.E. John Bonfield led the police detachment at the Haymarket
-Bonney Ave., 500 to 600S Lawndale Ave.
-Bonney Ave., 600 to 5300S Ridgeway Ave.
-Bonny St., 3700 to 3800W on a line with 23rd Pl.
-Boomer St., 3900 to 4000S Shields Ave.
-Boone St., 2155 to 2200W DeKalb St.
Boone St., 3300 to 3500S Dearborn St.
-Borso Pl., 2000 to 2100W 110th St.
-Booth Ave., 2865E 11050 to 11400S Charles St. or Ct. gone
Bosak Ave., 9800 S 2400W. Named after William Bosak CPD killed March 3, 1979, with his
partner Roger Van Schaik.
-Boston Ave., 5500 to 5600S Kilpatrick Ave.
-Boston Ave., 650 to 800W Gladys Ave.
Bosworth Ave., 1535W 1200 to 7656N. Named after H.P. Bosworth a subdivider with Ravenswood
Land Company in 1860. Cooper St., Dickson St., Dixon St., Leavenworth St., Schurtz Ave.,
Arlington Ct.
-Both Ave., Pacific Ave. 3200
-Boulevard Pl., 400 to 538 E 46th Pl.
-Boulevard St., 600 to 650N Fairbanks Ct.
-Boulevard St., 11500 to 11800S Lowe Ave.
Boulevard Way, 2934W 2421 to 2457S. Named for a short cut to Marshall Blvd.
-Boursauld St., 2000 to 2150W Cullom Ave.
-Bowen Ave., Lynch Ave. 5500W 5259 to 5590NE.
-Bowen Ave., 9100 to 9500S Peoria St.
-Bowen Ave., 1000 to 1050 E. 41st Pl
Bowen Ave., 4125S400 to 900E. Named in honor of Joseph T. Bowen a subdivider. His wife Louise
Dekoven Bowen was a philanthropist and civic leader and advocate of juvenile reform.
Silva St.
-Bowen St., 5500 to 5600W Berwyn Ave.
-Bowen St., 900 to 1750 E. 54th St., Lynch Ave.
Bowler St., 746S 2011 to 2200 S.W. Named for Alderman James Bowler of the 25th Ward 1906 to
Bowling Green Dr., 5800S.
-Bowman Ave., 4000 to 4400N Troy St.
-Bowman St., 2200 to 2400W 82nd St.
Bowmanville Ave., 2344W 5300 to 5540 N.E. Named after the community of Bowmanville which
was named by early settler Jessie B. Bowman in 1854. He sold lots he did not own and
then skipped town. Road
-Bowmanville Rd., Bowmanville Ave. 5300 N & 2400W
-Boyd Ave., 2939E 11600 to 11700S, East River Street
-Boylston St., 50W to 150E Walton St.
-Brackett St., 1 to 200E 66th St.
-Bradley Ave., 7100 to 7200W Arthur Ave.
-Bradley Pl., 6200 to 6400W Warwick Ave.
Bradley Pl.,3750N 800 to 2700W. Named after Capt. Hugh Bradley. He came to Chicago in 1816 to
rebuild Ft. Dearborn. Turner St., Warwick Ave.
Bonfield Bradley
-Bradley St., 1300 to 1500W Potomac Ave.
-Bradley St., Millard Ave. 1400 to 1600S
-Bradner Smith Ct., 70W 50 to 100S
-Bradwell Ave., 1700 to 2200N Hoyne Ave.
Brainard Ave., 2635E 13000 to 13800 S.E. Named after Dr. Daniel Brainard who was one of the
founders of the Rush Medical College. Howard Ave.
-Branch St., North Branch Street
-Brand Ave., 3025 to 3200N Kimball Ave.
-Brand St., 2400 to 2450N then NW to 2500N at 1900W Wolcott Ave.
-Brand St., 400 to 600W 58th St.
Brandon Ave., 3200E 7900 to 13558S. Named after Stephen Douglas’ birthplace in Brandon,
Vermont. Centre St., Hegewisch Ave., Ontario Ave., Russell Ave.
-Brant St., 3024E 11450 to 11800S & SW River St., West River Street
-Brantwood Ave., Kercheval Ave., 4600W 5700 to 5858NW.
Brayton St., 12562S 1to 100E 1to 200W. Named after Brayton Richards who was one of the
partners in the construction firm of Boyer and Richards. The firm built all the homes in
Brayton Manor.
-Breckenridge Ave., 3800 to 5200W Wabansia Ave.
-Breemen St., Mendell St. 2331N 1200 to 7190W.
-Bremen Pl., 2200 to 2400W Lyndale Ave.
-Bremen Ct., 2200 to 2275N at 2675W Washtenaw Ave.
-Bremen St., 2200 to 2550 W 2650 to 2700W Lyndale St.
-Bremer St., 800 to 1200N Cleveland Ave.
Brennan Ave., 2300E 9500 to 9800S. Named after Edward Brennan a city council member in the
1930s. He helped change street number system in Chicago. In 1901 he suggested State and
Madison be the base lines for the city which was adopted in 1908. He died in 1942.
-Brenan St., 50 to 100W Delaware Place
-Breslav St., 2150 to 2250N Claremont Ave.
-Brewery Ave., Johnson Ave.
-Brickyard Cottages, E116th St. 500 to 650E
Briar Pl., 3136N 328 to 800W. Named for the root from which pipes are made.
-Brice Ave., 6800 to 6950 N Wayne Ave.
-Bridge St., Cullerton St. 1 to 400E & 1 to 400W.
-Bridge St., Fuller St.
-Brier Pl., Fletcher St., George Ave
-Brigham St., 1600 to 1800W Beach Ave.
-Brighton Ave., Archer Ave.
Brighton Pl., 2700W 4000W to 4100 S.E. Named after a town in England meaning “Queen of
watering places.”
-Bristol Ave., 800 to 900N Tripp Ave.
-Bristol St., 200 to 400W, 45th Pl.
Broad St., 1400W 2900 to 3100 S.E. Named after Louis P. Broad a subdivider. The street ran
through his property. He was a member of the firm Broad and Pitney. Stark St.
-Broad Oak Ave., 5450 W 6075N to 5310W to 6250N
-Broadway 800 to 1200W Congress St.
Broadway, 600W 2800 to 6400NW. The theatrical street in New York. Clarendon Ave., Dummy
Rd., Evanston Ave., Rd., Lake Shore Plank Rd.
Bradley Broadway
-Broadway Ave., Iglehart Pl. 500 E 2612 to 4742 SE.
-Brock Ave., LeMai Ave. 5234W 6234 to 6450 NE.
Brodman Ave., 4430N 8500 to 8650W. Howard Brodman was a city council member in 1930. He
simplified street names by giving only one name to a street.
Brompton Ave., 3547N 500 to 800SW. Named after a suburb of Chatham, England. Bronson St.
-Bronson St., 1200 to 1500W 49th Pl.
-Bronson St., 700 to 800W Brompton Ave.
-Brook St., 850 to 1000E 40th St.
-Brookes Ave., 7300 to 8300S Kenwood Ave.
-Brooks Ave., 8350 to 8500S Princeton Ave.
-Brooks Ave. 7300 to 7600S Kenwood Ave.
-Brookfield Ave., 5500 to 5900S Justine St.
-Broom St., Hartland Ct. 1735W 500 to 545N.
-Brophy Ave., 4000 to 4200N Pittsburgh Ave.
Bross Ave., 3200S 2100 to 2500SW. Named after William Bross, city alderman and Lt. Governor
of Illinois.
-Bross Ct., Hoyt Ave. 2250W 3200 to 3299S.
-Brown Ave., Mobile Ave.
-Brown St., Bryn Mawr Ave.
-Brown St., 1000 to 2200S, Sangamon St.
Browning Ave., 3549 S 500 to 650E. Capt Browning was a black man and an early Union officer
killed during the Civil War. Bryant Ave., St., 35th Pl.
-Bruce St., 3600 to 3700W 44th Pl.
-Bruner Ave., Aberdeen St. 10700 to 11500S.
-Brunswick Ave., 3050 to 3475 N Drake Ave.
-Bryan Ave., 1200 to 1700W Jarvis Ave.,
-Bryan Pl., 150N 1425W to 200N 1560W Randolph St.
-Bryant Ave., Browning Ave. 3549S 500 to 599E.
-Bryant St., Browning Ave. 3549S 500 to 599E.
Bryn Mawr Ave., 5600N 950 to 8600W. Famous college in Penn. and an exclusive school for girls
in Maryland. Named after Market Town of Breckneckshire, Wales. Brown St., Fremont
St., South Ave., St.
-Bryson St., 4200 to 4400W Potomac Ave.
-Buchanan Ave., 4300 to 4700S Drake Ave.
-Buchanan St., 1600 to 2000N Washtenaw Ave.
Buckingham Pl., 3334N 600 to 900W. Named after Clarence Buckingham a subdivider and brother
of Kate Buckingham. Otto St.
-Buddan St., 2200 to 3300S Princeton Ave.
-Buddan St., 4150 to 4500S Shields Ave.
-Buell Ave., 8900 to 9100S Cornell Ave.
Buena Ave., 4200N 640 to 1039W. Mexican town of Buena Vista means Beautiful View which was
named in the city by Edward Waller for his boyhood home.
Buena Circle, 4200N 1042 to 1050W. Same as above.
-Buena Park Terr., 900 to 950W Cullom Ave.
-Buena Vista Pl., 700 to 750W 25th St
-Buena Vista Terr., 4310 to 4400N Dayton St.
Buffalo Ave., 3300E 8250 to 13700S. Named after the American animal. Aberdeen Ave., Phillips
Broadway Buffalo
Ave., Farragot Ave.
-Buffalo St., & Pl., 300 to 1400S Federal St.
-Bullock Pl., 2608 W 1 to 40N, vacated.
-Bull’s Head Pl., 3700 to 3800 W 31st St.
-Bunker St., 1100S 500 to 1600W Grenshaw St.
-Burchell Ave., 2400 to 2800N Francisco Ave.
-Burhans Ave., 5800 to 6100N Oconto Ave.
Burkhard Dr., Douglas Park. Named for Henry Burkhardt a commissioner of the West Park
District from 1884 to 1891.
Burley Ave., 3224E 8250 to 13600S. August Harris Burley organized the city’s first fire com-pany.
He secured funds from the county for recruiting purposes at the opening of the Civil War.
He was a member of the Board of Public Works and was city comptroller. Russell Ave., St.,
Superior Ave., Beekman Ave.
Burling St., 735W 1200 to 2934N. Named after Edward Burling, Cook County Board member. He
was a subdivider and the street ran through his property named by H. Best. Barney, Grace
St., Hale St., Hall St., Munich, Towns Ct., Crosby St.
-Burlington Ave., 4050S 900 to 1200W in Stock Yards.
-Burlington St., 1600 to 1800S Clinton St.
-Burnett St., 2000 to 2200W Cortez St.
Burnham Ave., 2800E 7640 to 8700S. Named after Daniel Burnham. Duncan Ave., Sherman Ave.
Burnside Ave. 200E 9100 to 9500SE. Named after General Ambrose Burnside in Civil War and a
treasurer of the I.C.R.R.
-Burnside St., 1400 to 5500S Dearborn St.
-Burnside St., 7500 to 7900S LaFayette Ave.
-Burroughs St., 4700 to 5300S Marshfield Ave.
-Burtis St., 4700 to 5100S and 7500 to 7900S Seeley Ave.
Burton Pl., 1500N 2 to 62E, 2 to 200W. Named after John Burton landowner. In 1840 he bought
some land for $50 per acre and in 1857 he sold the land for $50,000 per acre. Carl St.,
High St.
-Bush Ave., 13400 to 13800S Jeffery Ave.
-Bushnell St., 500 to 550WW 23rd Pl.
-Bushnell St., 200 to 500W 23rd St.
Busse Ave., 6750W 5000 to 5050N. Named after Mayor Fred Busse.
-Butchell Ave., 3300 to 3700W Shakespeare Ave.
Butler Dr., 1250E 12800 to 12858S. Named after Lorin G. Butler.
-Butler St., 2200 to 3100S Keeler Ave.
-Butler St., 2350 to 12500S Normal Ave.
-Butler St., 4300 to 4400S and 8400 to 8700S Parnell Ave.
-Butterfield St., 1600 to 5500S Federal St., Armour
-Butterfield Alley, 700 to 800W Schiller St.
-Butterfield St., 5500 to 7900S 11100 to 11500S Perry Ave. Named after Justin Butterfield.
-Byer Ave., 8700 to 9400S Aberdeen St.
-Byer St., 8700 to 9400S Aberdeen St.
-Byford Ave., 1400 to 1600S Drake Ave.
-Byrne Ave., 2800 to 3200N Spaulding Ave.
-Byron Ave., 2800 to 3000N McLean Ave.
-Byron St., 800 to 1000W Sheridan Rd.
Buffalo Byron
-Byron St., 200 to 400W 45th St.
Byron St., 3900N 1000 to 8400W. Named after Gordon Byron English poet. Douglas St., Pine St.
“C” Avenue 11400 to 11900S Avenue C
“C” Street 1400 to 1425W McLean Ave.
“C” Street 800 to 1000W 37th St
-Cable St. 415W 400 to 599S was Charles St.
Cable Pl.and Ct. 5622S 1500W prv. Named in honor of Ramson R. Cable, President of the Rock
Island R.R. in 1857.
Cabrini St., 828S 500 to 1400W. Named after Mother Francis Cabrini founder of the Missionary
Sisters of the Sacred Heart in 1880 and also founder of the hospital. Ewing St., Gilpin Pl.,
Good St.
-Cahokia Ave. 6700 to 13800S Clyde Ave.
-Cairo St. 400 to 800E, 150 to 300W, 600 to 800W 62nd St.
Caldwell Ave., 4500W 7200N. Named after Billy Caldwell. His Indian name meant Straight Tree.
Caldwell Road, Miami Ave.
Calhoun Ave., 2526E 9500 to 13700S. Allen Ave., Elizabeth Ave., Elleanor Ave., Essex Ave.
Calhoun Pl., 20N 1 to 400W. Named after John C. Calhoun editor of the Chicago Democrat the
city’s first paper. He died in Chicago on 20 Feb 1859 at the age of 51 years old. Nick
names but nothing official: Whitechapel, Gamblers, and Newsboy’s Alley.
California Ave. 2800W 2 to 7600N 1 to 11500S. Named after the State. Blvd., Chippewa Ave.,
Cook St., Heyclon St., Dodge Ave., Kinkade St., Ogden Ave., Park Ave., Gennesee Ave.
-California Ave., 7200 to 7400W Thorndale Ave.
-California Blvd., 1200 to 1800S California Ave.
California Blvd., 2800W 2400 to 3100S Douglas Pk or Blvd, Marshall Blvd.
California Terr.,3100N 714 to 758W. Named after the State. Woolacott Pl., Fletcher St.
-Calland Ct., 1600 to 1720N Kenton Ave.
-Calumet Ave., 11600 to 11800S Bensley Ave.
-Calumet Ave., 13400 to 13500S Forest Ave.
-Calumet Ave., Lake Park Ave. 4300 to 4700S.
-Calumet Ave., Oliphant Ave 7800W 6425 to 6763NE.
Calumet Ave., 327E 1800 to 13600S. Means Pipe of Peace. The pipe used by the Indians to seal
peace treaties. Norman-French form of the literary French “chalumet” meaning a shepard’s
pipe. Valliquette St.
-Cambridge Ave. 83rd Pl., 3800 to 4000W.
Cambridge Ave. 506W 800 to 3200N. Named after the education center. Belden Ct., Belden Pl.,
Diana Terr., Frank St., Gault Ct., Pl., Linden Ct., Wesson St., West Ct., Hawk St.,
Fullerton Ct.
-Camp St., Campbell St. vacated 1700 at 3100S.
-Campbell Ave., 5500 to 5600S Artesian Ave.
Campbell Ave., 2500W 1 to 7500N 2 to 11900S. Named after John Campbell alderman of the old
12th Ward in 1869. He was active in real estate and the building business and erected
more than 1000 buildings. Ashland Ave., Bailey St., Clifton Ave., Hart Ave., N. Forest Ave.,
Byron Campbell
St., Oak St., Powell Ave., Railroad St., Saunton St., Seymour Ave., Staunton St.
Campbell Park, Named for John Campbell. 708S 2200 to 2300W. Evergreen Pl., Woodbine Pl.
-Campbell St. vacate was Camp St., 1700W at 3100S.
-Campbell St. Hoyne Ave. 1200 to 2199S 2100W.
-Canal Pl 1500 to 1575W McLean Ave.
-Canal St. Eggleston Ave. 8700 to 10299S 431W
-Canal St. vacated was Richard St.
-Canal St. Normal Ave. 11500 to 11899S.
-Canal St. Wallace St.
Canal St., 500W 2 to 372N 2 to 4400S. Named after the Illinois and Michigan Canal. Crawford St.,
Green St., Hanover St., Richard St.,
Canalport Ave., 500W 1748 to 2200S. Named after the community of Canalport, as known in 1860
meaning the port on the Canal.
-Candis Ave., Lacey Ave. 4700W 5700 to 5900NW.
-Cane St. Grant Pl. 400 to 599 W 2250N.
Canfield Ave., 7900W 5200 to 7500N. Named after Bernard Canfield a subdivider who built 300
homes in the area. He was an active member of the firm of Gilben and Canfield. Rd.,
Ridgelawn Ave.
-Canfield Rd., Canfield Ave. 7900W 5200 to 7500N.
Cannon Drive in Lincoln Park. Named after John C. Cannon superintendent and secretary of the
Lincoln Park District from 1917 to 1920.
-Canton St., Medill Ave. 2343N 2100 to 2799W.
Canton, 1636N 2100 to 2200W.
-Carl St. 1500N Burton Pl. 144 to 200W 1500N.
-Carlin Ave., Marquette Ave. 7600 to 7899W.
-Carlisle Pl., 1550S 3100 to 3199W, 15th Pl.
-Carl Martin, Concord Pl. 3700 to 3800W.
-Carlson St., 1 to 150E, 122nd Pl.
Carmen Ave., 5100N 838 to 7000W. Named after the heroine in Bizet’s Opera. Center St., Centre
St., Elderkin St., Glengyle Pl., Glenwood Ave., Hansen Ave., San Jose Ave.
-Carolina St., Dickens Ave. 2000 to 2399W 2048N.
-Caroline Ave., Bishop St. 8700 to 9500S.
-Caroline St., Bishop St. 8700 to 9500S.
Carondolet Ave., 3000E 1 to 922N 12200 to 13500S. Named after Baron Carondolet governor and
commander in charge of Spanish forces in Lousiana in 1791. Barclay St., Houston Ave.
-Carpenter Ct. Lovejoy Ave. 5434W 5104 to 5468NW.
-Carpenter Rd., Central Ave. 5814 to 6699N & NE.
Carpenter St., 1032W 1 to 922N 400 to 12300S. Named after Philo Carpenter the first druggist in
Chicago. Carpenters St., Egerton Ave., Fisk St., Glenwood St., Julius St., Lauretta Ct.,
Sholto St., The Bowery, William St.
-Carpenters St., Carpenter St. 600 to 1100S
Carroll Ave., 334N 1 to 4800W. Named after Charles Carroll signer of the Declaration of Indepen-
dence. He was the last survivor and died on 14 Nov 1832 at the age of 95. Philadelphia Pl.
-Carroll St., George St., Washington Ave., 3600 to 4000W
-Carse Ave., Paxton Ave., 8700 to 9099S.
-Carter Pl., Thorndale Ave. 5840N 7250 to 7300W.
-Carter St., Holbrook St. 6100N 6200 to 6360W.
Campbell Carter
-Carver St., McLean Ave. 2020N 2000 to 2399W.
Carver Drive 1200E 13000 to 13200S, Named after George Washington Carver.
Carver Plaza pvt. 3700S.
-Cary Ave., 7500S 1100E
-Cass St. Arch St., 2935S 1350W.
-Cass St., Wabash Ave. 400 to 908N at 30E.
-Castello Ave., Shakespeare Ave. 2138N 3400 to 4900W.
Castleisland Ave., 4540N 8422 to 8532W. Named for the town in Ireland.
Castlewood Terr., 4900N 800 to 957W. Named after Charles W. Castle a north side developer and
subdivider. He laid out Castle subdivision in 1875. Woods were on the north side of the
subdivision and he called the street Castlewood.
CatalpaAve. 5500N1000 to 7900W. Named after a town in Penn by Cochran and McClure. It is
also a type of tree. Claremont Ave., St., Depot St., Gordon St., Williams St.
-Catalpa Ct., Albany Ave. 2300N 3100W to 2500N and 3200W.
-Catalpa St., Warner Ave. 1400 to 1500W
-Catharine St., Iowa St. 3350 to 3400W
-Catherine St., 15th St., 400 to 3599W
-Catherine St., 34th St.
Catherine St., 5358N 8100 to 8400W. Named for Catherine Schorsch the wife of Albert Schorsch
a real estate developer.
-Cathedral Square, 20E 800 to 999N.
-Catherwood Ave. 79th Pl 3600 to 3800W.
Caton St., 1653N 2100 to 2162W. Named after John Caton who saw last war dance of the
Potawatomis. He was a lawyer and Chicagoan historian. He was also Ill. Supreme Court
Justice. Born 18 March 1812 and died in Illinois in 1895. Columbia St.
-Cayuga St., 34th Pl.
-Cedar St., Ellis Ave.
-Cedar St., Hill St. 175 to 399W.
-Cedar St., 2000 to 2075W Arthington St.
-Cedar St., Maple St. 1 to 175W.
-Cedar St., 5510 to 5800N Newcastle Ave.
-Cedar St., Superior St. 5700 to 5999W.
-Cedar St., 76th St. 3600 to 3999W.
-Cedar St., 58th St.
-Cedar St., 59the Pl., 200 to 399W.
-Cedar St., 109th Pl. 3000 to 3050E.
-Cedar St., 117th St. 3450 to 4100E.
-Cedar St., Houston Ave., 11100 to 11299S.
Cedar St., 1121N 2 to 94E. Named after the red bark tree that Indians used for canoes.
-Cemetery Drive Rosehill Dr. (priv) 5741N 1600 to 1799W.
-Centennial Pl., Ontario St. 612N 1600 to 1699W.
-Center Ave., Armitage Ave. 2000N 225 to 1475W.
-Center St., 2000N Armitage Ave. 2000N 225 to 1475W.
-Center St., Carmen Ave. 850 to 1799W.
-Central Ave., Exchange Ave., Stockyards.
-Central Ave., Bensley Ave. 12300 to 12600S.
-Central Ave., Kedvale Ave., 2000 to 2400N.
Carver Central
-Central Ave., Chappel Ave. 6700 to 13800S.
-Central Ave., Luella Ave. 12200 to 12600S.
-Central Ave., Narragansett Ave. 1600 to 4000N.
-Central Ave., Nashotah Ave. 6535W 5850 to 6034NE.
-Central Ave., Nina Ave. 7200W 5747 to 6027NW.
-Central Ave., Racine Ave., 1200W 10700 to 11500S.
Central Ave., 5600W 2 to 6700N 2 to 6500S. Named by Henry Austin the founder of Austin Village.
The street ran through the middle of his village. Road, Austin Road, Carpenter Rd., 56th
Ave., St., Lillard Ave., West St., Austin Ave.
-Central and Humboldt Parks Blvd., Franklin Blvd. 3000 to 3600W.
-Central Blvd., Central Park Blvd., 400 to 500N.
-Central Blvd., Sacramento Blvd., 500 to 999N.
Central Park Ave., 3600W 1 to 11700S 100 to 6400N. The street was midway between the Loop
and the city limits. It ran to Garfield Park. Half way to the city limits of 7200W. Charles
Street, Davis Ave., Euclid Ave., Mamie St., Meeker St., Morton Ave., Park Ave., Walker
Pl., Central Blvd.
Central Park Blvd., 3600W 449N to 400S, Franklin Blvd.
-Centralia St., Francis Pl., 2050N and 2725W to 2150N and 2600W.
-Central Rd., Central Ave.
-Central St., Beaubien Ct. 117E 150 to 300N.
-Central St., Wolcott Ave. 6735 to 7350N.
-Centre Ave., Barry Ave. 2950 to 3599W and 4200 to 4400W.
-Centre Ave., Berteau Ave. 3200 to 3399W 4000 to 4400W.
-Centre Ave., Everell Ave. 6127N 7200 to 7561W.
-Centre Ave., Kenton Ave. 4400 to 4799N.
-Centre Ave., Racine Ave. 400 to 1000N 1 to 12300S.
-Centre Ave. & St., Wood St. 10700 to 10999S.
-Centre Pl., Court Pl. 650 to 800W.
-Centre St., Brandon Ave. 10800 to 11999S.
-Centre St., Carmen Ave. 850 to 1999W.
-Centre St., Chelsea Pl. 11040S 1600 to 1800NW.
-Centre St., Court Pl. 600 to 799W.
-Centre St., Loomis St. Blvd. 8300 to 8500S.
-Centre St., North Shore Ave. 2400 to 2600W.
-Centre St., Racine Ave. 8300 to 8500S.
-Centre St., Touhy Ave. 7200 to 7250W.
-Centre St., Waterloo Ct. 646W 3000 to 3035N.
-Centre St., Wayne Ave. 3950 to 3999N.
-Centre St., 109th St., 1000 to 1200W.
-Centre St., Long Ave., 4700 to 4799N.
-Centre St., 136th Pl., 200 to 400E.
-Centre St., 112th St.
Cermak Rd., 2200S 1 to 400E 1 to 4600W. Named after Mayor Anton Cermak who died in Florida
in 1933. He was born in Bohemia on 8 May 1873. Ringold Pl., Riverside Blvd., Riverside
Pwky., Smith ?., South St., 22nd St.
-Ceylon Ave., Nina Ave. 7200W 5747 to 6027NW.
Chalmers Pl.,900W 2300 to 2400N. Named after George Chalmers of the firm of Chalmers and
Central Chalmers
McBean. The firm was responsible for many of the Loop buildings after the fire.
-Chamberlin St., Kenosha Ave., 2900 to 3199N.
-Chambers Ave., Baltimore Ave. 10800 to 11999S.
Champlain Ave., 625E 4200 to 11950S. Named after Samuel de Champlain (1567-1635) the French
navigator who founded Quebec and Lake Champlain. Bellevue Ave., Farwell Ave., Lan-
gley Ave., McChesney Ave., Stephenson Ave., Summit St.
-Champlain St., Hamilton Ave. 3200 to 3699S.
-Champlaine Ave., Langley Ave.
Chanay St., 2100N 1733 to 2800SW. Named after a town in Maryland.
-Chapel St., Midway Park, 5700 to 6000W.
-Chapin St., St. Louis Ave., 3350 to 3425N.
-Chapin St., Haddon Ave. 1124N 1300 to 1399W.
Chappel Ave., 2026E 6700 to 13800S. Named after Eliza Chappel teacher who opened a school in
1833. She was the wife of Rev. Jeremiah Porter and early preacher in the city. The
school was partially financed by revenue from the sale of canal land. Birch Ave., Central
Ave., Rupp Ave., Seymour Ave.
-Chappel Pl., Berkeley Ave. 4300 to 4400S.
-Chappin St., Haddon Ave. 1124N 1300 to 1399W.
-Charles Ave., Karlov Ave.
-Charles Ave., St. Lawrence Ave.
-Charles Ct., Booth Ave. vacated 11050 to 11299S 2865E.
-Charles Ct., Gunnison St., 5800 to 5900W.
-Charles Ct., Loomis St., 10300 to 10399S.
-Charles Pl., Lomax Place, 528S 200 to 300W.
-Charles St., vacated was Cable St.
-Charles St., Central Park Ave., 2200 to 2600S.
-Charles St., Lowe Ave., 6900 to 7100S.
-Charles St., vacated 400 to 599S 415W.
-Charles St., St. Lawrence Ave. 6000 to 6900S.
Charles St., 1700W 9400 to 10550SE. Named after Oscar Charles subdivider of the Oscar Charles
subdivision in 1895. Evergreen Place.
Charleston St., 2120N 2000 to 2540W. Named after the capital of West Virginia. Named after
Charles Clendman father of George Clendman, the founder of West Virginia. Frankfort
St., Jefferson Ct.
-Charlott St., Grenshaw St. 3600 to 4550W.
-Charlotte Ave., Medill Ave. 4800 to 5200W.
-Charlotte St., 94th St.
-Charlton St., Justine St. 1535W 3300 to 3499S.
-Charlton St., Magnolia Ave. 5650 to 5999N.
Chase Ave., 7300N 1300 to 7700W. Named after Samuel B. Chase Sec. of Treasury under Lincoln.
May St., Morris St., Phillip Ave., State St.
-Chase Ct., Claremont Ave. 2500 to 2550S.
-Chase St., Elizabeth St. 800 to 899N.
-Chase St., Harding Ave. 1600 to 1799N.
-Chatham Ct., Howe St. 620W 1075 to 1199N.
-Chauncey Ave., Avalon Ave. 1244E 9100 to 9900S.
-Chauncey Ave., Woodlawn Ave. 1210E 6900 to 7099S.
Chamberlin Chauncey
-Chauncey Ave., Kimbark Ave., 8700 to 8800S.
Chelsea Pl., 11040S 1600 to 1800NW. Named after town in Mass. Which is from a watering place
of Chelsea, England. Centre St., Wood St.
-Cheltenham Ave., Avenue O 8300 to 8400S.
Cheltenham Pl., 7879S 3000 to 3164NE. Named after a community in Philadelphia. Named by
R.W. Bridge subdivider who came from that community. 79th St.
-Cheney Ave., Ludlam Ave. 5471W 5200 to 5464NE.
-Cheney Ave., New Hampshire Ave. 700W 5628 to 5744NE.
-Cheney St., Ludlam Ave. 5471W 5200 to 5464NE.
-Cheney St., Ainslie St., 4300 to 4400W.
-Cherry Ave., Natchez Ave. 3950 to 4000N.
Cherry Ave., 1100W 1100 to 1600NW. Named after the tree.
Cherry St., 1100W 1100 to 1600NW. Named after the tree.
-Cherry Pl., Shakespeare Ave. 2500 to 2550W.
-Cherry St., Birchwood Ave. 7200 to 7799W.
-Cherry St., 118th Pl., 1700 to 1750W.
-Cherry St., 78th Pl. 3600 to 4000W.
-Cherry ?, Ainslie St.
-Chesnam Ave., Justine St., 8700 to 9500S.
-Chester St., Medill Ave. 2346N 1625 to 1799W.
-Chester ?, Normal Ave.
Chester Ave., 8500W 4400 to 5556N.
Chestnut St., 860N 2 to 400E 2 to 1600W. Named after the tree and a throughfare in Phil. Cornell
St., George St., Hinsdale ?
-Chestnut Pl., Ernst Ct. 64E 848 to 922N.
-Chestnut Pl., Chestnut St., 1 to 150W.
-Chestnut St., Neva Ave., 2200 to 2800N.
-Chestnut St., 53rd St., 800 to 900E.
-Chestnut St., Concord Pl. 4800 to 5150W.
-Chestnut St., New Hampshire Ave., 700W 5628 to 5744NE.
-Chestnut St., Olcott Ave., 6800 to 7199N.
-Chestnut St., Race Ave., 5200 to 5699W.
-Chestnut St., 53rd Pl., 3000 to 3050W.
-Chestnut St., 53rd St.
-Chestnut St., 54th St., 900 to 1750E.
-Chestnut St., Ferdinand St., 5000 to 5200W.
-Chestnut St., 61st Pl., 200 to 399W.
-Chestnut St., 110th St., 3200 to 3800W.
-Chestnut St., Seeley Ave. 900 to 1100S.
Chicago Ave., 800N 2 to 410E 2 to 5968W. Named after the city.
-Chicago Ave., Baltimore Ave., 13000 to 13510S.
-Chicago Ave., Avondale Ave. 5700N and 6400W to 6800N and 7800W.
-Chicago Ave., Clark St., 6400 to 7600N.
-Chicago Ave., Milwaukee Ave., 5150N and 5500W to 5800N and 6000W.
Chicago Beach Dr., 1730E 4900 to 5100S. Street ran along the old Chicago Beach Hotel.
-Chicago Rd., Michigan Ave.
-Chicago & Michigan City Rd., Leyden Ave., 200E 13700 to 13798SE.
Chauncey Chicago
-Chicago & Michigan City Rd., Michigan Ave.
-Chicago & Michigan Rd., Michigan Ave.
-Chicago & Thornton Rd., Michigan Ave.
-Chicago Terr., Erie St. 3935 to 3999W.
-Chicago & Vincennes Rd., Vincennes Ave. 3500 to 3900S and SW.
Chicora Ave., 5700W 6500 to 6758NE. Named taken from the Indians meaning “over there” from
a Mississippi tribe. Boat owned by Graham Morton SS Lines named the Chicora sank in
Lake Michigan in 1895.
Children’s Plaza pvt. 2320N 719W. Named after the hospital.
-Chippewa Ave., California Ave. 8100 to 8300S.
Chippewa Ave., 2000E. 11600 to 12200SE. Named from the Indians meaning “puckered up from
roasting” referred to their moccasins. Most powerful of the Indian Nations in the Great
Lake regions. Lakeside Ave.
-Chittenden St., vacated 2834E 12000 to 12999S.
-Choctaw Ave., Francisco Ave. 8100 to 8299S.
-Choctaw Ave., Kasson Ave. 4030W 4432 to 4800NW.
-Chopin Pl., West 22nd Pl. 450 to 499W.
Christiana Ave., 3334W 600 to 6200N 300 to 11200S. Named after the capital city in Norway now
Oslo. The street ran through a Norweigan District. Maple Ave., Ontario St., Park Ave.,
Phinney Ave., Stewart Ave., Turner Ave.
-Christopher St., 43rd Pl., 3600 to 3700W.
-Church Ct., Grady Ct. 1400W 2800 to 2860SE.
-Church Ct., now an alley 550N 5600 to 5650W.
-Church Pl., Arcade Pl. 1000 to 1199W
-Church Pl., Grady Ct. 1400W 2800 to 2860SE.
-Church Rd., Devon Ave. 950 to 2399W.
-Church St., Churchill St. 1823S 2000 to 2100W.
-Church St., Devon Ave. 950 to 6399W.
-Church St., Homer St. 2400 to 2500W.
-Church St., Hudson Ave. 1350 to 2000N.
-Church St., Giddings St., 5300 to 5400W.
-Church St., Schiller St. 400W to 100E.
ChurchSt., 1500W10200to 11900SW. Named afterThomasChurcha subdivider who was born in
New York on 8 Nov 1801 and he was a member of the U.S. land offices on Lake Street. He
was the owner of the first brick building in Chicago. Linden Pl., Oak St.
-Churchill Ave., 116th Pl., 1600 to 1800W.
Churchill St., 1823S 2000 to 2100W. Named after M. E. Churchill subdivider who laid out a large
amount of city property in the 1890s. Church St.
-Cicero Ave., McVicker Ave. 5525 to 5600N.
Cicero Ave., 4800W 2 to 6400N 2 to 8700S. Named after Roman orator, Marcus Cicero. 48th
Ave., St., Hyman Ave., Jefferson Ave., Blvd.
-Cicero Ct., Maplewood Ave. 300 to 599S.
-Cicero St., vacated 24th Pl at 1600 to 2199W.
-Circle Ave. E
-Circle Ave. W
City Front Plaza Drive, 164E 400 to 500N. A new street following the construction of the NBC
Tower. Would have been an extension of St Clair St.
Chicago City
-City Rd., Michigan Ave.
-Clara Pl., Medill Ave. 2400 to 2550W.
-Clare Ave., Markham Ave. 5900 to 5999NE.
-Claremont Ave., Catalpa Ave. 5800 to 5950W.
-Claremont Ave., Palatine Ave. 7200 to 7599W.
ClaremontAve., 2322W300 to 7600N 400 to 10700S. Named after the first steamboat of Robert
Fulton. Anna Ave., Barton Ave., Breslav St., Chase Ct., Davis St., Diller St., Gage Pk Ave.,
Idaho St., Irving Ave., Lockport St., McAlpine St., Oak Ave., Raleigh Ct., Summit Ave.
-Claremont Blvd., Palatine Ave. 7200 to 7599W.
-Claremont St., Catalpa Ave. 1000 to 1750W.
-Clarence Ave., Kenmore Ave. 3700 to 3900N.
-Clarence Ave., Natoma Ave. 5100 to 5900S.
-Clarence St., Fillmore St., 4300 to 4400W.
Clarence Ave., 6230N 7200 to 7800W. Named after the river Clarence located in Australia.
-Clarendon Ave., Broadway 3800 to 3921N.
Clarendon Ave., 800W 3800 to 4800N. Named after Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon and
English royalist statesman, historian, premier and Lord Chancellor. Halsted St.
-Clarendon St., Newcastle Ave. 5510 to 5799N.
-Clarinda St., Pearson St. 844N 1500 to 1799W.
-Clark Ave., Crandon Ave.
-Clark Ave., Latrobe Ave. 1 to 350N.
-Clark Ave., 80th Pl.
-Clarke Ct., Devon Ave. 7000 to 7199W.
-Clarke Pl., Devon Ave. 7000 to 7199W.
-Clark Pl., 97th Pl.
-Clark St., 2200 to 3900S vacated
-Clark St., 6400 to 12000S Perry Ave.
Clark St., 100W 1 to 7600NW 1 to 2200S. Named after George Rogers Clark born in 1752. He
captured Ft. Sackville at Vincennes and Kaskaskia during the Revolutionary War. The
street was once called Green Bay Road since it connected Ft. Dearborn to Ft. Howard in
Green Bay, Wisconsin. Chicago Ave., Green Bay Ave., Green Bay Rd.
-Clarke St., Foster Ave. 4800 to 5550W.
-Clarkson Ave., Albany Ave. 1800 to 2200N.
-Clarkson Ct., Mozart St. 2832W 100 to 250N.
-Clarkson St., 122nd Pl.
-Clay Ave., Argyle St. 1800 to 2400W.
-Clay St., Ainslie St. 2400 to 2900W.
-Clay St., Wisconsin St. 1900N 800 to 1000W. 1100 to 1150W SW.
-Clayton Ct., Honore St. 1810W 6700 to 7360 N.
-Clayton St., 21st St. 1150W to 2400W.
-Clayton St., 20th Pl. 900 to 950W & 1000 to 1100W.
-Clayton St., 52nd St. 2000 to 2400W.
Cleaver St., 1425W 1100 to 1500N. Named after Charles Cleaver the first soap manufacturer in
Chicago & real estate promoter.
-Cleavland St., 60th St., 200 to 700W
-Clement Ave., Anthony Ave. 400E at 6825S SE to 585E & 7000S.
-Clement Ave., Fairfied Ave. 4200 to 4500S.
City Clement
-Cleveland Ave., Lawndale Ave.
-Cleveland Ave., Newport Ave. 1000 to 1200W.
-Cleveland Ave., 56th St. 4600 to 4700W.
Cleveland Ave., 500W 800 to 2400N. Named after Franklin A. Cleveland subdivider and land-
scape architect of South Chicago and Hyde Park. Bremer St., Hurlbut St., Milton Ave.
-Cleveland Ave., Kolin Ave. 800 to 900N and 1400 to 1600N.
-Clifford Ave., Peoria St.
Clifford Ave., 5100W 5700 to 6000 N.E. Named after William J. Clifford subdivider in 1872. He
was a member of the firm of Clifford and Wadbrigh. Jay St., Olga St., Snyder St., Wabansia
Ave., Waveland Ct.
-Clifton St., 24th Pl. 4000 to 4400W.
Clifton Ave., 1136W 1800 to 4800N. Named after the city in New Hampshire which was the home
town of the subdivider.
-Clifton Ave., Campbell Ave., 10300 to 11500S.
-Clifton Ave., Mozart St., 2400 to 2800N.
-Clifton Park Ave., Drake Ave. 1400 to 11250S.
-Clinton Ave., Naper Ave. 6600W 5900 to 6234N.
-Clinton Ave., Newland Ave. 5100 to 5899S.
-Clinton Ave., Richmond St. 5100 to 5900S & 6300 to 6700S.
-Clinton Ave., 42nd Pl. 800 to 1200E.
-Clinton St., Normal Ave., 8700 to 10400S.
-Clinton St., Parnell Ave. 11500 to 12300S.
Clinton St., 530W 1 to 2000S 1 to 400N. Named after DeWitt Clinton. He was born in New York
and later was the state governor. He worked to approve the building of the Erie Canal.
Blair St., Burlington St.
-Clinton St., Vacated (Bridgeport)
-Cloud Ave., Merrill Ave. 8800 to 9400S.
-Cloud Ct., 57th Pl. 1 to 200W.
-Cough St., 61st St. 400 to 599W.
Clover St., 4630W 4000 to 4100NW. Named after the flower.
-Clybourn St., Vacated (Bridgeport)
-Clybourn Ave., Cortland St. 1200 to 1999W.
-Clybourn Ave., Pulaski Rd. 5200 to 6399N
Clybourn Ave., 430W 1200 to 3200NW. Named after Archibald Clybourn a butcher at Ft. Dearborn
and in 1835 became the first police constable in Chicago.
-Clybourn Pl., Cortland St. 3750 to 4000W.
-Clyde Ave., 107th Pl. 1800 to 1875W.
Clyde Ave., 2100E 6700 to 13800S. Named after John W. Clyde a real estate promoter, investor,
and subdivider. Alice Ave., Cahokia Ave., Colfax Ave., Elizabeth Ave., Garvin Ave., Carolin
-Clyde St., Kenmore Ave. 1900 to 2000NE.
Coast Guard Drive 2030E in Jackson Park.
-Coblentz St., McLean Ave. 2000 to 2399W.
-Coburn St., 62nd St., 6400 to 6700W.
-Cochran St., Damen Ave. 1200 to 2199S.
-Cohen St., Vacated (Bridgeport)
Coles Ave., 2443E 7100 to 8300 S.E. Named after Edward Coles the second governor of Illinois.
Cleveland Coles
He kept the State free from slavery. Arthur Ave.
-Coles Ave., Now South Shore Country Club 7000 to 7100S 2475E.
-Coleton Ave., 80th Pl. 2200 to 2399W.
-Colfax Ave., Clyde Ave. 11400 to 11999S.
-Colfax Ave., Hoxie Ave. 11400 to 12000S.
Colfax Ave., 2600E 7400 to 9500S. Named after Schuyler Colfax president of the I.C.R.R. in 1858
and Vice-President under Grant. Ashkum Ave., Colfax Ave., French St.
-Colfax Ct., Manistee Ave. 11800 to 12800S.
-Colfax Pl., Peterson Ave. 7050 to 7250W.
-Colfax St., Manistee Ave. 11800 to 12800S.
-Colfax St., Vernon Ave. 6300 to 6700S.
-College Ave., Naper Ave. 6200N to 6400N at 6450W.
-College Pl., 33rd Pl. 500 to 600E.
-College St., Hamilton Ave. 8800 to 9500S and 10500 to 10700S.
-College St., 62nd St. 400 to 1000W.
-Collins St., Bell Ave. 2400 to 2450S.
-Collins St., 15th St. 3100 to 3200W.
-Cologne St., Eleanor St. 1200W 2500 to 2870SW.
-Cologne St., 25th St. 1000 to 1200W.
-Colon St., Giddings St. 5050 to 5100W and 5300 to 5400W
-Colorado Ave., Fifth Ave. 2800W to 5600W.
-Columbia Ave., Kostner Ave. 1600 to 3200N.
-Columbia Ave., 105th St., 3600 to 3800W.
Columbia Ave., 6726N 1040 to 7800W. Named by A.W. Waller for the university he attended in
New York. Ellis Ave., Iroquois Ave., Iroquois Ct.
-Columbia Ct., Columbia Ave. 2000 to 2050W.
Columbia Drive 1782E and 5858S in Jackson Park. Named for the Fair held in the Park in 1893.
Columbia Malt Drive, 3960E 10456 to 10548S Street facing the Columbia Malting Company the
closed in 1964.
-Columbia Pl., Avers Ave., 200 to 400N.
-Columbia St., Caton St. 1653N.
-Columbia St., Concord Pl. 3700 to 5199W.
-Columbia St., 33rd St. 1600 to 2300W.
-Columbia Terr., 48th Pl. 2200 to 2300W.
-Columbus Ave., Kasson Ave. 4030W 4432 to 4800NW.
Columbus Ave., 7400S 2400 to 4000SW. Named after Christopher Columbus.
Columbus Dr. 254E 530N to 1200S. Named after Christopher Columbus. West Drive.
-Colvin St., Palmer St. 2200N 2200 to 2550W.
-Commerce Ct., Washington Arcade, 50 to 100N.
-Commerce St., 21st St. 368E to 368W.
-Commercial Ave., Exchange Ave. 7900 to 8300S.
-Commercial Ave., Hale Ave. 11000 to 11100S.
Commercial Ave., 3000E 7900 to 13350S. Named because of the principal business throughfare of
South Chicago. Notre Dame Ave., Railroad Ave.
Commercial Ct. 2948E.
-Commercial St., Altgeld St. 1600 to 1775W.
-Commercial St., Paulina St. 2600 to 3100N.
Coles Commercial
-Commercial St., Hermitage Ave., 1600 to 2050N and 3500 to 5050N and 5800 to 6000N.
Commodore Whalon Drive 2200E in Jackson Park. William Whalen was the yachting editor for
the Chicago American. He played center for the Chicago Cardinals 1924-6.
-Commonwealth Ave., Longwood Dr.
Commonwealth Ave., 330W 2300 to 2936N. Named after Boston street.
Concord Pl.,1700N 300 to 5200W. Named after Revolution War battle. Alice Pl., Carl Martin ?,
Chestnut St., Columbia St., Cox St., Knern ?, Knerr St., Rawson St., Raymond St., Starr
St., Walnut St., Shades Pl.
-Concord St., 49th Pl. 400 to 1000W.
E. Congress Dr., 500S in Grant Park.
-Congress Expressway, Dwight Eisenhower Expressway.
Congress Parkway, 500S 2 to 100E 2 to 5600W. Named after the body of government. The street
name was changed from Tyler to Congress after President Tyler turned against the Whig
Party. Broadway, Charles St., DePuyster St., 1st St., 6th St., Tyler St., Congress St.
-Congress Park, Talman Ave. 400 to 600S.
-Conneaut Ave., Schubert Ave. 2400 to 4000W.
-Connors St., Schiller St. 1340N 400 to 499W.
-Conrad St., 19th Pl. 675 to 699W.
Conservatory Drive 3600W in Garfield Park. The street runs along the park conservatory.
Constance Ave., 1835E 6700 to 9600S. Named after one of the oldest towns in Germany. Foster
-Cook Pl., 33rd St.
-Cook St., vacated (Bridgeport)
-Cook St., Hollywood Ave., 1600 to 1750W
-Cook St., Waveland Ave., 2850 to 3000W.
-Cook St., Carpenter St., 5000 to 5100S.
-Cook St., 1300W 4150 to 4600S.
-Cook St., Rock St.,
-Cook St., vacated 440N 450 to 599W.
-Cook St., 440E 4124 to 4299S.
-Cook St., California Ave. 1500 to 1600S.
-Cook St., Elizabeth St. 4700 to 5100S.
-Cook St., Gennesee Ave., Lawndale Ave. 2800 to 2899N.
-Cook St., vacated 440N 450 to 599W
-Cook St., vacated 440E 4124 to 4299S
-Cook St., Wasburne Ave.
-Cooley St., Thorndale Ave., 2000 to 2200W.
-Coolidge Ave., Panama Ave. 8100W 3700 to 3999N.
-Coolidge St., Washburne Ave. 1050 to 2100W.
-Cooper Ave., Hamilton Ave. 5500 to 7900S.
-Cooper St., Bosworth Ave. 2300 to 2400N. and 2600 to 2800N.
-Cooper St., Hamilton Ave. 5500 to 7900S.
Corbett St., 950W 2500 to 2600SE. Named in honor of James Corbett. He was born November
17, 1869, in Chicago and died September 11, 1949. He founded the J.M. Corbett Company
in 1896 and the firm constructed several large sewer projects. Hough Pl. & Ct., Salt St.
Corcoran Pl. 400N 6000W. Source unknown.
-Cork St., Ontario St. 1600 to 1699W.
Commercial Cork
Corliss Ave., 800E 10300 to 13500S. Named after Corliss Engine which was manufactured by the
Pullman Company. Cottage Grove Ave.
Cornelia Ave., 3500N 500 to 8400W. See Walton for name information. St., 42nd St., Kane St.,
Slocum St.
-Cornelia Ct., Francis Pl. 2725W and 2050N to 2600W and 2150N.
-Cornelia St., Cornelia Ave. 500 to 2400W and 3600 to 4000W and 6800 to 7000W.
-Cornelia St., Francis Pl. 2725W and 2050N to 2600W and 2150N.
-Cornelia St., Walton St. 1300 to 1799W.
-Cornelia St., Wolcott Ave. 1200N to 600S.
-Cornelius St., 103rd Pl., 1 to 200W.
CornellAve., 1600E 4900 to 9324S. Named after Paul Cornell who pioneered in land development
in Hyde Park. Avenue A, Buell Ave., Kinney Ave., Nestledown Ave.,
Cornell Dr., 1632 E in Jackson Park.
-Cornell St., Chestnut St. 900N 925 to 1599W.
-Cornell St., Iowa St. 1800 to 2000W.
-Cornise St., Dunning
Cortez Dr., 3200W in Humboldt Park.
Cortez St., 1032N 1200 to 5600W. Named after Hernando Cortez Spanish conqueror of Mexico.
Burnett St., Emily St., Emma St., Gerard St., Humboldt Ave., McCollum St., McIlvoy St.,
Oak St., Ray St., Wade St.
-Cortland Ct., Moffat St. 3100 to 3200W.
-Cortland Ave., Cortland St., 4000 to 6800W.
-Cortland St., May St. 6700 to 7100S.
-Cortland ?., Leavitt St.
Cortland St., 1900N 1200 to 7200W. Named after city of Cortland in Courtland County New York,
the seat of the Normal school. Clybourn Ave., Pl., Rhodes Ave.
-Corvin St., Winchester Ave. 1500 to 1600S.
-Corvin Pl., Winchester Ave., 2300 to 2350S.
-Cosgrove Ave., Cullom Ave. 1425 to 1800W. and 2400 to 2500W and 2800 to 5600W.
-Cosgrove St., Cullom Ave. 1425 to 5600W.
-Cossitt St., Artesian Ave. 200 to 600N.
-Cossitt Ave., Keating Ave. 4500 to 4800N.
-Cottage Pl., Ellis Ave. 2800 to 3300S.
Cottage Pl., 234S 1300 to 1400W. Named because of a small cottage house on a short street. It
was named by the city council.
-Cottage ?. Cottage Grove Ave.
-Cottage Grove Ave., Corliss Ave. 800E 10300 to 10650S.
Cottage Grove Ave., 200E 2200 to 12998SE. Named because of a small cottage home in a pictur-
esque grove. Named by Charles Cleaver, later the cottage became a resort home for
Charles Cleaver. Cottage
-Cottage Grove Rd., vacated in Jackson Park 6200S and 2200E to 6500S to 2300E.
Couch Pl., 166N 2 to 806W. Named after Ira Couch. Eagle St.
Coulter St., 2336S 2000 to 2300SW. Named after Professor James Coulter founder of Coulterville,
Illinois. 25th St.
-Coulter St., 25th St., 2300 to 2800W.
-Coulton Ave., 84th Pl. 3800 to 4000W.
Court of Honor, 14th Blvd.
Corliss Court
Court Pl., 135N 1 to 740W. Named after the old Court House and was an alley running to the
County Building in the Loop. Centre Pl., St., Waldo Pl.
-Court Pl., 70th Pl. 300 to 350W.
-Court ?., Pierce Ave. 4100 to 4150W.
-Court St., 108th Pl., 1600 to 1699W.
-Court St., Now alley East of Halsted from Monroe St. to Arcade Pl.
-Courtis St., 35th St. 2400 to 3000W.
-Coventry St., Besly Court 1400W 1600 to 1900NW.
-Cowpath, West end of Monroe Bld. running 90 feet
-Cox St., Concord Pl. 2000 to 2050 W.
Coyle Ave., 7000N 2400 to 7400W. Named after A.S. Coyle who subdivided the land where the
street first appeared.
-Coyne St., Belden Ave. 2300N 2200 to 2799W.
-Craft St., Dayton St. 3200 to 3299N.
-Craig St., Nashville Ave. 5900 to 6300S.
-Crandall Ave., Avers Ave. 3300 to 3500N.
Crandon Ave., 2300E 6700 to 13800S. Named after Frank Crandon who was a prohibitionist in the
State. Clark Ave., Eleanor Ave., Elizabeth Ave., Farragut Ave., Hews Ave., Palmer Ave.,
Pennsylvania Ave.
-Crane St., Grant Pl., 400 to 600W.
-Crawford Ave., Taylor St., 4000 to 4199W.
-Crawford Ave., Pulaski Rd. 1 to 6400N and 1 to 8700S.
-Crawford Ave., Haussen Ct. 3900W 3000 to 3128NE.
-Crawford Ave., Rhodes Ave., 7700 to 7900S.
-Crawrord Pl & Ct., 22nd Pl. 422 to 499W.
-Crawford St., Canal St. 2210 to 2250S.
Cregier Ave., 1735E 6700 to 9350S. Named after Mayor DeWitt Cregier. Avenue C, Bissell Ave.,
McFarlane Ave., Earl Ave.,
-Crescent Ave., Ardmore Ave. 6600 to 6899W.
-Crescent Ave., Bell Ave. 11050 to 11599S.
-Crescent Ave., Homewood Ave. 10920 to 11050S and SW at 1820W to 1850W.
-Crescent Ave., Nickerson Ave. 5875 to 6199N.
-Crescent Pl., Belle Plaine Ave. 4164N 800 to 999W.
-Crescent Rd., Hennepin St. 6000N 5400 to 5580W.
-Crescent Rd., McClellan Ave. 5600W 6200 to 6398NW.
Crestline St., 8146S 4100 to 4230W. The median line of a head or skull corresponding to the
median tranverse plane of the body. Highland Crestline.
Crilly Ct., 218W 1700 to 1723N. Named after Daniel Crilly builder.
Crilly Dr., 3900 E in Calumet Park.
-Crimea St., Shields Ave. 4300 to 4500S.
-Crippen St., 36th St. 1 to 200E.
-Crittenden Ave., 34th St. 400 to 500E.
-Crittenden St., Thomas St. 1052N 1300 to 1399W.
-Crocker Ave., Sangamon St. 6100 to 6300S.
-Cromwell St., Washtenaw Ave. 2700W 2200 to 2399N.
-Crooked St., 2000N 1300 to 1366W. Takes its name as it is crooked.
Crosby St., 600W 900 to 1200NW. Named after Isaac Crosby subdivider.
Court Crosby
-Crosby St., Burling St., 1200 to 1250N.
-Cross Ave., Paxton Ave.
-Cross Parkway, Haddon Ave. 2000 to 2200W and 2300 to 2800W.
-Cross St., Arch St. 2935S and 1350W
-Cross St., Leavitt St. 1 to 999S.
-Cross St., Cullerton St., vacated 3100 to 3200W.
-Cross St., St. Louis Ave. 350 to 599S.
-Cross St., 19th St. 1 to 350W.
-Crossing St., Homer St. 1930N 1525 to 1699W.
Crowell St., 1300W 2700 to 2800SE. Named after S.B. Crowell an early merchant and landowner
in 1868. Logan St.
-Crowell St., Washtenaw Ave., 2200 to 2399N.
-Crown Pl., Fairfield Ave., 2600 to 2750S.
Crystal St., 1233N 1300 to 5600W. Named after Lake Geneva considered to be the most beautiful
lake in the mid-west. Eberhart Ave., St., Gold St., Jasper St., Lull Pl., Sloan St., Strahorn
St., Wexder St., Sedan St.,
Cullerton St., 2000S 1 to 356E 1 to 4400W. Named after city alderman Edward Cullerton. Bridge
St., 20th St., Walsh St., Welsh St., Dorman St., Cross St.
Cullom Ave., 4300N 700 to 6100W. Named after Shelby M. Cullom governor of Illinois in 1877 to
1883. Boursauld St., Buena Park Terr., Buena Terr., Cosgrave Ave., St., Adams St., 50th
St., Grove Ave., Willis St.
-Culver St., Wellington Ave. 300 to 600W.
Cumberland Ave., Pueblo Ave. 3350 to 4900N.
-Cummings Pk., 719E 5050 to 5099S.
-Curran Pl.,34th Pl., vacated 3700 to 3800W.
-Currier St., Elizabeth St. 1250W 1000 to 1150N.
-Currier St., Throop St. 1300W 1000 to 1150N.
-Curtis Ave., Edbrooke Ave. 10500 to 11450S. and 12000 to 12700S.
-Curtis St., Aberdeen St. 1100W 1 to 775N and 600 to 1100S.
-Curtiss St., 35th St., 2400 to 3000W.
-Cushman Pl., vacated was Custer Ave., 3410N 4600 to 4799W.
-Cushman St., 47th Pl., 400 to 800W.
-Custer Ave., Cushman Pl. 3416N 4650 to 4750W.
-Custer Ave., Richmond St., 8100 to 8300S.
-Custer Ct., Shakespeare Ave.
-Custer St., Shakespeare Ave.
-Custom House Pl. & Ct., Federal St. 300 to 1399S.
-Cutler St., Washtenaw Ave. 200 to 300S.
-Cutler St., 135th Pl.,200 to 350E.
Cuyler Ave., 4035N 800 to 6400W. Named after Edward Cuyler engineer and builder of the rail-
road between Chicago and Janesville, Wis. Edgecomb Pl., Fay St., 47th Pl., Hedges St.,
Sherwood Terr., Mayfair St., Phillips Ave.
-Cynthia Ct., Drake Ave. 1925 to 2200S.
-Cypress St., Hoyne Ave. 2100W 900 to 1199S.
Cyril Ave., 1950E 7125 to 7200S. Named after St. Cyril by the subdivider in this section also
school and church in this district. St. Cyril was the Apostle of the slaves and a native of
Crosby Cyril
-D Avenue, Avenue D11400 to 11900S.
-D Street, 37th Pl. 800 to 999W.
-Daily News Plaza 460W 1 to 50N.
-Daily St., Maplewood Ave. 3500 to 3799S.
-Dakin Ave., Dakin St. 800 to 6800W.
-Dakin Ave., Larchmont Ave. 3931N 1800 to 1944W.
Dakin St., 3920N 800 to 6800W. Named after R.L. Dakin a subdivider and investor in real estate.
He was a member of the Calumet Club and the Real Estate Promoters Association.
Ave., Haynes Ave., Henderson St., Spruce Ave., St.
-Dakota Ave., 67th Pl. 2000 to 22ooW.
-Dakota Ave., Lake Park Avenue.
-Dale Ct., vacated was Grant Ct 1733W 2200S.
-Dale St., Eddy St. 4150 to 4200W.
Damen Ave., 2000W 1 to 7547N 1 to 10057S. Named after Fr. Arnold Damen. In 1857 Fr. Damen
founded Holy Family Parish and it was the fourth largest church in the country when it was
built. He was also the founder of St. Ignatius College which became Loyola Univer-sity.
Cochran St., Fon Du Lac Ave., Grove Ave., Laurel St., Long John ?., Robey St., Whitney
Ave., 1st St., Walnut St.
-Damon St., Arthington St. 900S 1050 to 1150W.
-Danford St., vacated 3006E, 10800 to 10999S.
-Danforth St., Northwestwest Highway, NW from 4850N to 5200W to 5000N and 5400W.
-Dania Ave., Artesian Ave. 1200 to 1800N.
Daniel Pvt. 13000S to 13116S 300E.
-Daniel Pl., Pierce Ave., 4600 to 4700W.
-Daniels St., 44th St., 3550 to 3600W.
Dan Ryan Expressway. Named after the president of the Board of County Commissioners 1954 to
1961. Dan Ryan at 59th is the busiest section of road traffic during rush hour.
Dante Ave., 1432E 6330 to 9200S. Named after Dante Atighiern an Italian Poet 1265 to 1321.
Adams Ave., Ridge Ave., Star Ave.
-Danube Ave., Monitor Ave.
-Darwin Terr., Medill Ave. 2318N 2850 to 3199W.
-Darwin St., Sunnyside Ave.
-Dashiel St., Union Ave. 2600 to 4700S.
-DaTamble St., Altgeld St. 800 to 7200W.
Dauphin Ave., 900E 8700 to 10900SW. Named after French title of government or after Dauphin
County, Pennsylvania.
-Davidson ?., 14th St.
-Davis Ave., vacated Moreland Ave.
-Davis Ave., Central Park Ave.
-Davis St., Belmont Ave. 6800 to 7200W.
-Davis St., Claremont Ave. 1200 to 1699N 4800 to 4950N and 5700 to 5900S and 6300 to 6700S.
-Davis Ave., vacated, Moreland Ave.
D Davis
DavlinCourt, 3934W 3000 to 3175NE. Named after John Davlin subdivider and builder of many
homes in this section.
-Davlin St., Avers Ave. 200 to 399N.
Davol St., 1600W 11200 to 11500SW. Named after J.A. Davol subdivider and member of the Blue
Island land and Building Company. Short St.
-Davol St., vacated 11500 to 11700 S SW.
Dawson Ave. 3435W 2834 to 3000NE. Named after J.B. Dawson a real estate owner in 1865.
-Day Ave., Manistee Ave. 7900 to 8100S.
-Day St., Escanaba Ave. 11300 to 12000S.
-Dayson St., Kennicott Ave., 4500N and 4225W to 4700N and 4100W.
-Dayton St., Reta Ave. 825W 3500 to 3558N.
Dayton St., 830W 1300 to 4400N. Named after W. L. Dayton first vice-president candidate of the
Republican Party. Buena Vista Terr., Craft St., Florence Ave., Sault St., Vista Terr., Wheeler
Dean St., 1700W 1334 to 1380NW. Named after Judge John Dean civic leader in 1830 and con-
tractor and builder or Munson Dean a subdivider.
-Dearborn Ave., Dearborn St.
-Dearborn Ave., Dearborn Pkwy.
-Dearborn Ave., Greenleaf Ave.
-Dearborn Blvd., Dearborn Pkwy.
-Dearborn Ct., an alley now. 25W 1600 to 2199S.
-Dearborn Pkwy., Blvd., St.
Dearborn Parkway, 36W 1500 to 1556N.
-Dearborn St., Dearborn Pkwy.
Dearborn Ave., 50W 1 to 1454N 1 to 5500S. Named after Gen. Henry Dearborn Sec of War in
1813. Ave., Boone St., Burnside St., Morton ?.
-Decatur Ave., St. Louis Ave.
-Deering St., Loomis St., 2430 to 3099S.
-Deerpath Ave., Rockwell St. 400 to 2000N.
-Dekalb St., Boone St., Smith ?. 650S and 2050W to 900S 2199W.
DeKoven St., 1120S 500 to 800W. Named after John DeKoven financier and civic leader between
1833 and 1898. Founder of the Northern Trust Company.
-Dekoven St., Fillmore St., 1300 to 1600W.
-Delaware Ave., Kildare Ave. 2200 to 2599S.
-Delamater Pl., Monticello Ave. 1800 to 2000N.
Delaware Pl., 900N 1 to 350E 1 to 100W. Named given by English to the Lenni Lanape Indians
who lived in the river valley of the same name which was named by Lord Delaware. St.,
Brenan St., Washington Pl., White St.
Delaware Place (pvt) 944N 516 to 532W.
-Delaware St., Delaware Pl. 1 to 50W.
-Delaware St., Walton St. 4300 to 5000W.
-Della St., Polk St. 4600 to 5000W.
-Delman St., Patterson Ave. 4475 to 4700W.
Delphia Ave., 8600W 4500 to 5646N.
-Deming Ct., Deming Pl. 400 to 700W.
Deming Pl. 2551N 400 to 5400W. Named after Frederick Deming a subdivider in 1860. St., Fecker
Pl., Greenwood Ave., Manitou Pl., Montana St., Nevada St., Paulina Pl., Deming Ct.
DavlinCourt Deming
-Deming St., Deming Pl. 400 to 700W.
-Dempster Pl., Barry Ave. 600 to 800W.
-Denver Ave., Menard Ave., 2000 to 2400N.
Denvir Ave., 2530W 500 to 532S. Named after James C. Denvir assistant sheriff of Cook County.
Inanda Ave., Union Ct., Pl.,
-Depot Ave., Kilbourn Ave. 3750 to 4000N.
-Depot Pl., Arbour Pl. 1350 to 1600W.
DePot Pl., 1550S 500 to 800W. Street fronts Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. Depot St.
-Depot St., Catalpa Ave. 5000 to 5220W.
-Depot St., Rockwell St. 1 to 99S.
-Depot St., Depot Pl., 400 to 500W. vacated.
-Depot St., Loomis St. 10300 to 10400S.
-DePuyster St., Congress St. 650 to 799W. and 550 to 600W
-Derby St., Sacramento Blvd.
-Derrick St., 38th Pl.
-DeSaible Ct., Washington Park Ct.
DeSaible St., 3738S 236 to 258W. Named after Jean Baptite du Sable the first black settler in
Chicago. Aldine Sq.,
-DeSaible Sq., Aldine Sq., 3775S 550 to 600E.
-DeSota Ave., Kimbark Ave., 1239E 7400 to 7599S
-DesPlaines St., Wallace St.
-DesPlaines St., Lowe Ave. 4400 to 11900S.
DesPlaines St., 630W 1 to 530N 1 to 2018S. First boundary street of town. Named derived from
the presence of a species of maple called by the French (Plaine). Lowe Ave., String St.
-Detroit Ave., Kildare Ave. 800 to 900N.
-Dever Ave., University Ave., Wellington Ct., & Pl. 1132E 4500S.
-Devon Ave., Highland Ave. 6330N 7134 to 7199W.
-Devon Ave., Sheridan Rd. 1000 to 1200W.
Devon Ave., 6400N 1100 to 7700W. Devonshire, England which was named for a French family by
the name Devonne. Subdivider John Lewis Cochran gave name. Church Rd., St., Clarke
Ct., Pl., Homan Ave., Isham Ave., Nieman Ave., North Ave., 71st St.
-Dewey Ct., Schubert Ave. 2720N 600 to 799W.
-Dewey Pl., Schubert Ave. 2720N 600 to 799W.
-Dewey Pl., 90th Pl. 1700 to 1750W.
-DeWitt Ct., Dewitt Pl. 245E 835 to 913N.
DeWitt Pl., 245E 835 to 913N. John DeWitt subdivided the land.
-Dexter Ave., 46th Pl.
-Dexter Pl., St., Lawrence Ave. 3120 to 3200S.
-Dexter St., vacated (Bridgeport)
-Dexter Park Ave., 815W 4123 to 4300S. S.N. Dexter investor in real estate and member of B.W.
Raymond and Co. When Raymond was elected mayor of the city, Dexter was placed in
charge of the company. Morgan St.
-Diamond Ave., Kostner Ave. 1200 to 1599N.
-Diana Ave., 116th Pl., 600 to 800W.
-Diana Ct., Geneva Terr. 2400 to 2550N.
-Diana Terr., Cambridge Ave. 2800 2899N.
Dickens Ave., 2100N 300 to 7200W. Named after Charles Dickens. B St., Carolina St., Garfield
Deming Dickens
Ave., Ct., Grape St., Harvey St., Hussum St., Luback St., Morgan St., Pleasant Ave.,
Sophia St., Dyer St.
Dickens Drive 2100N in Lincoln Park.
-Dickens Ave., & Blvd. Garfield Ave. Blvd 2100N 225 to 325W.
-Dickey Ave., LeMoyne St. 3200 to 3599W.
-Dickey St., Eggleston Ave. 5900 to 8050S and 8300 to 8700S.
-Dickey St., LeMoyne St. 3200 to 3599W.
-Dickey St., Normal Ave. 6500 to 6700S.
Dickinson Ave., 4930W 4100 to 4200NW. Named after Arthur Dickinson pioneer north side con-
tractor and realty broker. Lamon Ave.
-Dickson St., Bosworth Ave. 1523W 1200 to 1800N.
-Dieden St., vacated 1100N and 1300W to 1150N and 1160W.
-Diller St., Claremont Ave. 300 to 599N.
-Dinet St., 1550N 1300 to 1350W vacated.
District Boulevard (Pvt), 4220S 4000 to 4558W. Street runs through the community of Archer
Heights which was known as Archer Road District before 1900.
-Diversey Ave., Diversey Pkwy.
Diversey Ave., 2800N 2230 to 7200W. Named after Michael Diversey a German Catholic who
donated land and built St. Michael Church. He was a city alderman in 1858. St., 35th St.
-Diversey Blvd., Diversey Pkwy.
-Diversey Ct., Magnolia Ave. 2600 to 2800N.
-Diversey Pkwy., Ave., St.
Diversey Parkway, 2800N 244 to 2228W.
Diversey School Court, 2756N 1100 to 1140W.
-Diversey St., Diversey Ave.,
-Diversey St., Diversey Pkwy.
-Division Ave., 6300W 6200 to 6399N vacated Marietta Ave.
-Division Ave., Kennicott Ave. Dayso Ave. 4235W 4500 to 4730NE.
-Division Ave., Banks St. 1 to 99E.
-Division St., Kennicott Ave. 4235W 4500 to 4730NE.
-Division St., Law Ave. 500 to 800S
Division St., 1200N 1 to 88E 1 to 6000W. Divided Goose Island and marked the northern bound-
ary of the city. Bishop ?.
-Dixon St., Bosworth Ave. 1600 to 1800N.
-Dixon Ave., Livermore Ave. 5535W 6200 to 6359N.
-Dobbins St., Aberdeen St., 9800 to 9900S.
Dobson Ave., 1026E 7100 to 13400S. Named after R.W. Dobson subdivider. Harrison Ave.
-Dobyns St., 13th St. 1050 to 1100W.
-Dock St., Wacker Drive
Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, 400E 2300 to 13450S. Named after the slain civil rights leader.
South Parkway.
-Dodge Ave., California Ave. 5725 to 6400N.
-Dodge St., vacated 300W 1400S
-Dole Ave., Drummond Pl. 2700N 575 to 699W.
-Dole St., vacated Bridgeport. 28th Pl.
-Dolton Ave., Forrestville Ave. 520E 13400 to 13500S.
Dominick St., 1430W 2051 to 2243NW. Named after William F. Dominick a landowner and subdi-
Dickens Dominick
-Donney Ave., Lawndale Ave. 500 to 600S.
Dorchester Ave., 1400E 4731 to 9000S. Named after Earl of Dorchester and Boston battle during
the American Revolution at Dorchester Heights. Madison Ave., Ct., Rossano St., Star Ave.
Dorchester Ave., (Pvt) 1400E 9500 to 9858S.
-Dorman Ct., Cullerton St., 550 to 600W.
-Dorr Pl., Potomac Ave. 3900 to 4000W.
Doty (East) Ave., 1750E 10300 to 13000SW. Named after Duane Doty who came to Chicago from
Detroit in 1875 where he had been superintendent of schools. He became superintendent
of schools in Chicago in 1877 and was the engineer who laid out the Town of Pullman in 1880.
Doty (West) Ave., 1200E 10700 to 13000S.
Douglas Blvd., 1330S 3100 to 3735W. Named after Stephen Douglas. Park ?.
Douglas Drive, 3500S 735 to 751E.
-Douglas Arcade E. private 800 to 899E 3859S.
-Douglas Ave., Mackinaw Ave. 106th to 114th St and 13000 to 13200S.
-Douglas Ave., Sangamon St. 9100 to 9900S.
-Douglas Ave., South Parkway 2200 to 3900S.
-Douglas Ave., 35th Ave. 1 to 800E. 1 to 2400W.
-Douglas Ave., 34th Pl. 500 to 568E.
-Douglas Blvd., Independence Blvd. 3800W 503 to 1400S.
-Douglas Blvd., 31st St. Blvd. 2400 to 2799W.
-Douglas Blvd., Douglas Park Blvd., 1400S 3100 to 3799W.
-Douglas Blvd., California Blvd. 2400 to 3099S.
-Douglas Pl., South Park Way 2200 to 3900S.
-Douglas Pl., 27th St. 200 to 400W.
-Douglas Pl., 35th St. 800E to 2400W.
-Douglas Pl., 34th Pl. 500 to 568E
-Douglas St., Byron St. 2950 to 4600W.
-Douglas St., Grenshaw St.
-Douglas St., Mackinaw Ave.
-Douglas Park Ave., Albany Ave. 1400 to 2200S. and 7500 to 7899S.
-Douglas Park Pl., 14th St. 2750 to 2799W.
-Douglas Park Pl., Washburne Ave., 12th Pl.
-Dover Ave., Kolmar Ave. 4000 to 4200N.
Dover St., 1400W 4400 to 4800N. Named after capital of Delaware.
Dowagiac Ave., 5338W 6700 to 6758NW. Named after town in Michigan by the subdivider. It is a
Potawatomi word for “scoop up” apparently referring to the abundant fish in the river.
-Dowling Pl., Drummond Pl. 3400 to 5599W.
-Downey Ave., Lawndale Ave., 500 to 600S.
-Doyles Ct., 94th Pl. 3000 to 3050E.
-Doyles Pl., E. 94th Pl. 3000 to 3050E.
Drake Ave., 3535W 1400 to 11400S 400 to 6350N. Named after John B. Drake owner of the
Tremont at the time of the ChicagoFire. He became the city fire commissioner in 1873.
Brunswick ?., Buchanan Ave., Byford Ave., Clifton Park Ave., Cynthia Ct., Hancock St.,
Virgil Ave., Oglesby St., Hinkley Ave.
Draper St., 2540N 1200 to 1260W. Named after Lyman Copeland Draper 1815-1891 a Wisconsin
historian and biographer of Daniel Boone. Racine Ct., Wrightwood Pl.
Donney Draper
-Dresden Ave., Bernard St. 3100 to 3200N.
-Dresden St., Wabansia Ave. 1720N 5600 to 5999W.
Drew St., 1700W 10500 to 10838S. Named after Charles W. Drew President of Chicago Fire
Underwriter in 1885. Groveland Ct.
-Drew St., Harvard Ave., 6900 to 7000S.
Drexel Ave., 900E 5100 to 9858S. Bessemer Ave., Faraday Ave., Lake Ave.
-Drexel Ave., Drexel Blvd.
-Drexel Blvd., Olmsted Ave.
Drexel Blvd. 900E 3900 to 5052S. Named after Francis Martin Drexel an American banker and
philanthropist. He was the founder of the Philadelphia Banking House. Ave., Pkwy., Elm
St., Grove Pkwy.
-Drexel Ct., Maryland Ave. 4900 to 4950S.
-Drexel Pkwy., Drexel Blvd.
Drexel Square Drive, 5100S 801 to 857E. Same as above.
-Dreyer St., Marshfield Ave. 4500 to 5500S and 6300 to 7100S.
-Drive St., Pullman Dr. 9500S and 1425E to 10400S and 900E. vacated
Drummond Pl., 2634N 530 to 5600W. Named after Thomas Drummond. He was judge in the U.S.
District Court 1850-1854. Babetta St., Boardman Pl., Dole Ave., Hayes St., Dowling Pl.,
Huck Ct., Pine St., Seminary Pl., Sherman Pl., 33rd Pl.,
-Drummond Ave., Sacramento Ave. 1000 to 1200N.
-Dryburgh St., 45th Pl. 3600 to 3700W.
-Duane St., 116th St. 1600 to 1775W and 2000 to 2199W.
-Dudley Ave., 56th St.
-Dudley St., Winchester Ave. 800 to 1200N and 1600 to 2200N.
-Dudley ?., Honore St.
-Dummy Rd., Broadway
Dunbar Ave., 245E 9200 to 9300S. Named after Paul Lawrence Dunbar a black poet from Dayton
-Duncan Ave., Burnham Ave. 7650 to 8200S.
-Duncan Ave., Princeton Ave.
-Duncan Park, 42nd Pl. 300 to 600W.
-Dundee Rd., Talcott Ave.
-Dunham Ave., Gano Ave., 30th St. 300 to 499E.
-Dunham Ave., Harvard Ave., 11500 to 11899S.
-Dunn St., vacated 600W 400N
-Dunning St., Altgeld St. 800 to 7200W.
-Dupont Slip 2210 to 2399S 1250W.
-Durham Ave., Harvard Ave. 11500 to 11899S. (same as Dunham).
-Durham Ave., Kilpatrick Ave. 1600 to 2400N.
-Dussold St., 12th Pl. 600 to 799W.
-Dutton Ave., Maryland Ave., 7200 to 8700S.
-Dwight St., Ainslie St. 4800 to 5225W.
-Dyer St., Halsted St. 2200 to 3900S.
-Dyer St., Lovejoy Ave. 5100N and 5450W to 5225N and 5550W.
-Dyer St., Aberdeen St., 8700 to 9400S.
-Dyer St., Dickens Ave., 300 to 800W.
-Dymond Pl., Gettysburg St., 5334 to 5400W vacated.
Dresden Dymond
-E Avenue, Avenue E., 11400 to 12000S.
-E St., 38th St. 800 to 999W.
-Eagan Ave., Pershing Rd. Same as Egan 800E to 2400W.
-Eagle St., Couch Pl. 175N 650 to 799W.
-Earl Ave., Cregier Ave., 7450 to 7900S and 7100 to 7450S vacated
-Earl St., 29th Pl. 330 to 399W.
-Earle Pl., Green St.
Early Ave., 5700N 1200 to 1400NW. Named after Rev. J.H. Early President of Loyola College in
1867. Named by John Lewis Cochran subdivider.
-East Ct., Hudson Ave. 3150 to 3200N.
-East St., Lavergne Ave. 4800 to 5199N.
East Circle Ave., 7100W 5700 to 6000NE. Street forms a circle.
-East Crescent Ave., Bell Ave. 10700 to 11050S.
East Dr., Field Dr.
-East End Ave., Everett Ave. 5500 to 5600S
-East End Ave., Hyde Park Blvd. 5100 to 5600S at 1650E.
East End Ave., 1700E 4800 to 9350S. From East End Park named by Paul Cornell subdidver.
Located on the east side of town. Avenue B, Reynolds Ave., Ridgeland Ave., Bickerdike
Ave., Seipp Ave., Transit Ave.
East River Drive, 400N
-Eastern Ave., Ashland Ave. 5200 to 5300N.
-Eastern Ave., Francisco Ave. 6900 to 7100S.
-Eastern Ave., Nagle Ave. 5600 to 6400N.
-East Gross Ave., Ravenswood Ave.
-East Lake Ave., East Lake Terr.
East Lake Terr., 1300W 7500 to 7800N. Named by subdivider because its position next to the
Lake. Garrison Ave., Lakeside Terr.
-East Park St., Bell Ave., 2150 to 2250N.
-East River St., Boyd St vacated 2939E 11600S.
-Eastman Ave., Olympia Ave. 6643 to 6800N
-Eastman St., Edmunds St. 5000N and 5450W to 4925N and 5600W.
Eastman St., 1440N 800 to 1100SW. Named after Zebina Eastman the first man to send a slave
from Chicago to Canada via the Underground Railroad. He was born in North Amhert,
Mass. on 5 September 1815 and died in Maywood, IL. 14 June 1883. Edmunds St.
-East Prairie Rd.
East River Rd., 8800W 4400 to 6000N. Street marks the eastern boundary of a forest preserve
through which the DesPlaines River flows.
Eastview Pk., 1726E 5400 to 5418S. Named for its east view.
-East Water St., Benson St. 1400W and 3200S to 1300W and 3300S.
-East Water St., Stone St. 79E 1200 to 1350N.
-East Water St., 400W 1 to 200N vacated.
-East Water St., Wacker Dr.
E East
-East Wharf ?., Libby Ave. 5200W 4800 to 4864NW.
Eastwood Ave., 4635N 800 to 6400W, Named by subdivider, Northwest Land Association due to a
small pine woods at east end of the subdivision. Gegenheimer Ave., Isabella Ave., Jamot
St., Leland Ave., Mitchell St., Slocum St.
-Eberhard Ave., St. Louis Ave. 5500 to 6700S
-Eberhart Ave., Vincennes Ave. 3900 to 5100S.
-Eberhart Ave., Crystal St. 3200 to 3400W.
Eberhart Ave., 500E 3150 to 11125S. Named after John Eberhart superintendent of schools in
Cook County. Grace St., Moo-Nah-Way Pl., Stanton Ave., Vincennes Ave., 9th Ave., Rhodes
-Eberhart St., Crystal St. 3200 to 3400W.
-Eberly Ave., St. Louis Ave. 3100 to 5400N.
-Ebuda Ave., 109th St. 2000 to 2399W.
-Ebuda Ave., 108th Pl. 1900 to 1999W.
-Echols St., Greenview Ave.
-Eda St., 36th Pl. 1 to 200E.
-Edbrook Pl., Palmer St. 2400 to 2550W.
Edbrooke Ave., 126E 10500 to 12658S. Named after Wilboughby J. Edbrooke early Chicago
architect born in Chicago on 3 Sept 1843. He submitted plans for a new Court House in
1871. Curtis Ave., Michigan Pl., Rouland Ave., Young St., Roseland Ave.
Eddy St., 3538N 1100 to 6359W. Named after D.C. Eddy who laid out Lake View subdivision in
1888. Dale St., Kenwood Ave., McMaster St., Morton St.
-Eden Ave., St. Lawrence Ave. 520E 3800 to 3900S.
Edens Expressway, Named after William G. Edens banker and pioneer road developer. He led the
fight in 1918-20 for the first Illinois highway bond issue. Edens Superhighway.
Edens Parkway, 4812W 5400 to 5500N.
-Edgar St., Marshfield Ave. 1600 to 1900N.
Edgebrook Terr., 5925W 6650 to 6700NW. Street is in Edgebrook Neighborhood.
-Edgecomb Pl., Cuyler Ave. 4114N 800 to 999W.
-Edgemont Ave., Grenshaw St. 1100S 1300 to 1599W.
-Edgerton Ave., Harper Ave. 6000 to 6100S.
Edgewater Ave., 5732N 1200 to 1700W. Named after the community of Edgewater which was laid
out by Cochran and McClure. It was at the edge of the water of Lake Michigan.
Edgewater Beach Dr., 940W 5400 to 5424N. This street ran alongside the Edgewater Beach Hotel
that was demolished in 1970.
-Edgewater Pl., Highland Ave. 1400 to 2000W.
-Edgewater Terr., Gregory St. 1400 to 1799W.
-Edgewood Ave., Belden Ave. 2314N 2800 to 3199W.
-Edina Pl., Plymouth Ct. 300 to 1400S.
-Edison Blvd., Olcott Ave. 6150 to 6450N.
-Edison St., Olcott Ave. 6150 to 6450N.
-Edison Park Ave., Northwest Highway 6600 to 6965N 7400 to 7800W.
-Edith St., Rice St. 3350 to 3400W.
-Edmair St., Edmaire St.11400S 1700 to 2100NW.
Edmaire St., 11400S 1700 to 2100NW. Named after Edmaire Family who were early settlers and
landowners in this section of town. Edmair St., Wesley St., Weston St., 114th St.
-Edmond St., Aldine Ave. 600 to 900W.
East Edmond
-Edmond St., School St. 900 to 1200W.
-Edmunds St., Eastman St.
Edmunds St., 5000N 5500 to 5574SW. Named after George Edmunds a subdivider and politician.
He was U.S. Senator from Illinois from 1866 to 1891. Eastman St.
-Edson Ave., Kenmore Ave. 2660 to 2800N.
-Edward Ave., Birchwood Ave. 1700 to 2000W.
-Edward Ave., Escanaba Ave. 7800 to 8300S.
Edward Ct., 743W 2100 to 2158N. Named after Ninian Myron Edwards Illinois governor in 1809.
He was instrumental in building the Illinois and Michigan Canal. The “s” in his name was
dropped on the street. Edward St.
-Edward St., Edward Ct. 743W 2100 to 2158N.
-Edwards St., Linder Ave., 4700 to 4900N.
-Edwards St., Vacated Canalport.
-Edwards St., Gale St. 4942N 5400 to 5500SW.
-Egan St., Pershing Rd. 800E to 2399W.
-Egandale Ave., Ellis Ave. 4300 to 6700S.
-Egania Pl., Superior St. 2000 to 2199W.
-Egerton Ave., Carpenter St. 6700 to 7100S.
Eggleston Ave., 431W 5900 to 12950S. Named after Charles B. Eggleston land owner and south
side subdivider. He was a member of the Board of Trade in 1871. Canal St., Dickey
St., James ?., Park Ave., Westcott Ct., St., Fernwood Park, Hanover St.
-Egyptian Rd., Halsted St. (1830 to 1837 map).
-Eich St., vacated 1468N 675W to 1400N 725W.
Eisenhower Expressway 500S., Named after 34th President of the U.S.
-8th Ave., Avenue G 9700 to 10200S.
-8th Ave., Maryland Ave. 850E 10300 to 10599S.
-8th Ave., Vernon Ave., 3950 to 4000S.
-8th St., Balbo Ave. 1 to 99E.
8th St., 9th St., Peck Ct., Pl.
18th Pl., St., Van Horn St., Zion Pl., Isabel Ct.
-18th St., 18th Pl.
18th St., Evans St., Old St.
80th Ave.
-80th Ave., Pacific Ave., 3200 to 3900N.
-80th Ct., 80th Pl.
-80th Ct., Page Ave. 3514 to 3999N.
80th Pl., Clark Ave., Coleton Ave., Elizabeth Ct.
80th St., Parent Ave.
-81st Ave., Panama Ave. 3446 to 3999N.
-81st Ct., 81st Pl.
-81st Ct., Paris Ave. 3410 to 3999N.
81st Pl., Ct., Auburn Ave., Maude Ave., Peirce St. or Pierce St.
81st St.
-82nd Ave., Pioneer Ave. 3340 to 3999N.
-82nd Ct., 82nd Pl.
-82nd Ct., Pittsburgh Ave. 3300 to 3999N.
82nd Pl., Ct., Marston Ave.
Edmond 82nd
-82nd St., Bowman ?.
-83rd Ave., Plainfield Ave. 3228 to 3999N.
-83rd Ct., Pontiac Ave., 3200 to 3999N.
83rd Pl., Cambridge Ave.
83rd St.
-84th Ave., Pueblo Ave. 3200 to 3999N.
84th Pl., Coulton Ave.
84th St.
85th Pl.
85th St.
86th Pl.
86th St.
87th Pl.
87th St., Blvd. 1 to 800W.
87th St. Blvd., 87th St.
88th Pl.
88th St.
89th Pl.
-89th Pl., 89th St., 2150 to 2200W.
89th St., Beverley Ct., 89th Pl.
Elaine Pl., 700W 3400 to 3460N. Named after Elaine Hundley the wife of subdivider E. Hundley.
Orchard St., Elaine St.
-Elaine St., Elaine Pl., 3400 to 3500N.
Elbridge Ave., 3600W 3000 to 3100N. Named after Elbridge Hanery a prominent member of the
Chicago Bar Association.
-Elburn Ave., Fillmore St. 1020S 1300 to 1599W.
-Elda Ave., Torrence Ave.
-Elderkin St., Carmen Ave. 5000 to 5500W.
-Eldred Ave., Jeffery Ave. 6700 to 8700S.
-Eldred Ave., Paxton Ave.
-Eldredge Ct., 9th St. 1 to 99E.
-Eldredge Ct., 9th St. 1 to 99E.
-Eleanor Ave., Crandon Ave. 8300 to 8550S and 11600 to 12600S.
Eleanor St., 1200W 2500 to 2870SW. Named after Eleanor Kinzie the wife of John Kinzie.
Cologne St., Heldmaier Ave., 25th St., Water St.
-Elevator St., vacated (Bridgeport) 1600W 2700S to 1800W 2800SW.
-11th Ave., Avenue D 10100 to 10200S vacated.
11th Pl., Lake Park Pl., Park Row, Park Pl.
-11th St., Grenshaw St. 1300 to 1599W.
11th St., Harmon Ct., Pl., Mather St., 1050S 1000 to 1150W.
-Elexander Ave., Kenmore Ave. 4000 to 4399N
-Elgin St., 21st Pl. 255 to 500W vacated.
Elias Ct., 1200W 2900 to 2978SE. Named after Elias Kane the first Sec. of State of Illinois under
Gov. Bond in 1824. Elias St.
-Elias St., Elias Ct.
-Elixabeth Ave., Calhoun Ave. 12300 to 12500S.
-Elizabeth Ave., Clyde Ave. 7000 to 13799S.
82nd Elizabeth
-Elizabeth Ave., Crandon Ave. 11600 to 12600S.
-Elizabeth Ave., 115th St. 2100 to 2399W.
-Elizabeth Ct., 80th Pl. 600 to 650W.
-Elizabeth St., 53rd Pl., 400 to 499W.
-Elizabeth St., 33rd St.
-Elizabeth St., Bishop St. 9500 to 9700S and SE.
Elizabeth St., 1238W 1 to 858N 4700 to 12300S. Named after Mrs. Elizabeth May Curtiss wife of
the subdivider. She was the daughter of Mayor Curtiss. Chase St., Cook St., Currier St.,
Keith St., Loring Ave., School St., Throop St., Richard Ave., Bassett St., John St.
-Elk St., Evergreen Ave. 1330N 1650 to 1699W.
-Elk Grove Ave., Wolcott Ave. 1600 to 2200N.
Elk Grove Ave., 1800W 1400 to 1600N. Named after the town of Elk Grove which was a meeting
place for the early settlers. Name was given because of the presence of elk.
-Elk Grove St., Elk Grove Ave. 1800W 1400 to 1600N.
-Elk Grove St., Wolcott Ave. 1600 to 2200N.
-Elkart St., 46th St. 200 to 400W.
-Ella St., Keeler Ave. 1100 to 1200N.
-Elleanor Ave., Calhoun Ave. 12200 to 12499S.
-Ellen Ave., Ellen St., 1700 to 1800W.
-Ellen St., Sangamon St. 6700 to 6900S
Ellen St., 1282N 1700 to 1900W. Named after Ellen Kinzie the daughter of John and Eleanor
Kinzie. Ridgely St., Ellen Ave., Lee St.
-Ellerton Ave., Louis Ave. 6025N 5150W to 6400N 5700W.
-Ellery Ave., Hoyne Ave. 7900 to 8300S.
-Ellington Ave., Merrill Ave. 7000 to 7500S.
Elliott Ave., 1800E 8100 to 8200SW. Named after Elliott Anthony south side subdivider.
-Ellis Ave., Columbia Ave. 6735N 7700 to 7799W.
-Ellis Ave., Ingleside Ave.
Ellis Ave., 600E 2600 to 13500SE. Named after Samuel Ellis subdivider of that section in 1835.
Cedar St., Cottage Pl., Egandale Ave., Greenwood Ave., Groveland Park Ave., Nebraska
Pl., Wharton Ave., Thornton Ave.
-Ellis Ct., 38th Pl. 425 to 500E.
-Ellis Pl., 36th St. 600 to 700E.
Ellis Park, 3600S 625E.
-Ellis St., 38th Pl. 425 to 500E.
-Ellsworth St., Shields Ave. 600 to 1000S 1200 to 1400S.
Ellsworth Drive, Washington Park. Named after Civil War hero or James Ellsworth a commis-
sioner of the South Park District from 1889 to 1899.
-Ellwood St., Oakley Ave. 2300W 6800 to 7599N.
-Elm St., Oakley Ave., 6950 to 7050N and 7200 to 7350N.
-Elm St., Ainslie St. 3850 to 4250W.
-Elm St., Balmoral Ave. 4950 to 5100W.
-Elm St., Drexel Blvd.
-Elm St., Grace St. 6600 to 6800W
-Elm St., Union Ave.
-Elm St., Hobart Ave. 5636N 6800 to 7100W.
-Elm St., Neva Ave. 5900 to 6290N.
Elizabeth Elm
-Elm St., Ohio St. 5100 to 6000W.
-Elm St., 55th St. 800 to 1700E.
-Elm St., 78th St.
-Elm St., 105th St. 800 to 3475W.
Elm St., 1138N 1 to 92E 1 to 752W. Named after the tree. Thorn St.
Elmdale Ave., 6000N 1200 to 1600W. Swedish people named it after town of Elmdale in Sweden.
The name was supported by alderman who represented a large Swedish population.
Peterson Ave.
-Elmer Ave., Manton Ave. 5850W 5900N to 5950W 6000N.
-Elmhurst Ave., Thorndale Ave., 950 to 1200W.
Elmhurst Rd., 12800W 6645 to 6759N. This street at one time originated in Elmhurst. It runs
within Chicago city limits only for a couple blocks along the western edge of O’Hare.
-Elmira St., 32nd St.
-Elmore Ave., South Park Way 2200 to 2900S.
-Elmwood Ave., Natchez Ave. 6434W 5450 to 5599N.
-Elmwood Ave., Ct., Johnson Pl., Vincennes Pl. 600E 3700 to 3900S.
-Elmwood Ct., Elmwood Ave. 3700 to 3900S.
-Elmwood Pl., Elmwood Ave., 600E 3700 to 3900S.
-Elon St., Union Ave. 6900 to 7100S.
Elsdon Ave., 3610W 5415 to 5445S. Eldson was a small railroad workers’ settlement before WW I
in what is now Gage Park.
-Elston Ave., Indian Rd. 5850W 6100N to 6250W 6350N.
Elston Ave., 825N at 1132W 6200N at 6200W. Named after Daniel Elston a soap manufacturer
and alderman from the fourth ward in 1837 until 1848. He was a landowner and subdi-vider.
Rd., Low Rd.
-Elston Ct., Argyle St. 4750 to 4800W
-Elston Rd., Elston Ave. 825N at 1132W 6200N at 6200W.
-Elwood St., Wood St. 1320NE to 1360N.
-Emerald Ave., 108th St. 3000 to 3600W.
Emerald Ave., 732W 2501 to 13600S. Irish settlers named the street after homeland “Emerald
Isle.” St., Lewis St., Murray St., Regina St., Richardson Ave.
Emerald Drive, 724W 6200S to 746W at 6438S.
-Emerald St., Emerald Ave.
-Emerald St., Kamerling Ave. 4200 to 4399W 5000 to 5250W 5450 to 5600W.
-Emerald St., Poplar Ave. 2900S 950W to 3100S 850W.
-Emerson Ave., Race Ave. 524N 1800 to 2299W and 1525N 1600W.
-Emerson Rd., Lehigh Ave., 6200N 5410W to 6399N 5450W.
-Emery St., Roscoe St. 3500 to 3550W.
-Emery St., Thomas St. 3200 to 3300W and 3500 to 3900W.
-Emily St., Cortez St. 1040N 1600 to 1799W.
-Emmet St., Kostner Ave. 4700 to 5500S.
Emmett St., 3200W 2600 to 2638N. Named after John Emmett subdivider in 1883 named by John
Staples another subdivider who were partners. Evergreen St.
-Empire Slip, 750W 2200 to 2330S.
-Emmier Ct.
-Emma St., Cortez St. 1043N 1400 to 1599W.
-Ems St., Palmer St. 2200 to 2550W.
Elm Ems
-Enfield Ave., Lundy Ave. 5565W 6201 to 6362N.
-Englewood Ave., 62nd Pl. 3200 to 4000W.
-Englewood Ave., 70th St.
Englewood Ave., 6224S 200 to 800W. Named by H.B. Lewis pioneer resident in the district after
his return from a trip to Englewood, New Jersey. 62nd Pl.
-English St., 21st St. 600 to 1200W.
-Erickson Ave., Maryland Ave. 825E 10300 to 10599S.
Ericson Drive 200E 1100 to 5500SE.
-Ericsson St., Hobart Ave. 5636N 6800 to 7100W.
-Ericsson St., Neva Ave. 5900 to 6290N.
-Erie Ave., Balmoral Ave.
-Erie Ave., Baltimore Ave. 8700 to 13520S.
-Erie St., Spaulding Ave. 3650 to 4400N.
Erie St., 660N 1 to 454E 1 to 6000W. Named after the Lake. It is an Indian word for “wildcat”.
Chicago Terr., Maple Ave., 3rd St.
-Eriksen Dr., Lake Shore Dr. 1 to 2350S.
-Erina St., Kenneth Ave.
-Ernst Ave., Rosemont Ave. 1400 to 1599W.
Ernst Court, 64E 848 to 922N. Named after Ferdinand Ernst who was an author of travel books.
Chestnut Pl.
Escanaba Ave., 2900E 7800 to 13300S. Named after the town of Escanabe, Michigan. An Indian
word meaning “flat rock”. Day St., Edward Ave., Pay St.
Esmond St., 1800W 10929 to 11181SW. Named by Blue Island Land and Building Company who
were subdividers of that section in 1872. Named in honor of the Esmond Family owner of
the farm through which the street ran.
-Esplande St., 36th St. 600 to 799W.
-Essex Ave., Calhoun Ave. 13400 to 13800S.
-Essex St., Saginaw Ave. 11800 to 12000S. and 12600 to 12800S.
Essex Ave., 2500E 7500 to 9400S. Named by the subdivider home county of Essex, New York.
Estes Ave., 7100N 1200 to 7600W. Named after the Estes family who settled in the area in 1869.
Sheriff Estes held office for 4 terms in Keokuk, Iowa. During his term in office he hanged
four men convicted of riotous incidents involving Mormanism in Naunoo, Illinois were Jo-
seph Smith was killed. Estes was related to Robert E. Lee. Godefroy Ave., Jackson Ave.,
Willard Ave., Wabash Ave.
-Euclid Ave., Central Park Ave. 10300 to 11500S.
-Euclid Ave., Avondale Ave., 6600 to 6699W.
-Euclid Ave., Maplewood Ave. 10300 to 10900S and 11100 to 11300S.
-Euclid Ave., Wayne Ave. 6200 to 6399N.
-Euclid Ave., Walnut St. 2800 to 3600W.
-Euclid Ave., Green St. 6200 6299S.
-Euclid Ave., Newcastle Ave. 6200 to 6600N.
-Euclid Ave., North Shore Ave. 7700 to 7799W.
-Euclid Ave., Rutherford Ave. 5100 to 5900S.
Euclid Ave., 1934E 6700 to 9700S. Named after the Greek writer and mathematician. Lucian
Ave., Victoria Ave.
Euclid Pkwy., 1908E 7412 to 7452S.
-Euclid Pl., 97th Pl. 425 to 500W.
Enfield Euclid
-Euclid St., Newcastle Ave. 6200 to 6600N.
-Euclid St., Normal Ave. 7900 to 8699S.
-Eugenie Ct., Fern Ct. 412W 1700 to 1800N.
Eugenie St., 1700N 127 to 558W. Named by Frederick William Wolf a landowner, architect, and
brewer. He named the street after his daughter, Eugenie. Linden St.
-Eulette Ave., Paulina St., 11650 to 11899S.
-Eunice Ave., Isham Ave. 7400 to 7650W.
-Eva St., 68th Pl. 4000 to 4100W.
Evans Ave., 726E 4200 to 13450S. Named after Dr. John Evans investor in real estate in 1883. He
was born in Waynesville, Ohio on 9 March 1814 and died in Denver, Colo. on 3 July 1897.
St., Whitney Ave., 6th Ave., Cummings Park.
-Evans Court, 740N 114 to 120E., Named for Evans Inc., a furrier. Armstrong Court
-Evans Ct., 17th Pl. 700 to 800W.
-Evans St., Evans Ave.
-Evans St., 18th St. 700 to 2800W.
-Evanston Ave., Broadway (ALL)
-Evanston Ave., Sheridan Rd. 6400 to 6550N at 1200W.
-Evanston Rd., Broadway (ALL).
-Evarts Ave., Hermitage Ave. 4200 to 6699S.
Evelyn Lane, 5358N 8600 to 8800W.
Everell Ave., 6127N 7200 to 7561W. Named after George Everell Dutton president of the First
Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago. Centre Ave.
-Everett Ave., Ridgeland Ave.
-Everett Ave., Laramie Ave. 4800 to 5199N.
Everett Ave., 1725E 4400 to 5600S. Named after Edward Everett an American statesman and
orator. He was Sec. of State in the cabinet of Pres. Fillmore. He was a strong supporter of
the Union. Everett’s name headed the list of Presidential electors of Mass. and he cast the
vote for Lincoln in 1864. He spoke for two and a half hours before Lincoln at Gettysburg.
East End Ave.
-Everett St., Grace St. 4000 to 4500W.
-Everett St., Laramie Ave. 4800 to 5200N.
-Everett St., 64th St. 1100 to 1200E.
-Evergreen Ave., Kamerling Ave.
-Evergreen Ave., Newark Ave. 5700 to 6550N.
-Evergreen Ave., Schubert Ave. 2100 to 4000W
Evergreen Ave., 1325N 200 to 3600W. Named after the tree. Bartlett Ave., St., Bismark St., Elk
St., Green ?., Ingraham St., Rees St., Sigel St.
-Evergreen Ct., Holly Ave. 2333W and 2700N to 2300W and 2600N.
-Evergreen Pl., Campbell Park, 708S 2200 to 2300W.
-Evergreen Pl., Charles St. 9400 to 9499S.
-Evergreen St., Emmett St. 3200W 2600 to 2638N.
-Evergreen St., Newark Ave. 5700 to 6550N.
Ewing Ave., 3600E 9200 to 11800SE. Named after William Ewing governor and senator from
Illinois. Indian Ridge, K Ave., Avenue I, Avenue K.
-Ewing Pl., Pierce Ave. 2000 to 2100W.
-Ewing St., Cabrini St. 400 to 899W.
-Ewing St., vacated Wing St. (Bridgeport) 26th Pl.
Euclid Ewing
-Ewing St., Polk St. 2900 to 2950W.
-Ewing St., 12th Pl. 250W to 400W.
Exchange Ave., 2400E 7100S 2934E 13300S. Named for the prosperous business section located
at 92nd Street. A place where merchants met and exchanged goods. Commercial Ave.,
Railroad Ave., South Shore Ave.
Exchange Ave., 4124S 800W private. Named after Exchange building of Stockyards all business
done. Central Ave.
Exchange Ct., 126W 1 to 20N. It is called a court, but it is more of a narrow alley alongside the
American National Bank & Trust Company.
-F Ave., Avenue F, 11400 to 11999S.
-F St., 38th Pl. 800 to 999W.
-Fabins St., Seminary Ave. (Fabius St.) 2000 to 27000N
-Fair Ave., Oglesby Ave. 6700 to 13800S.
Fair Pl., 1413N 732 to 754W. Named to commemorate the World Fair of 1893 of the 50th anniver-
sary by the city council.
Fairbanks Court, 254E 535 to 800N. Named after N.K.Fairbanks an early settler of Chicago in
1856. He was born in New York in 1829. He was a partner of A.C. McClurg a prominent
business man. These men built up a large section of Streeterville, Fairbanks had several
battles with Streeter over the land. Boulevard St.
-Fairfax Ave., 110th St. 2100 to 2399W.
-Fairfield Ave., Homewood Ave. 11500 to 11700S.
-Fairfield Ave., Artesian Ave. 11500 to 11699S.
-Fairfield Ave., Hermosa Ave. 10850 to 11450S.
-Fairfield Ave., Manor Ave. 4400 to 4500N.
-Fairfield Ave., Fairfield Ct.
Fairfield Ave., 2733W 200 to 9200N 900 to 111500S. Named after Asa C. Fairfield a subdivider.
Ave., Augusta St., Avon Ave., Clement Ave., Geddes St., Linden Ave., Crown Pl.
-Fairmount Ave., Kedvale Ave. 2200 to 2599S.
-Fair Oaks St., Pensacola Ave. 4345N 900 to 999W.
-Fairview Ave., Artesian Ave. 2400 to 2799N., 9900 to 11500S.
-Fairview Ave., Las Casas Ave. 4940W 5701 to 5799SW.
-Fairview Ave., Pontiac Ave. 4000 to 4200N.
Fairview Ave., 8300W 5543 to 5660N.
Fairview St., North Ave. 5600 to 5999W.
-Fake St., Lloyd Ave. 1300W 3000 to 3039S.
-Falcon St., Hamlin Ave. 4400 to 4500N.
-Fall St., Talman Ave. 50 to 199N.
-Faraday Ave., Bessemer Ave vacated 10300 to 10400S 900E.
-Faraday Ave., Kewanee Ave.4134W 4700 to 4795NE.
Fargo Ave., 7500N 1300 to 7700W. Named after J.C. Fargo agent for the American Express
Company. He later became president of the Wells Fargo Company. Home Ave.
-Farmer St., May St. 11200 to 11500S.
Ewing Farmer
-Farragut Ave., Grandon Ave. 7100 to 9099S.
-Farragut Ave., Buffalo Ave. 7875 to 7900S.
Farragut Ave., 5225N 1400 to 8200W. Named after David Glasgow Farragut 1801-1870 who was
the first Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. He was the hero of the battle of Vicksburg.
Berry St., 59th Pl., Pine St.
Farrar Drive in Douglas park 3300W Edwin Farrar was a commissioner of the West Park Dis-trict
from 1923 until he died on November 29, 1925.
Farrell St., 1200W 2600 to 3100SE. Named after William V. Farrell a landowner and subdivider.
-Farwell Ave., Champlain Ave. 6300 to 6900S.
-Farwell Ave., Rhodes Ave.
Farwell Ave., 6837N 1100 to 7348W. Named after John V. Farwell a pioneer Chicago merchant,
civil and religious leader. He helped Pat Touhy carry out the will of Philip Rogers another
pioneer. Worked as a partner of Marshall Field.
Farwell Avenue Circle Drive 6900N in Loyola Park. Named after John Farwell.
-Faxon St., 96th St., 1750 to 1800W.
-Fay Ave., Ashland Ave. 6700 to 6800N.
-Fay St., Cuyler Ave. 4650 to 4800W.
-Fay St., Peoria St. 900W 650 to 700N.
-Faye St., Larchmont Ave. 3931N 1800 to 1944W.
-Fayette Ct., Throop St. 600 to 650S.
-Fecker Pl., Deming Pl. 2325 to 2400W.
Federal St., 65W 300 to 5500S. Street led directly to the Federal Building. Armour Ave., Buffalo
St., Butterfield St., 4th Ave., Morax Pl., Custom House Pl., Ct.
-Federal St., Perry Ave. 5500 to 7900S.
-Feinberg Ave., Rascher Ave. 1400 to 1550W.
Felton Court, 400W 1128 to 1200N. Named after Charles E. Felton who the Supt. of Bridewell. He
introduced the concept of prison labor. Sedgwick Ct.
-Fenimore St., 13th St. 1 to 150E.
Ferdinand St., 462N 1600 to 5500W. Named by Stanley H. Fleetwood a subdivider by his son.
Indiana St., Linden Ave., Ferinand Alley, Linden Grove Ave., Chestnut St.
-Ferdinand Alley, Ferdinand St. 1600 to 2350W.
-Fergus Ave., Winneconna Pkwy. 7801S 400 to 1893W.
Fern Court, 412W 1700 to 1800N. Named after the plant. Eugenie Ct.
-Fern St., Meade Ave. 1600 to 1800N.
-Fern St., Moody Ave. 1800 to 2000N.
-Fernwood Ave., Yale Ave. 9500 to 10300S.
-Fernwood Park, Eggleston Ave., 9500 to 10300S.
-Ferry St., Kingsbury St. 350 to 400N at 400W.
-Ferry St., Meade Ave., 1600 to 1800N.
-Ferry St., Moody Ave., 1800 to 2000N.
-Feuerborn Ave., Page Ave. 8050W 3700 to 3999N.
-Ficher Ave., Highland Ave. 1600 to 1999W.
Field House Circle 1200W in Sherman Park. Chicago Park District street runs alongside the
Sherman Park Fieldhouse.
Field Plaza Drive 400E 1150S. Named after Marshall Field.
Fielding Ave., 518W 7700 to 7900SW. Named after William Fielding an early member of the
Chicago Real Estate Board. Goldsmith Ave.
Farragut Fielding
-15th Pl., 16th St.
15th Pl., Carlisle Pl., Meagher St., Rebecca St., Truro St.
15th St., 14th Pl., Catharine St., Collins St., Springer St.
-5th Ave., Langley Ave. 700E 10550 to 10799S. and 11100 to 11399S.
-5th Ave., Austin Ave.
-5th Ave., Wells St. Atlantic St., 1 to 310N and 1 to 5899S.
-5th Ave., Yale Ave. 9900 to 10300S.
Fifth Ave. 2800W to 5600SW. Originally called Colorado but name was changed to attract busi-
ness. Barry Ct., Barry Point Rd., Colorado Ave.
-5th St., Loomis St. 10700 to 11499S.
-5th St., Sangamon St. 800 to 950N.
-5th St., Van Buren St. 1 to 100E.
-50th Ave., Lavergne Ave. 1 to 911S and 1 to 5200N.
-50th Ct., 50th Pl. 800E to 500E and 400 to 600W, 700 to 1000W and 2100 to 2400W.
-50th Ct., Lawler Ave. 400 to 5550N
-50th Pl., 50th St.
-50th Pl., Pennsacola Ave.
50th Pl., Ct., St., Hoard St., Niagara St.
-50th Pl., Lawler Ave. 1500 to 1600N 2000 to 2300N.
-50th St., Cullom Ave.
-50th St., 50th Pl.
-50th St., Lavergne Ave. 1 to 900S 1 to 1200N 1500 to 1600N 2000 to 2400N.
50th St., Pl., Pacific St., Mohawk St.
-51st Ave., Leamington Ave. 1 to 900S.
-51st Ave., LeClaire Ave. 1 to 5450N.
-51st Ct., 51st Pl. 800 to 1000W 2100 to 2200W.
-51st Ct., Leamington Ave. 100 to 5350N.
-51st Pl., Leamington Ave. 1400 to 1600N 2000 to 2300N.
51st Pl., Ct., Mound Ave., Sturtevant Pl.
-51st St., Hyde Park Blvd. 900 to 1650E.
-51st St., LeClaire Ave. 150 to 1600N 2000 to 2400N.
51st St., Bellevue Ave.
-52nd Ave., Everett Ave., Laramie Ave. 1 to 5375N and 1 to 1200S.
-52nd Ct., Latrobe Ave. 1400 to 6500N.
-52nd Ct., Leamington Ave.
-52nd Pl., Latrobe Ave. 2000 to 2400N.
52nd Pl., Oak St.
-52nd St., Laramine Ave. 1 to 2400N 3800 to 4400N 1 to 600S.
52nd St., Belle Plaine Ave., Clayton St., Grove St.
-53rd Ave., Lockwood Ave. 1 to 5200N 1 to 812S.
-53rd Ct., 53rd Pl. 3450 to 3500W.
-53rd Ct., Lorel Ave. 1350 to 2500N.
-53rd Pl., Lorel Ave. 2050 to 2400N.
53rd Pl., Ct., Hickling Ave., Work Ave., York Ave., Elizabeth St., Chestnut St.
-53rd St., Lockwood Ave. 2000 to 2400N.
53rd St., Lemon St., Oak St., Chestnut St., Indiana St.
-54th Ave., Long Ave. 1350 to 5250N.
15th 54th
-54th Ct., 54th Pl. 800 to 1000W and 3450 to 3500W.
-54th Ct., Lind Ave. 5200 to 5350N.
-54th Ct., Lotus Ave. 1500 to 5555N. and 5100 to 5500S.
-54th Ct., Linder Ave. 5775 to 5899N.
-54th Pl., Ct., Morris St., Walnut St., E. Frederick Pl., Gage Ct. or Pl.
-54th St., Long Ave., 2025 to 2800N 3800 to 3850N and 4000 to 4400N.
54th St., Bowen ?, Chestnut St., Gilbert Ave., Jackson St.
-55th Ave., Linder Ave. 1500 to 5550N and 5100 to 6500S.
-55th Ct., Luna Ave. 1500 to 55550\n 5100 to 5500S.
55th Pl., Bolvin Ave., Ross Ave.
-55th St., Garfield Blvd. 1 to 400E and 1 to 2400W.
-55th St., Lawrence Ave.
-55th St., Linder Ave.
-55th St., Elm St.
-56th Ave., Austin Ave., Central Ave. 1600 to 5829N and 5100 to 6500S.
-56th Ct., 56th Pl. 400 to 600W.
-56th Ct., Parkside Ave. 2000 to 5730N. 5100 to 6300S.
56th Pl., Ct., Pierce St.
-56th St., Central Ave.
56th St., Ash St., Cleveland Ave., Dudley Ave., Gage Pl.
-57th Ave., Major Ave. 1600 to 5800N 5100 to 6500S.
-57th Ct., Mango Ave. 2000 to 5810N.
-57th Ct., Massoit Ave. 5950 to 6300S.
-57th Ct., 57th Pl., 1 to 200W.
57th Pl., Cloud Ct., Rosenmarkel St., 57th Ct., Green St.
-57th St., Major Ave.
57th St., George ?, Northumberland St., Rock Island St., Willow ?
-58th Ave., Menard Ave. 1600 to 5967N. 5100 to 6500S.
-58th Ct., 58th Pl. 400 to 600W. 4000 to 4200W
-58th Ct., Monitor Ave. 2100 to 5550N 5100 to 6300S.
58th Pl., Ct., Ford St., Railroad St.
58th St., Brand St., Cedar St., Richmond St.
-59th Ave., Marmora Ave. 2100 to 5650N.
-59th Ave., Mayfield Ave. 5100 to 6500S.
-59th Ct., Mason Ave. 2100 to 5725N. 5100 to 6300S.
-59th Ct., 59th Pl. 200 to 400W.
-59th Pl., Farragut Ave. 5500 to 5600W
59th Pl., Maple Ave., Small St., Cedar St., 59th Ct.
-59th St., Gettysburg St. 5218N 5400 to 6000W.
-59th St., Foster Ave. 900 to 2400W.
59th St., Junction Ave., Midway Plaisance, Small St., Park Ave. -Fig St., Thomas St. 1425 to 1600W.
Fillmore St., 1025S 1300 to 7200W. Named after 13th President of U.S. Adelaide St., Dekoven
St., Elburn Ave., Kies Pl., Nebraska St., Selden St., Sheldon St., Clarence St.
Financial Place, 157W 300 to 1000S. Named for the Midwest Stock Exchange. Sherman St.
-Finch Ave., Oleander Ave. 7534W 3000 to 4000N.
-Finch St., Kildare Ave. 2900 to 3150N.
-Finnell St., 22nd Pl. 200 to 350W.
54th Finnell
-1st Ave., Avenue O. 9500 to 11799S.
-1st Ave., Avenue B 13350 to 13399S.
-1st Ave., Halsted St. 800N or 1600N to 2200S.
-1st Ave., Cottage Grove Ave. 11200 to 11500S.
-1st Ave., Linden Pl. 3000W 2400 to 2564NW.
-1st St., Ashland Ave. 10850 to 11250S.
-1st St., Congress St. 1934 to 2099W.
-1st St., Foster Ave.
-1st St., Honore St. 6750 to 6800N.
-1st St., Damen Ave. 7300 to 7600N.
-1st St., Hermitage Ave.
-1st St., Montana St. 2225 to 2400W.
-1st St., Neva St. 5600 to 5700N.
-1st St., Superior St. 650 to 2300W
-Fischer Ave., Lakewood Ave. 5950 to 6000N and 6250 to 6400N.
-Fisher Ave., Highland Ave. 1600 to 1999W.
-Fisk Ave., Olcott St. 3000 to 4000N.
-Fisk St., Carpenter St. 1100W 1600 to 3410S
Fitch Ave., 7135N 2400 to 7350W. Named after J.A. Fitch prominent landowner. St., Ivy St.,
Michigan Ave.
-Fitch St., Fitch Ave.
-Fitzhue St., 46th St. 3550 to 3600W.
-Fleetwood St., Magnolia Ave. 1246W 1400 to 1750N.
-Fleming St., 74th St.
-Flensburg St., Richmond St. 2000 to 2200N.
-Fletcher Ave., Fletcher St. 1200 to 2300W.
-Fletcher St., Briar Pl. 600 to 800W.
Fletcher St., 3126N 820 to 7000W. Named after Abraham and Isaac Fletcher who erected many
buildings on Washington and Odgen. Ave., Gehrke Ave., Lee Ave., 38th Pl., Woollacott Pl.,
California Terr.
-Floral Ave., Neva Ave. 6550 to 6600N.
-Florence Ave., 2250E 6500 to 6700S now vac ran in Jackson Park.
-Florence Ave., Dayton St. 850W 2600 to 2800N and 3000 to 3100N.
-Florence Ave., Maplewood Ave. 4000 to 6700S.
-Florence Ave., Reta Ave. 825W 3500 to 3558N.
-Florence Ave., Rockwell St. 6700 to 6800N.
-Florence Ave., 104th Pl. 1600 to 1800W.
-Florence Blvd., 111th St. 200 to 850E.
-Florence Ct., Hermitage Ave., 7450 to 7600N.
-Florimond St., St. Paul Ave. 1728N 200 to 299W.
Flournoy St., 621S 1200 to 5600W. Named after Lafayette M. Flournoy a landowner and active
subdivider in 1857. Ida St., Iowa St., Kissam St., Oregon Ave., Plum St., Scott St., Sy-
camore St., Vernon Park Pl., York St.
-Follansbee St., Medill Ave. 2850 to 3199W.
-Foltz Ct., Artesian Ave., 3350 to 3400N.
-Fond DuLac Ave., Damen Ave. 1600 to 2399N.
-Fontaine St., 37th Pl. 1 to 200E.
1st Fontaine
-Fontenoy Ct., and Pl., Honore St. 1450 to 1500N.
-Ford Ave., Saginaw Ave. 7500 to 8300S.
Ford Ave., 658W 2200 to 2239SW. Named after Thomas Ford an Illinois governor and author of
the history of Illinois. Union Ct., Pl.
-Ford St., 58th Pl. 400 to 600W.
-Ford St., Garfield Blvd. 400 to 800W.
Ford City Drive 7700S 4000 to 4800W Named for the shopping center.
Foreman Drive, 9500S in Calumet Park. Henry Foreman was a commissioner of the South Park
District from 1902 to 1912.
-Foreman’s Row, 104th St. 800 to 900E.
-Forest Ave., Giles Ave. 3100 to 3899S.
-Forest Ave., Kewanee Ave. 4134W 4700 to 4795NE.
-Forest Ave., Campbell Ave., 2400 to 3200N.
-Forest Ave., Lamon Ave. 4350 to 4800N.
-Forest Ave., Longwood Dr. 8700 to 9500S and SE.
-Forest Ave., Natchez Ave. 1600 to 2000N.
-Forest Ave., Oketo Ave., 6600N to 6800N.
-Forest Ave., Newland Ave. 3200 to 3600N
-Forest Ave., Paulina St. 6950 to 7440N.
Forest Ave., 318E 9100 to 13600S. Named after James Forest clerk in the recorders office. He
was city clerk in 1873. Calumet Ave., Prairie Ave.
-Forest St., Race Ave. 5700 to 6000W.
-Forest Glen Ave., LeClaire Ave. 5300 to 5450N.
Forest Glen Ave., 5100W 5400 to 6300NE. Named by W.C. Hazelton. The street was named after
the community.
Forest Preserve Ave., 4000N 7300 to 8400SW. Named after the forest preserves it runs through.
Rd., Indian Boundary Line Road.
-Forest Preserve Road, Forest Preserve Ave.
-Forest View Ave. or Ridge, Hamilton Ave.
Forestview Ave., 8650W 4500 to 4800NW. This street offers a view
of the Cook County Forest Preserve.
Fork Dr., 1000N in Humboldt Park. This street creates a fork in the park.
-Fork St., Post Pl. 250W 200 to 299N.
-Formosa Terr., 91st Pl.
-Forquer St., Arthington St. 900S 400 to 950W and 3600 to 3700W.
-Forrester Ave., Princeton Ave. 9900 to 10300S.
Forrestville Ave., 532E 4300 to 13500S. Named by Paul Cornell subdivider in 1861. He named
the street after a little hamlet that was known as Forrestville. Dolton Ave., Morse Ave.,
10th Ave., 2nd Ave.
-Forsyth Ave., 343W 1200 to 1399S vacated Stewart Ave.
-Forsyth St., 23rd St. 3700 to 3800W.
-Fort St., Short St. 1430W 2700 to 2835SE.
-40th Ave., Pulaski Rd. 1 to 6400N. and 1 to 8700S.
-40th Ct., 40th Pl. 500 to 600W. and 2800 to 3000W.
-40th Ct., Keystone Ave. 125 to 5025N.
-40th Ct., Komensky Ave. 1200 to 6700S.
-40th Pl., Komensky Ave. 1200 to 1600S and 2600 to 3300S.
Fontenoy 40th
-40th Pl., Keystone Ave. 1425 to 1600N.
40th Pl., Ct.
-40th St., School St., 4500 to 4700W.
-40th St., Pulaski Rd. 1 to 8700S 1 to 1200N and 2400 to 3200N.
40th St., Archer Pl., Augusta St., Brook St., Union Ave., Adele St.,
-41st Ave., Karlov Ave. 1 to 5025N and 1 to 6300S.
-41st Ave., Keystone Ave. 3800 to 5000N.
-41st Ct., Karlov Ave. 4500 to 5000N.
-41st Ct., Kedvale Ave. 800 to 5000N and 600 to 6300S.
-41st Pl., Kedvale Ave. 1200 to 1600S and 2600 to 2800S.
41st Pl., Bowen Ave.
-41st St., Karlov Ave. 1 to 400N 2700 to 2800N 3300 to 3375N 1 to 600S 1200 to 1600S 2600 to
2700S and 5800 to 5900S.
-41st St., Roscoe St. 4300 to 4600W.
41st St., Maple Ave., Snyder St., Washington Ave., Oakland Ct.
-42nd Ave., Kedvale Ave. 4550 to 4650N and 4800 to 5000N.
-42nd Ave., Keeler Ave. 1 to 5200N and 1 to 6500S.
-42nd Ct., Tripp Ave. 800 to 5200N 600 to 6500S.
-42nd Ct., Keeler Ave. 4800 to 5000N.
-42nd Ct., Kenosha Ave. 4234W 2900 to 3200N.
-42nd Ct., 42nd Pl. 300 to 600W.
-42nd Ct., Kennicott Ave. 4235W 4500 to 4730NE.
-42nd Pl., 42nd St. 800 to 900E.
-42nd Pl., Tripp Ave. 5000 to 5199N
42nd Pl., St., Clinton Ave., Duncan Park., Pierce St., 42nd Ct.
-42nd St., Cornelia Ave. 4300 to 4600W.
-42nd St., Keeler Ave. 1 to 400N 800 to 1200N 1400 to 2700N 1 to 1600S 2600 to 3100S 5700 to
-42nd St., 42nd Pl. 800 to 1200E.
-42nd St., Tripp Ave. 3000 to 3200N.
42nd St., Pl., Koerner St., Myrtle Ave., Langley Terr.
-43rd Ave., Kildare Ave. 1 to 5200N and 1 to 6500S.
-43rd Ct., Kolin Ave. 200 to 1600N and 1200 to 6500S.
-43rd Ct., 43rd Pl. 450 to 700W.
-43rd Ct., Lowell Ave. 1600 to 5200N.
-43rd Pl., Kolin Ave. 1200 to 1400S and 2200 to 2900S.
-43rd Pl., Lowell Ave. 3400 to 3600N.
43rd Pl., Gordon St., Christopher St., 43rd Ct.
-43rd St., Addison St.
-43rd St., Kildare Ave. 1 to 1600N 3400 to 3600N 1 to 1400S 2600 to 3100S 5900 to 6300S.
-43rd St., Tripp Ave.
43rd St., Trumbull St.
-44th Ave., Kostner Ave. 1 to 6000N 1 to 6500S.
-44th Ct., 44th Pl. 1 to 50W 200 to 600W.
-44th Ct., Kenneth Ave. 200 to 4800N 600 to 6500S.
-44th Pl., Kenneth Ave., 600 to 800S 1400 to 1600S 2200 to 2400S.
44th Pl., Ct., 45th St., Layton St., Orchard St., Bruce St.
40th 44th
-44th St., Kostner Ave. 1 to 1600N 2400 to 2800N 3400 to 3600N 1 to 3100S.
44th St., Daniels St., Morgan Pl., Stone St., Wilson St.
-45th Ave., Kilbourn Ave. 1 to 5200N 300 to 6300S.
-45th Ct., 45th Pl. 1 to 200W 3600 to 3700W.
-45th Ct., Kilbourn Ave.
-45th Ct., Kolmar Ave. 200 to 5200N 300 to 6300S.
-45th Pl., Kilbourn Ave. 300 to 1600S.
45th Pl., Ct., Baker Ave., Bristol St., Dryburgh St., Kenwood Pl., Aurora St.
-45th Pl., Kolmar Ave., 300 to 1200S 1500 to 1600S.
-45th St., 44th Pl.
-45th St., Kilbourn Ave. 2800N to 3100S 3300 to 3600N.
-45th St., Anderson St., Byron St.
-46th Ave., Kenton Ave. 1 to 4800N 1 to 5600S.
-46th Ct., Knox Ave. 2200 to 4800N 4200 to 6300S.
-46th Ct., Swann St., 120 to 400W.
-46th Ct., 46th Pl., 600 to 700W. 2400 to 2600W 3600 to 3700W.
46th Pl., St., Boulevard Pl., Dexter Ave., Goshen St., McLennan St., University Ter., 46th Ct.
-46th Pl., Knox Ave., 300 to 600S.
-46th St., 46th Pl.125 to 200W. 125 to 200W.
-46th St., Kenton Ave. 2800N to 3100S.
46th St., Elkhart St., Fitzhue St., Railroad Ave.
-47th Ave., Kilpatrick Ave. 1 to 4925N 1 to 6300S.
-47th Ct., 47th Pl. 400 to 800W 2400 to 2500W.
-47th Ct., Keating Ave. 1400 to 5200N 4200 to 6300S.
-47th Pl., Cuyler Ave.
-47th Pl., Keating Ave. 1400 to 1600N
47th Pl., Ct., Matteson St., Park Ct., Stone St., Kenwood Park Pl., Cushman St.
-47th St., Kilpatrick Ave. 3600 to 3700N and 2800N to 950S.
47th St., Mason St.
-48th Ave., Cicero Ave. 1 to 6400N 1 to 8700S.
-48th Ct., 48th Pl. 400 to 800W 3500 to 3550W.
48th Ct., LaCrosse Ave. 200 to 5200N and 5100 to 6500S.
-48th Pl., Warner Ave. 5200 to 5400W.
48th Pl., Ct., Columbia Terr., Graylock Ave., Logan St., Vincennes Pl., Rodney St., Eione Pl.
-48th St., Belle Plaine Ave.
-48th St., Cicero Ave. 3800 to 4000N 3200N to 1200S.
48th St.
-49th Ave., Lamon Ave. 1 to 5000N 900 to 950S 5100 to 6500S.
-49th Ct., 49th Pl. 800 to 1000W 2100 to 2300W.
-49th Ct., Laporte Ave. 200 to 4800N 5100 to 6500S.
-49th Pl., 49th St.
-49th Pl., LaPorte Ave., 2000 to 2300N.
49th Pl., Ct., St., Bronson St., Concord St., Van Osdell St.
-49th Pl., Hutchinson St. 5200 to 5600W.
-49th St., Berteau Ave.
-49th St., 49th Pl.
-49th St., Lamon Ave. 1 to 1100N 2000 to 2200N 2300 to 2800N and 3800 to 4000N.
44th 49th
49th St., Pl., Hudson Ave.
-Fosler St., Hermitage Ave. 1250 to 1325N.
-Foster Ave., Constance Ave.
-Foster Ave., Gettysburg St. 5218N 5400 to 6000W.
Foster Ave., 5200N 900 to 8300W. Named after Dr. John H. Foster educator and former trustee of
the Board of Education. In the 1830s he set aside $1,000 to buy medals for students of
special merit. Clarke St., 59th St., 1st St., Gettysburg Ave., Gettysburg St., Lydia Ct.,
Foster St.,
Foster Drive, 5200N in Lincoln Park.
Foster Pl., 5200N 7000 to 7200SW.
-Foster St., Law Ave. 500 to 800S.
-Foster St., Foster Ave. 1550 to 4800W.
-Fountain Ave., Meredith Ave. 5600W 6200 to 6361N.
-Fountain St., Catalpa Ave., 1000 to 1200W.
-4th Ave., Avenue L 9500 to 10200S.
-4th Ave., Federal St., from 300 to 1400S.
-4th Ave., Mayfield Ave.
-4th Ave., Avenue F 13100 to 13399S.
-4th Ave., Champlain Ave. 650E 10600 to 10799s and 11100 to 11499S.
-4th St., Bishop St. 10800 to 11499S.
-4th St., Lessing St. 924W 800 to 866N.
-4th St., Ohio St. 650 to 4000W
14th Blvd., Drive. 1350S 350 to 600E Also was Court of Honor.
-14th Pl., 15th St. 3100 to 3199W.
14th Pl., Henry St., Wright St., Jordon Ct.
14th St., Davidson ?., Douglas Park Pl., Mitchell St., William St., Liberty St., Halleck St.
-Fowler St., Hermitage Ave. 1250 to 1325N.
-Fowler St., Schiller St. 1400N 1900 to 2199W.
-Fox Ct., Nottingham Ave. 5701 to 5719 NE at 5750N.
-Fox St., Julian St. 1320 to 1400W.
-Fox St., Throop St. 1300W 3100 to 3299S.
-Frances Ave., Arthur Ave. 1400 to 1500W.
-Francis Ct., now part of Francis Pl. and California Ave.
Francis Pl., 2100N 2600 to 2800SW. Named after John R. Francis born in New York on 18 July
1832. He died in Wheaton, Ill in 1866. He was editor of the Chicago Evening Journal and
author of many books. Cornelia Ct., St.
-Francis St., Ardmore Ave. 1234 to 1554W.
Francisco Ave., 2900W 1 to 7600N 1 to 10300S. Named after San Francisco. St., Burchell Ave.,
Choctaw Ave., Eastern Ave., Heine St., Leggate St., Oglesby St., San Francisco Ave.,
Underwood Ave., Gambrinus St.
-Francisco St., Francisco Ave. 1 to 1200N, 4000 to 4400N and 4800 to 5200N then 1 to 3900S, 7100
to 7300S, and 8100 to 8300S.
-Frank Ct., Napoleon Ave. 6425W 5800 to 5874N.
-Frank Pl., Roslyn Pl. 500 to 550W at 2500N.
-Frank St., Cambridge Ave. 2800 to 2900N.
-Frank St., Liberty St. 1338S 1050 to 1150W.
-Frankfort St., Charleston St. 2120N 2000 to 2540W.
49th Frankfort
-Franklin Ave., George St. 2400 to 3350W.
-Franklin Ave., Mayfield Ave. 1 to 1400N 1 to 200S and 900 to 1200S.
-Franklin Blvd., Central Park Blvd. 400 to 500N.
-Franklin Blvd., Sacramento Blvd. 500 to 1000N.
Franklin Blvd., 500N 3028 to 3600W. Named after Ben Franklin. Central & Humboldt Parks Blvd.,
Indiana St., Central Blvd.
-Franklin St., Lincoln Park West, 1800 to 2400N.
-Franklin St., Marmora Ave. 5400 to 5650N.
-Franklin St., Mayfield Ave. 1 to 1400N 1 to 200S and 900 to 1200S.
-Franklin St., North Park Ave. 1350 to 1799N.
-Franklin St., Sunnyside Ave. 4300 to 5150W.
Franklin St., 300W 1 to 1200N 1 to 600S. Named after Ben Franklin.
-Frazier St., Ada St. 4700 to 4900S.
-Frederick Ave., Kenwood Ave. 1342E 4700 to 9431S.
-Frederick Pl., E. 54th Pl. 5452S 1300 to 1399E.
-Frederick St. or Pl., Arlington Pl. 2468N 400 to 658W.
-Frederick St., Hirsch St. 3600 to 3950W.
-Frederick St., Talman Ave. 1600 to 1900N.
-Free St., Menard Ave., 4800 to 4975N.
-Free St., Wabash Ave. 11060 to 11100S.
-Freeman St., 34th St. 2000 to 2599W.
-Freemont St., Mildred Ave. 900W 2600 to 3000N.
-Freemont St., Hazel St. 900W 4200 to 4658N.
-Fremont St., Bryn Mawr Ave. 5850 to 6000W
Fremont St., 900W 1400 to 4000N. Named after Gen. John Fremont. Judson St., Louis St.,
Rokeby St., Smith Ave.
-French St., Colfax Ave. 7500 to 8300S.
-Frink St., Fulton St. 4400 to 6000W.
Front Ave., 415E 11300 to 12128SW. The street runs parallel with and faces the I.C.R.R. tracks.
St., Schlitz Ave.
-Front St., Front Ave. 11500 to 11800S.
-Front St., Goodrich Dock, 100 to 250E at 350N.
-Front St., Fry St. 800 to 1150W at 850N and 1200 to 1300W.
-Front St., Loomis St., Loomis Blvd. 9500 to 9899S and 10600 to 10699S.
-Front St., Ravenswood Ave. 5600 to 6000N.
Frontenac Ave., 558W 6000 to 6028S. Named after Count Dr. Frontenac Governor of New France.
He was a supporter of LaSalle in an effort to establish a colony in the modern state of
Frontier Ave., 642W 1200 to 4000N. Name comes from Ft. Dearborn which was called Frontier
Post. Beach Ct., Pleasant St., Town St.
-Fry St., Rice St. 3100 to 3150W.
Fry St., 832N 928 to 1600W. Named after Col. Jacob Fry a canal commissioner. Front St., School
Fuller St., 2800S 1301 to 1600W. Named after H.H. Fuller a real estate operator and builder.
Bridge St.
-Fullerton Ave., Fullerton Pkwy.
Fullerton Ave., 2400N 300 to 7200W. Named after Alexander Fullerton a pioneer Chicago attor-
Franklin Fullerton
ney. He was a member of the first Board of Health and the first clerk of the Town Trust-
ees. Hamburg St. 2400N 700 to 7100W.
-Fullerton Blvd., Fullerton Pkwy. 150W to 700W.
-Fullerton Ct., Cambride Ave., 2360 to 2400N.
Fullerton Drive, 2400N in Lincoln Park.
Fullerton Pkwy., Ave. Blvd. 150 to 700W.
-Fulton Ave., Albion Ave. 6600 to 6799W.
-Fulton Ave., Hayes Ave. 6800 to 7150W.
-Fulton Ave., Langley Ave. 10300 to 10800S and 11100 to 11500S
-Fulton Ave., Kilbourn Ave. 150 to 400N.
-Fulton Ave., Norwood St. 1800 to 1999W.
Fulton Blvd, Mkt., 300N 438 to 6000W. Named after Robert Fulton, who invented the steamboat in
1807. St.
Fulton Drive, 300N in Garfield Park.
Fulton Market, St., 600 to 1299W 300N.
Fulton St., 300N 438 to 6000W Frink St., Pleasant St.
-Fur St., 30th Pl.,
-Furlong St., Augusta Blvd. 3200 to 3250W.
-G Ave., Avenue G 11400 to 11799S.
-Gage Ct., Artesian Ave. 5400 to 5499S.
-Gage Pl., 56th St 2400 to 2400W.
-Gage St., Sangamon St. 944W 3500 to 3875S.
-Gage St., 37th St. 2200 to 2350W.
-Gage Park Ave., Claremont Ave. 5400 to 5599S.
Gale St., 4942N 5400 to 5500SW. Named after Abram Gale a subdivider. Edwards St.
-Galena AVe., Bloomingdale Ave. 1800N 5600 to 5999W
-Galt Ave., Agatite Ave. 4434N 800 to 999W.
-Gambrinus St., Francisco Ave., 3800 to 4000N.
-Gano Ave., Dunham Ave., W 30th St. 300 to 400E.
-Gano St., 30th St. 300 to 400E.
-Gano St., Harvard Ave. 11100 to 11800S.
-Garden St., and Pl., Gladys Ave. 318S 1025 to 1400W.
-Garden St., Merrimac Ave. 1600 to 2000N and NE
-Garden St., Wellington Ave. 2600 to 3400W.
-Gardiner Ave., Richmond St. 3600 to 4000N.
-Gardner St., Goethe St. 1326N 616 to 799W
-Gardfield Ave., Dickens Ave. 2100N 325 to 1300W and 1400 to 1450W.
-Garfield Ave., Seeley Ave. 4800 to 5000N.
-Garfield Ave., Shakespeare Ave. 3400 to 3600W.
Garfield Blvd., 5500S 1 to 358E 1 to 2400W. Named after James Garfield the 20th President of
the U.S. who was nominated in Chicago and was the second president assassinated. 55th
St., Lake Shore & Summit Rd., Pavillion Blvd., Summit & Lake Shore Rd.,
Fullerton Garfield
-Garfield Blvd., Independence Blvd. 3800W.
-Garfield Ct., Dickens Ave. 1400 to 1450W.
Garfield Drive 5900S in Washington Park.
Garfield Sq. 500N 3600 to 3650W. Same as above.
Garibaldi Pl. 1534W 800 to 963S. Named after the Italian patriot Giuseppe Garbaldi. Lowell St.,
Nixon Pl., St.,
-Garibaldi Ct., Dearborn St.
-Garibaldi St., Shields Ave. 2600 to 3300S.
GarlandCourt, 70E 1 to 136N. Named by the Michigan Stove Co. after their trade brand, the
Garland Stove. The Garland Building was on the street. Dearborn St.
-Garland Pl., Garland Ct. 1 to 150N.
-Garrard ?., Hamilton Ave.
-Garrard ?., Winchester Ave.
-Garrett St., Vacated Canalport 1700W and 3035S to 1730W and 3100S.
-Garrison Ave., Eastlake Terr.
GarveyCt., 75W 200 to 250N. Named by the city council after E. Garvey President of E. Garvey
Company of Chicago.
-Garvin Ave., Clyde Ave. 8700 to 9500S
-Gary Pl., Patterson Ave. 3630N 600 to 699W.
-Gault Ct., Cambridge Ave., 800 to 1200N
-Gault Pl., Cambridge Ave., 1000 to 1200N
-Geary St., Huguelet Ct. 124E 900 to 930N.
-Geddes St., Fairfield Ave. 200 to 350N
-Gegenheimer Ave., Eastwood Ave. 4634N 3722 to 3799W.
-Gehrke Ave., Fletcher St. 820 to 1000W.
-Gennessee Ave., Cook St., Lawndale Ave. 600 to 6600S.
-Gennesse Ave., Millard Ave. 500 to 600S.
-Gennesee Ave., N. California Ave. 4000 to 4400N in 1874 1000 to 2800N.
-Geneva St., 35th Pl. 2600 to 2799W. and 3600 to 3800W.
Geneva Terr., 600W 2200 to 2550N. Named after the Wisconsin resort which received its name
from the city in Switzerland. Diana Ct., Hamilton Ct., Larrabee St., Louis St.
-Genevra Ave., Oakley Ave., 11150 to 11500S.
-Genevieve Ave., Avers Ave. 2000 to 2400N.
-Genevieve St., May St. 1132W 1 to 922N.
Genoa Ave., 807W 8700 to 9900SW. Named after the birthplace of Christoper Columbus. Logan
-George Ave., Knox Ave. 2200 to 2399N.
-George Ave., Briar Pl. 350 to 600W.
-George Ct., Seeley Ave. 400 to 450N.
-George Pl., Kenwood Ave. 5200 to 5300S.
-George Pl., Seeley Ave. 400 to 450N.
-George St., Chestnut St. 925 to 1150W.
-George St., Waveland Ave. 4075 to 4250W and 4500 to 4700W.
-George St., Iowa St. 900 to 999W.
George St., 2900N 800 to 7200W. Named because Sam George killed the last bear at Adams and
LaSalle on 6 Oct 1834. Carroll St., Franklin Ave.
-George ?., 57th St.
Garfield George
-Georgiana Pl., 32nd St. 3700 to 3800W.
-Geraldine Ave., Kilbourn Ave. 4500W 1 to 6200N.
-Gerard St., Cortez St. 1032N 1200 to 5600W.
-Germania Ave., Jonquil Terr 1420 to 1750W.
-Germania Ave., Greenview Ave. 7600 to 7700N.
Germania Pl., 1536N 100 to 132W. Named in honor of the German people. Named after Germania
Place in Germany by the German landowners in this section. Grant St., Nebraska Ave.,
Dale Pl.
-Gettysburg Ave., Foster Ave. 5600 to 600W.
-Gettysburg Pl., Gettysburg St.
Gettysburg St., 5218N 5400 to 6000W. Named after the Civil War battle. Foster Ave., Lydia St.,
Gettysburg Pl., Dymond Pl., 59th St.
-Gibbs St., Lind Ave. 5300W 5202 to 5335NW.
-Gibbs St., Lotus Ave. 5350 to 5500N.
Giddings St., 4724N 2000 to 6400W. Named after L.R. Giddings a real estate man in Chicago in
1883. Hills Ct., Roberts Ave., Church St., Colon St., Rebecca St.
-Gifford St., Racine Ave. 1200W.
-Gilbert Ave., 54th St. 800 to 1000W.
-Gilbert Ave., Harvard Ave., 8350 to 8499S.
Gilbert Court, 700W 8401 to 8479SE. Named after James K. Gilbert real estate and subdivider
whose firm Gilbert and Givins developed much of the North side in 1872. Pl.
-Gilbert Pl., Gilbert Ct. 700W 8401 to 8479SE.
-Gilbert Pl., 13th Pl., 2650 to 2700W.
Giles Ave., 318E 3100 to 3900S. Named in memory of Lt. George L. Giles the only officer in the
Eighth Infantry killed during WWI. Forest Ave., Prairie ?.,
-Gillett Ave., Yates Ave. 9900 to 11400S
-Gilman Ave., Winchester Ave. 4400 to 5200N.
-Gillman St., 65th St. 800 to 1250E.
-Gilpin Pl., Cabrini St. 820S 400 to 1399W.
-Girard Ave., Ada St. 8700 to 9499S.
-Girard St., Ada St. 8700 to 9499S.
-Girard St., Honore St. 1850W. 1450 and 1950W to 1550N and 1850W then 1550N to 2150N.
Givins Court, 721W 8401 to 8600SE. Named after Robert C. Givins a subdivider and one of Chicago’s
leading realtors. Member of Gilbert and Givins firm.
Gladys Ave., 320S 700 to 5600W. Named by S.T. Gunderson subdivider in Rogers Park after his
daughter Gladys. Boston Ave., Garden St., Jackson Pl., St., Loomis Pl., Owasco St., Pratt
Pl., Price Pl., Scott St., Scott Pl., Studio Pl., Van Buren St., Whipple Ct., Andrew St.
-Glendale Ave., Trumbull Ave. 5500 to 5900S.
-Glengyle Pl., Carmen Ave., 850 to 999W 5034N
-Glenlake Ave., Hiawatha Ave. 4530W and 6000N to 4800W and 6175N.
Glenlake Ave., 6100N 1000 to 7800W. Named by John Lewis Cochran subdivider of the section
after Glenlake, New York. Kemper St.
GlenRoy Ave., 1425W 10700 to 10859S. Named for Glen-Roys the historical lateral roads in
Glenmore, Scotland. LaSalle St.,
-Glenside St., Glenwood St., Carpenter St., 8700 to 9100S
-Glenview Ave., Iowa St. 3600 to 4000W.
-Glenwood Ave., Carmen Ave. 5100N 838 to 7000W.
Georgiana Glenwood
-Glenwood Ave., Winchester Ave. 800 to 1200N and 1600 to 2200N.
Glenwood Ave., 1400W 4900 to 7200N. Named after glens and woods located in the section
through which the street is built. Southport Ave.
-Glenwood Pl., Walton St. 3000 to 3200W
-Glenwood St., Carpenter St. 8700 to 9100S.
-Glover Ave., Avers Ave. 2200 to 2600S
-Gloy Pl., Honore St., 1835W 2200 to 2299N
-Godefroy Ave., Estes Ave. 7100N 7400 to 7600W
-Goethe Ave., Avenue K 13300 to 13399S
Goethe St., 1300N 1 to 81E 1 to 800W. Named after Johann Goethe a German writer and poet.
Gardner St., Grand Haven Slip, Hein Pl., St., Lincoln St.
-Gold St., Crystal St. 1725 to 1800W.
-Gold St., Monitor Ave., 1600 to 2000N
-Gold St., Sangamon St. 600 to 699S.
-Goldsmith Ave., Fielding Ave. 518W 7700 to 7900SW.
-Goldsmith Ave., Normal Ave. 7500 to 7700S.
-Good St., Cabrini St. 808S 1000 to 1199W.
Goodman St., 4930N 5600 to 5726NW. Named after Charles Goodman real estate and subdivider
in 1868. He was member of the canal commission. Kept records at Camp Douglas when it
was a POW camp.
-Goodrich Dock 348N 150 E to 140 W.
-Goodspeed Ave., Honore St. 4300 to 5100S, 6300 to 8700S.
-Goodwin St., Kenmore Ave. 4800 to 6400N
-Goodwin St., 12th Pl. 3400 to 3600W.
-Gordon St., Catalpa Ave.-Gordon St., 43rd Pl. 5500N 1000 to 7900W
-Gordon St., 43rd Pl., 200 to 399W.
GordonTerr., 4140N 634 to 1000W. Named after Gen George Henry Gordon of the Civil War. He
organized the 2nd Massachusetts Volunteers for the Union. He was a member of the firm
of Simon and Gordon subdividers. Airdrie Pl.
-Gormont Ave., Lakewood Ave., 1315W 3900 to 3999N
-Goshen St., 46th Pl. 200 to 399W.
-Gould St., 60th St., 6400 to 6700W.
Governors Parkway, 400N 3400 to 3600W. Named in commemoration of Governors Palace of
Old Vincennes Ind. The first capital of the Northwest Territory.
-Grab St., Stewart Ave. 420W 1921SE to 1975S.
-Grace Ave., Albant Ave. 4000 to 4400N.
-Grace Ave., Columbia Ave. 1800 to 1950W.
-Grace Ave., Maplewood Ave., 6300 to 6600S.
-Grace Ave., Grace St. 3800N 600 to 8400W.
-Grace Ave., Harper Ave. 6200 to 6500S.
-Grace St., Burling St. 1200 to 1250N.
-Grace St., Eberhart Ave. 7300 to 7500S and 7700 to 7900S.
Grace St., 3800N 600 to 8400W. Named after Grace Gurnee, daughter of Walter S. Gurnee
mayor of Chicago in 1851 and a subdivider. Ave., Elm St., Everett St., Webster St., Wood-
land Ave.
-Graceland Ave., Irving Park Rd. 700 to 2399W
-Graceland Rd., Irving Park Rd. 700 to 2399W
Glenwood Graceland
Grady Court, 1400W 2800 to 2860SE. Named after T.J. Grady a subdivider. Church Ct., Pl.
-Grafton Ave., Rhodes Ave. 3500 to 3900S.
-Graham Ave., Justine St. 1534W 200 to 356N 3400 to 12300S
-Graham Ave., Meade Ave. 5100 to 5900S
GrahamCourt, 48E and 1335N. Named after Ernest Graham, Daniel Burnham’s assistant archi-
-Graham St., Houston Ave. 10600 to 10699S.
-Graham St., Major Ave. 4700 to 4900N
-Grand Ave., Aberdeen St. 1100W 1 to 734N.
-Grand Ave., Ashland Ave. 6700 to 7450N
-Grand Ave., Granville Ave. 950 to 2399W
-Grand Ave., Oshkosh Ave. 7759W 6501 to 6763NE.
-Grand Ave., Pratt Ave. 7400 to 7599W
-Grand Ave., Washtenaw Ave. 9900 to 11499S
Grand Ave., 521N 1 to 495E 1 to 2400NW. Named by Col. Thomas V. Owen Indian Agent 1830-
1833 and member of the first Board of Town Trustee. Owen said, “Chicago was a grand
place to live.” Indiana St., Owen St., Whiskey Point Rd.
-Grand Blvd., South Parkway, Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. 400E 3500 to 5599S.
-Grand Haven Slip., Goethe St. 1 to 99E
-Grand St., Oakley Ave. 3200 to 3650S
-Grand Terr., 76th Pl. 1500 to 1600E
-Grand View Terr., Nagle Ave. 5100 to 5900S
-Granger Ave., Vernon Ave. 420E 2740 to 13458S
-Granger St., Scott St. 200 to 400W
-Grant Ave., Gunnison St. 5600 to 5900W.
-Grant Ave., Karlov Ave. 1600 to 2400N
-Grant Ave., Washtenaw Ave. 3500 to 3900S
-Grant Ct., Dale Ct. vacated 1733W 2200S Hermitage Ave.
-Grant Pl., Ainslie St. 2000 to 2100W
-Grant Pl., Harvard Ave. 6900 to 6999S
Grant Pl., 2235N 300 to 600W. Named after Gen. U.S. Grant. Anita Terr., Cane St., Lay’s Ave.
-Grant St., Germania Pl. 1536N 100 to 132W
-Grant St., Hood Ave., 7100 to 7300W.
-Granville Ave., Ionia Ave. 4400W and 6010N to 4740W and 6240N
-Granville Ave., Hood Ave. 3000 to 3200W.
-Granville Ave., Springfield Ave. 3900W
Granville Ave., 6200N 940 to 4400W. Named after Granville, N.Y. by John Lewis Cochran a
subdivider. Grand Ave., Logan Ave., Thome Ave., Weber Ave., Grape St., Dickens Ave.
-Grape St., Dickens Ave. 1200 to 1300W.
-Grassie Ave., Talman Ave. 4200 to 5500S
-Grassmere Rd., Massac Ave. both vacated 5700W 6200 to 6100N
Gratten Ave., 1200W 3000 to 3100S. Named after Henry Gratten Irish statesman and orator.
Named by the Irish landowners of the area. Selma St., Sullivan Ct.
-Gratten Pl., 35th St., 3700 to 3800W.
-Grave Ave., Newcastle Ave. 6834W 1600 to 6558N 5200 to 5858S
-Graves Ct., St., Lawrence Ave., 530E 3200 to 3299S.
-Graves Pl., St., Lawrence Ave. 530E 3200 to 3299S
Grady Graves
-Gray St., Addison St. 3600N
-Gray St., Winnemac Ave. 5000 to 5400W
-Graylock Ave., 48th Pl. 200 to 399W
-Greeley Ave., Lloyd Ave. 1300W 3000 to 3039S
-Greeley Ct., 820W vacated 900 to 925N Morgan St.
-Greeley St., McDermott St. 1400W 2900 to 2940S
-Green St., Canal St. 4300 to 4399S
-Green St., Loomis St. 2430 to 3099S
-Green St., 38th St. 2500 to 3700W
-Green St., 57th Pl., 1 to 200W
-Green St., Peoria St. 11600 to 11699S
-Green St., Newberry St. 822W
Green St., 834W 1 to 831N. Named after Capt. Russell Green a milita officer from Chicago with
the 60th Regiment of Illinois Militia from 1842 to 1847. Alice St., Earle Pl., Euclid Ave.,
Hough Ave., Lime St., Malott Ave., 2nd St., Siegel St., Illinois Ct., Peoria St., Tucker St.,
-Green ?., Evergreen Ave. 1325N
-Green ?., Loomis St., Blvd. 1400W
-Green Bay Ave., Clark St. 1600N to city limits
-Green Bay Ave., Rush St., 800 to 1199N
Green Bay Ave., 3400E 8300 to 13600S. Named after the Indian trail and city in Wisconsin. Was
Chicago’s first road north made by the Northwest Indian trail. Avenue N, Helena Ave.,
High Ave., St.
-Green Bay Rd., Clark St.
-Greenlake Ave., Norwood St 1200 to 1400W
Greenleaf Ave., 7048N 1210 to 7500W. Named after Luther Greenleaf subdivider in 1835. Mr.
Greenleaf helped Pat Touhy carry out the will of Phillip Rogers. St., Dearborn Ave.
-Greenleaf St., Greenleaf Ave. 7048N
Greenview Ave., 1500W 800 to 7658N. Named after the town of Greenview, Illinois. Echols St.,
Germanie Ave., Hewes St., Holt St., Maple Ave., Maple Pl., Myrtle St., Perry Ave., St.,
Redgewood Ave., Rubens Ave.
-Greenwich St., Moffat St., 1852N 2000 to 2199W.
-Greenwood Ave., Altgeld St. 2300 to 5600W
-Greenwood Ave., Deming Pl. 4800 to 5000W
-Greenwood Ave., Ellis Ave. 500E
-Greenwood Ave., Keystone Ave. 3800 to 5000N
Greenwood Ave., 1100E 4216 to 13300S. Named after the noted Indian Chief of the Choctaw
Tribe. Lexington Ave.
-Greenwood Pl., Walton St. 3000 to 3200W
-Greenwood St., Altgeld St. 800 to 7200W
-Greenwood Terr., Altgeld St. 800 to 7200W
-Greer St., 38th St. 2500 to 3699W
-Gregord St., Gregory St. 5530N
-Gregory Ave., Gregory St. 5530N
Gregory St., 5530N 1400 to 7900W. Named to commemorate St. Gregory Church on this street.
Ave., Edgewater Terr., Gregord St., Gregory Ave.
Grenshaw St., 1100S 500 to 4524W. Named in honor of Honorable B. Willis Grenshaw who for a
number of years was judge of the Circuit Court and afterwards judge of the Court of
Gray Grenshaw
Appeals of Ky. He was Chief Justice at the time of his death. Ashland St., Belknap St.,
Bunker St., Charlott St., Douglas St., Edgemont Ave., 11th St., Kansas St., Koszta ?., Roe
St., Yeaton St., Ransom St.
-Gresham Ave., Justine St. 8700 to 9500S.
Gresham Ave., 3534W 2900 to 3069NE. Named after federal judge Walter Gresham judge of the
7th Judicial Circuit court.
-Griffin St., Manila Ave. 5800W 5301 to 5360NE
-Griffin St., Parker Ave. 3400 to 3500W
Walter Burley Griffin Place, 10432S 1600 to 1756W, This short street is named after a local
architect who helped plan the capital of Australia.
-Grimm Ave., Ainslie St 4827N 5200 to 5399W
-Griswald St., LaSalle St. 300 to 1050S
-Gross Ave., Paxton Ave. 9100 to 9499S
-Gross Ave., McDowell Ave. 1410W 4500 to 4699S
-Gross Ave., Talman Ave. 1600 to 1900N
-Gross Pk., Henderson St., 1700 to 1800W
-Gross St., Lester Ave. 5500W 4900 to 4948N
-Gross Terr., Whipple St. 1 to 120S.
-Gross Pkwy., Haddon Ave. 2000 to 2199W and 2300 to 2800W
-Gross Park Ave., Ravenswood Ave. 3200 to 3600N
-Grove Ave., Grover St. 4900N 5620 to 5747NW
-Grove Ave., Cullom Ave. 2800 to 3250W
-Grove Ave., Damen Ave. 2000W 7000 to 7600N
-Grove Ave., Huron St. 700N 5100 to 5999W
-Grove Ave., Newcastle Ave. 6834W 1600 6558N
-Grove Ave., S Perry Ave., 100W 5500 to 6499S.
-Grove Ct. & Pl., Shakespeare Ave. 600 to 700W
-Grove Pkwy., S. Drexel Blvd. 900E
-Grove Pwky., South Parkway 3500 to 4000S
-Grove Pl., Perry Ave., 6400 to 6499S
-Grove St., Larrabee St. 600W 800 to 1200N
-Grove St., Hale Ave. 10900 to 11000S
-Grove St., Huron St. 700N 5100 to 6000W
-Grove St., May St. 800 to 950N and 400 to 450N
-Grove St., 52nd St. 800 to 1550E
-Grove St., 104th St. 700 to 3475W
-Grove St., 108th Pl. 1800 to 2000W
-Grove St., Nagle Ave. 1600 to 2000N
-Grove St., Iowa St. 5100 to 5200W
-Grove St., Cullerton St. vacated 3100 to 3200W
Grove St., 220W 2000S to 2298SW. Named after John P. Grove south side subdivider and land-
owner back in 1889.
-Groveland Ave., Parker Ave. 4400 to 5000W
-Groveland Ct., Drew St. 10700 to 10850S
-Groveland Ct., Lowe Ave. 8400 to 8524S
-Groveland Ct., 36th Pl. 500 to 600E
Groveland Park, 3326S 600 to 658E. Named by Stephen Douglas. The street was so named be-
Gresham Groveland
cause it was a grove in the days of the settlers.
-Groveland Park Ave., Ellis Ave. 2800 to 3299S
-Groveland Terr., Howland Ave. 8800S 2100 to 2150SW
-Grover St., May St. 1132W 800 to 950N
Grover St., 4900N 5620 to 5747NW. Named after Pres. Grover Cleveland. Grove Ave.
Grower Drive 1534N 2832W Humboldt Park.
-Guernsey Ave., Kimberly Ave. 5000 to 5100N
-Guernsey Ave., Kenton Ave. 5100 to 5199N
-Guilford Ave. Madrid both vacate ran from 4950W to Caldwell Ave.
GulliksonRoad, 7000W 6140 to 6300SW. Named after Henry D. Gullikson who built a subdivision
through which the street ran.
-Gunn St., 60th Pl. 400 to 799W
Gunnison St., 4834N 800 to 7200W. Named after Frederick A. Gunnison by the subdividers
Wadsworth and Howland. Mr. F. A. Gunnison was a member of Wadsworth and Howland.
Blaine Pl., Lafayette Pkwy., St., Lawrence Ave., South Ct., Pl., Weld St., Charles Ct.,
Grant Ave.
-Gurley St., Vernon Park Pl. 850 to 1199W
-Gurnee St., LaSalle St.
-Guttenberg Ave., Avers Ave 1600 to 2400N
-H Ave., Avenue H 11400 to 11800S
Haddock Pl., 250N 1 to 75E 1 to 300W. Named after Alderman Edward Hadduck. The “u” in
Hadduck’s name was changed to “o” in the street’s name.
Haddon Ave., 1134N 1300 to 5600W. Named after the Haddon Hall a baronial mansion overlook-
ing the Wye in Derbyshire, England.Two miles from Bakewell owned by Duke of Rutland.
Castle St., Chappin St., Cross Pkwy., Gross Pkwy., Jane St., Chapin St., Parkway St.,
Prescott ?., Wallace St., Wheaton St., Will St.
Haft St., 6300N 6300 to 6358NE. Named after John Haft a local business man member of Habner
and Haft Coal Company.
-Haines Ave., 68th Pl.
-Haines St., vacated Crosby St SW to North Branch of River.
Haines St., 1100N 800 to 880SW. Named after Mayor John Haines who invested with George
Cole and J. H. Woodworth, subdividers.
Hale Ave., 1832W 10301 to 11900SW. Named after Nathan Hale, patriot. Commercial Ave.,
Grove St., Homewood Ave., Meridian Ave., Walnut St., Washington Ave.
-Hale St., Burling St. 2800 to 2950N
-Hale St., 108th Pl. 1000 to 1400W
-Hall Ave., Oglesby Ave. 9900 to 11400S
-Hall St., Burling St. 2800 to 2950N
-Hall St., 32nd St. 1800 to 2100W
-Halleck St., 14th St 1 to 150E
Halsted Parkway, 754W 6124 to 6530S.
-Halsted St., Clarendon Ave. 3773 to 4729N
Groveland Halsted
-Halsted St., Summit Ave. 800W 8450 to 8626SW
Halsted St., 800W 1 to 3764N 1 to 13000S. Named after two New York brothers William and
Caleb who helped to develop the west end of the Loop. The street was named by William
Ogden. Dyer St., Egyptian Rd., 1st St., 1st Ave.
-Hamburg St., Fullerton Ave. 2200 to 2400W
-Hamburg St., Shakespeare Ave. 2000 to 2399W
-Hamilton Ave., Harrison St. 1600 to 2399W
-Hamilton Ave., Karlov Ave. 2000 to 2400N
-Hamilton Ave., Marion Ct. 1838W 1200 to 1276N
Hamilton Ave., 2133W 2200 to 7040N 100 to 10700S. Named after Richard J. Hamilton lawyer
and real estate promoter in 1831. Allport St., Champlain St., College St., Cooper Ave., St.,
Forest View Ave., Garrard ?., Mara Ave., Wilbur Ave., Morton St., Myrtle Ave., St., Olive
St., St. Anthony’s Ct., St. Hedwig’s St., Wright Ave., St., Walleck Ct., Forest Ridge Ave.,
Rudolph Ave.
-Hamilton Ct., Geneva Terr. 600W 2200 to 2550N
-Hamilton Ct., Larrabee St., 2200 to 2400N
-Hamilton St., Albion Ave. 6950 to 7150W
-Hamilton St., 1600W 2400S vacated
-Hamilton St., Hermitage Ave. 5600 to 6000N
Hamlet Ave., 1525W 11000 to 11500S. Named by subdivider after main character in Shakespear’s
play. Illinois Ave., 2nd St.
Hamlin Ave. and Blvd., 3800W 1 to 6400N 1 to 11500S. Named by Edward J. Lewis in honor of
L.M. Hamlin landowner of that section who sold it to Lewis. Falcon St., Kerney St., Macloy
Ave., Morey Ave., Mowry Ave., St., Rothchild Ave.
-Hammond Ave., Troy St. 2600 to 3600N
-Hammond St., Orleans St., 310W 1700 to 1899N
Hampden Court, 435W 2600 to 2778N. Named by John S. Wright who was born in Massachu-setts
after Hampden County, MA. Hampden St.
-Hampden St., Hampden Ct. 435W 2600 to 2778N
-Hancock St., Drake Ave., 3524W 1600 to 2399N
-Hanover St., Belden Ave. 2200 to 2400W
-Hanover St., Canal St. 2300 to 5300S
-Hanover St., Eggleston Ave. 5900 to 6000S
-Hanscom Rd., 7000W 6020 to 6232SW. Named after P.L. Hanscom, a member of the firm of P.L.
Hanscom and Company.
-Hankins St., LeClaire Ave. 400 to 800N
-Hansen Ave., Carmen Ave. 2400W to 2500W.
-Hanson Ave., Carmen Ave. 2400 to 2500W.
-Hanson Ave., Mason Ave. 2150 to 2400N
-Harbine St., 19th St at 1600W 1200 to 2400W
Harbor Ave., 3428E 9100 to 9400SW. Named after Calumet Harbor.
Harbor Drive, 400E 151 to 170N. Street named because it is close to the Monroe Street Harbor.
-Hardin Pl., 29th St.
Harding Ave., 3935W 240 to 6300N 1200 to 11100S. Named after William Harding real estate
investor in the Northwest section of the city. Or Capt Frederick Harding who organized
the first Union company of soldiers in Chicago. Chase St., May St., Miltmore Ave., Mittman
Ave., Moore Pl., Reece Ave., Summers Ave., Syracuse Ave., Winthrop Ave.
Halsted Harding
-Harding Ave., Avers Ave. 4800 to 5200N
-Harding Blvd., Harding Ave., 3600 to 3899N
Harlem Ave., 7200W 1600 to 7600N 5200 to 6500S. Named by Henry Austin after a railroad
station in Oak Ridge was a favorite spot of the Indians and was called Indian Village now
known as Oak Park. 72nd Ave., Washington Ave., St., Western Ave.
-Harling St., Springfield Ave. 4400 to 4500N
-Harmon Ct., 11th St. 1 to 99E
-Harmon Pl., 11th St. 1 to 99E
-Harper Ave., Howland Ave. 8800S 2100 to 2150SW
Harper Ave., 1500E 5000 to 9450S. Named after William Rainey Harper the first president of the
University of Chicago from 1891 to 1906. Edgerton Ave., Grace Ave., Jefferson Ave.,
Rosalie Ave., Rosalie Ct., Washington Ave.
-Harriet St., Rockwell St. 2600 to 3100S
-Harris St., Lawndale Ave. 1400 to 1600S
-Harrison Ave., Dobson Ave. 9000 to 9299S
-Harrison Ct.,
Harrison St., 600S 1 to 100E 1 to 6000W. Named after William Harrison the 9th president of the
United States. Hamilton Ave., Sebor St., 7th St.
-Harry St., Washtenaw Ave. 2900 to 3050S
-Hart Ave., Campbell Ave. 3300 to 5550S
-Hart St., Campbell Ave. 3300 to 5550S
Hart St., 1921W 400 to 429N. Named after C. Hart landowner and subdivider in 1888.
Hartland Court, 1735W 500 to 545N. Named by C. Hart for his property. Broom St.
-Harper St., vacated 1600 to 1650W ran 1/2 block between Taylor and Roosevelt
Hartwell Ave., 126E 6554 to 6658S. Named after E.A. Hartwell subdivider in 1873 active mem-
ber of Ilett and Hartwell, subdividers.
Harvard Ave., 319W 6300 to 12700S. Named after education center. St., Drew St., Dunham Ave.,
Durham Ave., Gano ?., or Gato ?., Gilbert Ave., Grant Pl., Lormon Ave., Shields ?., Tracy
-Harvard St., Arthington St. 2400 to 3199W and 3600 to 4799W
-Harvard St., Harvard Ave. 6300 to 12300S
-Harvey St., 1700W 2600S vacated
-Harvey St., 63rd Pl. 650 to 800W
-Harvey St., Dickens Ave. 2100N 1800 to 1999W
Haskins Ave., 1700W 7760NW. Named by S.T. Gunderson after his married daughter Gladys
Hastings St., 1334S 1150 to 2158W. Named after Hiram Hastings an early settler. 13th Pl., 12th
-Hathaway St., School St. 4600 to 4800W
-Haugan Ave., Wayne Ave. 3600 to 3900N
HaussenCourt, 3900W 3000 to 3128NE. Named after Fred Haussen owner of property street was
built through. Crawford Ave.
-Haven St., 30th Pl. 330 to 399W
-Hawk St., Cambridge Ave. 2300 to 2350N
-Hawhe Ave., Oglesby Ave. 13400 to 13800S
-Hawkins St., LeClaire Ave. 400 to 799N
-Hawley Ave., Kirkland Ave. 4340W 2200 to 8100S
Harding Hawley
-Hawthorn Ave., Winneconna Pkwy. 7801S 400 to 1893W
-Hawthorne Ave., Kingsbury St. 850N and 600W to 2100N and 1400W
Hawthorne Pl., 3418N 500 to 598W. Named after Nathaniel Hawthorne of literature fame.
-Hayes Ave., Arthur Ave. 1400 to 1510W
-Hayes Ave., Loyola Ave. 1000 to 1399W
-Hayes Ave., 106th Pl. 3100 to 3050E
Hayes Ave., 6535N 6601 to 7056W. Named after Samuel Hayes city comptroller in 1862. From
1848 to 1849 he acted as chairman of the committee on education. In 1867 he was selected
as a member of the Board of Trustees for the city. Blaine St., Fulton Ave., Irena St.
-Hayes Blvd., Wrightwood Ave. 4400 to 4799W
-Hayes St., Drummond Pl. 3400 to 5599W
Hayes Drive, 6300S. Sgt.Hayes fought in the battle of Ft. Dearborn.
Hayford St., 7535S 3600 to 3940W. Named after John Fillmore Hayford American Civil
Engineer and director of the College of Engineering at Northwestern University. He was chief of
Geodetic Division of the U.S. Coast. During WWI he was a member of the National Advi-
sory Board on Aeronautics in Washington, D.C. He died in March, 1925. Walnut St.
-Haynes Ave., Dakin St. 2400 to 2500W
Haynes Court, 1400W 2800 to 3048SE. Named by William Haynes, subdivider. St.
-Haynes St., Haynes Ct.
-Hazel Ave., Bell Ave. 2234W
-Hazel Pl., Hazel St. 4200 to 4400N
-Hazel St., 101st Pl. 2000 to 2050W
-Hazel St., 106th St. 800 to 1420W
Hazel St., 900W 4200 to 4658N. Named after the Hazel nut. Freemont St., Hazel Pl.
-Hazelhurst Ave., Madrid Ave. both vacate 6352NE to 6340NE
-Hazelton Ave., Lawler Ave. 5500N and 5050W to 5600N and 4900W
-Heald Ave. Campbell St., Camp ?., all vacate 3000S and 1700W SW to 3100S and 1800W.
-Heald St., Parnell Ave. 5900 to 6000S.
-Hearst Square 350W 1 to 10N vacated
Heath Ave., 2324W 1300 to 1359S. Named after Mayor Monroe Heath, 1876-77. Willis Ct.
-Herbert Ave., Springfield Ave. 4800 to 5050N
-Hecker Ave., Highland Ave. 1400 to 1800W
-Hedding Ave., 67th Pl.
-Hedges St., Cuyler Ave. 800 to 900W
-Heffron Ave., 106th Pl. 1700 to 1799W
-Hegewisch Ave., Brandon Ave. 3200E 7900 to 13558S
-Hegewisch Ave., South Shore Dr.
-Hein Pl., Goethe St. 1300N 400 to 499W.
-Hein St., Goethe St., 1300N 99 to 799W
-Heine St., Francisco Ave. 1600 to 4400N
-Heldmaier Ave., Eleanor St. 1200W 2500 to 2870SW
-Heldmaier Ave., 25th St. 1000 to 1200W
-Helen Ct., 2330W 2600 to 2699N vacated
-Helena Ave., Green Bay Ave.
-Henderson St., Hermitage Ave. 2600 to 2799N vacated
-Henderson St., Dakin St. 4800 to 5800W
Henderson St., 3336N 1250 to 7033W. Named after A.H. Henderson a subdivider in 1886. Homer
Hawthorn Henderson
Ave., Otto St., School St., Marson Ave., Madsen Ave., Gross Pk.
-Hendrick St., Newland Ave. 3200 to 3400N
-Hennepin St., 6000N 5400 to 5580W. Named after Fr. Louis Hennepin a companion of LaSalle
and author of the book, FAMOUS NEW DISCOVERIES. Crescent Rd.
Henry Court, 2100N 2769 to 2786W. Named after Louis Henry a landowner and subdivider of the
area of Summerdale.
-Henry Pl., 33rd St. 600 to 700E
-Henry St., Walton St. 5800 to 5999W
-Henry St., 14th Pl., 400 to 2000W
-Henshaw Ave., Leavitt St. 1800 to 2400N
Hermione Ave., 6225N 6300 to 6358NW. Named after the daughter of Helen and Menelaus and
wife of Neoptolamus and Orestes.
-Herman ?., Jeffery Ave. 2000E
Hermitage Ave., 1734W 34 to 7800N 300 to 9100S. Name of the home of Andrew Jackson in
Nashville. Bloom St., Commercial St., Dale Ct., Evarts Ave., 1st St., Florence Ct., Fosler
St., Fowler St., Grant Ct., Hamilton St., Henderson St., Lull Pl., Meadow Lane., Page St.,
Ridgeville Rd., Samuel St., Welken St., Wood St., Malvern Ave., Osborn St.,
Hermosa Ave., 1700W 10835 to 11453SW. Word means “beautiful”. Name comes from the Hermosa
Beach of San Bernardino, Calif. Fairfield Ave.
-Hernart St., Bernard St. 3350 to 3400N
-Herndon Ave., Lakewood Ave 1300W 3200 to 3899N.
-Herndon St., Lakewood Ave. 1300W 2000 to 3899N
-Herndorn St., Lakewood Ave. 1300W 2000 to 3899N
-Herring St., Ada St. 6000 to 6100S
-Hervey St., Dickens Ave., 2100N 1800 to 1999W.
-Hesing Ave., School St. 2950 to 3200W
-Hewes St., Greenview Ave. 1600 to 1700N
-Hewitt Ave., Merrill Ave., 2125E
-Hews Ave., Crandon Ave. 9900 to 11399S and 11600 to 11900S
-Heyclon St., California Ave. 2800W
-Heyden St., Thorndale Ave., 5900N 6400 to 6899N.
Hiawatha Ave., 4520W 6000 to 7100NW. Name of character in Longfellow’s poem. Glenlake Ave.,
-Hiawatha Dr., Hiawatha Ave.
-Hibbard Ave., Kenwood Ave. 5100 to 5299S
-Hickling Ave., 53rd Pl. 800 to 999W
-Hickory Ave., 101st St. 1600 to 1800W
Hickory Ave., 832W 947 to 1357NW. Meeting place of settlers was called Hickory Creek. Named
after food made from nuts of this tree.
-Hickory St., Hillock Ave., 1100-1599W., 2500S to 2999S.
-Hickory St., Oak St. 1 to 160E
-Hickory St., Rockwell St. 3100 to 5100S
Higgins Ave., 4900N 5401 to 7900NW. Named after Van H. Higgins Superior Court judge, real
estate operator and subdivider. One of the founders of the Chicago Historical Society. Rd.,
Maynard St.
-Higgins Rd., Higgins Ave.
Higgins Rd., 5800N 8401W 6100N at 9200W.
Hendrick Higgins
-High Ave., Green Bay Ave., High St., Aberdeen St. 10300 to 11400S.
-High St., Aberdeen St. 10500 to 10699S.
-High St., Green Bay Ave.
-High St., Janssen Ave., 1420W fr. 2200 to 2799N.
-High St., Knox Ave. 3200 to 3600N
-High St., Mozart St. 2834W.
-High St., Nashville Ave. 1600 to 2000N.
-High St., 105th Pl. 1425 to 1500W.
-High St., Burton Pl. 150 to 200W.
-Highland Ave., Karlov Ave., 1200 to 1300N.
-Highland Ave., Leavitt St. 9100 to 10699S.
-Highland Ave., Ozanam Ave., 6400 to 6800N.
Highland Ave., 6330N 1400 to 7400W. Named after the Town of Highland Park also named be-
cause of the high location. Devon Ave., Edgewater Pl., Ficher Ave., Fisher Ave., Hecker
Ave., Isidor St., Locust St., Logan St., Newell Ave., Wells Pl., St.
Hill St., 1100N 153 to 370W. Named after D. Hobart Hills. Cedar St., Hills St.
-Hilldale Ave., Wolcott Ave., 1900W 6700 to 7599N.
-Hilliard Ave., Thorndale Ave. 5900N.
-Hilliard St., Hunt Ave., 8817S 2000 to 2048SW.
-Hilliard St., Throop St., 10300 to 10699S
Hillock Ave., 1100W 2501 to 2900SW. Named after Charles Hillock alderman in 1884 and inter-
ested in real estate. Hickory St., 1100 to 1599W. 2500 to 2999S.
-Hills Ct., Giddings St. 1500 to 1600W.
-Hills St., Hill St. 1100N 153 to 370W.
-Hill St., Natoma Ave., 1600 to 2000N.
-Hillside Ave., Morgan St. 8700 to 9099S.
-Hinkley Ave., Drake Ave., 3350 to 3600N.
-Hinkley AVe., Lowell Ave. 1600 to 2600N.
-Hinman St., 21st Pl., 1300 to 3100W.
-Hinman St., 115th St.
-Hinsche St., Ogden Ave., 1500N 600 to 699W
-Hinsdale St., Chestnut St. 1 to 200E and 150 to 385W.
-Hirsch Blvd., Hirsch St. 1400N 2200 to 2799W.
-Hirsch St., Schiller St. 1900 to 2200W.
Hirsch St., 1400N 2200 to 6000W. Named after Clemens Hirsch alderman of the 14th Ward in
1881. Blvd., Frederick St., Nelson Ave., Weage Ave.
-Hoard St., 50th Pl.
-Hobart Ave., Neva Ave. 5900 to 6290N.
Hobart Ave., 5636N 6800 to 7100W. Named after Dr. H. M. Hobart, landowner and subdivider in
Wrightwood in 1874. Elm St., Ericsson St., Neva Ave.
Hobbie St., 1031N 400 to 666W. Named after Albert G. Hobbie landowner and subdivider in 1842.
Hobson Ave., 1700W 2060 to 2088NE. Named after Gen. E. H. Hobson Civil War cavalry officer.
He captured the Confederate Gen. John Morgan in Ohio. Paulina Pl.
-Hodge St., Hyacinth St., 6100N 6135 to 6358SW.
Hoey St., 1000W 2700 to 2708SW. Named after Thomas Hoey, subdivider.
-Hoffman Ave., Rockwell St. 2120 to 3200N.
Holbrook St., 6100N 6200 to 6360W. Named after Captain William Holbrooks. Carter St.
High Holbrook
-Holbrook ?., Taylor St. 1000S.
-Holcomb Ave., Avondale Ave. 3200N to 4000W.
-Holden Pl., Holden Ct.
-Holden St. 327W vacated 1200 to 1399S.
Holden Court, 25E 1 to 150N 500 to 2100S. Named after Charles C.P. Holden a member of the city
council 1861-72. He promoted the city water intake tunnel system out to the cribs. Victoria
Alley, Holden Pl.
Holland Rd., 500W 8500 to 9100SE. Named by subdivider firm of Birhoff, Ruccock, and Altgelt as
the Holland Settlement Road due to Dutch influence. Possible Irish inventor of the subma-
rine. Holland Settlement Rd., Thornton Rd.
-Holland Settlement Rd., Holland Rd., Thornton Rd. 8300 to 8500SE.
-Hollowell St., Lockwood Ave. 4950 to 5200N.
Hollett Drive 6800S in Marquette Park. R.P. Hollett was the attorney for the South Park District
from 1899 to 1908.
Holly Ave., 1620W 2004 to 2695NW. Named after the Christmas flower. Evergreen Ct., North Pl.
Hollywood Ave., 5700N 950 to 4500W. Named after the film capital of the world. Named by
subdivider John Lewis Cochran. Olive St., Cook St.
-Holmes St., Carpenter St., 5600 to 5700S and 5900 to 6050S.
-Holstein Park 2300W 2100 to 2199N.
-Holstein Ave., Oakley Ave. 1850 to 2500N.
-Holt St., Greenview Ave., 1500W 800 to 1699N.
-Homan Ave., Devon Ave. 950 to 1600W.
-Homan Ave., Kimball Ave. 3000 to 3375N and 4000 to 4400N.
Homan Ave., 3400W 1 to 200N 1 to 11700S. Named by Homan Land Assn. which laid out the
subdivision in the district. Joseph Homan was the contractor for Homan and Brown & Co.
Maple Ave., Oakley St., St. Charles St., Homan Blvd.,
Homan Blvd., 3400W 1 to 199N., Homan Ave.
-Homan St., 33rd Pl. 1600 to 1875W.
-Home Ave., Fargo Ave. 7400N 1800 to 3199W.
-Home Ave., Sayre Ave. 5100 to 5899S.
-Homer Ave., Henderson St. 1800 to 2000W.
Homer St., 1933N 1532 to 5200W. Named after Homer author of Illiad and Odyessey. Armitage
Ct., Ashford Ave., Church St., Crossing St., Bond St.
Homewood Ave., 1820W 10901 to 11700S. Named after the town of Homewood, Illinois. One of
the first towns outside of Chicago. Crescent Ave., Walker Ave., Park Crescent, Fairfield
Ave., Medora St.
-Homewood Ave., Hale Ave. 11100 to 11500S.
-Honore St., Parnell Ave. 6300 to 7099S.
Honore St., 1827W 900 to 7355N 1 to 11900S. Named after Henry Honore who promoted Chicago
parks. He is often considered responsible for the city’s park system. He was also a land-
owner and subdivider. Augusta St., Clayton Ct., Dudley ?., Fontenoy Pl., Girard St., Gloy
Pl., Goodspeed Ave., Honore ?., Hoyne St., Macedonia St., Newton St., Park Ct., Horan
Ave., Miller Ct., Short St., Smart St., Sarak Ave., First St., Ravenswood Ave., Ravenswood
Hood Ave., 6141N 1200 to 7800W. Named after David Hood a subdivider. Grant St., Grant Pl.,
Granville Ave., Logan St.
Hooker St., 800W 932 to 1255NW. Named after General Joseph Hooker of the Civil War era.
Holbrook Hooker
North Canal St.
-Hoosier Ave., Blue Island Ave.
-Hope Ave., Blackstone Ave. 6200 to 6700S.
-Hope St., 724S 900 to 999W Lexington St.
-Hopkins Ave., Princeton Ave. 3900 to 4100S
-Hopkins St., Princeton Ave. Also spelt Hopking. 3900 to 4100S.
HopkinsPlace, 8825S 1942 to 2137SW. Named after J.W. Hopkins member of the subdivider firm
of Pryor and Hopkins. Hopkinson Pl.
-Hopkinson Pl., Hopkins Pl. 2025W and 8950S to 1950W and 8825S.
-Horan Ave., 1900W 5200-5299N. Honore St.
-Horicon Ave., Seeley Ave. 10100 to 10300S.
-Hosmer Ave., 1600 to 1999N at 5100W, LeClaire Ave.
Hortense Ave., 6263N 7412 to 7800W. Named after Hortense De Baauharnais member of the
Bonaparte family.
-Horton Ct., 93rd Pl., 1600-1999W.
-Hotchkiss St. 1500 to 1548N 850W vacated.
-Hough Ave., Green St. 9100 to 10300S.
-Hough Pl., and Ct., Salt St., Corbett St. 950W 2500 to 2600SE.
-Hough St., 100th Pl., 1200 to 1999W.
-Houseen Ct., same as Haussen Ct.
-Houston Ave., Carondolet Ave. 13000 to 13450S.
Houston Ave., 3026E 8000 to 13600S. Named after Gen Sam Houston Texas president before
territory entered Union. Graham St., Parnell Ave., Reade Ave., Reade St., Cedar St.,
Stephens St.
-Houston St., Paulina St. 1200 to 1300N.
-Howard St., Brainard Ave. 13400 to 13699S.
-Howard Ave., Howard St. 1300 to 1999W.
-Howard Ave., Kildare Ave. 1600 to 2700N.
-Howard Ave., Mason Ave. 1 to 1199N and 1 to 199S.
-Howard Ave., Paxton Ave. 13400 to 13800S.
-Howard Ave., Throop St. 1300W.
-Howard Ct., Vanderpoel Ave. 9300 to 9899SE.
-Howard St., 63rd Pl., 650 to 800W.
-Howard St., Prairie Ave. 11500 to 11799S.
-Howard St., Walton St. 3000 to 3199W.
-Howard St., 17th St., 2200 to 2399W.
Howard St., 7600N 1308 to 7700W. Named after Howard Uhr, son of John Uhr. He donated the
right of way on Howard Street to the city. Roger Touhy and John Uhr went to the same
school. Ave., Woodbine Ave.
Howe St., 625W 1100 to 2050N. Named after Edward G. Howe member of Hambleton and Howe
subdivider of Pine Grove district in 1888. Chatham Ct., Otis St., Selah St., Seelye St.
-Howe St., 95th Pl. 1750 to 1800W.
Howland Ave., 8800S 2100 to 2150SW. Named after George Howland superintendent of schools.
He was a early high school principal. Groveland Terr., Harper Ave.
Hoxie Ave., 2600E 9500 to 13800S. Named after John R. Hoxie who built the first cable car line in
Chicago. Ashkum Ave., Colfax Ave., Kingston Ave., Merrill Ave., Spencer Ave.
-Hoyne Ave., Seeley Ave. 2034W.
Hoosier Hoyne
Hoyne Ave., 2100W 1 to 7600N 1 to 11200S. Named after Thomas Hoyne one of the founders of
the Chicago Historical Society and the Chicago College of Law. He was killed in a rail-
road accident on 27 July 1883 at the age of 63. St., Armida St., Bradwell Ave., Campbell
St., Cypress St., Ellery Ave., Huck Ave., Hoyne Ct., Lothair Ave.
-Hoyne St., Honore St. 1827W.
-Hoyne Ct., Hoyne Ave. 2110W 1600 to 1630N.
Hoyt Ave., 2250W 3200 to 3300S. Named after Henry Hoyt landowner and subdivider. Bross Ct.
-Hoyt Ave., 60th Pl. 6500 to 6599W.
-Hoyt St., Union Ave. 6300 to 6700S.
-Hubbard Pl., Balbo Ave. 1 to 99E.
-Hubbard St., Cleveland Ave., 1500 to 2399N.
-Hubbard St., Long Ave. 5400 to 5550N.
Hubbard St., 440N 1 to 164E 1 to 5600W. Named after Gurdon S. Hubbard who came to Chicago
in 1818. The first merchant, meat packer, and fur trader in Chicago. Austin Ave., Linden
St., Michigan St.
-Hubbard’s Trail, Archer Ave., 1S to 2500S 800W SW.
-Hubbs St., Parnell Ave 3300 to 3499S.
-Hubbs St., Wallace St., 3300 to 3499S.
-Huber Pl., and St., Medill Ave., 2332N 1200 to 1299W.
-Huck Ave., Hoyne Ave. 4800 to 5000N.
-Huck Ct., Drummond Pl., 2634N.
-Hudson Ave., 49th St.
Hudson Ave., 435W 658 to 3200N. Named after Henry Hudson an English explorer who discov-
ered the Hudson River in April, 1610. Church St., East Ct., Lincoln Pl., Michael St.,
Townsend St.
-Hudson Ave., Sacramento Ave. 2600 to 3000N.
-Hudson St., 34th Pl. 2400 to 2599W.
-Huguelet Ct., Geary St., vacated 120E 800 to 999N.
-Huguelet Place, 124E 900 to 930N.
-Hull Ave., Mozart St. 1100 to 1200S
-Hull St., St. Michael Ct. 1700 to 1775N.
-Humboldt Ave., Cortez St. 2400 to 4800W.
-Humboldt Ave., Kedzie Ave. 2200 to 2600N.
-Humboldt Ave., Palmer St. 3200 to 7199W.
-Humboldt Ave., Richmond St. 4000 to 4400N.
-Humboldt Ave., Wrightwood Ave. 3200 to 3299W.
-Humboldt Ave., Whipple St. 2600 to 3400N.
-Humboldt Blvd., Logan Blvd.
Humboldt Blvd., 3000W 1600 to 2169N. Named after Baron Von Humboldt, a German travelor and
naturalist. Named by Hess & Hansbrough. Along with H. Greenbaum subdivided land and
is known as the Father of Humboldt Park.
Humboldt Drive, 3000W in Humboldt Park.
-Humboldt Park Blvd., Kedzie Blvd.
-Humboldt St., Richmond St. 815 to 4600N and 300 to 8300S.
-Humboldt St., North Park Ave. 1350 to 1600N.
-Humphrey Ave., McVicker Ave. 5100 to 5900S.
Hunt Ave., 8817S 2000 to 2048SW. Named after Leander Hunt a Chicago Police Captain in 1854
Hoyne Hunt
and awarded the bravery medal for action in the beer riots. Somerset Terr., Hilliard St.
-Hunt St., Race Ave. 1200 to 1250W.
-Hunter Ave., Addison St. 1800W to 4800W.
-Hunter Ave., Menard Ave. 2000 to 5800N.
-Hunting Ave., Kostner Ave. 4000 to 4699N.
-Huntington St., Argyle St. 4800 to 5400W.
Huntington St., 6134N 6100 to 6356SW. Named after A.V. Huntington the States Attorney in 1837.
He led the conviction of the first murderer in Chicago (John Stone). Another possi-bility is
after Samuel Huntington a signer of the Declaration of Independence.
-Hurlbut St., Cleveland Ave. 1250 to 2400N.
Hurlbut St., 5800N 6500 to 6944W. Named after Henry Hurlbut author and subdivider. Walnut
-Huron St., Bernard St., 3800 to 4000N
Huron St., 700N 1 to 447E 1 to 6000W. Named after the Lake word means rough haired from the
Huron Indians. Grove Ave., St., Pratt St., 2nd St., Superior St., Phillips St.
-Hussum St., Dickens Ave. 2800 to 3000W.
-Hutchinson Ave., Windsor Ave. 3720 to 3799W.
-Hutchinson Ave., Hutchinson St. 4650 to 4800W.
Hutchinson St., 4231N 700 to 5600W. Named after Charles Hutchinson banker and art patron. He
commissioned John Root to build the building to hold the Institutes’ works until 1892. Aubert
Ave., 49th Pl., Kenesaw Terr., Melville Pl., Asbury Terr., Van Buren St.
Hyacinth St., 6100N 6135 to 6358SW. Named after the flower. Plain St., Washburne St., Hodge
-Hyde Park Ave., Lake Park Ave. 3900 to 5700S.
-Hyde Park Ave., Stony Island Ave. 5600 to 8100S.
Hyde Park Blvd., 5100S 900 to 1631E then South to 5600. Named by Paul Cornell after Hyde Park
London and New York. East End Ave., 51st St., Laurel St., Park Ave.
Hyde Park Drive 1700E in Jackson Park.
-Hyde Park Terr., Berkeley Ave. 5200 to 5299S.
-Hydraulic Pl., 184S 1 to 199W (alley)
-Hyman Ave., Cicero Ave. 3900 to 8699S and 1 to 1599N.
-Hyndman St., Balmoral Ave.
-I Ave., Avenue J 11400 to 11700S.
Ibsen St., 6900N 7200 to 7700W. Named after Henrik Ibsen dramatist. Vernon Ave.
-Ida St., Flournoy St. 4600 to 4799W.
-Ida St., Tremont St. 400 to 600W.
-Idaho St., Claremont Ave. 800 to 1025S and 400 to 600S.
-Iglehart Ct., Iglehart Pl., 500E 2600 to 2799S.
-IglehartCourt, 500E 2612 to 2742SE. Named after N.P.Iglehart, subdivider in 1881. Iglehart Pl.,
Broadway Ave.
-Iglehart St., Oakley Ave. 1200 to 2599S.
-Ignatious St., 6464N 7100 to 7199W Arthur Ave.
Hunt Ignatious
-Illinois Ave., 11200 to 11400S State Line Rd.
-Illinois Ave., Baker Ave. 3015E.
-Illinois Ave., Hamlet Ave. 11100 to 11900S
-Illinois Central Pier, 150N to 350N at 175E, vacated.
-Illinois Ct., 3200 to 3299S Green St.
Illinois St., 500N 1 to 460E 1 to 400W. Named after the State.
Imlay St., 6500N 6500 to 7054SW. Named after Gilbert Imlay author of Topgraphical Descrip-tion
of Western Territory of North America. Warren Ave.
-Imperial Ct., 260S 50 to 130W. (priv)
-Imperial St., 6700N 7600 to 7799W North Shore Ave.
-Inanda Ave., Denvir Ave. 500 to 600S.
Independence Blvd., 3800W 503 to 1400S. Named after the Declaration of Indepedence. Garfield
Blvd., Douglas Blvd.
-Independence Pl., 4600 to 4799W Wayman St.
Independence Sq., 3800W 1400 to 1418S. Same as above.
-India St., Kelso Ave. 4200W.
-Indian Ave., Rogers Ave. 5300W.
-Indian Ridge, Ewing Ave. 3600E.
-Indian Boundary Line Rd., 3000E at 9500S to 1300W at 13800SW.
-Indian Boundary Line Rd., Rogers Ave.
-Indian Boundary Line Rd., Forest Preserve Ave. or Rd., 3350N and 8350W NE to 4000N to 7300W.
Indian Road, 5300W 5700 to 6400N. Street runs along southern boundary of the Billy Caldwell
Indian reservation. Elston Ave.
-Indiana Ave., Nassau Ave. 6400W.
-Indiana Ave., Osceola Ave. 6800 to 7199N.
Indiana Ave., 200E 1200 to 13800S. Named after State and Indian tribe. Kankakee ?.,
-Indiana Blvd., Indianapolis Ave. 10050S and 3650E to 10599S and 4100E.
-Indiana St., 53rd St.
-Indiana St., Ferdinand St. 3600 to 5499W.
-Indiana St., Franklin Blvd. 500N.
-Indiana St., Grand Ave. 500E to 2400W.
Indianapolis Ave., 3600E at 10000S to 4044E at 10576S Named for the city of Indianapolis,
Indiana. Indiana Blvd.
Indianapolis Blvd. 3635E 10051 to 10576SE. Named after the capital of Indiana.
-Indianapolis St., Keeler Ave. 4200W.
-Indian Boundary Line Rd., Rogers Ave., 5200N and 5350 W to 7699N and 1350W.
-Infula St., 6424N 6600 to 6799W, Schreiber Ave.
-Ingamar Ave., Nassau Ave. (also spelt Ingomar). 6400W.
Ingleside Ave., 922E 4700 to 13500S. Named after summer resort town of Ingleside, Illinois. Ellis
Ave., Schell Ave., Shell Ave., Wharton Ave.
-Ingraham St., 1330N 1300 to 1399W Evergreen Ave.
-Inkerman St., Princeton Ave., Portland Ave. 4501W 4621S.
Institute Place, 830N 152 to 340W. Named given for the street on account of the Bible Institute
founded by Dwight Moody. Pearson St.
-Ione Pl., 48th Pl., 400 to 499E.
Ionia Ave., 4400W 630 to 7200NW. Named after town in Greece. Granville Ave.
-Ionia Ave., Rosemont Ave., 4800 to 4834W.
Illinois Ionia
-Iowa St., Flournoy St. 621S.
Iowa St., 900N 1800 to 6000W. Named after Hawkeye State and helps keep alive the memory of
the Sioux tribe which was their home state. Catharina St., Cornell St., George St., Glenview
Ave., Grove St.
-Irena St., Hayes Ave. 6524N 6650 to 6750W.
Irene Ave., 3136W 3215 to 3245N. Named after Irene Gross whose grandfather Charles E. Gross
was a landowner in 1860. Linden Ave., Avondale Ave.
-Iron St., 118th Pl 1 to 200E.
Iron St., 1400W 3400 to 3900S. Iron city of Pittsburgh celebrated for its iron industries.
-Iroquois Ave., 6735N 7699 to 7799W Columbia Ave.
-Irvine Ave., Lawndale Ave. 1800 to 2400N.
Irving Ave., (Pvt) 2221W from 3900 to 3950S.
-Irving Ave., Bell Ave. 300 to 6515N.
-Irving Ave., Claremont Ave. 5700 to 6300S.
-Irving Ave., Kedvale Ave. 4550 to 4650N and 4800 to 5000N.
-Irving Ave., Keeler Ave. 3470 to 4550N.
-Irving Ave., Kelso Ave. 4200W 4600 to 4756NW.
-Irving Ave., Tripp Ave. 4234W.
-Irving St., Roscoe St. 6800 to 7000W.
-Irving Place., Bell Ave., 300 to 399N.
-Irving Park Ave., Irving Park Rd. 4000N.
-Irving Park Blvd., Irving Park Rd. 4000N.
Irving Park Drive, 4000N in Lincoln Park.
Irving Park Road, 4000W 643 to 8900W. Named by Major Noble who owned all the land in the
section known as Major Noble Farms after Washington Irving. Ave., Blvd., Albert St.,
Graceland Ave., Rd.
-Irvingwood Ave., Pacific Ave. 8000W, 3700 to 3999N.
-Irwin Ave., 2547W 3800 to 3899S Maplewood Ave.
-Irwin Ave., Lawndale Ave., 1800 to 2400N.
-Irwin St., 17th St. 400 to 500W.
-Isabella Ave., Eastwood Ave. 2300 to 2400W.
-Isbella Ave., 113th St. 2225 to 2300W.
-Isabel Ct., 18th Pl., 1850S 3100 to 3200W.
-Isbella St., Walton St. 3350 to 3999W.
-Isham Ave., 6400N 7000 to 7199W Devon Ave.
Isham Ave., 6400N 7400 to 7700W. Named after Dr. Ralph Nelson Isham one of the founders of the
Chicago Medical College North Western Medical School. He was prominent in the Sani-
tary Commission. Eunice Ave.
-Isidor St., Highland Ave. 6775 to 6850W from 6334N to 6335N.
-Ivy St., 7124N 7200 to 7999W Fitch Ave.
-J Ave., Avenue J: 11400 to 11699S.
-Jackson Ave., Palmer St., 4000 to 4400W.
Iowa Jackson
-Jackson Ave., Estes Ave. 1200 to 2100W
-Jackson Ave., Maryland Ave. 5300 to 8699S.
Jackson Blvd., 300S 1 to 100E 1 to 5600W. Named after President Andrew Jackson. Jackson St.
Jackson Drive 300S in Grant Park.
-Jackson Pl., Gladys Ave.
-Jackson St., Gladys Ave. 2100 to 2175W.
-Jackson St., Argyle St. 3850 to 3999W.
-Jackson St., Jackson Blvd. 3800 to 5599W.
-Jackson St., Kimbark Ave. 1300E
-Jackson St., Tilden St. 416S 2000 to 2099W.
-Jackson St., Winona St. 5020 to 5399W.
-Jackson St., 54th St. 125 to 200W.
-Jackson Park Ave., Stony Island Ave. 5600 to 10299S.
-Jackson Park Terr., 65th St. 1400 to 1599E.
-James Ave., 31st Pl. 900 to 1400W.
-James St., Olive Ave., 5635N. 1600 to 1799W
-James St., Race Ave. 535N.
-James ?., Eggleston Ave. 421W.
-James St., Ada St., 11200 to 11499S.
-James St., Lawler Ave., 4700 to 4800N.
James St., 5143S 2000 to 2111W. Named after William James subdivider, landowner and member
of the Board of Trade.
-Jamot St., Eastwood Ave. 2000 to 2200W.
-Jamot St., LaSalle St. 150W.
Jane Court, 1619W 10000S.
-Jane St., Haddon Ave. 1500 to 2800W.
-Jane St., Thomas St. 1100N.
-Janet St., Augusta Blvd. 1000N.
-Jan Huss Ave., Springfield Ave. 3800W.
Janssen Ave., 1433W 2200 to 4923N. Named after Bernard Jansses alderman of the 17th Ward
in 1877. City council named street in 1895. High St., Sheldon St., Olive Ave. and Ct., Pearl
-Janssen St., Janssen Ave. 1433W.
Jarlath St., 7235N 2700 to 7800W. Named after St. Jarlath.
Jarvis Ave., 7400N 1212 to 7700W. Named after R.J. Jarvis friend of the Roger and Touhy fami-
lies and founders of Rogers Park. St., Bryan Ave., Juniata St.
-Jarvis St., Jarvis Ave. 7400N.
Jasper Place, 1431W 3600 to 3658S. Named after Jasper County, Illinois because of its coal fields.
Jasper St.
-Jasper St., Crystal St. 4200 to 4399W, 5000 to 5250W and 5450 to
-Jasper St., Jasper Pl., 1450W 3300 to 3499S.
-Jay St., Clifton Ave. 2000 to 2400N.
Jean Ave., 6025W 6700 to 7000N. Named after Jean Baptiste Point du Sable.
-Jean Pl., 116th Pl, 2150 to 2400W.
-Jefferson St., Mango Ave 1600 to 2000N
-Jefferson Ave., Blackstone Ave. 7100 to 9300S.
Jackson Jefferson
-Jefferson Ave., Cicero Ave. 1600 to 5600N.
-Jefferson Ave., Harper Ave. 5000 to 9450S.
-Jefferson Ave., LeClaire Ave. 5100W.
-Jefferson Ave., Richmond St. 6900 to 7100S.
-Jefferson Blvd., Cicero Ave. 4400 to 5600N.
-Jefferson Ct., Charleston St. 2400 to 2550W.
-Jefferson Ct., Kennison Ave. 4500W 5007 to 5047N.
-Jefferson Pl., Kruger Ave. 4800W 4801 to 4942NE.
-Jefferson Rd., Lawrence Ave. 800 to 2400W.
-Jefferson Rd., Montrose Ave. 2400 to 4800W.
-Jefferson St., Wallace St. 8700 to 11100S and 11500 to 12700S.
Jefferson St., 600W 1 to 470N 1 to 2148S. Named after President Thomas Jefferson.
Jeffery Ave. and Blvd. 2000E 9200 to 13800S. Named after I.C.R.R. executive John B. Jeffery.
Bush Ave., Eldred Ave., Herman ?., Sherman Ave., St.,
Jeffery Drive 2200E in Jackson Park.
Jensen Boulevard, 5600W in Columbus Park. Named after Jens Jensen a who worked for the
West Park Commission.
Jerome St., 7530N 2600 to 7800W. Named after Benjamin M. Jerome cashier of the U. S. Express
Company during the early days of Chicago. Friend of William Fargo. Street named by the
subdivider of Rogers Park.
Jersey Ave., 3300W 6000 to 6125N. Named after Jersey City.
Jessie Court, 2049W 400 to 421N. Named after the daughter of Isaac Fletcher the subdivider. Or
named after Jesse Whitehead land sold to Cochran and Baker subdivider in 1858. Street
named with spelling error. Pl.
-Jessie Pl., Jessie Ct., 2049W.
-Joan Ave., 116th Pl., 3400 to 3650W.
-Joan Pl., 116th Pl., 2150 to 2399W.
Pope John Paul II Dr., 4300S from 2400 to 3158W.
-John Pl., 22nd Pl. 800 899W.
-John St., Peoria St. 1600 to 2200S.
-John St., Race Ave. 535N.
-John St., 22nd Pl. 800 to 899W.
-John St., Elizabeth St., 11250 to 11499S.
-John St., 33rd Pl.
-John’s Slip, 934W 2200-2340S.
-Johnson Ave., Brewery Ave. vacated
-Johnson Ave., Kedzie Ave. 3100 to 8700S and 10300 to 11499S.
-Johnson Pl., Elmwood Ave.
-Johnson St., Peoria St. 1000 to 2200S.
-Johnson ?., Pulaski Rd.
-Johnston Ave., Lyndale St. 2800 to 3199W.
-Johnston St., Marshfield Ave. 800 to 1200N.
-Johnstone Ave., Kedzie Ave. 10300 to 11100S.
-Joliet St., vacated 3650S and 2400W SE to 3700S and 2375W.
-Jones Ave., Kingsbury St., 1200W and 1900N to 1400W and 2100N.
-Jones St., Lotus Ave. 5100 to 5200N.
-Jones St., Paulina St. 3200 to 3900S
Jefferson Jones
Jones St., 2300W 2601 to 2631NW. Named after J.W.M. Jones landowner and subdivider.
Jonquil Terr. 7700N 1420 to 1785W. Named after the flower. Joymore St., Sheridan Terr., Germania
-Jordan Ave., Normal Pkwy.
-Jordan Ct., 1435S 2600 to 2632W. 14th Pl.
-Joseph Ave., Ridgeway Ave. 3300 to 3500N.
-Joseph St., Stark St. 1132W 2500 to 2636SE.
-Joseph St., 38th Pl. 2600 to 3800W.
-Josephine Ave., Normandy Ave. 6200 to 6599N.
Jourdon Court, 825W 1900 to 2000S.
-Josephine Ave., 112th Pl. 2300 to 2399W.
-Josphine St., Seeley Ave., 300 to 399S.
-Joymore St., Jonquil Terr. 7700N 1420 to 1785W.
-Joy’s Slip 934W 2200 to 2340S.
-Judd St., 12th Pl., 400 to 599W.
-Judd St., Marquette Rd., 400 to 800W.
-Judd St., 11075S 2950 to 3000E vacated.
-Judson St., 1400 to 1499N Fremont St.
Julia Court, 2142N 2701 to 2719NE. Named after the wife of Gordon S. Hubbard.
Julian St., 1449N 1323 to 1759W. Named after Mayor Julian Rumsey. He helped organize
Board of Trade. Fox St., and Pl.
-Julius St., Aberdeen St. 1065W 1100 to 1150S.
-Julius St., Carpenter St. 1065W 1100 to 1150S.
-Junction Ave., Yates Ave. 2400E.
-Junction Ave., 63rd Pl. 3200 to 3600W.
-Junction Ave., 63rd St. 1 to 400E., 1 to 800W, 3200 to 3600W, 6000 to 7200W.
-Junction Ave., 103rd Pl. 1000 to 1200W.
-Junction Ave., 59th St. 1 to 400E
Juneway Terr. 7800N 1440 to 1840W. Named by S.T. Gunderson subdivider because subdivision
was laid out in June and it is on the wayside of Calvery Cemetery. Birchwood Terr.
-Juniata Ave., Pensacola Ave. 3300 to 3400W.
-Juniata Ave., South Shore Dr., 6700 to 7100S.
-Juniata Ave., Yates Ave. 7100 to 13800S.
-Juniata St., Jarvis Ave. 1200 to 1800W and 2200 to 2300W.
-Junietta Ave., Yates Ave. 8300 to 8700S.
Junior Terr.4300N 700 to 858W. Was named after the first junior high school now known as
Stockton Junior High School of Chicago. The first school was located on this street.
Street was named by the city council in 1914. Marquette Terr., Pensacola Ave.
-Junita Ave., Yates Ave.
Justine St., 1534W 200 to 356N 3400 to 12300S. Named after Justine Butterfield attorney and who
once defeated Lincoln in a race for post of Land Commissioner in Illinois. He was the
grandfather of Mrs. Ada Sawyer Garreth. Armour St., Brookfield Ave., Charlton St.,
Graham Ave., Laflin St., Gresham Ave., St., John’s Pl., St. Johns Ct., Sheridan St., Union
Park Pl.
Jones Justine
-K Ave., Ewing Ave. 11400 to 11650S.
Kamerling Ave., 1334N 4000 to 5540W. Named after A.H. Kamerling alderman and real estate
investor. Emerald St., Evergreen Ave.
-Kane Ct., Bishop St. 1438W.
-Kane St., Cornelia Ave. 4150 to 4200W.
-Kane St., 1600W 2600 to 3099S vacated
-Kankakee Ave., South Park Ave., King Dr., 6000 to 8700S.
-Kankakee Blvd., South Parkway, King Dr.
-Kankakee Pl., South Park Ave., King Dr.
-Kankakee ?., Indiana Ave. 2200 to 3899S.
-Kansas St., Grenshaw St. 1300 to 1599W.
-Kansas ?., Lake Park Ave. 409E.
Kanst Drive in Marquette Park. Named for Frederick Kanst. He was the superintendent of the
floral and nursery departments for the South Park District from 1873 to 1884.
-Karl Marx Ct., Concord Pl., 3700 to 3800W.
-Karlov Ave., Keystone Ave. 3800 to 4400N.
Karlov Ave., 4100W 1 to 6400N 1 to 8700S. Named after town in Hungary. Charles Ave., 41st
Ave., Ct., St., Grant Ave., Kathleen ?., Miller St., West Minster Ave., Woodburn Ave.,
Highland Ave., Hamilton Ave.
-Karnatz Ave., Leader Ave. 5850N and 5150W to 6075N and 5050W. NE
-Karnatz Ave., Lansing Ave. 4900W 5700 to 5890N.
-Kaskaskia Ave., Keystone Ave. 125 to 5025N.
-Kaskaskia Ave., Komensky Ave. 1200 to 6700S.
Kasson Ave., 4030W 4432 to 4800NW. Named after sister-in-law of William Ogden, Mary Kasson.
Choctaw Ave., Columbus Ave.
-Kathleen Ave., Karlov Ave. 5000N to 6300S.
-Kaylor St., 19th St. 700 to 800W.
-Kearney St., 66th St. 400 to 800W.
-Kearney St., 23rd Pl., 1600W.
Kearsarge Ave., 4170W 2901 to 3017N. Named after Union warship that sunk Confederate cruiser
“Alabama”. Ship named after Mount Kearsarge, a New Hampshire Indian word mean-ing
Highest Place.
Keating Ave., 4734W 1400 to 6400N 4200 to 8700S. Named after W. H. Keating geologist and
historiographer of Stephan H. Long’s 2nd expedition. Cossitt Ave., 47th Ct., Pl., Lombard
Ave., Mayo St., O’Brien Ave., Kedder Ct., 75th Pl.
-Kedder Ct., 75th l., 1050 to 1100E.
Kedvale Ave., 4132W 600 to 8700S 800 to 6400N. Indian word meaning moccasin print Vale valley.
Kedvale meaning imprint of moccasin in damp ground. U.S. Rubber Company has a trade
mark KEDS. Mrs. Katherine DuVal named street. Avon Ave., 41st Ct., Pl., 42nd Ave.,
Irving Ave., McAuley Ave., Bateman Ave., St., St. Charles Ave., Fairmount Ave., Kenoma
Ave., Central Ave., Munson St.
Kedzie Ave. and Blvd., 3200W 1 to 7600N 1 to 11500S. Named after John Hume Kedzie, real
estate, landowner, pioneer Chicago attorney. Berkshire Ave., Humboldt Ave., Johnson
Ave., Johnstone Ave., Morrison Ave., Simons Ave., Whiteside St.
Kedzie Blvd., Humboldt Park Blvd. 2200 to 2600N.
K Kedzie
-Kedzie Ct., Troy St. 3131W.
-Kedzie St., Wolcott Ave. 600 to 2199S.
-Kedzie St., 22nd Pl. at 16600W.
Keefe Ave., 535E 6808 to 6900S. Named for Thomas Keefe by another subdivider.
Keeler Ave., 4200W 1 to 6400N 1 to 8700S. Named after Cyrus Keeler early police officer. Re-
ceived medal for bravery during the Beer Riots. Butler St., 42nd Ave., St., Irving Ave.,
Kincaide Ave., Phillips Ave., Portland St., Public St., Ella St., St. Charles St., Saphire St.,
Indianapolis St., Keeney Ave.
Keeley St., 1200W 2800 to 3060SE. Named after Michael Keeley Alderman in 1869. In 1881 Mr.
Keeley was president of the Irish American Club.
-Keen Pl., 117th Pl. 2150 to 2270W.
-Keeney Ave., Keeler Ave. 1200 to 2700N. 4200W.
Keene Ave., 4700W 6200 to 6300NE. Named after M. J. Keene recording secretary for the Irish
American Club in 1884.
-Keller Drive Private 4800W 7700S.
-Keenon Ct., Pierce Ave. 1400 to 1500W.
-Keenon St., Pierce Ave., 1400 to 1799W.
-Keith St., Elizabeth St. 1300W 700 to 799N
-Kellogg Ave., Kolin Ave., 2200 to 2599S.
Kelso Ave., 4200W 4600 to 4756NW. Named after John Kelso soldier at Ft. Dearborn. India St.,
Irving Ave.
Kemper Place, 2334N 600 to 700W. Named after William Kemper subdivider in 1873. Canton St.
-Kemper St., Glenlake Ave. 1600 to 1750W.
Kendall St., 800S 2013 to 2142W. Named after Lt. Oliver J. Kendall founder of Kendall County,
Illinois. He was shot as a spy at Cantigny because he would not betry plans of the Union.
Pine St.
-Kenesaw Terr., Hutchinson St. 4232N 650 to 850W.
-Kenilworth Ave., New England Ave. 5100 to 5899S.
-Kenilworth Ave., Touhy Ave. 7200N 1200 to 7250W.
Kenmore Ave., 1039W 1840 to 6358N. Named for the home of Col. Fielding Lewis brother of
George Washington. Named in honor because Col. Lewis married George Washington’s
sister. His home was in Fredericksburg and was a stately colonial home, built by one of the
finest patriots who ever fought to make us a free nation. Baxter St., Clarence Ave., Clyde
St., Edson Ave., Alexander Ave., Goodwin St., Osgood St.
Kennedy Expressway. Named after the slain President.
Kenneth Ave., 4430W 200 to 6000N 200 to 8700S. Named after two Scotish kings Kenneth 1st and
2nd. Ashland Ave., Erina St., 44th Ct., Komensky Ave., Stock Ave., Vanatta Ave., Vernon
Ave., Will St., Keystone Ave.
Kennicott Ave., 4235W 4500 to 4730NE. Named after Robert Kennicott naturalist, traveler,
director of the Chicago Academy of Science in 1866. Dayson Ave., 42nd Ct., Division
Ave., St., Selwyn Ave.
Kennison Ave., 4500W 5007 to 5047N. Named after David Kennison who is buried in Lincoln Park.
Jefferson Ct.
-Kenoma Ave., Kedvale AVe., 4250 W and 5825N to 4150W and 5950N.
-Kenosha Ave., Tripp Ave., 3400 to 3500N.
-Kenosha Ave., 112th St.., 3200 to 3600W.
Kedzie Kenosha
Kenosha Ave., 4234W 2900 to 3200N. Named after Wisconsin town, first one from Illinois state
line. Indian word meaning fish, Pickeral and Pike. 42nd Ct., Chamberlain St.
Kensington Ave., 11552S 100 to 632E. Named by subdividers Young and Clarkson for community.
115th Pl.
Kenton Ave., 4600W 1 to 6900N 1 to 8700S. Named after Gen. Simon Kenton hunter and explorer
and member of George Rogers expedition 1755 to 1836. He was a friend of Daniel Boone.
Belt Line Ave., Centre Ave., 46th Ave., St., Kongee Ct., Kongee Ave., Calland Ct.,
Guernsey Ave., Washington Ave.
Kentucky Ave., 4634W 4800 to 4976NE. Named after the State and Indian word meaning Prairie
of Bareness. McGrane Ct.
-Kenwood Ave., Eddy St. 3600 to 3999W.
Kenwood Ave., 1342E 4700 to 9431S. Named by John Kennicott who was the first settler in
Kenwood. Dr. Kennicott named the street in honor of his home in Scotland. Paul Cornell
subdivider named it after community of Kenwood. Brookes Ave., Brooks Ave., Frederick
Ave., George Pl., Hibbard Ave., Linden Ave., Monroe Ave., Oglesby Ave., Vaughan Ave.
-Kenwood Pl., 45th Pl. 400 to 499E.
-Kenwood Park Pl., 47th Pl., 1350 to 1400E.
-Kenwood Terr., 7225S 1934-2125E 72nd Pl.
Keokuk Ave., 4132W 4400 to 4530NW. Named after an Indian. Linden Ave.
Keota Ave., 5800W 6600 to 6824NE. Indian word for “Fire has gone out” from Algonquin word
Kerbs Ave., 4620W 5710 to 5748NE. Kinzie and Hubbard subdividers named street after Mr. J.
Kercheval Ave., 4600W 5700 to 5858NW. Named after Gholson Kercheval assistant to Thomas J.
V. Owen Indian Agent in 1831. Brentwood Ave.
-Kerchival St. 30th Pl. at 1600W.
-Kerfoot Ave., Sheridan Rd., 600 to 1000W.
Kerfoot Ave., 700W 8300 to 8444SE. Named after William Kerfoot realtor who helped rebuild
after the Chicago Fire.
-Kerney St., Hamlin Ave. 7500 to 7900S.
-Keswick Ave., Sauganash Ave. 5975N and 4100W to 6300N and 4650W.
Kewanee Ave., 4134W 4700 to 4795NE. Indian word meaning “prairie hen” because of the
numerous prairie chickens or pinate grouse in area. Faraday Ave., Forest Ave.
-Keystone Ave., Kenneth Ave., 2200 to 3100S.
Keystone Ave., 4034W 120 to 6400N. Named after the Keystone State which is Pennsylvania.
40th Ct., 41st Ave., Greenwood Ave., Karlov Ave., Kaskaskia Ave., Pennsylvania Ave.,
Tilton Ave., 40th Pl.
-Kies Pl., Fillmore St. 1026S 2250 to 2299W.
-Kidder Ct., 75th Pl., 1050 to 1100E.
Kilbourn Ave., 4500W 1 to 6200N. 1 to 8700S. Named after town in Wis. Dells are located here
and street named after Byron Kilbourn a Wisconsin pioneer. Belmont Ave., Depot Ave.,
45th Ave., Ct., Pl., St., Geraldine Ave., Kral Ave., Modena St., Fulton Ave., Tilton Ave.
Kildare Ave., 4300W 1 to 6400N 1 to 8700S. Named after County Kildare, Ireland. Baker Ave.,
Delaware Ave., Detroit Ave., 43rd Ave., St., Bella St., Belwyn Ave., Finch St., Howard
Ave., Maryland Ave., Park Ave., Selwyn Ave., Belwyn Ave.
Kildare Blvd., 4300W 4000 to 4658S.
Kilpatrick Ave., 4700W 1 to 6400N 1 to 8700S. Named after Hugh J. Kilpatrick who led a division
Kenosha Kilpatrick
in the Battle of Gettysburg. Boston Ave., Durnham Ave., 47th Ave., St., Kroberg ?., Lombard
Ave., Maplewood Ave., Moore St., St. James Ave., St. Johns Ave., Tilton Ave.
-Kimball Ave., Lavergne Ave. 5000W
-Kimball Ave., Wisner Ave. 3500W 2900 to 2999NE.
-Kimball Ave., Woodard St. 3400W 2800 to 2942NE.
Kimball Ave., 3400W 1600 to 6300N. Named after Walter Kimbell subdivider who donated ground
for street. City council named street with change of spelling. Brand Ave., Homan Ave.,
Kimbell Ave., Michigan St.
-Kimball St., 63rd St. 1 to 1000W.
-Kimball St., 102nd St.
Kimbark Ave., 1300E 4700 to 9400S. Named after Seneca Kimbark member of the first Board of
South Park Commissioners, landowner and subdivider. Addison Ave., Jackson St., Nutt
Ave., Oglesby Ave., Sheridan Ave., Chancey Ave.
-Kimbell Ave., Kimball Ave., 1600 to2800N
Kimberly Ave., 4700W 5000 to 5080N. Named after Edmund S. Kimberly landowner and subdi-
vider. Guernsey Ave.
-Kincaid Ave., California Ave., 3500 to 4700S.
-Kincaide Ave., Keeler Ave. 4200W.
-King Ave., Austin Ave. 6000W.
Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, 400E 2300 to 13450S. Named after the slain civil rights leader.
South Parkway.
-King Pl., Nelson St. 3034N 850 to 950W.
Kingery Expressway. Named after Robert Kingery who was manager of the Chicago Regional
Planning Association of the Illinois State Planning Commission and director of the Illinois
Department of Public Works under Governor Horner.
Kingsbury St., 374W 340 to 2083NW. Named after E.S. Kingsbury landowner and subdivider.
Hawthorne Ave., Ferry St., Ferry St., Petyon St., Jones Ave., Nevins St.
Kingsdale Ave., 4700W 5710 to 5748NE. Named by Richard J. Hamilton subdivider after his home
town in Penn.
-Kingston Ave., Hoxie Ave., 13400 to 13800S.
-Kingston Ave., Marquette Ave. 11800 to 1200S and 12600 to 12800S.
-Kingston Ave., St., Natoma Ave. 6200 to 6599N.
-Kingston Ave., Neola Ave. 6000N and 6700W to 6200N and 6567W.
Kingston Ave., 2500E 7300 to 9400S. Named by Paul Cornell for Kingston, New York. Mattison
-Kingston St., Marquette Ave.
-Kingston St., Neola Ave. 6700W 6000 to 6158NE.
-Kinkade St., California Ave. 2800W 3500 to 4699S.
-Kinney Ave., Cornell Ave. 1624E 8750 to 9350S.
-Kinzie St., Lake St., 5350 to 6000W.
Kinzie St., 400N 1 to 86E 1 to 5500W. Named after John Kinzie.
Kinzua Ave., 5450W 6400 to 6725NW. Named after the well known creek in central Penn.
meaning the Gobble, referring to the wild turkey that grouped around its banks.
Kiona Ave., 4300W 4600 to 4670N. Name comes from an Indian tribe contraction of Kionahaa for
the Kiona Indians unknown meaning. Maple Ave.
-Kirby Ave., Lowell Ave. 1600 to 5200N.
Kirby Ave., 4630W 5710 to 5748NE. Named after Abner Kirby active member of the Kirby and
Kimball Kirby
Carpenter Lumber Company. One of the first lumber companies in Chicago.
Kirland Ave., 4340W 2200 to 8100S. Named after Alexander Kirkland subdivider in 1887. He was
Supt. of Buildings and Chicago Public Works in 1880. Hawley Ave.
Kirkwood Ave., 4600W 6050 to 6400NE. Named after A.J. Kirkwood a Chicago merchant.
-Kissam St., Flournoy St. 1200 to 1400W.
-Klare Ave., Parnell Ave. 525W.
-Kleinman Ave., Saginaw Ave. 11200 to 11399S.
-Klode Ave., Paris Ave. 8134W 3700 to 3999N.
-Knauer St., Roscoe St. 410 to 1200W.
-Knerr St., Concord Pl. 900 to 1000W.
-Knott Ct., Seeley 2050 W.
Knox Ave., 4634W 2200 to 6400N 4200 to 8700S. Named after Henry Knox a Revolutionary War
soldier later became General Henry Knox. 46th Ct., High St., Stewart Ave., Malcom Ave.,
George Ave.
-Koenig St., Richmond St. 3100 to 3150N and 3200 to 3300N.
-Koerner St., 42nd St.
-Kohlsaat Ct., vacated from Grace to 1/2 block east of Pine Grove.
-Kolin Ave., Lowell Ave. 1600 to 5200N.
Kolin Ave., 4334W 200 to 1600N 1200 to 8700S. Named after a town in Bohemia on the Elbe River.
Cleveland Ave., 43rd Ct., Pl., Park Ave., Marvin Pl., Kellogg Ave.
Kolmar Ave., 4534W 200 to 6400N 300 to 8700S. Named after Kolmar, Germany. Dover Ave.,
45th Ct., Ross St., Wisconsin Ave., 45th Pl.
-Komensky Ave., Kenneth Ave. 600 to 6300S.
Komensky Ave., 4034W 1200 to 8700S. Named after the Moravian educational reformer J.A.
Komensky. In 1632 he was elected Bishop of the Mariavian and Bohemian Bretheren in
Lissa. 40th Ct., Pl., Kaskaskia Ave.
Komensky Ave., (Pvt) 4032W 11301 to 11459S.
-Kongee Ct., Kenton Ave. 4555W 1600 to 1699N.
-Kongee Ave., Kenton Ave. 4555W 1600 to 1699N.
-Kosciusko St., Lyndale St., at 2000 to 2199W.
-Kosciusko Ave., Medina Ave. 6200W
-Kossuth St., Shields Ave. 324W.
-Kossuth St., 17th St.
-Kossuth St., 25th Pl. 200 to 800W.
-Kossuth St., vacated 1650N 5600 to 5999W.
Kostner Ave., 4400W 1 to 6400N 1 to 8700S. Named after alderman James Otto Kostner. St.,
Columbia Ave., Emmet St., 44th Ave., Hunting Ave., Richmond Ave., Richmond St., Sheldon
Ave., Diamond St., Diamond Ave., Washington Park Ave.
-Kostner St., Kostner Ave. 4400W.
-Koszta ?., Grenshaw St. 1100S.
-Kral Ave., Kilbourn Ave. 5200N to 6300S.
-Kramer St., 13th St., at 700-799W.
Kreiter Ave., 3527E 9324 to 9500SE. Named after J. H. Kreiter Commissioner of Public High-
ways. 6th Ave.
-Kroberg Ave., Kilpatrick Ave. 1 to 4925N and 1 to 950S.
-Kroger St., Maud Ave. 1000W
-Kroll St., Seeley Ave. 2035W. 2300 to 2350S.
Kirland Kroll
Kruger Ave., 4800W 4801 to 4942NE. Named after Herman Kruger 15th ward alderman. Jefferson
Pl., Wisconsin Ave.
-Kruse Ave., Maplewood Ave. 4920 to 5100S.
-Kuehl Pl., Winchester Ave. 1938W 2300 to 2350N.
-Kuhn Ct., Artesian Ave. 2430W 2050 to 2100N.
-Kuyper St., 104th St., 1 to 200W.
-L Ave., Avenue L, 11400 to 11700S.
-Labar St., Scott St. 500W to 600W
Lacey Ave., 4700W 5700 to 5900NW. Named after Brig. Gen. John Lacey 1755-1814 who became
a judge and a member of the legislature. Candis Ave.
LaCrosse Ave., 4834W 148 to 6400N 4400 to 6458S. Named after the Indian game from the
French. 48th Ct., Sherman Ave., Ryan St., Wilmot Ave.
-Lafayette Ave., vacate 325E 5600 to 5700S.
LaFayette Ave., 29W 5500 to 12400S. Named after Marquis De LaFayette French explorer and
soldier who served in the American Army. St., Burnside St., Dearborn St.
-Lafayette Parkway, Gunnison St. 4834N 800 to 1000W.
-Lafayette Pl., 36th St.
-Lafayette Pl., or Ct., Seneca St. 835 to 950N.
-Lafayette Pl., Walton St. 50 to 99W.
-Lafayette St., Gunnison St. 4834N 800 to 1000W. and 1200 to 1250W.
-Lafayette St., Lafayette Ave. 29W.
Laflin Pl., (Pvt) 1500W 3612 to 3656S.
-Laflin St., Justine St. 8300 to 8500S.
Laflin St., 1500W 200 to 400N 1 to 12300S. Named after Matthew Laflin a pioneer real estate
promoter who established Chicago’s first stockyard and also established the first bus line.
Brooks ?., Lynch Pl., Northumberland Ave., Peck St., 3rd St., Union Park Pl., Union Pk. Ct.
-Lagoon Ave., Winneconna Pkwy., 400W 7700 to 7899S at 550W.
-Laimbeer St., Washtenaw Ave. 200 to 400N.
-Lake Ave., Albion Ave. 1400 to 1500W.
-Lake Ave., Drexel Ave.., 13000 to 13500S.
-Lake Ave., Lake Park Ave. 2300 to 5700S and 7100 to 7800SE.
-Lake St., Albany Ave. 3100W.
-Lake St., Pratt Ave. 6800N.
Lake St., 200N 1 to 150E 1 to 600W. Street led to the Lake. It was the first street developed in
the village of Chicago. Pennsylvania Ave., South Blvd., Morgan Blvd., Kinzie St.
Lake Park Ave., 409E 2400 to 7750SE. Named by Stephen Douglas who subdivided the land
including Groveland Park and Woodland Park. Street adjoins the two parks near Lake
Michigan. Calumet Ave., Dakota ?., Hyde Park Ave., Kansas ?., Lake Ave., Lake Shore
Ave., Lake View Ave., Washington St.
-Lake Park Pl., 11th Pl. 100 to 199E at 1150 S.
-Lake Shore Blvd., Lake Shore Drive 550N at 550E to 1600N and 100E.
Kruger Lake
Lake Shore Dr. 1000N 1 to 4400NW 100 to 250E 500E 1 to 6700SE. Name given to the street in
1946. Potter Palmer named the street after his subdivision. Lake Shore Blvd., North
Shore Dr., Oak St., Sheridan Rd., The Lake Shore Dr., Field Dr., Lief Erickson Dr., Ohio
Blvd., Breakwater Carriage Drive.
-Lake Shore Ave., Lake Park Ave., 3200 to 3300S.
-Lake Shore Plank Rd., Broadway
-Lake Shore & Summit Rd., Garfield Blvd., 5500S.
-Lakeside Ave., Chippewa Ave. 11600 to 12199S.
-Lakeside Ave., Lakeside Pl. 4734N 800 to 956W.
Lakeside Place 4734N 800 to 956W. Named by John Young street ran to the Lake. Lakeside Ave.
-Lakeside Terr., Eastlake Terr. 7550 to 7699N. at 1350W.
-Lake View Ave., Sheridan Rd. 2800 to 3200N.
Lakeview Ave., 400W 2400 to 2750N. Name comes from community.
Lakewood Ave., 1300W 2020 to 6900N. Named after Lakewood, N. J. Resort in Ocean County
on the Central Railroad of N. J. Named by subdivider John Lewis Cochran. Fischer Ave.,
Herndon St., Herndon Ave., St., Herndon St., Webber Ave., Gormont Ave., Lincoln Pl.,
Lincoln Park Pl.,
-Lakewood Park, 43rd st and Greenwood Ave in Hyde Park.
-Lambeer Ave., Washtenaw Ave. 200 to 400N.
Lambert Ave., 4820W 5700 to 5856NW. Named after John Lambert an English traveler and
author. Marguerite Ave.
-Lamon Ave., Dickinson Ave., 4930W 4100 to 4200NW.
Lamon Ave., 4900W 1 to 5600N 900 to 6500S. Named after Ward Hill Lamon a law partner and
biographer of Abraham Lincoln. Forest Ave., 49th Ave., St., Landis Ave., Linden Ave.,
Logan Ave., Murray Ave.
-Lancaster Ave., 32nd St. 1200 to 1400W.
Landers Ave., 5000W 5900 to 6399N. Named in honor of Paul Landers, landowner in 1857.
-Landis Ave., Lamon Ave. 4900W.
-Lane Ct., Orleans St. 336W 2000-2099N
-Lane Pl., Orleans St. 336W 2000-2099N
-Langdon St., 1460N 700-799W Siebens Pl., vacated
-Langlade Ave., Laporte Ave. 5200 to 5500N.
-Langley Ave., Champlain Ave. 4500 to 4600S 5000 to 5100S 8000 to 8300S and 8700 to 9100S.
Langley Ave., 700E 3900 to 13400S. Named after Ester Langley, nee Gunderson, the daughter of
S.T. Gunderson, subdivider. St., Champlaine Ave., Fulton Ave., Park End Ave., Peck Ave.,
5th Ave., Blocks A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. S. and T.
-Langley Pl., at 750E 8300 to 8410S.
-Langley Pl., 37th Pl. 700 to 740E.
-Langley St., Langley Ave. 3700 to 3900S.
-Langley Terr., 42nd St., 600 to 700E
Lansing Ave., 4900W 5700 to 5890N. Named after capital of Michigan. Karnatz Ave., Steiner Rd.
-Lansing St.and Ave., 61st St., 6400 to 6700W.
LaPorte Ave., 4932W 4300 to 6459S 148 to 5440N. Named after LaPorte Ind. 49th Ct., Longlade
Ave., Silverman Ave., 49th Pl.,
Laramie Ave., 5200W 1 to 5360N 1 to 6400S. Named after Peter Laramie a French Canadian
trader. Everett St. & Ave., 52nd Ave., St., LeRoy Ave., Robinson Ave.
Larchmont Ave., 3931N 1800 to 1944W. Named after suburb of Larchmont in New York, a village
Lake Larchmont
of Westchester 6 miles on Long Island Sound. Dakin Ave., Faye St.
-Larcom Ave., Ormonde Ave.
-Larmon Ave., Wells St. 200W.
Larned Ave., 5230W 5200 to 5358N. Named after Edwin Channing Larned a lawyer and friend of
Lincoln. He was one of the founders of the Chicago Public Library. Anderson St.
-Larrabee St., Geneva Terr. 600W 2200 to 2550N.
Larrabee St., 600W 650 to 2200N. Named after a pioneer family. Charles was a city attorney in
1846, William secretary of Galena and Chicago Union Railroad, C.R. Larrabee secretary
of St. James Hospital in 1854. North Grove, Roberts St., Grove St., Hamilton Ct., North
-Larretta Ct., Carpenter St., 400 to 499S at 1027W.
-LaSalle Ave., LaSalle St. 316 to 1750N.
-LaSalle Ave., Ottawa Ave. 6600 to 6900NE.
-LaSalle St., Glenroy Ave. 10700 to 10899S.
-LaSalle St., Wentworth Ave., 1600 to 3100S.
LaSalle Drive 150W to 60E in Lincoln Park and 140W 316 to 1724N.
LaSalle St., 150W 1 to 1724N 1 to 12520S. Named after the explorer. Ave., Arnold St., Griswald
St., Jamot St., Oswell St., Pacific Ave., Rawson St., Reade St., Washington St., Gurnee St.,
Warren St.
Las Casas Ave., 4940W 5701 to 5799SW. Spanish Dominican “protector of the Indians”. Named
after Bartolomew de las Casas born in Seville, Spain in 1474. He was a great apostle of
slavery and friend of men. He crossed the ocean twelve times. Fairview Ave.
Latham Ave., 500W 5430 to 5498NW. Named after A. J. Latham an active member of the Board
of Trade in 1870. He was an investor in real estate firm of Corey and Latham.
Latrobe Ave., 5235W 1 to 5400N 5100 to 6500S. Named after Charles Joseph Latrobe an English-
man who wrote “Rambler in North America”. He was a companion of Washington
Irving. He was present and became the historian of the Chicago Treaty 1832. Alma Ave., Clark
Ave., 52nd Ct., Pl., Linville Ave.
-Laughton St., 24th St., 2000 to 2799W.
-Laurel Ave., Washtenaw Ave. 2400 to 3250N.
-Laurel St., Damen Ave. 9000 to 9500S.
-Laurel St., Hyde Park Blvd. 5100S 900 to 1631E.
-Laurel St., Morgan St. 3100 to 3899S.
-Laurel St., 101st Pl. 1600 to 1800W.
-Laurel Ave., Lorel Ave., 600 to 1200N.
Laurel St., 1000W 3900 to 4132S. Named after Laurel thickets in area. In the Stockyards area
the street was Sherman Ave.
-Lauron St., St. James Pl.
Lavergne Ave., 5000W 1 to 5200N 1 to 6500S. Named after Lavergne, Ill. East St., 50th Ave., St.,
Kimball Ave., Sampson Ave.
-Lavina St., Englewood Ave., 200 to 300W.
-Law Ave., Division St., Foster St., 640W 500-799S.
Lawler Ave., 5034W 400 to 5500N 4300 to 6500S. Named after Gen. Michael Lawler Civil War
hero. He was born in Kildare, Ireland on 16 Nov 1814 and he served 2 and a half years
during the Mexican War. He died 26 July 1882. 50th Ct., Hazelton Ave., Simms Ave.,
James St., 50th Pl.
Lawndale Ave., 3700W 400 to 6400N 500 to 11400S. Named by the subdivider after the commu-
Larcom Lawndale
nity. Bonney Ave., Cleveland Ave., Cook St., Gennesee Ave., Antoinette St. or Ave.,
Harris St., Irvine Ave., Pittsfield Ave., Randolph Ave., William St., Downey Ave., Irwin
Ave., Antoinette St., O’Reilly Ave.
-Lawrence Ave., Gunnison St. 4834N.
Lawrence Ave., 4800N 800 to 9100W. Named after Bradford Lawrence a friend of Mr. Silverman
landowner and subdivider. St., Bliss St., 55th St., Jefferson Rd.
-Lawrence Lane, Located between State and Dearborn running from Cermak to 25th Street a
firelane through CHA Housing. Named after the nation’s first Black astronaut killed in a
plane crash on 8 Dec 1967.
-Lawrence St., Armitage Ave. 1400 to 1475W.
-Lawrence St., Lawrence Ave. 4800N.
-Lawson Ave., St. Charles Ct., vacated.
-Lay’s Ave., Grant Pl. 400 to 600W.
-Lay St., on a line with 31st St. 2400 to 2800W.
-Layton St., 44th Pl. 200 to 799W.
-Layton ?., 105th Pl.
Leader Ave., 5135W 5800 to 6350NE. Named in honor of William Caldwell who was the leader to
secure peace with the Indians in 1835. Steiner Rd., Karnatz Ave.
Leamington Ave., 5132W 100 to 5400N 1 to 6300S. Named after Leamington, England. 51st Ave.,
Ct., Pl., 52nd Ct., Lemon Ave., Leydiard St., Lydiard St., Ledyard Ave., Myrtle Ave.
Leavenworth Ave., 5300W 5500 to 5542NW. Named after Col. Leavenworth who was stationed at
Ft. Dearborn. He was Supt. of Harbor improvement in 1842.
-Leavenworth St., Bosworth Ave. 1600 to 1800N.
-Leavitt St., Trumbull Ave. 350 to 600S.
Leavitt St., 2200W 1 to 7400N 1 to 10658S. Named after David Leavitt Commissioner of the
Illinois-Michiagn Canal. Barnett St., Courtland ?., Cross St., Henshaw Ave., Highland Ave.,
Saratoga ?., Sharp St., Sherman Ave., Sherman St., Snow St., Suffern St., Warner Ave.
LeClaire Ave., 5100W 1 to 5400N 4300 to 6500S. Named after Anton LeClaire Indian interpreter
and founder of Davenport, Iowa. 51st Ave., St., Forest Glen Ave., Hawkins St., or Hankins
St., Hosmer Ave., North Jefferson Ave., Williams St., Woodbine Ave.
-Leddy St., Albany Ave., 2350 to 2400N.
-Lee Ave., Aberdeen St. 1100W.
-Lee Ave., Fletcher St. 2800 to 3099W.
Lee Place, 738N 2000 to 2058W. Named after Charles Lee an early settler farmer and killed at Ft.
Dearborn. Park Pl.
-Lee St., Morgan St. 600 to 1599S.
-Lee St., Ellen St., vacated 1925 to 2200W.
-Lee St., Seminary Ave. 3200 to 3400N.
-Ledyard Ave., Leamington Ave., 1 to 900S.
Legett Ave., 5125W 6024 to 6400NE. Named after William Legett, American poet.
-Legg St., vacated after 1871 Fire ran from Michigan Ave (Pine) to St. Clair (Sand) between
Chicago Ave.
-Leggate St., Francisco Ave. 3600 to 3900S.
Lehigh Ave., 5400W 6200 to 7200NW. Named after Lehigh, Illinois. Word comes from Delaware
Indians and means “fork of the river.” Emerson Rd.
Lehmann Court, 529W 2626 to 2738N. Named after E.J.Lehmann subdivider who helped build
Wrightwood subdivision. Lehmann’s Court went through his land.
Lawrence Lehmann
-Leif Eriksen Dr., South Shore Dr., 400E and 150N to 5600S at 1800E.
-Leila Ave., vacated 6535N from 7525 to 7700W.
-Leipzig St., Bell Ave. 2150 to 2250N.
-Leland Ave., Eastwood Ave. 6000 to 6400W.
-Leland Ave., Schreiber Ave. 7100 to 7200W.
Leland Ave., 4700N 800 to 6000W. Named after Cyrus P. LeLand subdivider and member of
Ravenswood Land Company. Madison St., Theodosia Ave., Windett ?.,
-Leland St., Schreiber Ave. 7100 to 7199W.
LeMai Ave., 5234W 6234 to 6450NE. Named after French trader whom DuSable sold his cabin.
Brock Ave.
-Lemon St., 53rd St.
LeMont Ave., 5100W 5677 to 6400NE. Named after LeMont, Illinois.
-Lemont Ave., Mercer Ave.
-LeMoyne Ave., Mercer Ave., vacated
LeMoyne Drive 1500N in Humboldt Park.
-LeMoyne Ave., LeMoyne St. 1500N.
LeMoyne St., 1500N 1200 to 6000W. Named after John LeMoyne subdivider and builder of homes
in the vicinity. Blackhawk ?., Blanche St., Dickey Ave., St., McReynolds St., Prince St.,
Thompson St., Ave.
-Lennon Ave., Leamington Ave. 100 to 4770N and 1 to 900S.
Lenox Ave., 5125W 6100 to 6400NE. Named after John Powell Lenox a Chicago art collector.
-Leo Pl., Ainslie St. 2300 to 2450W.
-Leo St., Peoria St. 2500 to 2699S.
-Leopold St., Thomas St. 1100N.
Leona Ave., 5150W 6200 to 6400NE. Named after Leona, Penn.
Leonard Ave., 5248W 5500 to 6000NW. Named for Rev. J. H. Leonard who ministered to the
sailors who lived or passed through Chicago in the 1850s.
Leoti Ave., 4920W 6200 to 7100NW. Named after white girl captured by Withita Indians. Name
means Prairie Flower.
-LeRoy Ave., Laramie Ave.
LeRoy Ave., 5200W 6200 to 6420NE. Named after LeRoy, New York.
Lessing St., 924W 800 to 866N. Named after Gotthold E. Lessing
a German dramatist 1729-81. 4th St.
Lester Ave., 5500W 4900 to 4948N. Named after Thomas Lester a Chicago manufacturer born in
Howden, Yorkshire, England. He enlisted in the 31st Illinois Chicago Legion and was killed
on 14 May 1864. Gross St.
-Levant Ave., Bennett Ave. 7500 to 8699S.
Levee St., 2733S 1536 to 1569SW. Named after embankment at the end of a street.
-Levee St., now vacate Turning Basin 1520W 2625S to 2700S 1600W.
-Levy Ave., Luna Ave., 2400 to 2600N.
-Lewis Ave., Mango Ave. 2000 to 2400N.
-Lewis Pl., Magnolia Ave. 1950 to 2299NE.
-Lewis St., Emerald Ave. 6700 to 7900S.
-Lewis St., Long Ave. 5000 to 5250N.
-Lewis St., Magnolia Ave. 1950 to 2399N., 2600 to 2800N, 3600 to 3800N.
-Lewis St., Massasoit Ave. 800 to 1500N.
-Lexington Ave., Greenwood Ave. 1100E.
Leif Lexington
-Lexington Ave., Rhodes Ave.
-Lexington Ave., University Ave. 5100 to 9399S.
Lexington St., 733S 500 to 5600W. Named after the Revolutionary battle. Hope St., Macalester
Pl., Mailler St., Mather St., Polk ?., Spruce St.
-Lexington St., Schubert Ave., 6850 to 7200W
-Leyden Ave., Parkside Ave. 2000 to 2400N.
Leyden Ave., 200E 13700 to 13798SE. Named after Leyden, Netherlands. Chicago & Michigan
City Rd., Lincoln Ave.
-Leydiard St., Leamington Ave. 400 to 1000N
Liano Ave., 5240W 5200 to 5277NW. Named after Liano an Indian maid of the Sioux tribe. Word
means little. Adeptus Ct.
-Libby Ave., 5200W 4800 to 4864NW. Named after Libby prison. East Wharf. Avondale Ave.
-Liberty St., Springfield Ave. 7500 to 7899S.
-Library Ct., vacated Garland Ct. 100 to 150N.
Liberty St., 1342S 540 to 1200W. Named after the Liberty Bell that passed through Chicago on 6
July 1915 on its way to the San Francisco Fair. Frank St., Pearce St.
-Liberty St., North Union St. 600 to 799N 640W.
-Liberty St., 14th St 1 to 100W and 1 to 150E.
Lieb Ave., 5444W 5200 to 5464NE. Named after Gen Hermann Lieb a Civil War officer and later
subdivider. Bates Ave.
Lightfoot Ave., 5900W 6600 to 6659NE. Chief of the Virginia Indians.
Lill Ave., 2525N 800 to 1456W. Named after William Lill a subdivider and the first brewer in the
-Lill St., Montana St. 2225 to 2400W.
-Lilla St., Arthington St. 900S.
-Lillard Ave., Lovejoy Ave. 5100N NW to 5200 from 5450 to 5550W.
-Lillard Ave., Central Ave. 5816 to 6399W.
-Lillian Ave., vacate 6500N 7500 to 7700W.
-Lillie St., 91st St.
-Lilly Ave., 39th Pl. 2500 to 2599W.
-Lily Ave., Naples Ave. 6400W.
-Lime St., Green St 2400 to 3299S at 822W.
-Lincoln Ave., Leyden Ave., 200E.
-Lincoln Ave., Merrill Ave. 2125E.
-Lincoln Ave., Newgard Ave. 1433W.
-Lincoln Ave., Springfield Ave. 2800 to 2900N 1200 to 1800N.
-Lincoln Ave., University Ave. 1116E.
-Lincoln Ave., Yale Ave. 240W.
Lincoln Ave., 200W 1800 to 6400NW. After the 16th President. Little Fort Rd., Ogden Front, Park
-Lincoln Park Blvd., Michigan Ave. 600 to 999N.
Lincoln Park West, 300W from 1800 to 2358N.
-Lincoln Ct., 129th Pl.
-Lincoln Pkwy., Michigan Ave. 600 to 999N.
-Lincoln Pl., Hudson Ave. 2100 to 2199N.
-Lincoln Pl., Niagara Ave. 7000W.
-Lincoln Pl., Lakewood Ave., 3925 to 3999N.
Lexington Lincoln
-Lincoln St., Goethe St. 1300N.
-Lincoln St., Longwood Dr. 2100W.
-Lincoln St., Wolcott Ave. 1900W.
-Lincoln St., Wood St. 1400 to 2200N
Lincoln Park West, Franklin St., North Park Ave.
-Lind Ave., Lotus Ave. 3600 to 4000N
Lind Ave., 5300W 5202 to 5335NW. Named after Sylvester Lind mayor of Lake Forest. 54th Ct.,
Gibbs St.
-Linden Ave., Fairfield Ave. 2400 to 2800N.
-Linden Ave., Ferdinand St. 5200 to 5500W.
-Linden Ave., Irene Ave., 3136W.
-Linden Ave., Kenwood Ave. 6800 to 7099S.
-Linden Ave., Keokuk Ave. 4132W.
-Linden Ave., Lamon Ave. 1600 to 1890N and 1900 to 2000N.
-Linden Ave., Naples Ave. 6400W.
-Linden Ave., Onarga Ave. 6690N to 6800N 7200W.
-Linden Ct., Cambridge Ave. 2800 to 2900N.
-Linden Grove Ave., Ferdinand St., 5200 to 5500W.
-Linden Pl., Church St. vacate 10150 to 10250S.
-Linden Pl., Charles St., 9500 to 10500S.
Linden Place, 3000W 2400 to 2564NW. Named after the Linden Boxwood Tree. 1st Ave., Schuyler
-Linden St., Belden Ave. 6800 to 7200W.
-Linden St., Eugenie St. 130 to 600W.
-Linden St., Magnolia Ave. 4800 to 5000N.
-Linden St., Hubbard St. 4600 to 5000W.
Linder Ave., 5500W 1400 to 5900N 5200 to 6459S. Named after Usher F. Linder principal speaker
for Douglas in the campaign in Illinois. 55th Ave., St., Steele St., 54th Ct., Edwards St.,
Walnut Ave.
-Linn Ave., Bensley Ave., 12200 to 12400S.
-Linne Ave., Nixon Ave. 7032W.
Linn White Dr., Northerly Island 800E 1200S to 1800S.
-Linville Ave., Latrobe Ave. 1 to 2400N.
-Linwood Pl., Walton St. 2800 to 3000W.
-Lipps Ave., Libby Ave. 5200W.
Lipps Ave., 5234W 4800 to 4859NW. Named after Fred Lipps, alderman of the old 26th Ward.
Our St.
-Lisla Ave., Wabansia Ave. 5600 to 5999W at 1700N.
-Lisle St., 21st Pl. 700 to 800W.
-Lisle St., Ashland Ave. 1 to 600S.
Lister Ave., 1844W 2200 to 2365N. Named after Walter Lister a Chicago real estate dealer. He
was the father-in-law of the well known subdivider George Bickerdike.
-Little Ave., 39th Pl., 2500 to 2599W.
-Little Fort Rd., Lincoln Ave. 200W 1825N to 2400N and 800W.
Lithuaian Plaza Ct., 6900S 2400 to 2758W. Named in honor of many Lithuanians who live in area.
Lituanica Ave., 900W 3100 to 3839S. Named after the plane lost attempting to cross the Atlantic
non-stop U.S. to Lithuania. The two pilots were Capt. Stephen Darius and Lt. Stanley
Lincoln Lituanica
Girenas lost at sea in 1933. Auburn St., Park Tucker St.
Livermore Ave., 5535W 6200 to 6359N. Named after Mary Livermore American reformer and
the organizer of the Sanitary Fair. Dixon Ave.
-Livingston Ave., Luella Ave. 13400 to 13800S.
-Livingston Ave., 67th Pl. 3400 to 3600W now vacate.
Lloyd Ave., 1300W 3000 to 3039S. Named after Henry Lloyd editorial writer on the Tribune. He
was schooled on the NW side and subdivider of the area. Fake St., Greeley Ave.
-Lochiel Ave., vacated in Caldwell’s Reserve 5800W and 6250N to 6000W and 6350N.
Lock St., 1449W 2800 to 3084SE. Named after the Bridgeport Lock on the Canal.
-Lockport St., Claremont Ave. 3630 to 3650S.
Lockwood Ave., 5300W 1 to 5400N 1 to 6500S. Named after Samuel Drake Lockwood. He was
Secretary of State of Illinois in 1822, a lawyer, jurist, and judge of the Supreme Court in
1824. He was also state trustee of the I.C.R.R. 53rd Ave., St., Hollowell St., West St.
-Lockwood Ave., St. Lawrence Ave., 13000 to 13500S.
-Locust Ave., Sawyer Ave. 6700 to 7100S.
-Locust Pl., Locust St., 100 to 150W.
-Locust St., Highland Ave. 6850 to 6950W at 6330N.
-Locust St., Sayre Ave. 6225 to 6330NE.
-Locust St., 77th Pl. 3600 to 4000W.
-Locust St., 102nd Pl. 1400 to 1599W.
Locust St., 900N 100 to 444W. Named after type of tree often used to build log cabins. McCagg
Pl., White St.
-Locust ?., 116th St.
-Loeffler Ct., Miller St. 1028W 1600 to 1999S.
-Loewe St., Willow St. 200 to 400W.
-Logan Ave., Genoa Ave. 807W.
-Logan Ave., Wrightwood Ave., 3200 to 3300W.
-Logan Ave., Granville Ave. 950 to 2399W.
-Logan Ave., Lamon Ave. 4900W.
Logan Blvd., 2600N 2211 to 3117W. Named after Gen. John Alexander Logan famous in Atlanta
Campaign. He played major role in founding of Memorial Day. He died while in the U.S.
Senate. Humboldt Blvd.
Logan Square, 2600N 3132 to 3200W. Same as above.
-Logan St., Crowell St. 1300W.
-Logan St., Highland Ave., 6850 to 6950W at 6330N.
-Logan St., Sayre Ave. 6225 to 6330NE.
-Logan St., 48th Pl. 400 to 999W.
-Logan St., Hood Ave., 1200 to 1400W.
Loleta Ave., 5810W 6600 to 6835NE. Named after Loleta, Penn.
-Lomax Place,528S 200 to 300W. Named after John A. Lomax who served a term in the State
Legislature in 1873. He was the founder of Lomax Ginger Ale Company in 1851. Charles
Pl. Today the Congress Expressway Interchange.
-Lombard Ave., Keating Ave. 3200 to 3600N and 4500 to 4800N
-Lombard Ave., Kilpatrick Ave. 4000 to 4400N.
London Ave., 5335W 4730 to 4769N. Named after London, England. Roberts Ave.
-Lonergan St., Ogden Ave vacated 324W 1900N to 1926N.
Long Ave., 5400W 1 to 5800N 5200 to 6500S. Named after Major Stephen H. Long a member of
Livermore Long
the government survey team and canal supporter. 54th Ave., St., Hubbard St., Lewis St.,
Willow St., Centre Ave.
-Long John St., Damen Ave. 3100 to 3900S.
-Longmeadow Ave., 4931W 6385NE. Once shortest street 31 feet.
-Longwood Ave., Longwood Dr. 8700 to 10699S.
Longwood Drive, 2100W 8700 to 11900SE. Named after the community of Longwood in Beverly
Hills. Ave., Commonweath Ave., Forest Ave., Lincoln St., Prospect Ave., Walnut St., Wash-
ington Ave., Longwood Terr.
-Longwood Terr., Longwood Dr. 9500 to 9899S.
-Loomis Pl., Gladys Ave. 1300 to 1399W.
-Loomis Pl., vacated
-Loomis St., Ada St. 11200 to 11499S
-Loomis St., Benson St., 3100 to 3200S.
Loomis St. and Blvd. 1400W 1 to 354N 1 to 12300S. Named after Horation Loomis a pioneer
settler and one of the founders of the Board of Trade. Deering St., Depot St., 5th St.,
Green St., Sheldon St., Webster St., Charles Ct., Maple St.
Loomis Blvd., Centre St., Front St., Green ?., Snowdendale Ave.
Loop Drive, 500E in Washington Park. Street forms a loop.
Lorel Ave., 5334W 1 to 2500N 5200 to 6500S. Named after the tree. Baird Ave., 53rd Ct., Pl., also
spelt Laurel Ave.
-Lorey Ave., vacated 5720N and 4700W to 5750N and 4750W.
-Loring Ave., Elizabeth St. 1238W.
-Loring Ave., Ridgeland Ave. 1735E.
Loring Ave., 5425W 5236 to 5300N. Named after Melek Loring subdivider. He served in the Navy
during the Civil War. Alda Ave.
-Lormon Ave., Harvard Ave., 7500 to 7699S.
Loron Ave., 5900W 6600 to 6765NE. Named after Loron Graves an early settler and owner of a
cottage at 31st and Cottage Grove.
-Lorraine Pl., Mandell Ave., 5600W.
-Lothair Ave., Bell Ave., 11500 to 11800S then west 2300 to 2399W.
-Lothair Ave., Hoyne Ave., 10700 to 11100S.
Lothair Ave., 2000W 11143 to 11470SW. Named after Lothair I, II, and III Roman Emperors.
Lotus Ave., 5441W 1 to 5600N 1 to 5459S. Named of the sacred flower of Japan. It is the
American cousin of the Lotus of the Nile. 54th Ct., Gibbs St., Jones St., Walnut St.,
Popular Ave., Pepper Ave., Pine Ave., Lind Ave.
-Louis St., Fremont St. 3600 to 4000N.
-Louis St., Geneva Terr. 600W.
Louise Ave., 4950W 5850 to 6384NW. Named after Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies.
Ellerton Ave., Loyd Ave.
-Louisville Ct., 2500E 11000 to 11199S vacated.
-Louisa St., Marshfield Ave., 3400 to 3699S.
Lovejoy Ave., 5434W 5104 to 5468NW. Named after Elijah Parish Lovejoy martyr to the cause of
free speech. He was killed by a mob in Alton, Illinois on 11 Nov 1837. Carpenter Ct., Dyer
St., Lillard Ave.
-Low Rd., Elston Ave.
-Lowe Ave., Desplaines St. 640W.
Long Lowe
-Lowe Ave., Parnell Ave., 525W.
Lowe Ave., 632W 2400 to 13000S. Named after Samuel Lowe, constable 1839. St., Charles St.,
Des Plaines St., Groveland Ct., Sanger St., Sherman St., Summer St., Boulevard St.,
Boulevard St., Desplaines St.
-Lowe St., Lowe Ave. 632W.
Lowell Ave., 4334W 1568 to 6400N. Named after F.W. Lowell the first teacher at Andersonville
school located at Foster and Ashland in 1861 before this territory was annexed to Chicago.
43rd Ct., Hinkley Ave., Kirby Ave., Kolin Ave., Parker Ave., Washington Ave., Sherman
Ave., 43rd Pl.
-Lowell Pl. & St., Garibaldi Pl., 800 to 1000S.
-Loyola Ave., Arthur Ave. 1625 to 1775W.
Loyola Ave., 6551N 1100 to 1998W. Named after the University. Hayes Ave.
-Loyd Ave., Louise Ave., 6200N and 5450W to 6400N and 5700W.
-Loyde Terr., may have been Loyd Ave.
-Lubeck St., Dickens Ave. 2000 to 2399W.
-Luce St., Ada St. 1334W 1400 to 1440N
Lucerno Ave., 5100W 6100 to 6125NW. Named after Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. City of Lucerne
and towns of Kussnecht and Brunnen are on the lake associated with the traditions of
William Tell.
-Lucian Ave., Euclid Ave., 1934E.
Ludlam Ave., 5471W 5200 to 5464NE. Named after Dr. Ruben Ludlam Pres. of the Holmemann
Medical College. Cheney Ave., St.
-Luella Ave., Bensley Ave. 2500E.
Luella Ave., 2224E 7100 to 13800S. Named after George A. Springers boat used in the rescue
from the flood of 1844. He was in the real estate business. Bensley Ave., Central Ave.,
Livingston Ave., Scovel Ave.
-Luke St., 19th St., 700 to 1199W.
-Lull Pl., Crystal St. 1725 to 1799W.
-Lull Pl., Hermitage Ave. 1725W 1250 to 1325N.
Lumber St., 335W 1600 to 2730SW. Street ran through a lumber company. S from 335W to
2799SW 1200 to 3099SW.
Luna Ave., 5534W 1400 to 5850N 5200 to 5458S. Latin for Moon. 55th Ct., West St., Levy Ave.
Lundy Ave., 5565W 6201 to 6362N. Named after Benjamin Lundy an anti-slavery crusader. Enfield
Ave., Lyle Ave.
-Lundy St., Seeley Ave., 3500 to 3699S.
-Lunn Ct., Washburne Ave., 2400 to 2500W.
-Lundy’s Lane., Seeley Ave., 3200 to 3700S.
Lunt Ave., 7000N 1200 to 7760W. Named after Orrington Lunt, a landowner and subdivider of
Evanston and Rogers Park. He was founder of NW University and the Chicago Board of
Trade. St., Orchard Ave.
Lunt Avenue Circle Drive, 7000N in Loyola Park.
-Lunt St., Lunt Ave. 7000N.
Luther St., 2436S 2600 to 2658W. Named after Martin Luther.
-Lutz Ave., Pensacola Ave., 2400 to 2500W.
Lutz Place, 1548N 620 to 642W. Named after Louis Lutz a landowner.
-Luzon Ave. vacated 600N and 6500W to 6025N and 5550W.
-Lydia Ct., Foster Ave., 6000 to 6200W and 5500 to 5550W.
Lowe Lydia
-Lydia St., & Pl., Gettysburg St. 5450 to 5599W.
-Lydia St., Walnut St. 650 to 799W at 212N.
-Lydiard St., Leamington Ave., 400 to 1000N
-Lyford St., Moffat St. 5100 to 5200W.
-Lyle Ave., Lundy Ave., 6200 to 6300N.
-Lyman Ave., Hoyne Ave., 2100W.
-Lyman Ave., Meade Ave., 5550 to 5600N.
-Lyman Ave., Seeley Ave., 4400 to 4799N.
Lyman St., 1000W 2900 to 3100SW. Named after D.B. Lyman a landowner and subdivider in the
firm of Lyman and Jackson.
Lynch Ave., 5500W 5259 to 5590NE. Named after Thomas Lynch a signer of the Dec. of
Independence. Bowen Ave., St.
-Lynch St., Robinson St., 3100S 1750W to 3200S and 1600W.
-Lynch Pl., Laflin St. 3200 to 3300S.
-Lyndale Ave., Lyndale St., 3400 to 4599W.
Lyndale St., 2300N 2000W to 4560W. Named after the community of Lyndale now Logan Square.
(1867). Bremen St., Bremen Pl., Johnston Ave., Kosciusko St., Pleasant Pl., Belden Ave.,
Bremen Pl.
-Lyon Ave., 33rd St.
-Lyon Ave., 119th St., 1600 to 2600W.
-Lyon St., Parnell Ave., 7900 to 8700S.
Lyon Ave., 625E 9300 to 9434SE. Named after John B. Lyon a subdivider and landowner. He was
a member of the Blue Island and Land Association in 1869.
Lytle St., 1235W 600 to 1147S. Named after Gen. William H. Lytle who wrote Anthony and
-M Ave., Avenue M., 11400 to 11750S
-Macalester Pl., Lexington St., 728S 1200 to 1399W.
MacChesney Ct., 72E 300 to 340N.
-Macedonia St., Honore St.,, 1822W 1200 to 1325N.
-MacFarlane Ave., Ridgeland Ave., 1750E, 8200 to 8300S.
-MacFarlane Ave., Cregier Ave., 8300 to 9350S.
-Mack St., Perry Ave., 6400 to 6500S.
MacKinaw Ave., 3326E 8235 to 13600S. Named after Ojibua Indian chief meaning turtle. Also a
town in Michigan. Douglas Ave., St., Avenue Q.
-Macloy Ave., Hamlin Ave., 4700 to 4900S and 5100 to 5500S.
-Madella Ave., McCormick Ave., Selby Terr. 6000N and 5600W to 6075N and 5700W.
-Madison Ave., Dorchester Ave. 4700 to 8999S.
-Madison Ave., Maryland Ave. 5400 to 5900S.
Madison Avenue Park, 5046S 1200 to 1380E.
-Madison Ct., Dorchester Ave. 6600 to 6699SW.
-Madison St., Leland Ave., 3800 to 5000W.
-Madison St., Monroe St. 800 to 1200W.
Lydia Madison
Madison St., 1N 1S 1 to 100E 1 to 6000W. Named after the fourth Pres. James Madison. It was
the first south boundary street of the town from the Thompson plat in 1830. Adams St.
-Madison ?., Avalon Ave.
-Madison St., Dorchester Ave., 4700 to 5900S.
-Madrid Ave., Hazelhurst Ave., 6352 6340 NE.
-Magazin St., vacated 5600 to 5999W 1850N.
Magnet Ave., 5635W 5300 to 5449N. Named after metal that looks like silver. Batavia Ave.
Magnolia Ave., 1235W 1400 to 6500N. Named after Capt. Gilson’s tugboat that saved many lives
during the 1871 Fire. Arlington St., Charlton St., Diversey Ct., Fleetwood St., Lewis Pl.,
St., Linden St., Maple Square Ave.
-Mago St., Keating Ave., 5100 to 5200N.
-Mailler St., Lexington St. 4300 to 4799W.
-Main St., Throop St., 2430 to 3099S.
-Main St., Cortland St., 5600 to 5999W, at 1900N.
Mairmount Ave., Claremont Ave., 4300 to 4400N
Major Ave., 5700W 1600 to 5900N 5200 to 6458S. Named after D. Luban Major a member of
Board of Trustees of Bennett Medical College. He was one of the organizers of the Chris-
tian Church in 1850. 57th Ave., St., Waller Ave., Graham St.
-Major St., Narragansett Ave., 5900 to 6300S.
-Malcom Ave., Knox Ave. 4650W 4200 to 4350N
Malden St., 1300W 4400 to 4740N. Named after Ft. Malden which was at the mouth of the Detroit
River in 1813 which was from the Borough of Malden, England.
-Malcott Ave., Green St. 834W.
Malta St., 1500W 9900 to 10300SE. Named after the island in the Mediterranean Sea. Maple St.
-Malvern Ave., Hermitage Ave., 1736W 7450 to 7599N.
-Mamie St., Central Park Ave. 3600W.
-Manassas Ave., Waldemar Ave. vacated NE 6250N 6050W to 6400N and 5900W.
-Manchester Ave., 70th Pl.
Mandell Ave., 5600W 6200 to 6255NW. Named after E.B. Mandell. Lorraine Pl.
Mango Ave., 5734W 1600 to 5768N. Named after the fruit. 57th Ct., Lewis Ave., Jefferson St.
Manila Ave., 5800W 5301 to 5360NE. Named after the capital of the Philippine Islands. Griffin
Manistee Ave., 2726E 7900 to 13200S. Named after the Indian word meaning “island in River”from
Manistee, Michigan. Colfax Ct., St., Day Ave., Sherman Ave., Wendell Ave.
-Manitou Pl., Deming Pl., 2529N 2325 to 2399W.
Mankato Ave., 6300W 7025 to 7100NE. Named after Chief of the Sioux tribe meaning Blue earth.
Mann Drive, 6800S in Marquette Park. Named after James Mann congressman and attorney for
South Park District.
Manor Drive 2734W at 4400N to 2949W at 4772N. Named for Manor, Pennsylvania. Fairfield
-Mansfield Ave., Monitor Ave. 5834W.
Manton Ave., 5600W 5600 to 6000NW. Named after Manton, Michigan which was first named
after George Manton. Elmer Ave.
-Maple Ave., Christiana Ave. 6700 to 7100S vacated
-Maple Ave., Erie St. 5700 to 6000W.
-Maple Ave., Grrenview Ave. 6400 to 7600N.
-Maple Ave., Homan Ave. 3400W.
Madison Maple
-Maple Ave., Kiona Ave. 4300W.
-Maple Ave., Nordica Ave., 2000 to 2800N.
-Maple Ave., Neva Ave. 7138W.
-Maple Ave., Normal Ave. 500W.
-Maple Ave., Olympia Ave. 7700W.
-Maple Ave., 41st St. 800 to 1100E.
-Maple Ave., 59th Pl. 3400 to 3600W and 3800 to 4000W.
-Maple Pl., Greenview Ave., 7600 to 7700N.
-Maple Pl., Charleston St., 2400 to 2500W.
-Maple Square Ave., Magnolia Ave. 3600 to 3799N at 1234W.
-Maple St., Berwyn Ave. 4950 to 5100W.
-Maple St., Myrick St., 78th Pl. 7834S.
-Maple St., 60th Pl. 200 to 400W.
-Maple St., Loomis St., 10300 to 10399S.
-Maple St., Malta St., 1500W.
Maple St., 1038N 1 to 150W. Named after the tree and because there were a number of trees in
this district. Cedar St.
-Maple ?., 108th St.
-Maplewood Ave., Kilpatrick Ave. 1 to 150N.
Maplewood Ave., 2525W 300 to 7458N 500 to 11900S. Named by Justin Butterfield after one of
the four villages he organized: Village of Maplewood, Penock, Hamlet, and Avondale. Named
for the tree. Cicero Ct., Dail St., Florence Ave., Irwin Ave., Kruse Ave., Nora Ave., Oak-
land Ave., Perry Ave., Read Ct., Valentine St., Walnut ?., S. Park Ct., Grace Ave., Pope Ct.,
Euclid Ave.
-Mara Ave., Hamilton Ave. 3300 to 3700N.
Marble Pl., 120S 1 to 778W. A building in 1877 on this street was faced with marble. Hydraulic Pl.
(1 to 200W).
Marcey St., 1000W 1634 to 1943NW. Named after Pierre Marcey French historian of the NW
region. Marcy St.
-March St., Perry Ave., 6400 to 6499S.
-Marcy St., Marcey St. 1000W
-Margaret Pl., Birchwood Ave., 1700 to 1800W.
-Margaret Pl., Springfield Ave. 1600 to 1900S.
-Margaret St., Aberdeen St. 1400 to 1500S.
-Margaret St., Willard Ct. 100 to 150N.
-Marguerite Ave., 113th Pl., 2250 to 2399W.
-Marguerite Ave., Lambert Ave. 4820W.
Margate Terr., 4935N 830 to 958W. Named after Margate, England.
Maria Court, 8500W 4520 to 4738N. Maria was the mother of Albert Schorsch, a real estate
-Marianna St., Schubert Ave. 834 to 1400W 1700 to 1750W 2300 to 7200W.
-Marietta Ave., Division Ave., 6300W 6200 to 6499N.
Marin Drive in Humboldt Park, Luis Marin governor of Puerto Rico for sixteen years.
Marine Drive, 600W 3900 to 5600NW. Named because close to water.
Marion Court, 1838W 1200 to 1276N. Named after Ellen Marion Kinzie first white child born at
Ft. Dearborn who later became wife of Dr. Alex Wolcott. Pl., Hamilton Ave.
-Marion Pl., Marion Ct. 1838W.
Maple Marion
-Mark St., Roscoe St. 4600 to 4800W.
-Mark St., Willard Ct. 700 to 800N
-Mark St., 19th Pl. 700 to 799W.
-Market Bldg. 630E 11200 to 11250S.
-Market Circle 630E 11200 to 11250S.
-Market Sq., Robinson St., 3150S 1600 to 1775W.
-Market St., Orleans St. 300 to 1600N
-Market St., Ravenswood Ave. 6800 to 7100N
-Market St., Wacker Dr. 1 to 200N.
-Market St., 134th Pl. 100 to 350E.
-Market St., 27th Pl both vacated 2775S 512 to 600E.
Markham Ave., 5835W 5700 to 5970NE. Named after Charles Henry Markham, President of the
Illinois Central R.R. 1909 to 1911. Clare Ave., Sheenan St.
-Marlborough Ave., 68th Pl., 2000 to 2175W.
-Marlin Pl., Beach Ave., 4600 to 4700W vacated.
-Marling St., Springfield Ave. 4400 to 4500N.
Marmora Ave., 5900W 2100 to 6058N. Named after island of Marmora in the Black Sea which is
famous for marble. Name comes from the Latin meaning marble. 59th Ave., Franklin St.,
Poland Ave., Arlington Ave.
Marquette Ave., 2732E 7530 to 13100S. Named after Fr. Pere Marquette. Carlin Ave., Kingston
Ave., St., Sheridan Ave.
Marquette Drive, 6600S in Jackson Park.
-Marquette Rd., 66th St. 500 to 1600E.
-Marquette Rd., 67th St. 1 to 500E 1 to 4800W.
Marquette Rd., 6700S 1 to 1600E 1 to 4800W. Named after Fr. Marquette. Moonahway Ave.,
Vincennes Ave. 66th St., 67th St., Judd St.
Marquette Rd., 500E 6600 to 6658S.
-Marquette Terr., Junior Terr. 700 to 800W.
-Marsdon Ave., Henderson St., 4150 to 4250W.
-Marshall Blvd., California Blvd. 2400 to 3099S 2800W.
-Marshall Blvd., 24th Blvd., 2800 to 2950W.
-Marshall Blvd., 31st St. Blvd. 3100S 2400 to 2799W.
Marshall Blvd. 2900W 1900 to 2420S. Named after James A. Marshall real estate man of the firm
Knight and Marshall. He was secretary of the Chicago Real Estate Board in 1883.
-Marshall St., Marshfield Ave., 4600 to 4699S.
-Marshall St., Wallace St., 4300 to 4400S.
Marshfield Ave., 1633W 400 to 7800N 300 to 9300S. Named by Henry Gilpin subdivider in 1869.
Land was a marsh or swamp and named after Marshfield, Mass. St., Ashland Ave., Dreyer
Burroughs St., Cutler St., Marshall St., St., Edgar St., Burroughs St., Johnston St., Louise
St., Paulina St., Railroad Pl., Rumsey St., Trustee St., Woodside Ave.
-Marshfield St., Ave. 1633W.
-Marston Ave., 82nd Pl. 3600 to 3800W.
-Martin St., 1325W 10600S vacated.
-Martin St., 24th Pl. 2600 to 2699W.
-Marvin Ave., 105th Pl. 1600 to 1800W.
-Marvin Pl., Kolin Ave., 200 to 250N.
-Marvine St., 24th Pl. 2300 to 2800W.
Mark Marvine
-Mary St., Hoyne Ave. 2100W.
-Mary St., Wood St. 1200 to 2199S.
-Mary St., 93rd St.
Mary St., 1100W 2500 to 2708S. Named by Mary J. Dennis subdivider and landowner.
-Maryben Ave., 114th St. 2300 to 2400W.
-Maryland Ave., Kildare Ave. 1 to 300N.
Maryland Ave., 825E 4900 to 13500S. Named after the State. It was a border state during the
American Civil War. Drexel Ct., Jackson Ave., Madison Ave., Storms Ave., Erickson Ave.,
8th Ave., Dutton Ave.
-Mascouten Ave., Monitor Ave. 1000 to 5550N.
-Mason Ave., Schubert Ave. 4000 to 4400W.
Mason Ave., 5936W 100 to 7000N 5933W 1 to 6259S. Named after Roswell B. Mason I.C.R.R.
builder and mayor of the city during the 1871 Chicago fire. 59th Ct., Hanson Ave., Howard
Ave., Paxton St., or Ave., West St.
-Mason’s Slip, 1100W 2230S.
-Mason St., 47th St. 400 to 3600W.
-Massac Ave., Grassmere Rd. semi-circle street 5700W 6200N both vacated.
Massasoit Ave., 5734W 800 to 1558N 5100 to 6258S. Named after Chief of Algonquin tribe. 57th
Ct., Lewis St., Massasoit Ct.
-Massasoit Ct., Massasoit Ave., 5734W.
-Mather St., Lexington St., 326 to 799W at 722S.
-Mather St., 11th St.
Matson Ave., 6200N 5936 to 6150W. Named after Gen. W. Matson owner of 840 acres of land in
Cole County, Illinois. Winchester Ave.
-Mattison Ave., Kingston Ave. 7400 to 7500S.
-Matteson St., 47th Pl. 400 to 999W.
-Matthew St., Quincy St. 214S 1750 to 1799W.
Maud Ave., 1000W 1830 to 1981NW. Named after Maud Long, daughter of Daniel Long,
alderman of Chicago. City council named street. Kroger St.
-Maude Ave., 81st Pl. 3610 to 3800W.
Mautene Court, 1620W 1218 to 1256N. Named after Indian Mautene.
-Mautene St., Elmwood Ave., both vacated.
-Maxon St., 109th Pl. 1200 to 1699W
Maxwell St., 1320S 540 to 1125W. Named after Dr. Philip Maxwell the city’s first surgeon. He
was at Ft. Dearborn. 13th Pl.
-Maxwell St., 13th Pl., 3400 to 3600W.
-May St., vacated Bridgeport.
-May St., Chase Ave. 2000 to 2400W.
-May St., Harding Ave. 4400 to 4500N 4800 to 5000N.
-May St., Mildred Ave. 2600 to 3000N.
May St., 1132W 1 to 922N 600 to 12300S. Named after the daughter of Mayor James Curtis.
Cortland St., Farmer St., Genevieve St., Grove St., Grover St., Mount Ave., Victor St.,
Wahl St., Wall St.
-Mayfair St., Cuyler Ave., 1400 to 1500W.
Mayfield Ave., 5900W 1 to 1620N 1 to 6500S. Named after Mayfield, England the home of the
Archbishop of Canterbury. Arlington Ave., 59th Ave., 4th Ave., Franklin Ave., St.
-Mayflower St., 29th Pl. at 1600W.
Mary Mayflower
-Maynard Ave., Austin Ave. 1600 to 6000N 5100 to 6499S.
-Maynard Ave., Higgins Ave. 4850N 5400W to 5050N and 6000W.
-Mayo St., Keating Ave. 5100 to 5200N.
Maypole Ave., 126N 1600 to 5200W. Named after Alderman William Maypole. Park Ave., Randolph
St., Union Park Ave.
McAlpin Ave., 6300W and 5900W 7000 to 7200NE. Named after William McAlpin chiefengineer
in Chicago.
-McAlpine St., Claremont Ave.
-McArthur St., Wieland St.218W.
-McAuley Ave., Kedvale Ave. 1400 to 2400N
-McAuley St., 41st Ct., Kedvale Ave. 1400 to 2400N.
-McBride Ave., Sacramento Ave. 3000W.
-McCagg Pl., Locust St. 100 to 150W.
-McChesney Ave., Champlain Ave. 625E.
-McChesney Ave., Rhodes Ave. 6300 to 6700S.
McClellan Ave., 5600W 6200 to 6398NW. Named after George McClellan land owner and
subdivider on the south side. He was an active member of Ben J. Johnson subdividers. Cresent Rd.
McClurg Court, 400E 530 to 759N. Named after Alexander C. McClurg soldier and business- man.
He was the first Colonel of the 1st Reg. of the Illinois National Guard.
-McCollum St., Cortez St. 5400 to 5600W.
McCook Ave., 6025W 5920 to 5958N. Named after Maj. Gen. Alexander McDonald McCook who
commanded regiment at the 1st battle of Bull Run of 1861. He also commanded the 20th
Army Corps during the campaign of Parryville. Willard Ave.
-McCormick Ave., Madella Ave.
McCormick Road, 3400W 6230 to 6400NE. Named after Robert McCormick editor of the Chi-
cago Tribune.
McCrea Drive, 3356W in Garfield Park. Samuel McCrea was a West Park District Commissioner.
McCutheon Terr., 944W 4900 to 4924N. Named after John McCutheon, poet and columnist. He
joined the Tribune in 1903.
McDermott Ave., 1400W 2900 to 2940S. Named after Michael McDermott civil engineer and
contractor of the “L” stations in the city.
-McDermott St., Greeley St.
McDonough St., 12000W 4000N. Within the boundaries of Chicago O’Hare. Named by the city
council on 29 July 1969.
McDowell Ave., 1410W 4500 to 4677SW. Named after Mary McDowell, 1854-1936. She was born
in Cincin. Ohio, and was the first president of Hull House Women’s Club. Gross Ave.
-McDowell St., 25th Pl., 2700 to 2750W.
-McFarlane Ave., 8300 to 9350S, Cregier Ave.
McFetridge Drive, 1326S in Burnham Park. William McFetridge was a powerful labor union leader
and former president of the Chicago Park District.
-McGaffery St., 38th St. 2500 to 3699W.
-McGlashen St., Stewart Ave. 422W 2200 to 2275S.
-McGovern St., Belden Ave. 2850 to 3200W.
-McGrane Ct., Kentucky Ave. 4800N and 4650W to 4900N and 4600W.
-McGrath St., Tilden St. 2000 to 2150W.
-McGregor St., 24th Pl. 200 to 700W.
-McHenry St., Throop St. 1500 to 1750N.
Maynard McHenry
-McIlroy St., Cortez St. 3200 to 3300W.
-McKibben Ave., Richmond St. 4400 to 4600S.
McLean Ave., 2046N 1400 to 6500W. Named after John McLean first Illinois representative in
Congress. St., Byron Ave., Canal Pl., Carver St., Coblentz St., Powell Park, Tondern St., C
St., Ovitt Pl.
-McLean St., McLean Ave. 2046N.
-Mclean St., 1800W 2600 to 3099S Bridgeport Vacated.
-McLennan St., 46th Pl. 3600 to 3700W.
-McLeod Ave., Washtenaw Ave. 6300 to 6700S.
McLeod Ave., 6300W 6034 to 6358N. Named after James D. McLeod a landowner and subdivider.
Waite Ave., Muriel Ave.,
-McMaster St., Eddy St., 3550 to 3600W.
-McMullen Ct., 19th Pl. 1050 to 1200W.
-McReynolds St., Lemoyne St. 1600 to 1799W at 1512N.
McVicker Ave., 6034W 1600 to 7400N 5200 to 6258S. Named after James Hubert McVickerChicago
actor and producer 1822 to 1896. He built 1st Chicago Theatre on 3 Nov 1867. Cicero
Ave., Humphrey Ave., 60th Ct., Myrtle St.
-Mead St., Sawyer Ave. 400 to 2700N.
MeadeAve., 6100W 1500 to 7400N 5200 to 6258S. Named after Gen George Meade Civil War
officer at Gettysburg. Graham Ave., Lyman Ave., 61st Ave., Mead Ave., Ferry St., Fern St.
-Meade St., Sawyer Ave. 3234W.
-Meadow Lane, Hermitage Ave. 1727W 6020 to 6400N and 6700 to 6800N.
-Meadow St., Montvale Ave. 11334S.
-Meadow St., 113th Pl. 1000 to 1650W.
-Meadow Brook Terr., Neenah Ave. 5100 to 5899S.
-Meaghan St., 32nd Pl. 1550 to 1600W.
-Meagher St., 15th Pl. 400 to 800W.
-Meaham St., 32nd Pl. 1550 to 1600W.
-Mechanic St., Stewart Ave. 426W 1600 to 1899S.
-Mecklenburg Rd., Touhy Ave. 2400 to 3200W.
Medford Ave., 6300W 6900 to 7000N. Named after Medford, Mass.
Medill Ave., 2331N 1200 to 7190W. Named after Joseph Medill who purchased the Chicago Tri-
bune. He ran for Mayor after the Chicago Fire and won. Berlin St., Canton St., Charlotte
Ave., Chester St., Clara Pl., Darwin Terr., Follansbee St., Pearl St., Pulaski St., Huber Pl.,
Wood St.
Medina Ave., 6200W 5800 to 5948NE. Named after the Medina Club the home of the Masons in
Illinois. Kosciusko Ave.
-Medora Ave., 115th St. 2100 to 2399W.
-Medora Ave., 117th St., 1800 to 1990W.
-Medora St., Tripp Ave., 600 to 899S.
-Medora St., Homewood Ave., 11500 to 11700S.
-Meeker St., Central Park Ave. 3600W 1600 to 3200N.
Melrose St., 3228N 400 to 7034W. Named after Melrose Abbey a co-educational religious center
in Scotland. Renowed for celibacy and seclusion from the world. Adeleid Ave.
-Melville Pl., Hutchinson St. 4236N 1410 to 1499W.
Melvina Ave., 6200W 1600 to 7200N 5200 to 6458S. Named after the Wis. summer resort. Or-
chard St., 62nd Ave.
McIlroy Melvina
Memory Lane, 5160N 8000 to 8200W. From the saying “a stroll down Memory Lane”.
Menard Ave., 5800W 1 to 6035N 1 to 6500S. Named after Pierre Menard the first Lt. Gov. of
Illinois. 58th Ave., Hunter Ave., Prairie Ave., Free St., Denver Ave.
Menard Drive, 5800W in Columbus Park.
Mendell St., & Ct., 1500W 1900 to 2056NW. Named after Edward Mendell early settler in Chi-
cago. He established a lithographic house on Lake street in 1853. Breemen St.
Mendota Ave., 6250W 6800 to 7040NE. Named after the boat made by George S. Springer for an
Indian friend. He was a real estate promoter. Word came from the Dakota language
meaning “mouth of a river.”
Menomonee St., 1800N 158 to 558W. Named after the chief of the Mochicans. He was known as
the last of the Mochicans. Word refers to wild rice which grew in the region.
-Mentmore Ave., Belden Ave. 3200 to 4400W.
Mercer Ave., 6400N 6100 to 6200W. LeMoyne Ave., Lemont Ave.
Merchandise Mart Plaza, 326N 200 to 300W. Named because street is in front of the
Merchandise Mart. North Bank Dr., New St.
Meredith Ave., 5600W 6200 to 6361N. Named after Capt. George Meredith who owned a home
on Pine Avenue. He established Kilpatrick Post of the G.A.R. the first Lodge in Austin.
Fountain Ave.
-Merian Ave., Troy St. 1650 to 2200S.
-Meridian Ave., Hale Ave. 10300 to 10699S.
-Meridian St., Walden Pkwy. 10100 to 10699S.
-Meridian St., Warren Ave., 650 to 799W at 50N.
-Merrill Ave., Hoxie Ave. 2600E.
-Merrill Ave., Oglesby Ave. 11600 to 12600S.
Merrill Ave., 2125E 6700 to 13800S. Named after George W. Merrill a subdivider. St., Cloud Ave.,
Ellington Ave., Hewitt Ave., Lincoln Ave., Binford Ave.
-Merrill St., Merrill Ave. 2125E.
Merrimac Ave., 6234W 1600 to 7200N 5250 to 6258S. Named for the ship that battled the Union
Monitor. Word from Indian language for Sturgon on swift water. Also name of Ojibway
Chief who signed treaty in 1805. Name meant Catfish. Garden St., 62nd Ct.
Merrion Ave., 2215E 9500 to 9900S. Named after John Merrion grandfather of Joseph Merrion
landowner and subdivider. He was Supt. of Short Line R.R. in South Chicago.
Metron Drive (Pvt) 1550E and 12800S at Lake Calumet Harbor. The Metron Steel Corp. is
located on this street.
-Metropole St., Nelson St. 3034N 4800 to 5399W and 6000 to 6399W and 6950 to 7000W.
-Metropolitan Pl., Ontario St. 622N 3930 to 3999W.
Meyer Ave., or Ct., 512W 1600 to 1658N. Named after Ald. Adam Meyer of the old 15th Ward.
Block St.
-Meyer St. or Ct., Meyer Ave., 512W.
Miami Ave., 6125N 5815 to 6200W. Named after Algonquin Tribe. The name means “People live
on the Peninsula.” Caldwell Ave.
-Michael Ct., Seeley Ave., 2040W 6800 to 6850N.
-Michael St., Hudson Ave. 1600 to 2000N.
-Michael ?., Beverly Ave. 2000W.
-Michigan Ave., Fitch Ave. 7200 to 7250W.
-Michigan Ave., Navarre Ave. 6425W.
-Michigan AVe., vacated 2300E and 6500S to 2400E and 6700S.
Memory Michigan
-Michigan Ave., Ozark Ave. 6800 to 7100N.
-Michigan Ave., Torrence Ave. 12500 to 13799S..
Michigan Ave., 100E 1 to 950N 1 to 12700S. Named after the Lake. Word means “Great Water”.
(Michigan Ave., North) Lincoln Park Blvd., Pkwy., Park Blvd., Pine St., Tower Ct., and Pl.,
(Michigan Avenue South) Chicago Rd., Chicago & Michigan Rd., Chicago & Thornton Rd.,
City Rd., Thornton Ave., Rd., South ?.,
Michigan Ave., 125E 13330 to 13362S.
-Michigan Pl., Edbrooke Ave. 12000 to 13099S.
-Michigan St., Austin Ave.
-Michigan St., Hubbard St., 1 to 299E at 440N.
-Michigan St., Kimball Ave. 3400W 3800 to 4400N.
-Michigan Terr., Oakenwald Ave. 4000 to 4099SE.
-Midas Ave., Simpson Ave., 6200N 5700 to 6199W. both vacated.
-Middle St., Washtenaw Ave. 1200 to 1600S.
Midway Dr., 5900S in Washington Park.
Midway Park, 500N 5700 to 6000W. H. Austin subdivider named after the grass plot located
between traffic lanes of street. Chapel St.
-Midway Plaisance, 59th St.
Midway Plaisance, 6000S 800 to 1558E. Derived name from the Worlds Fair of 1893.
Mies Van der Rohe Pl., 235E 500 to 800N Named for the architect who use to live on this street.
Seneca St.
-Mike Walsh St., Surf St.
Helen Mikols Dr, 4700W at 5536S to 4800W at 5636S. Helen Mikols, a Southwestside community
leader who supported the crosstown expressway.
Mildred Ave., 900W 2600 to 3000N. Named by William Best a subdivider for his mother. He was
a member of the brewery Best and Russell Company. Freemont St., May St., Paus St.,
Oakland Pl.
-Mill St., 32nd Pl. 1600 to 1699W.
Millard Ave., 3640W 500 to 11430S. Named after Alden C. Millard, a subdivider. He was a
member of the firm of Millard and Deckers. Bradley ?., Genesee Ave., Oriental Ave.,
Woodland St. or Ave.
-Miller St., or Ave., Wilson Ave. 4000 to 4200W.
-Miller’s Ct., Honore St., 1830W 5200 to 5224N.
Miller St., 1030W 600 to 2000S. Named after Samuel Miller a subdivider and landowner. He was
one of the 1st County Commissioners in 1831. Loeffler Ct., Nutt Ct., St., Waller St., Welch
St., Welsh St.
-Miller St., Karlov Ave. 700 to 1199S.
-Millie Ct., Waterloo Ct. 646W.
Miltmore Ave., 5835W 5601 to 5958NE. Named after Ira Miltimore who helped plan the first
Chicago public school. He was an alderman. Blaine Ave.
-Miltmore Ave., Harding Ave. 2400 to 2899N.
-Milton Ave., Cleveland Ave. 460W 800 to 1200N.
-Milton Pl., Patterson Ave. 4000 to 4100W 4500 to 4799W.
-Milton St., Neva Ave. 6300 to 6599N.
Milwaukee Ave., 200N at 500W 7600N at 7271W 500W to 6570NW. Named after city in Wiscon-
sin. Name comes from the Indian word meaning “good earth”. Chicago Ave., Northwest-
ern Plank Rd.
Michigan Milwaukee
Minerva Ave., 1134E 6400 to 6658S. Named after the town in New York and the goddess of
Wisdom. Myrtle Ave.
-Minnehaha Ave., Oglesby Ave. 9100 to 9400S.
Minnehaha Ave., 5400W 6300 to 6600NE. Named after the heroine of Longfellow’s poem Hiawatha.
Word means “laughing waters.”
-Minnemang Ave., Vincennes Ave. 600E.
-Minneola Pl., 96th Pl. 425 to 500W.
Minnetonka Ave., 5700W 6500 to 6558NE. Sioux Word meaning “big water.”
-Minnick Pl., or Ct., 2600E 7520S, now 75th Pl.
-Minon Ave., 104th St. 1600 to 1800W.
-Mitchell Ave., Albany Ave. 1600 to 1800N.
-Mitchell St., Eastwood Ave. 4000 to 4100W
-Mitchell St., 14th St. at 1600W.
-Mittman Ave., Harding Ave. 2400 to 2900N.
-Mobile Ave., Barry Ave. 3100N.
Mobile Ave., 6300W 1600 to 7200N 5200 to 6458S. Named after Mobile, Ala. An Indian tribe by
the same name lived near Mobile. Blvd., Brown Ave., Ridgeland Ave., 63rd Ave., St., 64th
-Mobile Blvd., Mobile Ave. 6300W.
-Modena St., Kilbourn Ave. 4500W.
Moffat St., 1834N 2000 to 5174W. Named after T. S. Moffat real estate promoter and landowner
in 1872. Cortland Ct., Greenwich St., Lyford St., Upton St.
-Mohawk St., 50th St. 400 to 599W.
Mohawk St., 536W 830 to 2058N. Named after Indian tribe formerly living near Albany, New
York. Name means City of live meat referring to a bear. For the Indians because of their
-Mohican Ave., 6000W 5800 to 5999N Norwood Ave.
-Moltke Ave., Avenue L. 13300 to 13399S.
-Moltke St., Potomac Ave. 2600 to 2800W.
-Monitor Ave., Navarre Ave. 6425W.
Monitor Ave., 5834W 1000 to 6115N. Named after the Union vessel. Addison St., Danube Ave.,
58th Ct., Mansfield Ave., Mascouton Ave., N. 3rd Ave., Gold St.
Monona Ave., 6000W 6100 to 7100NE. Named after town on Monona, Indiana.
-Monroe Ave., Kenwood Ave. 5300 to 8899S.
-Monroe St., Parkside Ave., 1600 to 2000N
-Monroe St., Pensacola Ave., 4650 to 5000W.
-Monroe St., Adams St. 800 to 1200W.
Monroe Drive, 100S in Grant Pk.
Monroe St., 100S 1 to 100E 1 to 5600W. Named after 5th President of United States, James
Monroe. Madison St.
Monsignor McElligott Dr., 10200S from 2630 to 2758W., Msgr. McElligott was former director of
the Catholic Cemeteries and former pastor of St. John Fisher Church.
-Montana Ave., Altgeld St. 4400 to 5000W.
-Montana St., Deming Pl. 2325 to 2400W.
Montana St., 2434N 900 to 5259W. Named after the State. Arizona Ave., Berg Pl., 1st St., Lill St.,
Weston St.
-Montclare Ave., Newcastle Ave. 3200 to 3600N.
Minerva Montclare
Montclare Ave., 7134W 2500 to 5600N. Named after the community of Mont Clare. Neva Ave.,
71st Ave., Wisconsin St., Nottingham Ave.
Monterey Ave., 11234S 1600 to 1952W. Named after Monterey, Mexico. The Spanish word
means “Mountain of the Kings.” Morgan Ave.
-Monterey Pl., 24th St.
Montgomery Ave., 2700W 4000S to 4170SE. Named after J. Montgomery a subdivider. St.
Montgomery Ave., 4128S from 2600 to 2638W.
-Montgomery Pl., 102nd Pl., 425 to 500W.
-Montgomery St., 37th St. 1600 to 2000W.
-Montgomery St., Montgomery Ave. 4128S.
-Montgomery St., Natchez Ave., 5900 to 6300S.
-Monticello Ave., 108th Pl. 2100 to 2399W.
Monticello Ave., 3630W 400 to 6400N. Named after Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia estate. It comes
from the Italian meaning “Little Mountain.” Delamater Pl., St. John Ave., Tinkham Ave.
Montrose Ave., 4400N 650 to 8600W. Named after James G. Montrose the Marquis of Hamilton.
He was a Scot noble and Royalist leader in the reign of Charles I. Armandale Ave., St.,
Jefferson Rd., Sulzer St., Blvd.
-Montrose Blvd., Ave. 650 to 5600W.
Montrose Drive, 4400N in Lincoln Park.
Montrose Harbor Drive, 4400N. Same as above.
-Montrose St., 73rd St.
Montvale Ave., 11334S 1638 to 1906NW. Named after Village of Montvale, Tenn. Meadow St.
Moody Ave., 6134W 1600 to 7200N 5200 to 6258S. Named after Dwight L. Moody formed YMCA
and Moody Bible Institute. 61st Ave., Ct., Ferry St., Fern St.
-Moonahway Pl., Marquette Rd. 6600 to 6700S.
-Moonahway Pl., Rhodes Ave. 3500 to 3900S.
-Moo-Nah-Way Pl., Eberhart Ave. 3960 to 4000S and 6500 to 6800S.
-Moore Pl., Harding Ave. 1600 to 2200S.
-Moore St., Kilpatrick Ave. 3200 to 3600N.
-Moore St., 23rd St., 1800 to 2900W.
-Moore St., 319W 1128 to 1158N. Named after Henry Moore a Chicago lawyer who invested
money in firm Hamilton and Moore real estate.
Moorman St., 1700W 1301 to 1331NW. Named after John J. Moorman, subdivider.
-Morax Pl., Federal St. 65W.
-Moreland Ave., Davis Ave., 6300W 6200 to 6399N. both vacated.
-Morey Ave., Hamlin Ave. 3800W.
-Morgan Ave., Monterey Ave. 1600W and 1125S to 2000W and 11100S.
-Morgan Ave., 111th St. 1000 to 1200W 2000 to 2800W and 3000 to 4000W.
-Morgan Ave., 112th Pl. 1000 to 1600W.
-Morgan Blvd., Lake St. 5350 to 6000W.
Morgan Drive, 5500S in Washington Park. Named after Thomas Morgan who purchased 3000
acres of land on the south side of Chicago and built a homestead.
-Morgan Pl., Quincy St. 1000 to 1099W.
-Moragn Pl., 44th St. 1100 to 1200E.
-Morgan Park Ave., 111th St. 4000 to 4200W.
Morgan St., 1000W 752N to 12928S. Dexter Park Ave., Hillside Ave., Laurel St., Lee St., Poucher
Ave., Stetson St., Trumbull Ave., Greeley Pl. and Ct.
Montclare Morgan
-Morgan St., Dexter Park Ave., (Priv.) in Union Stock Yards.
-Morgan St., Dickens Ave. 1200 to 1300W and 1400 to 1450W.
-Morris Ave., 4125S 925 to 1200W in Stockyards vacated.
-Morris Ave., 1st, Morse Ave. 1200 to 2050W.
-Morris St., Chase Ave. 2000 to 2400W.
-Morris St., 54th Pl. 400 to 599W.
-Morrison Ave., Kedzie Ave. 2600 to 6000N.
-Morse Ave., Forrestville Ave. 11100 to 11500S.
Morse Ave., 6900N 1200 to 2759W. Named by Roger Park Land and Loan Association. Charles H.
Morse who was a member and helped Pat Touhey carry out the will of Phillips Rogers.
St., Morris Ave.
Morse Avenue Circle Dr., 6944 N in Loyola Park.
-Morse St., Morse Ave. 2050 to 2400W.
-Morton Ave., Central Park Ave. 500 to 1200N
-Morton Ave., Central Park Blvd., 200 to 500N.
-Morton St., Hamilton Ave. 2110W 6800 to 7350N.
-Morton St., N. Parkside Ave. 5210 to 5300N.
-Morton St. or Ct., Eddy St., 3100 to 3150W.
-Morton Pl., Dearborn St. 3300 to 3899S.
Moselle Ave., 6300W 6850 to 7100NE. Named after the French town. Known for its famous wines.
-Mosspratt St., Aberdeen St. 3100 to 3500S.
-Moultrie Ave., Robinson Ave., 6250W 6100 to 6299N.
-Mound Ave., May St.10500 to 10699S.
-Mound Ave., 51st Pl. 300 to 399W.
-Mountain Ave., Oakley Ave. 9100 to 9499S.
-Mountain St., Normal Ave. 500W.
-Mt. Auburn Ave., North Shore Ave. 7700 to 7800W.
-Mowry Ave., Hamlin Ave also spelt Mowby. 1400 to 1600S, 2150 to 3100S, 7900 to 8700S.
-Mowry St., Hamlin Ave. 3800W 1400 to 1600S 2150 to 3100S.
Mozart Dr., 2832W in Humboldt Park.
Mozart St., 2834W 100 to 6759N 300 to 8259S. Named after the German composer Johann Wolfgand
Mozart Master of the opera. Clarkson Ct., Clifton Ave., High St., Hull Ave., Phare Ave.,
Pearl Ave., Rendsburg St., Richmond St., Sioux Ave., Spears Ave., Stevens St.
-Mulberry Ave., Nicolet Ave. 5725N to 5900N at 7050W.
Mulligan Ave., 6334W 1800 to 5958N. Named after James Mulligan leader of an Irish Brigade in
the Civil War. He was wounded at the battle of Winchester. Oak St., 63rd Ct.
-Mulligan St., 32nd St., at 1450W to 1600W vacated.
-Munich St., Burling St. 2000 to 2100N.
-Munson St., Tripp Ave., 800 to 900S
-Muriel Ave., Waite Ave., now McLeod Ave., 6300W 6100 to 6299N.
-Murphy Ave., Wolcott Ave. 1900W 7300 to 7599N.
-Murray Ave., Lamon Ave., 4800 to 5000N.
-Murray St., Emerald Ave. 2475 to 2600S.
-Musprat St., Aberdeen St. 3100 to 3420S.
Museum Drive 5700S. Named for location to Science and Industry.
Music Court Drive 112 S in Garfield Park. For many years music concerts were held in the park.
Muskegon Ave., 2234E 7735 to 13211S. Named after town in Michigan. Word comes from Ojibwa
Morgan Muskegon
tribe meaning swamp. Reynolds Ave., Sheridan Ave., St.
Myrick St., 7834S 3600 to 3940W. Named after William Franklin Myrick who came to Chicago in
1836. Maple St.
-Myrick Ave., 450E 2900 to 3099S now Vernon Ave.
-Myrtle Ave., Hamilton Ave. 7200 to 7350N.
-Myrtle Ave., Minerva Ave. 1134E.
-Myrtle Ave., Northcott Ave. 6010N and 6950W to 6200N and 7150W.
-Myrtle Ave., 42nd St. 1050 to 1150E.
Myrtle Ave., 6204N 7200 to 7800W. Named after flower on a shrub. Wingert St.
-Myrtle Ave., Ogallah Ave., 6601 to 6700N.
-Myrtly Ave., Leamington Ave., 1400 to 1599N.
-Myrtle Ct., 100th St. 1600 to 1800W.
-Myrtle St., Hamilton Ave. 6950 to 7050N and 7200 to 7350N.
-Myrtle St., Seeley Ave. 900 to 1099S.
-Myrtle St., Talman Ave. 2200 to 3000N.
-Myrtle St., Greenview Ave., 5600 to 5650N
-Myrtle St., McVicker Ave., 6050W 1600 to 1999N.
-N Ave., Avenue N 11400 to 11800S
Nagle Ave., 6434W 1600 to 7200N 5200 to 6258S. Named after Albrecht Nagle a German
medical author. He identified the retina. Eastern Ave., Grand View Terr., Ridgeland
Ave., 64th Ave., Ct., Grove St.
-Nansen Ave., Natchez Ave., 3950 to 4000N.
Naper Ave., 6600W 5900 to 6234N. Named after Capt. Joseph Naper commander of the Chicago
troops in the Blackhawk War of 1831. He founded Naperville. Clinton Ave., College Ave.
Naples Ave., 6400W 6000 to 6181NW. Named after the Italian seaport. Lily Ave., Linden Ave.
Napoleon Ave., 6425W 5800 to 5874N. Named after Napoleon Bonaparte. Frank Ct.
-Napoleon Pl., 28th Pl. 200 to 599W.
Narragansett Ave., 6400W 1600 to 4830N 5200 to 6458S. Named after the Indian tribe in Rhode
Island. Name means People of the Point. Central Ave., St., Major St., Ridgeland Ave., 64th
Nashotah Ave., 6535W 5850 to 6034NE. Named after chief of Algonquin Indian Tribe in Wiscon-
sin. Name means “Kick of Smoke.” Central Ave., Washburne St., Washington Ave., and St.
-Nashville Ave., Natoma Ave. 5050 to 5600N.
Nashville Ave., 6600W 1600 to 6500N 5200 to 6500S. Named after city in Tenn. which was named
after General Frank Nash. High St., Neenah Ave., 65th Ct., 66th Ave., Craig St., Oak St.
-Naslund Pl., Pensacola Ave. 2000 to 2175W.
Nassau Ave., 6400W 6000 to 6198NW. Named after the capital of the Bahama Islands. Indiana
Ave., Ingaman Ave.
-Nassau St., Richmond St., 300 to 400S.
-Natchez Ave., Neenah Ave. 5400 to 5600N.
Natchez Ave., 6500W 1600 to 6558N 5100 to 6258S. Named after an Indian chief. Word means “in
the middle.” St., Cherry Ave., or Sherry Ave., Elmwood Ave., Forest Ave., 64th Ct.,
Myrick Natchez
65th Ave., Montgomery St., Nansen Ave.
-Natchez St., Natchez Ave. 6500W.
-National Ave., Nordica Ave., 6500 to 6650N.
-Natoma Ave., Normandy Ave. 5350 to 5550N.
Natoma Ave., 6630W 1600 to 6558N 5100 to 6258S. Named after an Indian maiden who was a
friend of the early settler in the area. Word means “daughter.” Clarence Ave., Hill St.,
Kingston Ave., Nashville Ave., 66th Ave., Ct., Willow St.
Navajo Ave., 5300W 6300 to 6500NE. Named after Indian tribe who belonged to the group of
Athapascan family of Ariz. and New Mexico.
-Naval Armory Drive 425E. Named after the Armory. vacated.
Navarre Ave., 6425W 5800 to 6141NW. Named after the Duke of Navarre of Spain. Michigan
Ave., Monitor Ave.
-Nebraska Ave., Whipple St. 3042W 1800 to 2199N.
-Nebraska Pl., Ellis Ave. 500E.
-Nebraska St., Fillmore St., 1600 to 1599W.
-Neenah Ave., Nashville Ave. 5400 to 5600N.
Neenah Ave., 6534W 2800 to 6400N 5200 to 6258S. Named after the Winnebago Indian chiefs
daughter. Also town in Wisconsin. St., Meadow Brook Terr., Natchez Ave., 65th Ave., Ct.,
Ash St.
-Neenah St., Neenah Ave. 6534W.
-Nellie Ave., Waveland Ave. 600 to 2200W.
-Nellie St., Waveland Ave. 3000 to 3200W.
-Nelson Ave., Hirsch St. 5100 to 5200W.
-Nelson Ave., Nelson St. 1700 to 1790W.
Nelson St., 3024W 830 to 7200W. Named after Andrew Nelson who was one of the first Lincoln
Park Commissioners. He was a subdivider and suffered heavy losses in 1871 fire. Ave.,
Metropole St., 37th Pl., Warsaw Ave., King Pl.
-Nelson St., 106th Pl., 3400 to 3600W.
-Nennewa Ave., Northcott Ave., 6010N and 6950W to 6200N and 7150W. NW.
Neola Ave., 6700W 6000 to 6158NE. Named after Indian word meaning “maiden”. Kingston Ave.,
-Nestledown Ave., Cornell Ave. 1600E.
Nettleton Ave., 6800W 6026 to 6200N. Named after Alfred Bayard Nettleton a Brig
GeneralVolunteer who was said by Gen. Custer to be without superior as a cavalary com-
mander. He died in 1911. Sheridan Ave.
-Neva Ave., Montclare Ave. 5200 to 5600N.
-Neva Ave., Hobart Ave. 5636N.
Neva Ave., 7138W 1600 to 6549N 5200 to 5858S. Named after the Russian river. Chestnut St.,
Elm St., Ericsson St., 1st St., Hobart Ave., Maple Ave., Milton St., Nora Ave., 71st Ct.,
Scott Ave., Scott Ct., Floral Ave.
-Nevada St., Deming Pl. 2526N 4400 to 5400N.
-Nevada St., Roscoe St. 410 to 600W.
-Nevada St., Wrightwood Ave. 4800 to 5000W.
-Nevins St., Kinsbury St., 550W 650 to 799N
-New St., 17th St. 1 to 235W.
New St., 275 E. 400 to 500N. A new street in a new development.
Newark Ave., 6700W 5600 to 6535N. Named after the New Jersey metropolis that was settled in
65th Newark
1666 by 30 Puritans and named in honor of Rev. Abraham Pierson who came from Newark
and Trent. Evergreen Ave., St.
Newberry Ave., 822W 1 to 2300S. Named after Walter L. Newberry, founder of the library.
Green St.
-Newberry St., Newberry Ave. 822W 1 to 2300S.
Newburg Ave., 6400W 5900 to 6158N. Named after Newburg on the Hudson. It was the head-
quarters of Washington in 1783. In honor of the Newburg address of Washington. Wabash
St., Warwick Ave.
Newcastle Ave., 6834W 1600 to 6558N 5200 to 5858S. Named after New Castle, England a
Parliamentary and Municipal Borough for Straffordshire, England. Cedar St., Clarendon
St., Euclid Ave., St., Grove Ave., Montclare Ave., Oak Park Ave., Pease Ave., 68th Ct.,
Oak St.
-Newell Ave., Highland Ave. 6800 to 6950W at 6330N.
-Newell Ave., Sayre Ave. 6225N
New England Ave., 6900W 1600 to 6550N. Named after the New England states. Kenilworth Ave.,
Read Ave., 68th Ct., Washington Ave., New Field Ave., 69th Ave.
-New Field Ave., New England Ave.,, 2400 to 4000N.
Newgard Ave., 1433W 6400 to 6753N. Named after Henry Newgard and family. They were
landowners and farm was called Newgard Farm. He was the first park commissioner of the
North Shore District. Lincoln Ave.
New Hampshire Ave., 700W 5628 to 5744NE. Named after the state. Cheney Ave., Chestnut St.,
LaVergne Ct.
Newland Ave., 6935W 1600 to 6500N 5200 to 5858S. Named after Newland, Virginia. Clinton
Ave., Forest Ave., Hendrick St., Nordica Ave., 69th Ave., Ct., Vine Ave., Sayre Ave.
-Newport Ave., Stratford Pl. 3450N.
Newport Ave., 3424N 800 to 7034W. Settlers from Portsmouth called town New Port, Rhode
Island. Cleveland Ave., St., Elmo St.
-Newton St., Honore St. 1834W 900 to 1199N.
-New W. North Water St., Carroll Ave. 1-399W.
Niagara Ave., 7000W 6050 to 6290NE. Named after the Falls. From the Iroquois Indians meaning
“bisected bottom land or neck.” Lincoln Pl., Panama St., Park Ct.
-Niagara St., Rice St. 4800 to 5000W.
-Niagara St., 50th Pl. 400 to 799W.
-Nicholas Ave., Princeton Ave. 300W.
-Nicholls St., Whipple St. 400 to 500N
-Nickerson Ave., Ardmore Ave., 6600 to 6900W.
Nickerson Ave., 6900W 5800 to 6150NW. Named after Samuel Mayo Nickerson President of the
1st National Bank in 1871. He was head of Chicago City Horse Railroad Company. Cres-
cent Ave., Vine St.
-Nicolet Ave., Nordica Ave. 5600 to 5650N.
Nicolet Ave., 7044W 5730 to 5836NE. Named after Jean Nicolet who discovered Lake Michigan
in 1634. First explorer of the NW. Mulberry Ave.
-Nicollet Ave., Walnut St. 2800 to 3600W.
-Nieman Ave., Devon Ave. 6500 to 6850W.
-Nina Ave., Northcott Ave. 5650N and 6425W to 5775N and 6550W.
Nina Ave., 7200W 5747 to 6027NW. Named after one of Columbus’ boats. Central Ave., Ceylon
Newberry Nina
19th Pl., Concrad St., Mark St., McMullen Ct.
19th St., Cross St., Harbine St., Kaylor St., Luke St.,
90th Pl., Dewey Pl.
90th St.
-91st Ct., 91st Pl.
91st Pl., Ct., Formosa Terr., Sennott Pl.
91st St., Lillie St.
-92nd Ct., 92nd Pl.
92nd Pl., Ct., Addison Terr., Ashton St., Ball Pl.
92nd St., Virginia St.
93rd Pl., Horton Ct.
93rd St., Mary St.
-93rd Ct., 93rd Pl. 3500E 9350S and 3550E and 9300S.
-93rd Pl., 93rd Ct.
-93rd St., 93rd Ct.
94th Pl., Doyle Ct., Doyles Pl.
94th St., Charlotte St.
95th Pl., Temple St., Howe St., Rosalina Pl.
95th St., Spring St.
96th Pl., Minneola Pl., Paxton Ave.
96th St., Faxon St.
97th Pl., Clark Pl., Euclid Pl.,
-97th St., 97th Pl. 1200 to 1400W.
97th St., Pearl St.
98th Pl., O’Dell Pl.
98th St.,
99th Pl.
99th St. Wilcox St.
-9th Ave., Roadway Dr. vacated 900E and 10600S NE to 9500S and 1400E.
-9th Ave., Avenue F 9800 to 10200S. vacated.
-9th Ave., Berhart Ave. 3960 to 4000S.
-9th St., 8th St.
9th St., Eldredge Ct., Pl., 10th St.
Nixon Ave., 7032W 6500 to 6548N. Named after Wilson Nixon subdivider. Linne Ave.
-Nixon Pl., Garibaldi Pl. 800 to 1000S.
-Nixon St., Garibaldi Pl. 800 to 1000S.
-Noble Ave., Barry Ave. 800 to 7200W.
-Noble Ct., 1223E 7400 to 7500S, Kimbark Ave.
Noble St., 1400W 400 to 1558N. Named after John and Mark Noble civic leaders. They were
employed by Archibald Clybourn. Sheldon St.
Nokomis Ave., 5300W 6301 to 6510N. Named after Illinois town. Named after mother of Wenonsh
in Longfellow’s Hiawatha. Ojibwa meaning “grandmother.”
-Nora Ave., Maplewood Ave.
-Nora Ave., Nordica Ave. 5200 to 5600.
-Nora Ave., Neva Ave. 5350 to 5700N.
Nora Ave., 7032W 2900 to 4000N. Named after a Sweden mining town. 70th Ct.
-Nordica Ave., Newland Ave. 5050 to 5560N.
19th Nordica
-Nordica Ave., Nottingham Ave. 5350 to 5750N.
Nordica Ave., 7050W 1600 to 6540N 5135 to 5858S. Named after town in Italy the birthplace of St.
Benedict. Alton Ave., Nicolet Ave., Nottingham Ave., 70th Ave., 3rd St., Wenonah Ave.,
Maple Ave., 70th Ct., 71st Ave., Nora Ave., National Ave.
Normal Avenue and Blvd. 500W 1800 to 13000S. Named after Chicago Normal College. Pwky.,
Bissell Ave., St., Butler St., Canal St., Chester ?., Dickey St., Euclid St., Goldsmith Ave.,
Maple Ave., Mountain St., National Ave., Sewart St., William St., Wright St., Seward St.,
Clinton St.
-Normal Parkway, Normal Ave. 6700 to 6900S.
Normal Parkway 6745S 234 to 500W. Same as above.
-Norman Ave., Troy St. 1600 to 1800N.
Normandy Ave., 6700W 1600 to 6558N 5200 to 6456S. Named after city in France subdivider John
Nicolet was born there. St., Josephine Ave., Natoma Ave., 66th Ct., 67th Ave., Wesley
Ave., Wood St., Walnut St.
-Normandy St., Normandy Ave. 6700W.
-North Ave., Thorndale Ave. 1600 to 2000W.
-North Ave., ran E and W at 6100S fr 1700E to Lake.
-North Ave., North Blvd.
-North Ave., Devon Ave. 7200 to 7600W.
-North Ave., North Shore Ave. 1400 to 1500W.
North Ave., 1600N 1 to 61E 1 to 7158W. Name given in 1837 as the north boundary of city until
1862 when territory went as far north as Fullerton and the southern boundary of Lake
View was annexed. Blvd. Fairview St.
North Avenue Circle Drive, 1600N in Lincoln Park.
North Boulevard 1600N 60E to 68W.
-North Blvd., Ave., North Parkway
-North Bank Dr., 350N 200-299W. Merchandise Mart Plaza.
-North Branch Canal, North Branch St.
North Branch St., 800W 900 to 1388NW. Named after the North Branch of the Chicago River.
North Branch Water St., Water St., North Branch Canal St., Branch St., Water ?.,
-North Branch Water St., North Branch St.
-North Canal St., Hooker St.
-North Ct., Ainslie St. 1200 to 1250W.
Northcott Ave., 6900W 5614 to 6198NW. Named after John Northcott, landowner and subdivider.
Named after Northcott, Australia. Myrtle Ave., Nennewa Ave., Nina Ave.
-Northern Ave., 27th St.
-North Grove St., Shakespeare Ave. 600 to 700W.
-North Normal Parkway, Normal Pwky., 6734S 250 to 500W.
-North Park, Parkside Ave.
-North Park Ave., Lincoln Park West 1800 to 2400N.
-North Park Ave., Whipple St. 3032W.
North Park Ave., 300W 1336 to 1800N. Named after North Park, Colo. It is oval in shape and
covers an area of about 2,000 square miles with an elevation of 8,000 feet. Franklin St.,
Humboldt St.
North Park Drive 260E 400 to 500N.
-North Park St., Palmer St. 2200 to 2400W.
-North Pier, 400N 100 to 600E
Nordica North
-North Pl., Holly Ave. 2000N and 1600W to 2050NW and 1700W.
-North St., Winona St. 1525 to 19800W.
-North St., 16th St., at 2600W.
-North St., 136th St.
-North St., Larrabee St. 600W.
-North St., North Branch St.
North Shore Ave., 6700N 1050 to 7760W. From the district by the same name. North shore of
Lake Michigan. Centre St., Euclid Ave., Imperial St., Mt. Auburn Ave., North Ave.
-North Shore Dr., Lake Shore Drive 3200 to 3900N.
-North Shore Dr., Sheridan Rd. 3200 to 3900N.
-Northumberland Ave., Laflin St. 4900 to 6300S.
-Northumberland St., 57th St.
North Water St., 317N 1 to 435E. First street north of the river. Street runs under street level.
Would have been Kinzie on street level.
-Northwest Expressway, John F. Kennedy Expressway.
Northwest Highway, 5200W 4800-6895NW. Indian trail in a NW direction that was heavily trav-
eled. Danforth St., Edison Park Ave., Norwood Ave., Ashland Ave., Norwood Park Ave.,
Pratt St., Rand Rd., Norwood Park Plank Rd.
-Northwest Plank Rd., Milwaukee Ave.
-Northwestern Ave., 4050 to 4350S, in the Stock Yards.
-Norton Ave., Waveland Ave. 4500 to 4700W.
-Norton St., 1140W 612 to 924S.
-Norwood Ave., Mohican Ave. both vacated.
-Norwood Ave., Northwest Highway, 5800N and 6450W to 6600N and 7400W.
-Norwood Ave., Potomac Ave. 3200 to 3400W.
-Norwood Ct., & Pl., Thorndale Ave. 6700 to 6870W.
-Norwood Park Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., 6400 to 7200W.
-Norwood Park Plank Rd., Northwest Highway, 5100N and 5500W to 5800N and 6450W.
Norwood St., 6034N 1200 to 7700W. Named by Mark Noble who was first settler in Township in
1833 after the novel “Norwood” by Henry Ward Beecher. Fulton Ave.
-Norwood St., Surf St., 300 to 600W.
-Norwood Terr., Sayre Ave. 6950W 5400 to 5599N.
-Norwood Park Ave., Northwest Highway, 4850N and 5200W to 6600N and 7400W.
-Norwood Park St., Albion Ave. 6550 to 6800W.
-Notre Dame Ave., Commercial Ave. 10000S to 10400S.
-Nottingham Ave., Montclare Ave., 5200 to 5600N.
-Nottingham Ave., Nordica Ave. 5050 to 5650N.
Nottingham Ave., 7100W 3000 to 5800N 5200 to 6458S. Named after English town. Town was
prominent in the political history of the latter middle ages. Fox Ct., Nordica Ave., 2nd St.,
70th Ct., 71st Ave., 71st Ct., Wisconsin Ave.
Nursery St., 1235W 2000 to 2136N. Named after Sheffield Nursery that was located in this dis-
-Nutt Ave., Kimbark Ave. 7100 to 8300S and 8700 to 9400S.
-Nutt Ct., Miller St. 1900 to 2000S.
-Nutt St., Miller St. 1600 to 1799S.
-Nutwood Ave., Albion Ave., 6550 to 6800W.
North Nutwood
-O Ave., Avenue O. 11000 to 11800S and 11400 to 11600S.
-Oak Ave., Beverly Ave. 9500 to 10299S.
-Oak Ave., Claremont Ave. 7200 to 7350N.
-Oak Ave., Ogallah Ave. 6570N and 7500W to 6700N and 7400W.
-Oak Ave., Yates Ave. 11400 to 11799S.
-Oak Ave., 36th St. 500 to 700E.
-Oak Pl., Wilton Ave. 3200 to 3300.
-Oak St., Argyle St. 3850 to 4399W.
-Oak St., Bellevue Pl. 1 to 150E and 1 to 15W.
-Oak St., Campbell Ave. 2500W.
-Oak St., Church St. 11500 to 11800S.
-Oak St., Cortez St. 4800 to 5000W.
-Oak St., Lake Shore Drive, 150 to 350E.
-Oak St., Mulligan Ave. 1800 to 2000N.
-Oak St., on line with Nashville Ave 3200 to 4000N vacated.
-Oak St., Newcastle Ave. 2200 to 2400N
-Oak St., Winchester Ave. 9500 to 10100S.
-Oak St., 52nd Pl. 300 to 399W.
-Oak St., 53rd St., 900 to 1750E.
-Oak St., 75th Pl. 3600 to 3999W.
-Oak St., 75th St.
-Oak St., 37th St.
Oak St., 1000N 1 to 134E 1 to 646W. Named after oak tree. Hickory St., Short St., Ave.
Oakdale Ave., 2934N 300 to 6950W. Named after Oakdale Railroad station in New York by
Joseph Sheffield. Anchor St., & Ave.
Oakenwald Ave., 1000E 4000 to 4599SE. Named after Stephen Douglas’ home by himself. Michi-
gan Terr., Wolcott Ave.
-Oak Grove Ave., Patterson Ave. 3644N 1150 to 1199SW.
-Oakland Ave., Maplewood Ave. 6700 to 6800N.
-Oakland Ct., 41st St., 800 to 900E.
Oakland Crescent, 1000E 4080 to 4100SE. Named after home of Thomas Cleaver subdivider. He
built 1st home in this neighborhood near the foot of 38th street which was called Oakland
-Oakland Pl., Mildred Ave., 2800 to 3000N.
-Oakley Ave., Oakley Blvd.
Oakley Avenue and Blvd., 2300W 1600 to 7600N 1200 to 11859S. Named after Charles Oakley
who helped build west portion. He was commissioner of the Illinois and Michigan Canal.
St., Boardman St., Ellwood St., Elm Ave., Grand ?., Holstein Ave., Iglehart St. Orchard
Ave., Tosaola St., West Crescent Ave., Mountain Ave., Genevra Ave., University Ave.
-Oakley St., Homan Ave. 1 to 2600S and 1 to 800N.
-Oakley St., Oakley Ave.
-Oakley St., Oakley Blvd.
-Oak Park ?, Ozark Ave. 6800 to 7150N.
-Oak Park Ave., Newcastle Ave. 5000 to 5400N.
Oak Park Ave., 6800W 1600 to 6500N 5200 to 6458S. Named after Oak Park Village by H. Austin.
O Oak
Park Ave., Rutherford Ave., Sheridan Ave., 67th Ct., 68th Ave.
-Oakview ?., 8634W 4500 to 4600N.
Oakview Ave., 8700W 4500 to 5556N. Named for its view of oak trees.
-Oakwood ave., Oakwood Blvd. 3940S 800 to 950E.
-Oakwood A