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Model 333R
Beretta Tactical Light
Users Manual
92F & 92SB Series
Protected by US. Patents 4,777,754, & 4,856,218
Revision B 5_1_2000
Model 333R & 633R Tactical Light
The Model 333R & 633R Tactical Lights provide a rugged and reliable source of high intensity
light that is integrated into the weapon. The lamp is shock isolated. The Housing holds the lamp
and battery and is attached to the pistol frame with a Disassembly Latch. The light can be
activated by pressing on the SlimLine ™ Switch attached to the handgrip. Operate the ON/OFF
switch on the left side of the Housing and the light will come ON and stay ON until the OFF
switch is pressed.
Kit Contents
! H33R Housing
! L30 or L60 Lamp Module
! DL123A or DL223AC Battery
! Disassembly Latch
! Grip Screws (2)
! Extra Set Screw
! Hex Wrench
! Users Manual
* Additional set screws are available in a Ten Pack, order P/N 12010-1.
1. Remove the Magazine from the weapon and inspect the weapon to be certain it is not loaded.
2. Retract the Slide and latch it back using the Slide Catch Lever.
3. Rotate the Disassembly Latch 90 degrees clockwise.
4. Depress the Slide Catch Lever and remove the Slide Assembly from frame.
5. Remove the Disassembly Latch from the frame.
6. Position the H33R Housing on the frame so that the attachment pin hole is aligned with
the Disassembly Latch hole.
7. Install the Disassembly Latch provided in the kit into the frame so that the pin on the
end of the latch seats fully into the Housing.
8. Position the Disassembly Latch so that the arm faces downward. Install the slide
assembly and latch it back.
9. Rotate the Disassembly Latch 90 degrees counterclockwise to its normal position and
close Slide.
10. Using the Hex Wrench provided in the Kit, tighten the Set Screw in the base of the
Housing until it contacts the trigger guard then turn the set screw out 1/8 turn so as not
to put tension on the Disassembly Latch. After firing 500 rounds the Set Screw may
loosen. Retighten Set Screw as required. If the Set Screw becomes worn and will not
stay in place, remove it and install the extra Set Screw provided in the Kit.
11. Using the appropriate screwdriver install the SlimLine Switch by first removing the upper
grip screws from the left and right side handgrips.
12. Install a screw from the Kit into the left side of the SlimLine Switch part way. (Caution,
do not cross thread the screw). Then install a screw into the right side part way.
Model 333R & 633R Tactical Light
Lamp Replacement
1. Unscrew Bezel from Lamp Module. Lift Lamp assembly out of Bezel.
2. Install replacement Lamp Assembly in Bezel and reassemble by
screwing onto Lamp Housing until it is fully seated.
Battery Replacement
1. Unscrew Lamp Module from Housing and shake out old battery.
2. Install new battery with the + terminal facing out.
3. Reinstall Lamp Module.
Lithium batteries can explode or cause burns if disassembled,
shorted, recharged or exposed to fire or high temperatures.
Please handle with care.
Sure-Fire LLC
Model 333R & 633R Tactical Light
Repairs & Replacements
To obtain repair or replacement call Customer Service at 800-828-8809 (toll free) or 714-545-
9444 and obtain a Return Authorization number (RA). Then pack the unit carefully and return (no
COD’s please) to:
SureFire LLC
Repairs Department, RA# ___
18300 Mt. Baldy Circle
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Surefire will pay any reasonable shipping costs to return the unit to you.
SureFire LLC warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials and
workmanship. SureFire LLC will repair or replace (at its option), without charge, any
product or part which is found to be defective under normal use and service. Such
repair or replacement shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy under this
warranty. This warranty does not include normal maintenance and services and does
not apply to any products or parts which have been subject to modification, misuse,
negligence, accident, improper maintenance or repair by anyone other than SureFire.
“Fine Print” Warranty Limitation
There is no other express warranty. SureFire LLC hereby disclaims any and all
implied warranties, including, but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose.
SureFire LLC shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages
arising out of, or in connection with product use or performance.
18300 Mt. Baldy Circle, Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 545-9444
The battery used in the light is very powerful. Be sure that the switch is not touching
anything when the light is stored. If the lamp is turned on while in a case or other container,
the lamp can overheat and damage the light or surrounding materials. Remove the battery or
unscrew the bezel far enough to prevent the lamp from turning on when stored.
If it is necessary to dispose of any batteries, do not do so by fire, mutilation or by
disassembly, as this may cause toxic chemicals to be released.

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