Toilet Rebate 2x Cadet 3 Flo Wise Right Height Elongated 4021.128 Toilets3

User Manual: Cadet 3 FloWise Right Height Elongated Toilet 4021.128

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City of Las Vegas
HIGH EFFICIENCY TOILET - Residential Rebate Program
The intent of the toilet replacement rebate is to reduce indoor water use and encourage the installation of low water use
High Efficiency Toilets. Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of
residential indoor water consumption. Toilets also happen to be a major source of wasted water due to leaks and/or
What are High-Efficiency Toilets (HETs)
High Efficiency Toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) and are fixtures that on average use at least 20% less water than the
standard 1.6 gpf ultra-low flow toilet and >3.5 gpf for older toilets depending on the model. Generally, there are two types of
HETs; dual-flush and pressure-assist.
Dual-flush toilets save water by offering two different flush volumes; one for solids and one for liquids. By selecting
which flush to use, you can reduce water usage by using only what is needed. Most dual-flush toilets use 1.6gpf for a full
flush and 0.8gpf for a reduced flush. Studies show that dual-flush toilets will average about 1.2gpf.
Pressure-assist toilets have a sealed vessel inside the tank that compresses a pocket of air inside as the water fills.
When the toilet is flushed, the pressurized air forces the water rapidly into the bowl, creating a powerful, fast flush that
has a “whoosh” sound. The flush can be slightly louder than standard toilets. Most pressure-assist HETs use about 1.0
to 1.2gpf. There are also pressure-assist dual-flush HETs.
The High Efficiency Toilets rebate is a one-time credit per property that will be applied to the water bill. A rebate is offered for
the purchase of a new High Efficiency Toilets. The rebate amount is limited to actual cost (excluding taxes) or $100 per unit,
whichever is less. Funds are limited. Rebates will be processed until funds are depleted.
The rebate is available to all residential properties that receive water from the City of Las Vegas water system and meet the
program qualifications and requirements stated below.
Applicant must be the property owner or the party legally responsible for paying the water bill.
9 Toilet must be purchased and installed after July 1, 2009.
9 An itemized dated sales receipt for purchase of the High Efficiency Toilets is required.
9 For specifications see attached.
9 Complete and sign the application form.
9 Submit the application and required sales receipt to the Utilities Department.
Only complete applications submitted with required information will be processed. If all requirements are met, the rebate will
be approved, and a credit will be applied to your water bill within two billing cycles
Form Revision: 9/11/09
City of Las Vegas
Water Conservation - Residential Rebate Policy
Section 1. Scope:
The City of Las Vegas is pleased to offer a limited residential rebate program on a first-come, first-serve basis. This program is
being offered as a means to reduce the amount of water used by consumers. The program will remain in effect until budgeted
funds are depleted.
Section 2. Rebate Programs Offered:
Category Rebate Amount Rebate
Maximum Approved Product
Indoor Rebates
High Efficiency
Toilets $100 $100 Any EPA WaterSense labeled model
1. WaterSense, is a partnership program sponsored by EPA, seeks to protect the future of our nation's water supply by offering people a simple way to use less
Section 3. Approval & Reimbursement Process:
Step One: Read specific Rebate Program Eligibility Criteria and Requirements carefully.
Step Two: Complete & Return the specific Rebate Request Form.
Step Three: Submit Original Receipt to Utilities Dep’t. Customer Service Rep
Section 4. General Program Eligibility Criteria and Requirements:
The following criteria and requirements must be met for a customer to be deemed eligible for a rebate.
4.01. Eligible Participants:
i. Applicant must be a City of Las Vegas single-family residential water customer. .
ii. Only one indoor and outdoor rebate will be provided per customer.
iii. Rebate credits cannot be transferred to other accounts, even if both properties are owned by the same individual.
iv. The applicant’s utility account must be in good standing.
4.02. Qualifying Equipment:
i. This offer is good only to those replacing existing models; not for new construction and/or room additions. Also, the replacement
of existing low flow devices or low water use outdoor landscaping does not qualify.
ii. Equipment must be new and must be a qualifying model as approved by the City Utilities Department. For a list of qualifying
equipment contact the City Utilities Department at 454-3832.
4.03. Application:
a) Customers must purchase and install the appropriate equipment or landscaping. The customer must complete a rebate
application form and include the ORIGINAL sales receipt. The manufacturer and model of the equipment must be listed on the
b) Application packets are available online at or by calling 454-3832. Packets are also available at the
Utility Customer Services Division.
c) Completed rebate application forms, along with the original sales receipt, must be mailed to:
City of Las Vegas Utilities Department
Water Conservation Rebate Program
905 12th St.
Las Vegas, NM 87701
Form Revision: 9/11/09
4.04. Installation:
a) It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure proper installation. The City recommends that installation be performed by a qualified
plumber or landscaping firm.
4.05. Reimbursement:
i. The original sales receipt must be dated no earlier than July 1, 2009.
ii. Eligible participants will receive a credit on their utility bill within two billing cycles after receiving approved application form and
original receipt. If the purchase price, not including tax, is less than the rebate, the rebate will be for the purchase price amount.
For indoor devices, the purchase price is calculated for the device and does not include installation, accessories or other related
iii. If in the event that after qualifying, a customer defaults on any utility payment obligations to the City of Las Vegas, the City may,
at its sole discretion, apply the rebate as a credit against such default amounts.
iv. Reimbursement request and application approval must be received within 30 days of purchase
4.06. Other Terms & Conditions:
i. The Utility Department reserves the right to withhold payment of any rebate until any identified problems with the applications are
ii. The Utility may alter the rebate program at any time and without notice to customer.
iii. The removed device cannot be reused and must be disposed of by returning to the City of Las Vegas Utilities Department.
iv. The Applicant agrees to an installation verification visit if one is scheduled by the Utilities Department staff, and may be asked to
respond to a follow-up survey conducted by Utilities Department staff. Inspections will be made at reasonable time and with
reasonable notice for up to one year after purchase.
4.07. Limit of Liability; Indemnification:
v. In no way shall the City Vegas be liable for, and Customer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City, its
subsidiaries or affiliates, and their respective employees, officers and directors, from and against any and all liability, loss,
damage, cost or expense, including attorney's fees, that may be caused by, due to, occasioned by, or otherwise arising out of the
installation, operation, disoperation, or use of Customer’s Qualifying Equipment.
vi. Customer acknowledges and agrees that in no event shall any statement, representation, or lack thereof, either express or
implied by the City, relieve the Customer of exclusive responsibility for the Customer's system. Specifically, the City of Las
Vegas, Utility Department approval of the rebate application, payment of the rebate, or any Utility inspection of the Qualifying
Equipment shall not be construed as confirming or endorsing the Equipment design or its operating or maintenance procedures
or as a warranty or guarantee as to the safety, reliability, or durability of the Qualifying Equipment.
Form Revision: 9/11/09
City of Las Vegas, Utilities Department
Application Date: No of Resident in Household:
First Name: Last Name:
Contact Name: Phone No.:
Installation Address: Number of Bathrooms:
Customer ID No. (first number on bill) Address ID No. (second number on bill)
ONE)   (PLEASECHECKONE)
Manufacture Model No. Replacement Purchase Date Installation Date Incentive Amount
Yes No $ 100
(Please read Rebate Policy, Rebate Program Details, and General Requirements & Eligibility Requirements carefully before
9 The toilet must be new. The machine must be a qualifying model approved by the City Utility Department.
9 The toilet must remain in the possession of the original purchaser, or remain at the original installation address for at least one
year from the date of purchase.
9 Customer agrees not to alter the toilet to increase flow of water through fixtures.
9 Some installations may be selected for a random inspection. At reasonable times and with reasonable notice, you agree to allow
the City to inspect the machine at the installation address for up to one year after purchase.
9 Rebates will be issued as a credit to the City water bill for the installation address. Failure to comply with the program
requirements shall result in revocation of the rebate.
9 The effective date of this program is July 1, 2009. Purchases made prior to this date are not eligible for rebate. Your rebate credit
should show up on your water bill within two billing cycles after the application is processed.
9 In the event this program is discontinued, this voucher will be honored only if received by the City Utility Department within 30
days after the date of purchase.
I certify that the information on this application is true and correct and that I have
read, understand, and agree to program requirements as stated in the “City of Las
Vegas Water Conservation-Residential Rebate Policy.” Application must be signed in
order to be processed.
Signature:_______________________________ Date________________________________
Form Revision: 9/11/09
Find a WaterSense Labeled High-Efficiency
The following toilets have been certified to meet WaterSense criteria, which means you can
expect exceptional performance while reducing your water use.
WaterSense retailers commit to making WaterSense products available in stores. However,
products may not be available in all markets.
Please note: Many high-efficiency toilets are sold in two parts, with the tank and bowl sold
separately. When components combine to make a WaterSense labeled product, tanks should
include the words "When used in combination with [bowl model number/name]" in close
proximity to the label, and similarly with bowl labeling. Only the combinations listed below have
been certified to bear the WaterSense label.
Model numbers often contain wildcard characters before or after the base model number, such as
*, #, and X, that serve as placeholders for numbers or letters that indicate attributes like color and
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise
Elongated Toilet 2832.128 4021.128 3014.128
American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise
Right Height
Elongated Toilet 2835.128 4021.128 3016.128
American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise
Round Front Toilet 2829.128 4021.128 3011.128
American Standard Cadet FloWise
Pressure Assist EL
Toilet 2462.100 4142.100 3481.100
American Standard Cadet FloWise RH
EL Pressure Assist
Toilet 2467.100 4142.100 3483.100
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise
1pc., Lined 2403.513
American Standard
Cadet3 FloWise
Compact EL One-
piece Complete
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise NH 2832.513 4021.513 3014.128
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
EL 12", lined
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise NH
RF 12", lined 2829.513 4021.513 3011.128
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise RH
EL 12" Complete
Toilet 3305.128 4021.128 3016.128
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise RH
EL 12", lined 2835.513 4021.513 3016.128
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise RH
RF 2758.128 4021.128 3005.128
American Standard Cadet3 FloWise
Complete 2447.128 4019.128 3046.128
American Standard FloWise 2073.014 4023 3018
American Standard FloWise Cadet3 1-
pc 2403.128
American Standard FloWise Dual Flush 2479.216 4035.216 3067.216
American Standard FloWise Dual Flush
Elongated Toilet,
Lined Tank 2479.516 4035.516 3067.216
American Standard
FloWise Dual Flush
Right Height
Elongated Complete
Toilet Lined Tank
2566.516 4035.516 3073.216
American Standard FloWise Dual Flush
Right Height
Elongated Toilet 2480.216 4035.216 3073.216
American Standard FloWise Dual Flush
Right Height
Elongated Toilet 2566.216 4035.216 3073.216
American Standard
FloWise Dual Flush
Right Height
Elongated Toilet
Lined Tank
2480.516 4035.516 3073.216
American Standard H2Option, Siphonic
Dual Flush, EL 2887.216 4339.216 3706.216
American Standard H2Option, Siphonic
Dual Flush, RF 2889.216 4339.216 3708.216
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
American Standard H2Option, Siphonic
Dual Flush, RH EL 2886.216 4339.216 3705.216
American Standard Mainstream FloWise
RF Complete Toilet 3468.128 4061.428 3061.428
American Standard NH EL Dual Flush
Combo Toilet 2476.216 4035.216 3067.316
American Standard NH EL Dual Flush
Complete 2779.516 4035.516 3067.316
American Standard NH EL Dual Flush
Lined Combination 2476.516 4035.516 3067.316
American Standard RH EL Dual Flush
Combination 2484.216 4035.216 3073.316
American Standard RH EL Dual Flush
Complete 2778.516 4035.516 3073.316
American Standard RH EL Dual Flush
Lined, Combination 2484.516 4035.516 3073.316
American Standard Yorkville FloWise
PA Toilet 2876.100 4142.100 3701.100
American Standard Yorkville FloWise
RH PA Toilet 2878.100 4142.100 3703.100
Aquasenses ES22114 ES3214 ES2214
AquaSource (a Lowe's
brand) 0061042
AquaSource (a Lowe's
brand) 0104502
AquaSource (a Lowe's
brand) 9311K
AquaSource (a Lowe's
brand) AquaSource 005905
Briggs Conserver 4207 4484 4370
Briggs Conserver 4208 4484 4375
Briggs ProFlo PF9212 PF9201
Briggs ProFlo PF9212 PF9200
Caroma Adelaide 270 Cube 814790 834000
Caroma Adelaide 270 Cube
EH 814790 825500
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Caroma Adelaide 270
Standard 814328 834000
Caroma Adelaide 270
Standard EH 814328 825500
Caroma Bondi 270 726350 609159
Caroma Bondi 270 EH 726350 607177
Caroma Bondi 270
Elongated 726350 609100
Caroma Bondi 270
Elongated EH 726350 609120
Caroma Bondi 305 726350 609151
Caroma Bondi 305
Elongated 726350 609130
Caroma Brisbane 270 810266 833900
Caroma Caravelle 270 629435 609159
Caroma Caravelle 270 EH 629435 609177
Caroma Caravelle 270 EH
Elongated 629435 609120
Caroma Caravelle 305 629435 609151
Caroma Caravelle Elongated
270 629435 609100
Caroma Caravelle Elongated
305 629435 609130
Caroma Caravelle One Piece 989646
Caroma Caravelle One Piece
EH 989668
Caroma Colonial 270 625070 605310
Caroma Colonial 270 EH 625070 605320
Caroma Profile Smart 305 840420W 609151A
Caroma Royale 270 624530 609159
Caroma Royale 270 EH 624530 609177
Caroma Royale 270 EH
Elongated 624530 609120
Caroma Royale 270
Elongated 624530 609100
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Caroma Royale 305 624530 609151
Caroma Royale 305
Elongated 624530 609130
Caroma Sydney 270 622320 609159
Caroma Sydney 270 EH 622320 609177
Caroma Sydney 270 EH
Elongated 622320 609120
Caroma Sydney 270
Elongated 622320 609100
Caroma Sydney 305 622320 609151A
Caroma Sydney 305
Elongated 622320 609130
Caroma Sydney Low Profile
270 EH 622330 609177
Caroma Sydney Low Profile
270 EH Elongated 622330 609120
Caroma Sydney Low Profile
270 Elongated 622330 609100
Caroma Sydney Low Profile
270 Round 622330 609159
Caroma Sydney Low Profile
305 622330 609151A
Caroma Sydney Low Profile
305 Elongated 622330 609130
Caroma Sydney Smart 270 622322 609159
Caroma Sydney Smart 270
EH 622322 609177
Caroma Sydney Smart 270
EH Elongated 622322 609120
Caroma Sydney Smart 270
Elongated 622322 609100
Caroma Sydney Smart 305 622322 609151A
Caroma Sydney Smart 305
Elongated 622322 609130
Caroma Sydney Smart Rear
Outlet 622322 609450
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Cascadian Toscano T901 C930
CEU 6810H T-6810H X-6810H
CEU 6810H-S T-6810HS X-6810HS
CEU 6811H T-6811H X-6811H
CEU 6811H-S T-6810HS X-6811HS
Chelini Collection Bournelli Round
Front HET T14248 B1415R
Chelini Collection Cabot 16.5" Ideal
Height Round Front
HET T10348 B1516R
Chelini Collection Cabot Ideal Height
Elongated HET T10348 B1516E
Chelini Collection Marriot Dual Flush
HET Elongated TDF1246 B1215E
Chelini Collection Marriot Dual Flush
HET Round Front TDF1246 B1215R
Chelini Collection Marriot Dual Flush
Ideal Height HET
Elongated TDF1246 B1216E
Contrac Cain 5720BEV T5720BEV B5720BEV
Contrac Calum 5720BFV T5720BFV B5720BFV
Contrac Captiva 4710BIV
Contrac Carter 4720BIV T4720BIV B4720BIV
Contrac Ciara 5710BLT
Contrac Coen 5720BOV T5720BOV B5720BOV
Contrac Colin 5710BEZ
Contrac Colin 5720BEZ T5720BEZ B5720BEZ
Contrac Colten 5720BIZ T5720BIZ B5720BIZ
Contrac Cooper 5720BFZ T5720BFZ B5720BFZ
Crane Eco Opus III 31692 31542 31562
Crane Eco Opus III 31693 31543 31562
Crane EcoGalaxy/Cranada 31007 31590 3352
Crane EcoGalaxy/Cranada 31008 31590 3372
Crane EcoGalaxy/Cranada 31067 31593 3352
Crane EcoMiser 38370 31500 3827
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Crane EcoMiser 38400 31500 3830
Crane EcoMiser BigFoot 38335 31500 31124
Crane EcoMiser BigFoot 38345 31500 31125
Crane EcoMiser BigFoot
ADA 38355 31500 31128
Crane Economiser One 31884 31612 31124
Crane Economiser One
BigFoot 31885 31612 31125
Crane Economiser One
BigFoot 31888 31612 31128
Crane EcoSaratoga 31970 31960 3352
Crane EcoSaratoga 31972 31964 3352
Crane EcoSaratoga 31973 31964 3372
Crane EcoSaratoga 31976 31966 3352
Crane EcoSaratoga 31980 31960 3372
Crane EcoSaratoga 31986 31966 3372
Crane EcoSaratoga Gravity
Dual 31983 31964 3815
Danze, Inc. Cirtangular DC022321 DC023330
Danze, Inc. Orrington DC012323 DC013330
Duravit 2nd Floor Wall
Hung Toilet 111.335 220509
Duravit Caro Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 015609
Duravit D-Code Two-Piece
Toilet, 1.28 Gpf 092720 011701
Duravit D-Code Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 220909
Duravit Darling Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 020709
Duravit Foster Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 017509
Duravit Happy D Two Piece
Toilet 1.28 gpf 092910 011201
Duravit Happy D Two-Piece
Toilet 091010 017009
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Duravit Happy D Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 017109
Duravit Starck 2 One Piece
Toilet 1.28 gpf 016301
Duravit Starck 2 Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 016009
Duravit Starck 3 Two-Piece
Toilet 092010 012809
Duravit Starck 3 Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 220009
Duravit Starck X Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 220409
Duravit Vero Floor Standing
Toilet 109.304 211709
Duravit Vero One Piece
Toilet 1.28 gpf 210301
Duravit Vero Two-Piece
Toilet 090910 211609
Duravit Vero Wall Hung
Toilet 111.335 221709
Foremost AIO-400EW-HET AIO
Foremost AIO-400RW-HET AIO
Foremost AIO7800HET-LO AIO
Foremost HB-800-ADA-W
Foremost TL-10PA-HET-
Foremost TL-10PA-HET-
Foremost TL-10PB-HET-
Foremost TL-10PB-HET-
Foremost TL-20PA-HET- T-20PA- LL-20PA-
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Foremost TL-20PA-HET-
Foremost TL-6100-EWN
Foremost TL-7600HC-HET-
W T-7600-
HET-W LL-7600HC-
Foremost TL-7600HC-HET-
WL T-7600-
Foremost TL-7600HC-
HETR-W T-7600-
HET-W LL-7600HC-
Foremost TL-7600HC-
HETR-WL T-7600-
Foremost TL-7700HC-HET-
W T-7700-
HET-W LL-7700HC-
Foremost AIO AIO1000-EW
W AIOB1000-
Foremost AIO AIO1000-RW
W AIOB1000-
Foremost Astoria TL-1980-E-WL T-1980-WL
Foremost Europa TL-8271E-YL
Foremost Gemini TL-2005-YL T-2005-YL LL-2005-Y
Foremost Gemini TL-2100-WL
Foremost Moline TL-8267-YL T-8267-YL LL-8267-Y
Foremost Odessa TL-8260-WL T-8260-WL LL-8260-W
Foremost Plaza TL-7107-WL T-7107-WL LL-7107-W
Foremost Regent TL-5210-YL
Foremost Total TT-2000E-WL T-2000-WL
Foremost Total TT-2010-WL T-2010-WL LL-2010-W
Foremost Total Smart TT-8295-WL T-8295 LL-8295-W
Gerber Avalanche 1.28 HE-21-818 HE-28-890 HE-21-828
Gerber Maxwell Dual Flush DF-21-118 DF-28-190 21-128
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-302 DF-28-380 21-342
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-304 DF-28-384 21-342
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-310 DF-28-380 21-374
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-312 DF-28-380 21-372
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-314 DF-28-384 21-372
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-318 DF-28-380 21-377
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-324 DF-28-384 21-377
Gerber Ultra Flush DF-21-325 DF-28-380 21-375
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-302 EF-28-380 21-342
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-304 EF-28-384 21-342
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-310 EF-28-380 21-374
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-312 EF-28-380 21-372
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-314 EF-28-384 21-372
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-318 EF-28-380 21-377
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-324 EF-28-384 21-377
Gerber Ultra Flush EF-21-325 EF-28-380 21-375
Glacier Bay (a Home
Depot brand) 331-725 (BT6001)
Glacier Bay (a Home
Depot brand) 535-904
Glacier Bay (a Home
Depot brand) Elongated HET 331-725 N2225T N2225EB
Glacier Bay (a Home
Depot brand) Round Front HET
AIO 779-923 779-923T 779-923B
Greentide GT 6810H 666-2
Greentide GT 6810H-S 666-1
Greentide GT 6811H 666-2
Greentide GT 6811H-S 666-1
Hennessy & Hinchcliffe
Inc. Proficiency
Elongated N7717 N7715T N7717
Hennessy & Hinchcliffe
Inc. Proficiency Round
Front N7716 N7715T N7716
Jacuzzi Espree EZ36xxx
Jacuzzi Perfecta GU04xxx
Kohler Barrington K-3652 K-4484 K-4327
Kohler Cimarron K-11451 K-4421 K-4309
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Kohler Cimarron K-3609 K-4421 K-4309
Kohler Cimarron EcoSmart K-3496-HE K-4634-HE K-4286
Kohler Escale K-3588 K-4472 K-4308
Kohler Fountainhead K-3524
Kohler Highline Pressure
Lite K-3519 K-4484 K-4304
Kohler Kelston K-11453 K-4469 K-4306
Kohler Persuade K-3654 K-4419 K-4322
Kohler Rêve K-3797
Kohler Saile K-3564
Kohler San Raphael Power
Lite K-3393
Kohler San Raphael
Pressure Lite K-3597
Kohler Strela K-3598 K-4742 K-4379
Kohler Wellworth K-3577 K-4436 K-4179
Kohler Wellworth Pressure
Lite K-3531 K-4484 K-4303
Mansfield 704 Prestigio 704
Mansfield EcoQuantum 144-119 119 144
Mansfield EcoQuantum 146-119 119 146
Mansfield EcoQuantum 147-119 119 147
Mansfield EcoQuantum 148-119 119 148
Mansfield EcoQuantum 149-119 119 149
Mansfield Enso 177-178 178 177
Mansfield Maverick 113-112 112 113
Mansfield Maverick 114-112 112 114
Mansfield Maverick 1.28 111-112 112 111
Mansfield Quantum 144-153 153 144
Mansfield QuantumOne 146-153 153 146
Mansfield QuantumOne 147-153 153 147
Mansfield QuantumOne 148-153 153 148
Mansfield QuantumOne 149-153 153 149
Medyag 6810H
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Medyag 6810H-S
Medyag 6811H
Medyag 6811H-S
Niagara 1.0 PA N2310 N2310T N2310B
Niagara Cottage N2228 N2228T N2228B
Niagara Eco-Logic N2225EB N2225T
Niagara Eco-Logic N2225RB N2225T
OPS T/X-6688 X-6688 T-6688
OPS T/X-6688E X-6688 T-6688E
OPS T/X-6688H X-6688 T-6688H
ORION Green Sense EL 51299 50320
ORION Green Sense RD 51299 50299
Pegasus (a Home Depot
brand) Cottage 840-565 N2228T N2228B
Pegasus (a Home Depot
brand) Westminster 780-036 780-036T 780-036B
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Dual Flush
ADA PF9312 PF9303
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Dual Flush EF PF9312 PF9301
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Dual Flush RF PF9312 PF9300
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Gravity Flush
EF PF9412 PF9401
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Gravity Flush
RF PF9412 PF9400
ProFLO (a Ferguson
HET Single Flush
Toilet PF1612PA PF1603PA
ProFLO (a Ferguson
HET Single Flush
1.0 GPF P/A EL
Toilet PF1612PA PF1601PA
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Single Flush
ADA PF9412 PF9403
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Single Flush
EF PF6112HE PF6101HE
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
ProFLO (a Ferguson
brand) HET Single Flush
EF PF6212HE PF6201HE
Quality Craft Alexis HET 30013K 3003 3001
Quality Craft Alexis HET Dual
Flush 30014K 3004 3001
Seasons (a HD Supply
brand) 564-851 564-852
Seasons (a HD Supply
brand) 564-832 564-833
Seasons (a HD Supply
brand) SE10055 SE10056
Seasons (a HD Supply
brand) Seasons SE10039 SE10040
Seasons (a HD Supply
brand) Seasons SE10039 SE10041
Seasons (a HD Supply
brand) Seasons SE10042
Sterling (a Kohler
company) Karsten EB 402028 402023 402026
Sterling (a Kohler
company) Karsten PB 402025 402023 402021
Sterling (a Kohler
company) Rockton EB 402027 402022 402026
Sterling (a Kohler
company) Rockton PB 402024 402022 402021
Sterling (a Kohler
company) Stanton 402040
Swell 22114 3214 2214
TOTO Aquia CST414M ST413M CT414
TOTO Aquia II CST416M ST416M CT416
TOTO Aquia III CST464M ST464M CT464
TOTO EcoClayton CST784EF ST784E C784EF
TOTO EcoDartmouth CST754EF ST753E C754EF
TOTO EcoDrake CST743E ST743E C743E
TOTO EcoDrake CST744E(G) ST743E C744E
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
TOTO EcoDrake CST744EL ST743E C744EL
TOTO EcoGuinevere MS974224CEF(G)
TOTO EcoLloyd MS934214EF
TOTO EcoLloyd MS934304EF
TOTO EcoNexus CST794EF ST794E CT794EF
TOTO EcoPromenade CST423EF(G) ST423E C423EF(G)
TOTO EcoPromenade CST424EF(G) ST423E C424EF(G)
TOTO EcoSoiree MS964214CEF(G)
TOTO EcoSupreme MS863113E
TOTO EcoSupreme MS864114E
TOTO EcoUltramax MS853113E
TOTO EcoUltramax MS854114E(G)
TOTO EcoUltramax MS854114EL(G)
TOTO EcoWhitney CST754EFN ST754E C754EF
TOTO Gwyneth CST454CEF(G) ST454E C454CEF(G)
TOTO Neorest 550 MS980CMG
TOTO UltraMax II MS604114CEF(G)
Tynan Avoca 4344 1344 0344
Tynan Cascade ADA 4354 1312 0354
Tynan Cascade EF 4353 1312 0353
Tynan Cascade RF 4352 1312 0352
Tynan Foyle 4345 1345 0345
Tynan Louth 4510 1712 7510
Tynan Louth 4512 1712 7512
Tynan MacLair 4347 1342 0347
Tynan MacLair EF 4343 1342 0343
Tynan MacLair RF 4342 1342 0342
Tynan Nore 4346 1346 0346
Villeroy & Boch AVEO 7724 U1
XX 6614 11 XX
Villeroy & Boch BELLEVUE 5764 U1 5666 11
Villeroy & Boch HOMMAGE 7721 U1 6662 11
Villeroy & Boch SENTIQUE 5722 U1 5625 11
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Villeroy & Boch Subway 7723 U1
XX 6610 11 XX
VitrA Evergreen 5066 5065
VitrA Evergreen 5055 5076
VitrA Evergreen 5055 5074
VitrA Evergreen 5402 5195
VitrA Evergreen 5402 5196
Vortens Dali 5928 5201 5101
Vortens Delfos 3130 3130 3130
Vortens Dominic ADA 3472 3123
Vortens Dominic EL 3472 3113
Vortens Dominic RF 3472 3208
Vortens Dominic Victory 3472 3209
Vortens Hurricane 3473 3140
Vortens Hurricane EL 3473 3137
Vortens Hurricane RF 3473 3213
Vortens Loretto ADA 3475 3140
Vortens Loretto EL 3475 3137
Vortens Loretto RF 3475 3213
Vortens Rhodas DF 3436 3123
Vortens Tornado 3468 3138
Vortens Tornado ADA 3468 3134
Vortens Vienna ELX 3420 3113
Vortens Vienna ELX 3436 3113
Vortens Vienna RF 3420 3208
Vortens Vienna RF 3436 3208
Vortens Vienna Victory 3436 3209
Vortens Vienna Victory 3420 3209
WaterRidge 360380 Two Piece
Toilet C21075C C600137 C531082
WaterRidge Grace Dual Flush
One Piece Toilet C22055C C520093 C540552
Zurn EcoVantage Dual
Flush Round Front Z5577 Z5562-
Brand Name Model Name Model Number
HET Tank Bowl
Zurn EcoVantage Dual
Flush, Elongated
Toilet Z5572 Z5562-
Zurn EcoVantage Dual
Flush, Elongated,
ADA Toilet Z5562 Z5562-
Zurn EcoVantage
Elongated ADA
Toilet Z5561 Z5561-
Zurn EcoVantage
Elongated Toilet Z5571 Z5561-
Zurn EcoVantage Round
Front Toilet Z5576 Z5561-
Last updated: 9/9/2009
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