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EPSON Product Support Bulletin
Date: April 2, 2007 Originator: VS
PSB #: PSB.2007.04.001 Authorization:
Reference: TI 06-0491 Rev.B Total Pages: 2
Product(s): Expression 10000XL/1640 XL/1680/1600/800/836 XL, Perfection
1670/2400/2480/2580/3170/3200/4180/4870/4990/640U/1200U/610, GT-
2500/15000/30000 series scanners
Subject: Scanning Application Force Quits on Mac OS 10.4
This bulletin was created to inform you of an error that may occur when opening a TWAIN-
compliant scanning application on a Macintosh computer running OS 10.4.
Description of Problem:
When launching a Twain-compliant scanning application after deleting your Epson Scan driver
with an Epson Scan uninstaller not compatible with your scanner model, the application will
force quit during start-up. For example, using a Perfection 4490 driver uninstaller to delete a
Perfection 3490 driver will cause your scanning application to suddenly close during start-up.
This issue affects the following TWAIN-compliant applications:
EPSON Creativity Suite When pressing the Scan button, the Scan
Assistant force quits
Copy Utility Force quits during start-up
Photo Impression Force quits during start-up
Photoshop Elements Force quits during start-up
Photoshop Force quits during start-up
Photoshop CS2 Force quits during start-up
This issue can also occur under the following conditions:
1) Dragging the Epson Scan folder (located in the Applications folder) to the Trash can
2) Upgrading your scanner and using the Epson Scan driver from the new scanner to
delete the driver from the older scanner, and then installing the new driver
Operating Systems Effected:
Mac OS 10.4 to 10.4.9
Affected Epson Scan Driver Versions:
2.70A or later
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Correct Procedure for Deleting Epson Scan Driver:
! Use the driver specifically written for your scanner model to uninstall the Epson Scan
! If you have more than one Epson scanner model on your computer, use the driver
specifically written for each scanner to uninstall its respective device driver.
! If upgrading from a Power PC-based Epson Scan driver to a Universal Binary driver,
first delete the Power PC driver using only the Power PC driver for your scanner model.
Then install the Universal Binary driver.
If the above procedure does not resolve the problem, then manually verify that the Epson
Scan files and folders, listed below, have been deleted.
! EPSON Scan (in Applications Folder)
! EPSON*********.ds (****** = scanner model)---located in the Library / Image Capture /
TWAIN Data Sources folder
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Date: 2/2/2004 Originator: RY
PSB #: PSB.2004.02.004 Authorization: /DS
Reference: TE03-389 Rev. A Total Pages: 2
Product(s): Expression 1600/1680/1640XL Series Scanners; Perfection
Series Scanners; Stylus CX5200/CX3200/CX5400 All-in-One Products
Subject: EPSON Scan TWAIN Ver. 1.28 for Mac OS 10.2 to 10.3
This bulletin was created to inform you of an updated Epson Scan Twain Driver (1.28A) for the
following models: Perfection 610/640/1200/1240/1250/1260/1640/
1650/1660/1670/2400/2450/3170/3200 series scanners, Stylus CX3200/CX5200/CX5400
multi-function devices, Expression 1600/1680/1640XL series scanners.
The new Epson Scan driver improves functionality when scanning in Mac OS 10.3. See the
next section for the list of changes included in the new driver.
Driver Improvements:
Enables Epson Scan to start when the Scan button is pushed.
Enables Epson Scan to start even if the volume name (Hard Disk) on the desktop is
only 2 bytes (2 characters) in length.
Eliminates the error “Epson scan cannot be started”, which occurs when the USB
cable is disconnected while Epson scan is loading.
Corrects lock-up issues when using the Zoom tool in Epson Scan.
Corrects functionality issues and mouse cursor lock-ups when using the Histogram
Adjustment, Tone Correction and Image Adjustment tools or when clicking on each
tool’s Title bar.
Prevents Epson Scan from unexpectedly quitting when scanning two or more times
from PhotoShop with a Perfection 1250 scanner.
Prevents Epson Scan from locking up when scanning from a Perfection 3200
scanner with a Firewire connection.
Prevents Epson Scan from unexpectedly quitting when removing the Firewire cable
from a Perfection 3200 scanner while Epson Scan is open.
Prevents the Epson Scan Utility from freezing when using the Perfection 1250 or
1260 scanner.
Enables Epson Scan to launch properly when scanning from an Expression 1680/ or
1640XL with a Firewire connection.
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Limitations of new driver:
This driver does not support “Fast User Switching” in OS 10.3. This feature must be
turned off before using Epson Scan.
You may receive an error “Epson Scan cannot be started” when trying to scan from
a Perfection 2450 that is connected to a USB 2.0 supported port. To avoid this error,
use a Firewire connection or a USB 1.1 only supported port.
Not all the scanner models on this list support Color Restoration and Dust Removal
so these settings may be unavailable in Epson Scan.
If experiencing unstable operation when scanning from a Perfection 1250 or 1260
scanner, restart your system.
If the computer goes into “sleep mode” and this setting was enabled in the Apple
Menu and you try to switch to a different mode after doing a preview scan in
Photoshop, the Epson Scan driver will freeze. This does not happen if the computer
goes into “sleep mode” after screen saver has started. To avoid lock-ups, change
the scanning mode before the computer goes into “sleep mode” or re-launch Epson
Scan after the computer wakes up and then change modes.
After scanning with the Perfection 1250, if you then close Epson Scan and
disconnect the USB cable, a scanner model selection dialog box may appear on the
screen. Click “No” and the box closes. You can scan normally afterwards.
The new driver is available on the Epson web site. Go to and click on Drivers
& Downloads. Select your scanner model. On the Downloads page look for TWAIN Driver and
Epson Scan Utility v.1.28A in the Macintosh section.
To Install Epson Scan 1.28A:
1. Launch the EPSON Scan Installer and follow the on screen instructions.
2. After the TWAIN has been installed, connect the USB or Firewire interface cable from the
scanner to the computer.
To Uninstall Epson Scan 1.28A:
1. Disconnect the USB interface cable from the scanner.
2. Launch the EPSON Scan Installer.
3. Open the drop-down menu where you see “Easy Install” and select “Uninstall”.
4. Click the Uninstall button.
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EPSON Product Support Bulletin
Date: 04/30/2003 Originator: VS
PSB #: PSB.2003.05.008 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 3
Product(s): Perfection 1240/1250/1640/1650/1260/1660/2400/2450
Subject: Installing Smart Panel on a drive other than “C:”
This bulletin was created to inform you of a procedure for installing Smart Panel on drives
other than “C:”.
Smart Panel will install on Drive C: by default. The procedure for specifying a different drive
isn’t immediately apparent.
The following steps will allow most of Smart Panel to install on a different drive letter other
than the default. The Epson Twain and Scan to Web programs will only install on drive C:\.
01) Using "Auto Run" let the installation start, then "Cancel" the installation at the program
selection screen.
02) Using Windows Explorer, locate the Epson CD, open the "Installers" folder
03) Open the "SPANEL" folder found in the Installers folder
03) Open the "American" folder found in the “SPANEL” folder, and double-click on the "Setup"
file with the "Monitor/computer" icon
04) Advance through the "Agreement" screens
05) At the "Choose Designation Location" screen click on "Browse" (See example on next
Page 2 of 3
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06) Click on the "Path Line" and using the back arrow back up the cursor to the drive letter and
change it to the desired "drive" letter.
07) Click on "OK"
08) For the message to create the necessary folders, click "YES"
09) Click "Next"
10) Continue with "installation"
11) Follow steps 5 through 9 for "Copy Utility" installation
12) Follow steps 5 through 9 for any other Smart Panel applet to be installed
13) If Epson Twain has not been installed, go to "Twain 5.x" and run disk 1
14) Restart system and test the software with the scanner
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Date: 4/30/2003 Originator: VS
PSB #: PSB.2003.05.006 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 1
Product(s): Perfection 1240/1250/1640/1650/1260/1660/2400/2450
Subject: Making Adjustments in Epson Twain 5.X.X
This bulletin was created to inform you of a procedure for making adjustments in Epson Twain
01) When using the TPU (transparency adapter) in manual mode or auto mode the
scanned image is not correctly detected.
02) The scanned TPU image has a color cast to it.
01) If Epson twain is in full auto mode:
a) Click “Cancel” and then “Manual” to get into manual mode.
b) Click on the “Configuration tab”
c) Remove the check mark or dot from “Auto Thumbnail” option.
i. This will allow “manual” selection for the TPU type of film.
ii. This will allow “manual” marquees.
02) If the scanned TPU image has a color cast:
a) Marquee the image making sure none of the border of the film strip/slide is
b) Do a magnified preview of the marquee to verify border.
c) Using the “tools” bar (color wheel, wench and screwdriver) make final
adjustments to the image.
i. Click on “Settings” and clear “User Defined” and give these settings a
name (e.g. “positive film”).
ii. When scanning similar images in the future, this new color correction can
be selected from the “Settings” option.
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Date: 05/01/2003 Originator: JD
PSB # PSB.2003.05.004 Authorization:
Reference: TE02-629 Rev.A Total Pages: 2
Product(s): Perfection 1260/1660 Photo/2400 Photo/3200 Photo/Stylus CX3200/5200
Subject: Smart Panel Installation on Windows XP with Service Pack 1
This bulletin was created to inform you of an issue that can occur when installing Smart Panel 2.5A
or 2.6A on a computer running Windows XP (Home or Professional) with Service Pack 1 and the
Critical Updates. ESP 2.5A is bundled with the Perfection 1260/1660 and 2400 series scanners.
ESP 2.6A is bundled with the Perfection 3200 series and Stylus CX3200/5200 all-in-one products.
If Service Pack 1 and the Critical Updates are already installed on your PC, once you begin the
Smart Panel installation, the installer for each applet will return an error. Refer to the examples in
Launch Scan to PIM installer error -2147024891, can’t install scan to PIM file
Launch Scan to Web installer error -2147024891, can’t install scan to Web file
Launch Scan to Photo Print installer error -2147024891, can't install Photo Print file
Launch Scan to PIM installer error -2147024891, can't install scan to PIM file
During the installation the applet installer may also return additional error messages. See examples in red.
cannot launch d:\installers\epweb\american\setup.inx
cannot launch d:\installers\ecopy\american\disk1\setup.inx.
1) Navigate to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel. Remove Smart Panel and all of the following listed
a. Epson Twain 5
b. Scan to Web
c. PhotoPrint
d. Epson Copy utility
e. Arcsoft PhotoImpression
Note: If any of the programs cannot be removed properly, then skip to the next step.
2) Find and remove all Smart Panel and Twain related files or folders. They are located in the following
a. epfb5 (default folder) located in C:\Windows\twain_32
b. epson (default folder) located in C:\Program Files\*
*Note: Open the Epson folder and remove only these folders: Convert, Copy Utility, Photo Print, ScanTo
Web and Smart Panel.
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3) Unplug the USB cable from the scanner and close all open programs, including virus protection, screen
savers and any programs running in the background.
4) Download DelReg2.5.exe from the Newsoft web site to remove the Smart Panel Registry entries. Use
this URL to find the DelReg download page:
5) Download and install a patch from Microsoft's web site. Use this URL to find the download page:
In the Keywords field, enter Q329623 and click Go.
You will see the following download page:
Issue with DirectX May Cause DVD Players To Not Work
Do not be confused by the page title. This is the correct link and patch. Select the same language that you
will use for installing Smart Panel and click Download. Open the patch file and follow the onscreen
instructions to install the patch. Restart the computer.
6) Insert the product installation CD and reinstall all programs. Reconnect the scanner. You will now be able to
successfully launch and use Smart Panel.
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Date: 05/08/2003 Originator: TC
PSB #: 2003.05.003 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 1
Product(s): Perfection 610/640/1240U/1640SU/1250/1650/1260/1660/2400/2450, Stylus
CX3200 and Stylus CX5200
Subject: Epson TWAIN v. 5.75A for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.2 and Image Capture
This bulletin was created to inform you of an issue that can occur when using the Epson TWAIN
driver (v. 5.75A) in Apple’s Image Capture utility on a Macintosh computer running OS X v.10.2
to v.10.2.4.
After completing a scan with the Epson TWAIN driver, Image Capture may suddenly crash. The
problem appears to be isolated to Image Capture and does NOT occur in Adobe Photoshop 7,
Photoshop Elements 2.0 or other TWAIN-compliant applications.
Note: “Image Capture” and “Preview” are stand-alone application utilities built into OS X.
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Launch Image Capture. Open Preferences, Under "Scanner Preferences" check the box for
"Use TWAIN software whenever possible".
2. Quit Image Capture to save the setting.
3. Re-launch Image Capture.
4. Click Scan.
5. Click Cancel in the Epson TWAIN Full-Auto mode window.
6. Click “Manual Mode” to change to the Epson TWAIN Manual mode user interface window.
7. Without making a selection in the preview window, click the “Scan” button in the TWAIN
window, and wait for the scan to complete.
Note: After acquiring an image, Image Capture automatically opens the “Preview” application to
view the image.
8. Notice that Image Capture crashes after sending the resulting scanned image to the
“Preview” application.
Solution and Workarounds:
Choose from any of the solutions listed below.
1. In the Preferences settings for Image Capture, do NOT check the box for "Use TWAIN
software whenever possible".
2. If using the Epson TWAIN in Manual mode, drag a selection box around the area you
want to scan in the preview window before scanning.
3. Use Adobe Photoshop 7, Photoshop Elements 2.0 or other TWAIN-compliant
applications instead of Image Capture.
4. Upgrade your MAC OS X to 10.2.5 or higher.
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Date: 04/01/2003 Originator: TC
PSB #: PSB.2003.04.003 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 2
Product(s): All EPSON Scanners
Subject: Windows™ and Macintosh® Operating System requirements for USB 1.1/2.0
and IEEE-1394/FireWire® Interface connectivity
This bulletin was created to inform customers of EPSON America’s support policy regarding
Windows™ and Macintosh® operating system requirements for USB 1.1/2.0 and IEEE-
1394/FireWire® interface connectivity.
Currently, there are many add-in USB 2.0 and IEEE-1394 connection host adapter products on the
market that include drivers for Windows and Macintosh OS that did not originally support specific
interfaces. Epson has released several scanner products with built-in USB 2.0 and/or IEEE-1394
(FireWire) ports. This document provides a guideline on EPSON America’s support policy on the
various operating systems and the interface connections they support. EPSON technical support
representatives will only be able to support customers who have Epson products that are configured
in accordance with the operating system requirements outlined here and in the product’s
documentation. Epson customers experiencing problems on an Epson product connected to an add-
in USB 2.0 or IEEE-1394 interface that does not meet the minimum system requirements will be
asked to contact the interface product vendor or computer manufacturer for technical support.
This document is not model specific. It does not include other important system requirements
required to determine product compatibility on a user’s computer. To determine product support
compatibility, please refer to the specific scanner’s minimum system requirements found on the
outside of the product box, or visit Epson’s web site at
The guidelines below were compiled from Microsoft’s and Apple’s Support websites and their
published system requirements for supported interface connectivity. For more information on
Windows and Macintosh Interface support please refer to Microsoft’s online Knowledge base at or Apple’s web site at For information on add-in 3rd party
interface products please refer to the vendor’s documentation or product support web site.
USB 1.1: Full version Microsoft Windows 98/98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows 2000 or
Windows XP or Upgrade from a full version of Windows 98/98SE, Me, 2000
IEEE-1394 (FireWire): Full versions of Windows Me/2000/XP, or upgrade from a full version of
Windows 98/98SE. Host computer must have an OHCI compliant IEEE-1394-1995 card or port
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed: Full versions of Windows XP or upgrade from a full version of Windows 98/98SE,
Me, 2000. Host computer must have an EHCI compliant USB 2.0 Hi-Speed card or port installed.
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Windows 2000 did not support the USB 2.0 hardware specification at the time it was first released.
Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 319973 Universal Serial Bus 2.0 Support in Windows
2000 for more information.
Important Notes:
1.) Operating system must not be an upgrade from Windows 95.
2.) For Windows 2000 or XP you must be logged in as an administrator or as a user with
administrator rights before you can install and use EPSON software.
3.) USB hubs must be self-powered and connected in a first-tier configuration for reliability
Macintosh OS
USB 1.1: Apple Macintosh computer (G3, G4, or iMac) with built-in USB port, running Mac® OS 8.5.1
to 9.2.2 with all USB extensions enabled. For OS X, you must have 10.1.3 or later.
FireWire (IEEE 1394): Power PC-equipped Macintosh or newer with Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2.2 with Apple’s
FireWire 2.1 (or later) software installed. For OS X, you must have 10.1.3 or later.
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed: Not supported
Important Notes:
1.) You cannot use a serial interface to connect the scanner.
2.) Interface adapter cables (i.e. SCSI to USB, or USB to Serial, etc) are not supported.
3.) USB hubs must be self-powered and connected in a first-tier configuration for reliability.
4.) FireWire port must be compliant with this specification: IEEE 1394-2000 compatible.
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Date: 04/01/2003 Originator: TC
PSB #: PSB.2003.04.002 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 2
Product(s): Perfection 1260 Series/1660PHOTO/2400PHOTO
Subject: Scanning Slides in TWAIN 5.60A using Manual Mode
This bulletin was created to inform you of a functionality change when scanning 35mm slides
and film strips in Manual mode with TWAIN driver 5.60A. This driver is bundled with the
Perfection 1260/1660/2400 Series scanners.
Description of update:
In previous versions of TWAIN 5.5x, when working in Manual Mode with "Automatic Thumbnail
Preview for Film" enabled, if you scanned 35mm Slides or a film strip, the Thumbnail Preview
would automatically scale up all images to approximately 4 x 6 inches.
This automatic scale-up feature has been removed from TWAIN 5.60A. Refer to the red boxes
in the screen shots below. You will notice that the default Target size is the same as the
Source size and Scale is 100%.
Configuration Window in TWAIN 5.60A
TWAIN 5.60A Manual Mode User Interface Window
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This issue occurs in both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
Note: When using Full Auto Mode, the images do scale up to 4" X 6".
4" X 6" scaling in Manual Mode is not included in the specification for TWAIN 5.60A. The
automatic scale-up feature increases scanning time and therefore was removed. This feature
has also been removed from all TWAIN drivers released after 5.60A (i.e. 5.71A, 5.73A,
5.75A). This feature is also not available in the Perfection 3200 series scanner driver,
EPSON Scan 1.0.
Use the Scale slider to increase the Scale percentage until your target size reaches 4" X 6".
This should be around 450%. You can also manually type in the size in the Target field boxes.
Switching to Full Auto Mode is another option. In this mode, the images are automatically
scaled up to approximately 4 X 6 inches at 300 dpi.
Note: Full Auto mode does not support monochrome (Black and White) film or slides.
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Date: 04/1/2003 Originator: TC
PSB #: PSB.2003.04.001 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 2
Product(s): Perfection 640U/1240U/1250/1640SU/1650/2450/1260/1660/2400/3200
Series Scanners and the Stylus CX 3200/5200 all-in-one series
Subject: Smart Panel Copy Utility may produce copies with a light gray/blue/pink
background when printing to non-EPSON printers.
Description of issue:
If you are using Copy from EPSON Smart Panel 2.5/2.6 or you installed the Copy utility 2.00A
patch for Smart Panel 2.0A/1.0.xA, you may find that the program produces copies with a light
gray/blue/pink background.
This is because when printing to non-EPSON printers with the Copy utility, the Automatic
Document Enhancement feature is turned off by default.
To remove the background, you must enable Automatic Document Enhancement. To turn on
this feature, launch the Copy applet by double-clicking on its icon. Select Epson TWAIN 5 at
the following window and click “OK”.
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Click on the “Image Adjust” button. You will notice the Auto Document Enhancement OFF
button is selected (highlighted in dark gray).
Click the ON button. You will now notice that this button is selected (highlighted in dark gray).
Now click on the large green Copy button, your image will be scanned and printed. The copy
of your document should look very close to the original with no background colors added.
Note: The Copy utility was designed to scan and print a copy of a Letter size (8.5” X 11”)
document. If your document is not a full letter-size piece of paper, then the portion of the
scanner’s document mat that is showing will be included as part of your copy. Some bright
white papers can cause a noticeable contrast between the document and the document mat.
As a result the Copy utility may recognize the exposed document mat as a having a light blue
color. In this case you may still see a light blue background on your printout where the
document mat was showing.
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Date: 1/17/2004 Originator: TC
PSB #: PSB.2003.02.002R1 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 1
Product(s): Perfection 1660/2400/2450/3200/1670/3170/4870 Series Scanners
Subject: Windows XP warning message for HI-SPEED USB (USB 2.0) Devices
This bulletin was created to inform you of a Windows XP warning message that comes up when an
EPSON HI-SPEED USB (USB 2.0) scanner is connected to a non-HI-SPEED USB (USB 1.1) Port.
The message is only an indication that Windows XP recognizes a USB 2.0 scanner connected to a
USB 1.1 port. This warning message appears the first time the scanner is connected to the computer,
and every time the scanner is powered on. It is NOT an error message. The message cannot be
disabled, but you can close it by clicking on the “X” as shown in the red box below.
If you click anywhere in the message box, you see the screen below:
Click on the “Close” button to close the window.
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Date: 02/10/2003 Originator: TC
PSB #: PSB.2003.02.001 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 3
Product(s): Perfection 1260/1660/2400/3200 Series, Stylus CX3200/5200
Subject: Scan to Email Supported Applications for EPSON Smart Panel v. 2.5A/2.6A
Description of issue:
This bulletin was created to inform users of a typographical error in the table of supported e-
mail applications in the Scan to E-mail utility for Epson’s Smart Panel 2.5A and 2.6A. Smart
Panel 2.5A supports the Perfection 1260/1660/2400/3200 series scanners. Smart Panel 2.6A
supports the Stylus CX3200/5200. The table can be found by clicking the Help file (?) icon on
Smart Panel’s main user interface screen.
According to the Table of supported e-mail applications in the Scan to E-mail Help file – AOL
appears to be a supported application. However, this program is NOT supported. Customers
will find that they can't get AOL to register as a valid Scan to E-mail application.
The listing for supported AOL versions under Windows and Mac OS 8.x, 9.x is incorrect. It
currently reads "v" which indicates for AOL. It should be an "x", as it does NOT support AOL
(see screen shot illustration on next page). The Scan to Email utility only supports MAPI
compliant e-mail applications, AOL is a web based e-mail and is therefore not supported.
Note: In the following table, "v" = Version, and "x" = Not supported
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Below, is some additional information on AOL support, taken from NewSoft's Inc. Support web
site, URL =
Q: Can Scan to E-mail support AOL/MSN mail?
A: Smart Panel does not support web-based mail. You need to use a MAPI compliant e-mail
programs to send a new e-mail in Scan to E-mail. (Please refer to the supported e-mail
programs <ESP25-Win-0027.htm>)
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Q: Which E-mail program is supported with Scan to E-mail?
A: For Windows:
Outlook Express 4.5 / 5.0/6
MS Outlook 98 / 2000 / 2002
CC Mail 6.0 - 8.0
PostPet 2.0
Netscape Messenger 4.7
Note: Smart Panel supports MAPI compliant e-mail programs.
For Macintosh:
Outlook Express 4.5 / 5.0
Eudora Mail Lite 3.1
Eudora Mail 5.1
PowerMail 3.x
Ouick Mail 2 - 3.6
PostPet 2.0
Date: 9/6/2002 Originator: JD
PSB #: PSB.2002.02.003R1 Authorization:
Reference: N/A Total Pages: 3
Product(s): Perfection 640U, 1240, 1640, 1250, 1650, 2450, 1260, 1660, 2400 series
Subject: Copy Utility Workaround for Non-Epson Printers
This bulletin was created to provide information on using Smart Panel’s Copy Utility with non-Epson
printers in Windows. The following sections describe a workaround that can be used when Copy Utility
has problems working with non-Epson printers.
Description of Issue:
Epson Smart Panel includes a utility called Copy that is used for scanning and printing documents.
Although Copy works with non-Epson printers it does not support all models. Epson periodically releases
updates to support the newer models. However, since new printers are continually being released to
market, the current Copy update may not work with the latest models.
When Copy Utility launches, it first initializes the scanner and printer. If it does not recognize the printer,
the program will normally return an error. The error message may vary depending on the operating
system and version of Copy. In some cases, the program won’t generate an error dialog; instead, it will
launch and then quickly shut down. If you get the error dialog, it will typically look like one of those listed
below. When you click OK to close the dialog, the program takes you back to the Smart Panel main user
As a temporary solution, select another Windows default printer (i.e. one that’s compatible with Copy)
and then launch Copy. In Copy, change the printer back to the one that you want to use. Click the green
and Copy button to scan and print.
Follow these steps to configure Copy for the workaround.
1) First, verify that you have installed the latest version of Copy (currently 2.00A). Launch Copy and
look for a green screen. This is version 2.00A and it should look like this:
If you don’t see this on your screen then visit our web site at and download the Copy
2) Once you have installed the update, test your printer in Copy. If you get an error then go to the
next step.
3) Click the Start button and then click Settings. Select Printers. You can also use Control Panel to
select Printers (Printers and Faxes for Windows XP). In Printers, use the Add Printer Wizard to
add a printer. For Windows 98 and up, you can try the HP LaserJet 4. For Windows 2000 and
XP, the Stylus Photo 750 ESC/P2 works fine. For Windows 95, you’ll need to use an older model
such as the HP LaserJet 3 series. Keep in mind that other models can be used. If one model
doesn’t work then use another one.
4) Follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer. Once completed verify that it is the default
5) Launch Copy. If the new default printer is compatible, the program will open normally.
6) Click the Device Settings button. This will bring up the Device Settings user interface. In the
Output Device field (the default printer will be listed here), click on the arrow. This will bring up
the Output Device Chooser window. The screen should look like this.
7) Change the printer name to the one you want to use and then click OK. Click on the Green
button to start scanning.

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