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Page Count: 16
Safety Instructions ........ 2, 3
Operating Instructions
Care and Cleaning .................... 12
Control Panel and Settings .......z_-7
Loading Place Settings ..........11
Loading the Racks ............. 10
Optional Accessories ..............11
Using the Dishwasher ........ 8, 9
Troubleshooting Tips ,, 13, 14
Consumer Support
Consumer Support ..... Back Cover
Warrantg ....................... IS
EDW4000 Series
EDWSO00 Senes
EDWSO00 Series
GHDA400 Series
GHDASO0 Series
GLD4000 Series
GLDSO00 Series
GLD6000 Series
HLD4000 Senes
GLDLSO0 Series
Write the model and serial
numbers here:
Model #
Serial #
Youcan find them on the tub wall
just insidethe dour.
165D4 700P350 49-55031-i 07-07JR
iiiiiiiiiiiiiirllriiirl i illUllll i nllll ii ..............................
For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of fire
or explosion, electric shock, and to prevent property damage, personal injury, or death.
f _,,._ Under certain conditions hydrogen gas may be produced in awater heater that has not been used
far two weeks or more. HYDROGENGASIS F-XPLO$1VE,
Ifthe hot water has not beenused for two weeks or more, preventthe possibilityof damage orinjury
bg turning an all hot water faucets and allow them to run for severalminutes Dothis before using any
electrical appliancewhich is connected to the hot water system Thissimple procedurewill allow any built-
up hydrogen gas to escape Sincethe gas isflammable, do not smoke or use an open flame or appliance
during this process
This dishwasher must be properly instafled and located in accordance with the Installation
Instructions before it is used° tf gou did not receive an Installation Instructions sheet with
your dishwasher, you can receive one bg visiting our website at ge.com_
Connectto o grounded metal, permanent widng
sgstem;or run an equipment-grounding
conductor with the circuit conductors and
connect to the equipment-groundingterminal
or lead of the appliance
Iil improper connection of the equipment-grounding
conductor can resultin a riskof electricshock..
Checkwith a qualified electricianor service
representativeif gou arein doubt whether the
appliance is properlg grounded
I Disposeof discardedappliancesand shipping
or packing material properlg,
Do not attempt to repair or replace any part
of your dishwasherunlessit is specifically
recommended inthis manual.Allother servicing
should bereferred to a qualified technidon.
To minimizethe possibilitgof electric shock,
disconnectthis appliance from the power supplg
beforeattempting any maintenance,
NOTE:Turningthe dishwasheroff does nat
disconnectthe appliancefrom the power supplg,
We recommendhaving aqualified technician
serviceyour appliance,
CAUTION: Toprevent minor injury or property damage
Contentswashed inAnti-bacterial mode,if
available,may be hot to the touch, Usecore
before handling,
Usinga detergentthat is
not specificallgdesigned
for dishwasherswill cause
the dishwasherto fill with
If your dishwasher is connected to a
wall switch, ensure that the switch is
on prior to use.
Ondishwasherswith electroniccontrols,
if you chooseto turn the switch off
betweenwash cgcles,allow 5-10
secondsoffer turning the switch on before
touching START/RESETto allow the control to
[] Non-DishwareItems:Do nat wash items such
as electronic air cleanerfilters,furnace filters and
point brushesin gour dishwasher.Damageto
dishwasherand discoloration or staining of
dishwashermag resuIL
Closesupervision isnecessarg if this appliance
is used bgor near children.
Load light, plastic items so theg will not
become dislodged and drop to the bottom
of the dishwasher-theg might come into
contact with the heating element and be
Junked or abandoned dishwashers are
dangerous even if theg witl sit for 'Just a
few days ° If you ore getting rid of your old
dishwasher, please fallow the instructions
below to help prevent accidents
Before You ThrowAway Your Old
reTake off the door of the washing compartment
or remove the door latch keeper {as shown}. Door latch keeper
WARNING! When using gout dishwasher, follow basic precautions,
including the following:
ffiUsethis applianceonlg for its intended purpose iDo not operate gaur dishwasher unlessall
as describedin thisOwner'sHonual enclosurepanels ore properlgin place
[] Useonlg powder,tabs, liquiddetergents or rinse [] Do not tamper with controls.
agents recommendedfor usein a dishwasher and [] Do not abuse,sit on or stand on the door or dish
keepthem out of the reach of children.Cascade®, rockof the dishwasher.
Cascade® Completeand Electrasol® Automatic
Dbhwashing Deter_jents,and Jet-Dry®and
CascadeRinseAid '_rinse agentshave been
approved for usein all GEdishwashers.
[] Locatesharp items so that theg are not likely
to damage the door seal.
[] Loadsharp kniveswith the handlesup to reduce
the riskof cut-type injuries
[] Do not wash plastic items unlessmarked
dishwasher safeor the equivalent. Forplastic
items not so marked,check the manufacturer's
[] Do not touch the heating element during or
immedbtely after use.
[] Do nat allow children to play around dishwasher
when opening or closingdoor dueto the possibility
of smallfingers beingpinched in door.
!! Donot discorda dishwasher without first removing
the door of the washing compartment.
[] Do not store or use combustiblematerials,gasoline
or other flammable vapors and liquids inthe
vicinitg of thisor ang other appliance.
[] Do not aflowchildren to plag with, anor insidethis
appliance or any discardedappliance
About the dishwasher control pane . (For models with sensor: EDW6000 Series,
GHDAGO0 Series, GLDSO00 Series)
You can locate your model number on the tub wa!fjust inside the door_Throughout this manual, features and
appearance may vary from your model B
Control Settings
BStatus IndicatorLights
TheStatusdisp{aytellsyouwhat'shappeningwhiiethe dishwasherisinoperationandmayflash,indicatinga
malfunction{seepage8)The lightswill comeONindicatingthesequenceofoperationthe dishwasherisin
SENSING Displayedwhilethesensorismeasuringtheamountof soilandtemperatureof water.
Ionsomemodels) Thedishwasherwiltadjusttheselectedcycleto achieveoptimalperformance,
WASHING Displayedduringprewoehandmainwashperiods
RINSING Displayedduring rinseperiods.
DRYING DisplayedduringHEATEDDRY.
bn somemodels)
SANITIZED DisplayedwhencgdehasmetsonitizationconditionsLightremainsONuntildoorisopened.
CLEAN Displayedwhena washcgde iscompleteThelightstaysONas areminderthatthedishesore
cleonuntilthedoorisrelatchedor untilanothercycleisselected
_ime Remaining Disptag tonsomemodelsl
Duringoperation,thedisplayshowsthe minutesremaininguntilthecgde iscompleteThedisplaymayadjustthe
remainingtimewhilethesensinglightis onThetimedisplayedat the startof eacheyriemaychangefromthe
factorLJsettingastheunitcustomizesitselfto homeuse Duringa delaystart,thedisplaywil!showhoursoftime
Thisdishwasheris equippedwith adirt andtemperaturesensor.Cyclelengthandtimewill varydependinganthe
or SAN1WASH Heavy8.5geL,84rain.
Medium73 gal,78min
Light6 2gaL,75min
Thiscycleraisesthewatertemperatureinthefinalrinseto sanitizeyourdishwareThecgde
lengthwiltvarydependingonthe temperatureof your inletwater.
interruptedduringorofferthe mainwashportbn orif theincomingwatertemperatureis soiow
thatadequatewaterheatingcannotbeachieved,thesanitizingconditionsmaynotbemet tn
thesecases,thesanitizedi;ghtwill not illuminateat theendof the cycle
NOTE:NSFcertifiedresidentialdishwashersorenotintendedfor licensedfoodestablishments.
Heavy109 gal.,102min.
Thiscycleismeantforheavilysoileddishesor cookworewithdried-onor baked-onsoils_
Everydaydishesaresafeto beusedinthiscycle.
Light49 gal.,49rain
Thiscycleisfor medium/heavilysoileddishesandglassware.
nlnnnlnnllln n n l
Ionsome models}
73 gaL35min
CHINACRYSTAL 73 gal, 48rain
fansomemodels) Thiscycleisfor lightlysoiledchinaandcrgstoL
RINSEONLY 25gal,,]2 min
Forrinsingpartialloadsthatwill bewashedlater,Donotusedetergentwith thiscycle.
NOTE:OnlgtheAnti-Bacteriacyclehasbeendesignedto meettherequirementsof Section6,NSF184for
ThelightabovetheselectedpodwiltbeONto indicatewhichoptionhasbeenselected
PRESCRUB Forusewithheavilgsoiledand/ordried-on,baked-onsoilsThisoptionMUSTbesefectedPRIORto
{onsomemodels) startingthecycle.Thisoptionodds15minutesto thecgdetimeNOTE:Cannotbeselectedwith
HEATEDDRY Shutsoffthe dryingheatoptbn DishesairdrgnaturallyandenergyissavedForfosterairdrg,
LightOFF youconpropthedooropenoffertheCLEANlightilluminates
HEATEDDRY Turnstheheateronfor fastdrying Thiswill extendthetotalruntimeby Bminutesfor theSPEED
LightON CYCLE,38minutesfor NORMALandPOTS/PANS,and30minutesfor otlothercgcles
LOCK Youconlockthecontrolsto preventany selectionsfrombeingmode Oryoucontackthecontrols
aftergouhavestarteda cycle,
Childrencannotoccidenta!tgstartdishwasherby touchingpadswiththisoptionselected
ToLOCKthe dishwashercontrol,touchandholdtheHEATEDDRYpodfor 3secondsThetight
belowtheHEATEDDRYpodwill turnon ToUNLOCKthe dishwashercontrol,touchandholdthe
HEATEDPRYpodfor3 seconds.TheLOCKlightwillturnoff.
ADDED Whenselected,thecgctewill runlongerwiththeheatingelementonto improvebothwashand
HEAT dry performanceNOTE:CannotbeselectedwithRINSEONLYcycle
DELAYHOURS Youcandelaythestartof owashcgclefor upto ghoursTouchthe DELAYHOURSpodto choose
thenumberofhours£_ouwantto delaythestartofthecycle;thentouchSTART/RESETonetime
Thedishwasherwillcountdownandstartautomaticallyat the correcttime,Touching
START/RESETasecondtimewill cancelthe DELAYSTARTselection
RESET Tochangeocgcleofferwashingstarts,touchtheSTART/RESETpodto cancelthecycle The
START/RESETIightwill flashwhilethewaterispumpedout if needed.Thistokesapproximately
90secondsWhenthe lightstopsflashing,thedishwashercon bereprogrommedandrestarted
I_ Start
Closeandlatchthedishwasherdoorandselectthe cycleanddesiredenhancements.Touchthe START/RESETpad
onceto beginthe cycleWaterbeginsto fitlthedishwasher,andapproximately60seconds]aterthewashaction
begins.TouchingtheSTART/RESETpoda secondtimewillcancelthecycleandcausethewaterto drainout.Thiswill
NOTE:Thedishwasherremembersyour lastcycleso youdon'thoveto reprogromeachtime Whenthedishwasher
doorisfullyclosed,the controlpanellightswilldisplaythe lostsettingsgouselected
tfyou don'twanttochangeanyofthe settings,simplgtouchtheSTART/RESETpodonceto beginthecycle
tfthedoorisclosed,theindicatorlightswilltum offif theSTART/RESETpodisnotpressedwithintwo minutes
Toactivatethedisplay,openendclosethedoorortouchany pod
Also,if opowerfailureoccurs,NORMALandHEATEDDRYwillautomaticallybeprogrammed
About thedishwasher control panel. [Formodels without osensor: EDW4000 Series,
EDWSO00Series,GHDA400Series,GLD4000 Series,GLD5000 Series,HLD4000 Series and GLDL500 Series)
................................ ii,11,1,1
You con locate your model number on the tub well just inside the door. Throughout this manual, features end
appearance may vary from your model
I " \
I'-,..,-h " Cycles
m li
Control Settings
Status Indicator Lights
The Status disptog tells you what's happening while the dishwasher is in operation and may flash,
indicating o malfunction lsee page 8).The lights wildcame ON indicating the sequence
of operation the dishwasher is in,
(on some
Dispfoged when cycle has met sonitizotion conditions Light remains ON until
door is opened,
Displayed when o wash cgde is complete. The light stags ON as oreminder that
the dishes are cleon until the door is opened or until another cycle is selected.,
Thelightabovethe selectedpad will beON to indicatewhich cgde has beenselected,
(on some
NORMALWASH 5,9 gal., 56 rain.
This cycle is for medium/heovNg soiled dishesend glassware,
LIGHTWASH 6,1 gel., 36 rain.
(on some This cycle is for everyday dishes and glassware,
CHINA CRYSTAL6,1 gal, 39 rain,
fan some This cycle is for tightlg soiled china and crgstaL
7.3 gol, 97 min.
This cycle raises the water temperature in the fino! rinse to sanitize your dishware
The cgde length wil! vary depending an the temperature of your inlet water.
NOTE:The SANI-WASHcgde is monitored for sonitization requirements, If the
cycle is interrupted during or after the main wash portion or if the incoming water
temperature is so low that adequate water heating cannot be achieved, the
sanitizing conditions may not be met° In these cases, the sanitized light will not
ilbminote at the end of the cycle.
NOTE:NSFcertified residential dishwashers ore not intended far licensed food
'85 gaL, 89 min,
This cycle is meant for heovilg soiled dishes or cookwore with dried-on or baked-
on soils. Everyday dishes are safe to be used in this cycle.
RINSEONLY !2 got., 6 min.
For rinsing partial loads that wilt be washed later_Do not use detergent with
this cycle.
NOTE:Only the SANI-WASHcycle has been designed to meet the requirements of Section 6,
NSF184 for soil removal and sonitizotion efficacy
i i i i i i
Thelight above the selected pad will be ON to indicate which OPTIONhas beenselected.
HOTSTART For use with heavily soiled and/or dried-on, baked-on soils. This optionMUSTbe
{on some selected PRIORto starting the cgcle Thisoption will improve both wash and dry
models} performance. Thisoption adds 20 minutes to the cycle time
NOTE:Cannot be selected with RINSEONLYcgcle,
HEATEDDRY Shuts off the drging heat option, Dishes air drg naturallg and energg is saved,
Light OFF Forfaster air drg you can prop the door open after the CLEANlight illuminates_
HEATEDDRY Turns the heater on for fast drying Thiswil{ extend the total run time bg 38 minutes
Light ON NOTE:Cannot be selected with RINSEONLYcgcle
Youcan lock the centrals to prevent any selections from being mode Or you can tack
the controls after you have started a cycle
Childrencannot accidentoffg start dishwasher bg touching pads with this option
ToLOCKthe dishwashercontrol,touchandholdtheHEATEDDRYpadfor3secondsThelightbeiow
theHEATEDDRYpadwiltturnonTo UNLOCKthe dishwashercontrol,touchandholdtheHEATED
DRYpadfor 3seconds,TheLOCKlightwillturnoff
HOTWASH When selected, the cgcle will run longer with the heating element on to improve both
wash and dr# performance. NOTE:Cannot be selected with RINSEONLYcgde
DELAY HOURS You con delog the start of a wash cgcle for 2, 4 or 8 hours {deiagtime options mog
vorg bg model),Touch the DELAYHOURSpad to choose the number of hours gou wont
to delog the start of the cgcte;then touch START/RESETone time, The dishwasher will
count down and start outomatico!tg at the correct time Touching START/RESETa
second time will cancelthe DELAYETARTselection,
RESET To change a cgcte after washing starts, touch the START/RESETpod to cancel the
cgcle, The START/RESETlight will flashwhile the water is pumped out if needed, This
takes approximotelg 90 seconds When the light stops flashing, the dishwasher can be
reprogrammed and restarted,
Closeand latch the dishwasher door and select the cgcle and desired enhancements Touch the
START/RESETpod once to begin the cgcle Water begins to fill the dishwasher, and approximately 60
seconds later the wash action begins, Touching the START/RESETpod o second time will cancel the
cgc{e and cause the water to drain out. Thiswill take epproximgtefg 2 minutes,
NOTE:The dishwasher remembers your test cgde so gou don't hove to reprogrom each time When
the dishwasher door is fu{Ig closed, the control panel lights will displag the lost settings gou selected
If gou don't want to change ang of the settings, simplg touch the START/RESETpad once to begin
the cgcle
If the door is closed, the indicator lights will turn off if the START/RESETpad is not pressed within two
minutes, To activate the display, open and dose the door or touch ong pod,
Also,if a power failure occurs, NORHAL and HEATEDDRYwill outomoticallg be programmed
Using the dishwasher.
Check the Water Temperature
The entering water should be at least 120°F Turn on the hot water faucet nearest the
and not more than 150°F,for effective cleaning dishwasher, piece the thermometer in a glass
and to prevent dish damage Check the water and let the water run continuously into the
temperature with o candy or meat thermometer, glass until the temperature stops rising,
rg or CascadeCrgstal Clear rinse agents remove spots and prevent new film buildup on
ishes, glasses, flatware, cookware and plastic,
Filling the Dispenser
The rinse agent dispenser holds !00 m! (35 fl oz} of rinse agent, Under
normai conditions; this wi!l last appro×imute!y one month. Try to keep it
full, but do not overfill.
[] Hake sure the dishwasher door is fully open
[] Turn the dispenser cap to the left and lift it out.
[] Add rinse agent until the indicator window looks ful!
[] Clean up any spilled rinse agent with a damp cloth,,
[] Replace the dispenser cap
Rinse Aid Setting
The amount of rinse agentreleased into the final wash can be adjusted.
The factorg setting is at the midpoint, if there are rings of calcium (hard
water) spots on dishes, try a higher setting If you see foam in the
dishwasher, move the indicator to a lower setting
To adjust the setting
Remove the dispenser cop; then turn the adjuster counterclockwise to adjuster
increase the amount of rinse agent, clockwise to reduce the amount of rinse agent.
window Dispensercap
Dish Preparation Prior to Loading
[]No pre-rinsing of normal food soil is required,
Ii Scrape off hard soils,including bones,
toothpicks, skins and seeds_
[] Remove large quantities of ang remaining
[] Remove teafg vegetables, meat trimmings
and excessive amounts of grease or oil.
[] Remove acidic food soils that can discolor
dishwasher, go..oom
Using the
Proper Use of Detergent
Use only detergent specifically made for use
in dishwashers Cascade_and Electrasot ®
Automatic Dishwashing Detergents have been
approved for use in all GEdishwashers. Keep
your detergent fresh and dry. Don't put powder
detergent into the dispenser,until you're ready
to wash dishes
The amount of detergent to use depends on
whether gour water is hard or soft. With hard
water, gou need extra detergent. With soft water,
gou need less detergent.
Protect gour dishes and dishwasher bg
contactinggout water department and asking
how hard gaur water is Twelve or more grains
is extremetg hard water. A water softener, is
recommended, Without it, lime can build up
in the water valve, which could stick while open
and cause flooding Too much detergent with
soft water can cause a permanent cloudiness
of glassware, calied etching,
Usethe information in the table below as a
guideline to determine the amount of automatic
dishwasher,detergent to place in the dispenser,,
of Grains DetergentCupsto Fill
Lessthan 4 Fillcup to first line
4 to 8 Fil!cupto second line
8 to 12 Fillmain wash cup
Greater Fill both MainWash and
than 12 PreWash cup
Medium Medium Extremely
Soft Soft Hard Herd
For heovilL.psofledloads, use the Potsand Pans or
Heavy Wash cgcle and odd alittle extra detergent
NOTE:Usingadetergentthat is not specifically
designedfor dishwasherswill causethe dishwasher
to fill with suds,Duringoperation,thesesudswill spill
out of the dishwasher,vents,coveringthe kitchen
floor and makingthe floor wet
Becauseso many detergent containers look alike,
storethe dishwasherdetergent in a separatespace
from all other cleaners,.Showanyone who may use
the dishwasherthe correct detergent and where
it is stored,
While there will beno lasting damage to the
dishwasher,your disheswill not get clean using a
dishwashingdetergentthat is not formulated to
work with dishwashers
Forget to Add aDish?
A forgotten dish can be added any time before
the main wash,
Squeeze the door latch to release the door.
[] Do not open the door until the water spray
action stops Steam may riseout of the
[] Add forgotten dishes
[] Closethe door,
Loading the dishwasher racks.
For best dishwashing results, follow these loading guidelines, Features and appearance of racks and silverware
baskets mag vary from your model
Upper Rack
otongthesides.Thisisalsoa secureplacefor
theupor downpositionto oddflexibil_gAwine
glassesfor bestwoshabilitg.Becausewineglasses
inthe rackto makesurethegwiIlclearthetop of
Theupperrackisgoodforallkindsof odd-shaped
somemodels)providefle×ibilitgfor extra-largeand
thebottomoftherackandblockrotationof the
middlesprogarm Thiscouldresultinpoorwash
performancefar itemsin theupperrack,
Checkto make
sure that noitems
of the wash arms.
Lower Rack
bakingrocksshouldgo alongtheleft-handside
comersor inthe back,Thesailedsideofitems
shouldfacethecenterofthe rack tf necessartj,
oversizedglossesandmugscan beplacedinthe
lowerrackto maximizeloadingflexibilitg
Also,becarefulnotto leta portionof anitemsuch
asopot ordishhandleextendthroughthe bottom
rockThiscouldblockthe washarmandcause
tinesmugbeleftintheup positionor foldeddown
to customizethelowerrack.
Donot let angitem
bottom of the silverware
arm fromturning and
Single basket Ion some modelst
One-pieee basket (on some modelst
Three-piece basket Ion some modem
t t
brisketat oppositecomersandslide
Silverware Basket
Toloadflatware,simplgpushthe adjustable
handleto eitherside[onsomemodels).Put
knifehandlesupto protectgourhandsPlace
spoonsinthe basketwithhandlesdown Hix
suchas measuringspoonsandlidsfromsmalt
containersshouldgointhe bottomof the
silverwarebasketwith thesilverwareontop
canbeplacedinthefront, nghtsideor backof the
Avorietgof optionsisavaibbleregardingthe
designedto fit onthe rightsideof thelowerrock
Additionally,eachendof thebasketisremovable
to oddloadingflexibititgto accommodateflatware
Thelidsof bothendandmiddlebaskets
(onsomemodels)canbeclosedto containsmall
items,Longitemscon beplacedonthe utilit_Jshelf
inthe upperrack
modelslcon hold
small items such
as:baby bottle
nipples,plastic lids,
corn cob holders,etc
Loading place settings... o°com
Follow these guidelines for loading I0 place settings, Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets
may vary from your model
Upper Rack--lO piece settings Lower Rack--lO piece settings Lower Rock-lO piece settings
Follow these guidelines for loading 12 place settings., Features and appearance of racks and silverware baskets
mug vary from your model,
Upper Rack--12 piece settings Lower Rack--12 place settings
Optional accessories.
You can change the appearance of gaur
dishwasher bg adding a custom panel trim kit
Woodpanel trim kit--This occessorg contains
trim and instructions for you to supplg and install
a t/4" thick decorative woad door:
Non-wood countertop bracket kit-This is for
installations which have nomwood countertops
and includes side=mountingbrackets and
instructions for securing the dishwasher.
IGPF525B fBlack)
I GPFS25W (White)
[] GPF525C (Bisquef
Trimtess wood panel kit-This accessorg
containsparts and instructions for gou to supplg
and instalt a 3/z_"thick decorative wood door:
Theseaccessories are available at extra cost from
GE Call BO0525 2002 to order. Visa,Mastercard
or Discover cards are accepted
Specifg accessory number when ordering_
[] GPF575
Caring for the dishwasher.
Cleaning the Door Panel
Before cleaning the front panel, make sure
gnu know what type of ponet gnu hove,
Referto the lost two letters of your model
number. You con locate gour model
number on the taft-hand tub wall just
inside the door.,If gour model number ends
with BB, WW, CC,SAor BG,then you have
a Pointed Door panel. If gour model
number ends with SS,then gnu have o
Stainless Steel Door panel. If your model
number ends with CS,then you hove a
CleanSteel Door panel
Followthe instructions below for cleaning
the door panel for your specific model.
Painted Door Panel {modelnumbers
ending in BB-black, WW-white, CO-bisque.
SA-silver metallic, BG-graphite metallic or
Use o clean, soft, iightly dampened cloth,
then drg thoroughlg You meg also use a
good appliance wax or polish.
Stainless Steel Door Panel [model
numbers ending in SS)
The stainless steel panels con be cleaned
with StainlessSteel Magic or o similar
product using o cleon, soft cloth. Do not
use appliance wax, polish, bleach or
products containing chlorine on Stainless
Steel doors
Youcan order Stainless Steel Magic
#WXlOX25 through GEParts bg calling
CleanSteet Door Panel !model numbers
ending in CSt
Useo cleon, soft, lighttg dampened cloth,
then drg thoroughly, Do not use appliance
wax, polish or ong chemical agent on
Do not wipe the dishwasher with asoiled
dish cloth or wet towel Thesemeg leave
aresidue.Do not use scouring pads or
powdered cleaners because these
products can scratch the finish.
Cleaning the Control Panel
To clean the control panel, use a tightlg
dampened cloth Then drg thoroughlgo
Protect Against Freezing
If gour dishwasher is left in an unheated
place during the winter, ask a service
technician to:
[_l Cut off electrical power to the
dishwasher,,Remove fuses or trip
circuit breaker
[] Turn offthe water supplg and
disconnect the water inlet line from
the water valve,
l-_ Drain water from the water inlet line
and water valve. (Useo pen to catch
the water.)
Reconnect the water inlet line to the
water valve,
Checkthe ak gap ang time
your dishwasher isn_ draining
Does Your Dishwasher Have an Air Gap?
An air gap protects your dishwasher
against water backing up into it if a drain
clogs The air gap is not a part of the
dishwasher, It is not covered bg your
warranty Not all plumbing codes require
air gaps, so gou mag not have one
The air gap is easg to clean.
[] Turn off the dishwasher and lift off the
]Remove the plastic cap and clean with
a toothpick
Before you call for service.., gocorn
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money!l Review the charts on the following
pages, or visit Youmay not need to call for service,
Error Hessoges Possible Causes What To Do
START/RESETstatus Youhavepressedthe = PresstheSTART/RESETpadonlywhenyouwantto restartthe
indicatorlightflashingSTART/RESETpadwhilethe dishwasher,
dishwasheris running.Thiswill
cancelthe cgcle,The light will stop
flashing after the dishwasherdrains
(about 90seconds}.
DishwasherBEEPS Thisisa reminder that gour Closeandlatchthedoorafteropeningit mid-cgde
onceeverg30 secondsdishwasherdoorhasbeenleft
open duringoperation. It will
continue beepinguntil gouclose
the door°
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Dishesandfla_/care Lowinletwatertemperature • Hakesureinletwatertemperatureiscorrect(seepage8),Turnon
not clean the hotwaterfaucetnearestthedishwasher,letrununtilthewater
temperaturestopsrisingThenstartthe dishwasherandturnoff
the faucet,Thisinsurestheentedngwaterishot,
Waterpressureistemporarilglaw • Turnonafaucet tswatercomingoutmoreslowlythan usual?
Airgapor disposerisdogged • Cleontheairgaporflushthedisposer.
Improperrackloading • Hakesurelargedishwaredoesnotblockthedetergentdispenser
Noair gaporhighdrainloop Verifgthatgouhaveanairgapor a highdrainloop.Referto
the InstallationInstructions
Overloadingthe dishwasher
aid or damppowderdetergent
Toolittle detergent
Cloudinesson Combinatbnof softwaterand
glassware too muchdetergent
Sudsinthetub Wrongdetergent
UseJet-Dry_orCascadeCrystalCIeoPrinseagentsto removespotsand
• Toremovestubbornspotsandpre-existingfilmfromglassware:
2 Donot odddetergent
3Selectthe POTS&PANSorHEAWWASHcycle,
# Startthedishwasherandallowto runfor !8 to 22minutesDishwasher
bottomof thedishwasher.
6Closethedoorandallowto completethecgde Ifvinegarrinsedoesn't
work<Repeatasabove,exceptuse1/4cup{60ml}of citricacidcrLJstOIs
Thisiscalledetchingandis permanentTopreventthisfromhappening,
usetessdetergentif gouhavesoftwater+Washglasswarein theshortest
Useonlgautomaticdishwasherdetergentsto ovoidsudsing,
Toremovesudsfromthetub,openthe dishwasherandlet
touchtheSTART/RESETpodagainRepeatif necessorg,
• AtwagswipeuprinseagentspillsimmediatelyRinseagentwasspiUed 13
Before you call for service...
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Repositionthe dishes,so the waterfrom the lowerspray arm can
flushthe detergentcup.Seethe Loadingthe dishwashersection.
Removemarkswitho mild.abrasivecleaner,
Detergentleft in Dishesare blockingthe
,,,disPensercups detergentcup
Blockorgray Aluminumutensilshave
marksondishes rubbedagainstdishes
Dishesdon't dry Lowinletwatertemperature Hakesureinletwatertemperatureisat least120°F
Rinseagentdispenseris empt,.j Checkthe rinseagentdispenserandfillas required.
ControlpanelrespondedDoorlatchmoonotbeproperly • Makesurethedoorisfirmlycbsed
neverfilledwith water Watervalvemay beturned off Makesurewatervalve{usuallylocatedunderthe sink)isturnedon.
Stainedtub interior Sometomato-basedfoodscan • UseoftheRINSEONLVcodeafteraddingthe dishto theiood
causereddishstains candecreasethe levelof stainingGErecommendsCascade®
PlasticBoosterto helpremus of stains,
Removethe stainbghand_usinga solutionof U2 cupbleach
and3 cupswormwater.
Beforecleaninginterior,waitat ieost20minutesaftera cgdeforthe
heatingelementsto coo!down.Failureto dosocan resultinburns.
Aspecialfilterinthewatersupplylineistheonlywag to correct
thisproblem.Contacta watersoftenercompany,...........
• GErecommendsJet-Oru®orCascadeCrystatClear_tohelp
,Rundishwasherwithcitricacidto removemineraldeposits.Citricacid
Replacefuseor resetcircuitbreaker.Removeany otherappliancesfrom
Controlpanel lights
go off whenyou're
setting controls
Waterstanding in
the bottom of the tub
out of the tub
Sanitizedlight does
not illuminateatthe
endof thecycle
Teaor coffeestains
Anoverallyelloworbrownfilmcon •
because by irondepositsinwater
Whitefilm on insidesurface-
Fuseisblownor circuitbreaker
Poweristurned off
Reboatgout control
Timetoo long between
touchingof selected pods
In someinstallations,the powerto the dishwasherisprovidedthrougha
wallswitch,oftenlocatednextto the disposerswitch Hakesureit ison
, UnlockcontrotpanelSeepage5or 7.
Turnoff powerto thedishwasher(circuitbreakerorwallswitch}for
30seconds;thenturn backon.
Eachpodmust betouchedwithin 30secondsof the others
Torelight,touch any padagain,or unlockand relatchdoor.
Thisis normal
orafterthe mainwashportion
temperaturewastoo low
Normaloperating sounds
Rattlingdisheswhenthe spray
arm rotates
• Asmallamountofcleonwater aroundthe outlet onthe tub
bottom at the backof the tub keepsthe waterseal lubricated.
Ifgouhaveanairgap,deanit Seepage12
• Ifthedishwasherdrainsintoadisposer,rundisposerclear.
Checkto seeif yourkitchensinkisdrainingwell.tfnot,gou
mayneedo plumber.
, Warm,moistaircomesthroughtheventbgthedoorlatchduringdrying
andwhenwateris beingpumpedout.Thisisnecessanjfordrying.
Donot interruptthecodeanytimeduringoraftermainwash
• Raisethewaterheatertemperatureto between120_Fand140°F
Detergentcup opening
• Waterenteringdishwasher.
Themotorstopsand startsat varioustimesduring the cycle
Drain pumpsoundsduringthe pumpoUL
Makesuredishesereproperly loaded Seethe Loadingthe
GEDishwasher Warranty.
All warranty serviceprovidedby our FactoryServiceCenters,
oran authorizedCustomerCare®technician,1-oschedule
service,on-line,24 hoursaday, visitusat ge,com,or call
and modelnumber availablewhen calling forservice,
Staple your receipt here
Proof of the original purchase
Idate is needed to obtain service
Lunder the warranty.
For The Period Of: GE Will Replace:
Fromthe date of the
Ang part of the dishwasherwhich fails clueto a defect in materials or workmanship. Duringthis
limited one-gear warranty, GEwill otsoprovide,free of charge, all labor and relatedserviceto
replacethe defectivepart.
What GE Will Not Cover:
! Servicetrips to gout hometo teach gou how to use
the pmducL
[] Improper installation, deliverg or maintenance.
R Failure of the product if it is abused, misused, or used for
other than the intendedpurpose or used commerciallg.
ffiReplacementof house fuses or resetting of circuit
[] Damage to the product causedbg occident,fire, floods
or acts of God.
ggincidental or consequentialdamage caused bg possible
defectswith thisappliance,
[] Cleaning or servicing of the air gap devicein the
drain lineo
ffiDamagecaused after deliverg.
II Productnot accessibleto providerequiredservice.
i ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ...............................
Warrantg, Any impliedwarranties,includingthe impliedwarranties of merchantabilitg or fitnessforaparticular
purpose,are limited to onegear or the shortest periodallowed bg law.
nnH,H,mmmmln n i I i .....................
This warrantg is extended to the original purchaser and any succeeding owner for products purchased for
home use within the USA, ff the product is located in an area where service bg a GEAuthorized Servicer is not
available, you may be responsible for a trip charge or gou mag be required to bring the product to an Authorized GE
Service location for service..Proof of original purchase date is needed to obtain service under the warranty. In
Alaska, the warranty excludes the cost of shipping or service calls to gaur home.
Some states do not allow the exclusion or hmitotion af inddental or consequential damages This warranty
gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which varg from state to state. To know
what gout legal rights are, consult gour local or state consumer affairs office or your state's Attorney General
Warrantor: General Electric Compango Louisville, KV 40225
Consumer Support.
GEAppliances Website
Havea question or need assistancewith gour appliance?Trg the GEAppliancesWebsite 24 hours a dog,
ang dog of the gear! For greater convenienceand foster service,gou can now download Owner's Manuals,
order parts or even scheduleserviceon-line.
Schedule Service ge.corn
ExpertGErepairserviceis only onestepowny from your door,Geton-lineand schedulegourserviceat
gour convenience24hoursong dogof the year!Or coil800.GECARES(800zG22737)duringnormal businesshours.
Real Life Design Studio ge.corn
GEsupports the UniversalDesignconcept-products, servicesand environmentsthat can be used bg
peopleof all ages,sizesand capabilities We recognizethe needto design for awide range of physical and
mental abilities and impairments. Fordetailsof GE'sUniversalDesignapplications,including kitchen design ideas
for peoplewith disabilities,check out our WebsJtetodag. Forthe hearing impaired,pleasecall B00TDD.GEAC
t800 8334322).
Extended Warranties
Purchasea GEextended warranty and learnabout special discountsthat ore availablewhile your warrantg
is stiit in effect. Youcan purchase it on-line anytime, or call 800626 222/4during normal businesshours
GEConsumer HomeServiceswill stillbe there after your warrantg expires
Parts and Accessories
Individualsqualifiedto servicetheir ownappliancescan have parts oraccessoriessent directly to their homes
{VISA,HesterCardand Discovercards areaccepted} Orderon4inetodog, 2/4hours every day or by phoneat
800,6262002 during normal businesshours
Instructionscontainedin this manual coverproceduresto be performedby anguser.Otherservicing
generallgshouldbe referred to qualified servicepersonnel.Caution must be exercised,sinceimproper
servicing may causeunsafeoperation°
Contact Us
If you orenot satisfiedwith the service gou receivefrom GE,contact us on our Websitewith altthe details
including your phone number,or write to: GeneralManager,CustomerRelations
GEAppliances,Appliance Pork
Register YourAppliance
Register gournew applianceon-line--at gourconveniencel"limelg product registration will allow for
enhanced communication end prompt service under the terms of gour warrantg, should the needarise.
Youmog also mail in the pre-pdnted registrationcard included in the packing material,or detach end
use the form in thisOwner's Manual,
@finted in the United States
Printedon Recgcled Paper

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