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Nonfood Compounds
Program Listed R2
Registration #142261




Consolideck® LSGuard® is a copolymer formulation
that improves the surface sheen and stain
resistance of conventional concrete, hardened
concrete or cement terrazzo floors. Surfaces treated
with LSGuard® resist damage from water, chemical
attack and surface abrasion. Ideal for application
to standard gray or colored concrete, LSGuard®
protects and enhances the color intensity of
integrally colored and color stained concrete.
Consolideck® LSGuard® provides a long lasting,
high gloss finish that maximizes light reflectance
and eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid
polishes and conventional resin based coatings.
LSGuard® will not trigger or contribute to surface
ASR (Alkali Silicate Reaction).


• Low odor. Easy to apply. Fast drying.
• Produces a long lasting, high gloss finished
concrete floor with maximum light reflectance.
• Eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid
polishes and conventional resin based coatings.
• Further improves the surface sheen and stain
resistance of floors treated with Consolideck®
LS®, LS/CS® or Blended Densifier.
• Tested and conforms to California Collaborative
for High Performance School Indoor Air Quality
standards. Use can contribute to LEED® for
Schools points (EQ Credit 4).
• Gloss and hardness do not reduce slip resistance.
• Breathable and UV stable. Will not yellow,
discolor, peel or flake.
• Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Low odor.


• For indoor use only.
• Not for use on surfaces exposed to standing or
pooling water.

VOC Compliance

Consolideck® LSGuard® is compliant with the
following national, state and district AIM VOC

US Environmental Protection Agency
California Air Resources Board SCM Districts
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Maricopa County, AZ
Northeast Ozone Transport Commission

FORM Opaque white liquid

9.2 lbs
<100 g/L
not applicable
32° F (0° C)
1 year in tightly sealed,
unopened container


Always read full label and SDS for precautionary
instructions before use. Use appropriate safety
equipment and job site controls during application
and handling.
24-Hour Emergency Information:
INFOTRAC at 800-535-5053

Product Data Sheet • Page 1 of 4 • Item #46073 – 092915 • ©2015 PROSOCO, Inc. •

Product Data Sheet
Consolideck® LSGuard®


Protect people, vehicles, property, plants and
all surfaces not designated to receive LSGuard®
from the product, splash and wind drift. Use
polyethylene or other proven protective material.
Do not apply to surfaces which are frozen, dirty or
have standing water.
SPECIFIER NOTE: A waterproof barrier should be
included in the construction of the floor to prevent
upward migration of moisture from beneath the
concrete flatwork.
Existing Concrete: LSGuard® may be applied to
existing, cured concrete of any age. Surfaces must
be clean and structurally sound. Remove all foreign
materials including bond breakers, curing agents,
surface grease and oil, and construction debris
using the appropriate Consolideck® surface prep
Follow the appropriate cleaner with thorough water
rinsing. If a d-limonene based cleaner/stripper is
used, clean treated surfaces with Consolideck®
Cleaner/Degreaser and rinse thoroughly.
Acid-stained concrete must be thoroughly
neutralized and rinsed prior to application.
Application may begin as soon as prepared surfaces
are dry and free of ponded water.

Surface and Air Temperatures

Temperatures for application should be 40–100° F
(4–38° C).


Apply with low pressure sprayer and a microfiber
or synthetic, lint-free mop. Fit sprayer with a 0.5
gpm (gallon per minute) spray tip. Do not atomize.

Storage and Handling

Keep from freezing. Store in a cool, dry place.
Always seal container after dispensing. Do not
alter or mix with other chemicals. Published shelf
life assumes upright storage of factory-sealed
containers in a dry place. Maintain temperatures
of 40–100°F (4–38°C). Do not double stack pallets.
Dispose of in accordance with local, state and
federal regulations.


Read “Preparation” and the Safety Data Sheet
before use.
ALWAYS TEST a small area of each surface to
confirm suitability, coverage rate and desired
results before beginning overall application.
Test with the same equipment, recommended
surface preparation and application procedures
planned for general application. Let surface dry
thoroughly before inspection.
Pre-testing will confirm suitability of surface
preparation and application procedures proposed
for general application, and will also determine the
average coverage rates to be maintained over the
entire project.

Dilution & Mixing

Do not dilute or alter when applying to cured
concrete or cured/honed concrete.
Dilute with up to one part fresh water when
applying to polished or highly polished concrete.

Typical Coverage Rates

Variations in concrete quality, porosity, job site
conditions, temperature and relative humidity will
affect coverage rates and drying times. Calculate
the target coverage rate by testing a representative
section of the prepared surface using the published
application instructions.
Apply LSGuard® at the highest coverage rate
possible. Applications to highly polished floors yield
the highest coverage rates. Two thin applications
achieve better results than one heavy coat.
Estimated Coverage Rates
The following coverage rate is offered for
estimating only. See below for instructions on
calculating project-specific target coverage rates.
• 2,000–3,000 sq.ft. (186–279 sq.m.) per US gal
Calculating Project-Specific Target Coverage Rate
1. Prepare the test section in accordance with
“Preparation” information above. Surfaces must
be clean, dry and absorbent.
2. Add 1-gallon of LSGuard® to a clean, pumpup sprayer. Apply according to Application
Instructions below. Repeat as necessary to
achieve the desired level of finish.
3. Measure the test area to establish the target
coverage rate per gallon. Protect the treated area
from moisture for 72 hours following application.

Product Data Sheet • Page 2 of 4 • Item #46073 – 092915 • ©2015 PROSOCO, Inc. •

Product Data Sheet
Consolideck® LSGuard®
Application Instructions

Consolideck® LSGuard® may be applied to steel
troweled, honed, polished or highly polished
concrete surfaces. For best results, treat floors
with Consolideck® LS®, LS/CS® or Blended Densifier
before application of LSGuard®.
1. Lightly wet a clean microfiber pad with LSGuard®
and wring out excess, leaving the pad damp.
2. Using a clean, pump-up sprayer, and working
from one control joint to another, apply a light,
fine spray of LSGuard® to a small section of the
3. Using the damp microfiber pad and firm
downward pressure, immediately spread the
LSGuard® to produce a thin, even coating. Spread
the product as far as possible while maintaining
a wet edge. Properly applied, LSGuard® dries
quickly. Stop spreading once drying begins.
Avoid overlapping.
4. Allow to dry tack free, typically 20–60 minutes.
5. Once dry, burnish LSGuard® using a highspeed burnisher fitted with a Consolideck®
Heat Burnishing Pad or equivalent polishing
pad suitable for use on high-gloss finishes.
In addition to smoothing and polishing the
treated surface, high-speed burnishing heats the
LSGuard® to help the treatment fuse and bond
with the concrete for increased durability and
longevity. Surface temperatures immediately
behind the burnisher must achieve 91°F (33°C).
6. Repeat steps 1‑5 above as necessary for the
desired finish. Burnish between coats. Apply up
to three coats for maximum gloss.


Surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry and
absorbent. Confirm surface absorbency with a light
water spray. Surfaces designated for treatment
should wet uniformly.
Acid-stained concrete must be thoroughly
neutralized and rinsed prior to application.
For best results, floors should be treated with
Consolideck® LS®, LS/CS® or Blended Densifier prior
to application of LSGuard®.
Spray applicators equipped with 0.5 gpm (gallon
per minute) fan spray tip have proven effective for
application of this product.
For best durability and stain resistance, burnish
freshly installed LSGuard® with a high speed
burnisher using polishing pads for high-gloss

Drying Time

Under typical conditions, the surface is ready for
traffic within 1-hour of final burnishing. Protect
from water exposure for 72 hours.


Before product dries, clean tools and equipment
with fresh water. Immediately wash off over spray
from glass, aluminum, polished or other surfaces
with fresh water.

Final Results

The floor is ready to use when dry. Smooth and
hardened concrete surfaces should exhibit reduced
water absorption and the desired sheen upon
drying. Maximum water resistance will develop
over 7 days.


Sweep the floor daily with a microfiber pad or dry
dust mop. When needed, dry buff with a high-speed
burnisher to refresh gloss.
Though LSGuard® improves the resistance of
concrete floors to staining, acidic substances,
including foods, may etch the floor and leave a
residual stain. All spills must be cleaned up as
quickly as possible.
Use Consolideck® DailyKlean or LSKlean for
maintenance cleaning. LSKlean contains lithiumsilicate for improving surface density and
preserving the surface sheen of Consolideck® floors.
Do not use other cleaners, including off-the-shelf
and common household cleaners, which may
contain acidic or alkaline ingredients that can dull
the finish of Consolideck® floors.
finishes. Best results are achieved when burnishing
heats the floor to 91°F (33°C) or greater immediately
after passing.
Use Consolideck® DailyKlean as part of a
comprehensive floor maintenance program that
includes deep cleaning with LSKlean.
For concrete floors regularly maintained with auto
scrubbers, see Consolideck® DailyKlean ULTRA
15 or DailyKlean ULTRA 30 for easy dilution. The
same ease of dilution is available for deep cleaning
with Consolideck® LSKlean ULTRA 15 and LSKlean
Never go it alone. If you have problems or questions,
contact your local PROSOCO distributor or field
representative. Or call PROSOCO technical Customer
Care, toll-free, at 800-255-4255.

Product Data Sheet • Page 3 of 4 • Item #46073 – 092915 • ©2015 PROSOCO, Inc. •

Product Data Sheet
Consolideck® LSGuard®
To restore maximum shine to high traffic areas,
dilute LSGuard® with one part water and repeat
Application Instructions steps 1–5 in affected areas.
If additional protective treatments or surface
coatings are desired, contact PROSOCO Customer
Care for recommendations by calling 1-800-2554255.


The information and recommendations made are
based on our own research and the research of
others, and are believed to be accurate. However,
no guarantee of their accuracy is made because
we cannot cover every possible application of
our products, nor anticipate every variation
encountered in masonry surfaces, job conditions
and methods used. The purchasers shall make
their own tests to determine the suitability of such
products for a particular purpose.
PROSOCO, Inc. warrants this product to be free
from defects. Where permitted by law, PROSOCO
makes no other warranties with respect to
this product, express or implied, including
without limitation the implied warranties of
merchantability or fitness for particular purpose.
The purchaser shall be responsible to make his own
tests to determine the suitability of this product for

his particular purpose. PROSOCO’s liability shall be
limited in all events to supplying sufficient product
to re-treat the specific areas to which defective
product has been applied. Acceptance and use of
this product absolves PROSOCO from any other
liability, from whatever source, including liability
for incidental, consequential or resultant damages
whether due to breach of warranty, negligence or
strict liability. This warranty may not be modified
or extended by representatives of PROSOCO, its
distributors or dealers.


Factory personnel are available for product,
environment and job-safety assistance with no
obligation. Call 800-255-4255 and ask for Customer
Care – technical support.
Factory-trained representatives are established in
principal cities throughout the continental United
States. Call Customer Care at 800-255-4255, or visit
our web site at, for the name of
the PROSOCO representative in your area.

Product Data Sheet • Page 4 of 4 • Item #46073 – 092915 • ©2015 PROSOCO, Inc. •


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