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harman/kardon °
Power for the Digital Revo]utioni
AVR 325
:®- :_
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_lmk *m TramS_m _ _a _ *Wl *lW /_
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S;)(akerPlat( it
Sll[IOll[/d _e_lli]
Ma_/LlalOutputievel A(_jus!ment
Adva1c(d fdatur(s
]i;r/ 011Volam (v(i
MultJ/oo O©(rato /
PIogltrT/rT/illqI( RerT/ot
Di(<t Code/try
AutoS(ar(;IM Iod
Piogra (d _kvic( "u/(}tJo[!s
Chanl(iCortrolPulch P/oLigh
R assignhgDevi{(Co/tioi
Resetingtl{ R{ ot M{ oly
Plot( sso[ I,_s
{ ila(ell ackewle( en_is o )a,
] oldl o h(ipyouL_s(t]s a[]Ll_i witl tl( I{rT/ot (SOlrol i,ol _;,;l{I (;o]tJoisaid I{,;I _;,;l(I(;Oll((;tio]s
(}(rail (olv{ /Jo[!s lay{ b(([ lls((J
EXAMPLE (bokls}_'_s{}i[!dicats a sp(dic I Tot(co/trol o fro/t paid b(£o/or (a pal(I
E XA[IPLE (OCRtyp()i Idica(s a T(ssag(tla isvisbl( or scr((r o o/t/( i,ort pal{I
i liol ,aJol dispity
[] (/( b(r int sqLlar()ildi<at(sa sp{{ifi(;i,olt paid coltlol
O (/u b(ril acid(}il!di(;ttsalalpaldconnectio/
O (n(i b(r ill a} ova[}ildicat s a but()] ol indi(;atolol tl( lerT/ot(
[] (leti(rII a sq[lar()i]dicat(sal il di(;atx il tl( flolt pa](l display
Q (l(t; I il al ovsl)ildi<at(s) }utol o]t]( Zol( II I{mot
Thankyou for choosingHarmanKardon®!Witl
t]( riLl/elt,,( of a HtrrT/anKtido/A//R 325 youa(
aboutto }egll y(arsof ii``.:(nhg e_uy ent
D_sig_dto :rovk_eall _xciterne_tarrc_6etailof
levi( ',OHrldtracks and (vlr/' II/IaIic( O ln_kial {llc
tio]s t']( AVR325 istrulya ultkshanId rciwr fix
lit AVR32/as b{e/_ _g_t{ud sothatit is _ass,
to ttke tdvaIt@ of alltie powerof itsdgittl t(c/
lebgy Ibwewr to obtti/tl rT/axirT/u(r_Joy it
ir(X/eHr [/(w U c(iv(r we [mje veil t] readt]i',
axial Akw iluks spnt iear]ingth h /dio]s of
tie varieuscontrolswill/ltbk ;,outo tab advantag
of allt]/x}wr th//\VR :',2sist)1 to d/liv/{
{c, ) ) q I
y,,d,l,/,,.a/_ l,l,.h( a,x)htI,b p,(6/.t Stl.,a,
tier s itsop/lsier pka curtat 7'}Lil /ttil{o
CLIStO i[ ;tall(r [_/{y aK yOU b{st [0{8[ ;(:)trT{(S ef
JrhmTlatio i
Descriptionand Features
lie AVR325 isao/g therTIOS]versatiksndrTlLitJ
fi atL'UdAiV ucdvvs availa}l/ intopxat,lg a wKk
rangeef lisk /iig o}tie/s n additio/ to Doiby*DigitaJ
andDTS d/codingfordigitslseurcs a xl:sd {io{e
ef _,iatfixStrflOLrrdelredid orSt/r/e SLrr_oLHdrt/odtS
ae svaiiabl/forus/wit/soul(Is stxh asCDVCR
]V }etdcts stnd t/(/\VR 325'sowl FMiAMtutti
Ale/g witl Del}y DigitalEX Dol)y ProLepic* II
[)]SNee6 Dol}ySSteuo a/d/lailand]/ea/r
odes th( AVR:'_2 offersliar a/ht r/atie/als
(xdusv ogi;7 pocessi_hcn!l n( 71vergers
!o c fea widerou / /vek}pi/gfi(Idenvire/ lift
arrdmuu d/Slredflyov/rsalldpals Are _erxdusiv
iS V!vLAx WHC] LlSeS prepndarv:}re(/ssrrgto ((at(
arlt}pq! spacl/XIsS/x/d fi/Ideverwill onlytwo
i,o/t sp(ak(rsau tvtih)l( F/allyt/( AVR325 of'_rs
decodingof _iP3data sefiat youty list(/ to t/
01S ) i _4 S 1', II ';}OIL,littrd
7''Y) , ) Harms_/Ksrder!
optionstr(/\VR i'.2sis(asy1oconfigulesethtt it
provides/1 }est /sultswithyoursp/ sk/rsaxl sp/
/;iF'clist{/irrgloomerrvir{}/ errt0/ sqe{/ rt/( X}S
akeitsi pieto/t/iseti/gsfe s}/akrcerfigurs
tJo/sard )assrT/trag/ eirt trdtl/zSe / el
/asur/s_ syb:(rT/sselfrdJ/V/JS_/d sutu sti/ssily
ctiibiat/stl/k)[ p/dLttiy bahx/d seu/dfi/Id
For/( ultimateil fkxi)ilib tit/\VR 32{ hatuus
co/nettle/s forfly vdo dries allwit/be/co
post t/d S Vid(eilnuts ao addiienalaudiotlnuts
ar avaiiabl(s/d sixdigitsli r.}utsrTnke_(/\VR 325
capabkof la/d!hgsl[tit lat/s digia[tudio sourt/s
FurcorT/gttbilitiwithth( ht/t H)FV'/idle sour({
sxl pre]r{ssi',<scanDr} }hT'/rsh( AVR325 slse
fttHeS tWO /}Lit '£,'kk baldwKJth l(}w crossaik
rr/!,eft panl[of't rscusxaid o:xicsidgitaiil©us
hx di(ct (eli tier t} digitali {ord(rs _wevideo
etordirgoL@utspus pout s/d _cokxced/d
ig_tcharn(iir.xt wit_co pie( digitalbassa_
tg (it tk( tit AVR325 viitutllylutuu pioe witl
{v/{ytrirg//td/dtoacte edat te euowsrtw
r/(/\VR 325s fk xi}ili_}_t/d power(xt(nd)eye/d
yourrT/si/X)rT/(t/latlr or [i``_eningrou Ill
A//R325 irdu6esa oi:hi ticat(6ulizo//co/tJoi
,.}st t/at slluws7/}uu sell(/xt s/}LrrceforLS/in
therT/aiI fix} anda di[flu rtS(}Lirttfur tudi(}and
vidtodistrixltio]toaseco/dzo]e Co pltt/ volu /
(entrelintie s/clx d zo]e is }essibl/wit] a s/ }afar
ili,aud ce/trel iirk ]i} ak{ iteasytoepeiat th(
A//r<;',25flora alemet{ zonea s/palateZ(xe II
emut( isildudtd Additienslmulthoe o'u_ions
i idudetie o}tie/ to assiglbe of theAVR325's out
ixt 1;Isrrtls to tie rTmitioem``s_st/andill abiiit_to
lirktit AVR;'.25to ir Iovativ{A BUS'k/ynadsk)r
multiroemep [ttier witreutth/n//d forxt/r]_l
t piifi(rs
r/(/\VR i',2s 'pswerfula )iifi(r us(strsdtiomi
Her s_Ksrcax_hig_cuee_t(_esig_tcd r elegks
to rn((t h( wit, d/mrnK:rarg of ary nrogram
S(1((] JU[!
Her s_Ksr6eri_w _kxJt_(/igh fi(aiit uceiver
slmestfilU,y_srssgo Witl stt_ el n_ rt CJ'CLitiy
_d tirn__e_e'etci'c,t designsn_ A_,R32bis
th( p(rfedco bi latie/of tit iatst i/digitti tudio
tecmolog/a qN/tytpeweful _alog _'lifi in
Mo@lepourles Canadien
, F
A wide rangeof digitaland matrixsurround
Matrix,andDrS Neo:6_
Sevenchannelsof high-currentamplification
with two channelsassignableto eithersurround
backor multiroomapplications
• HarmanKardon'sexclusiveLogic7®processing,
availablefor the first time with both 7.1 and
5.1 processingin a variety of modes,and two
modesof VMAx_'
MP3decodingfor use with computersand
• IIIl[g_ TM remote automaticallysets output
levelsfor optimumperformance
• High-bandwidth,HDTV-compatiblecomponent
video switching
Discreteflont-panel coaxialand optical digital
inputs for easyconnectionto portabledigital
devicesand the latestvideo gameconsoles
• Extensivebassmanagementoptions,includ-
ing three separatecrossovergroupings
On-screenmenuand displaysystem
Extensivemultiroomoptions,includinga stan-
dard Zonetl remote,assignableamplifier
channelsandA-BUSReady_'capabilityfor lis-
tening to a separatesourcein a remotezone
CAUTION: To prevent electric shock,
do not use this (polarized)
plug with an extension cord,
receptacle or other outlet
unless the blades can
be fully inserted to
prevent blade exposure.
enclOSure _hat m_y be of suff_c_ent magnitude to cDns_itute a
risk of e]ec_r_c shock to pe_sDns
literature accompanying _he appliance¸
Important Safety Information
YourAVR325 has)e(/dcsign(d forusewith
12UvoitAGcmre]t Goix cien t} s iir( voltsgc
etherthantlat {ofwhkh it isirrkndedctr cuat( t
saftya]dfi( _azafdardsyda ag tl(unit
f youhavearts,quc,_:ionsabouttic voltage<}qmrec its
lot yourspecificodel ora}oattic ii/e veltagei! you
aua contad/ou__liir g dcahcbforc :}luggirg th arit
i/s} awaneatk
DoNot UseExtensionCords
]b avoidsai<}tylazards useoilv thepow(/cold
atlac]edtovcxMunit W( do let feco end_at
(xt( ]sionceidsb( usedwi[hthisixoductAswit1ali
(k ctricaidevk(s do ro u] 'powerceeJs[ilde [trgs
el ca/petsel placeheavyeL}itctso] tx] Damaged
powefcefdsshouldbcu}lscedi ]ediatN_Tar
oat]oqzeds(rvic{c(rtr witl a cordm{(t, g factefv
Handlethe ACPowerCordGently
WI([I disco/leci igtie pew({({xd fexna/AC eat
kt aiwsysxM tie }lag xwr i;ulltl( cord Ifyoudo
leti/tend ousctx ulitfela/vCensidcra}l klgtl
DoNotOpenthe Cabinet
_[1{r( _][{/e aS{![ scrvic(ai)kcorT/pex% insid(tlis
_aoduct0_: ningt_( csbixt ay _:r(_,(_ta 'qo',k
lazafd aid a//modificatiol to tl( productwillvoid
/aurgua/tHeef wttel el t/y rTutalebJcct suchasa
ps')(r clipwireorasta}leacciddallyfalls,aid( tx
eli dscoxectitflo tleADpewcrsoulc( irn cdi
atly aid consulta/aatl erizcds{ vicuccitt
a] out',id alto ]_ael ca}le',y_,c i',coraxctcde
t/is product}e c(rlaiIthtt itISgrxa!J(dsoasto pr}
vid_sore :xot(ctionagains:voItagestng(s_/d ststic
clnrgesS(ctio/81U ofth NationsliectricaiCod(
/V/SIiN/:PANo X} i984 plovi@sinfor trio/with
rsxct to popergeundilgof L'/e_st aid n,porthg
strcc[cre',_rocsl!dingc tie leadinwie to al itlna
disc/arg(ulit sizeef glou/di/gco/ductxs lecttio/
ef arlt{raa disclacg( arlit co]rcctiel o grou]dirg
dectredcsa]d cqu_c crtsetrcgrea]di]g
is xovidedto calltB }AFVCabl(7V) bystem
insttlkrsat_lion etkle820,:Uof/eNIGt/at
providesguiddircsfor Ixo'aegou_@g and ir par
titular:s'aecifi(strot thecol}l(gloandshallb( cot
_cctcdtotx gfouxlirg s},sk aftx x,l@g as
R)el1',[iupre',)doperatio] al!dto avoidtla pot(]
thl forsafetymzads plac tic unite/a fi; snJ
IvlsudaceVih(_piaci_gth arite_s',hcltbc
celtsi_trot th( slelf aid a]v rT/ounti_g _ardwal
cal sappertthewciglt oftic ixoduct
Makecer(autint xo')cr spat{ isprovidedbetl
aboveaid bdewtl( ulit forvultihtion Ift/is
{ ]closed aua rT/)kc c{rairl h] ]cce is Sl/f_'cierit
air meverT/e_/twithi_lthe cabirret (Jl/dersome cil
CaXT/stari(x_sa far/may be reclaiu_d
Do let placetic u/it dicctiy el s caipctcd sea
Avoidinsttlhtkx i_(xtr( {ly hote coldIocatio/s
<xins_ ala _st iscx:}oscd to dicct su_lig_t<x
h(atlg(qu!p It
I Aveid rT/eisto[ i/tlrT/idlocations
Dolot obstructt/{ v{ /tilatio/slotse/tic topof
tic a[i (x phc( obJcts diu<tlyovert_
Dacotlc wcig]t of ]e/\V_< $25 axltlc ]at
g(l(/tted }vtlea piiilst/eeisth( I ot
possibilib tint tie ubbcI paddilg ol! tie botto
o tic aritsfcc Tsyle_ve arksonccr(_in
woodo[ ve]eerst({ials LJs((aatiel whell
piaci/gtic unitel s(:£woods(x et/cr st{rhls
thatay b damagd b/Bat {x heavyo_}jccts
Win he ulit g(ts din},wip( itwitl t deal soft dly
clothIfneccs%U w_peitwih a sol dotl dampcxd
wit/ild set'iy wtt(r:thent fl(sl clu:/wit/dean
wstuWip d_yi (dHtdywit]ad_ydoh NVER
as{ }erzerc acreseltie)lets tllill(r} )ko[IOI or ary
otlel volatil(deali/g ag(/t Dolet us(txasive
cka_e_sas _(vfilly dsag( _( finishof rT/al pars
Aveidslxavl_gi_scctkide_ca[tic anit
Movingthe Unit
8ciorernovi]gdx unit)e cc{tt i to discenncct
iltcfcelrccier ceKJswit1otlle[{erT/pO]qtsarid
rT/tXCcefltil t/at youdiscoll(ct ti( aniti,e tic
ImportantInformationfor the User
F/is(qdiXT/e/thas)eel t(s(d t/d foundto C(:IrT/',)Iv
withhe limitsfe aCiassB digitaldvic( IxasuaIt to
Par I of tic FC(Rulesix limitstie desig/ d to
pu)videI ase/abl( ploectienagti b_ /a/ fal inkr(r
i(( _/a u sidentiali/s ailation[lis equiXT/e/tgen(r
tt(s sea _!d callradioe radioirequencyqergy aid
ifneti/stall(daid asedinaccoldalcewithtie
i rstructionsmaycsase1t rT/faiilter{elite to radio
{OFT/ulicatio/ liewcvcr:tIcc larloguarsrrtcthat
la mfaii/t(/fele/c willnetecculil a 'atricaitl il sttl
lato/ t/SCqUiXT//tdocscauschal fililtricr
{]cc to radie(x kievisionrccc)[io/ W[liC/c)l )t
drierTi i(d bytur]i/g tie (qui';}T(]t oft s]<Jon tie
aseris { ]coa{ag(dtofly to cooed i( ilt(rS{u (u by
I,_eelicIt (x [{Iocat{ tire e {x N[rig arit( /ri]
•/cutsc tic scparato/ }et,ic i tic (qui©rTult
aid (c(iv(r
Do/ricct hc equ!prT/( ]t irlt} at1 outlet Orl ) circuit
di_<_e_!fro hatto wlic] !'x rccdvu ix ce]_cc!cd
Co/suittx dalcr el a/{xpcdcIcx d ladioifV
to( rrl(aalfe hip
rhisdevicece plieswitl Part!{ eftie FCCRoles
Op(ratk}/ixsu}Jc to tie foilowi/gb,o ce/ditiens:
(1}thisdevic(maylet caus(haliJ iltelf(u /{(
tnd(2}thisdevic( rnus tote}tilt(ill /c( iciv(d
i_(kdingintcric{_c tlat a],caas<mdcsircd
NOTE:C/ange e rT/odificationsa},causethis
a/i to kil to corT/piv witl Pai 5 of tic FCC_<uks
_nd avveid tic ascs _atlcxi_,to epcc_tctrc
{quip d
Fh(carionaid lip:i/g rT/ttelitisus(d to plotect/eul
I(w r(c(iverdull/(j s/iy/( /t weles:(citlly @skii(d
te cus/ionit flo s/ock aid vibratb/Vie suggest
tlat youssvctx car(o/sl!d }ackJn! atcrialsfol use
il s/i}p!/g ifyouev{ el sleuldtic u/it cvcri(cd
R3rT/inirT/iZthesizeof thecar(x i_ stxtge veu rT/ty
wisl to fHt_n it 7lis iSdone )Vca/eLlilysliti _gtie
tapes(arT/S0/tx boo srxJcoihpsi_g(re csrto/
Orielcafdbosldi_seltsa}, bcstoredi_t_esarTu
rT/anxrPs(kilg at(rialst /atca/let b( colhpsed
slould bc savedslelg witl tl{ caltol il s plastic}ag
If youdo ret wisl to savetie packagiIg rT]aterHis
pkas( rlotetllSt I( csrto/arldetrcr sectio]so t/(
shippingplo_cctiel!sc ccyclablcPkas{ les}ccttic
{ ]v,o]rT]e]ttl!d discardties( atcdais at a local
A thistirT/CyOtlshouldremevex protective:}lastk:
fil i,e tl( flolt paxil(l!s aving lefilm il'pltc
maya_t(ctl( p({forrT/_[((ofy()t_e et (e/trel
harman/kardon AVR 325
• _Sl_ • mLm
......................................................# mp----Q
[] Msn PowerSwikh
[] STst( Pew(rCornel
[] Pewer/di<ate
[] Ikadpho/( Jack
[] a,/kd S(k(.ol
q ' ' i 'I .....
[] .. Ill Ill [<1( 1(. 6teLl] S(k(tel
[] _ll, _Shi( £ (,((.tu[
[] '_Button
[] ru_ler%r!d S,i,,
[] PreetStaiieriSebcier
[] ]uner_ed .d_c(I
[] (}pi:c_i3 Digii_l_pui
[] Coaxial3 [)ifJill]nu
[] BassContlol
[] lalanceControl
[] Main Power Switch: Presst/is buto/te apply
;}owe te tl(/\VR 325 W//% switc/is n ess(d
il tie ulit is piac(d i/t Sttnd}y od( asi/dicated
}y le 8rT/)(/Powerindicator[] stlrfoll Id /g %
System PowerControl [] Flisbuttxl "/US7}(
ur(sscdill }eu(rtt( h( uni Io ur/tl( uli off tid
l;rev lit tl IlS(7o the I ii(}t (a}rltf(}l t/i.>/itch
<,holildb pfc%eduntilit pe'p<,eu fexr tie floilt
ua/I seha 1(7,/el6 )FP rY/avb reada tie top
(:#tie '.iitch
,r { ' q'NOTE. I,I .<itd,,s /<_, a,ld,( il ,h .,.,,,ol,
[] SystemPowerControl:,/'il(r t_( MainPower
tLial el/(
AVI732x }[s ! tgtJl o d/I( Li[,lU M)t/at
/( PowerIndicator[] 4,ed/ah j/( ,L,'icl will
[] Power Indicator:rhi f EDwillb( lit i_trY/b({
IZ<'I](] l( u_i iil tl Stt/d)y ed to iglal/a tl(
[Jilit i7 . ](, L(. ] i .( el! ?t,,h([i th illi!t i] HI oper
[] HeadphoneJack:7hisjackay b( usedto iist_/
tot/(/\VR 325soctxt t/eugh a pai of I(adp/enes
Be(;mtai_t_attie _esdp_en(sroves sts_dad i4 I
s((reoplo/( '.}lugrh( rY/silIoo s}eskerswill
act) aticsilyb( tam(de wl(i tl( I(adp/e/( ja<
IS i/ IIS(
[] PoneMode: r_fsbutJor_controlsfie tonecontrol
s(til gs ( /ablilg a6jus eli of the}assandtrebi(
boost/cuto tile ( ev)i ef tl( to/( ceHsois_,(:)rT/_l(
sgml )St_ r_efist prss of tl( }l;tJ}_disph},sa
TONE TN messageil tile MainInformation
Display[] Ifyouwis_!o s([ (_e[ol( <otools[o {!a!i
wi!'_octany!r(bleor )sss I!(r tie_or(ss!'_(• o >"
SelectorButtons[]i"_ so thatTONE OUT
ap©(arsi/tB LowerDisplayLine[]
[] SpeakerSelector:Pr(ssthisbutJxo b(£!intl
ploc(sserco/icjtillllCI /\VI{325 kx hc ty£:c!or
'Sc><£er<,iti }_incjcl',e6/,ith Perir%rTttiol o/co/
gu/i/g th( sp(akers(ttiigs s(( psg( 2i
[] SurroundModeGroupSelector:Pressths }ct
tel to selec/( top i(v(i geup ef suuoundmod(s
Eac/pressof tie xite/will sek<ta 4_iel od<
gloc@ngil tl( followingerd(/:
Oic( h( )utten ispr(ss(d sethattie/trT( ef th(
desi(d sulloundoct{ gleupapp(a/sII th( oil
scleendisplayaid i/tie Lower DisplayLine[]
prss _( SurroundModeSelector[] to {yale
t/(xlgl tl( ildividualed<savti!abk Fer(xa }1
press/is )utto/tu sdectD()ib7rT/od(slid the/
prss t_( SurroundMode Selector[] to does
[] SurroundModeSelector:Presst/is butt_/
te',d(ct fro arT/errgt_( avaihbl slirrOlrlKJrT/ed(
()ptJeilsfortlx rn</JOlrnod(grou:}s(k ct(d Pie
',pecic rre(_ocAI!varybat6 ontl nurrbtr of
sp(ak(rsa aila)k tl( rn_jorrnod(gloupt/(7
whtl(r tl( iiput %81c i<,diqiaiortlaiog bor
(x_rnpk pr(sstheSurroundModeGroupSelector
[] o sekcia _jor rnod( g_oupi_gsuc_as Dol)yor
Iogic 7t/d tic/pres tlis x]()/t} <,e(tic sp(cific
()de cheic(sthattr( avtfla)leFor()r( iirlorrT/tti()r
errodo s I(ctJons(e:)ag( 26
[] TuningSelector:Presstic leftsideef th( butJoil
to tul( lew(/f(qu( /(7 _;ttl()nsandtic liglt sideof
t/( bu()n to till( higheiu quercy static/sW/en a
ststio/ will a stong sig/afis cached th( TUNED
Indicator[] will}e liti_t/( Main Information
[] _ Button:W/(I r tkiig systrT/c()nfigu{ttk)l
chang(susingtic _u)nt}s/el co/troispressthisbut
tel to s(roilid th/ought/( availabk( ioi((s fe tic
[] TunerBand Selector:Pr ssir/gthisx£ol will
aut()mtWall/s.,vik//e AVR325 t} tic Rlr<rrT/od(
Prssi/g itagainwills.,'iitc/ )eb,(el theAMaid FM
;uqu( icy bands(S(<:)ag(:O foror( ilforrT/stiel
el tic till@r}
[] SetButton:Wle/makilg syst( cor/figuratb/
clang(s c]sngt/( iu)nt }s_l co/troispress_is bu
tel to(/t(ras(ttirgirtot/c u/itsme ()[y
[] • Button:Wl(/akilg sys( c()nfigc]atlol
clang(s usirgt/( iuxt psll co/trois presstlis bu
to[ to s(roilig/t t/ioug i th( availa}k c/ek(s fort/(
[] PresetStationSelector:Pr(ssthisbLitJollto
scrollH: ordownt IroucjI t/( listof static/sthatlay(
}eel enter(dintot/( prs(t m rY/erv (S(( i:ag(s3()
ar!d:Ifor oreilforrT/ttie/o/tu/rp()gallg)
[] input Soulce Selector:Piss t/is butt3/to
chtng( t/iirput by%rellingupor dswl tBoug i t/(
list of Ni}rlt s()tlrces
[] liJner ModeSelector:Pr(sst/is butJs/tos(fec
Aut} e[ Malualtu lingWh(nthebuto/is pr(ss(dso
thstt/( AUTOIndicator[] !igits t_( t£1(rwiilsescl
kx tie nextst_tk)nwitha_ )c{e4ablesig]alwh(i h(
]bning Selector[]_!@ isi:r ssedWhe/tie
}ut()_is }r(ss(d sotlat tileAUTOIndicator[] ixio
iit tcl }r(ss di( [iJning Selector[]l_i_ will
i/crets tile fl queic7 {S(( }age3(3forere liter a
tk)l e/usiig t/(tu/(r) llis buo/rT/sy slse)e us(d
to switclbetwee/ .%tero )rid Mo/o modesf()fPM
radio(ceptien W/c/weak re((pio/is encot/ter<xJ
pessthebut£oiuntiltic StereoIndicator[] gees
(xlt_os.,'iJt4i o _,,{()/e',(( )ti(}/ Pc% ard l()ldsgslil
to switchbacktoSt_r(emode{S(( pag i(} kx ee
[] Optical3 Digitalinput:Com((t theo'pWaldigital
[] Coaxial3 Digitalinput: C<x]led tie ceaxisl{Jig
its Jlputof a digitalaudk)productsucl ts a pxa}l
sudioplayerorvide()gain( t}/sja{k
[] Video4 VideoInputJacks: rlr_s jacksrntybe
us(dto col necttie vid<oplayoutjacksof avdeo
garT/(or)or(t)le vido plod/letsir(s/ts a carT/cord(r:
vid<ogt ee digiaistiilca latoyeursys(
[] Video4 AudioInput Jacks:7hes(tudbivideo
so cso(_forco _(ctionLoL_(idle lay/oct
Jacksof a vdo gte ()1p()dabi(sudi()ivido :xoduct
[] Bass Control: LJs(t/is contrel to )cos or uduc
the low f (qtie/c 7 outlx t of tie I(ftiliglt floit c/a/
i(Is by as uc/as + IUdB S( t/is controlss v<x
find suia)le to tdiust to your sp((ifi( fast or leo
[] BalanceContlol:LJstlis c{x/troits chtng t/
[ lativ velum fort/( iu)it I(fiiliglt chtni(is
NOTE:Whe/rnultic/t/lel surrouid(}des arcil is(
thisco/t/oi s/ould)e st tic idpeirt or12 oclock
[] Tleble Control: LJs(t]fs cel t[ol to )(}<}stor
[due( tic iigl flequency eut}ut of t/( lefiirig/t !u)/t
{ la/l(Is by as rT/tlcl ts :-lOdB S fills co/t]ol ts
you finJ uita)le to s{!just to your spdflc tast( or
roem 8c()rIstigs
[] ChannelAdjustSelector:Pr(ssthebtltt}/to
b(gil theprec ssof aJj[sti/g tie c/a/1(I level()[it
pus usilgth( sourc(cu/l(Itiy playi/gth(oug/ your
/WR For(:oTd(te iilorrT/ttiorlor/adju<,tl/gtl (:ha/
[] Delay Adjust Selector: Rss t]fs )uton t}
I}(gil the i:recessof adjcsi/g le dday s i/gs ()r
iJelby SLilrOHrld?()ds S( pag 23 k)[ rT/or( iN;el
[] DigitalInput Selector:Pr(sstlis )uten to bgi/
tie processof s(iectilg a digitalsouic fix cisewith
tie {urr(ntlysdectodinputOnceth( butt}//as )((/
pr(ss<d uset/( _ or1_-Buttons[][] 1ochoes(
thed(si_edhxit s]d tl(_ 'pess]( Set Button[]
to e/t(r tie se(tllg ilte tic units erT/ols,S(< pag(
27k)r or( iif(xmatio/el digitalaudio
[] VolumeControl:klrnt_iskr_obclockwiset}
illcfe)',( tl( volt cotli]t rclo(kwie to d((r(a',e th
volu( Ifth(/WR :£2 isrT/ut(dadjustiigvelue
{o/troi willacto atically(i(as( tic ulit ?o tic
sii( I{(d co _dition
[] Input Indicators:A gl ] { FDwilllightto tic l(fi
of h i/:}utthatis curr(ntlyt/( iiput s()urc fortic
[] Main informationDisplay:7hisdisplayddivers
rT/(Sstg(stnJ statusi/dicatio/ste I(Ip y(x {>,)(rat(
tic r(civel(S< pageifoia{e pit xpiaiatiel
[] RemoteSensorWindow: rhes(/se b( /lid
tliswixk)wreceiveslnfafdsigltisi,o t/( u or(
(o/tJoi Ai tie ( o( atthistla aid do let hi()(
of cov({ it rlll{ss 81{xt rr8i (too( s(rsel is
ilsail d
[] SurroundModeIndicators:F_ese[ EDSwill
lig/t t} slew th( sulroundod( aid digital}itstr tm
Jrus( Notoist dep i!dilg o/t/( specificcombila
to/of irpdt sot_rc(sairdsti(letlird()d( s(i(ct(d
meretltn ()/( ildicatormayliglt {S( pag P8 k)l
nn[] [] [] []
[m] []
..........................o _9.o _9.oa_9.
• []
[] Up©(rdis)by i/(
[] Low(rUislav il(
[] OSD/dicator
[] Multir(somIdictte
[] Sn(akri(/a/llllnat hdi(:atxa
[] sr[REU/dicat(sr
[] 1.92kHzndi(:_tx
[] 96kHzhdi(:_tor
[] UpperDisplayLine:D,.u,6;r,9(/t_,. at,ita.at i.
t.b i_I..I o:sua
) _) ) )
i}l tl ( I I18io818'ia(iilpl ('K( il[(imsi(I
[] LowerDisplayLine: be}endiig or tie (nits
statusa varity of messageswills'apesr/(r( I_r(x
al(speltti(sl! th( ctal lit _aIOUI!J (sd 18 ( will
app(arolt]is line
[] OSDindicator:Whn th DSDsys( is in use
t]is i]d cat(stfigits1o/(mindyoulat th( othl i Idica
t(slahithisdis}layde no fi lotionwh] tl( ()]
[] MuItiroomindicator:]his indiGatx iigItsw](n
t]( uitiloo syb;rT]is tctive t willu ainlit w](]
t/( altiloa h}%! mi,,illlh( v IIthoIKI/tI( 8i11
reo aystm is i/t/( Sta/db',rood(andailetler
indicatsrs da/k Se page:!4 f(srsr( irferma
tio/ 011theMultiroom_},st( }
[] Speaker/ChannelInputIndicators:]ha( indi<a
_arsau rT]ultipul'pseeindicatingeithertie apetk r t_}
a lect(dfor(ac_ c_a_(i ort_( i _COrT]i_gdatasig]al
configu_atie]rh( [fi c( ]ter rightright.:arrxHds_d
l(i_',lllOalldaseak(ril!Jicat)laire co se(d ef thu(
xsx(swhil thestlbw(so_{}[is8 ailgl box Piecenk_r
}ex lighswin aSrTIIlla} akerisa letted a_dtie
twoelt_r boxeslig/twl(/I argesp(akers( select((
Wh81/flOll(oftie box(s( liti{xt/( c_t(_ (sroai( o_
aabw(sofe_c/a_ela /e ap(ak{_/as}eens(iec(d for
el( oftl(sa( '.x}siti(sns{S(( '.sag21for(st ilte a
tJo/oilsp(ak(rsdu'a)rs I(%ransid((ac_ o{_(
c(n((rboxesdisplaytheadiveilputchalies Foratal
dananaloghpus e_lytie andRwil ight i _dicati_g a
ateeenputW]enadi!italaour{ea playn',_ie idk tos
willlightt4}disph},tie cla ii(la neilgi c(ivedst i(
digialinputWle] theI(tterafhah th digitali r.sathas
beenint(rreped (S{epag(2!) ksrmoreillormatJol(sl
[] PRESETIndicator:lie indicatorfig_taw]u th
tunerisinus( 1os_ow_at thepus(it aaT/bi fls th(
{urunt station}eirg ii£ red e appearsinhe Upp(r
Uiapl@i it( (S( pag 30ks tool liter atior (st
tar( pus(ta}
[] MEMORYIndicator:thisindicttorfha/(s w/(n
{rt,g }es{s aid (}1{_ii?s{ ati(s_ilte tl( tta(r a
[] STEREOIndicator:]hJaindictt(sriigltaw/(r ar
PMatatio]is b(ingtun(dir atro
[] TUNEDIndicator:llia i idcttor iightawlq a-£a
tJ)/i: b(irg u ceivedwithsuficientsig_alatr ]gtl ts
provids(sc(ptableiist_]irg qu_ii_,
[] AUTOIndicator:]his indkstx iigb./](n i{
tali/\lie rT/od( i ill a(
[] 192kHzIndicator:]_is i ]dicaterfig_taw_{r th
_r.xtsourcelas a 192k/izbitrat(
[] 96kHzindicator:]lis i ]dicaterfig_tawit tl
_r.xtsour{:(_asa 96k/iz}it ra(
¢ • e @
o e e e 0 e@
i umm_im_ E
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®_m_ uwm lul
ewl_m_ Eros
.ira w
¢@ e
O Fry1A/t r la
t_ PreampOutputs
O Subwoekr Out}ut
A BUSCer i(<ter
Suuou_dSp(]k(r Outputs
I_ FontSp(ak(rOutputs
Q FanV_/ts
!_ Q/t(r S'p<ak(/Outputs
@ Suuoc/d BackiMuHreomSp(aku Outputs
ll) Switc/(dACAccesseyOutld
_1 ACPowerCordack
_) Vid<oMe/ite[Outputs
Vid(e 1 Videu/©us
_i Vid(o 1 Vide{}Outputs
ill})Vid(e £ Vide{}/i:uts
ill})Vid(o £ Vide<}Outputs
Vid(e :'_VideoI/:}uts
VKJ{o;>Cempe/(it Vid(e nputs
_1 Ce]xal DigitalAudb/:}uts
Vid(e 1 Audio/pus
_) Vid(e 1 AudbOutputs
_l Vid(o 2 Audb /i;uts
_Videe PAudiuOutputs
NO7 7i}assistfl rT/akiIg thece r(ct ce/l(c%i]s fe
rT/uitk_]/_elinput ouput]nd sp(A(r collections
]IIcell/(c%llj](ks ]/d t Ir ilaisaf( celorcod<d
i_codom/]E(witlt_ iatstCEAstmdads]s
Vre/t eft:W/ire
surreu_(_Back{ eft: Blown
CerT/poi/elltVideoPr: Red
Compenei/tVideoPb: Blue
0AM Antenna: Colll1(ct th( AM leopaqiti1nastlp
p[id wi_ th( re<eiv(r to t_(se _mrnin]is f an (xt_r ]]i
AM allt_ Ills is clsedmake c()[11(cJe[iso/e AM alld
GND er h!als il accordal c wit/tl( i istructienssup
pli(d wit_ th( a _t(nla
t_ FMAntenna:Conn(ctth( su©}fid iIdoer_}r]1
e'i4}mfxtunal FM]ntu]nato_i',({rnimf
l_l PreampOutputs:Connectthes( jacksto an
optio/ai exer lal'puwert piifi({k} tpplicatkxs
wl(r(/igher pew(risdesi(d
0 SubwooferOutput:C(:mI(c t/is jackto tie iin(
I(v(i i/put d_ pew(ledsubwoof({f al (xt(u ]1sub
wouf(ramplifierisused corr(ct thisjackto tl( sub
A-BUSConnector:Celll(ct thsjackto n optio/11
A BLS{erlifiedr rT/oteioo kypa{ o a plifletu
xL(/dt/( rT/d;Jroo{ ,'sbil_i(se veerAVR72b
S [)age34 fe' moe i]fo'rnatio]onA BUS
(_ SurroundSpeakerOutputs:Col;cot t_(s( ()[it
put tothemttc/i/g + aid t[ inalsoi]Tou/u[
e}lHid chaN/(isc(a}<9[s /CO/igr tiC( Witl I( /(W
CE/\colorcod( p(cificaien tl }iu tr i/aiistl
©}sitM or t(rmir tl thats/eukJ)ece /i(ct(d t}
t/( ud (+)t(rrninsl(}/t/Sureu/d (fi s)eskmwit/
eld(rcoi(xcodingwhil(t/( g_syt(esi/sl sKxid )e
coaectedtotie red(}tin iml(x tile StIImm!d
Rigl sp(akr dthtleokJr cele cedingCo11(c h(
}lack ( ) (ffTIH al (}[I #le/\VR t} I( a chirlg )Jlck
l(gatiw { ) (IrTlilIIsfor(ach sureald sp(ak i (S(
pag( 15kx mole J/k:l 8K)II el sp(ak pelaib)
li_ FrontSpeakerOutputs:Cem(c tleseoatpL'tS
to t/ sic//g _el (ffT/irltlsO/7eli{ i(ii arldright
sp(ak(rsW/e/aNng sp(skerco//((tieIs always
ak( c(r(air to rT/airtsii coruct)oia/itvbycoa ectilg
thecolorced(dw/hit forfext Irisaid redfor W)nt
ight'(Qtr inalsont]eAVR:£2st}tl((dO)
t(rmiitls el th( sp( tkersaid thebiack( } t(rmi itls
ontheAVR:'2stotl( }hck()tr inalsont]e
sp(ak(rs See}ag( It foror ilforrT/s%no]
t[_ FanVents: 7/(s( v( /tihtie/Iol(s _r t_eeatpHt
of tie AVR325s ailflowSTSkrT/R}nsule pre}el
ep(ratiel ef tl( li/it t/d t} avokl'possibkdtage to
delicatesuflsc(s sk(c({tsi_tmt ties<leks a(
let bbckd aid thatlef is tt let£/(e illch(sof
%(/s}a(u beb((I tK v(/t I(:)kSaid a/y weod( I
(x kxic SLI/fSc(
CenterSpeakerOutputs ..<AI d i,..(. ( a,_h
) , ,, ,
( / t,(/ /9 lid (urT/l[tl / x{ (.(.l(U
d thhd <; akl / "culforT191C('iq/ tl( l(v' CA
c}[(:[c(:J( :p :ificttk[ th }( [ t[ i[tli I(
._ ,tl.(. o[ + t(rrT/in_lthat/()aldi}e{xsl(ct(d to
Ir f, ,,, fI , z,
t l( I (.(J) .(.I rT/l[ al ,A ,,_,ak(......... ] tl (. aIG i ,( ....
- )
(odH10om(d ] }h(k, td ,,]al(I thAVR e
8/( %(£ ()t(ffT/iltl ,,') S k (S{( page15
f(:llOU hifouT/atio/(I ,,ak{[ _)la,,tyi
@ SurroundBaddMultiroom SpeakerOutputs:
71es s)(akmte[rTm!a]sale /or sllyus(dt} powe[
tie suoetlnd}tck I(fiisuuoundbackiglt s}(akels
il a 7 1 cmll(I sys( iiew(v(/tl(y rT/syalseb(
usede pew({tie s,,}(ak({sin asece]d zo]e whic]
will(ceiv( tileout}utsel(ct(( fors rT/U[tiOO b}'st(rT/
]i} CI1sIc!(tl( eutpHtk:d to t/se t(ffTlJlalsfKXTI
t/( deftultof fie SuuomldBacks}eak(/sto :/e
bfilitJloo Oatputyotlust clang s setJilgintie
Adva/(ud Muu o{t/( OSi]sTskm See[}age32for
ele ilforrT/stJe[1o1coffigu, g tus sp(akeloutput]
lel a[sarretildwst( us( tile brew/aIKJ}hck t({
inals areti( suruxHdbackief @sad posJtiv(t
andI(gativ( { ) cell(trio Isandtie tal andblack
t(rrT]i_slsaret]( suuetHd ))ck [ig_tpositiv(( } )]d
i(gativ( { ) temmalsFe[ulieom tIs( (O//((t l(
xown s/dbia(kSBLtm inalstot/e (dandblack
(oakctie/', o[/t/( kf ] rTletzelx s}(akel aid coil
i(ct th( tanaid bhck SBRt(ffT/illtlsto tl( ud s/d
}lackt(rmilaB o/tl( iglt ( o( zel( sp(ak(r
_) SwitchedACAccessoryOutlet:7hes(eHtl(ts
tuin(d}/w/(/tile AVP325 isfulled o/witl tl(
(_ UnswitchedACAccessoryOutlet:llis outlet
rT/)/b( tls(d to pewma//A devicerl( p}we will
emailen stt/s(xlti(tlgsdkssofwh i(/t/(
AVR:'25 isor er oft
NOTE:11( tottl ix},iv([ (U:lllSlaT/'ptio/ of alld ','K:(s
{eli/((:(d t t I(. ](.(. ]1 e (. s .I II( /o (x{((d
'41 ',8
_) ACPowerCordJack: COIIIIecttheACpew(/
(eid to his jtck wle/th( installatielisco }It
[o ( /suresaf( o'u(rate/us( olllytl( powe[cold
suppli(dwitiltleHnit far pia:me/tisuqu, dit
rT/llst}( of t/( sametyp( snd capa:i_7
_) VideoMonitorOutputs:Cerned t/(se jsckst}
theco }osJtce[ S Videoi i:xltof a FVrT/o/itXor
vidce_uoectx to viewtie eli hgleeHC/dh )[/d tl(
ou}ut of anystaIdt d vid(esouu: s(i (:t(dbyt/(
a((w(r svideoS.vitdx!l
_) DVD VideoInputs:{'el i(ct th( cox)st( orS
Vide(J.t s[ [ Fhya la.(. ,H,(.
@Video 1 Videolnputs: Cenn(dth _ '
( S (.)1
S_6o[ ;,Y,.x_]ja_< ,_ aVCReretl(r k1(e
) r S
.(t(.,.t } tl(.(.J)(.KS
li_ Video1 VideoOutputs f'el I(( tl ( (e FSOq(
orS Vid(e RiCiN jacksefa/,/{:1,!e olr ',ideo
) ,
I.(,(l/] J,1( .I /asa ]V} ((u)ld(lelPVR e
Video2Videolnputs: Cenn(dth > '
SVidePAYiOUIItsk o tVCReietl(rvJd(e
) r .... ;
.( [ (., t } ta(. (. J )(.Ks
_})Video2 VideoOutputs. el I(.(.tl(. .e.(.
orSVid(eRK Njack efaV Re ollddo
) q
I. ( (I / ] X.(...i 1{Isa UVt uceld(/el PVRt(:>
_'_ Video3 VideoInputs:Cell({ tl( Co pesit(er
S _6( [MY,,J,_Ija_K ,_ aV..R()[(}tl(rvld(e
_) ComponentVideoMonitorOutputs:Celn(d
th cou}ut',tot]( co pen(]t,,id(ei]putsofa
vide(}nlo(del el mo]itorW](] a sourcec()11(c(d
to o/ef tl( ComponentVideoInputs_.4_. is
s(l(ct(d tl ignalwiil }t s(Ittoth(s jacks
_.,_DVDComponentVideoInputs:Corm{d th{
' _') ) ) S )11): ,/
Video2 ComponentVideoInputs:C(xi((t th
YiPIiPbtempo/(It video(:llltptltSef s/IiDW s(t tep
(o/v(rt Dsttellitee ceiv([el ole[ vd(o s(}uc(
d(vku witl (e p(xeHvid<e(xt}Htsto tl(s( j)(:ks
RS-232Port:7]isjacks usedt] e _abl(t_(
AVR325 to b( co/tJoiled}y al xte[/atcerT/pHtr
orprogarT/abl( ( or( sys(erT/fiat us(ss<S232
(o rTlt/ds Ud te thce }l xk7 o{RS232 co/
I(gtJo/s werecorTlrTle/dtlat t/(y )e ad( bya
tahed aid qualifiedcasom i b:aJlerS(( i:ag( 16
fe[ou infounatio/enle RS232 (xxt elpot
._ MultiroomIRInput { o[u(( tl ( eatF)tlef ar IR
) • }
IiO[ i11t i( ei( I} e II J](,k ( p.I](. I(.
RemotelRInput:lft_ AVR325sflertp)n(i
IRs /so[is bleck(ddueto cabii(t doorsor ohe/
obtrilctk:8', al(xt({Isl _h(llhC)[ 87 }( dS d
Cx I(cttie OI@Htof tl< S([se[ to t/isjack
RemoteIROutput: riffsceil(crier p(rrT/itsi(
ll{ be/',O1 il tiff le( iv({ to SOlVe0191 u rT/Ot( (on
trelkddevices{e/l(:tt/fsja:ktotl( IRl%jtckel
HtuT/alKa/do/or othercerT/ptti)l)quip (rt
CoaxialDigitalAudioOutput:Conne:t ti_isja':k
x I 111 f , I I Mlak_!s(.el
MultiroomAudioOutputs:Cen/(ct th(s(jacks
to t_ eptieml_xemalaudiepewit smplifir ax_
vi(aedistfibuiolsTst( t/at ddiv is s(xH(
s(Idd k}l Hltizo/( di_:ri}lltio/
OpticalDigitalAudioOutput:. ,,/[,(.<.t;li ja(k
te I{ (rsti(aldi!ittl input(ein((tel elt ,, I R
CDAudioInputs:Conl ct ](s(.... iI _ off(
_n_legalldieoutputof] o ._ (I(.F Euuel
DVDAudioInputs. o/I(. t I(.Ift I J It /I IIS
{]IItF]IIt':.()fI }I } F_]iav(l()l(i l({ alldio s(ll( to
t _(.(. i_(ks
_) OpticalDigitalAudioInputs:Coned t_ eptical
digitaluutput7u:IrT/t DVDpiayr Ii[)1V(:(iv(r: tlx
SiP DiFeuputof a corT/pati)lecorT/putel',eu¢16cald
playinqMP3file or sle_ D playr or;D player
to ties( jacks r_( iciml rT/yb a Dolsybk)Lalkoal
_)rssk_mlor astanc,,d PCddiyitalx{a
_) Tapeinputs:I,_}en[(ct t!e} jackstoti( PLAY/OUT
_} TapeOutputs oll(x I{ J/(k /(.
CoaxialDigitalAudioinputs: Correctt/( coax
digitalauputflemt DVD:}la},t}rHDW (cqve[ he
SiP DIFeutpuef s cumpsbl(cernput_rso(/(_car{;
:}iayiIgMR3fil(sors(( s [ Dplayere CDphTerto
tlesejacks]1( signalsay )e s DolT Digitslsigral
[)rs signalors stsndardPCMdigitalseu/ceDolot
cot n((t the RFdigitaleutpttef a/I D Fsia}ar to
Video1 Audioinputs: Co/ _ectt_( left/ight
P A'¢iDUr audiooutputjtckselt VCRoretlr vide
Video1 AudioOutputs:Co/recttl( i( ifiglt
R C/1'!audk}ilput pcks e/a VCRor etl(r vid(e
_} Video2 Audioinputs: Cu/ _ectt_( lef:,ight
P A'ciDLJFaudieoutputjtcksel a VCRoretlr vide
8-ChannelDirectinputs: rh(s( jtcks au used
k}l (ellll((tk)/to sotlrc d( vices ',u(h )', i)Vi) Audio
e S/\(D pla/{:rxwithdiscut analogoutputsD( }(nJirg
onlle sourced(viceil us a[I(iglt jacksmt be
us{d tleugl i11sly css(s oily c()//@cielisto t[(
i,ert I(fiilig/t cert(r sufloundkfliliglt andLFE
isubweof(rilpu}jacks will}e us(dfor stardad S 1
Video2 AudioOutputs:Co/recttl( l( ifiglt
R C/1'!audioilput itcks e/a VCRor etl(r vid(e
Video3 Audioinputs: Cu/ _ectt_( l(¢:,right
p A',iDUr audiooutputjscksons VCRPVRca}l(
s{t tep sat(ilik (cdv<r: HDFVe(aivu ero_u vd(o
0 AMiFMruler.%(l(ct
6 Clarr(ii8 C/a/_(IDirct/:xt
ChanneiSelect Butlsn
41 Butt4}i/
_NurT/eric Keys
_liming lip/Down
DfS Digital_,,4(:deSelector
_ Butl4xl
(_) VolumeUp/Down
NOTE:lie furtrio/rlam(s siOWrl/ereare(ach xlto/s lea
tu/wh(] usd withle A/./s<:',25 Most)uttonslay( addi
tionalfu ](:tJonswhenLlSedwithoth(r(J(vi(}s S(( :}ag(s
4D 41kx 4tii£ oftl(s( fur(rio is
.°.... @ ,(_i)
iMPORTANTNOTE:h( AVR325s r( #(:litrTlly)e
proTa (d eco]reltlpt} is/devicesil(iHding
tie #R 32! Be{eucsi_gthe_ecte itis irTmt t to
efT/( be[te Feestl( inputSelectorButton !_I
/tddtien t/(AVRSPSsr( etcsslip}dfrom
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decks P/( r rT/o( JsaIsecapableof up(ratinga
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O PowerOff Button: Pr(sstlis burro/ to ©]ac(tl(
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I1_ IR[ransmitterWindow:Rsillthis wiidew
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erT/et_o rT/tk(cer(tll trat irl,ar(dco rT/trdste
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Program/SPLIndicator:rlis th/e( colori/dica
tel iscl(d to guide/uHt IluugI th( p/ocessof pro
cjra rT/ingt/( [et( or i{!SH1iricjcerT/rT/alrdsberT/
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_t PowerOn Button:Presstlis }Littu/to tu/e/
thepow(rto ad(vic( skctd b',press er( of th(
input Selectorst_t
I_I Input Selectors:Pressi/go/( ofthese )cJttos
willprferrn tit(( actiersatth( ss cti ( biist iftl(
/\VR3PSis/or tLr_edon thiswill')owerHpt_( Ht
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/7:(r pressirgo/( of thesebuo/s yourT/LlStpr(ss
t]( AVRSelectorButtont_ againte up(rat( tl(
/\VR325B functk)nswitl tl< (mot
I_t AVRSelector:Pr(ssJigtlis Sto/will s;iJtchtl(
remet_sot]st itwillopmt( tl AVR:')ss _r (:tk}s
th(AVR325 i ir tl( S tld}y ode itwilltlsu turtl(
AVR32 o/
AM/FMTunerSelect:Pr(ssthisbtltJsnte s(kct
tie AVR:S2f,sttl](r ast_( [i;sirg chore Pr(ssi_g
thisbHtJorwle_th( ttl](r is alrads,i_cs( willsIct
b(twe(Itl( AM)rid FM))/ds
I_1 6-Channel/8-ChannelDirectInput:Pess
hs blitt)nto selectthe( eric( ce__(c!(dto !_e
8-ChannelDirectInputs_ (Spa) 2(_fel
rT/or( H;e[ 8ti()/_
t_I TestButton: Pr(ssthis)cltor t} }egirlth(
s(gL(icetreede calibratet]( AVR325s eLrtpLitI(vcls
(Seepag(24k)r moreHlOUT/arielel (alibratirg tl(
£R 325 )
!_) SleepButton:Presstie }[itte/ to }lacetie [Hilt
ilt/(Sl< _: odc}/\tertlc}i (',he_/in hcdipiay
tic AVR32!_willaLIt) atic:allycj} irrte eta/d }y
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tli{i ell il tl( k:£_wirg ed<r:
,7--"f,--" £o7
49_ 30_ 20 _ 10 _OFF
/rnn min rnh min '3
P/',Seli al',eLl(dtscharg c/arl(i',o/your
fV_](r tic rVi (1(: d
Wlen he/\VR 325 rerT/ot(is b(iHg }[egrarT/ (d with
tl( cedes t} ep(rtt( tno_l(r devic( this butu/is also
tlsd i_t_( Ac_tuSeato/pr}c Ss (Seepa7 36 k}[
rT/eeilterrT/)k)lle/progr) rT/irgle erT/o()
lid SurroundModeSelector:Presshis buto] to
c7c1(t/ }ugl tl( USRVM/\xt/d Steer(()sclrreuid
modesStl{/as Iiall Fist[ VMAxNear_KJhr: _d
StIHocrrd )Fl ]his brits is alsousedto ttln( cB reis
whe_ IV iss(k c((, usingtl( device input
Selector _ Wh(/t/( AVR32Br_ et_is )eirg
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bu_ is alsousuSir _e AHtoS(a(ch p(ocess
(S(( ';)as(36 fe rT/oei ;er ariel(}1pregrammlrg
tl( e rT/ok)
li_ Night Mode:Press_lisbc]tto/ to activatetl(
'light rnod( P_isrY/od(is awila)lei_ sp(cisll)
rcodeddigitalsou_e(ss]d it:}reservesdiak#r(
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starttl( pr)c(ssuf_ t_i_gtl(/\VR 325s eutp[itk}.,isto
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IiV Buttons!_ teselectthechar/eiheirsa(!BISt(d
tl(n presstl( SetButtonli_ feile,i(dbytl( _/_
ButtonsI_ aga_tochslget_elesl s(ttng (s(
,Ii'v Bu_ons: ]hcsc rntrlti:}Lrr©os()Hterrsat(
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SOl 11rT/e/LISTtke co_fi?atio_ setJngsSLIdts
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ferthefarlctienor s(SJngto b( charged(( g pr(ss
t]( SurroundModeSelectorI_t to s(kct s sotlnd
fieldrned(orhe DigitalSelectButton!_I to
(larg( a digitalJet) and/en pr(sso/( of tl(s(
bHtJonse scrolltllrellgi ii£ ef optio/sor o
it(lets( erdecleasea setting]he s(ctJers /tlis
rT/arrL#descli)irg (/( ir!divdLitifettul st/d functio/s
(:e/tti/ p(cificirt,wnatio/ or LIi/cj tl }Litt)/s for
![_ Button: ]his buton is casedto (: la/ge t/(
rT/(ILls(kcrier!el sctti rgdurir g serTlcef tl( s(tHp
li_ SetButton:r_is butJ}/isas(d t} e/t({ s tJ/gs
int} t_(/\VR32S's (rT/oryt iSalsoHsedinth(
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DigitalSelect:Pss tlis btitor t} )sslgiiel(
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!_ NumericKeys:r_es( }tltt(:_l_ss(rv asa lO
bHtJ}/[l(rrT/ li( ke'/pad t} elltr tu_(r pr(<,(tr}e itiells
rh yaf( )l',elrs(dt}', kct ( /arir([ lilt }er<,wh( /
rv Cabl(or S/\F]as }((] s(i ct d ()ntl rerT/otter
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i_ TunerMode:Presstie bctte] w](n tie tLI[([ is
ir us( os(kctb(t/((/atrerT/atictLrri/ga/drT/_ntr_l
telli/g W/(i tie bctte/ is Fss(d so thattie AUTO
Indicator[] go(s out p(smg t]( TuningButtons
l_i_l_ll_ willmOV(/( i'(qtl( /(y llp(:11dow/ HI
si/gle stc>pi/cl (llts Wll th H'.'Iha/6 is il Lrs
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(htr? to rT/o/atraic((ptJerr (S(( :)as(30 k:_rT/oI
irhwT/atio/ )
I_) DirectButton:Pr(sshis but;)] whel tl( ttli(r
I irl LISete bitr t/( se{][rerige for dir(ct e]tr}' eft ta
tie/s frequ(icy/7:er )l ssilgth(buts/simpi)
Fesstl( :}to')(r NumericKeys ![_ to sleet a ;:a
tb/(S( pageS(bR_rrnor(ir!fi)r atb/er tl<trrr(r)
TuningUp/Down:Wler 11(tLJ1elis 111uset/(s
butte/swilltL/e upor downth(orlg/ t/( sei(ct d;,e
qc__cybard f tl TunerModeButtoni_ilr_/as
b((] pressedsethatt]( AUTOIndicator[] isiliumi
rat(d pr(ssinganJ_oldhgher e th( butt}s fi}r
th(ces(co/dswillc_L_sehc iurer_us((k tie texts:a
tienwithscc(}tablesisal s(r n}t/fol qLralit;(ccptier!
W_(_h( AUTOIndicator[] isNO7Jllc_in_t(d
pr(ss,g t_(scbuttes wilitur( ststk}nsi_siT( ,..:(}
iicr rT/Its (So pag(30k:_rmore i[lorrT/atJe/i
OSDButton:Pussthisbuon o 8ctJva( tl(
01 Satyr [)i }lay(Ogbb;' t rT/d',d to (t tb or
DolbyModeSelector:7_isbutJo/ isus(do
',kct ?ornaorq th( avaihbkUol)ySurrxlld pr3
C S<,!r{Jmode 8c/pus <,of t/s butonwill<,I(ct
Stro WI(_ _ BofbyDigihlencodd souic( isi_ us
UolbvDigitalode ay )iso b( s(kct d (S((
page28 fol t/( tvaihbk Dol)ysul(:x,!drnod(
DTSDigitalModeSelector:Wlena [)79
( /codeddigitalsouse(issekct d eacl pros of this
}utJo/willscroll/[ougl tl( )vtila}l( BFSrT/odesP/(
SF}(cificcloic( of mod(swillv) 7 )cc(xdhg o w/d/(r
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[)iscl(t ( /codiig W/(I a DFSsou{c(isno il cis(
t/s buit(:x/as /oill/eric/ (S(<nag( 28fortl( oval
Logic7 ModeSelectButton:Pressthis )Clt{sil
to sel(cti,(:_rT/amongtB available[og< 7 sulrou/d
od(s (S(( pag 28k:xt/( )vailabl(logic /
Skip DownButton:7hisbutIondoes/o hay(a
di((t fu/ctiol witl /\/,/R325 )u w/en us(dwit/
a corT/patJ}1/proglarT/rT/edCD(x DVDc/alg r itwill
liansport Contlols:7h(s( buuonsdolot lay(
anyfun(tk:xskJrth( AVR325 buttl(7 maybe
pioglamm(dfort_( f(xwafdi(v({s( "layo}eratio/
of a wid( vaii(ty ofCBor DVDnhy(rs old tudio or
vid(o{assetlee{ord< s (S(( pag 38k:xrnou
il lolrT/atio1)
Skip UpButton:Yhis}utJondoeslot htvea
di((t kl/ctiol witl /\/,/R325 )u w/en us(dwit/
a corT/patibl/proglsrT/rT/edCDor DVDthaiget itwiil
clalg( tie disccuiientiy}eing'ulaT(dil tl( {lalg(/
to s(i(ct a ster(olistciingod< 71( firs:pressof
t/( xitJ(:x}hc(s tl( AVRii ttru( tic chaliel
kfiirig/t st(r(o rT/od(wltl /0 scrrou/dprocessIg
71( lext 'p(ss s(i(cts eitl(r gv( CI t1111(i_afeo(}1
S{Vel ch)lll(i St(f{o d( 7(/@g or tl( s}(aku
sled a )[S Neo:6ode 7h(s( mod(sttke a tlo
cl_lieis({(o or arixst u:xi/deilcod(ds(:xlrce
alld cleat a frillive six of s(V(llC/arrel sotrlrd
fi(Id {Seepag 28 fort/avtilabk ]FS N(o6
I_ MacroButtons:Pressthee(bl£o/s to stuu or
r(calla Moor} whk;hisa preprogatomd s(qu(lee
of commaldsst}r(d in]( rmo( (Be i:ag( 37 for
rT/OUi%XrT/atJoil(:XIstorhg ard r((alli/g rT/acios)
DiscSkip Buttons:lhis butJon/asio dir(d
functio/ fort//\VR 325 )ut isrT/(}b:ofB/used to
c_a/g to tie _(xtdiscJ/) BDo[ DVDnlayr w/(i
tl r rY/ot{is progra edforthtttyp ofd(vic
(S(( }tg( 38 formot i/fo a%l o/usilg th(
_) PresetUp/Down:W/en thetui(r is il us(
pr(v, thes burro/<,t} scrollt/roucj_tl( t<Jtiol<,
procjraTTedlilt} t//\Vi7 3Pb'sTerT/ory,'<<,hell
Sore(s(xlrc(devic(ssuc/ss CDplaT<reVCRsold
{assdk dEckSae s(l(ct(d usingtl( d(viceInput
Selectors_ tlese butJo/smayfill<tKx as
ClearButton:Presshis }dtt}nt} clearir/(axuct
_,ies w_(_usingtl( r( o( _u@ctJy(isra _dio
MemoryButton:Piss t]is buttx to (itra
radiob:aionint}heAVR325s pres(tmemo[ DEe
tl( MEMORYIndicator[] fhs/(s youhavefive
s(c(:xrdsto eiter _ preset (rT/(}fyI(xatiol usirg
tie NumericKeys_ (S(( pag 30k} mol
lifo{ ttJorl}
Delay/PreyOh.:Pussthisbctt}/to b(gm
tl processfors(ttllgtled(iaytJ (sued }ytl
/s,//R325whe/pfocessIIg StilrOtlrld sorHld/\!:er
pussiigt/is x£o/tl(dela 7ti esa/eut(r(dby
Air Buttons_ to claig( t_es(ttl _g Pusstl(
SetButton_ agail to compiet(tK pffx(ss
(S(( nag(P3 fo rT/Oriltor aiol!_
Button:Pusst_isbuskinto chang(a v,£r/g
ors ie@o/w/el colfigur/Ig rT/tlyOtl(/\/,/R 325S
i_ SpeakerSelect: Puss t]is }utl(x]to }(girl
tl( processof configt,iig tl/\VR ?,Pgs}assal
agem(ntsyste for us( wit/tl( tTp<of s}(ak({s
usedil yoursyst(m Dice th( }tltto/Ires b{(rl
press(d us( th( _i'v Buttons!i_ to s(lectth(
elan/ei you wishto s(t el) Resst_e Set Button
lid tie/slct alot/(/cha/n(Ito co/figuu
Wh /allaBjustm(rltshav b(ncompl d puss
th( SetButton _ twit( t} exitt_ s(tJi]gsa_d
r ttl//to ilorrT/alopraJol (S( pacj(21 for}1
I_ Multimom: Piss tlis but(x/to activat( t/( rT/d]
tioorn s',sk ol o )egin th xoc(ss of changilg th(
Ilntlt or volue i(wi for t_( Seco/d zori Be( pscj
34 ;or morei iffxrnsdo/(:x tl( Multiroorn_},_: rY/)
_)Volume Up/Down:Pusstl(s( but(x]sto ram(
SPLSelector:]his bcltJ711activat(s th(
AVR325's EzSd u]ctk:xto quickls,ailJ a:curatei},
calibrat(tl( AVR3PSsoutputIvls Puss aid Ioid
tl( }littoll for threes(co]ds s_dth(_ [eieas it Puss
t_( 5 or7 NumericKey _toi]dicat( w]tl(r
youafecisilgt51clnil(io t61171cht/nel
sp(sk(rsyst(rnwitht_/\//17 325 7_( t(st tonewill
begi]circuhti_gandth( Program/SPLIndicator
willclarge colorsDuringt_iss<quu_ceEzS(
willautomtticallytdjusttie outputIris forallchtn
i(is c'ntilth(v tr( (qual ass/owl }y Program/
SPLIndicator _t iig_ti_ggr((i forac] clnil(i
Pros tlis xlton agall!wl / tl( a{!just ( /t iscorn
pl(tcto tu{/ofl le tat to/( (S(( nag(24 formot
iilormatio/or ExS(t}
LearnButton: Pr-tl i< }utopto b{} p th(
proc(sso le,,iimj tie cod(afio alot]e ix}duct's
remoteintotl(/\VR 32{s remot (Seepage3B
forToreilo rT/ati(:x0/ tlSligt/( ( (:£(Sl(amhg
fui(tbir _
Mute: Pusstile butoilt} rnorner/tarllyeli(lee
t_(/\VR i',25(x 7V s(t )eingcontrolledd( }e_dilgon
w]ichd(vic los b(ens(iectedW](n _( AVR325
r rTIO(S b(i_g xogrs (d to o'p(rates]oth(r devic(
thisbut£(:xisi:essedwithtl( InputSelectorButton
t} begil t/( xoglarT/rT/ilg pe)c(ss{Be(pag(
36 formoreirkx sti(:Xlo1',)K}gl )rnrnH g tr( ( O( )
I_) EzS_SensorMicrophone:f_( se_s(:xricro
plo/efortl( xgetmicroplo/ isb(/ildths lot
WI nusilgtl( r ot t}calibrtt( sp(tk(routput
IveB usingEzB(t besur( _at youdonot_oldt_(
u oeil awayt/at(ov(rsthes< slots(B< pag 24
forou iilouT/atio/ol tlsi/g z.%<t}
o ......................@ O ............
........... DN --TUNING--UP
........... DN -- P[_ESET-- UP
Q Pow(rOff
AMiFMRile[ S(kct
_:xlt S i<(t)rs
liHfirg UpiDow/ [:as:Play
PresetUpiDowr _ra(kSkip
[)is( Skip
0Vol(Im LJs_Uoiivr
_]1 PlayFerwardiR(v(rs(iStep
Power OFF:WI1e[1tis(d Jr!tl( [oen/w/(u t/(
/\VR :_PSisi(:_cat(dpuss this xlt erl t} place th (llfit
i_StsnJbyW/r itis(sedi/sr( )eroo wit/a
s( /set that is cel I1(ct(d to tl( Multiroom IR Input
_l;.')jtck this bHUOlt(lll St/Mtfiti non/syst o[
a/6 (:)[t
@ AVRSelector:Prss iris butto/ to tri!l o/tl(
/\V_:'_2 F/( i/'.}lltil (s( tl ill!it washst o/
wii!b( Ictd
AM/FMTunerSelect:Piss t/is b(it_o/ to
s(i(ct theRller astheiLs(tto _,iHItiroon]systm
Piessitagallto(lalg( b(t_((it/( AMaid FM
input Selectors:Wl(/t/(/\VR 3PSisoE
puss el( of t/ese )lltt(:lllst} s<lct 8 specificlip(It
a/dtH/Itl( ulit o/ Wl(/th( u/t istluadyill [is
p (ss_]gore ef tl(s( buttonswillchanget] iL}Ht
@ ]uning Up/Down- FastPlay:Whe_tlis
(too( is_s(d i_ ',am roe _st_( AVP:_2b
}(i e/s mayb (l',(dto clal{!( f( ](l(l{/
e tie tll/(r f/(se b(itte/ssty tlse colt oltl(
FastPhyor FastR(v({s( fu ic lensel co ptti)ie
liar t/Kside/CD DVDorctss(tedecksill
sam(ioo of e au oe eo wl(I sl Rlilk
is celI (ct(d to t/(/\VR 325
Record/Pause:Presstrig }(£e/t) activat
tie RecordorPausefunctio/or cempstJbl(
liar tl KaideiCD DVDorcass(tt(dck piod/ict
PresetUp/Down- Ttack Skip:Wh(/t/(
AVR325's u/e[ iss(i(ct(d ts tile ilput soule( t/(s(
blluollswiilev ilp e[ dow/threllghtie listof b:a
tolstlatl)v( )ee/stoudil tl( xese nu ery
Wler sCD orDVDclarg({ orplsy(ris s<iectd
t_(s( bHt_onsactivat(th( Forwad or s<(v({s(lia(d<
or Clapt(rSip fll ictio/s
DiscSkip: Presst/(se xlt_ensto (:la/g( discs
or cemptti}l( liar a/Kardo/CDeiUVU(la/g(rs
0VolumeUp/Down. I(./ ( /tl( root
w/r theAVR32Ss Ioctted pfsstlis xlte/t)
Itis( olJow( tllevohl ( I tllatnon/W/(lus(di/
r( o(eroo wit/as(llsorthat s(el lect(dtotx
MultiroomIRInputF_ jtck thisxlt_e[ willitis or
Ioweitl( vehlnuiltl( ( O( roon/
PlayForward/Reverse/Stop:Presstl(s( btlt
tensto certrolcompaibl(IiarrnarKader CD DVU
or (as',(tt i:it/(P,
Mute:Whe/usedir tl( ion w/({ethe
AVR325 is Iocat(d pussthis}ut_ero t(} }oraiiy
siklc( tl( illit W/ell iris us(d i/sreso( roo witl
a s( /setthst iscorr(ct dto tie MultiroomIRinput
._jack t]is )(£to/ willt( )eitrilysikneetie rid to
tl( le ot( Ioo Ollly Pie tl( Otlteli t(jall to [(tlJ{]
tet/_:l v](}ll', v(}hl ( I V I
NOTE:FheZoo( u et( may)e usedin it/er th( sanutoo wire tie AVR:'_25
il t se}trat( oo wit/al o}tio/tl ifi't(d serlsortlat is ce/lec(d to t/(/\VR 325's MultiroomIR Input
lack W/ell it is us<di/th( san roomastie AVR:'_25itwill co[itrelt/( {(lilt ierlsef tl( AVR32Se[ a/y co
patibieH)FrT/)[IK_ldol i}redH(tsil lat eo W1(1it is tisedill a separateioo viaa S(llSOICOllll(Ctd O tile
MultiroomIRinput _jack i( xltol!sfor Powr: hlpL'tSourceVoiue aid Mutewill(o/trel I( s(:_llrceaid
vohlrnefor t/( s<co/dze[( as(erl/(ct(d to t/( MultiroomAudio Output_ ja(ks (S( pag 34 ie (eplt
ilfel aJol (}lllsi/gtl( M(lltiloe sys(rn
System Installation
Afu urp,£i xjt:_(uni lec_htj iti_a pla',_,iit_ ad(
quat(v rtiiatbltnd ')lacingitor t _JikJsdac capt)lt
e suplx:fiq itsw(kjht/all willi(ed to rT]ak(tl {:r:_/
IMPORTANTNOIE:ke/aur pu )]a[ ",aft)l,txJ to
avoidpesibk da #e to your(qL,prTv;tandsDetBr
iti alwa]/ba tjeodFtdc to ull ofltnd u ]plu_jth
AVRt]d A[ soulc egulp u]t f}e tl( At: eLibut
x!are makingaT _L]di()orvid_:e,¢wm {:e] ](ctier]s
Vk}uco ud tilt you[is( lig] quali_},intcrcoxiect
r_)i wlu] rT/akixi ceil(tilt:as to setlrc 9{][lli; ( ]t
anJ (celd(rsto pr s rv( tl( Ht(glityof tl sigrals
I Cerllectth( trltleg eutp/It(:{t CDplty(r tu tx
CDAudioInputs _)
NOTE:Wxr tie CDpla?r las bethfix(daid vari
ableaudioeut)utsit is b(s:e u( t_( ixed eutput
u/i(ss }u}ufild thattie ilput to tie u ceiveris so low
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DigitalAudio Inputs _ _ I'FJlI_!
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digitalilput conn(de/sona (D RorM@isc [(cerJu
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]erminals 0
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back speakeroutputs _li_) tu tile respe{:tiv(_
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rT/iIt1 O{ea(I sp{aku COllllectioI I1owca ri(s t sp(
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NOTE:Whil(x:lst s)eak(/Ta{/[hctuu/s sd/ereto
s_irxlu£b, cot]vettier]ef usilg blackt r haisfer
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optimalp(dorrnsrc( co/sulttl( id(/tificatie/ plat(}o/
yoursp(akerorth( sp(ak r s marx# to vui;},pelai_},
Ifyellde lot krewthepelait/ef yoursp(ak(r:ask
yeurd(akr for advice)(ie( puxu(dirger cer!sult
th s}eakus rT/al!/ifa{tlle[
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OutputQ to thelix levi i/i;u of asubweeferwith
t x,lt i/ trnplifi(rWh(/a }assiv sd}weef(ris used
tl( coxxctie/ fir,,:go(s to a pew(/arnplier:wlich
will)e {er i(ct(d tu orieor rT/e[estbweefersp(ak{[s
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9 Ifa/ext(r/tl multi{:la/I(I tudo sourcewith51
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DVDAudbor SA(D pla?r isused connectth{
outputsof tlat d<vk( to tl 8-Channd Direct
ViCe( _u_CrTX]t i'.(elil1{!C{!di1tl( '.arT/t]rnm(r as
t_]dir)cornporrts Againth useof ligl qualityintr
cer]r]ecc,_)l(sis (co m r!£_ tu pr s(rv sigr,_l
1 Cernect VCRsor ethr videoseulcesaudioand
vid(ePh}.DutJackst} tx Videol/Video 2 Audio
tr!J Videoinput Jacks@_)1_ _ o/x (at
pall lk Ai#e s/d Vid(e :<(cerdilit{ks o/th(
VCRshould)( con{cted te tie Videol/Video 2
Audioaid VideoOutputJacks _)_ _ o/
tl( #714325
2 Cenn(c tl( t/tbg audiea'ldvide<)eut_.)utsof a
satdlit reciv(r:ca}l FVco]v(r er t(i(viaions(t or
anyotxr vid(e seurc tu tx Video3 Audioard
VideoInputJacks i_)_)
3 Cenect I( a/tlog audioaid vid(o eutlxltsof t
_)VDx hser dic phyr tot/DVDAudio trd
VideoInputs @_
4 Cerin(c tl( digihiaudioeutputsof a DVDplay(/
satdlit receiv(rca}l{ bexor IiD]Vco]v(r ero th
sp}epriat Opticalor CoaxialDigital Inputs
5 Cern(cttl( VideoMonitorOutput_)j_cks on
tl( uceiverte tl( co posit(erS Vide irIxltof you
t(ievisierrno/ite[orvid(e p oJ((te
6 IfyeclrDVDphy(r andrTenit)lx}l ]iv( coT#}
i(it vid(o{e / i(ctJeliscoxlecttie cerT/pox lit eft
[)titsof theDVDphy(r to _] DVDComponent
VideoInputs_,_ w/whr ce })rstvidecer!
r (ctio/s areusd tl( audiecer i(ctiorlsshe[8 still
betde t} (itxr tl( aralegDVDAudio Inputs
orary of tl( Optical e CoaxialDigitalInput Jacks
? Ifeh(/devic(s withco Tpor1(rltvideooutsts au
_wihble connectit tu h( Video2 Component
VideoInputs_. audio{eli {tierskx tlis
dvic( sl@fldb( mad o ith([ th( Video2 Audio
Inputs _) or )rv of I Opticalor CoaxialDigital
InputJacks _)
8 If h coren/ nt vJd(o [ILit au Ligd /O[l[1(/t
X Component Video Monitor Outputs _ o @(
(O po[(l vid(o i s "/ l_ ', [
9 If/ou htv( 8carT/CO@(rvi@ogtrw or otht[
audioivid(od(vic(/at is comectedto tie AVRor a
t( )(J[t[yaNNtla/pt[ art(it )asiscorlrectthe
audiovd(o tnd digittitudio outputs(Jrthatd(vic( o
tx Front-PanelInputsi'_'_IIB1i'l_1_rilA device{(J/
_(c((, leie isselec(das Vido 4 i_p_ aridtx
dgitalinputsas beassign_,to th( Vid(} 4 im_
{Set pag{ 19for (J( irtouT/atio/Orir_mt{(J/figu
Whel th( co Jole/t vid(o jackss( as(d the o/
sol{eft rT/e/as tre/@ visibl(and},aLl T/lOt swJt(h
to tl( sta/dard{o posit(or S Vidto ir}ut o/your
lV to vi(wtlem
llx AVR325 willtcc{pt (itlu standa@co posit(
S Vid(oor Yi%iP) c(JrT/polentvideasiglais
IkJw(v(r;itwiilIo c(J/v(r {o post( orS siglais
to c(Jmpox rt vidto
L,o }o[I£ I t[Id co Fxsi('dd(o sit'alals mav olilv
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System and Power Connections
II AVR.2. I J(. Ir(.l (x flc<}l(. I(. Iml
oo ystms (x(u@ {o/ro[ (OrT/F30/(Itaid
IJOW{![ t }hi(r
Main ROOMRemoteControlExtension
f tl( [tivu is}lac(d btNi_da oiid or '. (Jked
glasscabin( doo; tie o )stuictio/ may)uveit tl(
( (X(seilsOfiuJmeteivr g c(JrT/rT/alds hlthis
CO//{C /( o/it JLitaf tx [{Tot( strisor o ht
Remote IR input @ja:k
ohe[ com'uo/N1t', au also
( TxJt(con Ntis or11v(ill( st[!s(3ris x(d(d Simply
rise this d/its st r!soror a remote {'/'( %' ru xiH1ga
co x e{tio/from tlx Remote IR Output _jtck to
tx Remot{ R hput jack or liar a/Kador (x o_[
ll( _:rT/ot_[OOrT/H [ cei'.'(rqoukJ)e _oneced io
h( AVI<32Svia',tart,arqcos,ti_i;abk Hagtl( R (ON
_eckH(salei/t} tlx MuRimomIRInput_'.._'_jatk or
th AVR32Ssfar pan
I{x1({H) rT/aI }<a/donco nati}l( s(J@teequprT/ent
is'.nr of theain rtxJ ilsttllaJo/tlx RemoteIR
Output_ jackor theea panelshouldb( colie{lt{
to _e RINjsckor souce(qmp (it F/swiilern}l(
tlerc ot oo I(xatio/tot(Jitfolsot_(u (q@p (it
NOTE:All ( o([}, c(JntuJll(dco xmertsrTmst)(
linkd ogetl(r ira daisy c/ain Conxcttl( IROUT
jackof on( u/it to tx IRIN of tl( r(xtto stabiisI
Multiroom Connections
rx/\VI< 32 i (quip}(dwitl rT/@tiz0/(tapa}ili@
thtt allow it to S(rld a s( }sat audio souc( to tK
erT/ot{ zo/t _uJ tl( o[t s(kct(d for ust il tx
( / _U[I,"_'_(. , Hqull(m([i hut
D{}(rding t /, ',- ,
Option1: Usefigh qualit/s riddedaudioi _terc{N
red cabkflorT/t/AVR 3PS'skJca%no tile rerT/ot
loom h tie [erT/otloom corll(c/( iit(rcoiilect
{ab to a stero :}owert piifi(/ lie a piifi(/will i}(
{onxct(dt}tx oo 'sspak(rsAttl(BVR325
piugt_eaudioi_tercond cabksi_to% M@tiroom
AudioOutputI_) jacks(JrtileAVR32bs a i:t/el
Option2: Conne(tthe MultiroomAudioOutputI_)
jack',tN /\VR325 t} tic input of a/optioral
s(({o )ower s }ffi(r Rut/igh qualitysp sk({wiu
f[o tl( am@it totx sp(ak(rsiltx ( o( uJO
Option3: laki/g adw/t@ of tx BVR325'sx,lt i_
s(ve/ c/a/N rap@it it is [xJssi% o usebo of fi(
a }[ii(r CI1a[1[1(Jsto pow(/spesk(rsi//e r( ot(
loomW/erl asi/gthisoptJ(Jrv(mwillrlot)e s)leto
us(t_{ ull Yl Cm/N {a:}abilitJ(sof tx/\VR 325 ir
fie reai_lis( _i_groom butyouwilib( abkto add
alotxr Jis((ni/gtoo witlout sdditio/al(x_(rral
p(Jw(rarT/plifi(is % usethei Iterlaia pli{i(rsto
pow(ra (rT/O( ZOXco/lee t/( speakersfor
theremoteu)omIocorionto t_eSurroundBack/
MultiroomSpeakerOutputs@ Bd(Jr usilg tl(
[erT/OkroorT/y(mwilln((d to co_figuutl( trT/plifi[
forsuuoundopuationbycm_ginga setti_gi_(x
AdvancedS(kct{ru folkJwirgtx irstucto/s
slowr or [}age3P
NOTE:Forallo'ptio_syot mayc(Jrr (ct al optioralR
s( 1sotiltx (o( oo to tie AVs<32b viaa/
a'upfoxlstec@ieConnecttilt s(nso scNle to tl(
MultiroomIRInput._ on tie AVR32Sa_dusetl(
£o/( ; umo( to cortroli( oom VOILIm{ Ait(r
rativ@yyou mayinstalla/opti(Jnslvolue cottroi
b( we(i tl( output(Jrtl( mpiifius ard tit sp{ak({s
A-BUS InstallationConnections
FieAVR325 isao]g tlx v({ykw e ceivefsavail
tbk t}dayflat oflerbuiltinA BUSR(tdy o')era%/
Win usd wit/ar optio/aiA BUSkeypado co/trol
modal( youlave allt_( }e1([itso u orezon(
op(raJ{xwitlo@t/t K{dkJ[81txt(r/_lp(Jw({
R}usefie AVR32Switha_sppu)v(dA BUSprod
uct si }lycoxectt/k(pad orm(xM(/at ISlr
tl( u (J( too o tie AV:<325 usingsa/da@
5 wiri_gtint isprop(riyrat(dfortx inwail
us sp(cificto installa%_%r ilae th( wiring
stt_er(c(iv(r erd o s stardardR; 45jack in
{o piiaicewit/tl( instux% is fu{lisl(d witl tl(
A BUSoduk
Nobrhe[ ilsailaior o t@stree/tis x(d(d ts the
A BUSconxctor o/tl( BVR32{ routs lesigntis
ir aid ou (Jr@ek(ypadto I(ir Ixop d(si/atio/kJ[
powersig/alsoaceNd co/tioi Px OLItOLItfd o fi(
A BUSjackis @kesil(d bytx BVR:'.2{sm@ti
eJO sy;_rT/aid th( rT/(ILlSmaybeustd asis
FileAVR325 ilciudesar RS2:'2 s({ialxJd c(Jrr(c
tb/t/at maybeusedto c(Jnte)ltl( u/it viacom'uati
hi( optional(xt(ual kypaJso[ controisys( s F1
physicalco/leckx to tx/\VR 32 fore tile c(JruJl
devkuiss sandsd D 9 comectio] b@to rlsLir(
{o patbk ard Ixopr op(ratio/sp ci{icsofi,iau
{o rT/Nds)ld Isi_wirirgxh (s a[ (quiud
'L,'(uc(Jmm(/d thtt hty }( rTltd(o@ybytrti/{d
q _r ¸ ,,, q , ,, )
ir .ta,a. a ,,as,.,,a tl(.,, h.. %,,b,a,rS6Jl,(ral
infoueatio/onI( LI( of th AVR32Switl RS2_P
• q ,
,._Nt[,_, F*(.a.,. c( lad I,af! a / _ardo[ 's (u torT/{
a.r,4, ta..adrT/.aur c,a,.hl ( h{ _,,,.bit a
Ill ][K)IJ([ t
Fhisu]it is quipped wit] _v'nacc(ssoryBCoutids
rky tv be us(dto IxJweraccessor/@vices)ut
tl(yslouldro }eus(dwit/hig_cuurtdraw(qu_p
rTultsuchaspowera pli{i(rs]1( t(Jtslpowerdraw
to (acl autl(t{ay no (xceedi00 watts
Fie SwitchedACAccessoryOutlet_ wiil(c(iv{
poweroily wl(/tx ulit iso_ l_is isr(c(Jm (n J(d
foedevJc(st/athay( Io pow(rswi[chor) (c/a IJtal
powerswit(/ t/at maybei(t ir tie ON position
NOTE:Mtly audioaid vdeo Ixoductsgonto a
SandbyrT/od(w]en ley au usedwi_ switcl(d ou
Its andcmnot)e fullyturld or usi/g he (Jutkt
alol( witl(x]t s ( o( c01t[@co 8/d
h UnswitchedACAccessoryOutleti_ wili
uc_v :.iv'( tsl//g t:tl( i/iti:pilg! Jirt}a
1heAVR325 f atu/esa remeva)l{pow(rcordtlat
albwswi/s to b( [(1/to a co }lexinsHIiatio/ sot/at
t/( (Nitits(Ifn((d not)e i b..:ailedu/tJiit isearlyfor
(}o/re(ti(}1 Wlenall cotr ((}tJ(Nsd(scri)edahoy{
lave b((/ ade(}orr1(cttheACpew@ce@to t/(
11( AVRSP5drawssigrificaitiyor( (uH£/t la{/
eth(( heusNold d(vc(s sue/as GXT/p@{}rStl8 use
( ovsbkpew(/co@sFo/tlatreaso/ it isi poltalt
thatoily the{ed sup@i(d withtie ul!Jt{ora die{t
( }lac( (it ef id(/tical{a:}a(it},,)e us(d
01c( tl( :}owe c(xd is (xx111(@(dy()(]ae 8lrT/OS]
(a@te (iey tl( AVR3P!is i I(}1{dibl( pew(r aid
Wh(ll all alldio video t/d s}%!( COI1/(ctioIIS law
been _isde tilele ale a TeWCOi/_qdra[i(}li a{JJtistrT/ellts
t t e, .... t .s . t y No more
(:o/i}ur( tld (alJbtt l( unit,/viiiqr atlJadde J(}u/ than24'
SpeakerSelectionand Placement
lie piac(mit of speak(rein a rT/l£ic/a/1(1lame
t/(ater sy-,:emcarlhtw a noic abi( impacto/tl(
Nomatterw/ich t/p( or )axJ of spetkersis us(d
t/sa ( mo@i (}rxa/d of sp( skers x}uldb( us(d
k}r tl( l(f flont ((Iter aid ig/t i,oit s}(ak(/s [his
c1(tt s a s(a lessl(}lt s(}uldstag(aid (lirT/ilies
tie possibilityof distracti_gsonicdistmbaIcest_st
(}CCLirW/(ll a SOil Id { (}v(s8(less is atc/(d
i,ort c/at _I speakers
Speaker Placement
I)ep_ndilg el thety}e oFc_nt_rci !i elsptvk_rin
usesvJy}ul ,dewily6{x'iccpla: Ic c( /tel't' ok(/
(Jtl(r dir(cti},a}ov( or )ebw 7(}urFVori_t_( c_tu
)elinda }(rie at d fr(}/t pu_jctio/ squ!
OIc( tl( c/t(r chann(fs'aak I is /stall(d positie/
t/( i,(}it I(fl aid flo/t iglt s} ok(Is sot/at th(y or(
askl aw_y[IWT/ el( )llothel )s tile c(It c/t//el
sp(sk(ris frerntheprdul(d li% /i/g p(}sitkx!d(all/
tie fie/t elanId sp(akmssleuld}( pitcd sothtt
t/(J/t/e(t(rs _rele ee thsll 24' ahoy(or }elow
t/( i/ied(r il tl( C(It(/ c/al 1(isp(ak(I
D( }e/dilg (}l t/( sp(cificsof yeurroernacou..:ics
aid tl( tvp( ef sp( tk(/s il usey(}u avfiid that
imagingis irnlxoved}y movingtile lef !,(}it aid righ
i,(}/t s}(ak(rs siigitJyforwa/dof celt(/c/aii(i
spakel If possi}le%us alll,o/t leuds}eak s
sothattheyof( airn(dat eal h(iglt wl(/y(}u ae
s<at(dii tl( list( liig pesitio/
Usilgtiles(guidelil(s veu'ilfindt/at ittabs so(
(xp li (ntttione fild tie c(}u(ctiocatienfort/( _,o/t
sp tk is il 7ou paticula/ilstalhtJo/[)(}it b( ttlaidto
or( t li/gs_(}d/d ultille ',yakm seulldscoil(ct
O}ti ize/ourspeak<s sofiat acdiotla]sitJo]samass
t/( flair o/( x}m s(xllldarT/oathalldsod/defie
allsp(skus s'ap(s to ariv( atth( i]s( lingpositio/ st
th( sam<ti( ,,iitlout delayfio fie ce/t(r s}<ak(r
co pa(dtoth( I(tand liglt sp(akusi
Wlel th( AVR;',2sisLisedill 51 c/a/_ Iop(ration
t/( :xef(rr(dlecatkxf',}rsuueuid speakersisontie
sid( wailsof t/( room atol slight_}e/i/d theiiskn
Hg positio_ h a /i char_(lsTs( )off sid{ our
(}ulld aid }a(k su/loundspeak(res( (qui_d rh(
c{it(r of t/{ sp{ak(/s/(}uklfa(( irte tl( room [1{
kelt Front RightFront
Speaker Speaker
/s) i:)e# ()_,/ooei Sz;(,i£v his;_ikMen_,,','J_!7hmo" k_, ,
iv _ Prq_cl_ S_r_en
Spe_ke_ SPeaker Bp_
/_ !q/,}f ',/d,}k(v ,?7O#ODO9,e, }o htu/h,ie ,So(;}t/e_/ui
57_yweos /thfu_hhdfe' 7 7 c/}efbon
At least 6 Ind,1u [TOmceiling
t lealtt 2 feet
s}eakussh(}uldbek}cat(dso fiat t/{ bet_ornef fie
(abi_(tis at leastt,io i< hig]elt]s_ t]( iistenels
(asw/(i i( list i(rsa( s(atdiltl(d(sir(da(a
R(afsulouxJ sp(ai<ersat( iquiid wlel _full 7 1
(:la'l i(I sy.£emishstall(d tid th(},mayalsob(
Ils(d ill s ] chal!/(Jb}seTs s581alt(rlatJv(rT/oHlt
IIg p(}sitk}rw/(I it is re }rs(ticalto :}lac(tl( rnsil
SHfl(}[IHdspesk(rsOiltie sidesoftie r(}(}m Sp(8i<es
maybeplacedon a letl wtll )( ]i]d th( listeling
positio/ Aswitl thesidesp akeis [af surr(}uIda
slould b( iocat(dsohtt/( )eta of I( (abil(t is
tt l(astbe f(et figl(r thai tl list ](rs (as the
sp(ok(reslould)( no(}( thai sixkzt b( lild tl(
If di}oi( types}eakmsaf{ ue(del (it]m t_eside(x
i(a/wallso tl( ice pl(ss( let fist iftiler( ae
suowsonth( s}(akeistley shouldfacetl( fre/t of
tl( reo fol th( sidespeakmsort(}waldt/( c( it(/
of t]( wallfortl( ear sp(akus
Stbwoof(/sprodtlce/o/dir(c ie/ai eolINdS(]tley
rT/a7be placedales av,ih(re i_a ream Actual
plat( eli el(}uld)e bss(donroomsizeands/ape
andtl( sy.x(}fsubwoo{(rus(d On( et/ed of fi/d
iig tile optimaliocatio/for a su}woef(ris to )(gll )y
pltci/g it i_tie felt eftie me a}eutsix_/(Is
for awaJl or/e_itl( (}1to(} 1( oftl( room
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System Setup
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SystemPowerControl[] o] % iu)nt))_(l
ButtonO t_( AVRSelectorO eranyof
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Powerindicator[] willtu/it((/_o co/film
tit tile ulit is ()n andtie Main Information
Usingthe On-ScreenDisplay
Wl(n rnaki/gI( foMowi_gt{_ustm(its yxi mayfi_d
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a{lydiu(t ViEWCR] rnonlsxe iol(visienitisi }ortait
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MASTER MENU (Figule1)willtp}ea/aid
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tie s}ecificparame((rte b( t(Juskd For(xa pie to
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tie Digital SelectButton_ _xJth(] 'pus5](
,Ai'V Buttons_ t} scr()ilt/r()(gl tl listd
o}tio/s sst/ey appearinth( o/s(:(( I displU ort/(
lo us( t_( fuMOSD rT/eru 5y'£(rn :x(% theOSD
Button_ Wh(/i( (nuiso/t/(scien puss
tl ,Ai'V Buttons_ untiltl( ()r 5cu(n • (XllS(X
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bygoirgtot_eADVANCED enu anddnrg_g
th it(mtJti(d FULL OSD TZME OUT
W/(/tl( fullDSDbyst(? isi1 tlsetie Tenu5(lee
ti()rs t( let 51owri/tl( Main InformationDisplay
_'4_'1_'_[]Whet tie fullOSD(nu s;ste i5us(d
OSD ON willtp }ea/i/th( UpperDisplayLine
[] aid tl( OSDIndicator[] willlightto ( i/d
y()uthtt a vide()dis}laymustb( us(d W/(r he
s( i OSUsy.£m is usedir co]ju ictio/wit/tl( dis
cre(ec()nfiguatiunxlt()/s tie el screendisplaywill
slew as_ngl(lit( o t(xt withfie cuuert rT/(/U5eke
tien tint seie(%i willabe)( showni/f/( Upper
DisplayLine[] or1_(Lower DisplayLine[]
d( }e/@g en which}sis t r is bd_g t6115tod
Settingthe SystemConfigurationMemory
r_( AVR32{ {(atu(5 ar adva]c(d rT/emeiy_},s(
fin ( /a)l 5 }axit(]lestabiisi diff r / co_figuratio_s
forth( sp(tker<e/figulstie/ digitalilpu surreu/d
moded(isy JrT/ESC()%ovelfreguercyard ()tlt()llt
I(V(iSforesc/input s()urceIlia fi(xibiiit ( /able5/au
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wit(v< y()us(l(ttla irput
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t]( DVDi_putwheretheCoaxialDigitalAudio
Input 1 _) istie d(iault rile d(i_ult5p(akers(t
tingssr forlarg( s)(akersat thefrort ldmiglt
S ell stallotl(r p()sitkxs aid tie subweefero/
How(ver:o]c( tl( }SP :xo(uSSlrg sy£(mis used
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t/( subweo{(/s( te l:iIll( d(fadt settirgfe/tl(
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stue altlougI Del)yDigitsior urs wiMautomatically
b<s(i(ct(d asa'pp(opuat(wl(] a sou((( wit] digital
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How(ver:o]c( th(y sr( ode udler sdjustrne]ti5
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w( sugg(£t/at youus(tl( fullOSDsyst(rT/will th(
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youhay((() }ldcd tl( s(ti Igsk) tic fibsirput
rT/alVs(tti lOSrT/Syb<du }licskxJf()rtie r<rnsili ig
irputsIt is alsoa goodid(ato settheconfigu/stion
dstai_t_eerdert_<5<it( 5areiiskxJintheMAS -
T ER MEN U a5serT/(S ttirgs regur a s)(cific
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setJngsale rT/td(fel (x1(inputt/ey u.,: }e sd(
fe[alletherilput souK(sil yoursys(
Input Setup
r_( firstst(_,ir cotfigui _gt_( AVR:S2bisto cotfigu(
c/i/_xt D/c irputis sel(cte( alls(ttilgs for
t_( Digital_put Spesk(rCoViguratio]Surrou]d
Me{J(and[])(lay]iilg willattach tl( s(ivesto that
Irputaid b( stx(d ina r envelatii(rTU ()}, Ills
rTUa/s tlat oncemad( tie s(l(cti()rof tr! i/i:ut will
tutxnaticallyr(aii ties< s(ttirgs Fertlat uason
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(ach ilpUts(xlrc( setlat y()uhay(th( eppe/tuli_},to
(ueto _z((a(:/seu(u to y()u/s)ecificlist /i ig
uq/IJurT/(It5 Howevu()llcemad( tley/eed lot b(
<larg(d agairunl(ssyou_((d to altr a s(ttirg
Whenusilg % full OS) s_,ste'tu are thes(tup
a(!j/bt crlt presst/( OSDButton _ o/c( o t/at
t/( MASTER MENU Figure i)app(trs rh( •
eLI/SOtwill)e rlexto % INPUT SETUP li_e
Prss t_eSetButton@ t; ntv t_ a_c_I
INPUT SETUP _na (FigureP will_pp,_r on
t_ scren Puss% ,_• Buttons_ LIItJ[
Gesiud i/pu/a( @!(a/s J/tic hig/light/_video
aswellts bd_g i_dic_edir I fro_tpurl Input
Indicators[] bythegreenl ED_ ',<to tie d_sirG
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t/( seiectd in}at soarc presstie Button!{_
()nle emok whil(t/( I NP UT S ET UP u!tl
{Hgure2)i ontl( d((n aid theo] <.ae] culor
windlo}dow/_othe DIGITAL IN lil( P(ss
the,/• Buttons(l_l_ u/til therrsrT/(of tic
desi(d digi ti i/pet @}ears ]i} r(urn to the s/ak)g
uput pr(ssfie butu/s ratJlt/( wordANALO G
api2(sI _/'11{Itl( c(}ff(c irrput%oarcea}p( I% _2(bb
Button_ o/w '.o/a the• carwx
anJ;u<, SetButton
]i} cla _g(t/( digitalinputat a_ytim usingth( dis
clet( ill/(;ti()/xittr)rlSaid thes(rni BaDs},sk
press/( Digital SelectButton_ or fie remot
Wit/i_fives(condsrnsk(/oul i/'.}atsel(dionus/g
t/( Ai• Buttons_ u_tilth( des,eddgitalor
ar slogit}at isshowri_t_( UpperDisplayLine[]
anJinthelow(/ iin oft](onsrr((n(,isis Prss
t_ SetButton@ ts rsr t_ _w 6igitalirxlt
Whell ill reeded a(]uS[T(lits lay{ b((li Tad( i:r(ss
tic • Button_ taltH1( • eLl!SOlisn(xtt}
BACK TO MASTER MENUt}<()/ti/u( wit/
Surround Setup
]l [Kxtst(}istu s fir(/rllOla!J ode/OH wi_
to US(witl t/( it}at tint waspr(vioaslysel((t(d in
t/( INPUT rT/e/dSire surrr)u/drT/od(sS( a
Tat(ruff; sori41tas(f((J[r tuslcta//mo(a
youwish youma (slag( it lat(r Howevrtto mtk(
itasi(rto(£ablis/th( initialptrt trsk)rtl(
AIM325 itisb(st t} s{Ict Dolb7 ProI ogicI or
ogic/k)r us anbg inputsard DolbyDigitalfor
i _i:uS<o_(ct(d tu digitalsourc(sInIre caseof
ir.)utssuc_asa BDPlayu]sp( D{ckor ]u_(r you
maywishtu s(t fie mud(tu St(r(u (Surroundof
progra at(rial andit isunlik(iymt surroc/d
]cod< rT/sL(rii willbeus(d AIt rnativdyt']( ogle 7
Musicmud(is a goodc/()icek) bier((}()flysuffice
rT/steriaiSee)ag( 28 for ()( irlurmstiolor avail
s)k st rr)tMdrT/Od(S
W/c/sdectir g staloundTode5k)[ digitai:xogra
rnst(rlaJtheAIM325 will slwaTs(xar in(tie data
s(r(a andautr)mati(ailys(l(t Dol}yDigialor )rs
Itis (aBlesttu co plet tic stHrounds(tLL} LiSi_gtic
fuliBSDonscr((nnus FromtheMA ST ER
MENU {'igur(I) pusstl Ai• ButtonsI{_
artilt_( • cursoris_exttofie SURROUND
S EL ECT ii]e Presst]( SetButton@ untilt/(
SURROUND SELECT rn /u bigu_?disor
th S([(( I
, ,7 ,,e
Each()ftheo'utioIiir(s o/tlis T(r!u {f:igiMe3}
s(i(ctstic slarOlld FT/Od(ctt go y aridwithh cad
of tlr)s( catcgori(sfiler( willb ac/ok( of tic
s)ecificmud( options1hec/ore of mod(swill
varyaccord]g o th( speakerco_figtNstio]ir yrxa
..4,stc Whel tl(S UR R BA CK ih ofth(
SPEAKER SETUPrT/ /u Figu( )iss(tto
NONE t/( BVR325 wiiibeco/figuled% 51
cla/l(I up(rationaid o/lytle mod(sapproxisteo
t fir( speakersTskmwilltp}ea/Wl(/tie SURR
I:K!alcbi<,t }SMALLo LARGE le
AVR:!2 ,,ill be (oifiqu edfor 6 1// i d,/rr d oi_'r
ttion aid additiontl()d(s sacl asDoibyDigitalEX
)]d DFSESwill s:}par )s t_(},areonlyawihbl
wl(I severlrnsil sp ak(rssr xes]t ] sdditio_
someof tie odes avsihbkir 1_(BVR325 wil!
ro ap}(af anisea digitals(xac(issddd a_dis
R}sel(ctt_( Tod t]at wiil)e us(d as]( initial
dbul ior_irput fis pr(ssth( i/• Buttons
!{_ a/tli tl o/scree/(also isr(xt t} tic desir(d
rT/od(S ast(rcat(gob nsrnesu@ ssDOL BY
DTS DSP (SURR) orVMAx Nxt pr(ss
t_( Set Button@ to vi(w thesub rT/(m Press
,/• Buttons_ to saoll tlaoug__( awih)k
cloics andt]l pr(ssthe • Button_ so fiat
t_( cursoris_(xtto BACK TO MASTER
MENU t} co_ti_ut_ s(tup [xoc ss
thefoilowi/gfw :partglap/s dettiltile i istructions
r((d(d formod(swit_rntltJpi((Ioic s
{1__( D 0 L B Y rT/(ILl?iguu 4)c _oic(sirclad(
Dol}y DigitaiDoibvPo ogk: II Mask DoibyPro
ogleI Vr)vi( Doi}y Pro[ogk I [rnahtionaid Doi}y
3 Streo ]he Doi)y Digial EXmodes onlyavtilabk
win thewet( is s( for6 i/7 i o}eatio] )yrx)]
figurilgtl(Sa/ioardlacks) akerso S all or
I afg( asd(sc ibedon}ag( P2 W_ens dis(:is
pl@irgtlat (()/tarnsa s}((;itl flag sigralil t/( digittl
tadiodatastr(a t/( X mud(win}e s(kct(d tut}
matkailytmayalsob( skddushg iisrn /uor
t r r)agl the[ro/t parel or ( rT/uter;r)rrtrols_ssl(}wr
on pag(27 A c()mpl(t xplaratk)rof tics( rn()d(s
Whet thebol# Digital()de is s(kct(d flier( ar
tdditiolals(tJ/gs avtilabkfort/Niglt od<
rle Nigltmud( is 8featta of )ul}y Digitalt_atuses
sp(cialprocessirg to preserv(tic dyramicis]g( and
furlirtd!igibilitof a rnovi(s(xHdtrackwhii( r duci]g
t/( :}ak Ivl ]his )[eventsa xa}tlyloudtrsnsiti()ns
fore distmbiIg o:/rs witloutI ducilg tie so/it
ImpactOf a digitalsou/c(]ire Nightmud( S only
swils}lewl(_ sp((iallyr(od<d Dolb7 Digitalsignals
R}adjustth( Nigltmud( settingeke c({tsi_thatth(
cuso/Is o/t/( NIGHT lin(of DOLBY
rT/(ILlN(xt pr _/• Buttons (l_ _ to c/o(),,c
bb.((r thef(#owi]g s(ttirgs sstl( 7 sppa u tic
orsr:((r dis)lay
,b ,,
OFF ,_,a_hOFF is i/ighlighiedtheNigilimede
MID ,let, MID isilighlighteda miklcempres
MAX ,_,/u_MAXis/,!lM,(x t (r..(.ua.
(o F]r("9/al!e[itlmwil[b(app[id
.%r ....... u,d,_,_ _,_,1,..,t,_ MID {,iS as
'ttrtinlF}elr lid{Ill{i( e I( MAX tirghtrif
d sir(d
lh Nightrood( ay also b( adjdst(d dir(ctiyally
tim( t Del)7 Digi_is(xrceis piayivdbypro si%t_
Night ModeButton_ Whe/tl( butb/i
_aess(d D- R AN GE willaui:e_rintheIowe_bird
ef t_ vdo creer a_di_t_eMaininformation
Display[] Res t/( Air Button_ wit/il
t]r(( s(condstoslcttl d(silds ti]g
Whenalls(tti_gsfortl( SllUOUrldsun Isv( )el
ade 'pegst_( Ai'v" ButtonsI_ set_t t_e
cmseris/_xt to BA CK TO MAS TER MEN U
arll }kss t/( SetButton li_ to ruH t} tl(
O/t/( DTSrT/( /11/ c/eicesrT/ad(wit/tie ,/_
Buttons!_l_t o/t/( ( e( ar d(teuT/,(dbya
co bir!atio/eftie ype of xogramrTltterlaJil as<
andwhet/(r t /( ](Jr01i71(:/a/llce/figura
tie/i il
Wlen t DIS seulceis piayiig thec/oce of mod(s
kJr/1 ayE(mswillvab tccordrg to tl( typ( ef pe
cj_s sent{ brs I BraESMatlixor ]rs ES
[)iscde} Pr(ssth( _i1_Buttonsl_tl_il to scr(Jll
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andtl( prograrT/il us( r/e [)7SNeoBMusiced
isavtih)lewitht/a[og streo sea/cs andtie DIS
N(e:BCinema<}de istvaila}lewithanalogatrlx
slllroLillder1(od<d SOLH{S to d(iiv{[ a/{ /18/c(d
5 1 (larrel s(Jardfi(id
Wl(r tic 51 cerfig(aatJeris ii us( th( AVRwill
aat(Jmsticallysel((:tth( S 1 v(rsKxof DfS puxuss/g
w/en s Drs dstsstrata is s(l((:t(d W/en the
B]/71 rT/od(iss(Icted t/( DIS S Discr(t(ode
wiilaat(JmsticaHyb( activakdwh(/s DIS searc witl
t/( ESDiscrekflag isil abeWI(/a/o/ ESBrs
disc s II (Is( ?ea rT/t s<lct DIS S Fv'atrix
ode t/roLlSI tlis (nu te crettea fullig/t s}(aker
SLilr(Jandode S(( Jag( P8 fora corT/pkt((xnlala
tie/of tie BFSmed(s
O_t_( LOG I C 7 tie cheic(stde with
t/( _/_ Buttonsl[_t_ (Jntheretookar(ddr
in(dbywl(t/ertlesi or61/7 Iclnrrelcen
g(aatJenisii rig( h (it i([ caset/( sdectio/of a
logic7 rood(e labl(sHsunanKafde_sexclusive
Iogk 7 pr(J{(Ss/gte {l(at fillly(rvqepilg multi
cla/l([ SH/IOHHdOHHdrein (itl1{r twci c/s/11{I
St{Ko er [vlstlix{ /cod(d pregls rol!! sa:l as VHS
(assdte5 hs(_ discser t{l{visK}/ )[,...._( _ pro
Intl i co/figurate/ /au ay sel(ctt/( logic 7/
5 1 _,,_uskCi/(rT/Sel Enm_cerT/od(rheywerkb(s
withw(J c/a/1(I rT/dSicS/i/lOal!d(r c(Jded'_)[(}grarT/s
orstaIda/d_,iethan/(i pregrs rnllg of arytyp(
rsp(ctivly ForB 1/7 Ice Ifigulstiels tie _duicaid
Cin( a modesrT/sybes(k ct(d P/( I ogJ(/rT/od(s
are_etsvaiiabl(w_enqtherDelbyDigitalor [)IS
digitals(Jardtrscksarcinca( S<( [sagP8kJra
((Jmpl(t (xpBlatkJroft/( egk 7 mod(s
C)rth< DSP (SURR ) rT/(Itl tie c/(Jicesmad(
with% ,I,1_Buttons!i_l_il o_ i( ( o( sk{t
fro ore o t/( DBPsarrea/d{}des thtt a;e
d(sg/ d kJr(is( wit/{we chann(i_ero :Jrograms
to crst a vary(1,of seundfild p(es_rtae_s 7_
c/(Ji{(savtilabka( Ihll 1/lall 2 rh{nk,rVMiv,<
N(arandV_iAxka rhe liall arid] i(at(r med(sale
d(sigl d f(Jr ulticmr I(l ilsalhJ(JnSw]ik th( b,e
VMAxed a/( oxirT/iz(dforascil @liv(rilga fall
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{xphrati(:xo{t/( DSPsarrea/dod(s
OHtl( STEREO (nu tl( c_oicesad witl tl(
,I,1_Buttons!i_l_il o/t/( re (Jr(may(it/(/
tul/th( salroandproc(ssag ell fo a traditiernlt,ie
{/a/l(Iskr(epes(/tatien ors(l(c 5 STEREO
o 7 S T ERE O d(p( _di_go_w_(tler tile S 1 er
01/7 i eatputisJl(Is rl( BUdrT/od(sfedat/e
{ la_(I [x senta%_te aiisp(ak(rs (ga_dl(ssof tic
harT/)eref sp(akes i/abe S(e '.Jag(28 fora cem
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Speaker Setup
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S PE AKE R S ET UP rT/(IL (Fgcr(!)
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NOTE:If yeuchees(Iogfc 7 ast/( surr()und()de
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t_}m()v( tl cus(x to SURROUND
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th( settingskx tB {rosseverpointw( sugg(stl!at
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Button!l_ sethattl( cursorov(s backcp to tl(
topof ?/elistof s(tti/g optons Pressth( •/•
Buttons!l_ setlat X -O V ER is /ighiigit(d old
tie {(/11 datawill@arg to tl( s<r((r slowr _1
BURR BACK : .....
BAgg _GR
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7i}chtng( tl( setthlgfortn of tie ta{e s}(aker
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andtl(r i:r(ssle ,_lill,.ButtonsIi_ti_tl (rtil th(
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Iin(tr!d Ixess/e _/• Buttonsi_tt_il so (/at
INDIVIDUAL app(arsil higlligltd vid(o
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{(Irr(nt i_putON['{ s_dyouwill/((d to go )sck to
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figuratio/ andmossovr s(ttilOS
'vt.</(/all 5p()k{. (1( :lOllS/)'<( b(el. rT/)6( f,(
th( • Button_ ala t_{i tl( BetButton@ to
rta{_ o _{MASTER MENU
Delay Settings
-} ,_ q • .,
,_ tl,(_J (u,it d,.tal,((.,b,.t,u.,i,l( ,,.t,lll, j
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R}settheddsytimefora s}(cifici%ut t_(
DELAY ADJUST (nu{f:gu/ 7}slodd )(
visibl(or!youru/s(:l ( / displayIftile syst( is lot
sl( sdyatthatpoi]t pr(sslle OSDButton_ to
brig Liptl( MASTER MENU pr(ssth •
Button_ tla(( timesor antilt_( ol scr(el (aa
ser_spoi_ti_gstt_( DELAY ADJUST iin
Piss t_( Set Button_ to <:allcp th rT/IiU
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O/c( t/( DELAY ADJUST rei!u iso/yxif
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4i• Buttons_l_q_ll sot/at METER Js/igh
fig/t(d Whenthec/s_g( irl ?etsH(m it mits is
ale 'piss _( A,v ButtonsI_ to (tu{_ t_(
Wit/t_ on screen cursorX)l_ti/gtu CENTER
4/• Buttons_ u_Ji Q;_((
%m thecorer speakerto theprefsi/edlistening
positio/ is(iter d N(xt presst/( Button_ ts
ove h( cursorK}th( SURROUND ih( andtls
t/( 4• Buttons@ql_b ,_g_i/tsnter dB
tarcefro tl_ vk_eo_ispl,v s h_ fort of oo
to surtout6sp(akrs Finallyif s',stem
co/figuu_c_tot /1 o } ratio/ by(it(ling L A RGE
or SMALL on/e BURR BACK li_eofthe
SPEAKER SETUPrn /u r_sshe•Button
,_gains/G useI 4• Buttons@ql_ to
(_t({ t_ Q...:,a_c(fromtl vi6o Qs}hyat !u}rt
oft/( oomtotl( saIK)rHrdsFxak(rsRerT/( )eft/at
ths lasta6justm(/twili oily be_((dedwh(r/uu _av(
slle(}llnd}ack s}(akersi/s aM(daid Doi}y Digital
clos(r astic sLr(}LHdrT/od(
W/c/tic speak(rto [1stni/g xsiti(}r disbarc( /as
}((/nter(d forallactivespeakelp(}sitio/spresstic
.Air Buttons_ t/ill i( on so((/culso is/ext
]h( dehys(t_hgs rT/tVb( Cmr/g(dat anytim(
dire(tiyflo t/( ( (}teco/troi b},pr(ssin]t/(
DelayButton _ CENTER DELAY will
ap)(al il t/( LowerDisplayLine[] )tlt y(}d
ay i:u _, Air Buttons_ to (kct _ry
Presstl( SetButton_ wl(/t/( dsir(d sp(akr
%}u:}a)p(arss/d t_(/Ix(so tic .Ai'_ Buttons
tgai/to (rtr tl( distaic( forT/thes}eakerto
t/( iis(nhg positio/ P(ss tic Bet Button
againt}e/t({tl( dtta Youaytln pr(ssth( Ai_
Buttons_ tg sel(ct a i(}tlersp(akergloupto
ep<attie :}rocedu( asi((d(d orwaitfiv( s((o/ds
Output Level Adjustment
Outputivei aGju-._e[t i',s key_:artof tl( co/f'(jura
tJo]of %, SHHOLIirdBOLl[d 'ToductIt isparict_lariy
irT/por(aitfor a digita[r(c(w<rst£] astie AVR325
as COHCt (}HtcHts ( 1! Life thatyULIJar ,,(]/rl!J[[ )( i(s
w_t_t]( :xop(r dir(ctJonalityaid i_t(nsity
iMPORTANTNOTE:list( ]erssr ofle_conkmed
aboutth( operatiolof _hesurroundc_a_r(is W_ik
someasstl ( tlat sourds/(}tlldalwaysb( COrT/Jrg
IU} (ac/s}eak(r: mostof th( tic ther(will)e littk
or ro S(}LHdil tic SL_H(}U/d(lar r(Is llis IS}ecaus(
th(},)K olrlytrse(Jwh(H) ovi( dir ctororS(}lild
mixersp(dficaiiy}lacess(xHdtl(r( to cleat( a }i
(11c(ora s}(cial ({fct ort43C(}/tJ/H(s(tio/i'om
tic i,o/t of tiff oom to tie realWile] he outxl
I(vds arcprop(flys(t itis [(}rrT/aJforSUll(}drd
sp(tkerso (}';}({It(oily occask}]tlNAr(ificitlly
IIq(as]g tic voJtlrT/(tOth( rears}( sk rs ay
destoytit illuq(}] o or!e welopi%}tiy/d ['kJ t18
duplicsts11(wayyuuha soul<II uovi<!leatu or
B({ol b(ginlingtie (}utxlt Iv(I t(!just ( /t proc(ss
rT/tk(certailtlat tli speakerconn(ctio/shay b((/
prop(/lymad( Fieso,st voiu( s_ouldbes(to
th( I(wi tint y(}llwilius( duringa typicailist /iIg
s(ssio/ Wliletie £R 325 aibwsyou_os(t output
Icy(issmsilyweieco sendtlattl( EzS<syst(
b( us<dwl(/th( AVRs firsti is(arkd to (s!a}lis/ tic
Using EzSet
Hat _] Ka[donB(x(iaqw EzS(ti( (}t( rT/ak it
p(}ssi}l(to quickl/aid tccuratdys th( BVR32S'
OLI}lit kvqs witloll tic LlSeO t sr}uild)eSStlre
rnkr: althoughamsi adjustrn(_tisalsoavaila}1(
Howevr for(he( tsiests(tupfollowthese.L(ps
will( s(at(d il tic list(lilg positi(}rtlat willb( ils<d
1 Mak c(rtt/that ailspak(r positionshay }e(/
prop(dy<(}/figald fo the, ha( orsmall s(t
trigs (asoutii/ d ab(}vqaid turf of!t/( OSD
2 A{!usttic vohlm sotlat itis at - 1,5 d B as
s_ownJ]th( o] scree] dis}hyor Main
3 Ik}ldth( remoteII iu}it of/ULi at trrT/Sk/gl
I}(Jngour(]otg cov(rtic EzSetSensor
Microphone_ at tl( to} of _( r( (}t(
4 P(ssaid h}ldtu( SPLSelectorButton_ for
SPLIndicator_ st}psflaslirg aid r( s_s
lit Witli i fir( scolds pr(ssthe5 Button
olt1(Iot( if/OLilS},ste is co/figuudfor
S 1 op({ttJ(}rwitl s(a'ldtrdsp(tk sortic
7Button_o_t) r( oeifyou sys( is
s!; akel c(}mpk (it i rciudirg real sLrrrota/d
speakers ()irce tile correct charirielcori[i%ratJori
S At thispoiit zS{ willtaB (}vu adjtsi/g tile
out}utlevelof etc/tin/r(I sot/tt w/entie
pr(x(sslSCO pk( tlll(v(Iswillb( (qualardat
t/( setrefer(/c( '3oi/t lhis proc{ssTay tsk(s
f(w il(ksdep(ndilgo/tl((xt /t of a(_jub!
6 tu_iig t/( t(]_ust( /t youwillse tic I(}cttJonof
tic cl trrei }osition)dig a(_ju'Ledtp}a/ il tie
on scre(ndisphyi co]_ tied) _]d h tic Main
InformationDisplay[] aler latirgwit/a
uadou of he outxt set_irgdative o tile refer
/c( volu( levi aid i/t/( Speaker/Channel
InputIndicators[] w]ele theI(tt isior tie
(I tnnel}einga6ju_ad willflaslto i/dicat( tic
(hsnn(lflo w]ichth( kst to]( s]ouidbe
I(ard Astl( s(!just(/t'pro(((ds afwthilga
•]le c/t/nel }osJtio/i}eilg ad>lst(dwillfhs/in
tl( Speaker/Channelinput indicators[]
Ifth( tat nois is heraldiu}mt cl tnld (}ti(r
tlan th( o/s/owl in tic iIdicttor;thereissl
rror i_th( sp(akerco//ectionsf t]is ist_e
{is( pr(ssth( TestButton_ rwIcEt4}
st4}ptles(!justm(/t ]h(/tul tie unitof aid
p/opr Outputs_@_[_@
As11(i _dividualclnnnelsae set th( c]a _(I
ham(_ndt]( a'J_u',t(nt o%(/ill ap}(a_i]
tl( on scr(endisphy(ifcoil cted)aid th
Main InformationDisplay[] Whil(t_( bvl
isclangingtie Program/SPLIndicator
willclalge colors1olefl ct _heout}ut lewlil
uhtioit} t/( ref({ rce /\ redi Idcati}/slows
t_attiel(v(listoohig_ whil( al a b(rindica
to/slows tilt t/kv([ is toolowW/(I Ire
indicators g_<] t_( kvelis collect a]dtl(
t(s lois( will rT/(}V(tOtic [(xt ( IalKI
Whik tdj;st (/tsa/b(J/gmtde tic idlED
u]dertic AVRSelector_ will lash rhisis
io[ al a/dildka(sthat zgtisopittilg
7 A!_(rtie t(st lois( hascil(allat(do/c thu}tlgh
ach cml_(I itwills(xlth( tsneto ea<_char
iS Afir t/o compkt c,culatixw oftile to/( t/(
Ivels arese ]1( Program/SPLIndicator
willr( oil gr(en_t e_c] than]([ (Jx_ corT/pk
tb/of th( s( x}id cilculatio[!1/Proglam/SPL
Indicator_willfhs/gl it/it aldthe/go
(xlt rr( to,( willstoptnd t/(/\VR 325 wil!
Ifyoufindtmttl( )utputkv(isc]osnbv zStar(
ith(r ulcomf0its)lybw or big//uu sy Ip<at I(
pK}c(d/ir( R(turl to Stp 2 andadjustth( masti
vokl( (it rersligitiy/igh(r ol iowe ts a<c(}modor(
youl'3sRiculafoom iayouandyr}u{tast(sYoumay
uxat thisproc(dur(asmarytJrT/(Sasr (cassay to
ac_i(v(a d(sJ/{dr(suit In urdert3 pier{nt possi)k
da tgeto/aLi/ i(al/guryourequ!p elt w(
( }/asizetlat 7cas/()uldavoids(ti/g tl( rT/sb]({
VOIU{ a}ov(OdB
NOTE:Fiesubw()ofr outxltis I()ta(_justedw/I tie
t(s tx( isil (Is( u a(_j(h;I( subwoofe[OLi?Patyou
ust as( s/(xt(rlal souc( foilowilgt/(ii!stfa(ti() %
Manual Output Level Adjustment
butputi:d as,ai 3b ac¢i (drTlanuall/cith(rt3
',cttIK to a c(ific I(vd Jill tl SP rT/ct(r:urt3
ak ill( unilgadus (It otl( I(wi'.()}tail(d
tIsllg t/( EzB(t ( or(
_L :0 dB SBR:O dB
C£N :0 dB SBL:O dB
_R :0 dB SL :0 dB
SR :0 dB SUB:O dB
{?;;o g
MaluaioutpuI(v(I t{!ust ( /t is]st etsi!ydo/
t/cash the CHANNEL ADdUST rT/e/(I
(Figure8)f youor( tlr(adv attheMAS t E R
MENU Ix(ssthe ButtonIi_ L'ntilth( on
scleenI_ cursor!s/(xt o CHANNEL
ADJUSTIiI( Ifyous(lo stt_eMASTER
MENU pros<,% OSO Button_ o briU upt_
MASTER MENU (kitu_i)alI,thtlpr_s<,tI_
Button![_ until_c unscr(',n • ciHsr i i(x
to > CH ANN EL A Dd US T lira P_<,<,th Set
Button![_t} xilgtle CHANNEL ADJUST
Wlen th( CHANNEL ADJUST rT/e/a
app(afs :xess_( ButtonI[_ [illtilI( OI SC(<l
cursolis nextto tile TEST TONE lile Pless
t/( ,/_ Buttons Ii_1_1 sotlat ON is /igllitj/t(d
andt/(/\VRs i _t(malt(st txe will b(ghlto (i cuistc
7u)rT/s}(akel to sp(akerII aclockwisedilectio/into
allsp(akus ]he kst nois<willpiayf()l tLo secol!dsil
(ach s}eak({)e{ofecirculati/gs_da i}li/kilg on
sq£(ncu[so willai:pes[/(£ o lle[a eo £ac/
sp(ak(r IocatioIw/(I d( s()a/disat tlat s}(aku
NOTE:R( (rT/b(/t(:lv(di_thattl sp(ak(Ishive
)eenplop /ycol _((std As_( t(st ioise circaiats
iist(/Oft/ok( (:edai/tlatt[( so(iKlco esi'OrT/t[(
spesk(rpositio_showl i_t/( Main Information
Displav[] i( soundiu)mtsp( skerIocatio/
do(s NO7it/ate/ t/( x}sitio_indicatedin% dspla_
tul ti/\VR :'_25of! usilg tl MainPower Switch
[] aid {:/{ok tl( sp(ake wilingol (axn(ctio/s t3
{xt I/al 'pow{rs piifielsto ok(celtail t/at {ac/
s}(aku is(a)nl(ct(d to tl( {orr((t outputt(ffT/Hal
Arielc/(ckhg i()lspeakelpitt( Tut I(t tie t(s!
lois( cir(:aht(ag_il andlis(/to s(< whig/clai[(ls
scald Ioad<ltht/_/e ()t/(rs Usilgt/( front1(8
s}eak r asa r f(r( _{( pr(ss% ,/• Buttons
!i_ I_1 o/tl( i( rT/ue to )Ills alls}eak(rsto tile
samevolu( I(wi Wlel ol(oft) _/• Buttons
!i_ I_i isi:ashedtl( t(st lois( ci/{(llatiolwill
pauseo/th( c/allel bells ad{ist d t} giv( yuu[i(
to sket/( )(_ja£(it W/(n/oulel(as tl( bu()n
tl< (:icaloric/ willr(surT/<aSr fiveseco/do
B()ltinu to a(!iustl( indwiduai(:/a/l(B altil t/(
vol/irT/( I(v(I SOli!ds t[(s) eiu) ca</spe_k(r
A{!iustrT/(ItSsiC[lidbead< witl tl( .I.1_Buttons
!_t_1 o/tl( i oteo/I/NO]tlerT/silvoiu
{()ltr()ls Ify()aor( (Isilg a sou/d pressur(level(SP)
it/eRrfoi 'uecis(levela{Jus (nt settl( volurT/(SO
tlattl( (ter <ads i_,dl C Bqglti]g Slow
Yuuay sis(}a@usttl( o[itpatI(vels anuallywhik
asllgle lev([ildictSolf( tt(le oftile zS(t ( ()t_
13s(:tJvattie su_sors_di _dicstur:sipiy pressand
r(ielsetile SPLSelectorButtonI_) ()ntile[erT1oS
_hik tilt te,,:()Ic i', (i(uhilq 71cProgramlSPL
IndicatorI_I ,iiil c_l_cjc:col()[to indicattl l(vl
Ac_j(',ttheI(vl ah{j :/( .I._ Buttons!i_l_i_l until
tl([) lig/tsgr((n % allcl t/l(is W/(i itis [(d the
lev(iistoohis/wh(n itis)be[ t/( kv(i istoolow
Presstie SPLSelectorButton_]_ w](]/au )e
finisl(do uu I( snsol )ld ildk:a_urofl
NOTE:]le subwoof(rlevelislot %usttbk w/(/t/(
IorrT/altot to/( !s!/ LiSe]1( S@WOO{({()at',xltI(v([
rT/t7tlso }e tdiuskdw[e/th( {ht/lel ievdsal
[3dlgtfi (dtoapr()glt s()a{((al({t/a/tl(
W/(/all chsnnds/aveal (qualvoBTe [(v(i tl(
t(_JLiStrT//t iSCO plet(R) (xit tlis (l!u pr(sstile
Ai• Buttons_ untilt_( onscr(en cursoris
i xttotl BACK TO MASTER MENU line
s_dthe_pfessth( Set Button_to rtar_toth
r,( ()utpatI(v(is av tlso )e t%ustd at alytim
asilgth( irnotccoltrolalds( iOSDsy£rT] [o
t6J[ist le OIit )a I(V(B i1 t/is 78S/iOH p(SS the ]est
Button!1_ Asso()l ts th( butJo/is'pussed tie
kst tol( will)egil to cilculatess il!dicated(arikl ]1(
(ollect c/a/l(I fore whicl tl( t(£ lois( shouldb<
leardwillb s_ow_in% low({_id o tl( vid<o
%((I aid i/th( LowerDisplayLine[] Whir th(
tst lobe isci/culatilg tie propelelan i(i positionwill
slsobei_dca(d i_t_( Speaker/ChannelInput
Indicators[] b',_ }li_kilg It(r wit_i_tl( corr(ct
_usdiusttheuutputIvel :xesst_( Ai• Buttons
!i_ altJltie d(s,d kvd iss/owl intie displayol
onsc(en Dicetl( butu/s ter(kased t/(£
i()is( will)egil to (:il{ulat(agail il fiv s(conds
Wlen oilc/all(Is hsv(th( StrT/eoutputkvel piss
tl( ]estButton_ tgailto(o pit tl( procss
NOTE:Outputkveladju,,: entis lot avti!abkfort/(
Afi(r oneii:xt has}e(/adust(d for %rr()ard ode
digitalilput (if an}dspesk(rtrip( snd outputi(wis
go bscktoth( INPUT SETUP li_( ol tl(
MASTER MENU {Fig(l( i} aid (nter tiles(t
tlgs for(a(:l i/put trotyouwilluse h os (as(s
ol!lytl( digitali/put aid surrouId rT/od(willb<diflr
(It !u)rT/O/( in}at to th( n(x w/ilethes}(akel typ(
crossuveli,(qu( /c7 Niglt()d< aid outputlevel
sdtJngswill(sua[Iv b( thesam<old rT/av}e quickly
(_t(ied }y( ]t rilgtl( sa dataus(dfortl(
Whel alls(tti_gsaid t(_j[istrT/@ltshtv( }e(/ad
Ixss tl( OSOButtonI_ to (tul to i OUT/al()p(/
trio/of t//\Vi<
O/c( tl( stings outihedonthepr(viousnag(sItve
beenrT/td( theAVR32{ islady fol op<lstiol!W/ik
tl(r( aleso ( additio/ais(ttilgst}b< ad< tls(
tie b(s d()/( afkr youhay lad t/()ppoltunit to lis
t(/to avariev of so(at(sanddi;f lent kilds of pro
gra at(rial 71(s( sdwncedsett,gsa_ed(scdb(d
on }ag(s 32 to 33 of tlis a/ual Inadditiona/y of
tl( setingsade i/t/( initialconfituraiol oftl( unit
may}e{la/g(datanyti ( Asyouadd/(wo di
f(r( it s()a{((sol s)(akers (x ifyOtlwishu ( i_/ge
s(ttil gto b(td r(fl(ct yota iib:enhg tast simplyfoi
lowle i/structiol!s% c/a/gilg t/( s< ilgs ic)ltlat
paa (ter ass/()wl il tlis s<(:tio/
Hsvi/gCorT/plted_1(s(tupt/d co/figuratio/ FXO(Uss
fol 7(xaAVR325 youtie a)outto exp(m/c( t/(
fil(st il (is( aid /o ( tl(at(/iis:el!hg Eliov
Basic Operation
Ol( you/av (o ul((dtl(iniisl',(u}and_<ngu
st!on eftl( AV:<325 it isSirT/pkto ()p(rat(aid
(!lOy Px f #ewhlgi_struc%nswill/elp/au rT/aXirT/iZ<
Turningthe AVR325On or Off
• WI(/usi/g _1(/\VR32_s!cxtlx fir..ttie/ou/w
pros th( Main PowerSwitch[] (x tl( Trentpaid
_oum tl( u/it en iT!isplacestie unitil aStandb7
od( ss i/dkat(d }ytle aber cole ef tx Power
Indicator[] O/c( le unitisi/Sss/d}y 7OLirTlty
}(gins iist_/i_gS(SSiO/}ypressi_gIx System
PowerControl[] onth( f,o_tpandorth( Power
On ButtonO orAVRSelectorO o/tlx r( ()t£
]_( Powerindicator[] _iiluln go:/ ]_is ,ifiitur/
h u/itonaid uu/n itt} h ilpu seu/c£tlat wsslost
us(d ]l( u/it mayalsox tylnedo/ Standbyby
Drss/g anydtl( Input SelectorButtonst[_O
(_I[_ ell t£xren/okorth( InputSourceSelector
Buttonst[_O to t£rntic uiit on pres:tl( AVN
Selectort[_ to s(t tl( r(rT/o(<()rtr}ito tl( AVR325
I, ctJo/s
]i} turl tl( tilt ofl attheendof t list(ni/g sc-_s()n
SifT/ply i;(ss ilk SystemPowerControl [] onthe
iu)ntpaxi or tx PowerOff Buttonq[]PQ (x _<
r( ()( Powc:rJill b( ',ILl efl o s/y(qulp (:rt
pluggedintothe res ps_elSwitchedACAccessory
Outlet1_ aid tl( PowerIndicator[] willturl
Wlen tx [erT/Ot(is us(dto tvr_th( unitefl it is
a<tualiy:}laci_g_( sTstm ill aStardb},ed( asindi
cat(d bytl a }el cobrof thePowerIndicator[]
]i} :)ingrafT/the/\VR325kx auto atJctuu o{
pr(sstl( SleepButton_el tie UT/O(ac/
Dr(msoft_( }utIonwfiid(aas tl ti( befoo:shut
]he 5i((k tie willb( dis)laTedi/th( Lower Display
Line[] tld itwificourt dew/u/til tl tins
Wlel tl( pr()glanTledske'atiT(/as (laps(d tie
(_it will mtwTn%allytulr offlie fio/t pan(idspiay
wiildi oox n[ bright/esswx/tx Sk(}iurlctiel
is program (d % caicei ST(e}hi/otTo/ 'press
and/eld tx SleepButtonq[_ u/tiltie i/k_{ ati()r
SL EE P OF F wil!a)p(a ir tl< Lower Display
Wx/yeu willb( swayflon/I erT/<foran (xt(nd(d
p(rk)dof ti( itis siwaTsa geodid(ato co pbteiy
tul/tile u]it d' witl tx iu)rt paid Main Power
NOTE:Ail Des(t me eliesale lestif th( ulit isI(fi
tu/I(d o€i}y usingtl( Main PowerSwitch[] for
mot(la/t,x) we(ks
Source Selection
u s(kct s SOLII:e Fxessanyof th( Input
SelectorButtons_(_(_ o/ix ( }(
Fheirsut sourc(rT/tyalsob( chmg(d b7pfessi]g
thefro]t parei input SomceSelectorButton[]
ach Dr(soof th( butlo/will ore tl( ilput s [ clio/
tboug_t_( listof availabki_puts
Asx in}ut iscn/g(d tic AVRgP5willa(It} ati
<allyswill to tl( digitali/put (i s(l(c(d) surreuid
mod( s} ake[cerfiguatien ouputIvels cessev(r
fieguencyandlight rnod(stttus_/atw(r( ( /teled
llx flent }txi Video 4 Inputs []_ril Optical 3
Digital Input [] or tl( Coaxial 3 Digital Input []
mayb( Li(d to Co/l((t )dt vice sLieRt% 8 vide<}
% ( or(a cor J(r to you( he ( ]t(rlainrT/nt,.7<(
Astl( inmt s()urceisc/alg(d tie rewinput ne
willtppetr ()m(/ttri!yasa/o/%1((/dis}lty il i(
lew(rt/ird of tl( vide<}dis}by ]he ilput/a( will
tlse tppea/i/tx MainInformationDisplay[]
s_dsgren EDwililightnextotlx selc dirputs
Wh_ s_ audos()(irc<isselectedhe itst vid(oi/put
us<dr( ai/s ro(t(d totl( Videol/Video 2 Outputs
i_) tndVideoMonitorOutputs_ Ntisp(/rT/its
S uitar(()usvicwiIg tld list( li Igto di_(/ It s(xrc(s
Wl([ acom'posit_<xS Vk£) seam<is sekct_d tie
vide()signalfo thatiput _*_slix re(it,d totileVideo
MonitorOutput_ ira vqix 'i( 'tbl( x a] rT/xi X
<(x]ect_d to_l( AVR325
F/erear(t,x) ilput cl ()ic(s tvaila}1(for as(wit/
<) < /I, _ -" ]
.( h,(,. dr/ a. a h_ D _/dG,_ ()f .._/,, ) ,,ac /a t[(
,( ix.( c6 t,_tx. 8-ChannelD_rectInputs _}
Sel(cttx apDrepriatilput acceidilgto tx wa7y()u
,.)st sr!Jsou{c((quipm It is co/figur(d:
• 6 CH DIRECT sm_id}( usedwhertl(
SBRandSB inputsale NO]i] Limes_dtlx
I l',)lt S(}UIC(doric( hts its ewl ilt(rlal bass
rT/snge (dsTste Fhisinputpass(stl( irput
fro tl( soul(( dil (tlyth/ouglto tl( v()hXT/(
ulwt/ted _eis(iu) irt rf(rirg witl syst p({
f(}[ 81c(
8 CH DIRECT ShOLikJbe_sedwlel an
inputis (()r _(((d t} _liiq] 8-ChannelDirect
Inputs_} tl!J.iiIcl th i/pu oulc( dvl<(
dir(cli},th(<xg i te _1<volumecontrolwit/outary
HIriS(d i_putj_cksto I}r(v(lit ( [lwallt(d IX}!',
Volume Control
A(_jIwI( voklm tu t comf<}rta)l[(v([ usilgtlx
font ps_e]VolumeControl[] (x [mot Volume
Up/DownButtons_) _]_
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Surround Mode Selection
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Logic7 _ Stereo _ or DSPSurround
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Digital Audio Playback
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Selectinga Digital Source
R]utiliz((its({ digitaln/ed( voaub!/av@ nrep(dy
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If youhaveIo tluadycerflga[ d tr i/put% adigital
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Button!_ii[] t/d tl / ilsingtl( Ai'V Buttons
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Surround Mode Chart
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s()u/dfild flo tl( enginal5 I (lall(i s()u/dtlt(
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Off(% r(()}
OPTICALe COAXIAL input _ _(_,
ap(a_ i_ _( UpperDis@ayLine[] x o/<,(l(( _
(b, la/Wllql tIK di@al',earcci', playi/gtl(
AVR325 willaue atictllycatct Jhich7ia of digit,_l
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atkN H!theUpperDisplayLine []
Wler a digiaisouuais playilg/( AVR3:>{ s( /s(s
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Digital£stea swill(labk DelbyDigitaldecod/g
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t_eSurroundModeIndicators[] incem)i[ s%[
,,ui_/( informationDisplay[] aisos(r,( _s
)itsr( s h@icatio/sto slow w/el typ( o{bit£r{ s
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DolbyDigital:W/(/t_( g1(/ D n(xttut_( Dol)y
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DIS: W/(i le gr((/Lg i(x te tie DIS lego
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PCM:Wl(/1/( gle{/ EDnextt} th( wordDIGITAL
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MP3: Whe_MP 3 _)';}{arson_e LowerDisplay
Line[] a ',o )atibkMP(- 1/apr 3 digitalq'gml
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MP3 ptricahriywl(/t/(dataN( (/ceddat
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Speaker/ChannelInput Indicators[] inle flo/t
Ixmi Main informationDisplay[] W_(na
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Digitalsigntls/owevu a}_ lave iv'i()fir( sx er
s(v(] chan](is d(pendilg(N]( :xogramrT]sterisl
tlemt/edeft{t/s Jssie/tndt/(wayllw/ic/it
wB em)d(d Wh@s digihlsignalis}l%ig tie l(t
tersil tlese i Idi(atorswililiglt i_rspem te tl
s)ecificsigntl bins lec@vd It is imperantto lot(
tlat altheugi Del},,Di@ti for(xampk islef(rud to
ts t i s',st let til Dolb',)i@tti DVDsorxe
gramsaa(/cededfoi I rhusitissom(ti (slel
mtl fora DVDwitl a Delbv)igittl seu/dtracktotdg
NOTE:Mar%DVDdiscsau ecoid(d witl betl { l
t/d :> 0 v sio/sof ?/esam seu/drack Wl(i
piayi/ga DVDaiways}( ceitsii to el(ok thetp( of
rT/st([iaie/th( disc PCestdiscsslowtlis iiforrT/atbn
il t/( kx o{a iisti/gol ico/al! tl backof t/( dis(:
jack(t WI(/a discdo(s affl mltipl seuldt!Hk
( leic(s yeumaylay( to ake serTus(!jHst( itsto
put DVDpier (usuallywit/tl( Audie S(i(ct }utol
orii a menus(u<n o/t/( disc)te s(/d sfull 5 1
feedto tie BVR325 Itis aBupossiblefor tl( typ{ ef
signalfeedto cht/g( dtaHgtl( (xxas(efa DV)
piay}ackInsu( css(s tile puvi(wsof so{ciai
rT/steiiaJwilloily )( lecord(di120 sudiew/ik the
rT/si] featuuis avsh}le il S1 acdie rh{ AVR3:>S
willauto aticallys(/s( chmg(sto tl{ bitstiesrT/aid
( la/l(I (eLHtaid (fl((t t I(FT/ill th(s( iIdicsturs
r_( ieti(rsua{d%'t]( Speaker/ChannelInput
Indicators[] tlso fla ito ildica( w/[ t bitsua
hasbe(/int(rru:x(d r_iswililaps(] w](n adigital
iiput soulceiss(i(ct(d b(feu t/( :}laTbacksalts el
w/ent digittlseuc( suc/as a DVDis :}aused]h(
fhsli ig ildicateisumild uu t/at tl( playback/as
stoppd du( t} tl( abs(E( ef s digitalsi@alandlet
t ieagh t/y ftaltof theA/./s<:'25 ]his is /el al aid
tl( digitalplaybackwill(su elc tl( piayba(kis
Night Mode
A sp(cialf ata{{of Del)yDigittiistie Nightmeal(
w/ic/nabks specially( /ced(d Dol)yDigittlnpu
s@ac(ste }e @aydbad<witl fulldigia[i _t(lligibility
w/lie[eda(iigtile rT/M UrT/p(akkv(i by 1/4 to i/3
rl% pfevelts axaptlyloudIraisiiois _,(:lrT/distarbiIg
(}tiers wit]{xt u ducilg t]( impactuf t]( digital
s(xac( rle kightrood(is avtila)iee iiywhe/Dol}y
Digitalsiglaiswit] sp (ial dataar b(ilg piay(d
Fie Nightrood( ay )e u;gtg(d wh(/a Delby
DigitalDYE)is piayi_gbyixessirg tie Night Mode
Button!i_o/t/( u e( Nxt 'pusstleAi'V
Buttons!i_ t} s(iect(Jilt theiddl( ange e
h[I corT/pr(ssbnv(rsio/s oftie NightrT/od(h:ltal/
tl( Nigltode el{ pressth( Air Buttons!i_
a]tJille essage i__e bwerthi@of i( vid(e ds
pla7a'ld i/tl( Lower DisplayLine[] (ads
rh Nightrood( ay aJseb( s(i(ctedte alwaTs}( o/
tt (it/el i(v(i of co }(ssio/usilg _1(eptJel!sJ/tl(
DOLBY rT/eltlS( page20 k)ilformatbl o/
asilg t/( (/as to s(t tlis optio/
Wh(/th( di@tsiplaybackseuic(is step}(d or II a
paus(ft£ forwardorclapt s(ac/rTwd( th( digital
tadiodatawill o (Italily stopmd (/e chtnn(i
pusitkNlett(rsi_sidetl( Speaker/ChannelInput
Indicators[] wiil%sh ]_is fs_orrnslanddo(s i()t
indictk t pro)kmwith(it le[tie/\VR 325 ortl
seat( achh 71( AVR:!2s will(turn to di@ttl
pla},backasso{Nasthedataisavaihbiesl(J w](n
tl( a(hh( isila staldaidplayed<
• Alt]oug]tie/\VR 32 willdec{}@vilu_llyallc[Nent
DVDe,,i(s CDsandIiD]V,>aue(£ itispossibletlat
sere{fdtuadgitalsoui(esay le }e(e patibkwitl
tl( AVR325
Netalldigittli}_( needed'programscontainfull 5 1
{x 6 1 (halld,_udb Cens@thepega gaidethat
tCCCIrT/F]_]li( S th(fJVi) e laser disc O de(/rT/ile
_licl typ( of audiohas)eel I (old(d ol disc
D(AVR32SLilIact} aJclilys(Is(tl(t/p of
digitalsuHound( /cediIg as(dtnd a(!justo
KcerT/rT/eda( it
Wlel a digitalsourc(is }hyHg}a)Lirely rot )(
abk tu s(iect sere(uf tx al!alogSt redid modes
suchasDoibyProegk}ll Ddby3 Stre Iiall
Whe/t Delb2 DigitsiorDFSseu/c{ is:}isyi/g
it is ro possibleto ak a/tntlog (cerd /g usi/g
/( TapeOutputs_ andVideo1 orVideo2
AudioOutputs_ I_l However:he digitalsig/tis
wiil)e pas d t _eugl t} tl( DigitalAudio Outputs
PCMAudio Playback
PCMPulseCudeModulation)istx ro]cerT]pr(ss(d
digialtudie ,,Totm usedforco}act discsaid las(r
discst isalsotx foeat us(dasanoutputbyaudio
transcodeissue/as tie liavea_Karde/ BAt 150
lie digialcircuitsi/tie AVR325 ale caus}l{ ef ligl
qusii_},digitaltu a_alegd<codi/gandtley mayb(
co/ I(cteddirectlyto tx digitalsudieeut}utof/au
Cell11(ctielis may b( rT/tdEt} {itxr the r(al ct/(i
Optical or Coaxial Inputs _ _ or tl( frert )_r(I
Digital Inputs i_l'_
]o fiste/t} a PCMdigitti SeLilC(fir*cS(iecttl( inputk)r
tie desir(dSOLNe({eg CI)) Nexpresstl( Digital
SelectButton_r_!_il t/d tie/its( th( Air
ButtonsI_} {x t_( ( e( urtfx _ii, Selector
Buttons1l'i111_to/tx fiontpanelu/tiihe desi/(d
cleic app(aisil tl( Main InformationDisplay[]
DuringPCM:}lay)a(d<youmays{iecta/y SuHound
ed (xc}t DelbyDigitalor [)73
MP3Audio Playback
lie AVR32Siso_( ef tie feweceiv{rs(quip©(dR}r
enbea/ddecudhg fix th MP3tudie fl)r tt used}y
cu Ix£eisandsoda)l( audiod vic(s Byefl(rilg
MP3d(codilg theAVe<325 s a)leo d(liv I pr((ae(
cu/v(/sen of tl( digitaleigntlst} al t/aleg output
ale/g witl le b( /efitsof iist ningto tile _t£PStudie
t/eugh tileAVRi'25e hig/curt( nt ar }iifi(rtnd tx
sp(ak(rsflo yetHsurredldbys( ra xrt/a/tl(
smallerep( tk rs aid low pew(r(d t piifi(/stypically
7i}tak( adva/rageef tl( AVR325a MP3caps)iliti(s
simply celfl(ct tl( PCMoutpu ef a {e ;u(rs s(xHd
ctrd ortx PCMoutputeft por(abl(digitalaudio
d<vi(ato (il(r x r(ar paxi Digital Inputs _)
el/e i,e/t }tnel DigitalInputs r_-Jl}_ wlen the
digittl signalis avtilabietheLower DisplayLine[]
willirdksateflit a/MP3 )its:l a is',}us{ /t andt/
audiowillb(gil piayi]g
rl{ AVR325 isorly capa)1(of pity!/gsgnalsil
tie MPS(_dPEGIiI ayel30forint t Islet {empati
hi( witl o1{i cemputi sudiecod(co
F/{ digitalaudioil:}utsiglal a7 b( Gth(roptical
orceaxiaixlttl( slglaiust )e i/x PCMfeuT/at
Dir(ctco/_ (tier of USBorsefisldataout}utsis not
pessi}l(ve/theugl tl signtlsar( il he MPI'for
rest yeu18v sly qListi0/st)eut tie dataeutxlt
formttflem (xlrco xlt(/elaseuxJctd (/e(
withtie d(vices()w/{fs rT/tltltl or co/tacttl( real
IfyourcerT/uut(ror SOLHIdct[ds digitaloutputislot
{apt)le ef dr(or ce/lecien to tl( AVR32{ yeu a7
its( t/DAL 150 ar opto/al exter/aitralscud(r
tvaiiabl(from Htreal Ktdon tu cow(it tl( LJSB
otlt)utef a (emput(rt} a formercurT/patibl(wil
tie AVRCe/tactyourHt rT/tl KaideI d(akr for
Dueto th( wideva/ittier il MP:_fer atsand
ncodiig sp(<ds itis possiblethsttie AVR325 sy
re )e cempsti}lewit/all MP3i i:}utsignalsSo(
maypredtlc{tl _ccept_bi(resultsard SWT/{rT/synot
b(deced<d lifts is/o sfauitofGtl(rtl(co }u(_
ortl( AVR325 butratx/a }y pred/xtoftl( ur}e
di(ta)k ratureof MP3play}ack
Tuner Operation
Px AVR325s tu_(ris capabkof tunhgAM VMand
bMSereexesdcsstsatiensSaio/s a7}etcxd
real(allyortl(y rty besoi(d as_voritestatic/ pr(
s(tsandrecsikdfern a :0 pesitiei rTl{ ely
1 Presst_( AM/FMTunerSelectButtonO_
(xi!x mote !o<elect!x tlllle aII:}tlt ]lIe {lle[
rT/aVb( sekckx fromthefiontuxi A pr(seh%itl(r
tl( Input Souice Selector[] untiltie tuneris
_ctiv{ortl( TunerBandSelector[] st a]y ti
P Presstx AM/FMluner SelectButtonO_
orTunerBandSelector[] tgtil to switci )et_{{i
AMsid'M sofiattl( d(si(d fr(quicy banJis
3 Pussle ]bnerModeButton[] _ to s(l{ct
WhentheAUTOindicator[] isifiu inatd ir t_(
MaininformationDisplay[] thetunr will)/iy s}p
tt t/os stttiensthatlaw astrergreugl sgralto b(
W]en tx AUTOindicator [] is re lit tx tLir(r ish
t al!_Jtl rT/odeal!J will %t}ptt a(h r(q/l Iicy I1(I
re(_ti_tl slct(dba_d
4 u s(i(c etatiers presstx TuningSelector
ButtonI_'1_ Wxl tic AUTOIndicator[]
isii pro le }uen t} cause Llnertu sear,] f(x
t_( xxt lig_{st oriow(st iuqu( ]c7b_stionthsthas
anaccepta}lesiglal Holdtie TuningSelector
ButtonI_'1_ t} seal throughtie statio/switl
sc(a}tabksig]aJsPr(sstl TunerModeButton
[]Ii_ to ssit:/te tlx rT/t/Lltltuling<}de il w/icl
acl pr( oftl( TuningSelectorButton[]_i_
t_advarcsen(fl que/cy_/cle (/t:pr(ssa/d
leld sl(ce butul te s(:alth/ougi ellfl qu<rcy
i1(i rT//to
Wlxr turingFMstatio/sint_{ Autureed( tx tcx/
willonlysekcts(r(o stations7i}tux e tl( nextsta
tie/press bute/tgain ftx STEREOIndicator
[] s let li ttp tx TuningSelectorButton[]
l_i_l_ to advai{( enefl quencyncle( /t ats
tin{ er pr(sss]d holdit to io<at(a s }{ci{ic,>caion
Whet tlx TUNEDIndicator[] lie_ts_e static]is
S Ststionsrelytlse }e tur(d dil ctly)y :}eesi/gthe
DirectButtonI_) andtier :}ressi_gth( Numeric
Keys!i_ thtt coil sperd to tie bzttiers flequ icy
tie d(si/ed satie/wifi autemati{ailybe (cned you
Ixss ar ilceH ct buto/w/ile ent(rirg a dil(ct fie
qurcy pr(sstl ClearButton _ to startowr
NOTE:W/el tie FMr(c(©_io/ efa stationis w(ak
sudiequalitywill)e i _c(asedbyswitchingo Mo]o
y_ _q s
m(J(. E, .I,..il 1tla.Tuner ModeButton[]li_
u]tfitlx STEREOIndicator[] gos out
LJsirgt/{ rereo( uptu 30 statie/say )e stx(d i_
tl(AVR32isre( oryk)r(asy (<aftusirgtx ;,err
paxl(e/tJoJs e tl( erT/et
_u{rit(r a statk}/Hire tx efT/Of/fil_4 NI( tX eta
1 Pr(sstlx Memoly Button _ entile [cruet
rh* MEMORYIndicator[] willliglt tnJ flas/H tl
Main InformationDisplay[]
2 Witlit fivesecu/ds :x(sstie Numeric Keysli_
cerr(sxx_di_gt} tx Iocatio/ w/k youwill tu t)r(
tli statio/fr(qLl( /c7 O/c( ( It(led tx xes nu
b{I willt:)p{a il tl( Main InformationDisplay[]
3 Rep(attie prec(ssaft[ turirg tly tdditio/alsta
1i3rT/aluall/sel(c a satb/ia viousiye/tld ill tic
£a£s£tmme[/pr ', th( Numeric Keys_ that
(off(gx_l!d (} I( d(giHG satioIs ( orylo(stiol
]i} manuallytu/( t i(}ugl thelistof storedpr(s(t
Selector Buttons [] I_ _ el tic f(}H par([ or
( e(
Tape Recording
/ Hr}UT/SIep(/tieH the tddb el VKJO soil!c(
slctd f(}rlist r inst/roughth( AVR32s is sentt}
t/( (cordoutputsFhisrT/(anslat anyprogra you
af watghi/goriis(ni/gt} ay}( rcord(dei }ly
}y placingrT/achi/Sconnect(db theoutpvtsfor
]ape Outputs_ orVideol/Video 2 Audioaid
VideoOutputs_)_ lit/( R<ord}d(
Whent dgittl audior(c(}[de[is ten/(ct(d t} t/(
DigitalAudioOutputs_ you ae a)iet} record
tic digitslsignalusinga BDI,! MHiDi%or ol([ digitai
]h( digitti outputsareact!v((}nlyw/I adigitti sis
lal is nes</t andtl(y dorr}t crxred s/analog
inputto a dgitslsislal e[ c/a igetic f0uT/atOfth(
digitalsignal/ add!rio/th( dig!tel[ecord(rrT/US
}e com',)sti}1(withhe eutputsignalI:or(xarTlpl(
t/( PC_,idigitalI_put!,ores CDnlay(rrnsybe
(corded o/a CDRur WiliD!%}tit Dol}y Digitaie
PI(ss(rT/ak(cerair thtt/all arc swat of any
cop},fig/tr(srktie/s o/any as/ial veucep7
LJinuthefizeddupiicstlolof <opyfig_t(dmat rialsis
Output Level Trim Adjustment
NorrT/sloLitptlI(v([ a{!jtlstrT/entb[ tic A//s(32f is
(stt)lbled IlsiIg tic ts_ to/( asoutli/(d eI nags
24and25 / somecas(s /eweve[itmayb( d(s,
abieb a(!justt/( ouputlevelsusiig programateriai
suc/as s t(s: de( e[ a s(ie(tio/ yous( h ilia/with
£1ditionsii/fie ol@utI(v(l fori/( su'}w(}of(r(aI elly
]i} tdjlst theoutpukvls using'uroglammttefialfirs
%!the e*ermce vokmekx !hefrontlexic feet ight
clair(is usirgtl VolumeControl_'Jt[_ tl_
f youmeusings discwitht(s_sig_aie(x s/(xt(unl
siglal g( /ustor asth( eouc( fern wli(i tr) t]i l(
r}utputkv(ie/au sy us(t/{ EzS(tfiatue of tl(
r rT/oteto guideyouto tl ceuct SP levi ]i} us(
fie remot(for this'pHpos(pr(ssaid quicklyrieas(
fie SPLSelectorButton t_1 to a(tivat(thesetsot
W/il he est ion( isdrcuiatingt/( Program/SPL
IndicatorI_t willc/a/g cobr toi/dicat( th( level
Adjlstfie I(v(i usilg th( .Air Buttons![_ until
fie EDJig%glee/for allchsnrelsWhet itis r(d
tic I(v(i istoo hig_whenitisam}ertic I(v(i isto{}
lew P(ss fie SPLSelectorButton_ to tub tic
s(ise old indicatorofl
{)ice tie le{me/c( iev(Ilos bee/s(t pr(sshe
ChannelSelect ButtonI_ aid FRONT L
L EV Jill ax}ea/ii th( Lower DisplayLine[]
b c/tnge tic led firs pres_,ihe SetButton!_
)ld us( ,Air Buttons![_ e raiseor
I(}wert/( fev(I DONor us( le voklrT/(COd(}i
sstfiswi!!sltrtl( (f (E( s(tti/g
Oncethec/a iS( has}eel mad( presstie Set
ButtonI1_ aid pr(ssfie Ai'v Buttons![_
to sel(t tic/(xt outputc/a//(I Iocttie/ thatyou
wis/to t(_just7oadjust/( subwoof(/level'pr(ss
tl( Ai'v ButtonsI[_ untilWOOFER LEV
tp }et s il th( MainInformationDisplay[] e[
s<(petttheproc(du as i dedu/tii allchainde
[ quiiig a(F_! entItv( }e(/s(t W/en alladjust
rT/(itshsv( )e(I rT/ad(al!(lle flI/t I(r adjust (its
s( ad( k}r fly( s<co/dst/(/\/./R 3PSwil!(tu/Ito
r_( chani(l outxlt re[ a/y ii©uimayale(}b( adjust(d
uslgtl(fulIOSDei sc(enmiusys( Firs set
thevelum(t} a c(}mk}dablelist(/i/g kv(l usilg th(
VolumeControl_r'J_ _t rl(n pr(sstheOSD
Button_ e bringupthe MASTER MENU
(fklul 1 Pr(ssth Button _ untilth( oi
scr((/•cursor is mxt t}tl( CHANNEL
_ctiw_ CI-tANN EL A D J US T
OIIC{ th( m /u tp}oafs oli yed vid(e so((/ rst
us(t_eAir Buttons_ b mov( t/( (}fl scr(m
culso sot/at i is/ext to tie T E ST TONE
Iil( Pressthe.I/• Buttons![_ I_I soflit 0 FF
isIrisfiig/ted7hiswill urnof tie t(s to]e aid )ik}w
youtu us(yotr (x(rnslt stdiscor eth(rsoufc(
rnstefiaiastierefer(_c( r_n uset_eliV
Buttons_ 1os(l(c _( clannelsto b( a{Just(d
At(acl < loll I'positio/ us( tic _/• Buttons
![_tochalg(th(outputlev(f Re (be/tic
getl isto/ave theoutputlevd ateac/chair d b(
quai wl(i i(ard at tic list(liig position
Ifyouwishto r(s( elltie Icy(istu t](ir originl
factxy defaultef OdBefU,(t nress]( ,Ai_ Buttons
![_ sotrot theo] sclee] CClrsoris/(xt te tie
CHANNEL RESET linea_dpressthe,_/•
Buttons_ _ soth4 tie woc ON is ]i Ilighte{
A!_(rt_( kvls ereres(t (%metie procedureout
li_dabovet}rs{ tic I(v(Ist}t_( desi(d s(tJhgs
Whellill a(_jtl_irT/ritet( dole presstl( _i_
Buttons![_ tu ore theo1sine(/• cursorsothat
it is/xt te BACK TO MASTER MENU arid
tl(/:}isstl SetButton _ if/au wis/te go
backto th( rT/_i_(11_1t(]rT/ak(eth(r _(]u'.t ( %
Ifyouh_ve/o othert(_juetrnitsts ak 'ursstl
OSDButtonI_ to xit t] bet(
NOTE:rh(eutputk'.,eisrnty)( S :}matelytrimmedior
ac/digitalaid a'laiogsurleundmodef youwi_ to
lay( dirfereittfi kv(isforasp(cificr}d( valectt/at
rnod(a_dtl(_ f011e.itl(HstaKtJolsi_tic st(pssh}.i]
( alli( I
rhisproductisquipped wifl a r (rTloryba(:ku) sys
t fiat pr(seiv tl( s/stemco]fitiulttio] ilfe[ orion
old tunm_aes(tsiftie u_iti sccidm_t_llyunpkgged
orsu_ia(:t(do a)ewel (}uttg 7his emorvwilihst
forau_:roxiat ly bo w((ks sfi(r wli(:_ti( ellidur
rT/ati(}lills b( I Itld
lie AVR325 isequi; _d wih a mrnbi efadvalc(d
fi atur(sthattdd (xtrafl(xi}ilit e theunitseperttien
Whii(it is_o n(c(ssaryto LIethesefestu{s1o
(@rat( tic ulit ticv preqd(additio/aieptieIstlat
/all a}_ WlS/(o LlSe
SurroundAmplifier ChannelAssignment
]h AVR325 is %i'p'ud witl svr full}}w(r
amplifierc/a/_els to allewfer cempkt( 7 I clannd
ep(ratJenwithouthe/(<d kx sdditJenslext r/si
amplifiersIiow(wr; il sorneiistallations7ou wBh
to Lis_ ira liJers151 cl<J_rel(axlfiguratJonfor tile
?aIM [istelillig reo? whlc/allews the S;l{IOtll!d )<](k
Ifiirig_t amlikr clnmlsto )( usdto pew(r
',p(ak(r_,pJa;(dina i rT/etz(}li{ lec_tJc8
f youwisl t} useth( Surreuld lack c/a//el trnplJ
tip, to pew({t_er([ or( zon( y}u [u', ch_ii]e a
1ornak(hat dang( fil,_:cellupt/( s},,_tiT]
)y }ressi/gtheOSDButton ql_ to bringth
MASTER MENU {'igur( 11totle scr((n '$x:
piss t_( v Buttonq[_ untilt/( CLHSOrisn(xtto
t/( AD VAN CE D Ii/( Pr(sstheSetButton @
to(rtrth ADVANCED SELECTrT/(lu
{Hgu( I@
E,q,,e 70
li} cla Ig( t/( setingsoflat t/( Surreu/dBack
amplifiersarcfedbvtie sourcesekctedth/o%/ t_(
Multiloo sy£(rn isr(ssth( _1/• Buttons_
so]a MR SP is _ighlight(di_rv<rs< vid(oaid
piss _( Set Button
Re ( b(r tllat{)ice thiss((_in*_is rna(( youwillhe(
)( bk totsB adv _!aeof s_yof t_( 6 1// 1
cla/lel d(codi/go' p'o((Ssllgodes old tla!tle
sp(ak(rsusedfo he emotezoneust beco_ected
to he SurroundBack/MultiroomSpeakerOutputs
_) ]h( voiu ( kx tics speakis is s(t byt/(
uitJloo sy£(rn ss(xpiail(d or :sag(;4 oft/s
O/c( t/s s(ttilg ismad( yoHTa7pr(ssth
Button_to ak t/volt/( etl(radjust (its
availa}lee]t]s (nu If ]o othera6juetrT/e]tss(
i((d(d pr(ssth OSDButton_ to(xit th rn /(i
F/(/\VR 32s Main InformationDisplav [] is s(t
sta d(fault }ig_tresskvi nt is su;%i(ntkx vi(wing
II t /er allyii_reo l iew(v({ in gem(Iome tl(at
ils allatJonsyouay wis/to eccasio/sllylowerth
brigltnessef the displayorfurl itoff co pk ([y
b c/angetie displaybrig/t/esssettingfor ssp(cific
list niig s(sslo/;,ou wil!/eedto ok( or!a(_j(s!sent
lit/( ADVANCED SELECT (nu R}sart
tie ,_#strne_t ixesshe OSDButton_ to orng
th( MASTER MENU to saee_ P_sstl_
Button _ ill[i[ tiff 3/%1((/• ',ursor is next o
theADVANCED ii_e Peso!_eSetButton_1_
to(/!(r th( ADVANCED SELECT (nu
1oclal9_ t _ebrigltl/essset_/gattm ADVA NCED
SELECT ake certtiltla tic o/so((/
(Li/Soris_(xtt} t/( V F D li_( andpresst_(
Button _ urti]t/( desi(d bright'lessI(v(] isligl
ligltedinth( videodis}h Whe/F UL L ishig/
lightedt_e dis'uhyisat its rormalbright_(ssW](r
HA L F is/ighliglted th( displayis a halft/( let
ms[bright](ss I(v(i Win OF F is]igNight(d el!ef
tl i/dicatersil th( Main InformationDisplav []
will]e da/k Iiew(v(r tic g[ ri EDsor th( Input
Indicators[] ar!Jtic SurroundModeindicators
[] aswellssfl} tJ/(PowerIndicator[] wiilalways
i( ai_litto omli_dyout_attl ill!itis ttlu(d (}H
Dr(a tie d(s,d brig_tnesskvelis s(lect(d it will
imai/in effectuntilitis c/a/g d agail or u/til th
unitistuu(d e;t
Ifyouwis_to rntk( othr a6ustrneits pr(sstie
Ai• Buttons_ urtilt_( on scr((n CLNSOris
next(othedesiredsetthgor_( B ACK T O
MAS T E R MEN U I_( ard 'press_( SetButton
@ If/eu hsv(/e el({ adj(l', (it te rnsk( Ix(',
tic OSDButton _ toxit tic rn( 1(isVstrT/
Asist_( cos(wih est audkivideoreceivusw_(_
th AVR325 is tul/(d o/it wili alwtysretul/ te le
vehlm(s(ttirg ill efict wh(/t/( (llit was(Llili(deft
Hewerr /au av pr(Br (osiwsyshay(t/( BVR325
tu{_o] at asp(cific settug r<gardkssof wlnt wss
lasti/Lise W/(I tS/((/it wastu//(d of R}c/a/g( tic
d(L(lltce/ditie/sothatth( sa ( volu (kvdis
alway',ts(d st till O1 TOLlwillricedo iT/Ok(Sl
s(_jlletrT/e/tint_ ADVANCED SELECT
rn(_(%strtth<a',iLJ((_t_ ',hcOSDButton
to_ilgLl(MASTER MENU(Fig(u )
[O [/( ( C£211 P( h [9( Button_ (_[iltheu
tee/• <(r',orI',/ex! to !'/( AD VAN CE D line
hesstie SetButton_ to elYetie A DVANCED
c Itai//a th( Oil SCr(c/•ClllSe i',11{xttut/c
Ai• Buttons_ as]((d(6 Nxt prey,th( •
Button _1_ sohat tic wordON is hig/liglkd i]
tic vid(e dispiayN(xt piss tic Button
olIce'_oII tic Oilscr((ll ;Li/Sori Ii(Xtt} t/(
DEFAULT VOL SET li_( u s(tt_ d(sil d
turno]voiu ( pfsst]( _i•Buttons_
ultJithedesJledvolumekwi is slowno/tic
DEFAULT VOL SET lil( Fhisstting a}_
NOTE:Si_c(t/( s(t ingkx thetu{I onvelum(Ca1
I(}t b( I(a/6 whil( tic s ingis oqlg ",eumay
wJsllto (_etr i_ s(tJ/g b(ier( makingthe
s(!jus ( /t [o63his [i_en} shysouic( at6 a(_j(Ib!
tie vo[(Iseto thed(sir(d kvei usingtie reguhr
VolumeControls_1_ OW/(n le d(sired
volu( ieveie b( us(d attu/o/is (ached ekea
let o{tl( settilg asittppea/sIn tilelow(/lird of
tic vid(o so(e/or il t/( LowerDisplayLine[]
(A_}_pica]volue kv(i wilia'upal asa i egttJv<i!u
brsuc/ts 25dB}Wl(nrntkilg llea(_juetrn/t
us<tie ,_/• Buttons_1__1_ to (/tr his s(ttirg
LJ/likesern(of tie ot/(r a{J_LIsT( rite ill thisT(/u th
tuno]volu ( dekultwilliernsi_Uflcturtilitis
(I tllg(d or Ii lied efl il t/is I!l (V</ W/C[tl(
u]itistur_d ofl
If youwishtu ake et/(/adj(istT(nts :xesst/(
n(x_t} ]( desiredsettingerthe BACK T0
M A S T E R M E N U linet/d pr(sstie SetButton
[you haveno(}tier a(_justrne_tst} are xss
t_( OSDButton_ to <xitt]< s)st(
Files(rniOSBsystm piac(sore Ill ssagesat
t_( lowerthhdof t_( vid(o disphysae(_ w_r(v
t/( Vuhl ( hpHtBollc( StNlOlll!dod{ el till1(
f (qu( Icyof shyof thecenfigu{stielsettilgsa(
d nlg(d fie s(rT/iOgBsTskrnisIdp% inthtt it
/a )l(s you e h4v(f((6u_(k e/_]lly (a)11[[o[chHoes
oruorecornrnn_lsusingt_ vk_odisplay wit it
is6ifficultt} vi(wtile fro/t pan(idisplaysHowever}
yOll 87occtsJe/allyplehrto tun tlese displaysofl
fera parJcularlist(/ilg s(ssio/@u avsis(}walt e
sdus theI(ng(hef ti tie diepisysre air!o/tic
screul Betl of ties( optio/ssu pessbl( witl t/(
1(}turf oflt/( s( i OSDsT,£( youli/((d
to aket/tdjus! (/tit i( ADVANCED
SE L E CT rT/err/r{Figtilei0) 10sad t/( s(_j[s
e/t pr(sstheOS0 Button_ to bringthe
MA ST E R MEN U totli( scree_ P(ss I e
Button_ untiitie (}/s(((/• cursoris/(x to
t/( A DV ANC ED linePressI( SetButton@
£ th( ADVANCED SELECT rn(lu Tak(
(: rtai/t/at tie on scr((nI_ cu/suris/(xt t_ t/(
SEMI OSD DEFAULT Ill( oy:}ress/gth(
A,'V Buttons_ as/(ed(d 'qext pr(ssthe•
Button _ sotltt tl( wod OFF is lighllglt d il
t/( vid(o display
1irissetinsis 1(rnporafytld willr aJntctiveonly
i/tii it is cl sng(doru_tiltheBVR325 istul/(d uf
O_cet_( u/it istlrned off} s( i OS) disphTswill
r( aintctivtted ev/if fly wet switch(doff% th
qspl_sys(man o/th( scree!goto tie AD VANCED
SE L E CT rT/rUts outliledea/li(rtnd p/esstl(
,Ai• Buttons_ as/(ed(d untilt/( on scr(en•
aHs}ris _xttot/SEMIOSDTIME OUT
file N(xt pr(ssth( _1/• Buttons_ untilt/(
d(si(d timei_secu_dsis displayedUnlikerT/o£of
t]( otheru XKxrsin thisrne/u this_ss 'per a]( it
setil g changeandtie ti( out(/try willr(rnai/ il
e%d u_/it iscl a%edeverw_enhe u_/itistiHed off
fyou wishtu TaB ot/(/adjtsTents :xesst/(
,Ai• Buttons_ u/tli tie ol scree/ cursoris
lext to t/( desiredsettingor tile BA CK T 0
MASTER MENU lines/d pr(sstie SetButton
you _avero (}tieradjustmentsto ake pr(ss
t/( OSDButton_ to (xit tie sys(
lie F UL L 0 S D rT/(/UsyskrT/isusd to SirT/piii>
t/( setu}t/d a6ystm(/t oftie BVR:',2 usnga
s(ri(s of o/scH(/rT/( /US[l( iadoly d(iauitsettirg
kx tr(se (n_Js I(avesthemo/t/( s(H(/% 20
s((o/ds ti_(/a p(rk}dof i lactivt/}(ior( tl(v dis@
ptl iu}mtl( scr(<l (tim( Out} Outis t sak:ty
(asllr( to i;leve/t IrT/sg(H ( /tio/o tr( (1!_I ext
inyourrnoHor orWO!dol whk:/rni!/t _appeni it
w(/e i(i! (x ird(finitdy Ik}w(v(/so e viewersa},
piefr s slighiyiorg(/or s/(}t(r :}uiodb({(}( tl(
1}cht/ge t/( fullOSD1i( Out youwiiln((d to
mtkeana6justmnt il tile A DV ANC E D
S EL ECT rT/(/U(Fgut( 1B}1o startthea(!juet
ment presst/( OSDButton_ to }rig _/(
MASTER MENU totlesc(e/P(sst/( •
Button_ u_tiltheonsaeen• cursor_snextto
tl ADVANCED ih( Presstl e SetButton
t/}(rtrtl( ADVANCED rnr!u Figul{ I0)
Attl( ADVANCED SELECT enu(Figur(
10} rT/akcc rtai//at t/( OrlScr((rl cti/sorI',rr(xt
to % FULLOSD TIME OUTiin b',pr(ss
_(j th{}Ai• Buttons_ ss n(}(@dN(xt press
th( _1/• Buttons_ ultilth( d( ir(d ti (s
displsyedins(cords LJ/lik(ost of tileuth(r opto/
i_t_is thisis a }(rrnsrentsettirg charge and
c_a]g d (v(r iftl( urit is tu__(doff
Ifyouwls_to rnsk(otl(r a6ustrneits pr(sstie
Ai'V Buttons_ urtil tl( onscr((n • cursur_s
next(othed(siredsettJ/gorI( R ET U RN T O
MAS T E R MEN U I/( aid 'pressI( SetButton
Ifyouhtv(/(:1o/(/adjils (rts o rnsk( pr(ss
tl( OS0 Button _ to xit tl( rn(lu systm
lh(AVR 325 is fully equipp{d te ep{r tte ts the co/
tel cn(r f(}[ a t() IIlete rT/uJtiKx}rT/_yS(?/a IS
capab[( ofs( /Bingerr( souR( to a s(ten6 zo/ill
t/( heus w/Hea s(parat seurc( is list( / d to Jr tl
Tal!! u}em hl aBdiJxl e pu}vJd[%(}r {e w(}l ever th
sele_tiel o r( r(?}( SOLII_(at16is velum( the
BVR 32g ofl[s ace re/e/sly rang( of eptie _skx
p}Weilng/( sp ,£(rs 11r( s(_ond z(}n(
LJsirg tie li_{ I(wl MultiroomAudioOutputs
t]( ', i<ckxJ%OLiKUa}, b( rid t} optiorsl (xtr
lal powers plifi({stlat maybe st(](d to t](
W/(rl I{ air KX} sys(rT/iSc(}rfiguredk}r s I
clarHreJs?8},b( Llsedo p(}w({t/( ( o_(zo/(
sot/at re addtio/ai s piifi(rsae (quiud
Usingbuiltn A BUSR{adyk£1r ologyep%nal
A BUSmodulesay b( correctd etl( AVR325
viaa srngkBa(g(}ry5 wre sothatr rT/ok}zo/e
R s( Is(}[ (}r v(}hl T( ce lt]oJ wies to b( ru/t(} t/{
seco_/d z(}rie
/tddi%l fir(AVR325irckId(ste ot( IRs(rsor
HpHtseth) u o( coltloJ{e a/do ire t/(
Zo/eIIr( ee ilchKledwit//( uni ay b( lans it_<}d
to tl{ unit whil( shndardR i i:xYelltplltjacksallow
t/( r(rT/O( ZO/(Sc(}mm]rrdsto }e s(rt to ((}mpati}l(
R c(}ntr(}ll(ds(}u(a d(vi(as
Aitl(}ug/sirT/pku ot( too sy_:erT/ssy b(
instilled}y tie averag(do it7(xMselfx}bbyi£ t/
co pkxit ef yetlrrnt£izoneirnuJtiroernsvs(
(q/m{d R{gtrdl{ssof whedoes/( werk pleas
Jr!walleiectricalwerk ildudirg p/opels}(cificatb/ ef
anywiri/g usd tnd t/( wa/il whk:hit iscent(ct(d
Yuuoreu s'_}onsi%f}r rnaki_gc({tai_thataiiulti
u}o insttllatio/workisdonepu}'uerlytnd in
co piiaic( wit/all applicableceds aid u gulatio/s
(}n"age i6 fortheconnectionef speake{wirearidiR
to theAVR325
Forinsttlhtie/sw](r( tl( Suru}(]d Back {fliRiglt
amplifii d/a/lels tie us(dto pswelfie lemot zo/
ak c(rain flit tl systc} is co]figur(dforthat
Forinstallstie/sw](r( A BUSrnodLai(sst( (s(d for
bw t/i _sructienssrovidedwit/t/( A BUSremot
eduks ork ",paBsABditier,]li_forrns%rwilltlse )e
mad(availa}1 tlroug i th( HtuTmrKard(}l/t<} sit
tt wwwIauT18rrktidel!co
r/( BVR225 isra_e)o/g AiV recdversi_/at it
previd<stl( {a}a}li%,forfull ( o( coltroifrom
{erT/',)sibl{cerT/pHtrse sp(cisliz(dI rT/ot{cerltu}l
..yak ssRS232 pu}ga{ ilg reqtH(S sp(daliz(d
progra ilgk/owkdgesldf',)rt/atlaso/weuc
o {rd t/at itoily }e don(byqualifi{dinstall{rs
b(}rmou ink}r atio/er usilgthei<S21'.2portfor
emot( celt el visi tl( HauT/anKa/de/A<b sit at
www/a rT/arkardo/((}mor co/tactourcust(}m{
Multiroom Setup
Orcetheaudioaid R lilk ce/ lectk}/slave be{/
madetie/\Vi< 325/e{ds to b( cenfiguud formulti
[eemo'u(rstkmPresst/OSD Button_ te )[Hrg
tleMASTERMENU(FigtlI( 1}tot/scl (/
P(ss the Button_ ultii theo/sole( / _ cu
serlsnext_otl( MULTI-ROOMIir( P(ss I(
SetButton@to(itrtl( MULTI-ROOM
'{/ ,'_ 7 7
Wh(/tie MUL TI - ROOM rT/erILItpp(a/s tl(
o/cr(c] I_.ctH(}r,/ill b( a tk! MULTI-
ROOM 1i1( Sil( lil( i', U(G O lri/fir( ...ytm
o/t/d efl d(x1'tmak( tl tGjrl£ ( rt I(e d/l(ssyeu
wis] to turn_( systm onst thistim ]o turn]( sys
t_men xss tie Button_ sethatON is lig_
liglt(d yetldoretwish e ultl( sy£( o/at
triotime (}rto proc(edtofie ](xt st(} pussfir(
Button_ OrlC(sotls th( • (}r sc{}{ / {usor IS
r(£totl( MULTIINli_(
At_( M U LT I I N iir( pusstl( ,_/• Buttons
![_I_I (ltil thed(siud i/putte tie aliu}o
.¢ste tp}earsHthehig/ligltd vd(o W/(/_le
s(i(ctier /asb((n ade }(sstlle Button
OlC@sothattileoil s(r(([ ct_s(}[isr{xt to tl(
At_( MULTI VOL fir( presstl( ,_/• Buttons
_[_ tl/til desird volu l(v(i ferth( multi
Kx}rn...yst( is ( /t red DONBFtoe theregtllarvoi
fliT/{{(}/tu}l kr(}bsfort/is s(ttilg Wl(r st!s(ttilgs
felt) {ilireom s(up hay{ bt(i ad{ ross r(
Ai• Buttons_ u/tJJtile e/ scree/ I_ cursoris
Ifyouhave/o other)gustrT/e/tsts ak 'ursstl
OSDButton_ t} exittie ,..}st(
Multiroom Operation
Wler op{ratingt]( BVR3PSfro 8 (mot( eom
IocatioI w/{le )/R S(/s(}1lirk lag b(erlcerlrlect(d
to t_{ BVR325s learpanelMultiroomIRInput i_
you Ta7rls( (Jtr({ t/( all lerT/otcertreleltr{
Zere II ( rT/o(e]o tLirl ell tl( rT/l£iroemf{d p(ss
anyof tie Input SelectorIxto]s o] th( Zer( II
u e_ _orthenin ernoe_ Pros
tl( AVRSelector0@ o tmlt/( u/i o/to tl
h', soLHc(or allyef th o1_1S(k(t(}[ but)f, to
tllrli eli to a ',Ccii( (}flu
Aslongasa/IR f((d t}tl( BVR325 Ills be{/
stablisled iu}mth( [met{ roe usirganyof the
br£ens(}r {itl(r erT/ot{willcertr(}lt/( ( o( leca
to/volum _[_ {is/g( t/( tu/({;uqu(/{y
_i_ c/argethe trH(r pus(t _)_ orut
If th( RemoteIROutputJack_ o] th( BVR325
iscollect d o t/R/pu jtck e/co }atible
H,wnarKarBonaudoco }el _tssuc_as..S DVB
or(nss(tt ph/_rs fie tJa_sxxtfiHrctie_sof tx)se
machi/eaay also}e centroll(dusilg th( Transport
Controls_l_li_]l er itlr rmot certel
_utill/18 system of; i,OrT/the Kmet [oem puss
tl( Power OFFButton _ RerTu b(r that tl(
AVR325 a},b(turedonorof;u} tl(le et
leo r(gauJl(ss e tl( sys(m s (}p{ratk}r or statusH
tl( 8il eem
NOTE:Whet tile ttH(r is sd{ct d astl( s(}u/c(k}
tl( u o( zer1()[l/ch)l{letoth( leql rlcy(}[',}re
st wilialsocharg tile stationbeingh_enedto i_t_(
rT/anu}em ift/( tul({ is il usetier Si iitrly if
so co/{ i tirerTlaJrlu}omc/a/gest/{ staJe/ t/{
{larg( wil!aiseipact tl( {mot eem
%activatei{ k*edtoth( lerT/ot{room will{ y(xl)u
ir theTti/list( _i_gloomw/eretie/\VR :'.2 IS
Iocakd :}(% tie MultiroomButton _ er tl(
u oe ",ext Wesst_ Set Button@ Pussth(
Ai• Buttons_ to turntl ml£iio(}mfed o/or
ofl Whe/t/( ultimo '_}'b:iT/is 0/tie Multiroom
Indicator[] willi]g]t inlle Main information
Display[] andtie LowerDisplayLine[] e
OSDwiiidispla/MUL TI 0 N Piss tl( Set
W/(/tie rT/LiltieomsystemisH/(d 0/tl( [rpu
',d { e6usingh( FT/LIIJrOOFT/(/d wil[/t fd b h(
MultiroomAudioOutputs_ on_{ r{:_[pa_([as
walla th A-BUSJack _ ll£:velu ( J,ill/t a ',t
a(!ius!(d Lisingt/optic/al IRsuisoraid 11(Zu/( II
u:met(il t]( [ rT/Ut(Iocatie]ortl A BUSkeypad
ero] the })tion_iaudb'uuwe[tmplifief(so] I ct(d to
t/( MultiroomAudioOutputs@
Onceth( ulti[oo S}_st(rT]istu[l(d on itwil!ema_n
en{v(/if tie AVR325 is phc(d int/( Sttndb}_
ede il th( si/room by }r(ssilg t/( PowerOff
ButtonQ el I( SystemPowerControl[] e/
t/( fr(xt paid R)tu//ofl th ultireorn syst eve/
w/u] theA/,/s<is inSts_d)yode i/t_( ah iiskning
u)o pfesst]e MultiroomButton _ aid then
t]( SetButton@ Pusstile ,Ai'V Buttons
sot]at theMultiroomindicator[] intheMain
information Display[] ge(s out andtie Main
information Display[] (x OSBwiildisp[ty
ii U L T'£ OF F P(ss tile SetButton@ ts (it[
t]( sting aid tu{_th( u]it off
Ev(n wl(/t/( AVR325 ist/Iu(d off Jrth( rntil
reu t/( ultiu)o sybtm rT/S betHned o/st a b,
tim( by pressingt_e Multiroom Button _) (x a/y
of tie Selector Buttons @_I_) il th(
u ()t( [oo
]heAVR325is quippdwila }ew(rLilie ok
co/tloi tlat willcelt (}1let o/ivtile rec(iv(rs ful{
tJeis bLtalserTi(>,}OxlJal)lal!dsO aldb sld video
(q/@ nt ilqudilgCDplaT{rs cass(tedecksrV
sets cableboxesVCRssat(Jilt((c(ivus aid o(l({
_ore( th(at((equip i(nt Oncetie AVR325s femot
is:}logram (d witl tie codesi(}lth pu}ductsvo(
owl itis )ossi}le to (li il!atcrT/OS_othr erT/ot{aend
r plat( tie wi!/the co/v{l!k ic of a silgl( b {klit
llliv(rslr( (,te(elltol
Programming the Remote
]/( AVR?,25rerT/o_(ishcto[v xogrs T(d iorall/\VR
functionsaswellasides(of os liar anKalen CD
I! additionbvioibwilg eli oftl( (lode bdow you
sv :xogramtl( remoeto oyat awkleralg of
u i(}t( to werk with difi( r( lit ';}(}ddcts
1 LJs(t]ets}ksin tie foilowhgpsgsto dete[ i](
tie digitcod( el c(}d(sthatmate/}ol/e
ploducttyp( (eg VCR rV}aid th( sp(cific)ltld
18 ( If tiler( is(}[etl1_noi( nu b(rfel8
xtnd ok{ le oftl( di{t(uitcieic(s
P ]ilrl entile r!!it V(xlwmlto pu}grt ilk}t]{
3 Pleasandhold}othtie input Selectorq[_ fel
t/:xoduct youwis/to coltloi ((g VCR7V,aid
tie Mute Button _ attile sa'e timeW/(/
tie (d liglt und(ftheInput Selector_ -.:a},s
litaid theProgram/SPLindicator_ tulns
a beraldb(ginsflashHg ukas tl butts/s
t isirT/')orsit _a youb{g_ t_( i(xt stp wit_i_
20 s({e/de
4 Poiltt/(/\VR 32{'s lerT/(}teiuwaldtl( unitto b(
(ISlIgtile NumericKeys![_ file lilit tmnsoff}
t/( correctcod /as )eenentef(dPusst/( Input
Selector_ againaid/oe tlat tl( rd ligltwill
%shth/( ti(s b((}( Soilsdtk itseelfilrT/tl
S f t/( devic(te }e preglt reedir deesNOTturf
of c(}ltil u( te (ntel th/e( digitced(s (/tii tie
(q[lipm /ttllr/s ufi £ lis i:eiIt tie coiled c(}d(
las b((n (ntud PusstheInput Selector
ag_i_endiote thattie (d liglt undertheInput
Selector_ willflash ti sbehx gellg
6 ]i v tli of th( fll lotions (}l ill( erT/ot t] rT/aBc{r
iild tlat ill/ rT/tI!HI_(ItIHrs (Is( 8 I!HrT/}elo
diff(u nt(x}m)ilotionsef cedessoit is agood
id(a t} makec(r(ainthtt i(x oilv tile p(}w(/
(oitr(}i ')drti( voi(i { c[ )lllleiaid tlaIspod
{e/tu}is werkasth v s_ould fiHci(}nsdo/el
emet c(}d(
7 If a codecanlot b{ ( It(led to tull t/( li/it off}if
tie codefe you productdo{s/o ap}( _fil/e
ta}ksi/tlis amai or!/otallfu/{t(xs(}per
at( }op(/I v tl 7 i:(}grar m_/gtl( {met will
tie AutoSearchMetled
Iftl( LillJt/at,#.h t} i/{iud( il AVI<325 I{mot
i io listedill cocota }l(si_tlis res](al(x iftl(
ceded)e notseem_uois(rakprqsell/yell ay wisl
to _aogra tie celuct c(}d((isilcjtl Aut} S(al{:l
m(t ledt/at foib,is
]lira o/t/(u/itthatv(}llwislteil{iud<ilt/(
AVe< :'.25 erT/Ott
2 Pusst]( InputSelector_ fortl( tvp( of
pu}ductto )e ( it [(d ,eg VCR rv,aid tile
Mute Button_ att]( sam(ti( Ik)ld}o]
b(tto_,LJlliilth( (d Ik;_t(]der t]( InputSelector
Lav lita_dtl< Rogram/SPLIndicator
rT/llst}egHwit/it 20 s(co/ds afll t/( liglt
: PoHtth(AVR:25 lereet towardtl( [HitS}be
prsg_) ed ))dpressqtl(rth( •or•Button
fl(}mlie umo(s buili/dttabas( Wi(itle Hilt
beingxogramm(dulna of' lel( ts( tl( ••
c(xuctcod( is i/lie(