HOLUX Technology GR-239XX GR-239 Bluetooth GPS Receiver User Manual GR 239 manual

HOLUX Technology, Inc GR-239 Bluetooth GPS Receiver GR 239 manual

Users manual

                          Packing List Standard •  Holux GR-239 Wireless GPS Receiver x 1 •  Tool CD x 1 •  Warranty Card x 1 Optional •  1.5M USB data cable (Data cable can be used for data transfer between GR-239 and Notebook PC.)  Main Features •  20 parallel satellite-tracking channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition. •  Supports NMEA0183 v2.2 or v3.0 data protocol or SiRF binary code. •  100% compatible with Bluetooth™ Serial Port Profile (SPP). •  Bluetooth™ version 1.2 compliant. •  Draws power from car battery; no power adapter required.  Quick GuideEnglish GR-239 Bluetooth GPS Receiver
 Instructions for First Use 1.  Adjust the Receiver Head             2.  Insert the Receiver          3.  Switch on the Power               •  Slide the power switch to the ON position. •  Carefully unscrew the locking screw on the side of the receiver. •  Move the receiver head to the required position. •  Screw the locking screw back tightly. •  Insert the GPS Receiver into your car’s lighter slot. •  Adjust the receiver head vertically by 90 degrees.
   4.  Establish Bluetooth Link              Note about Bluetooth Connection When you power on the GR-239, you must wait five seconds for Bluetooth to self-test before a connection is established. Wait until the Bluetooth light begins to flash (once every second). A Bluetooth link can now be established between a PDA and the GR-239.  5.  Install and Open the GPS Viewer              Warning Do not place the GR-239 under strong sunlight for a long time. Do not place it in a high-temperature environment, or near heat radiating devices such as a stove or radiator. Doing so will cause the device to malfunction. For further information, refer to the user manual that comes on the supplied CD.  Notes: 1. It is prohibited to operate this system while driving your car. 2. GPS signals are unable to go through non-transparent objects, such as tall buildings, tunnels, underpasses, and forests. Bad weather may also effect the signal reception. If your car window heat shield contains metal, the receiver will not be able to pick up GPS signals. 3. All wireless communication products, such as mobile phones and speed limit warning systems will interfere with the communication satellite and will affect signal reception.  •  You can install the GPS viewer program from the supplied CD to check current positioning and satellite signal reception. •  Activate the GPS Viewer, set the Baud Rate to 38400, and press Scan for automatic scanning. Once you find the correct COM port, choose GPS status to start viewing. •  Refer to the “Software Installation” section for details if you have any problems with installation and use. To link the receiver with a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), follow these steps: •  Activate the Bluetooth Manager, select Search and then link. •  Select the HOLUX GR-239 icon and choose SPP slave to establish the Bluetooth link. •  Refer to the “Software Installation” section in the user manual for further details if you have any problems establishing the link.

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