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HughesNet Business Solutions

Business Internet

Put the power of broadband into your business
Now there’s a true
business-grade Internet
access service that can
keep pace with your
growing business—no
matter where you do
business. HughesNet®
Business Internet plans
provide highly reliable,
high-speed, always-on
connections that give you instant access to the critical
business information you need—when you need it.
You have a business to run, not a network, and you
need broadband Internet access for all your branch
locations across the U.S., regardless of where they are
located. Hughes understands. In fact, Hughes has been
delivering managed network solutions to Fortune 500
companies for almost two decades. From this enterprise
experience, Hughes has developed a robust suite of new
Internet access plans specifically tailored to business.
With its advanced satellite technology, the HughesNet
service delivers a secure, reliable broadband connection

Business Internet

Branch Location 1


around the clock—so you can make the most of your
business day. And since HughesNet delivers high-speed
Internet over satellite—not over your telephone line—
you can work online and have your phone or fax line

Satellite Broadband Internet Access for Business
■■Get broadband anywhere—even where DSL and
cable cannot reach and T1 lines are too expensive
■■Connect at speeds up to 5 Mbps
■■Instantly upgrade your plan as your business grows
■■Competitive pricing and flexible billing plans
■■Enterprise-grade equipment, installation, and
customer care

HughesNet utilizes two-way satellite technology to link
your business to the Internet. A certified HughesNet
installer will connect your computer to the satellite
modem and link it to the satellite dish (antenna) that’s
typically mounted on the roof of your commercial
establishment. The satellite dish sends and receives
information (for example, email, point-of-sale, Web
pages, files) over the Internet and delivers it to your
computer almost instantly!
Built for growing businesses like yours, there are five
HughesNet Business Internet plans to choose from,
depending upon your business needs, with download
speeds up to 5 Mbps. Whether you have a single
location, or you need to connect multiple branch
locations—Hughes has a solution.

Branch Location n

HughesNet Business Internet service offers flexible access plans to suit any size business,
with download speeds of up to 5 Mbps, the fastest available in North America, and including
bandwidth-on-demand options. Implement secure, private networks—for as few or as many
locations as your business needs. All from Hughes, the industry leader in satellite broadband—
redefining the network with enterprise-grade private networking
solutions that are easy to implement and can grow with a
small business of any size.


HughesNet Business Solutions – Business Internet
Connect Service Plans

Express Service Plans

Connect 100

Connect 150

Express 200

Express 300

Express 500

Monthly Fee
(24-month term)






Max. Download Speed1

1.0 Mbps

1.5 Mbps

2 Mbps

3 Mbps

5 Mbps

Max. Upload Speed1

200 kbps

250 kbps

300 kbps

512 kbps

1024 kbps

Daily Download

250 MB

350 MB

450 MB

850 MB

850 MB

.98m antenna,
2W transmitter,
satellite modem

.98m antenna,
2W transmitter,
satellite modem

.98m antenna,
2W transmitter,
satellite modem

.98m antenna,
2W transmitter,
satellite modem

.98m antenna,
2W transmitter,
satellite modem


Equipment and Installation—Two Payment Options




Two installation options. Call for details.



Maintenance Package Options
Next Business Day



Next Calendar Day



Same Day



Same Day




Stated speeds not guaranteed. Actual upload speed will likely be lower than speed indicated during peak hours. Download speeds may be temporarily slowed in cases when
system usage exceeds the download allowance for an extended period of time. See the HughesNet Fair Access Policy for more information at legal.HughesNet.com.


To ensure fair Internet access for all HughesNet subscribers, Hughes assigns a download allowance to each service plan of the amount of data that may be continuously
downloaded within a 24-hour period. Visit FairAccess.HughesNet.com to learn more.


Displayed Lease and Purchase pricing include a 24-month service term. See legal.HughesNet.com for details.

The HughesNet Business Solution Suite


In addition to primary broadband Internet access, Hughes
has additional business solutions designed to meet the
growing needs of your business. Our broadband backup
access ensures your business stays online even during a
landline failure. Or select a virtual private network (VPN)
solution to provide secure networking between
your locations.
Hughes provides connectivity solutions to more than a
quarter of a million business locations nationwide. Put
the power of broadband in your business!




Order HughesNet Business Internet
by February 28, 2013
and qualify for $150 mail-in rebate!
$150 mail-in rebate applies to new subscribers of HughesNet Connect and Express
service plans. Rebate not applicable on the HughesNet Gen4 service plans. HughesNet
equipment and service must be purchased between 1/1/13 and 2/28/13 and must
remain active for a minimum of 31 days to qualify for the rebate. Rebate submissions
must be received by 5/31/13. Other restrictions may apply. Visit rebate.HughesNet.com
for details.

For more information, contact Hughes at 1-877-337-3880 or visit business.HughesNet.com.

©2013 Hughes Network Systems, LLC. HUGHES and HughesNet are trademarks of
Hughes Network Systems, LLC. All information is subject to change. All rights reserved.

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