Lumi Technologies IML-COMM-1 Interactive Audience Communicator User Manual Data Sheet

IML Ltd Interactive Audience Communicator Data Sheet


Data Sheet

data sheet
The communicator
High security through 64 bit encryption
Worldwide compliance ETS 300 328, FCC 15, 100mW
2.4GHz frequency hopping spread spectrum digital radio
Configurable screens 35mm x 17mm, 97 x 32 pixels
Mini jack socket for hands free microphone, headphones or line level input & output
Rechargeable NiMH batteries
Size 150mm x 65mm x 25mm
Weight 180g
Licence free in every country
Protected by patent applications GB021955.1 and US 10/238,683
Software control
The combination of IML Question Wizard V6 and the communicator is unbeatable.
Question Wizard V6 interactive authoring software can make any graphics package,
such as PowerPoint interactive.
For instant feedback in your presentations, individual scoring in training and testing,
anonymous audience response feedback, brainstorming and evaluating priorities,
decision making with detailed records and last but not least, quizzes with team and
individual leader boards.
Complete solution in a box
It has never been easier to deliver a fully interactive session. All you need is:-
Microsoft Windows, Microsoft PowerPoint and IML Question Wizard 6
A flight case of communicators and an international power supply
A data cable linking any one of the communicators to the laptop serial port
To add microphones for a Q&A session, all you need is the audio cable linking
the same communicator to a self powered loudspeaker or PA system
Tel +44 (0)1428 727476 Fax +44 (0)1428 727011
IML Ltd 8 London Road Liphook Hampshire GU30 7AN United Kingdom
Registered in England No. 2592239
a unique, state of the art
handheld radio device, fusing
advanced audience interaction features
with a voice communication system
for meetings of all kinds
and in all situations
light weight
modern design
versatile application
robust and future proof
the communicator
Digital radio - 100 metre range. Frequency hopping spread spectrum technology.
High immunity to interference, allows the secure use of multiple
systems in the same area.
Alphanumeric keypad - backlit mobile phone style
keypad with decimal point, programmable soft key, text
message alphabet and email symbols, tactile feedback
and audible click.
Display window - backlit monochrome graphics LCD
with 5 icons; battery, message, signal, alarm, time.
Configurable logos, fonts & screens.
In-built microphone - digital audio for instant Q&A sessions.
Mini-jack socket for hands free microphone or line level input.
In-built earpiece - digital listen channels for the hard of hearing and
simultaneous interpretation. Mini-jack socket for external headphones or
line level output.
Smart card slot - the 7816 ISO compatible smart card slot provides many
uses such as fast track pre-registration, secure identification, communicator
sharing, transferable data between communicators and PC applications.
Attachment bar - wrist strap, neck lanyard, security tether interchangeable
and customisable.
Flash memory store - allows delegates/students to store their responses to
questionnaires at their own pace in any location. Responses can be downloaded to a PC at
a later time in a group or individually.
Anti-theft alarm - to prevent loss and aid recovery of the communicator after meetings.
Sounder - ability to play tunes and associate different sounds for audible key presses.
Base station - any communicator can act as the interface between a PC and any number of communicators. The data
socket also provides communications with external peripheral equipment (eg keyboards) for future developments.
On/off switch - off can be disabled during a meeting.
Bar code - fast scanning of unique serialised numbers for delegate registration purposes.
Flash BIOS - the digital radio link allows any number of communicators to be upgraded or reconfigured in one pass, eg, for
changing sponsorship logos in LCD window.
Rechargeable batteries - fast intelligent recharging allows for up to 36 hours of continuous use.
Charging connectors - nickel plated steel contacts attract and reliably connect to magnetic contacts in charger.
Small, light & efficient 1/3rd the weight of competitive systems. Easy to carry.
Fast set up - 1 man 5 minute set up.
Reduced costs - low transportation costs, no peripheral kit, rechargeable batteries.
100 metre range - for data responses and audio. Large venues and audiences no barrier.
Interference free secure data, multiple systems alongside each other.
Plasma screen compatible
Easy set up - with virtually no set up time the communicator can be used in
sessions preceded by a coffee break or where the room layout requires a quick
turnaround or new layout.
No peripheral kit required - one short cable is the only extra you
require as any communicator becomes the base station when linked to
the PC. Reduces costs still further.
Future proof & flexible - the upgradeable flash BIOS and
programmable graphics display ensure that potential for
innovative development and customisation is built in.
Style & familiarity familiar mobile phone layout.
User friendly - onscreen prompts provide guidance
when delegates are responding. Onscreen validation
provides total confidence that they have entered
their response correctly and that it has been
received by the PC.
Saves time & manpower - by allowing
delegates to collect and return their
communicators from the charging racks by
the door or at reception.
Fast responses - event triggered communications
get responses in far quicker time than polled systems as
the communicators send response messages as soon as
the keys are pressed.
Sponsorship & branding communicator window, wrist
strap and smart card can all be customised.
Hassle free easy to use & reliable. No complicated training required
to run your own meetings.

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