NEXXT SOLUTIONS ACRX12K AC1200 Wireless USB Cloud Gigabit Router User Manual AC9V1 0 NEX01

NEXXT SOLUTIONS AC1200 Wireless USB Cloud Gigabit Router AC9V1 0 NEX01

15_ARL02124U1 UserMan

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1. Brallmlnary seeps
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a. Fruducc layuuc
LED \ndwcamrs on the mam pane‘ prnwda mfurmamnn about netwurk
anuydy [he connecuon and hnk sLaLus at me parts m rea‘ me They
a‘su famhtaLE actwmy monmonng and traumashumng the performance
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LED Indicator Sums uoampuon
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LAN 4/2/2/1 dam we r run-1
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D" LAN p \
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5"“ an [ms Part
9 Em We owe a way many momma
Incerne: 9 packem warms: part
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6; W "a ma om a may mama momma
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55H, 9 dm wwrfi‘eii‘y nverme 56H; bird
m ma bEHz cunncmun a 'n:w air: at msamnfl
Suhd wps a anonaa
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wps ‘" "a annchettdgmce
Dvr is a dwsah‘ed
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y: no \onier flexed-Me anar hemi eyaozad
Bank Panel
1 power now cdnneettne supphed ooweradaptertd :n1s1aex
2.w1>s: Press and mm fur a second to use tne wps feature 111
eramed] WPS ednneendn W1“ pe estahhshed own 2 rmnutes
3. wm: Use tne button to enae1e and msalfle tne w1re1Ess functmn
4 Reset: press and we we outtdn 1dr apdut a seednds unn1 511 Lsz
hgmup once and men re1ease1tto restdre tne dewce LD ts factm‘y
de1au1tua1ues Van must use a paper chp dr smuar dmeettd press
tne button
e meme . ms mat. part 15 wnere ydu W11 names: we DEL/came
modem dr etnernet hne frnm your 15?
8 LAN ports [1/2/ . dnnectydur 1oee1 1aotdp dr deskmp
eornouters 1n ydur netwnrk to any or tnese was etnernet ports
/ A/IFI'V: TH; 11rrv part can pe used «or ednneennd an 1neernet
Protoem TV reeeruen and as a LAN port wnen tne \PTV feature s
ndt enamed
13. usuau: Mu1t11unmone1 usa pdrt supports pnnter snennd n1e
snanng and mass storage dewces
:5. Hardware installation
1 Start, by attacmng tne remouap1e stand to tne dewce
a Ahgn tne sLand w1Lh we sat on tne bame ov me muLer
o Press on tne stand untu 11,1ch 171 p1ape
2 sonnetttne modem Lo Lhe \nLemeL porL o1 Lne routerusngtne
supphed etnerneteame
3 Cnnnem. ydur p: [,0 tne muLer 11 usmg a yured conneendn
4 1neert one end of we eudohed odwer adepterto tne AC mpul‘ack
1dcated ontne reer pane1o1tne rduter befure pmggmgtha otner
end td a atandsrd e1eetnea1weuouuev,
5 Fwd tne dptnnurn 1oeenon rortne router Tne pest p1ecz1s usuaHy at
tne eenter or your ww'e‘ess netwur'k wtn tne antennas 1H s 45-
ang1e postpn
a. Hunter :nnfiguracinn
1 Open a wee ordwserto oeecestnc mam wet Menace Typc
um nm or 192.135 0.1171 tne address terand press Enteron
tnc kcyhnarfl.
2 Tne chk setup w1zard W1“ came up to 555151: ydu 1n cornp1et1ng tne
1ntcrnctscmngs.€hck on Start to mete tne prnccss.
Gulck Sow Wuam
3 5e1eet your eonnedtpn type and chck on Next Fortne purposes nftm:
dude tne DHCP dpodn was se1eeted
mease sexec: your mnnec‘wn lype
~ .».,,.nw
In ms scrccn, yDu can set up thr: Transrmt Pawcn 55m and Passwarfl
Once you hushed cmmgurmg these semngs, nhck on Next up mnwme
n mess :ews
my», my .
Uncc flaw. cnc message swung :nn: Lhc sump ‘5 summer: mu be
msmayzd To cunngure admmna‘ semngs ma user can chck an we
Advanczd when, at. H‘usbratcd new.
s The next urns yuu arresw the wt: mteflfire Lhrauqh nexmum com or
192.165 0.1 the damn: Lngm screen wwH be dwsp‘ayed The defauk
password ‘5 mm
Acr‘ux ’IECJCJ-AC‘.
5. cunneccmg an w Fi uslng Windnws 1a
1 Tu connect up we router wwexessxy chck an we wwexess man an yum
70'54 AM
2 Prncead m sa‘ectthe desv‘ed Wrrexess nstwnrk fDHDwed by 3 Enter me user dehnzd ur preessrgred password \f any. and chck
Carmen By deVauh; me wwe‘ess sswu \s Nemjxxxxx [whereby Nantu carmnuc
x represents the \ast mgrcs afche MAC address]
4 I1 the 1m l5 successquy estabhshed‘ ma Cunnected message W111
came up an the screen
E.Huw to us: tha FTF (nature an your Acrux
1 ant: A: Wireless Runner
1 m W111 nucfl :1 use flash drwc‘ and acccss tn an mtcrncc
cannectmn (Waugh 3 dwem: modem
2 Cnnncctywr use flash drwu m the Acmx 1200 5 use part 1mm
on me back
5 Chan 3 web bruwser and mg m to your Acmx 1200's web user
nLurfaw. The sum»: 1? address 15 152163 a. The new:
uasswnrd 15 admin Dune dune Encermg ynur credinue‘s. chck an
Acrux 1EOO-AC
4 Oman hugged 1m chck an the usa Appncmun um" fauna an the 1m
cmmm ufEhE menu
. use Main
5 Then chck an F11: Share The fDHuwmg wmduw W111 be msmayzd Here
you can can 1an USE drwc yau manned has bccn accccwa cDrrccUy
1.1m: :ase.1t 5mm Shaw haw much Free Space ynu have an the
usa flrlvc
new x
s We recnmmsnd changmg tne flafamt Passwnrd drtne Ad stretor
eooodnt 1n order [a secure yum- snered dmve To do so, ouok on me
Passwurd ham to enter e new one suck on Same wnen done
7. Vod can e1so edd another- dser m tms mend For those mdeua‘s wno
Dn‘y need access to VIEW tne edntent enne snered dnye end nut
modny anything, we reoommend dsmg a sdes: eooodnt wrtn Held
permvsswon Once added‘ chck en Savl.
m... y
l , -
7. n .m-Lu'
3 m are now eme [D 1og an to the FTP Seryervrom wmhm ynur own
nswmrk by chckmg dn tne hnk ftp//1BZ1SE 01.21
9 Vet. W1“ be pmmpted lnr tne Userneme end Passwurd Enterme
crederma‘s of any at the accounrs prewousw set up Once compete
(flick on we Dn
10 van are new1dgged1n tn the Ram mrscwr'y nf yeur USB shared
a . m
teemnrmn...” M We “meme"...mum
11 1n nrdarmrthe FFP [human to wart corrscfly mnswds your netwurk
or remote‘y, we reoommend eonneodng ynur modern dwecfly mm the
Acrux 12uu's WAN port. Usmg e modem/router cumbn device may
cause an unsueeessm setup
12 me tne He snare mend enetde Allow Inurnet ' ' e.1t wm sndw e
hnk Wmh ynur pubhc IP address oeued WAN dewees r ms
eddress wvH un‘y work d you are dutsrde your network. Type tne 1nk
l:p://Pub\in\PAddr:u. 1 mm the web browser lrum your remote
\ncamm end mHnw tne esme process to edceesemuy \ugwn tr. tne FFP
Server site to wew the shared drwe [Reler ED Step 9]
“we” ., ms ”mm
m ». ,,,r .s w ”by,
m. 7 V I
m (mm mm ”My.”
7. How ea “cup and use :ha Nsxxz w-
app fur the Acrux 1 am: A: Wireless Runner
1 Search and mscachc Nan
app sme
app frnm m App‘c nr shame
2 Fur ms guns we wm be usmg a phnne based an an Andrmd madam
3 Upon we Nemwm app
4 m Drder m access yuur rnutar frum a remuLE \uuamnn you Wm have m
rrgwsLer an accuunL (1th an Lhe upuan an we mam hand camer-
[persun man]
man '
5 mm M Lngm
Mama; «m—r
6 Then Ehck or 5g" up
7 Enter me mad address \{Du wlsh m regwster, and assrgn a password
Entcr cm: vsnficaman and: msp‘aytd‘ and chck an Sly“ Up
11; Ian:
5 A vermcamun smad from emu msummnsmm wm be sent Once
yDLJ renews me emaH DUCK on me nonhrmanml hnk
9 Mr accmmt ‘5 new game Type m ydur wad address and passward‘
‘nHDwefl by mgm
10 vdd Wm now need Lu mg mm the Acrux «Fun Web user mLerrace
«mm a PC Once \ngged m. go to Advance Semngs and chuk an
"cut Ann
11 Chck an the Men: App upmm m enema the leechre
mm: x
12 Nuw type \n ma Emafl sadness yuu used an we epp 1n the Amun:
he‘d Chnk an Save when dune
humans at
We» I
1 1m
Lmn'1:u).w:n‘um ' x 1
1:1 50 back to the app aha puH down from me meme 0! the screen
Thls wwH relresh your acct-um and It wIH Shaw yuur Abrux 1200 AC
er‘e‘ess Flower- on me screen me zhe aehee MsL cap on yaw-
14 You wm be she Lo make changes to yuun Acrux 1200 AI: WIre‘ess
Renter anyvlnere In the wand, a: any ume
“.1...” w“...
3 em." My
15 The Nexxt Wth app prumdes thefn\\aw1ngleatures
-Currem: downmea and up‘oad speeds bemg used
-uus Dptmn m manage bandwmth comm.
- perennl unnlmls: News you w eemp when each pensan can go
unhns and var haw \nng yuu want Yuu can restrict whalwebsmss
they can and eanna: gn m
-Ac::ss eentret Van ten turn en/en nettteatten erwhen enyene
tegs art/affthe reuter Veu ean atse attewthat persen te use the
Acmx 1200 ereee thern te the eteekttstse they eentuse t; etatt
~ Pmr seytng Van can turn off/art the LED en the reuter Set e
seheeute ter when the tht th ee en/en Atse Wake Up the
reuter tryeu have steeptng Meee en
Wings: .eeees Turn en/en the Guest Netwnrk
tgnat 0ne Teueh 0pttnttzatten ane ehange the Stgnet Strength
-5eeurtty ELarL< a seeurtty checkup Ensures yeur NexxL Amux
1200 N: \Mretess PDuLEr ts preteetee
15 Frern the Mmtntetretten ntent [upper rtghthene eerner Dpuanlt yeu
tan (in the foHawtng
-Vuu eett ehenge the Wtrt nerne and pesswurd Turn of! 2 4m 42
gr SGH/ wteFt htee the We nentee ev etther 7 new er SGH/
- Leg-n pillwnr‘d Changes the Legtn Fesswm‘fl oi the Aerux
1200 AC \Mretess neuter
-tnternet setttnga SeLs up PW}? 0105me erStatte \P
- News A teg gt eyeryene whe has teegee en tn the reuter
~5ettware upeate Ertngs the epptteatten up te eete
- Reset Returns the Aerux 1900 AC Wtretess neuter ta ta
factnry eerautt yatues
- tegeut tees en the Acmx 1000 Ac Wtretese neuter
- Reheat AHuws te restart the reuter
Wm 54 m
0 teen hwmtt’.
; ”we“.
in HM
Fcc statement
Thts eeutgntent has been tested and fauna te eentpty wth the ttnttts fur
a mass 0 etgttat demce, pursuent te pert ts ofche FCC Rutes These
ttnttts ere eestgnee te preyttte reeseneete preteetten agetnst harmm‘
mterfererme tn e resteenttet tnstattetten Thts eeutprnent generates,
uses and can raetete raete frequcncy energy anet tt net tnstattett and
usee tn aeeereenee wtth the tnstruettens, rney eause harmfut
tnlcrfcrcncc te reete eentntunteettens. Heweyen there ts ne guerentee
that mterference wttt net eeeur tn e partteutertnstattetten ttthts
egutpment eees eeuse harmM tntcrfcrcncc :e raete er tetehsten
renepmam whteh een ee eeterrntnee ey turntng the eeutprnent 0" end
en. the user ts eneeuregee te tryte eerreetthe tntcrfcrcncc ey ene er
rnere et the tettewtng rneesures
tRcDrmnt er reteente the reeetytng enternn
ttncr'ease the seperetten eetween the eeutprnent ene reeetyer
(2000051: the :qmp'ncnt tnte en euttet en e etreutt dtflcrcnt trern that
te whteh the reeetyer ts eenneetee
(1005M: the eeeter er en experteneee reete/Tv teehntetnn ter hetp
FCC Fadlallnn :xpnsure .eaeemene
Thts demce eernpttes wtth mu reetetten expnsure ttrntts setterth ter an
uneentrettee erytrenrnent ane tt atse eetnpttes wtth Part 15 0f the FCC
n: nutes Tms eeutprnent rnust ee tnstettee ene eperetee tn
eeeereanee wth prwtdefl tnstruetens and the antenna[s} usee far thts
trensrnttter n-ust ee tnstettee te preutee e seperatten etstenee et at
teast 20 ent frnm aH persens and must net ee eeteeatee er eperattng
tn eerttunetten wtth eny ether entenne er trensmtter Endusers ene
tnstatters rnust ee preyteen wth entenna tnstattaten \nstructmns ane
eensteer rerneytrg the netetteeetten steternent
Thts demce eernpttes wtth Pan: 1:. oi the ma nutes 0peretten ts sueteet
te the faunwmg twe eenettens [t 1 thts gettee ntay ret eause harntntt
tnLeHer-ermet ene [21thts eeytee rnusteeeepteny tnterterenee
rEEEtVEdt tnetutttng tnterferenee that ntey eause uneestree eperatten.
nny ehenget er rneettteettene net exgretety eepreyee by the perty
respettsttte fur eetnpttettee eeute yettt the user‘s autherttyte eperete
the eeutprnent
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Swatch Groups Colorants A       : 59
Swatch Groups Colorants B       : 68
Swatch Groups Group Name        : Brillantes
Swatch Groups Group Type        : 1
Swatch Groups Colorants Swatch Name: C=60 M=90 Y=0 K=0
Swatch Groups Colorants Mode    : CMYK
Swatch Groups Colorants Type    : PROCESS
Swatch Groups Colorants Cyan    : 60.000000
Swatch Groups Colorants Magenta : 90.000000
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