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SecurDisc Viewer
SecurDisc Viewer Manual
Nero AG
SecurDisc Viewer
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SecurDisc Viewer 3
1 General information 4
1.1 About the manual 4
1.2 About SecurDisc Viewer 4
2 Technical information 5
2.1 System requirements 5
2.1.1 Operating systems 5
2.1.2 Drives 5
2.1.3 Discs supported 5
3 Installation 6
3.1 Installing SecurDisc Viewer 6
4 The SecurDisc Viewer Start Screen 8
5 Accessing copy-protected PDF files 9
5.1 SecurDisc Viewer - Document main window 9
5.2 Opening a PDF file 10
5.3 Verifying digital signatures 11
6 Index 12
7 Contact 13
7.1 Contact details 13
General information
SecurDisc Viewer 4
1 General information
1.1 About the manual
In order to make best use of this manual, please note the following conventions:
Symbol Meaning
Indicates warnings, preconditions or instructions that have to be
followed strictly.
Indicates additional information or advice.
1. Start… A number at the beginning of a line indicates a request for action.
Carry out these actions in the order specified.
Indicates an intermediate result.
Indicates a result.
OK Indicates text passages or buttons that appear in the program inter-
face. They are shown in bold face.
Chapter Indicates references to other chapters. They are executed as links
and are shown in red and underlined.
[]Indicates keyboard shortcuts for entering commands.
1.2 About SecurDisc Viewer
SecurDisc Viewer is a standalone application that is part of the SecurDisc technology plat-
form. This is the one application that allows you to open PDF documents that have been
password-protected against unauthorized access using SecurDisc and/or protected against
unauthorized duplication using the special SecurDisc duplication protection feature.
The SecurDisc duplication protection feature lets you effectively control the distribution of
electronic documents since copy-protected documents (only PDFs at this time) can only be
read, not copied; in other words, they cannot be edited or sent electronically.
Files protected using SecurDisc can only be distributed using an original DVD which is read
by the recipient with the help of a SecurDisc drive and the SecurDisc Viewer application. The
files cannot be copied or saved under another name.
SecurDisc Viewer can be downloaded free of charge at
Technical information
SecurDisc Viewer 5
2 Technical information
2.1 System requirements
2.1.1 Operating systems
Windows Vista™, Windows® XP, Windows® 2000, Windows® 2003 Server
2.1.2 Drives
SecurDisc drive
tected PDF files
Data CD containing unprotected PDF files
2.1.3 Discs supported
Data DVD containing copy-protected/unpro
SecurDisc Viewer 6
3 Installation
3.1 Installing SecurDisc Viewer
The following requirements must be fulfilled for this:
You must have administrator rights for your computer if you want to install SecurDisc
SecurDisc Viewer is a standalone application and can be downloaded for free from
To install SecurDisc Viewer, please proceed as follows:
1. Download SecurDisc Viewer from to your PC.
2. -essential Windows applications and close any anti-virus software which may
Æ ally deleted once they have been used. The installa-
tion wizard start screen will appear.
5. rms of the preceding License Agreement’. You must ac-
7. e text boxes, including the name of your company if you are a corpo-
mber has already been entered in the Serial Number box. Do not
8. Click on the Next
al or Custom setup. For Se-
these two options.
10. ue with the installation.
11. Cl
Æ SecurDisc Viewer is installed, you can follow the progress of the installation with the pro-
Close all non ®
be running.
Double-click on the SecurDisc Viewer installation file.
The required files are automatically unzipped and stored on the C:\ drive in a temporary
folder from which they are automatic
Click on the Next button.
Æ The License Agreement screen is displayed.
Carefully read through the license agreement. If you agree to the terms of the license
agreement, click on 'I accept all te
cept to install SecurDisc V
Click on the Next button.
Æ The Customer Details screen is displayed.
Enter your name in th
rate customer. A serial nu
modify this number.
Æ The Setup Type screen is displayed.
9. Enter the desired installation type. You can select a Norm
curDisc Viewer, there is no difference between
Click on the Next button to contin
Æ The Start Installation screen is displayed.
ick on the Install button.
gress bar.
The Settings screen is displayed at the end of the install
12. Click on the Next button.
Æ The final screen of the Installation Wizard is displayed.
SecurDisc Viewer 7
13. Click on the Exit button.
14. Click on the Yes button.
Î Your computer is restarted. SecurDisc Viewer is installed, the SecurDisc symbol is dis-
played on the desktop.
The Installation Wizard is closed. A dialog box informing you that Windows® has to be re-
tarted is displayed.
The SecurDisc Viewer Start Screen
SecurDisc Viewer 8
4 The SecurDisc Viewer Start Screen
Double click on the SecurDisc Viewer symbol to start SecurDisc Viewer. The Welcome win-
dow opens.
Fig. 1: Welcome screen
The following selection options are available:
Open File Opens a PDF file from the SecurDisc DVD.
Check for
Checks for updates to SecurDisc Viewer, displays a link to the
SecurDisc website, and gives the currently installed version of
Help Opens the help file.
Accessing copy-protected PDF files
SecurDisc Viewer 9
5 Accessing copy-protected PDF files
5.1 SecurDisc Viewer - Document main window
SecurDisc Viewer displays PDF files that have been created using SecurDisc technology for
burning to disc with protection against duplication and/or unauthorized access in the Se-
curDisc Viewer - Document main window. A SecurDisc drive is required for this.
Fig. 2The SecurDisc - Document main window
The following menus and buttons are available:
Allows you to open and close a PDF file as well as verify a digi-
tal signature, if one was added when the disc was created (see
Verifying digital signatures).
Fits the display size of the PDF file to the current size of the
SecurDisc Viewer - Document window. The displayed docu-
ment can also be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise in 90°
menu Scrolls through the displayed document and jumps to the first,
last, or a specific page.
Provides a link to the SecurDisc web page, information about
installed versions of SecurDisc and also the possibility to up-
date SecurDisc Viewer.
button Opens another PDF file in a new window.
Fits the display size of the PDF file to the current size of the
Accessing copy-protected PDF files
SecurDisc Viewer 10
buttons SecurDisc Viewer - Document window.
Rotate the displayed document clockwise or counterclockwise
in 90° steps.
Scroll through the displayed document and jump to the first or
last page.
Zoom out of (-) or into (+) the displayed PDF document or dis-
play it in the size specified in the text box.
Displays a text box for entering a search term for a full text
5.2 Opening a PDF file
To open a PDF file from a copy-protected SecurDisc DVD, proceed as follows.
1. Insert the SecurDisc DVD in your SecurDisc drive.
2. Open SecurDisc Viewer.
Æ The Welcome screen is displayed.
3. Click on the Open File icon.
Æ The Open window is displayed with a list of all PDF files stored on the SecurDisc DVD in
the SecurDis drive.
You cannot double click to open protected PDF files with SecurDisc in Windows® Exploror.
Æ ayed in the
main window SecurDisc Viewer - Document.
5. ected PDF file is password-protected, the Password Protection window will be dis-
Select the desired PDF file and click on the Open button.
If there is no password protection on the selected PDF file, this will be displ
If the sel
Fig. 3: Password Protection window
Accessing copy-protected PDF files
SecurDisc Viewer 11
6. Enter the password in the text box shown.
7. Click on the OK button.
Î The selected PDF file is displayed in SecurDisc Viewer.
SecurDisc Viewer only allows you to view copy-protected PDF files. You cannot edit them,
save them under a different name, or otherwise duplicate them.
F file
is displayed in an additional instance of SecurDisc Viewer, i.e. in its own
ow. You can close these additional windows without exiting SecurDisc Viewer.
Each additional copy-protected PDF file that you open is displayed in an additional in-
stance of SecurDisc Viewer, i.e. in its own window.Each additional copy-protected PD
that you open
5.3 Verify
rDisc DVD; this signature
een manipulated.
re of a PDF document, proceed as follows:
2. Verify Digital Signature from the File
Æ The Verif
ing digital signatures
A digital signature can also be added to the PDF files on a Secu
can be used to determine whether or not the original files have b
To verify the signatu
1. Open the PDF file.
In the SecurDisc Viewer - Document window, select
y Digital Signature window is displayed.
Fig. 4: Verify Digital Signature window
4. Find
Î The Verify Digital Signature window is displayed. The progress bar shows the progress
of the verification process. When complete, the message "The digital signature was suc-
cessfully verified with the selected public key" is displayed.
Click on the Select Key button.
the corresponding public key in the window that is displayed and select it.
SecurDisc Viewer 12
6 Index
Contact 13
Digital signature 9, 11
Full text search 10
Installing SecurDisc Viewer 6
Operation system 5
Password protection 10
Scrolling 9, 10
Size Adjustment 9
Start window 8
System requirements 5
operating system 5
Updates 9
SecurDisc Viewer 13
7 Contact
7.1 Contact details
SecurDisc Viewer is a Nero AG product.
Nero AG
Im Stöckmädle 13-15 Web:
76307 Karlsbad Help:
Fax: +49 724 892 8499
Nero Inc.
330 N. Brand Blvd., Ste 800 Internet:
Glendale, CA 91203-2335 Help:
Fax: (818) 956 7094
Nero KK
Rover Center-kita 8F-B, 1-2-2 Nakagawa-chuou, Internet:
Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Help:
Japan 224-0003
Copyright © 2007 Nero AG and its licensors. All rights reserved.

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