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Fall 2017 Application Instructions for Japan Studies Certificate Program
Please read the instructions below before applying to the School of Global Studies and Collaboration, Japan
Studies Certificate Program of Aoyama Gakuin University.
1. Eligibility
In order to apply to the School of Global Studies and Collaboration, Japan Studies Certificate Program
(GSC-JSCP), you must:
(1) Be enrolled as a degree student at your home university;
(2) Have completed at least one academic year of study at your home university; and
(3) Be nominated by your home university. (An official coordinator’s contact information from the
home university is required.)
2. Required Language Ability
GSC requires international students whose first language is NOT English to have:
(1) IELTS 5.5 or higher; or
(2) TOEFL iBT 68 or higher
* If you would like to take courses in Japanese (besides the Japanese Language course), it is preferred that you have
studied Japanese for more than 1 year, or have Japanese language ability equivalent to N5 Japanese Language
Proficiency Test (JLPT)

3. Application Materials
When you apply to GSC-JSCP, you must submit all the following materials. You need to submit the
Application for Certificate of Eligibility via e-mail.

Application form for GSC-JSCP Students *
Nomination Letter
Photocopy of score report of Japanese Language Proficiency Test (if applicable)
Photocopy of score report of TOEFL or IELTS (if applicable)
Official transcript of home university
Statement of academic objectives (More than a page of A4 size.)
Certificate of Physical Condition*
Application for Certificate of Eligibility* (To be submitted via e-mail; Not required for students with
Japan nationality.)
Original official bank statement
(Minimum Japanese yen required: ¥ 1,200,000/year or ¥600,000/6 months)
Photocopy of valid passport
5 ID photos (4 cm x 3 cm) taken in the last 6 months (Color photocopies are not acceptable. One
photo should be pasted on the first page of this application form.)
Course Registration List*
Information for Buddies*
Questionnaires on Internships * (if you are interested in participating in internships)
*AGU forms are available for download from the website.

4. Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
AGU will, on behalf of GSC-JSCP students, apply to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau for the Certificate of
Eligibility (CoE). As soon as the CoE is issued, it will be sent to your home university. You will need to
bring the CoE to your local Japanese embassy or consulate and obtain a student visa.
5. Application Procedures
A) Applicants send all required application materials by the deadline.
B) GSC office will send a confirmation mail of receipt to applicants’ registered e-mail address.
C) After screening applications, results will be sent to applicants’ registered e-mail address.
D) GSC office will send an invoice and payment details for successful applicants.

6. Timeline for Admission

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
April 21, 2017

Deadline for submission of application materials

May, 2017

1. an invoice for the program fees will be sent from AGU (by e-mail)
2. Students will be required to make the payment via Telegraphic Transfer
(T/T) by the end of May

June 2017

Notification of admission to all accepted GSC-JSCP students (by e-mail)

August 2017

A Welcome Package, including the Certificate of Eligibility (COE)* and
detailed information about orientation week, is sent to your home
*You will need to bring the COE and other necessary documents to your local
Japanese embassy or consulate and obtain a student visa.

September 5, 2017

Orientations for GSC-JSCP students

September 14, 2017

Classes begin


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