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Thanks for joining our EPA608 class today! Be sure to go to http://chadwellsupply.com/t/universitysurvey
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EPA 608 Certification
Section 608 of the US Federal Clean Air Act requires all persons who work with regulated refrigerants
to be certified. Chadwell University is certified through the ESCO Institute to offer the required
training and administer the closed book exam.
What is needed for the class?
Please bring a photo ID, pencil, and calculator to the test. A smartphone’s calculator cannot be used.
What is needed to pass and when will I know?
There are four sections to the exam. Candidates must pass the Core section of the exam before
receiving any type of certification. The four types are:
Type I – Required for servicing small appliances. Must pass the Core and Type I sections of the exam.
Type II – Required for servicing or disposing of high-pressure appliances, except small appliances and
MVACs. Must pass the Core and Type II sections.
Type III – Required for servicing or disposing of low-pressure appliances. Must pass the Core and
Type III sections.
Universal Certification – Must pass all four sections.
Tests are sent by mail to Mainstream Engineering to be scored.
A passing score on this exam is 70%. Results are available online within 2 weeks. Please go to
https://www.epatest.com/contactus/ for test results.
To be able to purchase restricted refrigerants from Chadwell Supply, please email a copy of your
license and your property name and address to customerservice@chadwellsupply.com.
What if I do not pass?
Retesting through Chadwell University is limited by the availability of an instructor or test proctor.
Email learn@chadwellsupply.com to discuss options for retesting. If retesting is arranged through
Chadwell University, a fee of $79 must be paid in advance.


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