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Guidewire Studio Setup Manual
System Requirements
Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit or Higher
8GB RAM or Higher
5GB Hard Disk Space
Software Requirements
JDK 7u80-windows-x64.exe
Chrome / Firefox browser
Installation Location: D:\Guidewire folder [ It could be any location in your system]
1. Install JDK1.7_80 in your system
By default JDK will get installed in C:\Program Files\Java\Jdk1.7.0_80 Folder

2. Extract apache-ant-1.8.2.rar into D:\Guidewire folder
Once extracted the Ant tool will be in D:\Guidewire\apache-ant-1.8.2 folder

3. Extract into D:\Guidewire folder
Once extracted Guidewire Studio will be in D:\Guidewire\PolicyCenter Folder

4. Change the following files in Guidewire studio
a. Open the file in D:\Guidewire\PolicyCenter\modules\ant folder
(Open in wordpad or Notepad++)

b. Change the Java version to 1.7 and save the file.

c. Open config.xml file in D:\Guidewire\PolicyCenter\modules\configuration\config
folder. (Open in wordpad or notepad++).
d. Change the EnableInternalDebugTools property to true, and save the file

5. Create a windows batch file as follows. [ you can add this in the Environment variables also]
a. Open notepad
b. Add the below lines to notepad.

c. Save the file as “startgw.bat” in D:\Guidewire Folder. Save within double quotes.

6. To start the Guidewire studio, follow the below steps
a. Open command prompt.
b. Change the current directory to D:\Guidewire

c. Type startgw.bat in the command prompt.

d. Change the directory to D:\Guidewire\PolicyCenter
e. Type studio.bat (Enter) in the command prompt.
f. This will start Guidewire Studio.

It takes some time to initialize the studio environment. You can see an Indexing progress bar .

7. To start the Guidewire server, click on Run --> Debug Server as follows

7. It takes some time to start the server first time. You can see the status in the status bar of
Guidewire studio.

You will get the started status in the Guidewire console

To start the pc console type the following URL in the address bar.
[username: su, password: gw]

Happy Learning


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