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AltaPay & Magento 1
Installation Guide
AltaPay has made it much easier for you as merchant/developer to receive secure payments in your Magento 1
web shop. AltaPay is fully integrated with Magento via a plug-in. All you have to do is to install the plug-in,
which will only take a few minutes to complete.
We will show you how to complete the installation through a step-by-step guide. Follow this guide to start
accepting payments globally.
To make the set-up as smooth as possible for you, this installation guide is divided into following sections:
Table of Contents
We highly recommend to gather all the information below before starting the installation.
1. Magento 1 minimum supported version by the plugin is currently Magento CE 1.9.2.
2. PHP supported versions by Magento CE 1.9.2 are 5.4.x, 5.5.x and 5.6.x
3. PHP bc-math library
4. Prerequisites for the configuration of the plug-in. AltaPay provides these.
a. AltaPay credentials and gateway information
i. Username
ii. Password
iii. Terminal
iv. Gateway
5. Prerequisites for fraud detection
a. Agreement with external fraud partner such as ACI ReD or MaxMind. Be aware that only
etection on
the terminal.
PHP 7 is not compatible with Magento 1. See, for example:
Manual installation -in by extracting it into the root folder of your Magento installation.
Installation using Magento Connect
The recommended way to install the plugin is using Magento Connect. Follow the steps below.
1. First step to take is to check if you have enabled compiler. If compiler is enabled you need to disable
it. To do so, log in to Magento Admin Panel. Go to System >Tools>Compilation
2. And
3. After that go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager.
4. -enter your administrator credentials again.
5. Navigate to package file upload
browser window navigate to the plugin package provided by AltaPay and select it. After selecting
plugin package, click o
6. Installation progress will be shown in the console screen on the same page where you can check
if installation was successful.
7. After successful installation make sure to enable compiler again if it was disabled in the first steps
of installation.
Configuration of AltaPay bundle
1. Go to: System Configuration AltaPay (If you get a 404 error, please flush your cache and logout
and in again).
2. Define the gateway URL, username and password (URL for test environment is
3. Save the config to have the plug-in to pull a list of available terminals
4. For each of the Gateway groups, you have the following options:
a. Enable = Enable the payment method in the checkout
b. Terminal = Here you select the appropriate terminal
c. Title = Define the title shown in the checkout (this will not affect the name used other places,
e.g. the e-mail send to customers)
d. Payment Action = Here you define if only an authorization should take place, or if the
transaction should be captured immediately
e. AVS = Enable Address Verification process
f. Enforce AVS = If payment method does not provide AVS due to some reason, transaction will
be rejected
g. AVS accepted codes = Here you specify AVS Codes which you would like to accept (comma
h. Sort Order - Defines the order in which the payment methods are listed in checkout
Save the file and make sure the Application-xxxx.js and current.js files have been regenerated.
When you have successfully set up environment you can start processing transactions through AltaPay.
It is possible to customize various aspects of the plug-in. Below is a list with the most relevant files
- Render the payment page
- Style the payment form
- Display a failed page to the customer
- -mail
All customized files are subject of change when installing new version of the plug-in. Keep in mind to
backup and merge modified files during installation.
Supported Functionalities
Supported functionalities
- Use of Magento shop layout on payment pages
- Support for scopes
- Order-ID is pre-assigned when customer is sent to the gateway
- The basket is only converted to an order when the payment is successful
- Pending state for various payment methods
Supported payment methods
A payment card is issued by a financial institution (a bank) to a client that enables
and make electronic funds transfer. Most common cards are debit and credit
payment cards.
Example: VISA, MasterCard, Amex, JCB, Maestro, Discover
An invoice is a billing type payment, normally with a restricted number of days to
pay in and with various interests or fees depending on the payment method.
Example: Klarna, Afterpay, Santander, ViaBill
Also known as e-commerce payments and are similar to giro transfers, but
specifically designed for online check-outs. During the online checkout process,
the merchant redirects the consum
site where they login and authorize charges.
Example: IDEAL, Trustly, Sofort, Giropay PayPal, Paysera, Przelewy24
Is known as a bank transfer, wire transfer, or credit transfer. With bank-to-bank
payments money flow from one bank account to another.
Example: Giropay, ELV
Is an online money transfer method, in form of an electronic wallet, where the
cardholder transfer money through the internet. The electronic wallet functions as
an account where cardholder can transfer money too, in order to pay with the
specific payment method.
Example: PayPal, V.Me
Payments via. mobile refer to payment services operated under financial
regulations and are performed from mobile devices. The technology behind this
type of payments are contactless, and the supported technology is NFC, QR
Codes, Bluetooth, or direct bank transfers.
Example: MobilePay, Swish
For available payment methods AltaPay supports following functionalities
In an online transaction, and before the transaction gets successful or failed, there
are some technical steps. A payment request happens when cardholder places the
order. The request is then reserves
amount on the cardholder bank account, before the transaction is either
( ) when merchant is ready to ship (or cancel) the goods to
Purchase is completed/amount is captured , the good have been sent and the
Purchase has to be split into e.g. two deliveries, one is captured and shipped right
away and the second Is captured and delivered after a specific amount of time
due to e.g. stock supply.
Pre-auth is released and reservation is cancelled/ removed.
Money are refunded to the cardholder. Depending on the payment method this
operation may not be instant and can take a few days from the moment the
refund is done until received by the customer. The delay is solely controlled by the
payment method provider or card issuer.
Purchase has been partly refunded to cardholder. If a part of the purchase is
refunded to cardholder/ part of the total transaction has to be refunded.
3D Secure adds an authentication step for online payments. It is an XML-based
protocol designed to be an additional security layer for online card transactions.
Fraud services deters fraud, credit risks, identity fraud, involuntary chargebacks
the transaction for the merchant. If the cardholder seems suspicious the
transaction is denied.
not- e
card for merchant.
Feel free to contact our support team if you need any assistance during the installation process or have
questions regarding specific payment methods and functionalities.
1. PHP Warning: Input variables exceeded 1000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini.
For orders that contain too many products, this PHP warning may be issued. You will have to edit your php.ini
file and restart your server.
The variable that you must change is called max_input_vars. This is the maximum number of variables that can
be sent in a request. You can change it, for example, to 3000. The default is 1000.
2. Description/unitPrice/quantity is required for each order line, but was not set for line: xxxx
The same problem as above. The request is being truncated because the number of variables are exceeding the
max_input_vars limit.
3. Logs directory for troubleshooting with AltaPay Support
<Magento directory>/var/logs/altapay{DATE}.log where {DATE} represents the date when the log is created.
For each date new log is created.
AVS Response Codes
Address matches, but zip code does not
Street address matches, post code not verified due to incompatible formats
Street address and postal code not verified for international transaction due to
incompatible formats
Street address and postal codes match for international transaction
AVS not supported for this industry
Full Match - Address and Zip/Postal Code match (UK Only)
Address information is unavailable; international transaction; non-AVS participant
Address information not verified for international transaction
Street address and postal codes match for international transaction
No Match on Address (Street) or Zip
Postal codes match for international transaction. Street address not verified due to
incompatible formats
Unknown response from issuer/bank-net switch
Retry. System unable to process
AVS not supported for this industry
Address information is unavailable
Nine-digit zip code matches, but address does not
Exact. Nine-digit zip code and address match
Yes. Five-digit zip code and address match
Five-digit zip code matches, but address does not
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