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Setup Linux Programming Environment

(Source: http://dilbert.com/strip/2017‐01‐02)
Important Information


Your [username] is the same as what you use to login to www.byui.edu in lowercase.
Your [password] is one of the following:
o “Temple4dpc” if you have never logged into a Linux server before
o The first part of your email address if it’s been a while since you logged into a Linux server. For example,
if you email address is george123@byui.edu, then your [password] would be “george123”.
o Your already existing password
Your [server number] is any number between 201 and 210 (inclusive). You get to pick.
For CS124, you have the option of using just Putty (windows) or Terminal (MAC) instead of the tools described
below. You will only be able to use non‐GUI text editors such as emacs, vi, or nano. This option is described in I‐
Learn. Performance may be better without using Xquartz or MobaXterm.

Step 1 – Install Software
If you have a MAC laptop, then download and install Xquartz (https://www.xquartz.org)
If you have a Windows laptop, then download and install MobaXterm (http://mobaxterm.mobatek.net)
Detailed instructions are in I‐Learn.
Step 2 – Run Software
If you have a MAC laptop, open the terminal application and connect to the Linux server by entering:
ssh –X –p 215 [username]@157.201.194.[server number]
If you have a Windows laptop, run MobaXterm and do the following:

Select “Session”
Select “SSH”
Set the Remote Host to 157.201.194.[server number]
Set your [username]
Set the Port to 215
Select OK

You will be connected to the server and will be required to type in your [password]. Once successfully logged in to the
server, change your password by typing “yppasswd” and follow the instructions. Don’t forget your new password.
Step 3 – Exit and Reconnect
1) Exit the Terminal or the MobXterm application.
2) Reconnect to the Linux server to make sure you know how to do it


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