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Online Leasing Guide
When a prospect comes into your website, they will want to click Apply Here

Once on Apply Here page, they can toggle Price range, lease term, # of beds / baths. They can change their move in date;
the units that are displayed as available will change depending on the move in date selected. If they received a quote in
the office, they can enter that quote number and lease the unit online.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 1

Once a unit is selected, they can then select the lease term they’d like. If you have “premiums” setup for short term
leases, these will pull in. If you’re on Yieldstar, there will be a “Are you Flexible” link next to the Continue button. They
can click on that link and it will pull up the Yieldstar matrix to see the prices based on different Move-In dates.
If there were any amenities associated with the unit selected, they would show under the Apartment Details and the
amenity pricing would already be added into the Rent amount shown.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 2

Once they click Continue they will be required to enter information about themselves – this will create their Prospect
Guest Card.

The system will let the prospect know that Trash and Pest Control are required fees. You can now see that the Rent
amount on the left side has changed to include these fees (will only display if your site charges these fees).

Online Leasing Guide – Page 3

It will then ask if they have a pet. They can click on “View Pet Policy” to read each sites pet policy. If they say NO, the can
continue to the next page. If they say YES, they will be required to select whether it’s a Dog or Cat and enter the number
of pets. Once again, if they say they have a pet, you can see that the Rent has changed to include that Monthly Pet Rent.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 4

They will then receive their quote number – at this point, they will also receive an email with their quote information.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 5

Copy of the email with their quote that they will receive.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 6

Once they click Apply for the website, a box will pop up telling them what is required in order to start their application
and get Approved.

At this point, they can now begin to fill out their “Application”. This will be their “Pre-Qualifying” information; what they
need for screening to occur. Any box that is yellow is a required field. They will be required to create a username and
password; this will be used if at any point they need to log out and finish later. This username / password is only good
for the prospect portal – NOT their resident portal – that will be a different username / password. Password does have
to be 8 characters in length.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 7

Once they create their username / password, they can Add Residents (Lease Signing Residents ONLY, not Minors). There
are 2 ways you will see Residents being added.
The Primary Applicant (in this case, Pine Lake) will have to add the First, Middle, Last Name, Email Address and Resident
type (co-head, roommate, spouse…). Once the Primary clicks Save, each resident that was added will receive an email
stating that “Primary Applicant” has applied online at “Site Name”. The email will contain a link that will take the
resident(s) into online leasing, where they can create their portal. The link automatically ties the additional resident(s) to
the Primary’s account, so they will not have to select a unit number, lease term.
Each resident will have to enter their “Pre-Qualifying” information (Name, DOB, Social, DL#, Income). Once ALL residents
have entered their “pre-qualifying” information, they will be required to pay their portion of the fees. Each resident will
pay for their own Application Fee, but the Administration Fee and the Security Deposit (if applicable) will be split equally
among the number of residents applying. THEN the system will screen all of the residents together.

IF the Primary Applicant knows the resident(s) “Pre-Qualifying” information, he/she can enter it for the other resident(s)
by checking the box that says “Check this box if you have authorization to enter their personal information…”.
The resident(s) will still receive an email that contains a link to login and create their portal account, but since the
Primary has already entered all of their information for screening, they will not need to; they will however have to log in
to fill out their application and sign lease documents. If the Primary has checked this box, the Primary will be
Online Leasing Guide – Page 8

responsible for the Application Fee for themselves and each Resident that they entered and the full amount of the
Administration Fee and Security Deposit (if applicable).
Once the Primary has added all their residents (if any) they must tell the system the total number of residents that will
reside in the unit (this DOES include any minors). Then they can Save & Continue.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 9

At this point, they are entering their Pre-Qualifying information (if they added a Resident and checked the box that they
have authorization, they will enter the Residents information after their own and before hitting Continue).

Online Leasing Guide – Page 10

They will then be asked to Sign Agreements – there will be 4 agreements that are required to be signed via DocuSign:

Term of Use – RealPage’s “Terms of Use” for Online Leasing.
Pet Policy – Required to sign whether they stated that they have a pet or not.
Screening Consent Form
Rental and Approval Requirements

These forms can be downloaded and printed, however, as each form is signed, the applicant will receive an email with
the signed form.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 11

Once all forms have been signed, they move to step 4 of the Apply Process – Payment.
The system defaults to e-check option – where the applicant would need their checking or savings Routing and Account
number. Or they can select Visa, MaterCard or Discover.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 12

Once they click Save & Continue a box will pop up that says Processing Your Information. At this point, the system is now
screening them based on the “Pre-Qualifying” information that was entered.

As long as the screening comes back as a PASSED decision, the applicant will be able to move on through to fill out their
Application and sign lease documents.
If the screening decision comes back as CONDITIONAL or DENIED, the online leasing system will be paused. The applicant
will get a screen that says “We’re unable to make a screening decision at this time. Please contact the office”.
The office staff will need to go into the applicant and look at and make a decision on their screening. Once a screening
decision has been made, you will need to let the applicant know that they need to log back into the Prospect Portal and
complete their application and sign documents.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 13

Once Screening is complete, they move onto Step 1 of the Sign Docs process – Application details

Online Leasing Guide – Page 14

Address History – If they enter anything less than 6 months, they will be required to enter additional previous address
history as well.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 15

Employment History - If they enter anything less than 6 months, they will be required to enter additional previous
employment history as well.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 16

Under Emergency Contact, there is an Allow Access checkbox. That often gets missed, so if it’s not checked on their
Online Application Agreement, you may want to verify with the applicant if they want to allow access to their emergency

Vehicle Information can be added, but is not required. At this time, I don’t have a way to make it required.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 17

Pet Information is only required if you stated you had a pet at the beginning of the Online Leasing process. If the
applicant selected that they didn’t have a pet at the beginning, they can’t add one at this point – it will have to be added
in office. If your site has breed restrictions or weight limits, the system will NOT flag it or let the applicant know – they
have already read and electronically signed the Pet Policy –so they should know of any restrictions. Just keep an eye on
the pets as they come in to verify such information.

Residents Under 18
If there are any minor children, they can now be entered.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 18

Once your Application Details have been entered, you move onto Step 2 of Sign Docs process.
Application Agreement. Applicants will be required to click on the blue link – this will open up DocuSign. Once they
sign, the Continue button will no longer be greyed out.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 19

Step 3 of Sign Docs Process is the Summary Page – an overview of their lease and charges. They have to agree to the
terms of the lease summary before they can continue

Online Leasing Guide – Page 20

They will then be informed that Renters Insurance is required. The applicant can choose YES – I’d like more information
on eRenter Plan. If they select this option, they will get a free quote from eRenter, this does not sign them up for the
eRenter Plan. Or they can select NO, I already have renter’s insurance.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 21

Now we move into the Sign Documents page. The applicant will need to click on the blue link to open DocuSign and
apply signature. Once all forms have been signed, they Continue button will no longer be greyed out.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 22

Applicants have now completed their online leasing process. From here, they can upload any required documents, print
or email their move in balance or visit Resident Website – this will take them into Active Building or Welcome Home
Resident Portal.

Online Leasing Guide – Page 23


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