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User Documentation – Banking Module

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Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Login
3. eStatement
a. Search
b. Generate
c. Recent Activity
d. New Request
e. Preview & Pay
f. Send Statement
g. Print Receipt
4. Inbox
a. Review Statement
b. Search
5. Audit Logs
6. Support
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This document contains information on how to use the mybankStatement ® solution as a customer service/manager at a
branch on behalf of a banked customer.
In this context, a banked customer is an individual or corporate who requests for their bank statements to be sent and
submitted to another organization that is registered on the mybankStatement® software under “Destinations”. Examples
are as follows;
1. Visa Issuing Offices e.g. British Embassy, German Embassy
2. Commercial Banks e.g. Sterling Bank
3. Other Financial Institutions e.g. RenMoney MFB, Aella Credit, Page Credit MFB

There are three categories of users namely;
1. Admin
Responsible for profiling users.
2. Initiator (Customer Service Officer)
Responsible for initiating statement generation request on behalf of the customer and printing out the ticket.
3. Approver (Team Lead, Customer Service Officer or Head of Operations)
Responsible for approving statements prepared by the initiator and sending the request on behalf of the customer.
4. Reviewer (Other designated users)
They can view bank statements sent to the bank from other banks. They must possess the customer’s ticket
number and password to open the bank statement.
5. Auditor (Bank’s Auditors)
They can view audit trails of all transaction and tasks performed by users on the application.

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Please contact for further clarification while using this document and also for any further
inquiries and comments.

Customer Service Officer
To access the software, kindly use the URL and use your Sterling Bank username and
password to access the software.

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Customer Service Officer
Once you have successfully logged on to the solution, you can now generate and send bank statements on behalf of
customers by following the steps below;
1. eStatement Page
On landing to this page, ensure you verify your details on the top right corner of the page. You can view your
username, branch name and your role. Should these details be wrong, kindly report to IT support for correction.
The image below shows that no statements has been processed from your branch via the mybankStatement®

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2. Generate
Enter the account no (NUBAN only) and then click generate to start the process of generating a statement.

3. Recent Activity
The recent activity pane will show all the recent statements that have been sent via mybankStatement from your
4. New Request
To initiate a new request, input the request details as follows;
 Period
 Tick Send to generate and send statement to an embassy, financial banks and other financial institutions.
 Select the category where you are sending the bank statement
 Select the Destination
 Role of customer (Applicant, guarantor, sponsor)
Type name(s) of applicant(s) and click add

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5. Preview & Pay

After inputting criteria, click on the preview and pay button to display the cost estimate, page count, other related
information and a preview of the bank statement.

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6. Edit or suspend the generation of statement

Clicking Edit returns you to dashboard and change the status of the statement to Pending. To make changes to
your queries, simply click Pending to continuing editing.
Click the “Go Back” button to suspend the generation of the statement. The status changes to Ready. Simply click
Ready to get back to where you stopped.

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7. Send Statement
When you click the Send Statement button, a popup comes up. Click Approve to bill the customer and send the
eStatement to its destination.
Note: If the customer requests that the statement being sent to the requesting organization is also sent to his mail,
simply check the box as shown below.

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Note: If the maker checker is enabled on the application, you cannot send statement or print the ticket directly.
When you click the Approve button, the status changes to’ Awt. Sent’ and the statement is sent to your line
manager who then approves. You have to wait for the approval. After the approval is done, the status changes to
“Sent”. You can then proceed to printing the ticket.
8. Receipt
The customer will receive the eReceipt via email, alternatively you can print it out by going to the Recent Activity
pane and then clicking the Sent link.

Note: The format of the receipt is dependent on the choice of the destined organization.

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Copyright © 2015, Wallz & Queen Limited

1. Approve Statement
To approve statements generated by an initiator, you need to have been profiled as an approver on the
mybankStatement Application. Kindly confirm your role is an approver on the top right corner of the page after

Click the status link on the activity pane to preview the statement. To Send the statement, click Send statement
and then approve. You can decline if you wish to.

Note: If by any reason the customer was not charged after a statement is sent to a requesting organization, the
status will change to “Make Payment”. You have to click this link to charge the customer. If the transaction is
successful, the link is change to “Sent” else you will get an error message detailing the reason for the failure.
Contact support and provide the details of the failure for rectification. If it has been rectified, simply click the “Make
payment” link again and the link will change to “Sent” if successful
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2. Review Statement.
Here you can review bank statements sent to your bank by other banks. On the Review bank statements tab of
the Inbox page, you can see Account Name, Ticket No., Source Bank, Country, the user who sent the
statement, the date it was sent, Status, and CSV if your bank reviews statements in CSV format.

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By default only the latest 3 received statements is displayed, you can click the view all to access the rest of the

3. Search
A vital and useful tool is the search box, input the ticket number on the ticket brought in by the customer and hit
the Enter button or click the funnel icon next to the search box.

Clicking the Review link in the status column opens up the statement in pdf format, password is required to view
the pdf, the password can be found on the ticket brought by the customer.

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To generate transaction report based on statements generated by the mybankStatement software for a period within a
month, you need to be an admin or a head of operations for a branch. As an admin, you can generate transaction reports
for all branches while the head of operations can only generate for the branch he/she heads.
1. Generate Report.
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To generate a report, click the Report menu item. Enter the start date and end date and click the filter button.

2. Export to Excel
To export the transaction details into excel, simply click the export link.

Audit Logs
To view a history of all activities, you can search the audit logs by entering the name of the user and a list of the most
recent activities of that user will be displayed. You can as well filter by date.

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