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InDesign File Creation and Export to PDF Instructions

4.25” x 5.5” Postcard
Tips for obtaining best results when creating files in Adobe InDesign
 Start with the correct Shutterfly product template. Create your design in the bottom layer of the file titled “My
Design”. Do not alter the dimensions, margins or guidelines.
 Please use Adobe InDesign CS4 or newer to ensure compatibility with the Shutterfly templates.
 Make sure your postcard file contains only two pages, one page for side one and one page for side two. Page two
(side two) should contain your address panel.
 Resolution of embedded images should be 300 DPI at 100% of their reproduction size.
 Keep all important content within the margin designated by the template. If you wish to extend a photo or artwork
to the edge of a page, be sure to pull the image handle all the way to the red “bleed” line. Additional guide layers
have been provided for reference within the template. These layers can be hidden in the “Layers” palette and will
not appear in your exported PDF.
 Text and fine line art should use only 100% black ink. Rich black (Black colors that use all CMYK ink values) and other
CMYK builds can be used for larger color areas. Rich black should be set to 80C, 40M, 40Y, 100K for cool black, and
40C, 80M, 80Y, 100K for warm black.
 Spot color and Registration color will not reproduce accurately and may not display at all. Remove all spot or
registration color, or convert to CMYK prior to exporting your PDF.
 Embedded files should be converted to CMYK color mode. Multimedia assets should not be used in your file.
Complex vector artwork should be rasterized.

Tips for exporting your PDF from Adobe InDesign
 Under “Standard”, select PDF/X-1a:2001 and update additional settings based on the remaining items in this list.
 Under “General”, in the “Pages” area, confirm that your page range is set to “All” and that “Pages” is selected
(Not “Spreads”).
 Do not change the “Compression” settings. Compression should be set to 300 dpi as the default for the PDF/X-1a
 Under “Marks and Bleeds”, in the “Marks” area, do NOT turn on any of the Printer’s Marks. This includes crop
marks, our system does not need them. IMPORTANT - in the same panel under “Document and Slug” area, select
the checkbox for “Use Document Bleed Settings”. Document bleed settings for this product should be .125” based
on the Shutterfly Adobe InDesign template. If the Shutterfly template was not used, make sure your bleed is set to
.125” for all sides.
 Under “Output”, in the “Color” area, confirm that the setting under “Color Conversion” is set to “Convert to
Destination (Preserve Numbers)” is selected, then confirm that the “Destination” is set to “Document CMYK - U.S.
Web Coated (SWOP).”
 Do not change the settings in the “Advanced”, “Security”, or “Summary” menus.


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