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Philips Marathon
Bagless vacuum cleaner
with Tri-active nozzle
Professional cleaning
High cleaning power that lasts and lasts
Thanks to Philips' new Cyclone Filter technology, the bagless Marathon delivers suction
power that lasts. Its efficient design and 2000 W motor deliver very high max. suction
power in its category, and it's the quietest bagless available.
Thorough cleaning results all the time
2000 Watt motor generating max. 350 Watt suction power
High performance cyclone filter for lasting suction power
Highly efficient anti-allergy system
HEPA AirSeal plus HEPA 13 washable filter
Easy cleaning, even around furniture
Tri-active nozzle with unique 3-in-1 action
Issue date 2012-03-10
Version: 3.1.1
12 NC: 0000 000 00000
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All Rights reserved.
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Bagless vacuum cleaner with Tri-active nozzle
Powerful and quiet motor
The Marathon's powerful 2000 Watt motor
generates very high max. suction power in its
category. Its efficient design also makes it
exceptionally quiet.
HEPA AirSeal, HEPA 13 filter
This vacuum cleaner has been designed in such a way
that all the air taken in is passed through the
washable HEPA 13 filter (99.95% filtration) before it
is exhausted. No escape is possible.
Tri-active nozzle
This unique nozzle is aerodynamically designed for
maximum cleaning efficiency, has side brushes to
remove dust from corners and curves, and has a
front opening to pick up the big bits. Each stroke will
deliver an immediate clean result.
•Colour: Black
Dust capacity: 2 l
Exhaust filter: Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 washable
HEPA AirSeal
Nozzles and accessories
Accessories: Crevice tool, Small nozzle
Accessory storage: On handgrip
Standard nozzle: TriActive nozzle
Airflow (max): 40 l/s
Input power (IEC): 1800 W
Input power (max): 2000 W
Noise level (Lc IEC): 76 dB
Suction power (max): 350 W
Vacuum (max): 30 kPa
Action radius: 10 m
Carrying handle: Top and front
•Cord length: 7 m
•Coupling: Button
Power control: Electronic on appliance
Tube type: Metal lacquered 2-piece telescopic tube
Wheel type: Rubber
Weight and dimensions
Weight of product: 7.2 kg

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