Sit La Precisa S p A FRC584001 FRC 584 User Manual Manual 1

S.I.T. La Precisa S.P.A. FRC 584 Manual 1


584 FRCENGLISHRead the instructions before use. This control  must be installed in accordance with the rules in force.
FCC NOTICENOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limitsfor a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of FCC Rules. These limitsare designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference ina residential installation.This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and,if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may causeharmful interference to radio communications. However, these is noguarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or televisionreception, which can be determined by tuning the equipment off and on, theuser is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more thefollowing measures:- Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.- Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.- Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that towhich the receiver is connected.- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.
n FRC 584.0xxTransmitter RF Control for 820 NOVA Millivolt SystemFRC is the new SIT RF Control for a Millivolt System to be used togheter with the SIT 820NOVA mV system  equipped with the 584.101 or 584.201 receiver.With the FRC you can turn your gas fireplace on or off; use a timer to shut down thefireplace automatically at the desired time,  increase or decrease flame height, set the fanspeed and other useful functions.Three pre-progammed flame time profiles are avilable.A wide clear display gives you many information as room temperature, set temperature,flame height, fan speed level, timer condition, as well as a low battery indication.This Owner’s Guide describes in details how to use in the best way this product.
1. General description of the remote controlThe surfing between the various options is achieved by functions sliding.With reference to the four keys displaced in around, the upper and lower keys (functionssliding) allow the selection of the functions available in the remote control, while the leftand right keys (decrement and increment of the set points) allow to modify the workinglevels/states of the selected function.The device will transmit when a key is pressed and the transmission time will not belonger than 1 second even if the key is maintained pressed.At the start-up the device sets itself for the flame heightcontrol.The available functions are:- Flame height control- Program selection (only with 0584101 receiver)- Room thermostat- Fan speed selection (only with 0584101 receiver)- TimerAUX output opening or closing (this function must beoperated only by qualified personnel)Upper function sliding(PREVIOUS STEP key)Set point increment(UP key)Lower function sliding(NEXT STEP key)ON/OFF keySet point decrement(DOWN key)
Insert three 1.5V AAA style batteries in the remote control.Do not reverse the polarity of the batteries.Display indications
2. System start-up4.1 Preliminary check of the receiverOperations to be done on the receiver, beforeswitching on the remote control:1) With the 0.584.201 battery powered receiver,insert the batteries (4 x 1.5V AA style) in theproper hollow and wait for the generation of thebeep”) as a confirmation thatthe receiver is working.With the 0.584.101 line powered receiver,connect the power soket to the power plug ofthe receiver and wait for the generation of theacoustic signal (“beep”) as a confirmation thatthe receiver is working.2) Set the MAN/AUTO switch in the AUTO position (to the left) to let the remote controloperate the gas valve.Note all the above operations can be done without turning on the pilot flame in thefireplace.4.2 Check of the functionality of the remote controlThe remote control can work only if properly powered.The power is supplied by 3 1.5V AAA style batteries tobe inserted in the proper hollow with the correctpolarity.The correct power of the remote control can be checkedobserving the presence of the icon “little house” with atits side the measurement of the room temperature. Thisindication will be always presente when power is appliedto the remote control.When the ON/OFF key is pressed, after a short time youcan seen may other icons on the LCD display. Thisindicates that the remote control is “ON”.
4.3 Check of the communication between the remote control and the receiverWhen the ON/OFF key is pressed to switch on the remote control the “transmission” iconis activated to indicate the transmission of a command to the receiver.At the same time an acoustic signal will be generated to indicate the reception of thecommand by the receiver.If the acoustic signal isn’t generated switch the remote control OFF, take place at a lowerdistance from the receiver and switch the remote control on again.If again the acoustic signal isn’t generated, execute the address setting proceduredescribed in the remote control operating manual.3. Valve operationStart-up procedureSet the thermostat, if present, to the lowest level.Press slightly and turn the control knob clockwiseto the “OFF” position and wait five minutes;thus allowing any gases to escape whichmay have accumulated in the combustion chamber.NOTE:  LP gases do not vent upward.Pilot flame ignitionPress slightly and rotate the “OFF/ PILOT/ ON”control knob to the “PILOT” position.  Press theknob and light the pilot flame, keeping the knobfully depressed for at least thirty (30) secondsuntil air in the pilot line vents and a strong pilotflame is present.  Release the knob and verifythat the pilot flame remains lit.Igniting the main burnerConfirm that the thermostat is closed.  Turn the“HI/LO” knob to the “LO” setting.  Turn thecontrol knob to the “ON” position. The gas pathto the main burner is now open.  The maximumgas flow to the burner is obtained with the knobfully turned counter-clockwise (“HI” position).
Stand-by positionTo maintain a flame at the pilot burner withthe main burner off, turn the control knob tothe “PILOT” position.Turning offTurn the control knob to the “OFF” position.Caution:  After shutting down, wait at least five minutes before re-igniting. This willallow the safety interlock to reset.Final checks1. WARNINGFire or Explosion hazard.Can cause damage to property and severe injury or death.Do not force the control knob.  Use only your hand to turn the knob.  If the knob does notmove by hand, the valve should be replaced by a trained service technician.Shutdown performance check2. WARNINGFire or Explosion Hazard.Can cause severe injury or death.
Perform the safety shutdown check any time work is done on a gas system.1. Place appliance in operation with the pilot and main burners lit.2. Place gas control knob in “PILOT” position.  Main burner should extinguish andpilot should remain lit.3. Extinguish pilot flame.  Pilot gas safety shutoff proves complete shutdown due tothe fact the safety shutoff valve prohibits main burner and pilot gas flow.4. Wait at least five minutes for the safety magnet to reset and residual gas to clearfrom the combustion chamber.Relight pilot burner and operate the system through one complete cycle to ensure allfunctions operate correctly.
3. Remote control operation3.1  Manual flame height controlWith this function it is possible to manually control the flame height.To enter this function press the Previous Step or Next Step keyuntil the great flame in the upper part of the display isselected (see figure)Then press the Up or Down keyUp to the desired flame level. Six flame levels areavailable, from 1 (min) to 6 (max).PreviousNext StepDowUp
3.1 Modulating flame sequence selectionWith this function it is possible to select among three different flame modulationsequences that will be executed automatically by the system.With these programs the flame modulates between the min and max levels following thetime sequences described below:1.        2.       3.WARNING:  this function is available only with the 0.584.101 line poweredreceiver.1st sequencesample duration 5s2nd sequencesample duration 5s3rd sequencesample duration 5stempolivellotempolivellotempolivello
To enter this function press the Next Step or Previous Step keyuntil the flame sequence function is selected (note thesmall arrow to the left)then press the Up or Down keyto select the desired program.PreviousNext StepDowUp6 -> max level0 -> off1 -> min level
3.2 Room thermostat functionWith this function it is possible to transform your remote control in a room thermostat tocontrol the room temperature.To enter this function press the Next Step or Previous Step keyUntil the room thermostat function is selected.then, use the Up or Down keyto set the temperature to the desired value.PreviousNext StepDow Up
3.3 Fan speed settingWith this function it is possible to set the speed of the warm air fan that could be presentin the appliance. One of four speeds can be selected (4 indicates the full speed) or the fancan be halted.To enter this function use the Next Step or Previous Stepand select the fan icon (note the small arrow to the left)then use the Up or Down keyto set the desired fan speed.PreviousNext StepDow UpOFF1          2           3          4WARNING: this function is available only with the 0.584.101 line poweredreceiver.
3.4 Timer setting (sleep function)With this function it is possible to set a sleep time. After the sleep time has elapsedthe appliance is automatically switched off.The maximum sleep time is 90 minutesTo enter this function use the Next Step or Previous Step keyand select the sleep timer functionthen use the Up or Down keyto set the desired sleep time; then use again theNext Step or Previous Step key to exit the function andstart the downcount.The sleep time step is 15 minutes.PreviousNext StepDowUpWARNING: this function is available only with the 0.584.101 line poweredreceiver.
3.5 Auxiliary output control (AUX)With this function it is possible to activate (close) or deactivate (open) the electric contactpresent in teh receiver. The function is active when the “AUX ON” indication appears. Onthe contrary, the function is not active when “AUX OFF” indication appears.To enter this function use the Next Step or Previous Step keyand select the AUX function icon (not the small arrow tothe left).Then use the Up or Down key to turn the function ON orOFF.PreviousNext StepWARNING: this function is available only with the 0.584.101 line poweredreceiver
3.7 Safe Child functionWith this function it is possible to deactivate the remotecontrol keys. The function is active when the lock icon is lit(see figure).To activate this function press the ON-OFF key and after 1 sec the Next Step key, thenreleas first the ON-OFF key and then the Next Step key.Operate the same sequence to deactivate the function.3.8 Fahrenheit – Celsius temperature indicationTo choose the measurement unit for the temperature use the Next Step orPrevious Step keyand select the AUX function.Next StepON-OFFPreviousNext Step
then press five times the Down3.9 Receiver searchWith this function it is possible to start a receiver search sequence.To enter this function use the Next Step or Previous Step keyand select the AUX functionthen press 5 times to start the receiver searchA “ beep “ will advice you of the connection between the transmitter and the receiver.As you hear the “beep” press the Up key to stop the search and fix the address of thetransmitter.DownPreviousNext StepUp
3. Warnings- Do not let the 584 FRC remote contraol fall.- Do not let the remote control near to heat sources (it can be dameged by hightemperatures)- Do not let the remote control unattended- The functions:- automatic flame sequence- fan speed setting- AUX functionare available only with the 0.584.001 line powered receiver
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